The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 16, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1859
Page 3
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^-;^g.fS^5^^^^g!5igaB5a5^>g : -,^^g^s;;»SAlM3%|0»^fcE^^5 A?:^^**?*)^^ i ^'^fe^^ 1 ^^a^»i^Sr^i^i»*^ 1 o- T.P; • .*£??!;•'•'•M • -..- .rfv.*.'.^*. ?>ji;ii:;.t^.; i&a^:;ffgugi •• -i-Huuo»8ji''-<' OPtTLJOCPPa AM ivflH ri.nkmiy N: B K •.- L ; BOOTH, SHOES AKJD OAXTBJRS, f ; jso. ^ SERINS i ' JOHN PHEL.AN, . _ KKKP8 alwaysi on lund good ctutosa made Boob ud AJl Bad. of-tadles' and Q«nUejnen's Boota.«nd aboes order ln STREET. " '-- , CeW>jratedUnioa worlu Cylinder Qiao. ""* J Totk. bla« me to Mil at low raiee. I have pennileBt nnymenta to watt fiiteteaad tt plaaherwaner; Wy**.' " i'' T ' '/ "X* JOK^J KICK. B a r p e r B r o t h e r * , (KtialUAed in J84S.) BOUEK ; BIQN, SHIP, OABB1ASE AMD ORNAMSNTAL Patntcru, Glaxien & Paper.nanrers, nOTATOBB OF WOOD AND " -^ 88 ONElDA ^*Mir$&#fai*iiK Kx SSrW^^^^^^^^Sr^ Biijiiiyj j: - •"' '' ;: '-;!'i.MSi^BA!iH.^i.?'.ife^ ' andmKilfurtherno. ^jnifltnkee from 'ewankei,H«rtliod. iJ- , ? • VIVA4WW CiApl,. tof^-fr***-*-*".". .Ijlitfj^T?^^^ •^SS^a^BS^p^ !*as^ t ^»^M^w^^ F^'I^^^Tr-'fPr"^'^^'^"'"' i'^ii^Kftlni&irreAito^ i«?iii^ipQanfi W -•';Avr.- f a^'grB.-.t J ig'4'.g, 1 ' ' «fea.y-?;.^v^-£-'KV f^ 1IOWAR» INSURANCE-<?OMPAI,T, i"::Kv?^;« : T; > ; i ^:::<».»ewT6rmS>^!;': J M-;:'? ; r-* •fitiit4-^ ll ^^^^ w ?^» N ^^«aitPAJfVf ^^i*^ 1 *****-j^i-v'v'c,'.^-.,:; bf^roritaii.'v^-r: .^-; •1$£1*$*>:--T- - ; :t : <**°»$* ^arfe^Sv^w^*, jyo JONES & WHITEHKAb Qeaeral Land and Inntranoe Agent* NOTARIES PCBI,IC> *C!.f OmCK. corner olReed and Oregon itreeto, Beyroie* if lock. Fifth Ward. W1U attend to the baying and selling Insuring Qooat and Buildings in ntes. Attend to the Collection - wlJb/p^pSS^^^^to '« *»« s.all-Lasryera, it 18 A >H01jaEHOLD COMPANION. CO., JOBBEBN, STRICKtAIVD . i. .-,-.,...,.,.,.-1......... WISCONSIN. lis^m Tbeop^DsParsnis, L. L. P.,.ProfeMpr of Law in SCHNtECKEL &.' BRUWOTrO, JOMMISSIOiV MKKCHANTS, .Seal Estate and Money Broker*, HOTAKIBS PUBLIC, MILWATJKEB, WISCONBIH. Orno»-No.4 Market Sqnare, opposite the Old Po»- n „ . - CAHBUIXJSU Jan. B. 1859 D«Aa BtBt-I have bad the first roiome of T»mDte- ^yyj^ r ..*y^^- *** :>« «» ta »^ d . m ?«?»:th»t good ,» -oweitcor.sJnnd SurreyotJ Wl»c6njlh 1 iU.iMU»»Biee. <- -•- : .-' ••••'- • -• • United State*<T1 dL F. In*.Co. J ..,.. > .,...,.. . (Wee, BEder Mltchell'a Bank, comer of Bat W«ter an Michigan atreeu, _ NOYES, PLERZHBIM~& CO, B. B., or by Uoit7 tan proceed tb the above piac<_ , OonneeUoMaremade al Walirtown with stages tor Lake MUls,Jefferson,WaverlooiHsjichetville, Sun Pfal. rlw, CoUW* «ro»e and Madisofj. Al»o atCotaiobus ' "-" " " I|W«***A AfKBCTn" W>n Ulw.^'' V-^U,^ 1 ' g ' HWf voHsifra, vrvvv »uu nwuson. ABJO. atajOHUQlbna f«Xe^;^tett t AtMgo, Jan.BlTer.lVeed'ff Coraii™, Hajnto^wTfflefDdco|*,YorkiAiUi»gW*it Bristol aft* for »HpolnM to*»e West and North fTest - ;-:.'• ' IlfUTjlf) iUWW VlUCf ,ISC*a.U*** A WIJ fpr.*U'jMi^brt<^e3r<*f»BANi.._. .,««.,.•,-.. TPAwenjrets'.arrivioj; as the Junetlon »om lh« above n*'--' pV+W!.; ^rii_A~..i>^_ «. «*-i__i_ .r pUcel mikiconnccUonj on om « aove h the Milwaukee* Mlfjls. on nnd ftslrie do. ' I int T." n i it—_ inrimr u > i TIT > T u.wfc MliWaUKCC A HUMBla* slppl B. Hi, for Janesvllie. Madison and Prairie da Ofiten and at Milwaukee, with rtafls fc t6o S*uth, Wert •ariHorthiJ '•" *-'<--. "•".•••'--r-f:-i '- ; •'. - aprB . ~!.. i '; ". 8. S. MERRILL, fern*rinteadent. SUMMJ2K T. .. . -, CENTRAL Stage 8:80 A. toon ipittsburgii, Fort Wayne fc Chicago KA1JL m»Al>. nuia new aad dtect Route' now open to Hew York, L «„„!„., VI...K—,. p hUideIpn i a) B »j tllnor() ^ ... ,v___... ..Niagara 6. Western (Camada) Railway. mBAISflleave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake JL street Chicago-, ss follows r ' IZOO A. IH.-DKR10IT ACK»JUIODATIOI?,(»un. , , j . days excepled), irrtTe at Detroit 6.00 r :«O A.^iw-'cuiciNNATi - . uD<luj« excepted.) Arrive at indlahapolu 4:00 ! p. k.; Cincinnati «:80 p.u. :t»O -V. .H.--H011TNINO JXP«&3fl,(SonU»y. ». 1 eepted,) arrirei »t Detroit 1a» r. u.; i fiufpension Bridge oi> Barfalo AO' 1 A i • « i Albany 3;UO K «LJ Jrtw Yotk 9:00 - r. M.; Boiton 11 r. u. :OU V. M.-NILK-i AOtOMUODAIlOM, ezoaot ay. , B. UPalmor, -. ±-»i-- - • , J.A. M»ffa»slelni J) «ose«lDjatl»nd, , r fl, O. Doaanin. KdwlD Ttywnsend, fiolomOD Adler. J. A. UELFEN8TKIM, President. O. D. DODBKAN. Tie* PresJdnt. W..t*AlJUtB, General Agent . « ur a .. B.O, Wrar.Seorelary. 8.B. DAOarrrt Treasurer. E. L. PAUOX, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKEE CO., n fllltcbell Building, Ifllcblfrn.ii. si GHAR1ERBD CAPITAL, . • $200,000 €a«h Paid in, $1OO,OOO. OBee. margT D. COB8ON, ATTORNEr AT LAW. HAB removed to .Offlct, No- ft, State Bank Bolldtae, oomwot East Water aad inthSgan street, BU)w»uk«£ Bai9D B dom • DORAN & , Attorney and Counsellors t Law. Office-Empire Block, 821 EoA Water «t, WIBCOMBM , modern authors and tbdr works, are Indeed rentS?.! Jf^lf 06 Who *** tt « knowledge your book R^,-^L'°f iT '~* nd * lmt educated ma£ does notT- It must be ot great lntemt;a*d talne. Respectfully, *c , B »„.„ AUK ^ THEOPHIWJB fABCKB. F. Austin AUibone, H]g, [»ro«i B. Irenssusftime.!).!)., gdltor*. Y. Obaerver.] .L , Towrsm>, .11. Kaxoaa, J. 8. HABBIS H. L. FAUUU, AttorSer. ftrt aad OIREOTOBfl: O. D. DAVIS, fl. B. Ooioria, J. HO»BMV, J. H. OOEDB, JAB. MoaaAi, C. Conroox, Qn>. Dm, K. TOWN8END, Praldent. A. L. WALBA«B,.ecretary. W. A. Panriss, U. Km.miiACirf, JOikTB V. HILL, Ie2« dre tad Marine JUalu taken at aurtent ratea. tf delight. sought for ta vain. of v. eju»t«.ls work; and ther «key learn that It to to th, woM _ UT MAHISE ANDFIBK IKUIUKAINCF. fjlHE undersigned la prepared to take Marine Bisks A and Fire Bisks on i rodnce In store, in the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, Mew York, at aaJow rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles llto public confidence. ruBuay. :«O P. M.—NSW VORK AND BOSTON EKPREi*, (except Saturday.) Arrive at Detrtm J: i5 A. r.; Suspension nudge pr Buffalo, ! 4:30 r.«.; Albany *.•» A. SL; Mew York ' 10.1)0 A. «.: Boston 2:09 r. K. :OO P. Bl._CINCISSAJI AND LOUUVfLLK KX- . . (Kxci-pt Saturday.) Arrlreat Olaelnoati S:uo i. n. ; UnjlTllle 4KK) One train <!n Sunday at 1:00 >. M. TbeftQO A. £. aad fcOO s*. M. trains connecta-i Parrs with lh« Buffalo Ic Lakt Huron Ballcay, for Bouaju and all polntt erM; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, toJUngjtl n, OgdenibOTK, Montreal, Quebec and all points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, New Hampshire andUalne. Bf~ Baggage checked through. through Ucke*t foi sale at the principal Ballrosd offices In the, West, and at the general offlce,corner Lake A- Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont Uenae Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. „ . . B.N. BTOK,«np't. B. J. By<uit»o. Ben Past. AgH. apria ton, Springfleld, Hrbana, tofl«»vllle,!ateobenville,'.Jeir; atk and Wheeling. »ad all Interior towns of Ohio, Penn- «ylTama, \ IrginU. Maryland, New Jeraoy, Ac. aiaking one Urand Dubroken It. R. line * ajrrwEBjc buiOA^p AJT& THB CAST •Jj£. Klc A3 Ll> W AS-'JLlTt OTffES BOCTi EST Those desiring to go By this Koute will be particular and enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, iherobj ••*"'•'•"" "ieao3>oyanceof Mchecklng their " LKA. VK DEPOT OJf yAJi > DA 1L Y, AH f OLLO W&: 1>:CO r. tt.— Night Itrnress, dally, tfatunlays elffepted «:W) A. M.—Mi.rning Hail and impress, daily, Sunda'ya eiceptca. , With bat ftne change of can to OHkOSJao BAOOAOft TBRODaR To PUisburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Vors connecting directly with traJoe on the great Pennsylvania Central BaUroad, to all eastern erne.. Also with Cleveland d Columbus lUilrood to Cleveland Dunkirk BuflsJo, Niagara falls vi» New York Central »nd N*w York a trie Kailroads to New i'ork and Boston Persons going cast .will Bnd tftis route by lar the mast desirable, both from the advantage In point of distance variety and beauty ^f the country through which the ro » dl pass, an well u the less frequent changes of car ii3ttE£f5££% mUP lr """"""«"'. <>'«r whole ;.«.«. !, ..u-er-,1 „ .'„ FUR N IT U R E EVKB Or-FKBKD IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND j||7ft T Bl M>| D 220 East Water Street, : ftE i»ii K VF.TEUIJfAltY SCRGKO\, O , re«p* c tfully ln(.,rm» *l,r the citizens, of .Milwaukee tltat h.i^niB local, J ,„ , ni , p , ni . c ; fie Intends prai-n.-uiK his i.r.,- ilorac treated m ^ nioi,t ,.-i entitle -lyi,;. ^o.l i, n^nrl <« facllon «rarr.u.[..-d. in .-.,,. will Prick and D.,ok Taili'n themmt approve.l ,.y',.. an.l. to tarn the confidence «1 -h,. public, he refcm ti, ihe follow '"K gentlemen, who h,iv- employed Mr. Hothead ma/n times professiorally h. the course of ten vears. We feel jnstifled In *aytnj( that h,., i.ri.-uo- .. MIU^ rlor to the general run of Veterinary ^rH<-t..,neer4 John C Bro.lhea.l. Wm.J.n, ,., 0 . Murray, Pryer ± Co , DRY GOODS, &C I «."»*>. ^ !•; Vi l«*.7i». SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Detroit & Mil. Railway. ; THE Steamer Cleveland will take ._ h" Place in line of the Detroit A Milwaukee hallw.y, on Monday, the Hth March. Passmgers wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday 230 East Water street, or at the offlce on the dock of the Detroit A Milwauke- Ballway Co.— Dne noilce of the time of departure will be given. This will make the ahortesl, cheapest and quickest route to all points Ea.t. M mar8 er routes rc-checklng jja e g»fe required bj f adlitles for the transportation "of JVelgbt anil LI.e tnock by Uils roate are onsurpaased. Hates a> low u any other route, and with equal-dispatch. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket offices In il t , West, and at Company's Offlce, No. SO Dearborn jtree' opposite Tremoot House, Chicago, an^ at ilie uffice the'Lake riuore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A O Uland JNO. J. HOOHTON, General Freipht Agent, Pittsburgh, P» D. W. BOBS, Ueu-ral Western Agenl, Chlc&iro Chicago, Marjl, 6. IW.9 mar6 K. R. 1859. 1859. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. SUMMKK AKKANOKMKNT. Great United States Mail and Esprtis K,,,Ue. rilHE only reliable and ILL ROUTS TO ins EiiT, SOUTH X and NOXTU-WEJT, and the only Liri" makm* lure connections. Baggage checked through to principal points. On and after MONDAY, AIMIII. asm, is.jfj, Trains leave Depot, corner ol florula ai,j B»rc,«y ,ts an follows . Judge Wilson, " DlJhop, " Kelly, " And-cws, '• Vllden, ILit-IHK Jlmea Kellj. IKSOdU N. A Bro»n, Jamen fole. W J Gain., While! Ne II. A , M 1. W ML. He 1 'HI. IV II ^ NO W ,.,, The Latest Noveltaea I THK J K Curtis. Win. Milan 31erchai.L. U in. •=sV Office. Kirby', L.very St. ap.-16-.Iiwtf I'H K L V Hi A 1 » ^ \l , DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Lint- ! Sl'IMlEK I'LKASIUK sVII.I\( • \ \|. » 'l/M ii- ,rrw novS UOBATIO BILL, Agent, at offlce of U. * J. S. Hill. CAPITALISTS J*jny office a BegiBter, open to tfceir In - . rpectton oc Bonds and Mongages and other » cariUes offered Tor sale. Penons wishing-to obtain Loah> or toavlng Bonds •iortgagesor other securities for sale, mayflnd It to thel taUreat to fllewiUuse their •ppllcations or statement* _,. 0. BOHLET, *"> Opposite Walker House. GOOD OJAANOK. HOCSE AJf» L.OT FOB SALE CUE&P. 'j «B undersigned will sell nil House and Lot, cow • occupied as a Tav. n by him, situated on Main iu, «»eWe, Wisconsin, Dear th. Steamboat Landng and SL »: ~r K- '.*• D Q >ot - The y hou»e Is located on the beat fcuifiies. place, and the House aa well as the situation of the Lot, -would answer for any branch «f business, especially for Wholesale Star*, which branch !• already now projected at that very locality. Those BaelnB,jranuarjr 85,1868. Lumber Teasels for Sale? r PMhlon, SS4 tuna, flenoooer B. Newhall,, ISO tons. Bcow Schooner Sofby, 168 tan*. Th« above vessels will be sold «t very low wlea •aitofactoryMcority. GoodUtle, Pfon TAYLOR i JBWETT, ° . -„ BaSalo, New York., Inquire of B. B.Jona, M« aukee, Wisconsin. •eb80 Yoars truly, ' Mr DCAI 8ia :^Wm better^knowUdie of" yoiVbtok from repeated feasts upon im «m^uhan«,l to tare aS^f*?^ •°£ om « on P 1 »ce an acknowledgmeot ofita first rpclpl. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable maUer the "DJctionary of Author." S«M a time the most captiTatli*. Ttogood taste, indwtry, and aklll of amnjcencnf therein manifested coold o ot b> SB Sh? d> ? i ^t 1rlUmml[e;orj ' OB « «P»5.tton»er7 enviable. I shall try to make amends l£ print for mr 2^U,™ol PPr * C1 *"" ft " t »« kn »«^P««'t of t"' With many sincere thanks tor the prfee I have la the book, I remain, my dear sir, ^ Yours, faithfully. .. Austin AUtton,. EH. * P Qnaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHOKIZ&D CAPITAL,. »aoo,w)o. PAID UP CAPITAL *ND A83BTT8 277,555. Office, franlMn Building, Ao. 408 Walnut ttrctt, JITVEWITLS Asnt Jndy*> Tales. Parables from Kature. • Motes ID the Son Bean. • £aaoy, tbe Flower fflrt, uncle Jack the Vault Bile*, for sale nV . - MBBT AOLEATEK, 167 Bast Water st. NEW BOOKS WOOD Ai\D HAY YARIt. Q. H. 4>AMBKKTON TTABjun opened, for the benefit of all who may be-,..* S"sas!?is M ** et **. WOOD « d TERRV ^ WT XJLBT WATXS STEfXT. "DAKTB'S Travels In Central Africa, 1 voL, aU.»™ JL». UTiogston 1 ! Travtls In Southern Africa. 1 vnl 8pw«ii««»fieBBoiia,6UiaeTle. J Higher OhrlitlaaUfe. ma>-l& v , HAY, at the K. E. Corner of West Water aod Clybonrn Streeu, *' (Office with Messrs. Hsjbbett i fceei.) «iu»ocVW Wood to large, Dry and Hard, (Cut»Bd pptil or uncut.) , r ... -.' the City on the —^"~~~~™' 1 ~ -•»"*' ••**•• •»*A«« mjT iLiOWBaT ^BRMBi M. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who ahh) laree quantities-of Hav will always tod It to their aivantale »o buy of ns. We will sell ao tba dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. "V 1 * ' O. H. LAMBEBTON. PKODiJOK «P«AN supply tkenselre* with Bills of Ladlnr at ^ ... TEaRYAOLEAVHfB. 167 East Water atr^ BOOKS. STRIOKALND * 00. School Book*. QENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. WEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAH COTT»8. Q P Jan«0 , «« 8TBIOKLAND * CO. BIND UP FOUR MAGAZIIVES ! riTBR subscriber Ui been api oli.te'' agent for' this J. Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Btok- taken onas favvraMe irrmtas other responsible Companies JASU138. vrntTE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water end Huron street*, up siairm. over ihe Marine rank. may39 BY STATE AUTHORITYi~ WISSOONSIN GENEKAL INSURANOEAGBNCY VHABTER OAtA FIRE IKS. C..., Hartford, Conn. OA8H AB8BT8 »S41,5M 93 KOBTH AirtEBIOAJf FIBE IN*. CO., 1 Hartford, Ooac. CAiSH ASBKTB. , 't«64,8»0« VTESTEBN ntASK. FIRE inn. CO., Of Pituneld, Mais. 0*8H A8SCTT8 »206,6» 41 COKWAY FIBE INSOBANCB CO., Of OODVST. IlABlL CABHiBSttB .".:.. ._....»s«a^61 4T INSURANCE CO., fipringfleld, Mass. RAIL ROAD. THK «HOKTEST AND ,1IOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE! TO La 1'roKM 1 , Winona, Read'. Landing, fied Wing. PBESCOTT, BT, PAUL AND HT. ANTHONY lO'.SO A. .n. — Exrioa PiSdEs cago at '.' 10 T. u. 3:io P. Tl.— lUradd PA.-a^o c*go at 6:li r. v , »,,,| lnXA Q _. ,. lliaf connection. w,th livening Tram.1 E«l and South West, and «ith the Katlne and Misalssippl liailroai', a! Kar:n. luncuon, for Belott and other stations on that Line freight Tram leavei at 1:3<J i. »., arrtv-a ; 00 p n Freight forwarded with despatch, and at i»v f«t« Passenger Trains leave Chicago t r HuwiuJee and the .North WV.tal9-.tlO i. »., and « II p « k -rlvui« hereatia : DUr a and l'J |5 i > apr24 JXO. T. MOOUy, Matter Tr .a.ourution. O N an.l niter J.| May :ic\l, i-ar the »w'fi «n.i .-Irifant ^inti.c ami ' 'Uteltintt, t., i/ran.l Haven . t air- arTorrlK.i <i'encTv on U lt R*p..j», war, [„ <_, r >tn-l Hdi-t:. rt.^-.s ..f five t.. ij , a L -an l>« fuid --u / Cbai-ccof Time, Monday, April 4, 18o«. IVf TKAIN I.T.AVIS ItllLWAEKEC OFFICE OF TUK NOHTBEaa TuiiaroaT^T m r.,«r»..., Jl,l»aukee, Apr,, 10. Isia | Rates of Freight Reduced Again by ,\cw York A: Krio Kailro.i<i —AN&— I'.rt.-. ,.»r, : r tu-lteu ,i. i.l^ va. IIOUFN of MM I- liis A ml 11%. ., r .;,oa 3:35 P. M.- Pralne Ju Chteo 8.-00 P M . Connect^* irith th- Prairie du Ch.en and St. Paul Packets, leave Prairie dn Chlen on the arrival al the 9:00 P.M. Train. "F "V "P I ? F ^ W W .-,„,,, . r '^^ '»• ^ >> ft 1 ! J _ lurthcr "oiicc tt.e pric.s rn.-iu * J 20 THAI> I.FMVE*. Milwaukee, will U- 19 follow* ed at stores : lo« l.f*ve tiran.l l;^pi,]. L.-«\^ brand H^vcii Arrive ,[ Milwaukee Th-re t jj .^ n^T aii.l c' U .- Ma., way Depot at l, Parti., ,,|..., ,,^ ,. . . . ,'iaii , i, »ppj'icat,.in CLOTH *» Ii;> 1 \ ami i ,-an 1.^ h..l ,[ [^<-^i 5:05 P. W., ArrlrtDR «t JsBvesvllle 8:M P M Madison 1U:U* I'. M, JST~ Par. to all point? on the Mijsts«,|.,,i River a.. low as any other Houte. WILl.UM JKRVIS, api 6 Gen'1 guprrlntrlidenl i . | 1st Class 2J i-las» M t j OAc. 4 i ihlpped bj t. !s f ' the 14tb lust., »|,| oe charjrt.l ic ] i-tn^rt,,-fri ,, T „„(_ Ap ;._ iti ' J H.CKAWFvKk I, X-w Y.,,li A Enr 8, r\i '•* an<l r LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE ^lu*, A^i,!, U7 Bruad .Snip .Jftiljr irota Pirr ^ 1859. RAIJ, ROAJJ. Du»oe Itrert. Ne l>aCro»M a^ , .N V t.aJl H.s \'\i\\, ^, H.M.P Mill; CIRABD FIRE INS. COMPANY, •I2M.7I9 78 Of Philadelphia. CASH A8SCT8 ..... ........ ..... AKKANOKMKNT. «Ufl » C -.OUTH- WESTERN <J!V1TEO HiTATESt HAIL A EXPRESS .4A'/» O.VZX ^/,y, HAIL ROL'TE. T(J> LA CKOSSK OB cue I;PPI:H nisMissippi RIVER, On and after Monday, April J5(>i Two Through Exprea Trains Daily, I.EAVK MILAVAUKKK. ' DEPOT A .Ilil. K;.ilro;««i. j iSBKOTHKKS J. W. I/Vain. , HO. «, MABTiN BLOCK. 0P 8TAIK& ifnwaafcee. .vm.T T ti^^Y,s3.oojjg IN J, at low rate*. StBIOKLANO A CO. Stereoftcopic ''JZSZ-J***!^ ""Wtarwewnieoplc Ttewa emhracin»vJ.wi of interesting localities in . SPAIN, NUBIA, Bargains in Drj «inodi THAI IVMENBE OTOOK Ot X> r y CS- o o cl A. ;tfl. and 19:4*3 P. n. Traio arrive al Milwaukee at 9:30 A. M. AND iJ:3O t'. M Close connections an made^t LaCroue. Twice daily each *ay with the Min. nesotn I'uckct Coruii(in>'» Ntw nnil Splendid (.oiled Stitles Mafl Line of Steamers to & from Si. PHU! and intermediate poml*. t3f~ Pasaengert, by taking this route, will ,,ve loo miles In distance and 18 boors time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to La Crosse or St. P»ul, over any other roote. •Mondays excepted. tSnndays excepted. Milwaukee, April S4.I8S9. EUUJM H. UOODRICII, ^P* 84 ^^^ Manager. T T for the .-aJlcctiun sjjd iH.v.-,-, r'^' companr, beg to inform ^err.l,»i.u .,,.1 omte (So. i WUcous.n sUeet.) u^ne.1 April, where or-lers can b« left, au.l will , attention- Our authorized coll«ctur» «.l. n.^-i, at the warehouses ofiblp),ei>. lrri.,nnai.,.n respjctini: F-rel?hl Uanjportition c.c ttiu U,,, can o- h».| i>y ai,- p Icallon at t!,e office of Mr. A 1 ,iX «', A . n. FARE RKIHJ<;fc;i>. BY THK NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! T U/K Pare l-elween Dunkirk anj X,w Voik l.r -h- New V<.rk A trie lUilroad, *i I be JI.6.1 am.i mr- tner uotice. "I" 1 " J U. CRAWFORD, Agent. NOTICK. BISHOP * CO , UoRQAIitaS i 10. ,,tllu_ A CBiriG,, K. R., ' j. Jlllwaokee. April -,, 1459. • j O N and after April 9th, Ie49, and until further no- lice, no person 5s autrior.ze.1 10 mak. purchases, . or c. ntract for materials for Ifie Milwaukee and Clilci- RO H.Hroad wHhoul > wntien order from the undersigned. Bills .ill be paid roonthlT and accoun-s will not be continued with any concern thai neglects to render monthly bills. O. B. HALL, Oen'l Agt. llortir«gees aprlg J.T. MOOOr, Master of Transportat.on. All'.AN -. lii.i u h »..ui.| »L I «•![ OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY GOODS AND YANKEE NOTIONS SADDLERY HARDWARE 1 ( i r. ! Cloth-. OPFICK of BISHOP A- CO , Is PC Ho. 187 E; fet Water Street, MOST HE CLOanj SOOT . .' •1? OHOTOE!! B5f, a*ME AS&IGNliiE, r •,•- • - _«>_ •.... - r , r :L . <-rf4U Bargains maj be £ip.etetf. ' Assignee.' CHANGE OF TJ1VLE O N and after Monday, April 4.U,, trains on tbe Milwaukee, Wmuritwn * Baraboo Valley Railroad, «,.. .. raoo aey airoa, Mil amr* In Milwaukee at 11;3S A. M., and depart at arpg-lttf H.B. MKRR1LU Haft. t7WI»iE»; STATES 2HAHSIIAL'S 1859 HEW AND FAVOfilTfi KOUTB EAST A !> OK fill- \VIiST, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.) j AID 9u>Vt Lovt-Prettvre fir,t-Ctau Steamen, ''City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," : ftimrongblylrefltted far thli ronle.) O N AK1) ^f™ "Omul-. Jun. 6th, IK*, Pas, senger trains.wlHrooa* follows: : OOINQ WEST: Night 1859. THE «i\ORTHEKi\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, daring ih« present Season, run lhelr we y •tnovn aod papalar Line of First Class Screw Steamers, Begnlarly, between OtiDKNSBUKOH & OSWEOO, AMD THK C'PPEH LAKES I Forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdensburgi and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and Intermediate I orts, connecting at Ogdensbnrgh with the OGDENSBCBGH A VEBMONT CENTBal, BAILBOAD ROUTE, Between Ogdensburgh, Burlington, Concord Manchester, Bashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, aad at Oswego with the New Oswego Line of Thirty^First (Bass Oanal Boats on tbe Enlarged Canal, -,...„,, JAlbaivv Jt !V e iv Vorb. L uonnecting also at Dunkirk with NEW rO££ AXI) ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Dlilnrankee & Cbieago. _•—' Merchaodlse marked »»S(. T. CO. F V PKESS," wOl be forwarded from New York by an Bscprea Bright Train over Vie Sew Yorl o« Srie ' Railroad, Anil promptly forwarded from DunklrkJ Al- > r>L'^ TO J. Mgias, Agent N. T. Oo.,177 Broadway, New York, 3£. WAJurea, Agent N. T. Co., 8 CoBntle. Slip, N«» CHiS. 8. TAM-AS, corner «th aad Ohtsout St., Pblls. Hovar A CaAWroao, Oswepo N. y. ' 8. ». OAWWfix, Agent, Dunkirk, J*. t. CH.MSUUJB, OaAwroao * Oo . Ciereland, 0., , JOH» Hottmq, Agent N. T. Co., 94 State si. Boston A.CnsBMi«.,A»ent V. 0. Line, 109 state »t.,.Boston, i, Agent, Homo's Point, N. Y. , . AlsoahUferarletjof new American viem BTK1CKLAND * CO., Bookseller! and Stationers, •'- -• Iff Sun Water «uwt nr, ... . lril!t Court, District WicUiropO. Lord ana . fWtocbiutB.v Settnellord. J InlBittlty. . «lnth 4ay .of 'aj abore entmtdcanse, I shall .elf at PubUc ftate. Uar.hH 1 Hall. 'Ml i tap. Bridge, depsn trrSO :,..... . 'Detroit, depart. *0sw«go« arrive..;... j.... ' : : S». John*,, arrive Who we anthorl»e<I*)*foel»e' AdTenllMrtnu for this a» well ai an orthesao.t ta««emtal'and IT-—• '-• — tattsjg papers lareaglunt^wentlr* Horth- (rranB kaplds, arr.... .i 8:10 •lirand Haven, an. ...'.... &00 eioiisfo EAST: Th« s*aTmerslrtan A TroitOon Milwaukee,depart....'.... Oitrait&n,Mtj Jnknat***iv* % . 'J - """"*««. Wit, ofllce UOrosse ' * ^S XSS"^?r ;|WW * wKjiw •<!««•,r«att4An. ^^^S^^^^SS^ •wi«.'laris«".ii,*"-*'« T: *r ;in#.^k>.(» .Jlshiar ««._• *lll-.^_*. iT?^L'*"r , Grand Kapld«, arr B. R. Depot. _ .: < Agents belbwmakliigeontracto eoownb.d ( »o anoh »bereof «*aay be ne. ^-»w w^ai^ n [• .IS^SIAJSSSMSSBTISSI .-.rn^jsrv. • ••»<*> :*»«tfii»^v* .fW^M cesoary UTiiae th« amoaot of aald judgment aad eoata, tocwberwithtba^xpenM* jaf *ai*,a Jaefreshments— Bdtellln Deijot at Grand HaVedi irU, » u i learo on Sundays. -'•»."• ^TT* -^^ * ^Q*^'~^'~~^^;w^ .^ Eorner<rf«aid .weat half oftheaomh . Trains leaye termini «iany, Sundays CTceptod •1 HE ICrKNUINE- ARTIOI.K '"' s^ami»Biaft»^'liM»««Mii5^fcifeSi:S%V;'S ,«- j-si-.-a.ij.fe'f:.;:.; ^^»l5TB:<i frrf-aW DOlttts H .,!, B N , (o inanafactare the abvoe ^^^<as^**^*«^w« . TbePhalen Boot Is one of the most nnlqm and e'e- - -• •"• M-.WM.**vu» u wBQut.uie'iaonaaiqaflaad ee- i g*at coTerlRM, for the feet that has erer been Inrented. Th«y are made of (he best of itdok and most flalsiwd workmsnihW,- and are warrurtJd to cure Conn, Bun- TopJ,BweUe<?Pee«, s S»eUed lleadj Bhuma«sBi, eoot Sr^rS^c^5^i>e.^4.^.^et ^ ' *oo> IntaltOlty, 1* to be fount at 73 last Water si we ' be foand a f enerW assortment of fiS^m^^ '4Vs-«Tiii":-J' 1 ^ ; s ; -V:-:- i-:-j-i-v - -'V - t«HHPHALi5c Excarslous, iifdeMor for He m<s tlM.TehWe*on Ihb WefcareU^forsaTe ISK^SS*^*™***? *« of MMOO strait. H. 4 oil' N < • •u mi. IN', 3OO Saddles, "II K H I Jon r, Cl lred f f»wtun», ihe i.llrreu 1 HI •>( than. I ••orkiuansh.i, lt - 'P^ial att-ni .,„ !•• ruc-s » >M,,\4 •VH', , ( N | , t- BRIJTHKR.-. S^WI,,u| tl ..j. KAI.,1. {.>b laod. DVKK A 10. I38EAS-," \VATEIt STIIEET, SS, * and W 00LD respectfully announce to tl.cjr .,/,! .ust,,a, I ers, tbat they still continue to keep it,e Urjesi and best selected Stock of Goods m iheir line 10 n. fotfnd In the State, and will conduct their business u leretofore, with the Intention af giving iatisfacuon - ro as many new customers u may reel inclined to <iv- 15 a nail, »e would sav one of our firm resides ,n Ne» Vork, and we have faculties for U>« purchase and man. ufacture of foods that can not be excelled W e »re ai all times ready to take advantage of Eastern Hariets and have been enabled to reduce the price of man? kinds of goods, which we -nail continue to lei, at the lowest prices In Western V rkets. We are constantly receiving tdd'tions to our itock and will keep It so complete as to b c Able at all time. to flM -r.'rr, f or lny klnd uf gaddlen', Carriage Trim •' " • - Makers'Slock, and will Jo so m « manner 10 gjve ..usfactlon In respect to qusjity an.l prices We also keep an assortment of Bent Stuff, Poles, Shafts Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, *c., ic., and hare constantly oc hand, or will ma.e toirder, any »i n ,i ,,f Oo«c-h Car rtage. Wagon or Team Harness. Call and see for yourselves. 00 Jota CUKNITR K fSTV!L\.M •„., .. , :e,v?.i :.., :n< . ,,. » in. nti ,., j, p( :ha. •„. K , 0 •, ,-., .s ihe sr-,-1,,,,] .,, • r »*: ^•^ .• W Al! &('. W REMOVAL E V P . B A Y L das removed to bis old lUnd, N0.| ISG EAST Iw-ATEH i-STREET, ( \,(Oppontt J. K. Bonetteel't Dry Good* Store, i And having made such additions to his facilities for executing V I N K if O K THAI T S ! As to enab e him to say to the public with confidence that he is no» prepared to furnish them with every il.- Arable style of Picture kaown to the community, and at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition for example, Daguerrotypes tor 124 Ct*. Ft I.I, SIZE PUOTOttltAPHM For only $1,00 the first one, and 50c (or the Duplicates SBELAI.NEOTVPES, A.1IUKO<iH.41»Ii<s At d In fact every other style of rictnre, at corres- . ponding low prices. littPERIAf, PHOTOGItA PUS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In the highest style of the Art4 THE STEEI.OTYPK, A new aad popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil, Which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty ol finish,any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be <een to he admired. ' All who are desirous of taring money AM respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand, .to. 18« Siut Water itreet, JfUwauJtte, Witconrtn. marl3-d«m W. P. BATLKT, .1 BI;\B;DI< T ^T E Hats, Caps and silraw (,oo<l,s, AT WH-.LESALK AND HKT.UL. KAST VV MIl.W.krKKK. ATLANTIC CABLE s. i K FALL — AND— SATUKIJAY HAT* 141 Ai:<M\ST 1ST O . 1 8 o E i"' Water * Ire el B, THRUOP W. B. <»ri>gory dt to., COMMISSION MKKCHANTS !SO. >«« Wt;vr Personnl atlentloo m^ ami all kinds ,,f Pro.lueJ. of floor lectl Nteurn to the Principal Towns in 13EL £3 Xa \A* KT 3D . " » i r-.—— ,«. _..__..»_, uwvviss, ij.urea, acftulJ^ir RQ ENQLANTl AWn fifrrTT AWTi PATJ (ton I prw » u Dwellings, Railroad Cars,Ac., 4c. A trial anutionit AAAl DViVll>AVnJ) <OB »30. prove Its superiority over ill PortablB Lights on ' nn._ «.____._*_• T^^ 1 .HA. . . . « . I nstA Tt Its! Iinltb'ia-Bll n *k.._T i . «ais»o uu P ATKMT ftias Laiup. | f|1UK public [« now favored with th» BK8T HA»FOT A and most ICOWOSUCAL U&HT ever ^roducwf equal If not superior to the best Coal Gas, ,, .'' adapted to Churches, llotels, Stores, Headusn Bo -rn. Private Dwellings, Railroad Car,, Ac., Ac^ Ttrfa, ™J «t-nw^ II m «nndS>lr>s>lt n „.. _n n . . . ! »*'»! Will The powerful iron Steamships CIT? OF BALTIMORE, CITT OF WASHINGTON. ;> KAN0ABOO, Will s«Jl from New fork for Cork direct ami thtoce use. It Is unlike all otber Lamps, be ~ ' " free from *r safe easily manaijej, I sion. Apply at . The CITT OfMANUaESTEK an>l71QO will sad from BLXPAST and COttS to Sow York once a Month. .; • Bate of Passage from New Tork i To Cork, Liverpool aad the principal towns In -: ; , IRELAND, ESOI^ND A»B SCOTLAND: Oabln,....t?5.... Third Clan....180. •'JUw** Passengers forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Bri men and Hamburg for ^5 la Cabin, $35 Third Class. ~~ i1 S& 7AA18 Oft S«ao«rs^ •'• tnv* t,WerpoeL)Oabln 185* Thirl Class,*3S. . ; '.", . • Persona wishing to sand for their »rcu Certincates of passage from CO&K or D NSW T01K for |3», from UVIBPOOLIK). •-)rpass«jreappiy toB.J. ClortUAUo., 117 Broad-' ,K. T.,Jbhit8.!r " JOHN SOODJLOi'3, 33 Wisconsin street, to B. w. PAKNUM agent for the State of Wisconsin decs J o ii a I It a u € r o ii c b UNUKKTAKKK SI.,Oppo«»to A r OB large assortmen r Wood Coffins, to- obtalnl he platiTf Ihe rap&ny ii I hlMiyRrorerlos is at , aurwanicae, wuconslna-. I __., K. B.-Pasiengei» by titb Line avoid the riak aad I M* welayofcallioiatKaWaxamJBt.Johng. - mavSS ] JJOL *»$& for sale

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