Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 3
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lav, Octolwr STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Scotch Relatives •Write lawries of War Experiences L . Say Britain Is Not Suffering as Yet k For Want of Food n«t th* Wsr h» *-*x missing snd th»"*» nf trrrfbli; anxiety «nd h rv*. T WTO'* to »s m»ny of iRtrr T.hfy wrote Tn» snd to'd mr what had hspppnffi. And Jhrn I had ft not" 1 from Patsy hiimrl?. You ran impiun'' how happy sr*d rflirvert T<:r Trr. Fin^r thfn I've h*?1 thrr" If '.fit from him: h«* ran'? «.v» iri'irh h-it h" n<".Tr crumbles and Xit$\?looks rin th* hriRiii Md'-. l/rMj-r Frr»m C'arifirfal "I had A >UT jnist th" O:!-T fls' !r r m t'r.r Cardinal Srrrr'arv r>5 .Q'aT ro !::«! Holm*"**. the Pot* 1 , cr. ins m" Pa'Vi's nridrt** snd *av- 1:11 hr wa* wil, Ws«n I it kind? t«-plfth; Phil Bvrrvrvld, Rflin that o'.ir.*,. anrt the burnvnrd P. E, tost . thf R ! thrmisrh workintt b«- ; :r. ;n ?r:-h } hi^ total wright of by thf John P. city from ro:i.«i:-^ Kcotlsnd T:ir\ a:r k brr IP. «nri Sr-p;r,rbrr. ::. Thr In'.- rxcrrp'^ I:oni t:'. r - r iii- f.ns:' -\Vr a:" a'.: r.ih: hrrp.. S:r.rp my la?: Ir-.-.rr "f :..^f bwn down to I.aiir^.- h,::r n.rri .vm:iz a JiliP limf N'o nimuU a'- a... - r '."' even nsir ,'irrn-\rr.- ri.''. r rrr.t Ironi yrnr ir.r>cri' T:-.p K: r «' r*r:.: was that both mv bo> s arrr.rri 0:1 lea\e totrtiirr lor or.r c:or:o';5. weekend, the firr-t timp tr.ryd 5-rrn each other suirr they nrEs:; -rr\n,c a jrar brfore. Thry n-,rt a; <. idrntJliy In London— miracviiosi^. isn ; it ?— (and tnurled up tocnhrr So wr were all together for two cia\* Wr are hoping greatly tlsat thr lx>>s will _ get leave together acain in Octobrr t and all be at home for once if only for seven days. We do weary for the war to end and family life to begin again, but of course it can t until the German nation RUTS in. and I trust our air force is feeing to that. The naval situation Is much improved too. thanks to you American cousins, and the army at homr here tg Just wild to be at grips whenever we have the necessary muni:ions. ."We arc all filled with admirH- fton lor the Russians and alihouuh Kiev is supposed to be taken, we letl sure the Germans are not having it all their own way by any means. There is bound to be an upheaval soon all o\cr the continent. I don't know how the Huns could ever hope to hold down sd* man>- nations by terrorism and brmc force. They'll just about be aniu- • _ hllated once the tide turns. Some 99} people think that Italy is turning I already and I wish it may be so. to I let Patsy «a prisoner in Italy i get • home to his mother. We can send I air-mail letters to him and can I Cet the Red Cross to send food •A parcels and some of the book°?llrrs P^hav« permits to send books and • aanr-s. Sn if he h?ts r.verj'tnlng B be won't be GO badly off. -Here, we are very well off for food. England Is much less well supplied than Scotland. We really want for nothing so don't worry about us." S*n A Prisoner The letter dated September 18. Is ^written by the mother of the young myn who is a prisoner in Italy who •ays of him: "My Patsy Is. alas, a prisoner in Italy. He had five montlis train- inf at an officers' unit and in March. 1940. got word to take a -draft oX men out to the Middle East and' he had such interesting experiences and adventures on the way Ht. wa> In the big offensive last De- etvber (after months of drilling in the desert) and was at the taking of fiidi Baranl. From there his . went straight off of Eritrea he waa wounded at Kdrefi and in hospital in the Sudan for _ weeks.—Then back in time to capture Keren with his guns and tram there back to Libya once more. He wa» day obsen-ation officer at Halfaya Pan in May where he was takrn pr^oner. Then for five weeks Hr;r WP r^allv are not .^hnrt of a!:-. :h:::z absolutely nrce^sar.-. I mr-s fr;i! - . mo^t of all I think and l bu'itrr. h-.i: that ss little to com- )iain of. Everyone of course ha' kni!t!'.i5 on ham! or sewing and io sortie kind of war work or other, am an air raid warden and have o rcivirt at the post a* stion as r.f sirrn eoes. Also \ d;R 'I'.ree ia;• s a week, voluntarily, at the 3t.)!an:ral Gardens where th^v are • horthanried and soon I exprrt to rar;i rn-.intrj' riancine when the classes «:art for winter. 1 did it t > rar and It was so JntTestitH and I just love the tunes—Scottish." -r ]f>o iv-.-i ord thn: tv. rj :.sp w Tiskilwa Man Wins Husking Contest In Bureau County Burdett Toppert of Tompico Is Third And Picks Cleanest Glen Wall, Tiskilwa. participating in hi.s spcond Bureau county corn hasking contest. Sunday captured the county championship, posting a wore oJ 45 bushels, a fiRUrt believed by local fans as (?«*! enough to give him a starting pJace in the state contest. Wall, in winning the title on the A. G. Raithel farm, northwest of Princeton, under conditions that were anything but ideal, displaced last year's champion. Arthur Rapn. Dover, who placed second with 44.008 bushels. Last year Wall was runner- up when the contest was held on the same property, owned by Mr. Raithel. a Chicago attorney. Other contestants placed in the following order: Burdette Toppert. Tampico. 41.992 bushels, third; Alfred Behrens, Princeton. 40.542. fourth; Roy Righthouse. Princeton. 39.923. fifth: Waldmer Radtke. Zearing. 36.807. sixth: Barney Marciniak. Princeton. 38.800, seventh; Roy Snyder. Princeton. 38.282. eighth: H. Bauer. La Moille. 37.885. ninth; Elmer Freeburg, Princeton. 36.937. tenth; Clifford Lute L _Princeton. 35.467. eleventh: Edward Radtke, Zearing. 33.939. liabW«MiOw40 Don't Be Weak, Old TmtaOww. C* •(MiMMMBfM •**•: For sale at Walfnen'a. • Ftard Hop- j kin's and all other good dnif stores. CHESTER'S il K^ ^— • —:At prices hawed on Imst yearns lower prices." Ctttra Siigle Bloikets DraUe Blankets ^^^^WBBBBB^^^B^PB IM^V^MHi ^^HVW 9999J^99J9f 9 99^ 999 9f 9Jm9j 99J9^^99f' 99999999^^99^99^ 9999999M 9 9 9-9 9 9 99^9 99^^9J ^•P^RB ^RP^i^^W 9^^9^9WJ^9wM'' wW99j99999^^9i99j m9M9999mW9 9 w9^9mW^^9W All WM! Blomkets tiji Ml Ste (FiMu) si (KlNr)liVMl(IIJI Ptrt Wool SUiflts UM Ov I^r PUn— SniU Down IIJI deducted ">rn. Thr irv""*-' th? day »•!».*• p?r. !:ur-E but! murkr-d *srs',a r -t Topperf. who !rft I 3 1-2 pounds of msrXrtablP rorn for f-otsi ]nKf of 3050 pounds. The n"w rhfsTT!p* r »n l*ft 10 po'ind 11 •• •-<•- i of rorn in th* fi*'d to m«.t him 30 • .I ;vTind.'. hut hi.', total wright TKXX tft f Ranp. th* defeated chsm- At Farewell Dinner J^l For Robert Morley pion. had the 3.110 pounds heaviest losd. Mr?. FYrvman Rrshbin* Tit' fr \ •». :?h ft fi'30 oVfvrfc dinnrr ^*rt~!<iay «*vniinsj ?T ?"'fr htothT, t^'-.r purrn'---. Mr. «r,d Mr*. T. F MTT>V. Robert 15 !"a\ :ns; Th'ir.'-dpv for Ali'smhra. f"!»!'.f., to tafce a !T,or.lh'R train'.TiK a? '-"'* Wr.Mrm Air <.rhoo! at thr rnr! of which time will hi* jn«, R ?T ir'a in an ' n.* OT\ th? dinner t*.W» t-re in the H^jiiwe'en rtyv.f Card«' re enjoyed d'ir'ne the evenina. after whKh the crotjp Ttrnt for refreshments A fravhr;: «?»,": pre.'.r:i?ed to T?nbrrt frfrn env. Mr. srd Mr.v K. F. n\rr,: . •-.:,>• parents «nr! M.'-'T. Mr arri Mr* ATTEITMM, AMEMCARS! —SUPREME URGENCY— li a rftpy nf frlrrrnwi Jw* F. Morjev and M«--r- Charles Os.v-o, Robrrt Hr*<trr. Richard D' Harvrv RUT. 'r . and Mr*. Robbia* and .«on Lannr Ohiirm Hf?-«. Ohainrmn i'-fl Firrt. 5?r r ;inE. Ill r*; nvi*? pour in Tur^dav nnrt Wfnn^flsv s; nf'itr*:!! v trjwal. and r-vrn more Importi«nf r!<-nr»r,rMr<s full sr.rt tircUmi'fH cl<*btMr in th^ P«"na?«>, Dirr-r" !f?trr* to fro «-riator« of your *»at«\ R. E. Wood. Nation*! Chairman After 85 Years of Selling Fine 5hoes»-We Are Now Going Out of Business. Our Entire Stock of High Grade Shoes Must be Sold Out to the Bare Walls AT GREAT REDUCTIONS SALE STAITS WEHIESMY. OCT. W-t'31 A These Prices — Shoe Prices are Soaring >KES OF WOMEN'S SHOES M Qwlrty, EMI Jttfeks, Snplo, Ned Ufeh, Ned Higgerx, Star Imfc. f KNOWN MEN'S SHOES BwbiiM, Iptiwi, hrtage, Carter's, IN §•*«. BEST IN CHILDREN'S SHOES PeV Pirrtts, Star Irari, IHUe Sarjetts, NKi|. ARE A FEW OF THE M to $UI Sheet Mcti to . I to SIN Sheet JMM to . . . $M5 I to $8.75 Sbees leted to ... $145 ItolfJISlNesMMilto . $U5 I to $5JC SbMS MMd to . . $3JS I to $4 Jl Sines Micd to .......... $2.95 200 Pairs Women's Shoes-Short Lines 777.-....-. fl.»5 Sim 4 h ie-4*i to I iovr AMI IIJI tl.1l UM IIJI $141 IIJI Fiihm, SMw(, Cam, Talha, AT A NETS SIN All eokm mad shapes, cmtire stuck W. J. BELL CO. 8 E. THIRD 3T 8TEEUNG, ILL.

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