Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on March 19, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V I N , STEELE . JOHNSON, EDITORS AND PROPR! C ronS. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 19, 1898. Boltlngr Our Food. There is undoubtedly a great deal to be said in favor of the opinion that n considerable portion of the illness in this country is caused by tbe unpleasant habit of eating too rapidly. Of course we all know and have "at times n very painful experience of the fact that this is a high pressure age and all is done at express speed, but this surely ought not to he the case with our meals. It is interesting, but not pretty, to watch the business man when he "goes into a restaurant for his luncheon. It is with him looked upon iri the light of a duty and not a pleasure. He must eat, and he feels t h a t he has only a few minutes to devote to the operation, so that he may be ''-back at his office with all possible speed. He attacks his food stivngo- ly, gulps down his beer or wine, and when the last sad rites are over he pays and bolts--iu fact, it is a case of bolting from beginning to end. Every doctor will tell you that peo- ' pie should eat slowly and occupy the time pleasantly with conversation. In this way we shall live longer and enjoy better health and greater ability to cope with the world.--Now York Ledger. The Tipping Nuisance. To "tip" or not to "tip," that is the question, and, like a good many more of the publio, I have bfeii somewhat startled by the announce, ment that the waiter of today is dead against the practice. Itnppear_s that he is more in favor of a regular wage, which would render him free of the caprice or meanness of those upon whom he has to wait, but, as far as can be gathered, this is a view which does not commend itself to the employer because, in the event of his being called upon to pay regular wages, he will be compelled to demand higher prices for his dinners. I suspect that which everway the question is eventually settled it will be the public who will have to pay the piper. Many years ago "attendance" was not charged in the hotel bills, but travelers objected to being laid in wait for on departure by ' waiter, chambermaid,, boots, etc., and the system of making a charge for servants was adopted, with this ,. result that nowadays, one first pays the proprietor for the use of his servants and then tips those expectant individuals themselves. -- London -Truth. ._ Tarleton and Queen Dew. t In St. Nicholas there is an article on "The Court Jesters of England" by Amelia Wofford. The author says: Queen Elizab'oth inherited much of her father's disposition. She was gay, fond of laughter and wit, and, like him, she surrounded herself with jesters. Tarleton was "the bright, particular star" of the number;-Pace, Clod and Chester were the lesser lights. Tarleton was n native of Shrop- . shire, and ono day while tending his father's swine was met by an officer of the Earl of Leicester. The o-ilcer talked with him and was so much pleased withrhis "happy unhappy answers" that he took him into his master's service, and from the Earl of Leicester's household he passed into the queen's court. Elizabeth was a very fond and indulgent mistress. She not only h:id him attend her at dinner, but when she dined abroad she took him to make sure of good eutertain- ' meat, acil "her highest favorites ' would in some cases go to Tarleton before they would go to the queen, - arid he was their usher to prepare .' their advantageous access to her. -In a word, he told the qneen more of her faults than most of her chaplains and cured her melancholy better than all her physicians." Besides being a jester Tarlelon was" also player to the queeu, to which- office he was appointed in - 1583. He had great fame,as an actor and appeared principally in rhyming compositions and jigs composet by himself, which he danced ami sung. We would call him a comedian. It is said that his fun lay moro in the telling than in the words, and - that his mere appearance on the stage with his sqiiint would send the people into shouts of laughter. Birda That Have No Wines. When one is a- child and sees i ' bird, the usual thing told him is "Get a little salt and put it on the , tail of the bird, and you can catch ,' him." Of course the child and the others look at each other and think it a huge joke. 'Although this may be the case in most parts of the earth it is not a joke at Laysan is land. Layean island, Eituated as it is-longitude 171 degrees west, latitude 25 degrees and 47 minutes north--i a low, long island, 2 miles by 2% in width, with the highest altitude 29 feet above the sea. On first approach one sees large flocks of birds, whicl make a black streak in the air, above ' the island. This is surrounded Ir '. reefs. The harbor is on the south west side. Tbe island itself is only a large bank of sand, with a lagoon in the center. This is some tlirei miles in circumference. There are ten buildings upon it, including a -lighthouse. There is also a a mile and a quarter lung, which i used for carrying guano to the ware house. Among the many things of inter , est which may be 'mentioned are first, the birds, of which there ar - millions. Among the sea birds fount there are the goonie (white ace black), thte booby, the man-of-wa hawk, : the tropic bird, tbe petrel five or" six species of the mutton bird, the coylio and other varieties Among the strange things tha .-may be'told of on this little spot ar ·"the larfd;birds, found in no,place on earth eioept on. Laysan island. They 'are \tbe wingless or walking birds eucb. as the Layaan canary, miller ' birdj redbird, love bird and tbe Lay '·Mi dock. " ' - ' ' - = Sliuplo Countryman With Bright Eyes Hypnotized the Duiilor. "Hypnotism is a mystericnis thing hat is now claimed to be used by wixidlers and charlatans in their levilish work as well as by repu- able men of science, but I have often vondered why some shrewd gam- )ler has not turned his attention to lypnotisrn and used it ns a means of nuking easy winnings," said M. O. Burrill of Chicago, whowasdiscuss- ng "ways that are dark and trioks hat are vaiu" wath a party of trav- jling men at the Planters'. "The nearest thing to hypnotism n gambling that I ever saw was five six years ago at Grand Forks, N. ). Quite n commotion was caused by a stranger, dressed in the garb of country merchant, winning at a single sitting §2,300 in Charley Marin's gambling rooms. This stranger n the guiee of a country merchant Iropped into Martin's place and ;azed around at the gamblers. He tppeared to be greatly surprised at he extent of the gambling that was ;oing on. I remember him well. "He was slim, of medium height, BROKE THE BANK. ligh forehead and bald head. He was smooth shaven, with eyes deeply set and which shone with wondrous brightness. He tried his luck at various games, with varying success. Finally he stopped at the roulette table and placed $1 on 17. The little ivory ball spun around a few times and dropped into 38. He did not appear to care about gambling any more and went into the saloon adjoining. Soon the gamblers began to go out for lunch, and he returned :othe wheel, where he sat down and began to play light. The room was ioon cleared of all gamblers except the man at the wheel. The player jlanced into the man's faco, and his eyes fairly glistened as meanwhile lie placed money on different numbers. A few men who had either gambled their money away or were out of luck came in and gathered around the player, seeing that he was beginning to play high. "All noticed that the man at the wheel seemed to bo under some strange influence and appeared to be acting contrary to his desire. He would whirl the little ivory marble, and, regardless of the fact that the player was losing, he would pay the bet in the same ratio as if he had won. The on lookers, of course, had no sympathy with the gambler, and they watched in silence. When the last dollar had been taken from the drawer, the player thrust the money before him into his pocket, never taking his eyes from the wheelman's face, and vanished through the door. That was the last seen of the supposedly country merchant. "The instant the strnnger was out of th'e room the man who manipulated the wheel reached his hands to liis head and shuddered. When he discovered that'the till was empty, be swore that he had been knocked down and robbed, but he was informed by the bystanders, among whom were several well known citizens of the town, that such was not the case. He was told that he had beoii paying oft 1 bets for 20 minutes in a reckless manner and that he had not been robbed, but cheated. " 'I don't know how it was douo! I was hypnotized!' exclaimed the man at the wheel. "He could not he made to believe that he was so careless ns to give up about $2,300 unless he had been put under some magic spell, and many of those present were firm in the belief that the man at the wheel had really been hypnotized. Anyhow the man declared he would thereafter be chary of all men with bright eyes."--St. Louis Globe-Democrat Outdoing Wagner Himself. 1 More than a dozen years ago an eminent English critic, commenting on the signs of that imitation, that plagiarism of the Wagner manner already then evident among coin- posers, pointed out-the danger thai would exist if Wagner's most enthusiastic supporters should attempt --as they certainly have done--to carry his views and theories even farther than he carried them himself. He says: "This warns tis of serious danger--danger that the free course of art may be paralyzed by a soulless mannerism worthy only of the meanest copyist; danger, on the other hand, of a reaction which will be all the more violent and unreasoning in proportion to the amounl of provocation needed to excite it." He remarks further, and with truth: "It would take us a long clay to tire of Wagner, hut we cannot take him at second hand. 'Wagnerism,' nor gods nor men can tolerate."--Reginald de Koveu in Scribner's. 7t LBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNKY-AT-LAW The Lord's Prayer and Druidisiu. A curious proof of how tenaciously paganism held its ground for some generations afte' 1 the majority of the people had become Christians is^found in n Gaelic version of the Lord's Prayer, which up to a very recent period existed in parts of Cork and Kerry. Instead of "Lead \is not into temptation," "NaLeig sinii a udrnoiilheach" was said, meaning "Allow us riot into Druidism."--Freeman'!; Journal. Various Ureeds of GontH. Far the best breeds of goats be long to the east, and it is strange that the crusaders never brough back some of the really first class goats of Palestine and Syria to this country. The difference between the best breeds of sheep and goatfa of Palestine is far less than uiigh be supposed from the wording of the New Testament. Both have peudu lous ears, both are often black ii color, and both follow the shepbertl .in place of being driven. The goatfa of Syria are the best of all. ,The hair is long, with good, close under wool. They are perfectly domesti cated and are excellent milkers. In stead of sending his milk round to customers in a can or cart, the Syri an dairyman leads his obedient flock of goats down the street, and aftei receiving an affirmative answer to the Syriac equivalent for the oall o "Milk, ho!" selects hie goat arid milks it in the street before the ous tomer's door. If the purchaser fan cieu milk from one animal more than another, be has only to mention his preference.--London Spectator. CURE ALL YOUR PAINS WITH Fre^b Groceries. Pain-Killer. A Medicine Chest in Itself. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for ICRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS,! COLDS, RHEUMATISM, i NEURALGIA. f | 25 and 5O cent Bottles. | I B E W A R E OF IMITATIONS. | i BUY ONLY THE GENUINE.| i PERRY DAVIS' I PROFESSIONAL CARDS. Denton, Maryland. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKKTON, MARYLAND. CHARLES E. McSHANE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, IWAUYtAN T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DKNTOX, 7H1. TX7ALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UEKTOK, MARYLAND. OFFICE WITH JAS. Jf. TODD. ESQ. rtSCAR CLARK. Attornoy-ut-IjHW, .· IKNTON, MARYLAND. Collections nnd all professional business romplly nttendod to. T71TILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CKNTREVILI..E, MD AVill practice also in Caroline, Talbot ind Kont county. ICT ALEX. HUTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, 1XENTON, MAKYI,AN1. Will practice is the courts of Caroline ind adjacent counties. rr\ PLINY FISHER, A TTORNE Y-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to m\ core will receive prompt attention. Collection ol claims n specialty. TTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, 1ENTON, MAKYLAND Close attention viill be given to (ill business entrusted to mv care. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box £6. Detjtop, Will sell properly in Caroline or any of tfte adjoining counties. HENRY R. LEWIS. \VILLAHD K. WIST LEWIS WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Tall eland Queen Anne counties. Money to Loan, £30,000 to loan on first mortgage. WILMEK KMOltr, Attorncy-nt-lmw, Baltimore, Mel. Corner J'nvettc nnd Jforth Sts. D». ENOCH GEOHGP. DK. P. R. 1-ISII12K GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. ,1. II. DKWEESE. KKKD 1{. OWKXS DEWEESjfi OWENS, ' DENTON, MD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled tine prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. Will practice in the State and Fcdera Court. "Wjj. H. DKWEESK, State's Attorney foi Caroline county. ' PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, MD. Has had ten years' experience in t h e c i l i c of Wilmington, Philadelphia nnd Nev York, mid is now ready to make contract and guarantees skillful work, fair price; and entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY : DENTISTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MARM.AND "Will practice at Preston on Mondays DentoiJ on Tuesdays; Federalsburg, sec ond and fourth Thursdays; East New Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work-guaranteed. Gas administer ed. DR.ANNAGIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. Specialist in Diseases of Women .only. Private Sanitarium ol high r/reputc. Absolute privacy nftbrd- ' ed. Female Regulative pills 12.03 ___ per box. Advice by mail i603 EAST BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Coin pound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me. Tbonrjas Carnjine, CONTRACTOR AHD BUILDER, Bidgely, Maryland Contracts taken in Caroline and adjoin ing counties. Thirty-three yenrg cxper ience. Plans nnd specifications chcerfull; furnished. Best of references from Caro line, Talbot and Dorchester counties. JAMES SWANN. RKPRESKNTINU The Best Life Fire Insurance DKNTON.-MARYLAND. For Sale, Lloyd Strawberries, the most prolifi nnd popular to date, plants for sale at les tlmn half market price. H. W. VIVEN, 1 29 8 Bridgoville, Del, For Sale, Two hundred thousand (200,000) Col Frame Cabbage Plants, atS'J.OO per thous nnd. Orders by mail will receive ptornp attention. Address, x E.J. STEELE, 3 5 4 Henderson, Md. Subscribe for the JOURNAL $1.00. F-TAVING rostocked my GROCERY DKPARTMEXT, I :n« now prepared fo supply my customers and the ublic generally with everything in hat line, fresh and of the best qual- ty- Canned] J1IKATS. TOJ»TA r ri:s, COKN, ONFKC'EMOXS, TH.YS. Ribbons AKD Dreyy Trirnr My stock o£ tho l a t t e r is very complete, :iud my lady f r i e n d s w i l l do veil to call :ind e x a m i n e my poods jefore going elsewhere. Spool Silks, C o t t o n . Gloves and Hosiery, and in !act a general l i n e of Notions. Drop "n and see the stock. TVT EW GOODS! OW PRICES! We hnve just opeiu'd n large invoice of SP1UNG GOODS, and :i bolter collection from which to choose has ne\ or been offered in Den ton. To be appreciated it must be seen. Your inspection is inviteil. 'lie prices will bo a very startling fca- uro of the sales lions for the ne:\t t h i r t y uys, nnd bn\er:- will di well to note tlieni. low would some of these strike von ? Oysters and Ice Cream, Tor a good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Cream will also be served n season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied 'or family use when desired, at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to JAITJCS BE FOUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- } 1/lliJLJUU \Ji\J VL/VJ Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., J. M. BBAYBN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. GROCERlsANDpENSWARE You can also find at the LUMBER Y A R D Pull supply of: all kinds o£ Lumber. Sawing and Planing doue at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Latbs, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on h a n d . F. -W. RliDDEN. w. v. MURPHY REDDEN MURPHY, BV..VI.KRS IN I'lIlST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIALS --AND-- « CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, D E N T O N . M A R Y L A N D . Prices on nil goods warranted to be a: low ns thoso oflered by city dealers. Mr Murphy, n builder of long experience, wil hnvc chargo of the practical work, aiu satisfaction guaranteed in every particular Frank C. Eolton. Lee B. Eolton BOLTON BROS PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL 5SJZ PAINTS Elairre, tb« Pnjily Safeguard Oil, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamsoip and Railway Snpplic 413, 420,122, 424 E. PRATT ST., Farms Wanted, Have purchasers ready for cheap farms Anyone desiring to sell, ?end pnrticulnr and"lowest price to HEVERIN COTTER. 209 S. 6th, Philn. To Tomato Growers, I am now ready to ninko contrncts fo tomatoes for next season, »t §0.00 per ton II. A. ROE, 2-2G] Denton, Md. Notice to Growers, "We are reiuly to contract for Tomaloe on S n t u r d n y afternoon of each week d u r ing February. Our contract price fo: 1898 will be six dollars per ton. G. T. REDDEN CO. For Sale. House, furniture, and two lots adjoin ing M. E. Church property, RiJgely, Md Inquire tit the Jnrrcll House, or addresi IKA L. GUILFORD, 220 N. Euliiw St., Baltimore, Md. For Sale, Five million (5,000,000) Tennessee Pro lifiu Strawberry plants, nt $1.23 per Ihons and. THOS. 11. E V E R N G A . . M . l-23-5ni. Concord. YOU ARE INVITED. When visiting BALTIMORE to make a convenience of my offices and my perfectly appointed .tailoring establishment. You may want a suit of clothes, an overcoat, or' pair of trousers;--our best skill is at your command. I we can serve you to your interest,--that's our pleasure if not, there are other tailors to whom we would be glad to direct you. We keep only the very best stuffs. Gooc Suits f o r ' $ 1 5 , Stylish Overcoats for $15, Trousers for $ but as high-made as art -anc style can produce. Higher values if you want. Nothing ready-made. Will be glad to welcome any new-comers from your part of the country. Jcbn 1£. ISeeler, 5 N. Calvert Street, opp. EcruiUble Building, Percale, ho regular V2c. kind ; our price, while it lists, only Sc. A bolter grude at 12c. Calicoes, and Go. Blue ninl Light Prints, plain ind fancy dusignt, ju. Pique Remnants, 10c,, .he rcffiilnr 15c. kind. rom uc. up. Ginghams, Lawns, regular price 12c.; our price, lOc. Wo lave nn cM'rsIloiit assort in cut of these. Table-Cloth, choice quality Irish Linen, fiOc. per yard. Pnntaloon Goods at various prices. Sl.OO Smyrna lings at SQq. A. E. COOPER 15RO., Denton. Hid. Farroers Increase Your Income By Doubling Your Crops "Without Increasing Labor of Cultivation. ^ What 1? Better tba-o Going to the A Liberal Application of BAINBRIDGE LAND LIME oq Your Corp Grourj). Its effect on the soil is most reinarknlile and sntisfactory. Otologists declare tlint the HambrictKe Limestone nrc the "purest Carbonate of r.iine ever discovered. 100 farmers saved from the shcrifl' last yenr by using- Hainbridgc I,,itul I,ime. Remember, building lime is not snitalile for land. \Ve burn nothing Ijut-lmul lime nl our Uainbridffc Works. For prices, address our General Sales Agents for Caroline, ( J 1 C K K N RKIMiEN, - DL'NinS, Ml). TIIOS A . S M I T I I , - KI»GI:I,Y, MD T. C. J1ACKETT, - OUfci:N ANSI:, MD. WRItiirj'SVILL.E LIMK CO., WlllGllTSVlI.Li:, PA. To tbe Ldies: It is a genu ine pleasure to us to call youi attention to the fact that wo'v just added t our Corset DC partment the celebrated 40' P. P. Corset For wear, fi and durability this corset 1m no equal, and i imparts to tin woarei the mo; graceful figure I t w o u 1 ( please us verj much to hnvi yon call at on store and tak n pair horn with you am after two weeks' trial if it is not tho mos satisfactory corset yon have ever worn, we will gladly refund to you your purchns money. PRICK is unr'Sl.OO PER PAIR. Yours bincorely, J. II. NICHOLS SOX. Den ton, Md. tO NEMAN · PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE. ACTUAL COST LESS THAM 91,36 PEBGAI. W. E. BROWH, - - DERTOM, MD., SOI.G A«ENT. TO ONE AND ALL Wio wish to purchase for 1898 NEW BICYCLES AND SUNDRIES Cheap for Cnsh, 1 can oflcr special induce mcnts. Consult early with or write to EC. 2 12 4 DENTON, MARYLAND. For Sale, A very nice lot of Enhance Strawbern Plants, nt $1.26 n thousand. Also plants of about a dozen othor good varieties, including Tennessee. Apply to J* Al. 3 1 2 2 OLARK, ·VVilliston, Md. sep-BJ*) jenSiq oA-cq aM 'dbVHM JL33fc!J-S XHOH 030 A LARGE LOT OF --AT T11K-- BURRSY1LLE HARDWARE STORE. All sixes of Cook Sieves, from the smallest No. 7 to the largo-t, No. n. Heating Stove* of nil kinds suitable for Parlors, Sit ;ing Rooms, IJininc: Rooms, Bed Rooms, Churches, School Houses, Offices, etc. Six kinds of Double Heaters. Tho best liangcs that ni-p made. Large lot of FURNITURE CLOVER AMD TIMOTHY SEED. Headquarters for Drive-well Jlntcrirtl, Plows, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Supplies, Building Ilnrdwnrc; On Tinge, "Wugim, Cart and Plow Harness, Paints uml Oils, Tinware, Hiirncs: and Shoe Loixtlier, "Washing Machines, Belt Limins;, nnd Stcnm Packing. COALWCWHAY The public will Qnd constantly on band at my coal yard at Denton Bridge a full supply of coal, stpve wood and baled hay, which I will deliver iu any quantity anywhere in town. Stove Coal, 2240 Lbs. Pef Ton, $6.00 5.76 ' 5-75 TWELVE R01S FILLED WITH I hnvo a large stuck of Barbed "\Vire Cable Wire Buckthorn and Ribbon Fen- cine, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN IIARTEY, Burrsvillc. ild. UNDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AND FUNERAL BISECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Is your Horns, Furniture, Grain, Li?e Stock, or other Property Insured Against Loss by FIREORLIGHTNINGP If not, if you will apply to one of the Afrents of the i 1 OF DOVER, DEL. you can obtnin insurance at low rates. The Company is Mutual, and you will only pay what the insurance costs, as any a m o u n t in ExcessofCost filljjG Relumed in Dividends or at termination of policy. ·WM. DENNY, Secretary. K. PLUM3IER, AsfPiit, Greensboro. J. B. FLETCHER. "" Preston. GOOD TIMES ARE HERE AGAIN! ,, ----jy~ ~f?. . At this season of the ytmr, when it is everybody's aim t SAVE MONEY. we have come to help you by offering you prices in that will surprise you, nnd also justify you to buy, us we must huvo room for SPRINGGOODSI ·WK ARE OKFKUING SURPRISING BARGAINS in Dry Goods, Huts, Men's and Ladies' Course nnd Fine Pool-wear, and also n Pull and Complete lino of Motions;. COME AND GET THE BENKPIT GIT THE TIMES. BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY, MD, IFxop. Cltesinut, STOVE WOOD BYTHE LOAD OR CORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TOH, DELIVERED IF DURED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS f . i ." LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the use of the public for landing or shipping all kinds of freight. Hauling of all kinds doue at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS. THOMAS H. MITCHELL, MANUFACTURER OP Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Hand Rails, Cabinet Mantels, Bisters, Etc. · IgyEsti mates Promptly Furnished on al' ' \'\~-= '·' " " '' · - "· ' r Undertaker and Director --; ° v [r. Cooper's long experience in ein6:tlming nnd ail the other branches of bis profession, render absolutely certain tlic proper performance of his duty in nil mutters intrusted to his care. All calls, either by Jay or night, promptly answered. Residence on Miiin street, opposite Brown's new drug store. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, fi^-Fruits and Vegetables; Maryland Peaches an'd Sweet Potatoes. IS LIKE A GOOD TEMPER. "IT SHEDS A BRIGHTNESS EVERYWHERE." FOR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE!\ TO THE PUBLIC! Three small farms, all adjoining each j other, lying on the county road leading | from Bridgetown to Grcensboroiigh, nboitt | two miles from the former and four miles | from the latter place, known as thn i "/\lonzo ClarK Farrrj,"! containing 70. 85 and 61 ACKKS, rcspec-! lively. The lirtt two have buildings on j them; the other is unimproved. TERMS EASY. Possession January 1st next. | Call on or address, | SAMUEL E. HILL, | 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, 3!d. Or to HENKY11. LT5\VIS, i 10 2 If Attorney, Denton, Md. vJ. IMfcNEELS, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DBNTON, MD. I shall constantly k-op on hfiml n full assortment of Iron'and Steel for all kinds of Farm and "Wagon "\Vork. I Cftn furnish ypu all sixes of new wheels and axles, and best classes of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee all material and work at low cot prices to suit-the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stable. Give me a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. I desire to inform my friends of Denton and the public ronnda-. bout that I will be at the store of - STEWART BROS.,'in DENTOH EVERY TUESDAY, where I will bo prepared to take ordors for all kinds of JEWELRY and to make repairs. All work will receive prompt attention, small repairs being made before leaving town. Orders left with Stewart Bros, will bo care-^ fully attended to. I .thank you for past favors, and hope to receive a continuance of thorn. MOSES THE JEWELER. JAMES T. MORRIS, (IllDGIiLY, MI).) /lieelwilit aid Blacbiitli, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In ?11 brunches of my business I guarantee satisfaction. In hors; shoeing I hnvo the endorsement of best veterinarians. JAMES T. MOI5K1S. TREES / PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLI8TON, MD. Gat this out for Future Reference. Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE-BAR!, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the year. We deal in all kinds, from the very best to tho very cheapest. 400 HEAD of Horses, Mares and Mules, always on hand. Visit us, it will pay you. PRIVATE SALES EVERY DAY. 1'ni.L LINE OP JAMES KING, Prop'r, U, 10, 12, 1U 16 N. HIGH SHEET, Near Baltimore St., ono square from Baltimore Street bridge. BALTIMO11E, MD. STRONG, YIGOROUSPLim FOR SALE. Prices: Luerotia Dewberry; Gandy, Brandywine, Mary, and Barton's Eclipse Strawberry Plants, in quantities to suit pur-" chiwer. THOS. A. SMITH, 8 12 4 / Kidgely, Md. SFAPERl

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