The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 16, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1859
Page 2
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__,;.,--,-; ,-——-»>»»••» •(.ww»*«>u • •-•••ill, UsBRtltS 0 WWto Vheatdlrtrt^m^ancSirSiiwUl tewlTt '. 0 ™f* ,£* •**••! *•-• tbe quantity 'writing Ufmill partlea wlthlng to porchu*, wSi do wett to lend In aranel»: warehouie. Walfcer-i Point. ;?$$! r, Prior 4 PO V having «old~ all hli iDtciett to uM firm t» Wl U*m M. Ktol»a •••••.. •--•...>.• - RED KETTLE ert lenwffl b» attended krwitaoot delay. •-••• ••' • •" rork\and^P«miy eif assaohusett i dB :h«T« t««a lairs, *nd th&t The track it te eioellent conaiaoh, ind tt$ ^l_~ .'VAL. •.-•'*:*..' ~H'y* •-•':- "••••.•« i ; '- v - V T ?1-"- oanofthe ;TIie oorm^ through .wtdch we be»ndu«ted andei> the Ublishment of an.interval between natnraliia- lon and voting. This" f s the pretence. Nowy rt ns*ee jrhatthB^'pBOple'e'cOnvention," of P«nnsylvanUdiairith regard to thia -witter. ibis in the bonj .'f.,-.,,.>--•>..' •:•.!•-:< ..:">... ' •gardens and potato to jexbite "a melancholy :minnte8 for 8o*» S. I __ Feiterdtj at twelve o'clock, the .{Third An-: nual Cpnventiott of tho editors wd pnbllshera •-•eft Wisconsin, met in Coiirentioo in .Albany. Hati in thi* city. The objects of ihe Conren- tl*i'#» »oithy ones, and we are well pleased to kaeio'niDoh interest manitetod by the«di- these ineetin^, and compating notes " 'h*riogiii'<riew the betufit of the entire pre^ of the State. Withitfthe past twoyears, there lias been a marked change in the appearanoe of the country press. • The -papers 'present * neaUr «ppearanoe than before that time. The 4«rge jobbing display ^ype is being thrown oat : of their columns and more tasty letter snbsti- toted in its stead. More attention has been; and U being -paid tOvlocal affiurs, and the ooU Iwtion-ofjtatistics relating to town and county' autten, thereby adding much to the interest of Goat feolniina. ' riTOlry has been brought not, and «u>h editor in the State ii •nrions to hare ont a little bettor paper than -hi* neighbor. In more than a «ooreof waya ^ these oonrentionB benefit the craft. They . eattty Jut >th* ballou hoi must be preserved, and that all fraads up* on the naturaliiaUpn laws, which have been so much resorted to to "promote the success of the:psjty ;W 7 oppJ4seV*ught ; In be counteracted by wholesome and proper < legislation.' : «ltm; ttoisnointow -'iff-. yow third volume, «a : -anohymoui oominuhfoation appeared signed "»?? and headed "Tha negro " .no rights which the>rhit^ man U bound to: ^wsp^ot.^ TW iioottO' Of-jrotir paper is, ;f Prore all .thingsj hold; fast that which U j^irxLif";jpver: onehni) dwd -yeaw iagtfj If'^ N.' 1 was bom In New England, big father or grand- lather, were, they rich enough, owned negro slaves, and wewdlrwtly or iBdireotly engaged in that infamous traffic, the elare trade, for tbe ,Jucp» Of-^old—the almighty dollar. • About two hnndred yflars^go, the Indians being dig* posaessed of lands hy force or fraud; by the .Pilgrim Fathers, nwny.-iof them were made slaves, on the AtlaatioBea-bo»rd, but: being found to be impracticable subjects;thoy-were inpenaded -by-the ,^African ~ negro, who 'Were kept in bondage after tba Declaration of 'Inde- pendenoei «nd at .tba period of tbe signing of .the Constitution of the United States, all New fos)«n d ;V«*oepi .-Massaehaetts w«e slave ;Sbortly;ajier, tiiat; period old England de- «aredth»sUv», trade piracy, and the United States, followed i»ralt, Immigration from Europe increased to that uKleot,that ilares and Slave labor fell 76 per cent. In value, and State After State in-the north and east, emancipated them or sold them to slaveholders in the of ibe Union, their services A. P. PRIOR. J. P. KAKBtOK. WM. M. KIS1BALL. 86 RKWAKD—SIAJT L.OST. i A : SMALL Black and While Hut, wearing «t^~> J£ anew leatber atrap : ajouod her neck. 3X** Bidhaiherearicnt to • point In the shape of loie* £!£.l^*°^ er » t * tl »n»''>eo««Jeni»ie,'!wa» '»«»on J^?5V. B 4S^ 00 ' June<th< Woo*™ "i» relarn •aid Slat la 341 Mato gtreet, will reeelre the abor. re- w * rd - : , jeT B:;Q OR8 J06T BEOKiyBD B¥ HJKJLAIVD & CO., EAST WATKK ST. • Caahmere. A Journal of fire I In Asia, Altlcaand Europe: wlih 100 Him'-" " - pot by John B. lit', Marshman and Ward. £m- cooa..oroiK)iB. COOK, HOLLI8TEE. & COTTON. Attorneys and Counsellors, NOS. 4,5, AND 6, PDffiHlX BDILDINO, (l«r Eut Water Street,) MILWAUKEE... j e 9 W1 < Manh'af lectnre Hamilton, i clencejof Double-Entry Book-keeping, in.Metaphysics and Logic, by Blr w i 00. 1 60. WUUam te h '« lo »T.««»rtnglncIdeBli and roman- i, by George Beck, D. D^ 1 60. .. trtngs; or the quintessence ..^H waggery and wisdom, 1 25. A*?/M e ?? «»*>« lfl e- A Journal of the Expedi- the Northern Indiana, the trlbei of the of 1888, bj «0c. I or Stolen. A PEOMI'OET SOTK for |50, payable t xm. ,, • -• — - — **•• v"( pajAvtrj HP Bftrbarft ,—..* 1 '* a * el * nl nwihs after date. Executed by rrelderichFroegel and M»rla Ch. Froegel, dated Mll- wankee, October 18, l&si I waru everybody not to buy laid note as It wdl not be paid to any one ezcept LM] BARBARA UIKD. tome slave labor In .. » ^ -----the northern -and eastern States, having be- oome unprofitable, It would sot pay. The agrlcnltnral productions of cold, and pore Bpeaklag. Hints for the Pul p lt,the n . ,. _/Bar, by it bautaln. Prise l oa. Diary ofLady Morgan, 1 SSt. BieBomince of a Poor Young Mao, l o». Sew Illustrated Eur»l Manuals; comprising the K™*,' t Sji G » rden . «•>• *»™ "d Domestic Animal! - rrn*c i MU .Hint* toward! Pbyilcal Perfcctlor., or th. Philoiophy inowlng how to acquire and re- h.alth and vigor, secure long NOTICfci. H AVING purchased of Mabley « Co , tbe r stock In trade, consisting of Cloths, t loth.n* and Gents Fur- nlshlni Ooodi, with Interest In the busines-i at th* .tore, Ho. 1»S East Waters, wl ere I lute,,d carrying on the Clothing busir e«s In all It. branches Milwaukee, May W, 1659 U. 8. MABLEY. W K have sold to C. R. Mabley our ito.k n •f 1 " 1 Intern! In on- business. No 193 Kast Witer ft. We recommend him to our customers and the nubile generally. Milwaukee, May SO, ISM may81-d2w MABLK.Y s in>. HATS^ND CAPS. H A "T'VT c: A p"s" AND LmRHLLfll A'elngufar combination, but fery effectual, •* o fft i"> 4 w-ir S I li A »V .' Saw TOM, November 30, 1382. I TKN PEIi rENT ^Knowing, from expert, nee, the valuable qualities of I Than •;•%• £'£?*Q-f?^ t WW. l-.«"4 Xtwr^PtWr,prepared bj HenangBrot. WtUeorgh, I have for M ma,tlme »ack er.uU.rea it o, duty, and m<d e u m , „„,„.„, to mate tboM article, known wherever I ,„„ , monir my frtwie..' A abort time wo I became acquainted with ' my uock the case ol a yoang girl, who itemed to betroabled I -'»• •'•""( with worma and U»ar complaint at the urn- tin, ,, had been suffering for aome two months. Thrc I.OWF.K and I —'euuli my ' penuiiion ihe purchase* one bottlo »f Dr. Lanft I Vermifuge, and one box of Liver Pitta, whlnh the took according to d»rectloi,». Tha rriult wa», «he p&ssal a large qoantlty of worms, and t' inki t' at oni- box more ofjthe Pllt* will restore her en p rr,,. i i^sith. Her name and realdenc e can be learned 6y OII.QH ,, n K. L. Th»3ll, Dru?gH!, corner if Bu'?'r an.l HI -nr<.<! Ureeti. *3»-"- Purchasers will tM careful tn »«k fnr Dtt. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VSRMlFDdE, aianufartur ed by S-L*M;NOBBOS. of pittsbor-.h, p. \n ,iher Vermlfn e. In comparison are <r<mnle». Dr. M'l.^ne'i genuine Vermifuge, also his celebrated Llvtr P Us. *n nriw be had at all respectable .truj nores. Hone yemttne vHOuntt tilt tiynnturt „/ ji-14-d*wlm PLKMINfl naoa caia be -AT— ANY OTHER HOUSK IN TflE WEST V| KRCHANTa who J f ,ir- •„ .»y.. „ ..y „ ,,.. iTl u' *jd> of ^onds, ar- n.^p,.,-cn t ll ? M^II,.<I u, -,, tl bef«ir« hnylny, aa I ^ OT « n .uy [, yini'e thfm that f *m iflln loWHr than »ny tih^r tinu City- lly <0 oil.i Vl .ru»,-,| „ Itet valui', mn.l I urn nlUni; to 51 My 3dHortm»-ni /• /ffi „ .(,„ of STHAWOOODH i ,,,y :iimi,mer HATS. TAP W U 1MCON, >ONNEK L,h.l>(>|- I-.D. BON N !• J ust r"i.»?i v«,i .,t . 1-. 11 i K i; - t-.i; r.ti HA 1 i 1 t \ I 1 I II 1 I r 1 H. A I \ 1 \ I V 1 \ i DF.BII 1 I * Thl« a a complaint very common, ripr.-i emales. Hooflantl't German. Bitt«r* n,are this disease. The lyslrm, und.'r in toreil to Itj ortKlnal nr»Q B th »D<| v Knr I mes good, th« •plrits htcotoe --h^v-ful. mind yoo fepl t' e Tall r*» ut t. ale by JrufKiatii ainl dealers in mmllrme!! . .t ZS^ceola p«r bfitilr. P A T r I TJ1STO2L. U I' H \ is; UK \. I HIK JAMES CI.AKK K .- RETAIL GOOD!> ,.,. ...•.»!,,, H. ;' H K t • i . Bpnrgeoi's Sermons, roliiau Ore, 100. poUitedlyasiit oonld do without specifio words I ness and Investments, suuh-as commerce, ship to that effect, ewipr«M the M«s&achnsetta two I bnlldin fi?> ^beries, iDftnnfactories, arts and in vogue to the ballot-box." And this resolution passed the "people's convention" without a word of opposition from any quarter, and at is for the present an article In the creed of the "peo- pWal' party < of Pennsylvania, of whichJhe, to do away with vmett of the fll-feeling orilti- TatediualoBg political «ampaSgit. SansKyao, EnbletJ^'Sholes, Carpenter, Holt, ,Oore, Farrar, Fitoh, Clement and otn « *eiUgerMJts; are jnst the best fellows in the world when not teharging with a pointed proujwn the KtUe piccaaillog, either «al or imaginary, of a ootemporary. There are many thing! yet to beaceompIiBli. «d. if the press of the State will resolreto fet no paper go from their offir* till pwd fa r> «d for .no longer, pariod—if they will insist upon belng;|)«<i for what they do—insist upon »ot ootting eacb others throats by a system of job work and advertising— wbether patrons or ^ot, their purees will be hearier and their labors lighter. Much good has already been accomplished in this Itae, black republicans of that State are a component part. -So we st-e that the black republicans of State alter State, declare for, instead of against, the prosoriptire and: -derogatory Massachusetts doctrine. They bare declared for it In Con- nocticnt, New York, Hew Jersey, and Pennsylvania, by direct and potitive action. These, with Massachusetts, make five States, -the black republicans of -which bare posifJreTy declared for it, and two of these are the largest in the Union and are hence leading States. , What makes this action of this ;"pecple'g convention'' more si^niEcant 5s. -that tbe con- rention made not the slightest-reference to the Hack republican platform constrnctgd at Philadelphia, in 1858, by the Presidential nomina tifigconrerrtion, whioh pjatform contains some very dtstin'ot and forcible declaration* concerning ' : «l.nal rights." The "people's couren- tion" stopped altogether short of the procla- mstion of "equal rights"—josl as far short as MasMohnsetts could have desired that it should do. We are carious to see how long those Germans ail or« who hare gi>eu aid aad comfort ta the black republican party will continue to do so in the faoe of tbe insult and degradation which black republicanism heaps npon' them. and much remains to^done, and we are glad to we the general disposition manifested to insist upon -editors rights. Our business men will flpd the members of the press nov attend- Convention, good, wide awake fellows, •ad .-*>« advise them to onltivite aaiscfuahit- interests, will make money by advertagiurr in any of the country papers now represented here. . JJblrs- The last overland mail brought us the %. ^ paWfshediii Salt Lake City, hj Crk •Anderson, ; which coatains much valnabte an- taiigenoe respecting Mormbn aflalrs, which, from the representations given, are daily growing worse. Treason U rife, and- defiance of the National Government load and ioaoJem The Praident's proclamation was scouted «nd. derided at the time, «nd, says the Tin ••theoiay hiterpreteiiontliat caB ; b*put it, »n4 in fiet th« only way H Js »we|ve <ipba them goy. ersinent stood in the anomalous condition of pardon for >-fc* own BBhje«!te r and heir own twrttorlea. th» !^»;^-n |i ?n tttonnted^ . said when'- covered had signals^repawd npon the mono* )tt> ^ their forces ,in_va- ' «{4r*t.anU«oniitio to- the CrovernnienS,.;' ' ati^^onbf t&VEsecufive'bi* beeji called proclamation : .• i - ^ Kewraonee Fntnds. Th* Madison Journal, and other repablioaji papars in the Stats, hare recent]/ published charges against E. Decker, Esq , of Kewannte, making direct «nfl josftUe charge* of the recent oanran 0[ fog j ar iiciij vote. From a gentleman who attended the late term of toe Circuit Cotirt of. that county, we liave gathered incontrovertible facts fully exonerating Mr. Decker from the least sntpicion of impropriety ! Tbeeospicioa as to Mr. Decker's connection with the alleged frauds, arose from the fact that »ome two or three personal enomies of hia in KewanneeCkmnty, hare been coneipooding with the Madison Journal, and other republican papers,endeororing to cart snspicion npon Mr. Decker, wheiLDOt one of them had ever been to the Clerk'* office to examine tb« re- iurns; and even'they admit that the town of Bed Birei, in refereno* to which charges of fraud are. made because -261 rotes were return ed, eon cart 400 Ugal vote*. The •. eetnro from 3led Elver, on file in the Clerk's office, is sno- r legislation", jast now' (In the establishment of their factories the wide "jMirity and safety of awake Yankees invited, induced and welcomed Itbose emigrants from Europe, and England in particular, who wan skilled in all manner of manufacturing and trades, and to give them their due, the Yankees improved upon their nslructors, and brought to perfection many inventions and fabrics superior to what they were before. In the mean time the southern States, fifteen in number, continued slavery guaranteed to them, and sanctioned by the ICons'titution of the United States, whioh we (bare solemnly sworn to support, uphold and maintain. There are nombere, howerer, who lake this oath, and stifle their conscience under tbe pretence of a higher law, which is all moonshine, fanaticism and intermeddling with their neighbors and fallow citizens of th. south who will no doubt eradicate slavery from their Soil whenever it becomes unprofitable as the Yankee has done. The elaaticfty and energy of 4p»«;Jankeei8»noh ttat they will follow no business or pursuit long, whioh is not lucrative, but choose other pursuits more profitable that will pay. Louisiana was purchased under democratic auspices, from >apoleon Bonapart, and the BaOet of it being adapted to slave labor, the products of cotton, amjar and rice were immensely increased. Prior to wiioh, and two rears belore thfe adoption of thi constitution democratic Virginiaorded totheiPnjted States the whole of the North Western territory now cotupo-i-fl of the States of Ohio, Indiana' Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, which by the ordinance of 1787, slavery and involuntary servitude was forever prohib- itnJ, except for erime. All and every one of tlwiso States were admitted into the Union, 1 Wieve, under democratic administrations'— Tlie ojily frw State which was admitted nndor wMu or black republican administration, was California, a child of the Mexican war. Oregon last of all, also a free State, admited into the Union by democratic votes, although rio. lently opposed by tbe black republicans in Congress with some few exceptions. A grwit field, historically, politically, morally, religiously opcus extensively to my view but I must refrain. The agitation of things in Heaven.things on earth, and things under the earth, is tbe ordet Fred. BoM No mark. -i 'minion 01 the Arabs In Spain, 8 74 A Journey Dne North, being Doles of a residence in Bnaila, bj-iUeorge Augustus Sala, I 00 Lamont'4 Medical AdvUer and Marriage Guide, trtth nearly l<XMengravlng«. Price 1 25. ttePlUarofPire, or larael In Bondage; by Bev. J. H. Ingranam, I 25. Irving-a Life of Washington, rolume flve, 1 80. Alllboneh Dictionary of Authors, S &0 Life of Kjl Carson, 2 00. ... i 8TKICKHND4 CO., _4f?_. | 134 East Water street. WAREHOUSE SALE or reclaimed Freight and Baggag ^^OFJMIL. & LACROSSE B. R. VTflLL be; sold at Hood's Auction Rooms, No. 4 Bprinir JT St., dn Thursday morning, the 30th day of June the follow ng 1-ist Freight and Baggage, onless called for and cbajrges paid prer.ous to day of sale. - Mart,. 1 Black T^arellng Bag, 1 Carpet,! 6 Black Bag!, 1 Carpet Bag, 2 Black B»g3, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Black Bag, 2 Carpet Bag, 1 LeatierlBag, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Bundle fJlothlnj 1 BandBdx. 1 Busscu lYunk, 1 Black ' <• 9 Black •• 1 Chrst, i 3 Black <• 1 Bui-ctt 1 Chest, ' 1 Box, 1 Buasett •" 1 Black 1 Feather led, 4 Black r?a<cbela, u 1 Carpet Bag, •. 8OUDS, ; ,. t Hat Boxes nod Hats, li Bundles Olo hmr, The abort gooda hare remalofd on hand al lh« Drpoi of the La Crd fe and Milwaukee Bailroad one year an.l orer, and will bt sold without reieTr for cash. „ I J {1OOD. Auctl nttr Milwaukee^ JUDC 10, 16i». jelO-d4tjni>Od EXCITt,TIEi\T .' Tlie but assortment ol the nnest \Vatclacii4 stiver Ware, Jewelry and FANCY J. Gentlemen's, Misses' &Chitdren' BooU, 1 SHOES, NLIPPt.US Ac It Ullll 1C Its. FINE BOOTS~MADE~ TU OHDEB. IVo. 225 Eaat Water «trcet (Opposite Wilkfr Haas*,) MILWAUKEE,.. R. A. CL1FPOKD'* .CEMTItAL DACIKliHK, AND FINK AHT (JA 171 Katt H'a(«r Street. V. !>.. I'h „,„•!„. .'••,--„„ U""<r [ni'iifti! tod Ja/ujtruua LUiHt Ci ru-itiiij;] , ri *j iubj^ct a.Dtl reni' . .4; -,. j •, ftu r- . e i 10 TI .4 UK 11 Iht: a; .uih)y pcri'xl »a)i r«--, u. .Ka.,' ti"ti|>-,pr • O'i<r D tliu.1 Stamp of Grrwl linl-iin, u, t ,r- FIRS T TI1RSK H ' \ 7 //.v tint*A.t.'my ,tre *tijK, the back *nd Limt.a. Vati.ruf UUon of t.',£ licart, Hyiu-nr*. FUKNITUKI-, \ ITlfl \^ t'Abi NK r M \ N I [ >*• ^" t ,IM -I .' I 11 \ | H AVING lecu'ed the assistance of moat rxpertance-l operator In the kens, (whose ikill in hia department la many of th- cltizn.j of Milwiukee,)! s tooffertothe public eTery deairaole «( known to the community «I k.wer r»ie« In a better manner than can be done n tahllshment In the W^t OLIFKuRD'tl IT> East Water ure hooo< - w-» I'leat and M.UAW- known U; iiiv prepare*! If '.f Plciurvs nil fieruied my other ea- formerly kn..»n 4 liALLEUY .-Veley m.-li Fre<i. Busitl! 0. M. Ferrb. J. A. Blanehard No mark. H. O Green. No mark. " FEED THE HUNGRY,"" Hole Aif-iii for the C'nitr'l .^tn^s » JOB MOSEfl, i Untr ! • N. B — 11,00 an*1 6 po't^/e imm^s c thonaed A«{ent, will tnsur- • n- :ti*?, piila, t>y i-rturn tniil »?0r lAl- Sy aRK.- ? I •'. N V • in y \v fllHlS injunction, JlTino m it- Jl ai » duty upon ui all, is DOW fullest flteOt by Ul.V\ A: < KOSUV, WATKK JST>.IKK'I , Wb«, »rf j i>t n rrcftp^ ind Diu3l coin pit (*• sirn K u Family Ever eJthtbiltrd in tNii eily, rec^nUy in th« New Yuri ari.l F < * l { c At lu-t, price* *t eoabl^ us 10 in Lbf tradf, »m] .u.l atf , f ; ^ n Our p.rog-ranjm- -mbr»<-« bi,.th HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKINci. Laud and C oiler linn tMfit \'\ no appearance of positive or intentional ftjand, and Jtr, Deokar, one of the canvaswrs, ponjointlr with itis associates, coohi not do otherwise than Inclade the vote* in-blstetoroV.!^ Stile cahrasaera. ,AnrJ notwithstafadlnffihe prejadioed effort to pro- cnre an indictment against Mr. Decker, a fall panel of grand jurors, present at the donrt 1 - J "* ------ ^ - • in Notonl^ ia i Mr.^tecker'acqnltted in ths eyea of the law, but every officer in the county, together with a Urg 9 number of influential citi- *snB, hare, tijxm iiupeetion ofthentwni, 'over their own signatures, united in saying that no -suspicion whatever can attach to him as to any Election frauds, and they go go far as to acquit canvasser* and electore'df frauds or fraudulent Intentions. ,.-.:.• ! The matter has ended jnstas we'predicterl, and those republican papers, whose vitality depends np»n the erfl they can do, will oast about for another victim.— Manitevoc Herald, Thus endeHj iir smoke the broadcast And li- beloas insinuations of the Madison Jfarnal.— That paper lias always seen, in cray-demo- 9, '69. informed jrhereas, that jBertaw persons, who ar»4om« unknown togetteriai* -Jnlf. ' tfon a theylara but to«e inoonshine. AS* ._,., «feftif ,!t will hawB the manljood to retract. W« ' "" . has <siVme out of Meinv, the , of the day, and the old proverb, "like priest, like people" is found to be true, since political preaching is all the vogue now-a-days, instead of the gospel'of the blessed God. Instead of :he gospel according to St. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, we have in many pulpits, consecrated to the living God, from Sabbath to Sabbath, preached the gospel according to Kansas, the gospel according to slavery or abolitionism; the gospel according to Beeoher or Gteeley.orAbbyKelly.or M. and to N., all through the alphabet, feeding Christ's flock with garbage, Bharpe's rifles, &c. 4c., ad in/f- nttum, pandering to the corrupt tastes of their hearers. If these sanctimonious political persons believed what they generallv preach is the gospel, why don't they go into the Slave States, and preach it to masters and slaves — They know better, for they oan find no warrant for it in the Gospd of-Christ, and I must pay my r-specU to Mr. "N." who appears to be a merrier of the church of Christ, and perhaps a tru thy member, I wonl,1 most respectfully ask »S." what gospel t«mpt«d you to speak evil of dignities —it must have been the gospef according to abolitionl«iu, or some other ism. You broke the ninth commandment, in stating that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, in ihe Ored Soott oase that hia decision was " That the negro hat no right, vhtch the white man wot bound to raped " I W0tt1d§erioosjy enquire with all'proper respect, do yoXiTcnow the purport, siftniBcation or BJtauing of word.. Bead the whole pro. ceedings again—you done this ignorantly, be- «aJB»e thera was such*.hue and cry among the republicans about U, yen believed it because yon wished to brfiere it,—like the B«v Thomas M. Eddy, of the M.J3 Chorch, who stated the saiLflilalsehood at a camp meeting in lliohuran, instead of endeavoring to win « on 'e to Christ. I offered that gentJiman five hundred dollars if he could prove that that was the decision of the Chief Justice. But he was mum and dumb and would not allow my answer thereto a place In the North 1IIT1 IIKI I -s »-j CUSS. prices. | T be bou^hi puund l.,r t.,, Java. l.*fu.rx • U(«, ai; kin.l ltead,n,-ar,J . ple»sitiv Minj pa;iy of 1'ur cal*nary reli»lj wit!, a rajtiable a.iu an.l Me, I p.~, highly Jeilciom and Ireii.len (Jl t Hl«c RESTAURANT — AN1>— Core uyilers, Co I ,«r,rer! Ka.sms, Pit In ft in o Macombcrs A rery rnrra iOOO SlUAIt Th« best ev-r IIKI.S. f,,r oor trade CJKOL'NL) lian.l (rod 111* tmpiri an.l I J H Y A T T JANK.-VlLLJi The be.tit.,,-1 10 t< ; wu a*nd si t-*. lowes A > » F. S L OOATKD oear Ihe Milwauk Is j Kvtr brongbti to Milwaukee. Just the tiling for H daj pr-stcu. Just recdred rerv cheap fur cash. '; ilATl-ON t LOOMI8, declS £01 E«st Water itre^ Mll»aot«, Wis I . | STATEOf WIBCOrtgIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co John 8 Bojd,, ) against John W. Jones, Sldnej L. Bood, Jasper El. Goodrich, Phillip Trent*, Bristol Brass and dock Company, Alfred G. Peckbam, William H. Merrill, Dennis M. Flush, Qeorge A. Allen, and Charles E. Uaje. I N Tirtue of kod pursuant to a judgment] rendered in •aid Court jln Oie abort eotiUedl actloo, daleJ the 3d ttay or June, 1S59, I shall expose foi sale and Mil >t Pubic Auctloa, at th« Post Office In ihe city of Mil waukee,<.n»n(urdar, the lOtbdoyof *ep- Icsnber, ISif. »t the hour of'.! p. a olthat dar Ur following deschbed mortgaged premls.s or >o much thereof as majrlbe rescsiarr to raisetlie amount of salil Judgment, InUrileat and costs, together with the expense* of sale, to wit: [ " All thu piece or parcel of land, situate In ihe county of Milwaukee and Stale of Wisconsin, known 134 desi ribed as loi sli (6), in blrck e-ghtj-aii (84), In the Third Ward of lh« city of Milwaukee." Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Jun« T 1S58 CMJAM i Oaaaim, i A. J, LANG WORTHT. PriTsAtt'ys. f Bber.ffMll. Co . »ls. or Irss or ih^ir pr«fl:j m dal riy. Call and Examine Ou( «l< k, /- u w:|l frireij show you our kto« c»nn >t fail to pK aj» •<l§ on.l Tils' Franklin ('hrniicfll \V<>»k >0.-i31 .\ORTH FRANKLIN STUEKT, A I t just the place lu procure w*rm m-»ls, for the small lum of 25 wul b- suppli^.l with the choicest rianj, if •. 01 XTEH* A.\D f.AMt •**' rvr 'l IP 'H rv-ry Ityle, nn th'irt -. 't.<-,» alw»y, luppllr.1 *lth the :h<>lr»3! \V n-« ! Tr»7elen upon the ililwauttn. 4 "llflnrt ^taaestaiKlconveni^ntpli.'^.. -*r. W »rtn Lunch from In t., j . Wholesale i •> I ' > ' N 1 r o c tept CCNMNDH HI. Wwttrtn Chritlian^Advoeate and 'Journal, edited by .thafgentlemtn, at OMcago. I sappoie be.cai*fnllj; peroSed Uiedobomeiils, the whole •nbjeot^nd .ftnnd that ie,*landared the Su* preme ^Tonrt., Tha venerable Chief Jn««ce *M ^Dly iUrtlng as a m»tter of Watery the oplnjpn of the cirttizrf .world about negroes, rm* one hnrjdr«d.»/e»ra ago, and nothing else! The decision was (by a majority of the Sri. 1082] SUEKIFF'.S SALE. (Now. STATE Of WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. [ Joseph Vlnton, ! 1 _. a.alnft ' Judgroeot of Foreclosure Theodore K. Rockier and f and Bale Elizabeth J. Heckler. j I N rirtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered 'D said Court, In lue above entitled action, dated the 3d day of Jnue/1819, I shall expose for .air and sell at fubiic auction,lat the Post-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Muurday, tUc lUth day e'f K«p(embewy. 1S5B, at the hour of, of thai day, the followijvg described mortgaged premises or so much thereof asjinar be nece-iary to ra>a ? the amount 01 sam judgment, interest and costs, together with the expenaesol sale, to wit: "All that pie •« or parcel sf land situate In the County of M Iwaukee and State of Wlscon-ln, i Olrn ^""l de ' crib * 11 " 'he north half of lot eleven fll],>n bock one hundred and ninety- eight, [WSJ in Roger's Addition, In the Krst Ward, of the) City of Mllwauk-ee." Dated Sheriff 'f Office. Milwaukee, June T 1859 p!i*aS5?"tM A-J. LANGWORTHT, PI fls Atfyi. ( f ; 8h .n-. Mll Oo w ',,. W K l"*"e Ui auDMiinc^ to oar n.l? In iifn/-r*l. in»t ia r lr»»el ni: sgrnl will be dispatched ' Wp invvr .,ur olj rust.imers an.l otbfri I letter with [heir orders for ewer jjpnldofli(glitr«1r rotbttr, ' ' ' • * »»r.'h«>jDg Jorisdrotfon, fdr the reason that ^ return (0 their wad" immediate- injruaction are •^^ttx&i, m j" .- T-r-™- !"•*•«••>•. •*•*.»«,-HM » uv iThe (Jievelanrl. ™*!0rtio«topp6a: aVttBtlJeir^ngland Hotel in .tirjUjrfiy the pl^floMinfeliMolS ft friglitful" i Plains, between j .whioh is located i '«V State enact- onstitnte them fHtiteri* of theTTrilted States • big high privilege "is cranted onlv to wttllJ »«l,'-r.^ : -i A ' •- S • '^ '• ^--» /< **7 *V .' IVU1KI IO20] SIjtERlFF'8 *TATE Of! W1*CONSIH, Olrcolt Court, Miiwankee County. John 8. Boyd, \ against {, 1 Judgment and Sale. ThomatT , aibertW.Hae, Percy R. Ijham, William 1. Patteland Edwards. Blacil I S ilrtue of ai laid Court, It of Foreclosure dpuraumt to a judgment ren4ere<1 In the above entitled action, dated the of Lii|iioi winch, »s «lways. Kill he expcuted t«i h,:r rr,,,r. fact'oo Thousands >p t irrriatr Hi, ( ,un upon our K»9eDfri are madf »lpch pr^.enf Tanlapti »nil laoilitit-a never . ffere<l 1. The K senre frttra these -*o, \ i gained by Ust i.ation, the.rfor He»;thy »ome bm(f tt'ftt nthfr* car r, 1 t ..r ilire I theirs- 2. The Cost, arr n.uc 1 ! less t'nn n'tu-rt,»use these K'S-nces re put up In pavkagei. ,,, •!,..-..ntajninit eooogli for 'orty gallons, »r,l romprsinir cot onlj til th.- rt-i|Uired ingrellenis, Au( nl, , the , Addrws letteni to OARL F.BLKB, Ma^a t -~f rank Chertil.-al Works, Chicago, 1U . K. u. B.u .'..'A3 t OH. H. K N API'. K eceotly or N. V., may be cr,osulte.i.nt hja room .%„.« Newhall House, Milwaukee, tbe first of f »er) month, commencing November 1st, In regard to all eases, which he treats with nnpreeedent«<l juc,-e.ia. in cures chronic cases of diseases, which have b.-en pro. oounced Incurable by the medical faculty generally. such as Nerrotu and Neuralgic Affections, Olseasts o! Women, ail forms of Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Constipation Hltln Vlacasea, Cancerous and Tuberculous Affections including Pulmonary Consumption, Rheumatism, Par. alysls, Epilepsy, Remittent and Intermittent Feyers, the diseases of Children, *c. Au. the perils and most of the sufferings of child-birth are rumored by earl, consultation. ' ' Remember, that the Doctor does not promise to cure all stage* of Diseases. While all dlaeues are corablc If taken In seaaon, all stages are not. Vour case may be curable this week, not neit—to-day, not to-morrow Hence the danger of delay. sept28 0T Dr. Knapp will he at nls Rooms, Newball Houne from Tuesday noon, July IStb, till ThursJar noon July 14th. Consultation rua. A i . b. A -N I I t 1 t- ft-ani \ !«• K < ai % ?i r A 4. ••'4«.» 1 .k n r ":•*,••• li i > i; i ACrir.K U VXD IS 1 I \ a \% ' II l > 1,0 > , IK fJBttrt^flf^ptfbJI Jiras aireeWrom^rirarU^i^^oh^oWted l*^WW$Kffii£V3& ^flaltpi.T.fliiwrir^rrig^to fc«4r**e«itoto e f OT «d,W^^ SI1ERI .• 8T4BS OP1SW8CC Circuit Ooort.tMaW»e W.' *!p§ .•*n«V-«f'Ti«.«w ! rsHc'' ~^.'~^r p * •"»/••••""Jjivver* r;|o God-for jiallno'tl^r.ftlM witness. ^sttfeiMghbor^ ?^;Qiii^»^rindi,V(T.; 3^&^&^m&$&&* : oreclosure fend Court, la the 10,185r,IthaU Uon, atthe'" Statitrda the hoar of "All that ,.«*Wti .lalapl cKorplrcelofUod %, tal i^ ; the Conntj'• «-. - Ornca or ru» MIL. t MmcwTt R. R. Co. I Milwaukee, June 0, 1S99. f JVJOTICE tahetphv ftven-th»l th. H»-i n r -^,.-.-i-N u.m orXtrs Company, Ts In the offlc, of ih^Secre- S' 3 rJ? ^" ,"5' P i ny ''? the Clty of M 'l"»»««!. ready to be Kecutfd by holders of bonds secured by the morhrjgei of the LaCrosse A Milwaukee Railroad Co under foreclosure of which this Company js organized-' aril? persp-« haldtog snch bond, who have not alreadr eitcated Ee same are notlfted to Jo so In person or by Attorney duly authortied. ' floUcels slsoglTen, th>t Ihe Secretary of thli Com- P V *"''" n « certificates of the stock or this Compa- nj to the holders of sjch bonds upon surrrender ther*- •f, In purnance of the prevlalons of the d»ed of or- gsjiliatlon. ,s, SO ri'**"* li S B ' Tenfthllt toe """^ o* Directors of thl« Coapany has made an assewment on the stock at the|rate ot one per cent, for the, «rpote of p.,ing the expense! of forecloU ni j the laid mortgagee and o or- WnUtogthl.OoBpan,:, payable on oTbefo", The r,?,t htfim^S.^ 0 to'*"**™ <" ">" Company, at nu offlee tn the City of Milwaukee JtJ-dtt BW10HT W. KKYR, Secretary. > V .N , •I. V a 11 k e e " i% o t i o u •». STOCK ALWAYS~~F U LI c2 <tly nltttance free. t-.i; rUy K.\ l.-il N >, Are re-iueuted'to tali ami ?x.tml 0()OL)S AND R. P. CADV, Qnentln's Block, Tl r W«i» r II Ittv IS|| BOOI»I«. X I k K I » (i OK IKjt l I « 0 a « BTATE Of WISCONSIN, I Cinml». : 0ojirt, Milwaukee Co. f fllHE NEW AND THK OLD , Or California ind U.I,, A in romantic sspects, by O. W Palmer M D Mosa'ca, by the author of Silad for the solitary A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bunce- Life of General HaTeloctc. by J T Hoadley The Convalescent, hy N P. Winu. The Sparriiwgraat Paper.; or, LIviDj lu ihe Counuv By r. T. Cozieut. ' Juat Received. For site by , ,„ TERRY t OLEAVSK, J el - IliT K.»t Wst»r St. I Tl 71 O \ I> S, ' PROPRKTOB * MANTJTACTTJRKR OF PCHK ' vt b, M V K U (.; H v I XI !• [ ,• [-. 1 kW » I Uca. CATAWBA BRANDY, i. t ' > neeock, Horace H. Freeman an* Stliabetb, hli wife, Caleb 0. Pat»er»on and .. Faitenpn, his wife. ' •; _JuiKment Foreclosure.- ' IN Tirtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In AUS? ,S onrt » In."*" •»«"« eujtliled acUon, dated March 6.1f8».S.hall«ipo..for.ale r anoTaeH at PnbllcinS Po't-Offlc* on the earner of W .treett,, toTthe Clt> of Milwauk of m*wmm 4trat*he-oMman ' <• SOLE OHIO T IQIS Dranjy has been manufactured for several years from the pure juice of the Catawba Grape thus affording additional evidence of the progress oi American enterprise and Industry, and of our ability lo produce article! athome-wiuaJ to those made by anv other nation. •* •* It is fu ly V xl 1 TAL..4.N n..c..ive,I C1UKK. ChHinp.^i,,. t.., N. V . XX K.NKBKU SMOKKU SALMON, ol» ^ , .x the bes no * onl ' «*»*> b »' mported BrandJes, In purity and flavor o<ro - oor moi eort country, lon « been felun ""» e Introduction of an article of such auall- k " le0le " lle tna M « °' tnose vile com- ponnrU hitherto sold under the name of Brandj.can onlv oe regarded* gnat public good. The Uitiawba Brandy poSKssea altlha good qualities claimed for th* best Imported liquors, and U of per/eel purity and superior £««r, and a soverrgn and wr« remedy far Dyspepsu, • rSim Cy ' P"™! 1 ' CoU °' taninor. Low Spirit., G«ner SI IJCoiiiiy, «xi£* NO .FAMILY SHODU) BE WITHOUT O NK i pr.., ollbut, rr HI N > 1 1 A >11 Uiillld «t HUNN .» CUOSUV SALMON. U01CB J Retail Price, tl,25 Per Bottle. IT. Q. SI mmondi hA> appointed J. P. * ». 8. IL8LEY Mo, HI Eait Water itreet, sole agents for the State of Wisconsin, where dealers and customer! will please forward their orders. > By calling on the agents, the public will receive asam. r , JUSTICE DOOKKTS. M AJ J2]'f OTDgp eipressljr for that parpow, £oot of flTttqualltT paper. X.TaUUtf tea •*• . »>MW£k M API.K •ALlAlNH VlupU' Sy icat Caitcs, tt I1U--.N i OKOSBVU. MKW i'. «. IIOJ.AVSCS K KUK1VKI) b/ arst txiat rmm UulTal *P rT NN 1 CBOaBY-3. O. «.. JAVA O f superior quality, i apr? !ttU» the Sent in Ule city, a> UI N.N 4 CROSBY'S. KAMIJ.Y N £W York Mills gluux, ou martJ :antly on oaoaavs.

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