Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 4, 1993 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1993
Page 9
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10 — TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1993 -THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- SCOREBOARD Baseball By The Associated Preaa All Times PDT AMERICAN LEAGUE East Dtvtaton W L Pet OB Detroit 15 8 .625 Boston 15 10 .800 Vt New York 14 10 .663 1 Toronto 14 11 .560 1% Milwaukee 10 13 .435 4* Cleveland 10 16 .400 5V) Baltimore 9 14 .391 SVi West Division W L Pet. GB California 13 9 .591 — Chicago 14 10 .583 — Texas 13 11 .542 1 Seattle 12 13 .480 2Vt Minnesota 10 14 .417 4 Kansas City 10 15 .400 4% Oakland B 13 .381 4Vi Monday's Games Cleveland 5. California 4 Oakland 4, New York 2 Seattle 2, Boston 0 Texas 9, Milwaukee 2 Only games scheduled Tuesday's Oamea Kansas City (Gardner 2-1) al Detroit (Doherty 3-1), 405 p.m. California (Lewis 0-0) at Cleveland (Kramer 0-1J.4.O5 p.m. Oakland (Hltogat 1-2) at New York (Wlckman 2-0), 430 p.m. Seattle (Leery 0-1) al Boston (Hesketh 2-1). 4:35 p.m. Baltimore (Rhodes 1-1) at Minnesota (Erickson 0-3), 605 p.m. Chicago (McCasklll 2-3) at Milwaukee (Boddlcker 0-1). SOS p.m. Toronto (Guzman 3-0) at Texas (Lebrandt 3-1), 5:35 p.m. Wednesday's Games Toronto (Stottlemyre 3-2) al Texas (Rogers 2-1), 10:15 am Kansas City (Appier 2-3) at Detroit (Wells 4-0), 1035 am Chicago (Fernandez 3-2) at Milwaukee (Navarro 0-2), 11:05 a.m. Baltimore (Mussina 3-1) at Minnesota (Banks 2-1). 11:05 a.m. Seattle (Cummlngs 0-4) at Cleveland (Bleleckl 2-2), 405 p.m. California (Parrel! 1-3) at New York (Perez t-t), 430 p.m. Oakland (Darling 0-1) at Boston (Dopson 2-t), 435 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W L Pet. GB Philadelphia 18 8 .750 — St. Louis 14 It .580 4V4 Montreal 13 12 .520 6'A Chicago 12 12 .500 6 Pittsburgh 12 12 .500 6 Florida 11 14 .440 TVS New York 9 14 .391 8Vt West Division W L Pet. GB San Francisco 17 9 .654 — Houston 15 9 .625 1 Atlanta 13 14 .481 4Vt San Diego 11 13 .458 5 Cincinnati 9 15 .375 7 Colorado 9 15 .375 7 Los Angeles 9 16 .360 7% Monday's Games No games scheduled Tuesday's Games Cincinnati (Pugh 2-1) at Florida (Hammond 0>3),435 p.m. San Diego (Gr.Hams 1-4) at Montreal (D.Martinez 1-4), 435 p.m. Atlanta (Glavine 3-0) at Pittsburgh (WaKetleld 3-2), 435 p.m. Colorado (Ashby 0-2) at Chicago (Guzman 3-2), 6:05 p.m. Houston (Hamtech 2-0) at St. Louis (Tewksbury 1-3), 535 p.m. New York (Tanana 2-0) at Los Angeles (Astado 1-2), 7:35 p.m. Philadelphia (Schilling 4-1) at San Francisco (Wilson 0-2), 735 p.m. Wednesday's Games Colorado (Reynoso 1-0) at Chicago (Hlbbard 1-2), 1220 p.m. Philadelphia (Jackson 2-0) at San Francisco (Swift 2-1), 1:05 p.m. Cincinnati (Browning 1 -2) al Florida (Bowen 2-2), 435 p.m. San Diego (Semlnara 1 -2) at Montreal (Hill 4-0), 435 p.m. Atlanta (Maddux 2-2) at Pittsburgh (Walk 2-2). 435 p.m. Houston (Portugal 2-2) al St. Louis (Osborne 1-0), Track records broken in Lakeport 53S p.m. Now York (Saberhmen 2-3) « Lot Ang»lM (R.Marllnez 2-3), 735 p.m. Leaders By The Aeeoclated Preee AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING—OMrud, Toronto, .453; Gfcson, Detroit, .406; MVaughn, Boston, .375; Quintans, Boston, .357; Balnes, Baltimore, .355; PhlDt», Detroit, .354; Cooper, Boston, .352; Uohnson, Chicago, .352. RUNS—Fryman, Detroit. 21; Belle, Cleveland, 21: Gonzalez, Texas, 20; R Alomar, Toronto, 20; Snow, California, 19; Palmer, Texas, 19; Cora. Chicago, 19. RBI—Belle. Cleveland, 27; Canseco, Texas. 27; Carter, Toronto, 26; Fryman. Detroit, 22; Thomas. Chicago, 21; Rodriguez. Texas. 20; Greemvell, Boston. 20. HITS—Olerud, Toronto, 39; Phillips, Detroit, 34; Fryman, Detroit, 33; Cooper, Boston, 32; McRae, Kansas City. 32; LJohnson, Chicago, 32; 8 are tied with 30. DOUBLES—MVaughn, Boston, 10; Canseco, Texas, 9; Rodriguez, Texas, 8; Olerud, Toronto, 8; Anderson, Baltimore, 8; 11 are lied with 7. TRIPLES—PagHarute, Minnesota. 4; Lofton, Cleveland, 3; McRae. Kansas City, 3; Burks, Chicago, 3; Poto- nla, California, 3; Greemvel, Boston, 3; CRIpken, Baltimore, 3. HOME RUNS-Befle, Cleveland, 10; Palmer, Texas, 8; Gonzalez, Texas, 7; QrtHeyJr, Seattle, 7; Carter, Toronto, 7; Snow, California, 6; TMarllnez, Seattle. 6; Deer, Detroit, 6. STOLEN BASES—Curtis, California. 13; Lofton, Cleveland, 13; RHenderson, Oakland, 12; McRae, Kansas City, 7; LJohnson, Chicago, 7; Felder. Seattle, 7; Hulse, Texas, 6; RAIomar, Toronto, 6; Molltor. Toronto, 6. PITCHING (3 Decisions)—Wells, Detroit, 4-0,1.000. 1.47; Key, New York, 3-0,1.000,1.18; Guzman, Toronto. 3-0, 1.000, 4.60; Hanson, Seattle, 4-0, 1.000,1.29; Langston, California, 3-0,1.000,2.30; McDowell, Chicago. 5-1, .833, 4.50; Hentgen, Toronto, 4-1, .800, 2.08; Deshales, Minnesota, 4-1, .600,2.79; Clemens, Boston, 4-1, .800, 1.55. STRIKEOUTS—RJohnson, Seattle, 47; Langston, California, 41; Clemens, Boston, 40; Cone, Kansas City, 35; Flnley, California, 35; Appier, Kansas City, 34; Hanson, Seattle, 32. SAVES—OWard, Toronto, 8; Montgomery, Kansas City, 7; Agultera, Minnesota, 7; Russell, Boston, 8; Henry, Milwaukee, 5; Olson, Baltimore, 5; Henneman, Detroit, 5; Farr, New York, 5. NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING—Bonds, San Francisco. .425; Galarraga, Colorado, .394; Merced, Pittsburgh. .347; Vizcaino, Chicago, .345; Kruk, Philadelphia, .342; Lansing, Montreal. .341; Anthony, Houston, 337. RUNS—Bonds, San Francisco, 26; MaWllllams, San Francisco. 23;Dykstra, Philadelphia, 23;EYoung, Colorado, 19; King, Pittsburgh, 19; ACole, Colorado, 18; Big- glo, Houston, 16; Kruk, Philadelphia, IB. RBI—Bonds, San Francisco, 28; Galarraga. Colorado, 26; Hayes. Colorado, 20; Grace, Chicago, 20; MaWllllams, San Francisco, 20; Bagwefl, Houston, 18; DHolllns, Philadelphia, 18. HITS—Galarraga. Colorado. 37; Bonds, San Francisco, 34;Gwynn, San Diego, 34; MaWllllams, San Francisco, 33; Bagwell, Houston, 31; Blauser, Atlanta, 31; Atou, Montreal, 30; JaBell, Pittsburgh, 30. DOUBLES—Bonds, San Francisco, 9; Galarraga, Colorado, 9; Bagwell, Houston, 8; MaWllllams. San Francisco. 8; 9 are tied with 7. TRIPLES—Martin. P«lsburgh,4;VanderWal, Montreal, 3; 12 are tied with 2. HOME RUNS—MaWllllams. San Francisco. 8; Bonds, San Francisco, 8; Sheffield, San Diego, 6; 9 are tied with 5. STOLEN BASES—ACole, Colorado, 14; EYoung, Colorado, 12; DLewia, San Francisco, 12; Carr, Florida, 12; Nixon, Atlanta. 12; EDavIs, Los Angeles, 9; Coleman, New York, 8; Dykstra, Philadelphia. 8; Gwynn, San Diego, 8. PITCHING (3 Decisions)—Burkett, San Francisco, 5-0,1.000,2.66; Hill, Montreal, 4-0,1.000,1.80; Arocha, St. Loute, 3-0,1.000,1.66; Minor, Pittsburgh, 3-0,1.000. 2.35; Glavine, Atlanta, 3-0, 1.000. 2.61; Schilling, Philadelphia. 4-1, .800, 2.54; JJones, Montreal, 4-1, .800, 5.87. STRIKEOUTS—Smoltz, Atlanta, 39; Armstrong. Florida, 35; Rllo, Cincinnati, 35; Drabek, Houston, 34; Banes, San Diego, 32; GMaddux, Atlanta, 31; Burkett, San Francisco, 29. SAVES—MlWIIIiams, Philadelphia, 10; LeSmith, St. Louis, 10; Stanton, Atlanta, 9; Beck, San Francisco, 7; Harvey, Florida, 7; Myers, Chicago, 7; Rojas, Montreal, 5; Belinda, Pittsburgh, 5; GeHarrrs, San Diego, 5. Little League Sovlngi Bank McDonald's PV Health Broiler L.P. Valley Paving Dodgem )f« B!u« Jay* M«U Whn Sox Qlantt 3 2 3 2 4 3 3 3 South Uklun W L 4 1 4 2 3 2 NBA playoffs By The Associated Preee All Times PDT First Round (Beat-ot-S) Monday, May 3 Charlotte 1 19, Boston 89, Charlotte leads series 2-1 Houston 1 1 1 , LA Cuppers 99, Houston leads series 2-1 Tueeday, May 4 Chicago at Atlanta, 5 p.m. New York at Indiana, 630 p.m. Seattle at Utah, 6 p.m. Phoenix at LA Lakers, 730 p.m. North Uklah Uklah Lions Giro's W 5 3 Boston M Charlotte, 5 p.m. Portland at San Antonio, 5 p.m. Cleveland at New Jersey, 5 p.m. Houston at LA Clippers, 730 p.m. Thursday, May 6 New York at Indiana, 5 p.m.. If necessary Seattle at Utah, TBA Phoenix at LA Lakers, TBA. II necessary NHL playoffs By The Associated Preee All Times PDT DIVISION FINALS Sunday, Msy 2 N.Y. Islanders 3, Pittsburgh 2, N.Y. Islanders toad Vancouver 5, Los Angeles 2, Vancouver leads series 1-0 Montreal 4, Buffalo 3, Montreal leads series 1-0 Monday, May 3 Toronto 2, St. Louis 1, 2OT, Toronto leads series 1-0 Tueeday, May 4 N.Y. Islanders al Pittsburgh, 430 p.m Buffalo at Montreal, 430 p.m. Wednesday, May B St. Louis at Torunto, 430 p.m. Los Angeles at Vancouver, 730 p.m. Transactions By The Associated Press BASEBALL American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES—Placed Mke Devereaux, outfielder, on the 15-day disabled list. Recalled Damon Buford, outfielder, from Rochester of the International League. Promoted Jeffrey Hammonds, outfielder, from Bowie of the Eastern League to Rochester. MILWAUKEE BREWERS—Sent Teddy Hlguera and Angel Miranda, pltchero, to New Orleans ol the American Association on 30-day rehabilitation assignments. Purchased the contract of Matt Mteske, outfielder, from New Orleans. Promoted Michael Carter, outfielder, from El Paso ol the Texas League to New Orleans. National League COLORADO ROCKIES—Announced a one-year working agreement with New Haven, Conn., which will begin pay In the Eastern League In 1894. FLORIDA MARLINS—Announced a one-year work- Ing agreement with Portland, Me., which will begin play In the Eastern League In 1894. BASKETBALL National Basketbsll Association DETROIT PISTONS-Named Don Chaney coach. ORLANDO MAGIC—Announced the formation of a governing board. Named Richard M. DeVos chairman; Cherl DeVos VanderWelde vlce-chalman and Doug DeVoa vice-chairman. Named Jerry Tubergen. Dick DeVos, Pat Williams, Jack Swope and Bob Vender- Wekle as the other board members. FOOTBALL National Football League CHICAGO BEARS—Announced the retirement ol Dennis Gentry, wide receiver. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS-Signed Will Shields, guard, and Michael Young, wide receiver. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS—Signed Na'e Singleton, wide receiver; James Parrlsh, offensive tackle; and Junior Bryant, defensive end. Willits 3 vf.iiv.i- •..;> :.':••" Page 9 Monday's five-card tourney team scores were as follows: 1. Mendocino (439); 2. Willits (446); 3. Fort Bragg (451); 4. Kelseyville (492); 5. Middletown (515); 6. Tomales (532); 7. Rincoln Valley Christian (567). However, final official 1993 CMC golf standings are as follows, including the bonus 6-5-4-3-2-1 points allocated for finishes in the Monday CMC tourney: 1. Willits (32-4); 2. Fort Bragg (31-5); 3. Mendocino (21-9); 4. Kelseyville (17-19); 5. Tomales (13-23); 6. Middletown (6-30); 7. Rincoln Valley Christian (1-35). The Mendocino Cardinals averaged 87.8 strokes per man with their five-man Monday total of 439 strokes on a difficult golfing day for all. The Cardinals, who had four of their five scoring players in the day's Top 10, a bunching which won the team tourney title by seven strokes, were led by Bryan Paulson's 79, the third best score of the day. Other Mendocino scores Mon- day included Lance McDonald (87), Bob Evans (88), Nathan Booth (88) and Josh Ayers (97). Willits' team and tourney medalist, sophomore Scott Herman, shot a remarkable 73 considering the intermittent cold, heavy showers and softened greens. Second place Willits team cards Monday included Ethan Sischo (88), Jesse Butterfield (90), Aaron Reindahl (96) and Ole Buch (99). For the second consecutive week, race fans watched as track records were lowered in all four divisions on the newly surfaced oval at the Lakeport Speedway. Davey Hamilton of Boise, Idaho, lowered the BCRA winged midget track record from 11.301 to 11.274. Both Hamilton and Lloyd Hemman, Jr. turned faster times during earlier qualifying laps, but those times were disqualified when their cars were found to be too loud. Lucerne's Bob Strauss broke his own IMCA modified track record, set opening night, with a very quick 13.123-secondlap. Mike Rose took the record away from cousin Dan Rose by turning a 14.287 and Wcs Stillwell blistered Donna Harty's week-old record when he timed in at 14.493 seconds. With the track faster than ever, getting from the back to the front of the inverted features is hard work. But Noel McCormack made it look easy in his IMCA modified as he took control of the 15-car field on the 16th lap and held off all challengers to take the checkered flag. Action began with Jerry Young and Rich Potts battling for the lead, with Potts assuming the top slot on the second lap. Norm Boucher gave Speedway— Continued from Page 9 long hiatis, veteran driver and former track champion Jerry Nelson was first to lead the Main Event following a restart caused by the spin of pole-sitter Alex Tsarnas. Tsarnas chose to move to the back of the field, moving Steve Pierce up to start in the outside pole position. As the pack approached the end of the back straightaway, Pierce's throttle stuck, sending him airborne off the turn-three banking and through the off-track barrier fence. Pierce emerged unscathed, however the car sustained considerable damage. Yorkville's Bob Lawson took the point following the restart and managed to hold off all challengers until Martin was able to make his move to the low side as the leaders approached the lapped car of Qualala's Junior Roddy. Mike Bourbon took over the second spot on lap 23. However, battling for position, Bourbon and Lawson made contact in turn one, sending both over the banking and bringing about the checkered in place of the caution due to the 11 p.m. curfew. T;,",' Ukiah's Al Vogel ,$£ished in second place, with Cloverdale's Ed Shouse taking third. Earlier Late Model competition saw Vogel claim the first Trophy Dash of the season, with Steve Pierce the victor in Heat One and Lawon taking the victory in Heat Two. Denny Cashada set the Fast Time for the division at 14,199. Jalopy Car competition saw rookie Dennis Cantrell, Jr. capture his first Trophy Dash victory of his career in his first-ever attempt. 4 COME TO OUR SPRING CLEARANCE 3 5% OFF NOW! (ON SELECTED ITEMS) IN OUR GIFT SHOP OPEN DAILY 9-5 PM. JOURNAL CLASSIFIEDS Always On Target! Tub!*!. TAKE YOUR SNAPPER HOME TODAY... NOTHING DOWNI NO PAYMENTS UNTIL OCT. '93. INTERESTFREEI* 25"HI-VAC RIDING MOWER Baggii optional Model 25657B or 250612T. 646.5 HP Sugg. List *1,199.95 21" 4 HP RECYCLING MOWER Model R-21400. With bagging attachment. Without bagging •369.95 19" 3 HP HI-VAC REARBAGGING MOWER No other Push Model KODLW309T promotional Sugg. List *299.95 otters apply. Take a big cut oft the price of a i single Bag or Nlnja KltCatcher. (with qualified mower purchase. | Expires 6/20/93) 1/2 OFF ACCESSORIES DOUBLE THE Tr* boacm to* has a r»i iTTiur* AS*TISMLI special air-Wtto throw CUTTING ACTION Swim* into path of the TASTING ROOM CUT SHOP • GALLLRY I t ike Mendocino exit off Ihvy Potts a run for his money, running second until he lost power and had to pit on lap 14. At the mid-point in the race, Pott's rear view mirror showed McCormack, first-week winner Lauren Snider and Strauss nose to tail. The first of three cautions came on lap 17 for a Johnny Miskill spin, and when action resumed, McCormack took over the lead. Four rounds later, Rick Rose lost control, tangled with Potts and had to pit for repairs. Snider slipped into second place on the restart, but gave way to Strauss on the 25th lap. Meanwhile, Joe Carr entered the picture, and when the checkered fell it was McCormack, Strauss, Snider, Carr and Allan Lyly crossing the finish line. Car and Strauss claimed Heat Race wins and Rose captured the Trophy Dash. It looks like there's no stopping defending street stock champion Mike Rose, who is undefeated in street stock feature races in 1993. Cliff Shores led the first half of the Feature Race, with Jerry Schuck running second and Jose Perez third. Shores bobbled on 16, V hit the infield grass and lost four positions. This gave Perez the lead, but Rose was working his way through traffic, and by the 20th lap Rose had slipped around Perez for the Ic £td Perez spun for a lap 23 yellow, moving Chuck Pruett to second and Shores back to third. Robbie Robinson got by Schuck for fourth and at the checkered it was Rose, Pruett, Shores, Robinson and Perez. Drive-up Window HARRIS PHARMACY FREE DELIVERY NO 3-Dayl NO 2-Dayl NO 1-Dayl NO 1 Hourl N01/2 Hourl N01/4 Hour waiting for your prescriptions to be filled I Open Mon-Fri 8 AM-8 PM Sat 9 AM-6 PM 707 S. DORA, UKIAH 462-7518 Mother's Day II Zack's To Mom's Today ' MIMOSA'S (Orange Juice a Champagne} $1.95 Served 5:30-2:OOPM EGGS BENEDICT $4,95 (Served with Fresh Fruit) Dinner Served 2:00 PM Close ^. FRESH FRUIT SALAD SUPREME,...,$5.95 (Served w/ Choice of Sherbert or Cottage Cheese) • CHAMPAGNE MUSHROOM CHICKEN $7,95 (served w/ rice ft fresh vegetable) ?• VEAL MARSALA. $8,95 (w/ pasta ft fresh vegetable) SEAFOOD FETTUCCINIW/ SHRIMl'Z;,$9.95 SCALLOPS, CRAB & CLAMS 'AH dinners served with soup or salad, bread & fresh strawberry tarts • Reservations Requested* 1430 N, State, Ukiah 468-8501 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HARDWOOD FLOORS Cross-layered base for stability. Quality square edges. No overwood or bevels Solid surface layer of natural- wood for long-lasting beauty. If you think all hardwood floors are alike, take a closer look. W e start with a solid natural hardwood surface layer-Oak, Ash, Beech, Merbau, Maple or Pine- not a thin veneer. A SMOOTH FIT Each board is milled with such precision that the seams are smooth to the touch. Each is supported by a unique base of cross-layered wood to ensure that our floors are not only beautiful, but also extremely stable. FOR ALMOST ANY SUBFLOOR Another difference: A KShrs floor can be installed on almost any subfloor. And on any grade. With no nails. No mastic. No sanding. And no problems. What a difference. Kafirs pioneered the development of the prefinished laminated hardwood floor, receiving a patent for the technology in 1941. © 1991 Ka'hrs International Inc. FLOORSTYLES (707) 46a-oaa$

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