The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 11
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Williams, Dogs looking forward to trip, game I'lUTM (.lltl.s \\ti I' \e.f. HMHV \HK AIXi \ I'Allf MK IIK.II Thr IHm Jinr^t tlrltrt. .* ! J llrntltfil dw lug f« «• £anir |r»(Ji» lli»-» . wi lt(»<ll Ijf on h»lnl (. \M» s Gronf Tecrff set to speak at Wildcat grid banquet !N- V: *.;..' f.«j'. :.».:r HrjM .?-. !!.,.- ( K,*; '.:,r >.'.< ;;M? ;.: .',!'..'.',j.i .1:1.; » AS j.••;. *>^- J • •.'n.^.TYi'r ^-i .>^.:< .i.'vJ hat! K<jui!'.-s *>/&!'.$ >.i;> ;• J Si-, r/M :. ( i<- iu-.tri (XL kuij Sail ;i ^-.T.Vefi J*"U .U:,:! li.i'iinf;-, -f i?>r •h<-', i:-.,vi<- :i.-t <.i,r Ity TKOIIOIUftKIK WHKM-'V •• It K VKI> wdh a 125-milf marl (rip toadies lik<- lo arc'fntuali* lh« affect a long road trip can ha vi« on sin' MJtcrmip «f a ball game. Nor wi with McAllen's Charlie William* "Wf'rc Rlad (o be playing in Hopfwr Field," said Williams "We're looking forward lo the (rip Hi-ck, *c'v«- KO! vjrne ol' countr>' boy* on our squad that haven't ever been north of Corpus Christ! " WIIJ.IAM.S' TO.SK is much more agreeable than last year at Ihi* lime, when the Ituc* and the Bulldog \*ere prepanng for the regional playoffs at Corpus f.'hristi's Mutrantf r .Stadium "I pjsl iKij*' *e can keep from getting killed." Williams wan 'jUKln-il a* viying, when diwussing the game la*t >car this year, it's different Williams and his charges are no longer wary of playing iirazoswood They're even looking forward to it ••tills Is an entirely different situation." Williams ».ii'l "Saturday'* game ha* nothing vihalsoever to do with last scar's -which Hra//»wxxi won, .77 '!' '! think '*"• played a great football team year. h>- mint lim/'js* wJ has another good ream again this year but il'» a different learn "Ar»d we're a different team, also," he said "I think we'fp much msprmH over last year Our players are ftiw ni.-i'ure .'if*! they've l>wt! playing with a lot of ItiJhU'l.i f.'i ,"H>'i tuMl<- •*» H r II f. trying t, f l to think about last year at all." I*- j,i:<! "Vit- 're lumping at this ;is an alt/aether <!;!!crcnt lull garr.i- ArmJlu-r fra^on Williams feels hid (.-fiances are iinprmM tlii!s year is (ha! rm team ha* U-cn playing its t.«*^! hall liii- pant few w ticks "iS«.- li.r.cfi ! tx-<ti lh.-it coriMMi'fit all year long " he N.i;d V,.- •.<• [/!.r,i*J ui/!l on ore a .siuro and we'^e play«t! t»«i.'i> "••> <« ' ai!'..f',» However I think we've plased reai •*!•)! >.!;<• !;<>! (<"* >L;»rrur> IN \l I.. ttrt-M- ,»rf vwra! rfvisofa for Williams new. !«•.;!,<! '. (.!;(irli-;x«- and <-;;!buvi,i<rn arx.njt hi-. jUjlli'rv < .'.„, .•*.•-!, .,n(i urn- <.«! thi-rr; is ?|.M-lie<rj I) K F K-N-S-K Vi^ :- ri<;! r\piei-!ing the Boos to firx! tlie going .r- c.i? ;. .1- ' (»• i;i«; i.iti.e th«- two tfanis met arx! his n*asrir;:ng ' The linebackers and secondary have combined for one of the most impressive of all the Bulldog statistics in that they have intercepted 17 enemy aerials throughout the scawn. A M><-ret to the Bulldogs' defensive success could lie in their ability to Mop an opponent's drive fast via a turnover Williams said another iff his defense's key assets is its ability to make the big play when it cotint.s f-'AN'S WHO attend Saturday's g;ime will probably sec the McAllen defense at its most enmu'-iiastic. anxious to make amends for last year's game "We've got quite a feu kid* who were in last year's game andean remember it fjiiiie rlearly." said Williams. "They've U>en ready to p!;i;. Hraw* («K! ;ig,-un for the pa si few weeks " VMIl; MIKIt .Mc.U.I.K.N ( an tnily '•• '»»»• Bucs rcrnaiiw to be seen but whatever M: ,-ie it is assured tobi-;< sptn!»f) gam<- -x:tha lot of spin? and pride Ofi Iwth sides Kick off is <(:(>»•<! for ;' p rn. Salur<!ay afternv>n a! llopi^r Field THE BBA70SPO«T F*CTS F«E£PO»T, TEXJiS, THUBSOAY. FWVE.VBE0 !', H'i <.tt \M n:\Kf v tit i - >»>:>;r! lot pd jus! TS points on thv M-aKifi, a meanly a\>-r;ii;<- AT GREAT SAVINGS I IO--IU QM t M*K« ^Ctli l«(. 0* • kKiSSSB^ * AV "«..:, ' >?" i •. A«. v f / % / \ * IN-OASH AM.FM STtREO, 8-TRACK IM-DASH Aftf/FM TfREO, 8-THACIC rf Rvg ft *« TX-JS 4j»-». . TEST 'N TUKE 5-PIECE KIT >.r Kc-J «* |.( 56.66 <lll IlfHI YOOI CNOICI SOCKET SETS 9.96,, TIMING LIGHT OR DWELL TACH Ovx «c.,; !4 A* 10.77,. WOODGRAIKED TRIO GAUGE O,..- «ry ;.' f« 13.53 !>,JJ1'I (ii.,rj» ? 4 !MI (««Hl YOUR CHOICE OF SPEAKERS (1 >(L U ** Your Choice OIL OR AIR FILTER M/ AUTO TACHOHETtK ms I V 1!>V DMVIRfi UUP *-<•«•" Our JJ I KOV1 l.iMiKINfi at tf.K- Buildfrt^s" .slartir.-g raster, it's -i:'.', '.ii ;>v i-r!.!ifi rxactly where all th:s defeniivc rir*i -..-. »pr;t-i:s frorn Tru- Bulldogs art-n't e>cat th \:i','«irvc<- Bulldogs Hi,,.-*. ) wc-.jiriv in .it ,: hefty 150 pourrd>. r*t exactly , ,1! pj;j SK .si spctirnan for a no*eguard So what in go agairo! I'fj -pound center Jiriuny Tubb-- «i 's fV"t I'M- t t>e* > n oulweiglied I IKJ \SII.I.1\MS f ". r t !...T;;t'.K>;J -.if ^.nlhu llx- liulltlo^s df-jM-nd i.>n a .irifS huvtU- lor thi<-ir MK:C(">.V >f .ir<- t.-".ck!f-!< Kcnuro ^.ip.j!.! t- \\iiiiarus !h<- coach's M.-D .-(!,') <-r.ih lire).; I'rnjiM • W.i- arw) Kicky Hat-up, ;MI ( h.\r!;i- liui-rrvr.t if«'i and Bobby I'.-.t.n -yf-, an- [in!i:>-!*.i.•*,(-!> .>r.i.' .in- (-i|ua!l> adi-j,; at proteftinj; apair^t th«- !„-,>> Mikt- fiastor, C'JJ ;irxi .Marshall >.ickcr on r..hort >ar'Jagc T.'- Vi-ia . Hi.i. has iit-i-r. !fin-'iv.K .1 !•>! <-.', ,it:. -ntjinH•f.mitn t ; off tbo tx-fx-h I \l\ll i,\lt(I\ j',;, ,,r,i J T Cray ',;,. .,r. ih.- rf.'-.M'ai ».•• \khiU- ()v»-ar Vela < ;•>.! artd J;>:: .1- Hr.r:t;m.- aw: .».»:• ;--«urHJ U;<- rjn V.;i:,i,':.>;!: Ji:. n.,r, tt.tfr ;>t MH;.-i',,'.'hv »»-.;!<• -<i|v().;r!:ijre ' ITffi 'i'1'i'l'i'rei'i'l'ft'frrri EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFTS! NEW LINE OF PRO-STYLE SKATEBOARDS • FUSTIC • FIBERGUSS • WOOD FROM,,. $1fl95 AND UP wm,» 18 MANY STYLES & COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM WITH CONTINENTAL SUCKS & TRUCKS ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE! 204 DIXIE DRIVE ACROSS FROM KROGER CENTER 297-2342 Area... POLYESTER CORD jRglrj QW n tt f 2 TIRF.S FOR sui. .u. ni.u [ 411* ti/'*iii O'lil ) mi a/io ct»ury WARRANTED AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR €-(« MOUMU- «a nrii nw M-r. H.D. MUFFLER INSTALLED Out iO.St (n»l4ll«d 16.88 Haa.» July S>;<i« lo' nwM U S ca>» Sj.u- Our I 3S 89 Onry 33.88 SUJXK K-60J i> K i^iit i 1 top i-M lhab-«t t>j!te<y. iixvico, $ij:e» lor nx&l U S coij Siinj no*-, Y.332at DIXIE D ('•-i-itinuc'l (t«r.\ I'jte Hi' Johnson tossed a 204 Women'.s high ganu-s and high wru-s wan rolled by Cotton iinlfin with iS 1-203 and S.itvan HuU-rtA with a -S36 J'a'ila SIIKCMU hit a 4St2- 1'W and Marit- Seece wrackcxl up a 183 Till USD AY KAHt.V HIKI): Alibis art- the number one team Kour Knv«tkers were high with 24<o Marline Mitcharn pofttwl a M3 and lionme Oiurch held the 223 high game M AKIN A- (hippies rolled A iJT4 high »cure. Hus,hm.m iit-aleti Uie lanes for a sal and Joan Danish mlled a 1ST game to lie tiwet) /imtnfrle The first place team are the Crawfish tOKKKK. UT: Kroot Loops are leading the league with a total of 36 games. Danish have won 30 games and Awful Waffles are third with 29 wins Dai&ies rolled a high :M24-769 Dani&ti pulled in a 208i-7W. Panda Bar« rang up a 2067 and a 702 Individual highs went to Millie Sanders who drove in a 514 200 and Shirley Muse who tossed a 503 and a 188. Unda Bam also rolled a 188 Ann Beck picked up a 470 and Peggy Danford posted a 203 high game. Buccaneers... U'ontinued from Page lot giiuir-> !.u .1 i J .ivcrage And jK'rhapa an even Iwtler indication ol the Buccaneers' defensive strength un their home court is. the fact that IS of the 5.1 llwpper Field wins were stiutours NIfO H{LP? Owl knew «hwi totura? %TUNi ENT. HOLIDAY SHOE SALE!! , * TENNIS SHOES ;/ * * * GOLF SHOES DECK SHOES NEKS' PflO-KEDS WHITE SPRINTED TENNIS SHOES MOW 12 95 HENS' I BOYS' BLUE UCE-UP DECK SHOES RES. V $^50 IOW ** WOMENS' & HENS CONVERSE SKID GRIP TENNIS SHOES RES. Ml" NOW $C95 HENS' WHITE YACNTMATE PULL-ON DECK SHOES RE& '5 ' H NOW $995 . . TU UltlUSK k HUM - H)MK SKK IKI.KI TIPS \ REMBRANDT LOAFER GOLF SHOES HENS' LEATHER GOLF SHOES 9" 1R IP 95 LADIES' LOAFER GOLF SHOES RIG. »38" 204 DIXIE ACROSS FROM KRMER MENS' SHLIST GOLF SHOES

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