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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, July 10, 1914
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THE DAILY REVIEW Thirty-Sixth Year. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY EVENING, -JULY 10, 1914. PRICE TWO CENTS. No. 191. Carry Off Sack of Silver and Much Jewelry from "Katy Flyer" Express Safes. St. Louis, July 10.--Tho two masked bandits who held up the westbound "Katy" flyer on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, near Matson, Mo.. Eixty miles northwest of St. Louis last sight, captured a track walker who surprised them as they were robbing the train and took him away with them to prevent him spying on their departure. STORY OP ROBBERY. This was learned from members of the train crew this morning by news- j-jpermen. who boarded the train it Jefferson City last night and rode on j it as far as Clinton. Mo. The story of the robbery wa s told by A. L. Mudd, conductor of the train and John Snad- ley, engineer. Conductor Mudd and William Glass, train auditor, go', off to learn the trouble after the engineer had stopped the train by order of the bandits. "We were greeted with a fusillade of fcrtots." said Conductor Mudd, "and ·were told to stay in tho coaches. We ttayed in. I thought I saw five or nix men, but of this I am not positive." The engineer, fireman and express Sutherland Reaches 62 Years, the Age Limit. Washington, July 10.--Onfe of the very few men who rose to the highest rank in the navy from his position as enlisted men--Rear Admiral H. H. Sutherland--was placed upon the retired list today by reason of' having reached the statutory age of sixty- two years. He was born in New York and appointed as a naval apprentice in 1S6S and because of peculiar apitude and excellent service, was transferred to tho naval academy from which he graduated with honors. During Theodore Roosevelt's encumbent as secretary of the navy, Sutherland was his chief aide. New York Anarchists Defy ' Mitchel's Order. New Tork, July 10.--Mayor Mitchel announced today that he would not allow the procession of Alexander Berkman, anarchist, and his associates proposed for tomorrow in honor oE the men killed in a Harlem tenement house last Saturday by a bomb. WILL, PARADE ANYHOW. Berkmaii announced after the deci- Three Divisions of Rebel Army Have Capital Almost Surrounded. El Paso, Tea, July 10.--The speedy return of General Villa's army southward from Chihuahua City to resume the campaign against Mexico City was predicted here today after receipt of advices from Torreon that the internal peace conference was ended and a report of its transactions soon would be given to the press. General Pablo Gonzales with an army of 20,000 men, holds dominion from the border to San Luis Potosi, twenty- four hours by rail from Mexico City. General Villa's army occupies the country from El Paso to Augua Callen- tes. twenty-four hours travel from the capital. OBREGON'S ARMY NEAREST. General Obregon has stretched his lines as far as, Guadalajara, second largest city In the republic, and w i t h in six hours' ride of the goal. Once San Luis Potosi is captured the three military divisions of the rebel forces expert to converge on Mexico City. rmssenger say there were only two r o b - j Sion 0( t h e mayor t h a t the parade as t-ers. The bandits made no. effore t o | planned would be held. He naid he l)'.olest the passengers, whom they exrectod no disorder, a s there would warned to keep their heads^inside the be no inflammatory speeches and that CAPTURES 15,000 FEDERALS. General Obregon Tnkra Guadalajara-Federal LOKN In Heavy. Laredo, Tex., J u l y 10.--General Obren, commander of the constitutionalist forces, which Wednesday captured the Important city of Guadalajara and took prisoner more than 15,000 federals after three days' battle, prepared today to reorganize his forces with a view to marching on Zrapuapo. the junction on the Mexican Central railroad, connecting Mexico City w i t h northern and western Mexico. it was his desire to show by a solemn iremorial service the respect in which Wealthy Lumberman's Appeal Costs Him $5,000. CT. indows. NO MONEY. HE SAYS. Kahum T. Brown, general agent here j the t h r e e men killed were held, for the American Express compaw, Bald there was no shipment of money In the express safe, but that there ·were a few packages of ji-ivelry, the yalue of whl:h he would not est.mate. FLAGMAN TELLS OF HOLDUP. The first news of the robbery was given by the flagman of the fber. Despite warnings of the bandits he got off the rear passenger coach and T?.n back to Matson, where he notified the station agent that the train had leen held up. HAD SACK OF SILVER. Emil Ahmann. a constable at Augus- j Et ^ pr]U] J u i y 1 0 --William Rufus ta Mo., west Of Matson, was one of the ] t - dw ' arils w ) n h a v e to pay Ada M. Cox. lust officers to arrive on the scene I w))o gu(a h|m a]!c g.j nc bre ach of prom- tit the robbtry. He said he was tola ; j se to marry. $17,425 The supreme court today upheld the verdict of the Ramsey county district court, which was the second one returned in the lower court. TWO YEARS' FIGHT. "The case of the wealthy St. Paul Ivmberman, who was indicted by the i federal grand j u r y in Chicago on a charge of violating the M a n n avt, has fceen before Minnesota t r i b u n a l s for | two years. COSTS HIM MORE. At the first t r i a l the p l a i n t i f f was given a verdict of $ir,.2()S, the judge leducing it to J1-.500 U d w a i d s ap- | pealed .mci on the retrial ot the case the $17.425 vtrdict iisain-t him was | retunied. His second appeal to the supreme court resulted in its b e i n g ] sustained today. FEDERALS QUIT GIJAYMAS, Saltiloo, Mex, July 9.--(Via Laredo, j Texas, July 1(1)--Guaymas, one of the most important seaports on the Mexl- CT, vest coast was evacuated by federals late todav, according to advices to General Carranza The constitutionalist commander Investing Guayma? was authorized to affree to ar armistce untl the federals j should lea' r e the cty by boats, the truce I being to save property of non-com- i batants and unnecessary slaughter. FRIDAY IN CONGRESS Washington, July 10. -' SENATE. Not In session; meets Monday. Judiciary and interstate committed continued work on trust problem*. HOUSE. Disputed amendments In the Indian appropriation bill ware debated. The general deficiency .bill to appropriate $4,586,464 was reported. Military committee approved Senator Sheppard'e bill to appropriate 25,000 to survey for a military highway, 400 miles along the Bio Grande. The house resolution to return to Louisiana Iti original ordinance of secession, now in the war department, was approved also by committee. th» military Father of Two Girls Holds Out Against Petras. Geneva, 111., July 10.--The jury in the case of Anthony Petras. accused of the murder of Theresa Hollander last winter, disagreed and was discharged at 9:80 this morning by Judge Irwin. SORELY DISAPPOINTED. Petras attorneys made no attempt at disguising- their disappointment. Immediately after the Jury was dlaeharg- ed. Attorney Gunsu sought a writ of habeas corpus to have his client re- eased. A motion will follow asking Irrlsp Irwin to fix ball. We can get the ball In fifteen' minutes." Attorney Gunsu said, whatever It Is." **5 COMFORTS YOUNG WIFK. , Petras groaned when It was announced that the jury could not get JO'-iether, bi t that was all. His young v.'IL'e wept ,' he tcrrforted her as .jhe rrtifcd her head t pon his shoulder. HISTORY OF CASE. h the train crew that the bandits had c.vried off a sack of silver weighing i ftv pounds and a pouch of railroad Hired Man Finds Body of L. V. Entsminger. TaylTville, July 10--L. V. Ents- r ,r^er. a f r r m e r a! out a mile and a h a l f so.ith of Danville, was found flead ],, his DjEHirc about S o'clock Friday 1, orniru- by his hired hand, Russell 3 orto". I'" had gone to the pasture t bu.ia rentes. He was fifty-five 3'Lirs oKi. "'·he cnrnner tiMd an inquest and the Addict was apoplexy. Mr. Enuminser is survived by his T ."-, one daughter, Perla, at home, t..ree brothers. William, and George cl this neighborhood, and Archibald of Oklahoma, and four sisters.-Mrs. David I ritton f Bolivia; Mrs. Richard Huntr- of Roche stcr; Mrs. Charlotte Neer 01 Bolivia, and Mrs. John Patton of J_ii;?iburs. Xo funeral arrangements have been 1;. ilc, liut burial will be in Buckhart comcU'ry. CHICAGO WILL PAY I TRIBUTE TO BUSSE I Chicago. July 10.--Municipal busi- j IMbs will stand still next Monday afternoon during the funeral of ex-May- | cr Fred Busse, who died esterday.. ^Ihis was decided upon today at a special meeting of the city council .t ,-which resolutions of sympathy and ftnrrow were adopted. Political organizations will join with the municipal officials in the iunerai services. ILLINOIS HAD MANY FIRES IN JUNE - i Springfield. J u l y 10.--With a total number of 975 reported fires for the month of June. Illinois last month, according to the m o n t h l y report issued from the d e p a r t m e n t of State Fire Marshal Walt«r Bennett, suffered one of the greatest numbers of fires in her history for the given time. Of the fires w h i c h orcLirretl. 285 were leported from Chicago and ^90 from outside that city. For the state, the following s u m m a r y was issuea: Value of buildings in which fires cccurred, S3,662,152, total damage to buildings, $545,669; total insurance on buildings in which fires occurred, $2,133,635; total value of contents of buildings in which fires occurred, $2,053,315; total damage to contents, 5-111,345; total Insurance on contents, $813,525; total fire loss in the state, 1957,114. The greatest number of buildings burned were barns and dwellings and the greatest number of fires with causes known were caused by lightning. Twenty-seven were oE suspected incendiary origin. WINTERS CONSPIRACY CASE DISMISSED Newcastle, Ind.» July 10.--The case: against Dr. W. A. Winters and his wife, Mrs. Byrfl Winters, who were charged with conspiracy in connection with the disappearance of the doctor's nine year old daughter, Catherine Winters, was dismissed In the circuit court here today by the-Prosecuting-Attorney on the ground that there was not sufficient evidence against the defendants, Wm. n R. Cooper, who also ^'as charged with conspiiacy, S«ras also set free. A f f i d a v i t s were filed gainst the three defendants May--30, 1914, by Robert A Abel, an Indianapolis,- detective. Catherine Winters mysteriously -lisappear- ed March 20, 1913. GENERAL WOOD SAYS GOODBYE TO WILSON Washington. July 10.--Major General Leonard Wood, retiring c h i e f of staff of the army, called officially at the White House today to bid farewell to President Wilson before leaving for Governor's Island to take command of the department of the east. Theresa Hollander was dragged into a grave yard on the outskirts of Aurora and beaten to death on the night of Feb. 16. Her body was'dis- covereu a n . hour later lying In the snow with her arms broken and her skull crushed. Robbery was not the motive ' as all , her 'belongings were intact. TJie state tried to prove that a knife found near th.6 body belonged to Petras. Mle's Hollander and Petras had been sweethearts up to a year before the crime was committed. It was brought out at the trial that the girl's parents caused a break between the two Shortly after that Petras married Miss Meta Mathewi. She sat with Petras throughout the trial and encouraged him. The trial began J u n e 22. The courtroom daily was pvercrowd- ed. ONE JUROR STUBBORN. Eleven jurors wanted to acquit the j defendant, but one declared he never ScKool Superintendent Says Most Teachers are Egotists--Criticized. St. Paul, July 10.--"God bless the gir] who refuses to study algebra, a study which causes many girle to lose their souls," was one of the phrases used by Dr. J. H. Fnancis, superintendent of school,s, Los Angeles. Cal., whose remarks at today's session of the National Education association w;ere unfavorably criticized by some of the delegates. HAS NO SOUL. "The average literature teacher has no soul and little brain." Dr. Francis continued, "It is a wicked waste of a child's life to compel him to study with her. CALLS TEACHERS EGOTISTS. "Most of our teachers are selfish egotists, would-be scholars, hiding behind the word 'conservatism' afraid of any new method, because it would show their ignorance. "Progress, too. is blocked by the great civic, religious and political Interests. "I would rather send my child to a teacher with a soul than one with brains, whose oniy object is to have the child reach the a n s w e r in the back tt the book. CAUSES IMMORALITY. ''Nine-tenths of our immorality is due to damage done to bovg and girls when they rearch high school." Loss is Estimated at More Than $25,000. x Peorla, July 10. -- Fire originating from a defective flue burned the Duck Island club house, twenty-five miles south of here on the Illinois river this morning. The loss is estimated at $25,000, partially Insured. Prominent men throughout the central states are members of · the Duck Island club owners of the property. Among them are Judge George A. Carpenter, of the United States circuit court of Chicago, and R. R. McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The bouse was situated on a hunting and fishing reserve of 6,500 ac-res, one of the largest in the country. May Wear Suits and Coats Any Length. M E A P R I C E S TO SET NEW RECORD Packers Declare Cattle Scarce and Predict Advance, Chicago, July 10. -- Meat prices will rise above the record figures of recent yeStrs despite the huge grain crop, according- to packing house representatives who asserted that the present scarcity of cattle and the effect of dry weather on grazing lands would more than offset the enormous grain yield. A price of 16 cents to the butcher was predicted as an early possibility j and It was pointed out by one of the packing house men that cattle' are now j higher than for some time. I Angry Mexican Telfs of Alleged Plot to Acquire His Country. NEW HAVEN REACHES A NEW LOW RECORD New York, July 10.--New Haven htocks registered a new low price today, falling to 60% soon after the opening of the market. New York, Ontario and Western, controlled by New Haven, also sold at Us lowest price. Several of the Gould issues established new low records as also did Chesapeake Ohio. New Haven later fell to 60%, but regained part of its loss. Other stocks of the better class made temporary recovery, but weakness developed in unexpected places, New York Central behig the latest stock to fall, its loss soon extending to two points. New York, July 10.--The American Woman refuses to be dictated to in the matter of the length of her coats and suits This Is the opinion expressed today by the executive committee of the Cloak, Suit and Skirt Manufacturer's Protective association In declining to promulgate any style lengths for the coming season. "We believe," says the committee's statement, "that the matter of length Is year by year is becoming of less Important in determining style. Individuality of design and adaptability to the needs of the American woman of all grades of society s the controlling factor. In the next place the style . ...... , ,_, of today, even if declared by us would d *'e *o regain his seat, through his not be the style of tomorrow We a re' c o u n s e l - has demanded that the Chamu n a n l m o u s l y of the conclusion t h a t to Demands Retraction and Threatens Libel Suit. Champaign, July 10.--William B. McKinUy, manager of the Taft pre- convention campaign and former rep- lesentative in congress, now a candi- Vera Cruz, July 10.--Querldo Moheno. former Mexican minister of commerce and labor, before departing today on board the Espagne. virulently criticized the policy of the United States toward! Mexico. As he sat lp the forward saloon of the French liner, Senor Moheno looked through a porthole toward the American flag flying In-'Vera Cruz and shook his fist in^/age. CLAIMS PROOFS. He insisted that he wa in a position to produce positive proofs that there existed a "secret platform," of the Progr«sslve party in the United States of which Colonel Roosevelt was cognizant and In which he concurred, looking to a disruption of Mexico «nd the acquisition ultimately by the United States of all the territory between the Rio Grande and Panama. He said that Francisco Escudero, who was minister of foreign relations In Venustiano Carranza's cabinet, has letters which to him are conclusive evidence of his allegations and declare! he hoped to be able to produce these letters 3ft the proper time. ACCUSES EVEN WILSON. "And not only were the leaders of the Progressive party pledged to this policy," -he added, "but. politicians of the Republican and Democratic parties had promised their secret support. That. President Wilson himself had subscribed to this iniqultlous conspiracy is evidenced by his attitude toward Mexico. Not a single American In all of the hundred million population of the United Sjiates can give a satisfactory answer as to why those troops are there on shore in Vera Cruz." No Chance of His Changing His Mind. paign Times retract statements he i e "a"d"eciar"ation"'v. : ouTd"only be" mis' | considers libelous or else be sued for cogld be convinced that it was not | leading and would give ifndue importance to the matter of length. into her to ENGLISH TENNIS TEAM DEFEATED London, July 10.--The All-England Tennis association todaj selected the British team to go to the United States to play for the Dwlght 7. Davis International lawn tennis trophy in case Great Britain should defeat France in the preliminary round at Wimbledom, *-h!ch begins tomorrow. The four men composing the team are James C. Parke, Irish and Scottish champion; A. W. Mavrogordato, an old Oxford Blue; 'A.' H. Lowe, a strong tournament player; Lieutenant Alger- Jion R. Kingscote of the British army. Parke and Lowe will play the sin- tries matches and Parke and Mavr» Cordate the doubled. ANOTHER DEATH FROM BLACK PLAGUE New Orleans, July 10.--Another death from the Bubonic plague was announced today by public health service officers making a total of four cases and three deaths since the outbreak of the disease here on July 27. Today's victim WP.S Leon de Jean, a negro boy, who- was found ill at his home, July 5, and removed to an isolation^hospital for observation. INCREASE IN STEEL UNFILLED TONNAGE !7ew York, July 10.--The unfJJled tonnage, of the United States- Steel corporation on June 30, totalled 4.0S2.S5T tons, an increase of 34,697 tons over May. i Petras who dragged the girl lonely graveyard and clubbed death. , The jury was out over forty hours. The one juror who h^ld out is said to be Homer Endy. a farmer, and the oldest man on the jury. He has ten children, two of t h e m Rlrls of the age of the Hollander girl. THOUGH HIM GUILTi". Juror Eddy said he held out to convict Petras because Petras' own testimony convinced him h» was guilty. Mrs. Petras shook Eddy by the hand as she. wept, Faying: "I hope you will never have the heart aches you caused me." " I did what was right." he answered. Washington, July 10. -- President Wilson will make no nomination for the place on the federal reserve board o£ Paul Warburg of New York until the senate takes definite action on hit name. Mr. Wilson expects this to place the responsibility on the Benate for leaving the board incomplete. That Is the president's position in his fisht with the senate over Mr. Warburg's nomination as expressed today by officials in his confidence. That there was no chance of his changing his mind was stated definitely. WILL NOT FACE COMMITTEE. Mr. Warburg has finally decided that he will not appear personally before the banking committee to be cro«8-ex- traction magnate unfavorably with amined and the president is backing Attorney C. D. Thomas of Champaign, hlm in that st and. In.answer to queries prospective congressional candidate. to! j ay w h e ther Mr Wilson was making libel. The Times. formerly Progressive, but now an Independent newspaper, ] published an editorial contrasting the The publishers say i retraction. they MRS. CARMAN RECOVERS POISE Editor and Associates May Be Convicted. Washington, July 14.--Secretary Garrison has enforced for the first time the new regulations regarding war correspondents in the case of Fred Boalt, an American writer, with Funston's brigade at Vera Cruz. He was charged with sending out sensational and untrue dlsgatches. Secretary Garrison has revoked his credentials as a correspondent with the field army and ordered his deportation to the United States. As the despatches in question also fnvolyed, the pavy, Secretary garrison l^as stayed the execution -of his order while Secretary Daniels has opportunity fpr investigation. At the war department It was fajd the official record shows Boalt to b« accredited to the Cleveland. O., Pre»V 700 DELEGATES AT C. E. CONVENTION Peorla, July 10,--Hev. E, L. Reiner, o{ Chicago, presided at the cecond day's; sessions of the State coi\V£iitioa of Christian Endeavor societies today, Nearly 700 delegates Irear'd h,U addresa In the Coliseum. Later they, fathered in divisions for special conferences and mission study classes. The resolution* committee was scheduled to bring In lt« report today. BANK CLEARINGS New York, July 10.--Bank clearings this week, according to. pirn's. .Review amounted to $2,584,364,322, as against J2,196,963,237 last year, an increase of 17.7 per cent. Principal In MyAterloun Murder Cane Get* Letter from Baby Daughter. Minneola, L. I., July 10.--Mrs. Florence Conklin Carman, locked up in the Nassau county jail here, as the assassin of Mrs. Louise Bailey, seemed to have recovered today from the nervous collapse she had yesterday and sat quietly in her cell reading books furnished by the warden's wife. She received a letter today from her twelve year old daughter, Elizabeth, who testified at the last sension of the inquest In an effort to strengthen an alibi for her mother. The letter reao. LETTER FROM BABY GIRL. "Dear Mamma: We all think of you always. I don't quite know why you can't home'home. It I don't see you very soon I shall ask the sheriff, Mr. Pettit, why you don't come hVne. "Your loving- daughter, "ELIZABETH." Both thf prosecuting attorney and Attorney Levy for Mrs. Carman were preparing evidence to be presented at Freeport Ifonday when Mrs. Carman will be arraigned. PILOT BOAT IS RAMMED AND SUNK New York. July 10.--The steam pilot boat New Jersey, carrying ,d crew of seventeen and a complement of fifteen pilots, was rammea In the tog early today by a fruit ateamer in th» «titer harbor and sunk. Three 'gteamers stood by »nd took off tlie'pilot boat's crew and the pilots before sh« went down. The steamer which hit the pilot boat was the United Fruit liner Manchlon- eal, outward bound. She aided In the reacue work. ' San JTrancisco, July 10.--Warrants for the arrest of Charles K. Field, editor of the Sunset Magazine and former president ot the Bohemian club; Robert J. Fowler, an a \ l a t o r and Ray S. Dun- hem, a photographer were Issued today at the request of John W. Preston, United States attorney here. The charges against all three Is disclosure of military secrets arm the penalty is ten years imprisonment or a '$10,000 fine for such disclosures If made abroad and one year or 51.000 fine If made in the United States. In April, the Sunset published in an article entitled "Can the Panama Canal Be Destroyed from the Air?" reproductions of photographs taken from an aeroplane and showing some of the fortifications of the canal zone. efforts to get Mr. Warburg to appear before the committee, officials at the White House said that any such attempt would be useless. JONES CASE DIFFERENT. The nomination of Thomas D. Jones, which the banking committee haa voted to report adversely. Is In a different position. A fight. for his confirmation may be conducted In a minority report. First Practice Shooting Sev-j FOUR D R O WN WHEN TO FIGHT eral Days at Mark. Dixon, 111., July 10.--Mrs. Emma Ilutton and Miss Lilie Byers were held to the grand jury without bail today on a charge of having shot and killed their brother, Emmanuel Byers yesterday. There had been frequent disagreement between the brother and sisters, and according to witnesses, the two women went to Byers 1 liay field yesterday and calling their brother to the roadside, shot him four times. TRIES TO DEFEND HER. The court was told that each of the sisters f i r e d - s h o t s which struck their brother, but Mrs. Hut^jm tried to shield her younger sister, Lillie Byers, and said that she alone did the shooting. PRACTICE FIRST. '· It was reported today that the two women had practiced shooting at a BOAT TURNS OVER Brantford, Ont., July 10. -- In o boat- Ing accident, last night, Thomas G»r- nett, a wealthy farmer, his t w o children and a maid lost their lives en the Grand river. The other occupant of the boat, a farm hand, swam to the river bank and gave the alarm, but tha boat and its occupants had disappeared before aid had arrived. The two children drowned were ten anil elgbt years old. The farm hand was unable to give any details of the accident except to say the boat overturned ^nrew them into the water. THE WEATHER. and Give Sir Edward Carson a Free Hand. Belfast, Ire., July 10.--The provisional government formed by the Ulster unionists at Its first meeting today gave Sir Edward Carson, a free hand to take whatever action he may think necessary In calling the Clater Volunteers to arms. The men ware declared ready for mobilization at a, moments notice. CALLED BACK FROM EGYPT. London, July 10.--A special despatch from Cairo, Egypt, says the . Anelo r Egyptian members of the Ulster Volunteers have received cablegrams calling tbem b*ok to Ulster. mark in their orchard for several days, j They were taken td the county jail at | Morrison. Byers left a widow and i five children. David Byers, their father, Is wealthy land owner. JOHN S. GRAHAM RECEIVES ORDERS Will Report io Mare Inlnort, Cat* »d Act as ImiwetlnB Officer. Lieutenant Commander John Sisson Graham, who with Sirs. Graham has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Jane Johns, received orders Friday to go to Mare Island, Cal. He will report there on July 20 and relieve Lieutenant Commander Kempf aa inspection officer. Lieutenant Commander Grafiam and his wife, who Is a granddaughter of Mrs. Johns, will leave here on Wednesday July 15, for Mare Island. It was just a month ago today that the Gra- tuun* reacbed here, Chicago, July 10. --Following « r » the weather Indications nntil 7 p.m. Saturday: Generally fair t*. nUrht aid Saturday) atowly rlalac temoeratare. THE WEATKEB MAI'. Chicago, July 10. -- The weatber map at · a.m. ehowed: Canadian Northwest -- Generally clear; M to GS above. Winnipeg, ruining, trace. Northwest-- Partly cloudy: 08 to "4 above. WHIUton. .OS-, Devil'. Lake, rjlnlnc. trac«; Blamarck, .20; Moorhead, ralnlnr, trace. We«t and Southwest-- Generally cl«ar; ·$ to 80 above. Ohio above. . Valley -- Generally Columbua, .OS. _ clear; 44 to It Local Observation*. Following !· the range of temperature* M recorded by proftMor J. H. Coonradt, Unit** States Weather observer: T a.m. Friday ............... i4 Noon Friday .......... . ...... M Highest Thursday ............ 99 Lowest Friday .............. 1ST Sun rises (Standard time) ............. "IS NEWSPAPER! ,,, NEWSPAPER!

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