The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCH IN SON NEW Si '••ft: ;iHUiNUAY,.jui.x y, IVZ3 II STANDARD CLUBS Sylvia, Haven, Nickcrson and Lnn^don Bay* and Girl* Meet Requirements. Tour of th^ Item* county lioyn nml Sir'ji <-hihii iiuvo IH'I :-, ,,r.en n Niitioual charter l>y Liunlll'yine, ;u. a atamlnnl club. This* rlutrter IM of an ormum-n- tld niiture ami tt It; M ^uetl hy Henry (J. Wui :ai 'c I'lilli'd Stat en Socreliiry of Afiiieiiiluro. Tho ciiil)^ whuh w» i c frinntotl charters lire: The Kutm-e Dnirynicn of fey 1 via. The Il;ivi-n I• 1 v- <.'lu!), llui Nli'k- fireon Oilf club iui'1 th•• I>angdon I'orlc Club. 'I'll- 1 lenders of tiuitie I '-lu'ba itro C. C. Oileman of Sjlvlii, Chaa. Hlctt Of iJKV '.'il. FA liotlkio.:.' of NiCkOI'HOll, fcml \V. H. i-'ulka of i.aimdou. TIo. 1 i> iiuii'oiiifnts v.iii.h were, attained by club.; in order lo he- oouwi ciaii'lHvd clubs nro as follows: 1. A Manilanl <:ltili shall have n llieiuln -rttliip of ul It five, working or, the situif tl<!mott :Ura(!oli. a. tiiwii club shall liitvc a local leader In t'^tt llirt)ti^!:ojjt tint year. There ahall bo a- local club or- ?ANCES TREOO MONTOOMERy fLjl J (,-nm t;tU) I. znlinu with the L'.l illlllll. rh-.iU he I'ssary oKlcer* ih.'tl In a club .'.riitttn iirogriLin ve:u\ six held duruu ecal exhiM i; be held h club K h»: f.lvc at 1 Vtcti of . ; At It •h--r^ int!! ; V> a fin U9 'St ^.1 Oil' 1 HI riKis- ;{. !)'.' pe •ompb-t report uader. - ^jilar mootinns ; the year. : nr achievement :>>• tiar.h ciiiii, I i-.-liM 't it l^im to public d"UU'ii:d;-a- nf its work. . i-!it of the. niem- :>ir project and In yofiterduy'ti fUory. you recall Hilly buffed the .man who had turned tho hon«* uii him "when ho wanted a drink. With a cry of pain tho fallow doubled up liko a jacrtnift* flinl rolled over on tho ground. Hut ho Turcot to lot K <> ot tho luiHt*. Conai-'riuf 'Jitly every time Jus turned over or moved hia ranis, tho hose neat, a ntnvim of water In u different direction. Juut at that niomoiit an odd woman cajiiM down tho nidcwalk, a bnckot of fitrnwlmrrien on hur arm. Tho mi\n> JiLinpoU to hln fp«t to run afior Hilly, and aucfdonUlly tuniad tho hono on tho old woman. WHh a scronm of ra^o pho .ihruw tip hor arm to raver her fHtjL?, anil BpilltHl all lier ltcrrioH. "I'U bwit tho llfo out of yon, you old goat, If I OVOT catch yon!" cried tho man, (Marlins oil a rioad run for Billy. Hilly stood BtlU. with luvid lowered, to hutt. him apiiin when ho WUH near enotiKh. but 1m nnvcr got thtiro for tlm man cau^lit lilii foot In a coil of tho hosn and tumhlud on tav wet grafiH. AVhilo ho wan p-iiiklntf hiin.solf up, and tho old woman was busy wiping the wator from lit 1 !* eyes wiih thu end of hur shawl, Hilly ami Nannie trotted off down tho B ( roet. as tmooniu.rnodly r \'A If nothiHK had happened. Three policeinen In a i^ivtrol wasron coming aloii^ just (him. tho old wo niiin liaibM thtMii and Insisted that tht-y arie:u tlvi man, lolling them that *dm wns walk i UK pwnefully along when this tTiizy f''lli>w who was now rullin).; on tin.' ^rt'iind jumped up and turiH 'd bin hose on her, making her apt 11 all jp r nicts fresh berries which RIIO waa taktuj? to a rtrh lady who always pave her a pityod price. And now hm* berries wnre all spilled, and the wealthy lady would ho disappointed and «ho heraelf would losa all her money, find thin ahe needed badly us HIIO was very, very poor. AM the Umo rdie waa lxnirlng her tule ot woo into the earn of tho po- Emporia, Ninety-four countiea vlU bo represented. Thd studenta on parade will be reviewed by Qovornor Davis and rreflldent Thomas W. Butohor. Mattlnee 10c— Night 10c and 20o. Starting Monday— A mighty epic of the »ea! A boy's battle upward in the worlcPa moat terrifying school— the hell-hole forward on a sailing- ship. The Coolest Spot In iHutchinson the crnly or LIBERTY. r Kt ru LIT br.'.iit: li ,',ip l turn in llo^lp" ilie V.-A Hi- \ a rio-i at fi llrrxman, the mnn held tho hose in his* hand an every once in a while ho would make a jrestiira and throw a stream of wator over them all. "Here, yon idiot! Drop thtvt ho BO or turn the water off! Can't you see you aro drenching all of na?" commanded one of tin: policemen. {Tomorrow you Kee what happened next to tho cross man.) Th .'.Uii, in th- ami l*n i -I .iinu^ Tu'.vn man, dir.- di;< "Tip.' K ri :iiid o!" '1 i nturkv I Ol'Po.-i'.o Mbai Waliai-.- ><' JlHU 'i 'U'ilP' llTldllU.', Iiuhlu' know H him bcrei-n "\ iiliaul "H ' nr-i rri't'inan W;M i:i^ that, ean rfy- ipijinnris,' mi inat- i.iv :;i:nm, Hari discord at ilu> .Mid t-ontvntmi-nt ,if suvir acid, e that exploit- .m in the pii'iuro Mherty tlmatrt- i-a'tk.n, Oladys i "ih)<sip," an.l it !P r with a ninm .'.aiiona to pl-iy r iM -tu-.jdin,; :mc- a^oclati-al with i , heroine of del youth must of Is" ;hat of a virt iiU'.O' unawari' of iiim.'s and *i uiLti .7 ./v whirl of MlUlI- :).'.•>:; life. <I:I Kdlth Harnard ip.:ii Curov I'liint' hv ll !i;li Moff- )r; King Ha ^sot. iv nrcent Walton ;MKUI U'c-urta" and Walton,. Jtanisoy :i in tlio romant it: •olp., although the rhk't'ly For hid (Jther players Kdith Yoiiu-, All,. Hri and K,iti> K<mt. The I 'olies*' huyri and pirl.s of Am-ir- lea, with th'dr anuiHlns pranks, their net:rut. frateruitle.-'. Lheir whoh-'!-:o:ne, Ji -liy KI ""1 tin ;i .-s, the romance^ 'it' ilio v.'oridh youth of twenty and the ut- t'.'rly alluring flapper of ftevuiitcen; the J'- 1 ).'! and ^orri^ws of first love, the hopes and disappointments and ainhl- t ionti of Yi >uih, will hi; oeen In all their co ed ifloi y in a picturlzation of 11. (*. Wltwer'.-i sto :'V of WIK'T , pulsating youiiK Ani 'M -iea, "Klghtlug Blood" oii'i "round" of which will 'be shown til th** J-lburty Thcatr« today and to- lnorrow. year as presldont of the Kansas State Teachertr College, Kmporia. Wh.en President Ibitelier came to tho Teachers' College a decade ago, the institution was littb* more than a secondary school. Hetwcen o^O and tltn) secondary students were enrolled, while there were only !i0') col- lope students. Last year lUhi college student.s were enrolled, while 7a high school students were in attendance. "One of the most remarkable phases of the growth of the Institution is th". standardizing of the H 'hool work," Raid 1'residont Hntcher. "The II. H. dejiTeo in education that tho school offers is acceptable In full in any uducational tnsUtutlon." DEMOCRATS LOOKING TO WEST VIRGINIA SOLON, One of the new Democratic scnatora | from v.itom much Is expected by his i party in the senate when it couvenos' next winter is Matthew Muuafit.dd N'eely «<f West VlrKlnla. Ho defeated Sou. Howard Sutherland for tho neat. Senator Neely enters the upper house after five years' service in the lower body. His irst year was to fill out the unexpired term "of John AY. Davis, who was appointed bollcltor y:eii.orul of tho United Ktatort by President M'HBOU In lf>13. •Neely was born at tlrovo, Rodd- v Viruinla. November i). but yeiira biter moved to Kalrmount, where ho now resides. Hts parents were Alfred Meely mid Mary (Morris) Needy. October 21, 1903, he wan married to Miss Alberta Clatro Hamape of Kainiumnt, and they have two sous, Alfred It. Neely iiml John Champ Neely, and ono daughter, Corinne Neely. TEACHERS COLLEGE TO UUNCH MEMORIAL DRIVE KmporlK, Kan., July 9.—A drive for funds to erect a memorial to the twenty-two students of the Kansas State Teachers college who gave their lives in the world war will be launched among tho students of tho summer session K. S. T. C tomorrow. Tho drive will follow an address by Gov. Jonathan M. Davis, who will be tho guoat of the students and Faculty for the annual Governor's day exercises. A parade will be held In connection with the drive. The students, grouped in units representing their home county, will march through tho city of NOW- A Drama of the Storm-Swept North ! Robbed of her good name I Beating bock against tho pointed fingers of seem! A beautiful girl, innocent—but slandered— faces the problem tbet is woman's burden! A tempestuous drama of great emotions and great human problems, staged against the grim background of courts of law and the picturesque sweep of the far North country—a tale of woman's love and woman's vengence!—and the unexpected! Adapted from "The White Frontier," by Jeffrey Deprend A vivid, realistic drama of life, adventure and love. among the gamest youth in all the world— the blue jackets in Uncle Sam's navy! IBERT THEATRE LOOKING BACKWARD Titian F\um the of The Now*. YEARS AGO IN 1833. .•ox &. IKCH foundry was Iladb-y waa cxmdiuting cohimu in The News. • 1 called a special triet court for the In. di* FORTY Tho WIKMX Vory hin^y phu MTB . M. J. A !('Mi ;'t'rar.<*e .hub-,.- i lou'u. KOSMOtl of i be middle of July, The il utehimuot !.umber company fi'-ixti a hi;; advertiser. Vincent & Hark Fold 200 dozen 4>rooms to tho Bantu Fe. U. Dixon of Salt Creek township, j-uat ba.'k from eastern Kajisan liked Iteno county best. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1903. The Kir HI National bank, had deposits* of J.1,020,78.(Ji». 1'Jvery carpenter in Hutchinson waa Vorkiiig. Harvest hands were paid from ?2.ti0 to t',i a day. EmmoM Hutton made a trip to Pretty ib-itfrie. Almost everyone wanted Alain street paved. Wlurt Mvrlo Way in an of Hutchinson •and -Mr. Fred .Moore of San Mo mar- <lino, Calif., litis jusvt been lmirrlod. "FarcwellBluea" Tonite and Tomorrow GLADYS WALTON In a Special Attraction "GOSSIP" Also "A Grim Fairy Tale" Round 9 of tho "Fighting Blood" Serlea By H. C. Wltwer. Not a Sorlal. Admission 10c and 20o cat 6*H RO^RTSONS &RE*TST0SY0f THESW Cast Includes: Wanda Hawley, Cullen Landis, Earl Williams, Alice Calhoun Coming Thursday "Daughters of the Rich' Thcr^'i a full floor tod eveiybody Bmilini; when ' till* lively tax - trot is playetl. Fcr the laat trickle ol Kyninriateil ecBiaiy, ffct the Columbia Re Lord ol ll played by ' r ^* GcorgUns. "Snake'a Hipa" on ttie oilier side will r .ri,> you » boa-cou- oiittur. At Columbia Dcaleri A -3B64 75c . pLaphuita PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY HOOT GIBSON • at tho Iris Tomorrow. Don't mlM It. Evening 10* Matins* 5c—10. TODAY William Desmond —.in— "The Phantom Fortune" . Chapter 5 Reginald Denny —In— "The Leather Pushers" noun a c "FREE AND EASY" MEET ME AT THE !RI8 TOMORROW Hoot Gibson "The Lone Hand" Breezy action; appealing rornancu,"a smillnK, daring hnro; a toowitcMng heroine—and thrilling adventure. " "Pals and Pugs" llig V* Comody ThaVAmian who &Ai~'Sk? robbed m» of my husbind. •• ^| " „ row»dm»otmy husband. , blander the woman if PATHE NEWS USUAL Mat. 10c—25c PRICES Eve. 10c—33c —SCHEDULE— 1:15—3:15—5:16—7:15—9:15 FEATURE AT 1:45—3:45—5:45—7:45—9:45 THURSDAY NORMA TALMADGE "Within The Law" In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News TEN YEARS AGO IN 1913. •Hutchinson had a tamilod indebted- of 5-t(M,0('ti. dicer to th.- number or 20,233 Quart» was received In Jlutchliison In Juno. Colonel Roosevelt pas 3 '.id through Hutchinson on tho way to Arizona. SterlluK brought her iumd and ilfv car a of folkw down and tho ihand played a concert at Second and Alain. Tho liherinomoter Btuod at - 10U in Hutchinson. Tho hot day wan followed by a good, soaking; BIIOWIM'. HAS WITNESSED GREAT GROWTH OF THE NORMAL TCniiiorla, Kan.. July 9 .-r -WHh tho end at the. fUcul yoar J«ly ..'i, Prwlduat Tb .oiaas W. But«hor IlnUlted hlsteath

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