Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 11
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 11
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UECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, QCTO n ER 15, DECATUR HERALD t l J te or Throat Irritation May Cause Deafness Ihis Ailntnit Mav Be Caused Rv Tcclh, Ton- sits, Df roc live Bones CLOTHES FOR TOWN WEAR FORMAL it«i( i n i l K l i l i i d l ,,,,,,! · S Laxativt IOMO- NINE f ntl'-i why i me hlilr Ki t l l t l t f t l i w a 1' n«l ( I t . - '' "til. mi hrni" f"'i.' c f ' t a l r t lorrrtsi J 1!|t ( ,||jM b nil I'll lti« ' it'i'MvUiR ,,,, |,( the » tile ( l u t f i i which Lu Itic prc-'ii 1 "' l)l t h l ' lvl1 aK" lni " H fiom i '«· m i i ' l i l i 1 l l l u l ''.if all r n m i.. lulu iln tnr.ulh i-i int'ic und t i u , ,mall uhi- line "In- « -i w l i l f l i tnnk" 11 |itii-«in* HKnlfl*i tho intlMf ,! thf (ii'ii" pers rl f in I iiny j F. HICKt f. Indtaiu started taking (ham's Vegctnblt could hardly do k, I was so ncrv: from Chnngc of 1 to lie down very \ about the Vcgc- Hind through a wni left at my c all the house- ?amily of foiff and : on my feet. 1 have bottles arid 1 hnve :ngth and flesh."-- ··on ft'ii ( i ' . K l l ) v ..... wiuil ftnv * f «""" " I"" 1 "'- « l i n " ll n l l c tuli( i'iiriyln« n l c up to (·: tlmm A n v Inflninrtuilltth, u t l i HHI h tn nilcnnltt*. tonttlh jji, [in,| in ilir m n t r dorr iiol C'l 'i»'"Hh nrt Itic ili i i i l l i l w t'l U'lih ihn t r i l m i l o n linn of lln- linliu: "f l;i W,ill* mii^ «' I H ' l l v . "-und ;IIIHI-III i i l r tso lilc of thn d r u m nit to C(nmt*i · lit-tid.. o( i l i u m 01 1 n flam in (i- 1 "" l ' 1 ' 1 " lllh(1 i-tiCH" l O K U l h e up VHJJHM- t nrall- t»('»fln*«« TIM inmi'.til uf tii It l u l l ill Idi i n I u- FUiiunu len I'V irtedlml or iiinilrsil ·i«iliiicni i» r.\ Ihe »"' if I"* 1 Hi Mi? i 'It mi' M* 1 ' 1 * ihrcc Mil. t»'." lo tin' ni fttrvln I In- wiurKln tn the It l ilit" ivjt iir ditifni-i" a H/tcii ( iircd Infii-tiil Tci'lli iii 1 fit (·»· .1 of (tie Ijrntn. I Unit lii bfirl Clothe* designed for'-town wr-ar hnvc become; mori formal, declare* Luc i en belong, famous Paris drcflsnwkcr IVo coats from his Col* iection illastrftti! the point. At the lefl tu sketched n cent of myrtle velvet do lame trimmed with gray antrnkhan; right, a brown trondcioth wrodd trimmed with fox. SKKK DRAMA IN GIVING LOVELY, LESS USEFUL GIFTS M- lit rml mm " MIS w n t l iiild mn.f tt)« llttlft hOni'dj on on* 1 h(»olhi.T! OW woitiin Jo Jim- in srivH 1 , |u . ,,,,,,,,,,, vroinnn wnulrt ft dr( i'u-1 of ure T r t q u e n l dt-rwuit I V K I V Um-ly hut nu ajiiiLtly i i',)r i of In-tibli 1 will* the t l i i i m anil W f i n 1 ^| )u n «fk(l «ud htivi- hn dltml ini-M- lltll" l)d[li " Thi .1 (onllHoti' '(in I'ltni t|pll*iil T - i H'TUC eXl *'fit liV (Hfl 4|kfl I Fit I Utlu-r Type* til nfiitniHin fciui'b 1 IV)"' of deiiftiesa due niwi I m i n ("(intuition I-' MOinellrni" 1 Klin i rtti t i m l (rl unfit! n W h ' - t u tlic i i e i i e conihn i of i starling point date of sale- ' i n M - H i i n huv hci " dainty bit " " ' i i u i l e i w i - n r 'veiv lowly but not en- ul l u t l v whin she n t - t r l e d ) i h t u i t i i Imiti ItiKt- t h e miiriev tirid liirt Ihi-om Ivt'-s ejttit-lly wlial Un-v n#i ill-it WheM-UH "' the nvi'inf,'!' (nan would mm'li pie- M itie Ifttti r ' o u i ii' l i i i h l k M it la j m i l l y bwause most In tln-iti txnd they Insline- tti'elv wi-k. the ihiimu and cxcito- nu-iit of t[ifl ttlvuiK arid (fiff iifwiv- Hut it It iiliu Vji'vnuHR wumen t l i i i i k In t e r m " of bityliifc' Hnvlnjr it n a i f , of thi-lr inttlur In llfi, nn'l ·A-hcri lln-y w I h l i i K M . o'en If tll(1 iton't w u i t l ihi-ni fn thPiii'ie^p.-). they lonj, to buv i h t n i foi jth«ii TlilnkH l.iK'k MKi- l'no|tle -\ iionr i t l c n d nt mine, wtio ' e utK! "f unusually irin ·t puioloniitn love for h c i t n t l f i t l itn nxeoHi-ivclr K'n'i o t l i l oli t l u i i h n n onlv onti major qi the very l i t u i t f d iiicnu" hiirnpHifil her till her life itmtc, thai "1 look ltk« IIS If , she .o irmuy Ihlngt Hint , |.i iijilt- I m fonti of arid K SPOIIIB^ kiii-s I h c i u and t." t o nit- u'tenM:,-, "That would tnv Idea of a fd-nvorr on Mirth, l o , he dbln Lo buy tiling thai loom-it l i k e ricotjte and ·"'"(! them Ln i h e m ' Mont (.imlcntBd W«ra«i t nfloii t t i l i i K a Kl« """I 1 profitle- IK must be one of the moat -on hinted women in the world BwntMe hits Hid furi of buying nil the nml rhoutrh ah* Hit I 1 . A 11 PAST i.'pri'iil with Top Mlllt H l l M C l M i l K Hni-ou I'ot (--(* Ot f ll 'IFl h l l N C I I f X l N J d i t i I Hcnn (.'iu'eioii 1 A|i]ili Wholf IVIicftt K/usIn Flicml I'ookli f D I N N K K ('li(i|« H.iki(l Sl]U!L^.ll ' I ^ O I U H l l O u i i i U P u n d K : I I M I I ''(i ^"(JITI 41- i nd r^N^di ' \ilti -u]i SIIKILI Tout tatjli spooriH ^ n n O ( . l^o I-J^SH one riij lii 001- ImlC i-ii[) illct-d l a n i l l c d oi IM't'L. onr- i;m(cil outnj;e und, two tui'l n u n 1m If I'liv 1 ) c l o u r , one 1ml t li'.iajjouu aoilu, two und one half li'tiiiiiuoni baking powdi r, )iilte nf one ortin^o and mioiu^ti milk to tnntu' firii 1 cup Cictijn hugav und iLi.itjjiu lni' Add vw,- unit bent '.lull v.'Kh ti Kiln i ' l^'UtiT. Adit tilt) riiiviiiinn. Hit ul^lna und iminKi' will* It h»i Iw-ui lorced ^li a f (tud Plioppui (remov- sw t.ilileHjJoorm tf etii h f r u i t u'icil In tlii Icitiitf Sift f l o u r nodfi ami buhinff powder nlLeinatr Iv w i t h tho liquid, hPtilinK wi'll aTlci parh wdditlon |{ake In r\n nbluntf |an in a niod^ t-inti* ov( h n J JTi In ^U mlrjUle-i rititl thiou ing t tc hi w i t h Artit OniiiKe and Ruli-ln h-in^ four UibU'SpuoiiH ground f r u l L , one ti'mption intiple I'luvoi Itii', f O l l l tllbltHpODtlH liC|Ul(l, COHtl'i,- llotiti s a i i ^ n i , i midted oran^B iMii-l. Add liquid tlnd flavoitng to K i o u n d fun I tmilk neiim or rolfcu ni 11 j- tic uaoUl J\i)J enough con feel IOIIM-'H mifiiir to nittke of ciin^i.Hl cncy to ipt oinl. Spmud on the tnke \vhu h tinn (OoleJ In IhB pan ftainlsh willi Bundled oranjfe jiei'l Cut In jiqiliirca and serve Child Should Be Taught Work h Good Fun Really The Truly Happy Kid Is the One Who Has Something To Keep Him Busy »y ANOKLO PATKI r believe tfial woilt Is the na)vaUon Q[ tho lace. Work thut one enjoy* Is on IribpirnUon to I he soul Ft one h allowed to f o i m lh« In 1 '!! of useful -work whrn h* IB little ineie will always be one sort of woik t h a t allows PS- capo from drudgery. It li the chllU biougbt up in Idleness that fiiltn a victim to unloved and unlovely labor Wotk fa a neueilty When w« work well willi ant hands we leuiuate oiu Intelligence and the marc skilful out woik the more wen- live jjowftr om mind stoiea nwBy Work creates power and power lendn Itself to work, ao lountt and intitul the year we go building ouraelvefl tn worthwhile folk IhioURh the w o i k or on i humls and oui nurubt Work U milit W o i k In a liaLU Kcw of uu me boin with tile Instinct Lo luboi We onjoy activity but when We muni IIIDIWW that activity and nmKe It u a t i y us truoufch trdioiiH task that in dtftfreut W« woutit rathor piny. But play, while It is nccessmy foi iitpniui and iiliy.ikul tiealrh. mu»t bti tmluni-ed by woik flm two must go ·together u n t i l thi-y mciy*- When i ihut hanpenti «ne in about an dose I t» heaven BI he «im get on tills ninth i Tefttb (Jhik) to Work Wu muni be Kin teaching uhiklren Iti do uJeUil woik whtft Uniy are v e i y Illllo, Just as, soon UH 11 baby cnn hold n woxhtag ho should be t l i U K t l l u ciu Kg H l i d J-IOm llH'K' till be ht-l|iuil to use fill n can Give Iht I children laskrt In the household Just na soon ttH they aru able to peifotrn them Eacli in to have hia own jc- dponslblllty When one can snV, "M) w o i k " he is feeling hnn^elf t u be nn effeutlvo peisonwlily Thni la B very important Cookies Are Pretty Nice Desserts for Picnics, Especially With fruit OLIVE M. YOUNU Jttiuo* MlUlliln University C OOICUiiS are always ncceplublc /or any occasion, and especially Lot picnics becuuHu they are cuilly uauled und do nut inquire any oxliu an many Con cut tl foe serving. Just now when there aie delicious ]piiva, Jiluma, giapes and tato peachy in ilia niai- ket, no lieasert could be Iteltei than some ansoitcd f r u i t untl cook IPS, anil (hi* would be Juwt d« «ofit) Cot the home dinnei aw lor tho picnic. Our Itallttn frlftuin would add n platfi o/ assorted chposea to cat with the One t«iLwpuou nutines. Drop from UuHpnnn onto a veil oiled ami floutcil baklni; rrheet *nd sprinkle rucli one with panointed sugar. Bake frotti 34 to 'M minutes In H. mode rule oven For vHilutioi) iw« (jojoccd aagr or ihe liny little crindlc-i (hat come for tlecortttjng cuhea onJ :(xUi'. Thi' ructpe may he varied alio by nntll- Ins the li»n)r;f) extrucl nnti Jitilling mine s|itce, ur u half cup of :ind,u f l l l l e vnnllln Dtop cookifiH art* no ninth lusu tiouWs to make and «Hpe«lnHy wlien the wettlhei Is warm thai thr housewife will find cookie making a simple task, ualng drop cookie ieclfnjs. In aeven -eighths eup ithoi len One cup brown One tup while 'J'wo oggs beaien lf r ll One tctiBpoon hoda ili.t Dtlli- hot Wiitci ant! lidded to One cup SOUL erenm Thr»i unit one-h:i)f TUOH (lour Two toaapoon It inon t-xlinrt CHILDREN ARE LITTLE COPIF3 OF ASSOCIATES MVBTl.K MKJfKK MMHKV C Hlr-iDKKN AKii litUi- rt]\tn ot thoae about them, otlen very Hi (.liialo unit i l U t i i i l i l n j f nti|)l«s 'lid thIM who alKkltH ul lirr n;iu(fhl) [ doll ftnd poundn tt with a .Htitk, hti ' shileked n! anil pnildled, Tlioi of ohiUtiun mid their Thr to eggs One-fourth tcaupoon Halt One .ii| sugar One cup flour Two teaspoon H baking powi)«i One puvkaue of dufes cut tn sinsll One cup nut incut* cho|ifiel flou One-half li-aapooti vunllla Beat ORKH and null und odd augur. 81(1 In the fluur and Imhinit ]owdur cm) then udiJ dates and siuls. Spread in u Hhullow pan. well oiled and tliglitly /toiu'tid, und bake In K mod- erale uven for fiom ten to 1i min- iiU-n While ·warm cut in strips Hbout onis Inch, -wlili 1 and roll in powdered aii)i H r tlnsllri) wulnuts, ptoiins or blnek Wjlniil 1 ! tire ull rlellelouc WIFE PRESERVERS um wonderfully alike, i-ven In theli subtle i nil d kins "Oh, mv dear M i Howull.' say 1 ! I h o younjf hopptul with exultRfiai- td hospllullly. "Do tome in 'ind sit down I have only n vfcry plain lutidt this noon but 1 ahull be so happy lu hnvc! you Juln nur- " Of liliC«Nv to lii't siinill biAhei "Put that ploHue book down very Instant m i n u t e . How dJit Louuh my thl* Of course it In not the w o i k that we n i Q iitici at all [t IK valuable but it h nor. all the stoty The effect ot Hie Work on the character ot the hild H wliat WK uie interested In, We must ^Uivi- lo o adJUHl woi k tii at each child is benefited by his t a l k If on u child hat OH lo uook nritl Jovut to aweep. why not' J U 1 anodief lovpa to make a garden and hues to I wiish dish us, -why not'' It b all rlffht to know how to tlo yvorjlhlng about (tie liouue but t h e t e ouftbt to be some luei Patents HM Inclitu'd to wondei oudiblj "Now whi'i't Old thui thlii; In-ill i h u l V " \ni Ihi-y ioiiy add uloud, ·Vcm oughtn't to talk way w your sweet little btotner." Bui their woiideimenl nrtHen onlv tiecuun 1 th^y do not llfiifn to thfciiiai'K en Thi-j ore TOWER HILL HIGH AG CLUB SPONSORS CORN SHOW FRIDAY clul the li'utute t'arriicit ot I' hi! G l f l U f ' I S Of the Ult Hi tlon tii u ihnVinf; of j'Otir new wjvtt will keep it bee (rein dujt on \)v, b i t e , uitii )il. uiollicr'tt aim. (!il». i h i i t U i h IJ.IIVIH tsj'B "Yoij would bite me. youlit »u'" und biles him In ii'tuin If thi bnby init Hi a c e i t H i t - UK 1 " nioxt httliicf do B!K' veils HI Inni ixnd uluph hid) evdi lifiifti't. lu jicithe: case if the batjv l e a r n i n g that ttlappln^ ;tnd biting m e uri'lusljnbl'' wclul i-onduct How inn he i;.'i. t,ucb an iuin if hi: tnotlier (loii! It too 1 ' Hi; ria^ to Ulutover ihtit both nlop p!n^ iiitd bliltiK are simply never not self lionet 011 s iiboul thelt voli-e-i L f ( ) n c (t | S t) |( ,i| )rr \« Inirl anii Biir or woidl nnu do not icull/e bow l h e V | ))t | H(; ,| y l f t t [,,, vvould do mich a ImpiLSs the clilld, Whuti u Illii oettu-j , t | m K stu , r , r f|| Sl ; H t « go n.-in him or Mion crops up the child tilven n pel-. (,,,| t | him on h"i lap u n t i l h* .HWln feel Jmitntlon of (licm wnlch l*j tjoin ^jfj^ conduct confounding and embiiraimlllK 1 Il)morrnn , -j^havdir Mlrrtint PhysU Mother* aic womettiiKii. u n a w « i * r ejiH'oritllHon" thut their hands are rot^h atnl| _-- ;-----.--.~--.~.--.. heavy on the child They j e i k off) rlothea und pull at Khoi'? and Mtock Ings Tney tluinp the child in the l u b de^iilii 1 hi-4 Indignant yellr 1 Tlieu they wonder why uic Llilld K »n tough with othct children iihJ ap jjuicntiy unmovud by a u f l e r l n ^ 'l'iv child act.n ua he haa hecn hli cldeis net It is lm|Kitunt to loch upon o t t i - selvttfl cifticiilly «nd Jiones(.ly iitlmil If we are dpsunble mode]n fur oui children to copy It n m v be liml ti If tbo pai'eti(n and not t h o children who oecd dlii-ipline We lirue a lilDe l«iflel railed IJIL1, - - The of the 'I'uwer Hill t'orniinuilty ^cllool, baft oiganlzeU u local und tiff t i n tied w i t h Uie - ^ l u l u j u d millomil oinani/rxtion Known usj "Dhripllnp foi Pnt''nl» ' wlilch anyj . Ameiica patent mav h.ive for onlv a M^lf-ad-i l\ · · - · · · · , j di bbsed, at impi'u en^ elop anil a r quust for It Head Cold? '" ! ffe/ief in 5 Minutes e miiiulfi ader Kmilt JACK FKUM'en-mi t))u wiiTit p:irt of a )ti*'id void filiojld Ijemvi, hnutj uj nunc. N t w di-iCOMU Pi''nldKnt- GeuJgc Motgan vlll , ,,,,,, them r";,;;,^^ 1 !; Taylorville Woman mori. In tht-l, c r i t n l n l v Ideul f t o m ttw tin- decile t u keep Isn't hiilf so stinnfi with women ai the (toulro t u M i l U l i e Iheni. Tt 1'iir one renlly wnil on H v I n K In ,- .fmplr way and teullv «ave llio one (Uenriied nbiml, T fa-nty nil" hnve about cr much liapplneitu ,,ul of ruoricv na money can ever 1 j I v c rdw-- The Auk -Kiith-Cniniv- on Uny. Marks 99th Birthday TAYfiOl-tVirjiK Mn Susan Harn m , Tayloi\ille'i oldest cltUen, ob- nerved her jijnoty-nfntli buthday on- nlveTaary Tuosduy lri her home, 11 West Pink street She MBS hoin on OU. 14, 18,11. in K r u l u r k v and caniP Iti 'I'culiiivlllf- tn ISli! 1 ! Seirutnty- Wilfred ' I r i a t n t e t - AuK»Ht l^ee. Repoi tet --E'ori ent Miller The T T. A, In sponsonng a tom show P'liJay at V. W. StiuupfH Implement sho)i, pi Izi-'i being dimmed by n if ic ban la and pationa. O) nod Mi'ji Gleen of SpiinKt"!eld, visited ivilli telutlves Sunday. Miss Thetniu Juinea and biff ward Glbbontt ot (IhleaRO weie Tower Hilt vis I to (B Sunday. The TowBr tflll liiade school, au~ pnrvij^d bv .Miss Glaiiya flannllccn, pretirntej a piogium of music and I irielu.tloni. Followed by rx two-act i plav Tuesday ovpnlng. In Ihe ffyTM- L riii^hiiii Some parents never (trow up They con.flanl ly react to »l million 3 an wuukl a chllil If the 1111 nil bnby, who hnn no Idea how shtii p hiu liU)'- ic^lh like in.iRii'. Muv ' 'ii)L-y it tt f;i)l* lo give relict in five minutes. FROST BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON daik ti( ·jiiiajlly lu cloth, Llirht 1IICHING ENDS WHEN KMO TOUCHES SKIN Winil* rful the iindltiti X.enui briiici t' p hi.In wbleh Itches and 1-M-n li, mo 1 1 -d-veie CHSOH, must n» aoon HS l e n i i i t ft ml In- To diiiw out lovtit mil IK Ip U' '-h-dr irwitv nil »l(-niUhi-H, H,' know oC nut li- nn 'i'" tlltl " I'^Mbl' 1 Mi-mo At. v * Ke(-[, |f ( ^ f M n t l v M n t h c t i t l r on I' It f l ( - C l S ' tt 'I Vtllf 0.1 iD( din! Cim All piinteii with while fltrurei am tovcli | M n v he obtHlncd In il/cs 16 \\ 2f ,;t ?K :j« 40. -*2 M'd *·*- isi "' lfl l f "i it.i'lcc'i' S yuiili of 3ll-in(;h n t a l c i i t i l . . vend Ktl.TFKN CENTS (lor-) l n i ..oiiisi fiifctully wrappca, oi suimiH toi eiieh pattern Wrlle pliiln'V yoiir niiiiu- rtddiwH tint) stvle number BK , t R ( . TO STATS SIKK WANT(i! \,ldte^ till mall rmd ordws to Here-' uii Meinlfl Pftttein D c p n i t m f n r Have Your ChrUtmaa Pictures MadeNowf Prices Cut One Third Large Stock of Frame* At Very Low Price* Appointment (Jttn Be Bv Trlephune Wasson Studios Mnhorw nf Quality fhotoj;ri«phi cn K, North rhone sni i round Flnur If yotir tlirlil had a bni) cold last ucelt. don't be content Just because I he child Is no longer heiuklng and sneezinc A old la bud enough, hut a child that tatche^ cold easily and often, needs nttcutton, Ifnlf-Blck, palp, iun-down children do not hftvo Irte strcneth to resist d(sense nnJ thtnw off InfoctJon. The aftoi'-cffecrs of a oolcl can be very seilotiH Stoil now In build up welftht nml slicnKth Father John's Medicine has been proveif for over TS veara ly oount- \rX3 molhcia. It la used regtilailv by over 1S4 institution!) and hospitals. It IK a simple food medicine that supplies the vitamins that every child needs Children thrive on it nrtw.lriKlv Thelt nppcllte iwi- ni'ove^, (heir vcrv food seems to do thetn more ftivoil. Pole chPfld cllsilen will) heillh Little bodlet bpfiinic flronp nml nijrorous. Pflthct John'- Mcdlelne Is n com- hlnttl'iii of simple food eleiYicnlt, nonn of whli'K "niilrl hnim in in- fjint IWrtitw*' f IN wlnjiHfic oom- tilnatlon of Int'redtenl" It brtngf all the benefits of cod liver oil tn the form best suited to a growing child's needs. It li easily ualm- ilated by even Ihe moet delicate t to math. It tastes good and contains no alcohol 01 drugs. If your child had · cold last week, start now with father John's Medicine. Don't take needless chances when thlH simple aid will help build ntrength and vigor, Alt druggists have it. Cough* [runt colds may lc4J to «e- riuus trouble, Ynu fill BIOJI liiem now mlh Ciuomuliinn, tin rmii!:)tic*J that i* plenum to tuke, "Hfilli two-fold action; It loolho «ud faervl* the inftumcd' memiranea md in- lifciu germ growth. Of ill known (iruflj creosote i* tec- Dgnited by bi^li medical author ides M due of At grwcot bcoIiQK »Hi'nci(w for etiitgbi from cold* and Lronctii*] irri It lions. Creomulaion canuin*. tn to creowte, other clement* wlileli (oulhe and he*l th* jnfljrneil membfiirte» ind itop ihe ir- niunun, vtliijo the rrctiHiic too on la ttia vumuch, it «1)willed into iho llloud, ,ill.irU 1)11' nrt of tliti I foil hid ·nil iliixLj ilie ntDitlli uf i)i! Uritui^ Creunniltion in ftuanntreil tatitfnc- lory in the irrmtnrnt of cough* from. «uJ(K brancltitm *ml minor forms of drouthijl irrimtions, and U excdUnt fat fcuiljinjt up the Jtyaltmi nfier cotdt or flu. Money refunded II nnt rt- liewd iftfr uliing iceotding loJIrtc. lion*. A*k jour druggltl, nddiiwa to creoeote, other tidaJicc lton». Aw Tour druggitl, Uov.l CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON r NEW YORK'S NEWEST^ 1000 rooms, balhi end ihowert, ikrvlttori, circulating ie« wof«r RADIO IN EVERY ROOM 3 DAILY Modtm in tfywry r»ip«t and modwota In r«r««i SINGLE $9-00 to $4.00 DOUBLE $*-50'« $6.00 e«nv«n!enr to th«arr«, *hoppli»Q w«J rolU ' road tormina!*. »Y MOULTCH *·!. «·«·»« ' Tit CMttl MM HOTEL V I C T O R I A 7th Ave. at 51st St.- * - New York Shampoo Rcguhuiy mffc Cntlcnra Sam will tcep the *M*| IM · betlihy eumlflfwn and tb* bait thick MM OCTOBER DIAMOND DAYS ARE HERE ThiB week -"October Diamond I«JK" t h t n t i t l m u i Am*rJiM JcwclctB i-viyvthcri- (*huwln({ thi be»t nnnui iwontt of 'n ytnr . . And, In IVTtttur. 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Outstanding velU'C ot SO **JVF "Stylish Five*" and Arch Saver Fives A nw( ro»i)|)l»i« jieiecOon, fn ln)ih wiyl* 1 »ho*i« and m»|)|)ort tvp^ii, Tit" n bftti, vuluu At $5.00 Special Group $5.00 to $7.50 Footveaf $3.95 Smtrt atmrw, pump*, ties, »lc,, la kldir, *u«d«K, brown n, and putcnU, Low fuel *ty!"» stiimbl* tor eM», or hlfh hwlf tut women. An ununual vtlu« it 13.9ft. RAUPP SON 159 North W*tcr St.

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