Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 14, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1888
Page 4
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THE ETEKIKG GAZETTE: TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 14 1383. Frrtm floi'nil <^r»»v<*. Feb. 13.—Another frnity mnrninct; thft trepg and shrubbery beauUfuUy de- corated,remindinir us of Xinfjarn in hpr jflnrlons winter parb. The sleighing is fine here and every oro seems to be improving it. There was quite a little entertain" ment here last Friday afternoon. As Mr. Sara Greenawalt was hitching up hl3 horse preparatory to leaving for his home in Empire, just res he had one trace hooked, a freight train passing through frightened the horse, which jumping knocked Mr. Greenawalt over; "Sam" was soon on his feet again, and had hold of the horse, but not catching him by the bit was dragged about in such a lively manner he chose the better part of valor, and cared for number one. The horse ran south as far as the Hoover farm, when Mr. Fred Hessling, who saw it coming stopped it. The cutter was somewhat demoralized, but being his second best, and no damage done to himself or the horse, "Sam" thought he got off lucky; he borrowed a cutter and went on his way rejoicing, about an hour behind time. The ladies of the Union church here will give a rain-bow sociable to-morrow, Tuesday evening. An oyster suj>- per will be served. A cordial invilu- tion is extended to all. Mrs. Jas. W. Ewing received a telegram a few days since that her sister, Mrs. Jack Thompson, was dead. She had recently buried her son-in-law Mr. Knapp, and in caring for him during that severe weather she contracted a cold, which resulted in her sudden death. She removed from this township to Raymond, Dakota, two or three years since, and had many relatives* and friends to mourn her loss; but they have the blessed assurance that their loss is her gain, as she was one of the brightest examples of Christian womanhood. There is a bouncing baby boy at Mr. .las. 11. Wilson's; also a little daughter at Mr. Ed. Fellows, Congratulations for Ed. and Jim. Austin & Co. shipped some very tine hogs from this section last week. And Mr. Stewart Austin ia taking cattle in to Chicago to-night. OCCASION At.. From .Velnnn. Feb. 10.—Splendid sleighing. We had another of those cold snaps this week, mercury registering 24 below Wednesday a. m. and 128 below "Thursday a. m.; Friday somewhat milder and Saturday very pleasant, but the frost has crept into some of our neighbors' cellars, I understand, 1 and frozen their potatoes and canned fruit Mr. M. S. 13rierton and family are improving very slowly. Typhoid fever has left the father and two children very weak and with the greatest of 'care it will be some time before they will be themselves agulh. Mrs. A. H. Kelater is some better, but it seems aa though she improves very slowly. ' Miss Blanche Stitzel has been on the sick list this week, but is able to be around at this writing. Mrs. A. Facey, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. A. Thorn, has been quite sick for several days, but is some better at this writing! The young folks of Xelsou and Kock Kails started out one evening this week to surprise David.Ilartman and wife but were about as much surprised themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Hartman were; for when they got there they came face to face with another party that was gotten up, in Dlron for the sume purpose. I understand it was H general surprise, as much s.o to the Nelson, Rock Falls and Dixon folks, us it was to Mr. and Mrs. Hartman; but they had a general good time and all enjoyed themselves. Mr. John Conard, conductor on the C. & N. W. R. R,, spent Sunday, at Mr'. Htltzel's. Mr. John Stitzel is one of the best and most successful farmers in tills vicinity and has one of the best producing farms. 'Mr. Stitzel deserves great praise for the high state of cultivation he keeps his farm in. One"of<Mr. A. Philip's cows broke through the ice in Rock River Saturday afternoon and it required the united force of four men and a team of horses to get her back on dry land again. The "critter" was almost frozen to death when taken out of the cold water, but they built a lire around her and brought her around. Everything sold well at Frank Btev- • en's sale thla week and some of his valuable stock was bought by parties in our town. Jesse Doniehy bought Henry Thorn's fine colt this week and is proud of his purchase. We are again reminded of this being leap-year when we see another ring on the fore linger, and still the wedding bells ring. CONDENSED NEWS. Griff for tho fl^ith of Iiifl wife by accident la*t Nov*»nihcr brought on fortuning of th« brnln in J. O. Soy frod, of Knn«n« City, nnd ha dl»<i Moml.iv. Tb« swf-llg of a stpaniboat ovprturnwl a •kiff on tho Mitsinippl river at New Orloann, Monday, nnd six n^ro**), two m"n and fonr women wer« drownpd. * Cbarl»s Pprin«!orn, who is in jail at Dakota CHy, N>»t>., on ft charge of grand larceny, has roceivod worJ that hii fathor in Ocrmanv in dead and hai left him $:W,000. Among the nominations sent to the wnatp Monday vrora the following w<Ntarn postmiwters: Whitewater, Wig., E. F. Donnelly; Romoo. Mi^h., J. B. Luc**; Crown Point, Ind., J. P. Merrill. Wallace Rosa, the American soulier, bent Goorj?a Hubpar, the Englishman, on the Thames Monday by ten lengthM from Putney to Mortlaka. The stakes were $2,000 and tb English championship. Tho house committeo on public buildings has ordered Tavornbie reports on bill* foi public buildings In Council Bluff*, Ia., $100, 000; Omaha, $. r x)0,n()0; Duluth, *1W),000; Logansport, Ind., |75,0()0. A flra in the P>y»n block, in the wholesale mercantile canter of St. Paul, Minn., Monday irornlng, destroyed the boot and Bhoo establishment of Foote, Sohnlz) & Co.; loss, about £iM),000; insurance, $'.'S)0,000. Charles E. Thickstnn, apparently a robust man, fell dead from apoplexy in the office of B New York insurance association Monday, while ho was being medically examined on an application for a J10.000 policy. In the case of Ramstiy White, at Milwaukee, charged with assaulting Kittle Smith, the jury disagreed. The district attorney says he will try the case twenty times until tho accused is acquitted or convicted. Baron Alvenslehen, who has been German minister to Washington since 1884, in to be transferred to Brussels. Iu view of thn present complicated condition of European affairs tho change ii regarded as high promotion. George Simms, of the Chicago Central Labor union, while engaged at the direction of the union in distributing boycotting circulars In front of a baker who employs "»cab" labor, was arrested Monday under tho anti- boycott law. There was another h»a>y snow-storm iu the east-Saturday, causing serious obstruc tlons in some localities. The snow in east crn New York Is now four feet deep on tho level, with drifts thirty and forty foot high, \ disastrous flood iff anticipated if there should be a sudden thaw of this great mass of snow. The following is Monday's list of railway accidents: Two freight trains on the Northern Pacific railway collided while running at full snood, near Motley, Minn., demolishing engines and cars, but no one was injured. A cattle train on the Delaware, Lickawnnna & Western railway was wrecked near Strondsburg, Pa., and many cattle were killed. A passenger train on the Now Hartford branch of the Now Haven & Northampton railroad was thrown from the track and overturned near Unionville, Conn., and several persons were badly injnred. A freight train of eighteen cars on the Chicago & Northwestern railway ran oft the track near Milwaukee, but no one was injured. Po« ProptMpd to H«r Twice. RICHMOND, Va., Fob. 14.—Mr*. Barah EI- mirn Sbeltou died Saturday, aged 74 yea She was noted as having twice received the attentions of Edgar A. Foe, once when she was Miss Royster, and again -twenty-flve years later when she was a widow and be a widower, She rejected his first offer, but it was understood that she was engaged to him at the time of his tragic death. She never admitted the engagement, but- went Into mourning on learning of the poet's death. "Cn»er Frits" Much Better. BAH HEXo, Fab. 14. —The 1 Gorman crown prince passed an excellent night. He sat up throe hours Sunday, and remained up longer Monday. His appetite Is good. There are no indications of fever or bronchitis.! The crown princess devotes., her whole time to the invalid and scarcely quits the sick room. HoyrottfMl Arbnckle'n Coffee. CLEVELAND, O., Feb. H.—A special to The Press from Ottawa, O., naj-s: The Ladies' Coffee club has boycotted Arbucklo's coffee because of tho ''Biiunie and Bunting" storing and his refusal to marry an Ohio girl. They have vowed never to drink his .coffee, and go without it if other kinds are not obtainable, Matrimony on the Make. NEW YOKK, Feb. 14.—Mm, Jacob Wilson, Jr., Monday obtained a verdict for (19,400 against tho entate of her husband's* father. She married Jacob, Jr., under promises of payment from the father of that amount, u Wilson was disfigured and .the father was anxious to have some one marry him. ] A ! Inscription A Very Crmlltuble Purpose.. BOSTON, Feb. It —Lawyer Crowley, who absconded after defalcations In trust fund*, bos sent a trust deed of his property for the benefit of creditor, and ^ writes that It will be the aim of hla future life to pay his liabll- ties In full. He is in London. THE MARKETS. Cmcioo, Feb. 18. Board of trade'quotations to-day were aa follows: Wlieat--No. a March, opened f-CWjc, closed 70J4c; May. opened 81«^p, closed 81^-Mc; June, opened 8-.'-Ho, closed Bl^c. Corn-No. X March, opened 47c, closed 40Jjc; May, opened 61)^0. closed' 01-^c; June, opened Ol^c, closed Ble. Oats—No. 8 .May, opened Slfcje, closed 81W-W" •lune, opened aSu, closed SlJ^c. Pork —March, openod {14.1!% bid, closed $14.06 " . . . . ic\ "It i* Krnerrillr supposed that pncn "monla in dun to the nn-itli ntnl penelrat "ing of specific, microbes in** the sys "tern, but th "o b s e r v a "tions of M "J a c c o u ( "show tha "the diieas "really re "stilts from "the devel "opmonl.iin "dcr favor "able Tomli . "t ions, o 'V/^Sk "microbii W* X * • X. "KPrms j*r "man fit tly "pment in tJit tyttem. A chief condition "of such development is a sudden chill "which explains the frequent coincident "of lung affections with abrupt change' "of temperature."— friciitifir. Airun'rari. Another prominent (American) author Ity ascribes pneumonia to an excess o o/.one, ozone being produced by passage of electricity in tlie air. A distinguished American physician tells the New York Tribune that the prevalence of pneumonia indicates the tin! versnlity of a uric-acid condition of the blood,—sudden chills always being char arleristic effects of too much acid, of one sort and another. The disease, ns M. .Taccond observes, Is undoubtedly in the blood, hut If in the form of permanent microbes or genus Ilic-'e perms must be developed by the uric-m id condition of the blood. Indeed they cnnnnt presumably exist in alkaline blood, ijflc-acld is the name for the waste matter of the system, which the kidneys, through evident though unsus- peclijd impairment, have not been able to filler from the blood,—the filter being foul and stopped up In many of Its little hnir-like tubes. The Tribune'* authority says that pneumonia is a secondary disorder, the ox- poMire and cold being simply the agents which develop tlie disease, already dor- mntil in the system, because the kidneys have been but partially doing their duty. In short, pneumonia is but an early imfl- calionof a bright'? diseased condition. This impaired action may exist for yo.p without the patient suspecting it, because no pnin will be felt in the Kidneys or their vicinity, and often It can be de- trrtud only by chemical and microscopl nil examinations. Nearly 150 of the 7-10 dcmlis in New York city the first week in n recent March, and In six weeks 7H1 dcnllis, were caused by pneumonia alone If one has occasional chills and fever, a tendency to colds in the throat and lungs, rheumatic mid neuralgic pains, e.x- li-euie tired feelings, short breath anc pleuritic stitches in the side, loss of appetite, back-ache, nervous unrest—scalding sensations or scant and discolored lluids, heart fluttering!!, sour ~stomnrli, distressed rook,, puffy eye sacs, hot ami dr,v skin, loss of strength and virility pneumonia is likely to strike him down any day, and his recovery will be doubtful'. ' • These indications may not appear together; they may come, disappear and ro- nppear, for years, the person not realizing that they are nature's warnings ol coming calamity. The disease is very quick-acting and ll the accompanying'kidney disorder In very far advanced, recovery is impossi bio, for the kidneys give out entirely, anc the patient, is literally suffocated by water The only safeguard against pneumonia Is to miiintftin a vigorous' condition (if i he system nnd thus prevent atlncks by using whatever will radically and ef- fiM-nmlly restore full vitality to'the kidneys, and for this liicre U nothing equal to Warner'tt safe cure. If the kidneys are not sound pneumonia cannot be prevented. This remedy is known to millions, used probably by hundreds ol thousands all over the globe, and com me.ndi'd as a standard specific wherever known and used. It does not pretend to cure ai) attack of pneumonia, but it does remove the cause of and prevent that disease if taken in lime. ; When a physician says his patient has either bright's disease or pneumonia, he confesses his inability to cure, and In a measure he considers his responsibility ended. In many instances, indeed, persons are reported as dying of pneumonia, heart disease, apoplexy and convulsions, when the real cause'of death, and so known by the physicians, Is this kidney consumption. Thousands of people have it without knowing It, and perish of 11 because their physicians will not tell them the facts. The same destiny awaits every one who,will not exercise his judgment in such a matter and be true to himself, his family and to society. Photographing th» Tomb of RameKm. Not a ray of sunshine ever entered tho nysterious apartment which holds it. Magnesium light was employed to secure ta photograph. Eight Bedouins 'were Jested iiiblde and around It, with an unified taper of burning magnesium in each hand. Three cameras, large and "small, were focussed, in order to Increase the chances of success. A wilder, more weird sight I never witnessed. The dark skins of. the Arabs, with their white robes grades, tii. 00 n. UK h packlnir; $s.iB@o.80; mixed lota, heavy "packing and shipping lota. J5.4Ui(£'i.80. Cattle— Market sternly; good to choice , , ? e an iufe ™>' realism which needed 5.° ranc " n l Snlvator Rosa to pnlnt it or "ante to make it more horrible. More beeves, 14.4.V&5.00; common to fair, JJ.OOQttOO: than ouce, with the fear of failure starimr cows. SLeoasoo; .tocken, it so© 3. ax Hheep mo iu the face, I grippled with my dusky - M ? r ^' "*&•• C 2 m .?i n . «? '»"•• »«)®4.oo: helpers as they fled from the eLmYwT/ good to choice, 6.IQ. Produce: Wanted an Emy Chair. A Nashville furniture tleolor tells a little story Unit Hhows how home people are constituted. A lady ordered nn elegant easy chair of a peculiar kind. It was made and sent to her house. She examined It carefully and critically,.finally remarking Unit it suited her exactly, with one exception—It was too soft. She had tho man take the chair back to be made atrlllo harder. The chair was returned to the store and put.asido. Nothing was done to it. A fter the lapss of about a week the chair was sent out again. Tho woman again examined It, and this tima Uie chair wns too hard. She wa» sorry, but when she paid to much to get an article for her own comfort she wanted It about right, so she sent It back to the store for another change. The chair was again put aside for a week or ten days and Bent out for the third time without haying a particle of change made. ' This time it wa» jimt right. She took the chair, paid fur it, and was *orry it had not suited htr at first. The poor woman naver knew that the chair had not been changed a particle,—Chicago News. Otur JL«rge*t ClUn. Tie census of 1880 given theae citlea t* HBOI& populous ia order; New York, 4?%}J«d«lpiria, Brooklyn, Chicago, Bootoa, Baltimore, Clarinnaii, Saa Orkisaa, HcOQD.Co; Iambi, J4.7B® Buttor—Fancy Elgin creamery, SO® 31o per Ib; fancy dairy, !B®»4o; packing stock, 1 l8@l5c. Eirgs-Fresb laid, «K2>Slc per doz.; icehouse, 15<ai8c. Dressed poultry— Chicken*, da lOo per Hi; turkeys, 10@lSHo; ducks, »®10o; geece, 8<2>0c 1'otatoes- 86©l)0e per bu.; sweet potauxw,- ja.80a4.00 per bbL Apples— Choice, |2.85@2.75;. per bbL Cranberries—Bell and cherry, J9.00 per bbl; bell and bugle, J9.60. New York. Nrw YORK, Feb. 11- Wheat—Quiet! No. I red elate, W^aWc; No. 2 do, 90Hi®OO^o; No. 2 red«r February, 89^c; do March, BOc. Corn—Dull; No. 9mixed cash, OIc; do February, SW^c; do March, MUc. OaU—St«adyj No. 1 white, 4iV4®43c; No. 3 do, 88Jj;<g>40u; No, 3 mixed March, 88U£. R™ ,-»•,• - - -~-Dull an,| unchanged. BarUiy-Nonilnol. Pork eraj """wand pounds. How the question, —Dull; 1 year old mean, J15.00@15W. Lard_ "What shall I do with It?" must press February. 88.00; March. J7.W. upon their attention. My own Impression Live Rtg-t: Cattle-Trading unusually doll; Is, that In cuses where the verv noor SJS™^. 1 "?.H* 85 ® 5 : 50 ' a ""r. fa »_ c ? _ bul L° ck * Peoflle become suddenly very rich. helpers as thoy fled from the chamber Although half stifled by the fumes of the burning metal, again and again I forced them back to their posts. At last American magnesium and the Yankee camera were victorious and brought three pictures of the colter out to the light, so that all might guess what it is.—January Scribner's. , • Tim Suddenly Rich. I wonder what people do with "windfalls." They are always happening. In a single newspaper of this week's date there are recorded., no less than three of them. A workman suddenly becomes possessed of £100,000, a private soldier of £40,000, a pauper in a workhouse of sev- WerloV a«d imi^a"^nS*%J*Tto5S B P etndlll 8 thelr «"»«» •* Pe«OM Of mod' »ard Jamjency; common to prime nbeep, Jiffia e f ate means who have become million- 6.2S; extra do, *6.8.l@iO.W; common to prtm* alr . es ; Because it is generally spent for Unibs, J5,70<ar.25; extra do, $7.60. Hojpi—Noral nail/manly; live hog«, J6.«0<a»,70. New York'i PoiU and role.. There Is a variety of posts and poles In New York nt rcets. There lamp posts, Jewelers' posta surmounted with clocks flre department poles, Western Union telegraph poles, electric light poles and poles for tlie electric light wires, barbera' poles and police aignal box poles. All that Is wanting now to complete the equipment of our streets lg the North pole, and thea tho average New Yorker ought to be satisfied.—Xpw York Tribune. The mother of Jamei A. Qarfleld i» «HH living, ant! although 87 yeArs old, Wtaim her nteutai faculties, a&d !• coxapu*tin)T thorn. They are instautly translated to another sphere, and full into the hands of more or less Interested advisers.—James Payn.. Gees hisses, but ducks, quacks, and wen Frauky, that's the baby, hj painflo in his lap he hollers, but the lion roars like dlasant thunder und niakea the wetkon wring) Uncle Ned, wlch has ben in Injy, and •vry were, he says one nlta alion'coma out of tho wfxxls and went to his correl for to eat his cattle. Uncle Ned he got up a.nd looked In tlie correl thru n crack toe lion »h«le his teeth, and Uncle Ned "The i.Uot thinks I am a d«nU»t, bat . timi"< I un o.\>'<>llci!t os nre rV-^rpru!^. .. f.Tnfli"fi, lint Hf the l»iiiiidli'-s pMiiip.-is h,-!^ \vcnnm in from tin- n-ti-niiits of ci\ i|j/,,nii,n a the Aixi'ij.iiiie Hcpul.iic. Tlirv they nrn noi nli(iLT''fl tin- fact tli.-it nii'l n snuilf ii inn; thrntiuh tin of « U.I" in (dnin-it. cvrry hut is u'c or picture whicl Immls nf tlm or CordoYii. Tliey wil carry tln-ir i-hildri'ii for miles ncronR tin pnmpn-* nnd fiicc Ihe dread pampero to 1 -ve the Hi I In ones formally baptized, nnc In like inaniiiT thoy will nirry their dea< across n }\tir«i- for tniriiil in ron?.-frrat« gronn.l.—T. C. llnrbnugh. Iii<lnslr!f« WK Owe to the Mhukpni. The Phnkera have a kern approcintioi of tho necessity nnd dignity of labor. Kvcry one of diem hns some useful work to dn, nrcnrdinn lo nisi 1 . Rex and strength. Perhaps no clnss of pc-ople hus done more for the country thnn they, when it is re- niumlici-wl how few thoy nre in number. They orictfnntod the drying of sweet corn for food more thnn fifty years ago, and Btipgp.itivl.the modern improved kilns for that purpose. They were the first In this country to institute the raising, papering nnd vending of gnrdou seeds in the present styles. They originaled ui this country the botanic practice of medicine, and first dried and prepared medicinal herbs and roots for market. They were the first to make hitiopw of broom brush, and, In fact, originated the entire broom business: Thp first \n\7.7, snw wns manufactured by the Plmkern at Harvard, Mass., and used both there nnd nt New Lebanon. The Shakers first invented and used the plan- Ing nnd jointiiiK machines for dressing (loorinir nnd ceiling lumbar. They were the Inventors nnd manufacturers of cut aail.s. The first machine for cutting and bending card teeth and punching the leather for set I ing wa« invented and used it Mount l/elmnon, and for years the Shakers hud a practical monopoly of all :hc above named trades and forms of business.—New York World. A Uluck Friday.—That day. when a person la lirst seriously attacked with •h.eumatism, may well be termed a black one, for he will remember the same as long as he lives IB he uses Salvation Oil in time, he will, however, soon be able to apeak of a good Friday. I'atronn of tha Oomnetlolana, Never did (Umuietlclans flourish In this city as now. A lleged Iwiintifying establishments nrc more numerous than the Ills of life. Circnlnrn which alluringly set forth the nklll -of professional beautiflers are blown on every breeze. Their patrons are legion, us the whitewashed and frescoed luces of many women prove. Thu natural Mesh has been covered as with a layer of plaster, over which tho hideous red of die, rouge pot is spread with blazing effect. The result is a face at once vulgar and ghastly, nnd yet the average woman calls it "making herself attractive."— Now York Press ''Every Day Talk." Tlie rpfisnn why Solomon said, that there was nothing new under the sun, was that he could nut buy a good remedy to cure his stubborn cold. Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup had not been compounded then. It has long since proved itaelf to be the benefaction of the nineteenth century. '•Who is Tariff, anyway?" asked a man of ns yesterday. He was much relieved when we told him he was the old man at Washington who gave the politicians and newspapers something to talk about! that his first name was Trotbotive and that the war was over Hill Morrison is trying to change It to Horizontal. _ Jieware of worthless imitations of Dr. Jones' lied Clover Tonic. The genuine cures headache, piles, dyspepsia, ague, malaria, and is a perfect tonic and blood purifier. Price fiO cents'. For sale by 0. A. Oliver. Washington's birthday is observed lotnlnally, only. Amerleas great men are numerous: the people are loth to ;tve time to celebrate birth .of all, lence they ignore all. COUGH and Consumpton "ure is sold by us on a guarantee.' It ;ures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 _ The political parties are slow to tackle tariff. • _ CROup H wnoopiNo OOUQH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Hhiloh's Cure. O. A, Oliver & Co. 1 Leap-year party attends tlie Chimes of Normandy to-night, in fall dress and occupy boxes. THE KEY. GBO. H. THAYEU. of Bourbon, Ind , says: "Both myself and. wife owe our lives to SUILOU'S OONSUMPT- ON CURE." 0. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Cleveland is happy over having his candidacy settled. HACKING OOTJOH can be BO quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We ;uarantee it O. A. Oliver & Co. J If not Blaine, then,who will it be? CATARRH OCRKD, nealth and a wee oreath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh lemedy. Price 50 cento. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. i Blaine is the hero of the hour with ils followers now. I haven't uo time tor to t«md to kttn? •etvd for the lion tamer for to quell. wili hia L"—84in FtttmcilW XwuntoM; Renewa Her Youth. Mrs. Phcebe Chesley, Peterson, : Clay /o., Iowa, tells the following remark- ble story, the truth of which is vouch- d for by the residents of the town:- "I in 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness or many years; could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all ain and soreness, and am able to do 11 my own housework. I owe my hanks to Electric Bitters for having enewed my youth, and removed Icom- letely all disease and pain." Try a ottle, 60c. and 81. at Btrickler & Boor- es Drug Store. "Out price of sleighride and all be- ause I didn't ask the girl tlrst." Tother fellow got in ahead of me." aid a youth in our confidence this torning. ~ Worth Knowing. Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant. Lake Ity, Fla.. -was taken with a severe cold, ttended with a distressing cough and tinning into consumption in its first ;ages. He tried many socalled popu- ar cough remedies and steadily grew vorse. Was reduced in flesh, had dif- culty ia breathiug and was unable to eep. Finally tried Dr. King's New liscovery for Consumption ana found immediate relief, and after using about half dozeu bottles found himself w*»!l nd has bad no return of the disease. o other remedy can show so errand a •ecord of cures, as Dr. King's New Dig- overy for Consumption. Guaranteed o do just what U claimed for it—Trial •ottles free at Strickler & Boorses 'rug Store. As woman ia honored, society ad- auces. • --• ' uwLKsa siiQirra, made miserable >v tuat terrible cough. Shilofa'* Cure i* the retuexiy for you. O. A. Oliver A Co. i 'lo^nn! of . hy t-m miirvpl« nf Invr.Btlmi. Thota whn nn> In n™>d nl prontHlii« work that onn N-donp whll<-llvlne at nomp «tiouM at onrp *r*\\i\ rlicir ari(!r»^s to (1-U- • If tt & Co., Purtlnnci. Malnn. nml r^cslvc Irrf ful 1 Information hnwelthfrnrx, of all HUP* run rnrn from <«5 to J-.V5 |>«r day ami «|>warn> wliprpvcr tDt-ylive. Vim nrv itart-M fr«o. Cupltal n"t n-- nnlml. 8om« h^vo /, m ,le ov»r $» m a slin;^ day at tlili work. ,\]\ *i>ri>i>i-rl. ,| w t[ S. M. BEEOHER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron, Lead, Culvert and A Fnll Line of BraMa «Joi(1«, Rnglnr Trimmings, A< Pumps and Pump Repair*, Has .nd Oil Fixtures. HIIOP OPPOM1TK POHT OBI FOIIHTII HTRRKT WHY DOES not some manufacturer make a soap that is cheap in price, and good in quality, has often been asked. Tlir.t question has been practically answered by Messrs. N. K. Fairbank & Co., of Chicago, who have happily combined quality and cheapness in the Santa Claus Soap. It washes so well and so easily, that it wil 1 not make the weekly washing A CAT astrophe to be dreaded. Santa Claus Soap has been thoroughly tested, and for all kinds of washing, whether linens or laces, dishes or clothes, floors or curtains, knives or sheets, woolens or cottons, it has no equal, and—it is cheap. If you do not want to DIB before your time and have life go HARD while you live, avail yourself of whatever lightens nnd facilitate! labor. A good soap is a household necessity. Wherever Santa Claus Soap has been sold, the testimony is the same, viz.:— "it is the best." Your grocer is an enterprising man and probably has Santa Claus Soap; if he hasn't he'll get it for you. . Special Sale for 2 Weeks. T&telG iLinGrL© a,n.d. Corsets. Now is YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY To Purchase these Goods at Much Less Than (Regular ^Prices. We have Just Opened New Prints, New Ginghams, New Black Dress Goods, New Stamped Scarfs, Splashers, Tidies, Tray Cloths, Pillow Shams, New Linen Collars and Ruch- ings. We can save you 25 cents per yard on every yard of Black and Colored Press Silks. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. Be.tintheWo r ,d j BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS | Be 8 t intKe World. N. CARP.ENTER & CO. Don't imagine people are talking about you. One is honored in being subject of talk. WOULD YOU KELIKVE iff VVe are daily guaranteeing Kemp's Hattaparilla thepeople for cleansing the Wood, and giving a new lease of life. Trice 81. A R. Hendrlcks. 5K Uest on valentines for a year; that's one comfort, as the postman said. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine -Salve— a spieedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin erup- ions. Try tbi» wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. Be true to self; ibe rest is easy. For lame back, aide or cheat, use •shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents O. A. Oliver & Co i ; " Tnetrylng time of the year is yet be- 'ore us— days of VHrlablenesanini shadow of turning. i SHILOH'S TITAHZEB is what you .need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite^ Dlz- iness ana all symptoms of Dyspepsia J rice 10 and 75 cents per bottle. O. A. Oliver 4 Co. 1 [row many received nice valentines and how m nay were disappointed In iot g«tting any,— no one will! ever know. _ _ ^^ i. A Family BUmlng. Simmons Liver Regulator— the fav- irlte home remedy— is entirely jvege- Jlble, and is the purieat and best fam- ly medicine compounded. No error is o be made ia administering, no injury rom exposure after taking, no loss of ime. It is the best preventive ineui- ine, and safe to take, no matter what .he sickness may prove to be, and in ny ordinary disease will effect a speed j ure. ; • ' _ ftha Don't mind the "comic' valentines fthey werelinsulting. Toe anonymous assailaritcan't hurt you . eVs Arnica Halve. The best salveTuJib* world for 'Cnts, Jrulses, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Tever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, )hilblalns. Corns,' and all Skin E nip- long, and postively cures Piles, or no ;>ay required. It is guaranteed to give erfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 26 cents per box. For sale >yS trickier & Boorse. /i Praise Is prized when well bestowed. ATTENTION! I Invite your attention to the fact tli«t I have " WORTH OF BOOTS SHOES Of thft very beat quality, which I will sell at *nd below COST, as I wl»U to retire irom buslneu. I kindly iuvlta every. era. to come »nd proflt by tills sale, This U BO catch pe Jiiy affair, but It Isa Fair and Square Sale, wd MI b&ve & Urge Mocit of Firat-CliLt.-i Boou aisd 'Shosj, you will lave a cliaiioe w (at iuab bartftino tlut w*r« never , .. Uxwl Q( twftjre. •Smlth'a Talkative •Wlfn. "Well, poor Smith! Ho Is rid of that talkative wife of his." "What! I—I hadn't heard" "Why, she fell headforemost into a tubful of freain tills morning." •"Land siikesl Did she drowuf" "No; but her chin churned forty pounds of fine bnlter before she could be prilled out of the cream."—Ascola Democrat. Happiness Is nn art, and wo hove to learn how to bo happy, Just as we have to learn how to be good.—Undo Esek. 1,200,000 LADIES KOW WEAR ma Doublt Banal. Double Seoml Double Steell ONE DOLLAR. SOLD EVERYWHERE. Bortree Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mich. A Proclamation.! Dr. I. On? Lewi*. Fnlton. Ark.. »y*;-"A year ago I bad bllloni fever » Tuu'n PllU ,wew» *o hlgbly recdommanded Ibatlascd them. Never did medlclnu h»v« a happier effect. After a p tice of m quarter of • century, r claim them the beat ANTI-BILIOTTS medicine ever UHoO. I always pre> •erlbe them." " rac pro- Cure All BUiona Diseases. 1 NEW METHOD OF TKE4TING CHRONIC DISEASES, DK PEW PLACK, Established and successfully conducted by l)r. II H.Del'ew S: Son. who lire prepared toIreiit till tho must complicated forms of dlncase. botli Acuto nnd Chronic. ThlK la not u sanitarium or hospital, but ulioiuo whero patients can bo card for wliilu tx-lnn trcatudby thoSKW .IIKTHOU. AlldlseiiscHiiefuliarto WOMKN, diseases ol the UBINAKY mid SEXUAL OBOAN8. every form oj. NERVOU* D1SK*8KS: al«o of the STOMACH and LIVER, PILKSand FISTULA are by the NKW MKTIIUU RAOiCAi LY The advantages «l the XKW over all others are, ImmuUuta rclli f aust coin- plete recovcrv a« the cases reported.provts. Bv H NKW METHOD of dlafc'iiosra they are ^uabl«t to treat many rases suix-esstiilly by letter. They will vl.nlt patients In any iwtof tue country on short notice, for a reasonable fe«. Their inetliCHls are unliku all o'lwrs and will cure when everything uk>« fulls. No leti>r nn- swerctl unless ai'coiuiunli'it by 4 cunts in SUUIIIM. Address, l»r. M H. DKPKU' « (4O.V, 8OI Klftb Aveiiue, corner Third Ht., Clinton. I». Uua-w H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THB (3AXMTTM. BIN&J6H Y. i. To Trade. A well improved farm in Whiteside Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it is desirable. tf - F. li. HUBBAKD. Schiffmacher.,. on hand a "big stock of Live Oedar (Posts, the lust J&ichigan Soft (Pine Lumber, all 'hinds of (Building Jdat&rial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Coal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. Everything at Lowest JtLar- ket (Prices. A big advantage in dealing with us is that you can get your loads with- ,» ^ out going over the railroads. Nlreat kind of Mquare and Flat ticket*, for cordon rrnrrM. tost rft«elv«d B. B. FACET & 00. PLUMBERS, STEAM & Gr\S FITTERS H AVE NOW IN TKEIK.EMPLOY MR. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the employ of J. 8. Johnstoue as number. We also have arrangements with WALTEB A. FAOKT, an eiport rlumber, now with K. liaggot la the best plumbing establishment In Chicago, In case of any line or ultra work, to assist us. We are prepared to make contracts and furnish material for»lt work in the Dumbing, Steam and Gas Kitting line, and keep In stock Iron, lead and sew«r pllw, brass ucmds. pumps, &e.. &n. ; everything to pe found In a nrst-claas establlslunent, at reasonable prices, and we are now prepared to do work In a satisfactory manner and guarantee all worjc and material us represeutcd. T. K. FACE Y, who ha* bfscn in bnsinese her« almost continuously forthelast Ihirty-twoyears. will su|>erlntend tlie work, ills qualillcatlons as a mechanic are too well known to need comment. HHOP AT TUB OJLO MTANO BLOCK, STEBJLINBJLI. Cor MM t» b«ttar than em. and should be In •- mtemplatlog buyli -. .- — ,. — — —wJs taliui 3 Colored plate/ ihouaundj of nliMlrationt «nd nearly 100 PMM, (illiS Jri?M l for ?"--•—-5- r *'S=? H i^fSi.9 a ™l n f low «* JLiine L^'_ i~ l^'AMoMAJflOit HA8 JXABTJSO A. La && .Win ovlu* b<Hia,jnoM

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