The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 12
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HI'S tjl AKTKHHACK Jerry t'niwforil UOi is brought lo his knee'* cy an applied strangulation tackle by Kire eater Imetvirker 1 truer I'ajj'* <>f Anjtlrloti One ui Pace's teammates • center * hollers (or blood frurti the sideline Inn hi* lung rxceros* was to no avail as the "Smokies" sti>p|Mil the Fire eaters .'ft » in Ibvtr t>t>> chant) football i;ame Srnokie ntwmii: twtrk Kamtv Sjirtoin ritfht phutc peril i|« I^UHH: .sufforttl one ol Panes thrivtt Uu-kles, K>if/les some luiuid n(n vhnient -A hi It- *r •'. "j '?-,=; Kvtrhetl K-lweefi J;n tlnflin >'/<Ji iind Ifnwat'l M*. the Marine (.'»t\t\ Miinix- pi-tii.xuif! (iiinfr uJ! 'AS!) IDII prtt'f tn tl'f t-'JKir W 11 tl lllV ' wh-'fh «iil !n 4 uir I'm prtttir.iiti NitH" Hf.ifiirt.i ( >«it!t\ law cnfurvftn-nt a£ Jfs Uw- o-.i! -Ail'jfft I tft -..Li-. a hit?'- !i'-«Al.--»-f '•( !"»i !ti'' Jin »he ,%!jr !!•»•« -'tj'i i <•-,?. (irf •»7«. in »«•»»• f rjrf «-i*-! i '!t"-!'.-•< H'- UI767I'N -- Early Ameriran lull console with dr> sink lop. C~onceal«i i:asti-ri 25" Zvnilh 100 percent Solid-Stale Chronuicvtor II Knerto saving Titan 'J00\' Chassis «uh Pa«ent»»d POWIT Sttitry Voltage Regulating System Brilliant fhroniacolor Picture Tube. New Solid State Klnrtronic Tuning SyMi-m One-Knob VHf" and UHK Channel Selection ("tin)iv,atn- One button Tuning Automatic Kme-tunins I'omrol Exporterettes sweep pair from Wharton The tUdfosport K\ portert'ttes tixnk a tiJj (tefi.sioii (r»ni Wharton m area b.iskrtbnll action 1'rttir lo ih* the leading Mrorer for Briuosjxirt wish 18 (x»nts Also contributing to th^- Kxporterrtlrs' offcn.»tve pcrfonn;Hh.-t; 'Arrt- Krt.^ta Malttistrom with nine {Minis, liitylyn TixM >*i!h etxht drsd Sandra Wcttnx with .v«:vcn K\(n>fterrtt«r cudch Jack Male also cited fluid Wilson, J«rwufvr ltot*rti iiml Tiinimy iljwtrv for pUy m the tram funth ({ntfVr*. 11 2*3 |U'tt> Whitt* •*<»» lea(lni|{ ticorer HfJZi.wpr.ift w-.ih !3 J 'or Arl«?n«: Whit*. cttrd (or thi-ir pli.) Hve Kt s«r«' action M»x;'.U> when th«?j ir^'- Djnbury (or j to Grant Teaff. •i't.'jit!i!unlfr»n: I',J>!>- 5! '>' rank*. ,i.j at'«rslet! by hit t" YOUR CHOICE $ni rt95 THE MALAGA full itrt-akfrunt I/JM- C»)iw.-e.iltfl r.i^d-ft '.tV' id.rj^ou.ii for.ilh iiMipertenl .Vjlul State ("hrimiactilur II Knerg> i iv:^ 7i!,m .W)V Ch.issi,-, »i!ti i'iilt'nled I'D-AIT S* Voll.i^r ItiX'.ilatUiji Sysltrsri Itrillunt Ctinmiacotor I'u'turi- Tutrf- Ne'A ,Viln! .State Kl't'trirfiu' Tuning SvMcrn unc Knob VliK ami I UK l.lianni-1 Soletlion Chrmr,a!ic i>ni' tAilu*! Tuning Aulun.atK l-'liii: tuiitn^ ''ooirol THE PANORAMA I (iltfieX. l'ni(jue Ultranuxli/rri styled full-lo-the-floor console. The curvilinear front with its Silver color-surface cpntra&u dramatical]) with the simulated Rosewood top and ends Brilliant Crirodiaeolor Picture Tube. New Solid-state Kltttronic Tuning System. Chromatic One-button Tuning Automatic Fine-tuning Control Two 6" Oval Speakers of the -South MjtuU in th-i- |yn MliH-Ura;. U! Star tJanir .i;"d iw.iil tiwch of the W i">( sJ(U,l'i in thr !7?.i A)! Aiii'-r; (iariie liran? Teaff *,ii th*youngest ci)II<-|(e h«'4(S c«ach in tJ«- country .1! hss alma mater. Mc.Morr;. lVtllej<f Taking mi't a team thai h.i'i t*.i-<\ ,i! '('.«• (x)ttoni of ihr small!-->!'' ranks, Teaff p>.-.!r^l thri-v -strong ^Mvoiis b»-!i,ro :!H- school i!ro|>j»tl wlioSar ships A li-sser per*un •.voulil h.i 1 . «• jump* 1 *! th«ship, but Tt-aff f'-U an obligation !'> ibe youn^slrr-i he had recruited ,in«J ita>i-<l threv morp M-avivt until bf wa.s able to gc! a wliniarship I r;r.«-r;,!> 11 4 't«"r*5t) It f'>-<A grv.i! '.r.n in Ifx- [i.t>ior the '-rii) KAWASAKI PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE III 16 KIW1SIXI BIKES MUST £0! (Virt M top ,i!ti Hi' p{ junior &4-100CC HUNTER SPECIiL, DUAL IRJM6E TRANS. WAS '723« MOW 564 00 "i'>;«- •*.»s ,1!! \!i »"»<•. ( !• r r n c <• ! i r. «• b ,t i' * r r •jf((tiiiv«-«t .1! Mr Murry I'l'^s ^nulnation in F11 - 2SOCC OH/OFF ROW SftA - £ WAS '1153 MOW 897 KJM25MOTO CROSS WINNER ;-*,, WAS '974 NOW lOl at Tom S ! 1 ubl«<ck fiijth tn In I'J'JJ he u.'i't an«)t(HT chvillfn^e. !o An^clo >'aie l'ni\ersi!y where the footbail proijr.Hii «.!•. at to'* eM> He had n.fiMi'utue f. < MM sj nis, '.livti moved lo a 7 i, irtflutlin^ a vnn over National NAIA champion Texas AAI -*hen the tlaylur opportunity pri-sente*! il-ieU, and he nioved to W aco for another rebuilding ihore Teaff is one of the nation's most sought after sfM'akers. traveling lioin cwist In ccjasl to share bin Christian te?.tiiiion\ ami love for Baylor I'niversily in highly -motivating speeches to the youth of the land and at the nation's (op football clinics 'A here he explain.s X's and O's In fellow coaches 'Hiis year he has lM.*en featured all HARDWARE 89* FREE 100 FT. Extention Cord l(c|ilarcniriit MuiinflUinml l.itif iu l t» in 'i jlrti.i in.itiT an ,ts4iist.ii:! fijuUvill I'vmch .tral head ;r.ii k n».t< n Traff n rtuirrM-il to former Trx.i>i Oeh I'llllllpH of I'laifltte-A Ihf couple has three daughters, r.iintii) l«. Tracy H ,m«l Liyr.i- « Na'.nmal (Vwich of th<Year. All Star roach or KT 280 TRAIL BIKE «*..n*i WAS '1281 MOW S 995 M | |63 - 100CC FUN BIKE lmt . Mn \ WAS'59S NQW > 499 00 | I HZ - 750CC TRI STAR IROAH BIKE WAS '2073 NOW Io4b ijet Itse job ilnne At Jim Tniikle of tfw r'»rt Worth Star -Tflegr am lyp<-«l ' H,isically Tcaff s succi"s.s at iiavlor iii;»> '* attrilxilol to a couple of vttirdv He c«iri-s " MANY MORE MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM - ICHESTER SCOTT CHEVROLET-QIDSMOBIIE-UWASAKI ANfiLETON 265-8702 OR MI44C1 23 SOUTH GUtf BIVP. FREEPORT 233-1545 WUDIATIR Wetd» ViMth liotn tviKcs, rt^ki, diichw, culvi-rti, InrfJi-l*, budie*. |nmr», eti , in jcmnJa. 248 PUflUlw Or, LAKE lACiSON GRAND OPENING SALE 50-D - A MfW KIND Of STORI SAVE 50% ON EViRY ONE OF THE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS IN STOCK XMAS DECORATIONS "" •»•»• »"»» vi in» nrvv««nw« vr uir TOYS'GIFTS 50% DISCOUNT GIT A BIG <«iiii' in, Imik jriiu/id. i'</iii|i»ri'. )««j II Iw »urpri»<-<)' KVKH\ l'HIN(i iiirrii'ii a j*j |*rti j nt 'liMi.unl oil iiic ri'tail prici-, not just a («•* :lem» A Ijrge u-U'tlion nt quiilily g<xxls (nuintlj from (I lid Iu $l5W>i and a VJ [XT u-nt (li.wnufit mi KVKKV ilvtn in slwk' YOUR NEW 50 D STORE IS LOCATED AT: 809 Gulf Blvd., Freeport BUY WHOUSALE AND SAVfi

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