Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 23, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, February 23, 1959
Page 5
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Coyotes Meet In t Here Tuesday Harvesters Heavily Favored Over District 4-4A Champ / < By RED ORIOOS l>ally N«vs S^Oft* Kdlfof Pampa's Harvesters travel the second mile on what they hope will be the road to their Second straight state championship, here Tuesday night against Wichita Falls. (The first mile was race.) the district The Harvester basketball team oyotes lost to Quanah early against Arlington. Irving, Gram Prairie, and Blfdvllle. The Coynes' four 16sse« this year have been to two teams th« Ha.rveaters have beaten, twice each. Wichita Falls dropped the only games they played against Denton, 50-45 and 70-62, and los two out of three to Quanah. The in takes on the Wichita Falls Coy- |£f 8e . ason ; 4 °£? 1 ,.)* at .- U !? m 4 ,l'* ote 8 at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Harves- Thursday in Wichita Falls, then ter Field House, in a one . SameF" 6 Bounced by the Indians, 60- bi-dlatrict plavoff. , 40 Saturday in Quanah JSJZTS: ss£ h ri »*«'> " r " - -<" - have a 17-4 season record. The Harvesters have won 27 straight games this year, and a two-season total of 40 consecutive contests. Pampa had a 14-0 mark in win- short hut spirited Denton Bronch- os, 76-55 and 63-56. However Pam pa had little trouble topping the tall Quanah Indians, 67-51 and 7644. Quanah and Denton were the also undefeat-i ed in their district, 4-4A. They won eight, while losing none, Is:, BUSY MEN—These three men have had no time to relax during the past two weekends, because they're the men who have been "keeping them rolling" in the city bowling tournament, which closed Sunday. They are, from left, Red Watson, Harvester Bowl manager, Stanley Brake, secretary of the city bowling association for 16 years, and George Gray, vice- president of the city bowling association. Miami, Hedley Here Tonite The Mlnml Warriors play Medley tonight at 8 p.m. In Harvester Field House. In a ola-n B hi- district game. Miami Is the II-B champ, and Hedley I* the 12-B lltlisf. Tho Warriors, coached by Bill Mines, have a season record of 20 wins and 7 losses, and have scored 1383 points, an average of 51 per gnme. The Owls, coached by Don Haskins, have a season mark of 30 wins and four losses, and have scored 1,081 points, for an average, of SI .8 per game. Railsback, Celanese Win Bowling Meet Coyotes and Harvesters. Pampa and Wichita Falls have been the only teams to beat Quanah, which has won 31 games this year. Both Pampa and Wichita Falls strong on defense, though the Coyotes aren't as strong defensively in recent years. Both -make use of a shifting zone defense, but Wichita Falls occasionally switches to man to man. The Harvesters paly a fast- breaking, race-horse type of basketball, but the Coyote offense is more of the ball-control variety. They work the ball in carefully and shoot mostly from the outside. At least a couple of good Individual duels could develop Tuesday gist THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS MONDAY, FEBfttM? 93, •\ J GETTING HIM OFF THE HOOK AAU MEET FEATURED BY MANY WORLD RECORDS By JOE SARGIS United Press International NEW YORK (UPI) — Ron De• f - — - J , . ., j m/icigu ovdi .-?, un.iuuiJtK JJUi J-fCilu- night, between the top scorers and : ' ane y- wn f admitted he might |g . er who broke Gng Rice - g „. the playmakers of the two teams. " ave Dce " fogging it a little in Coyle Winborn, 6-4, who has "all out" in this Saturday's race,, can be lured back for the Knights because the field will be stacked • of Columbus meet March 7, leaped with a number of American and|a record shattering 7 feet, .114 , foreign stars, including Bill Delin- ' inches — higher than any other man has jumped in history — to .... .. year record with a 13:37 clocking! earn seven first-place votes and ^uyie »v mourn, o"», wno ima i recora DreaKing mile run last, for the AAU three-mile run. 44 points. Delany got 34 points and scored more than 450 points for f, a ;. u ™, av ' ^ „,* *r le tofca u I Istvan R°zsavolgyi, who helped Dellinger, a lieutenant fn the Air the Harvesters, will have to be at hat luxur y th « Saturday when he; h De) { h , d „ set .; Force was third. his best to beat out Garland rBub-j takes on another •• v^.i... ba) Bailey of Wichita. Falls for In-' in a s P ecfftl mlle dividual honors. Bailey, 6-1. hasli ames at . Ni:adi80 averaged 20 points per game. Charles Minor, 5-11, of the Har- By MARVIN" OWEN Dally New* Staff Writer George Railsback Shop*, bowling in the final Sundav night at Harvester Bowl, vesters and Gerald Phillips, 5-8. of Wichita Falls, are both rated among top floor men in the state. Besides being play-makers, both are good scorers. Minor Is takes on another record breaker,,^ . bllstei , ng pace Rnd Cer . ( ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ Paul Schmidt, beaten by whose world record toss of 62 by New York's " foot '" the ll000 yard race ' also feet - ^ inches earned nim the in the past cham?-! Wi " compcte ' 'AAU shot put title for the seventh rhoor. urifh '« t. -09% I Then - to °' ^ere { « a £°° d straight time, was fourth In the ;"...".,' chance that lazslo Taborl, the balloting. Bob Backus of Tuft, hard-luck Hungarian who finally .college set the fifth world mark appears to have gotten the feel of| w h en he heaved the 35 . pound * thleers J ?[ „ >, , , t a M JLSd tour 5S P roduced four oth third ranked scorer among the r rcords. '.the boards after a brilliant out-' we ight 6 6 feet 2% Inches, door European career including an i • The Imperturbable Dublin whlp- !Un der four-mile minute, will be Harvesters, with an average oflP«t admitted "it was nice to get .back for another shot at Delany. i about 12 per game, and Phillips Isja hand," but he couldn't resist |HC finished third behind country-' his team's second leading scorer, tn * opportunity to get back at his'man Rozsavolgyl last Saturday. j New York tormentors when he re-j Despite his brilliant perform- 1 vealed he hadn't gone "all out.". ance which he clipped nine- That's exactly what he's been ac- tenths of a second off the old rec cused of before by the local buffs O rd he set last year, Delany games was Jerry Coley's final In singles competition. Railsback Brake, 1269. game in singles competition. Coley'won $25, and prizes totaled $330. j Ray Dillingham and Walt Hurst, S i x feet. fired a 21B and 186 before i-unning-The bottom seven winners each ; i269; Jr. Cox and Jessie Smartt,! of Cabot into 9lx spllts and a 125 m h |, fjna | won $3 The winners: i 1261; Deck Woldt and W. E. Whit ' with nine per game. As a team, the Harvesters average almost three inches taller than the Coyotes, at 6-3. Wichita Falls' average height is just over! ev « n though he has been unbeaten : wound up .second to" John Thomas".! six feet. Each team has only one| in 35 straight Indoor races. jt h e Boston University jumping j man in the starting lineup under Ford Signs For $35,000 United I' International New that they have finally cor- Pampa Print Shop of Garden George Railsback, 602; Bob "ell, 1259; Bill Hicks and Jack Ed- Gault, 682; J. M. Redus, 682; Mel-j wards. 1255. threw a superb 692 to carry off t^nes was all smiles after its 3088| V in Brawley, 674; Bob Sell/, 666;! Bill Garrett and Andy Anderson, J25 and the singles title of the, in tenm competition a week ago. JT. J. Rogers 606. |125fl; Horace Prince and Don Ro-j 1959 Pampa City Bowling Tourna- Thc pr i ntcrs had been in the midst j ' Renme Haven 666- Cecil Herd :chclle ' 1242: Bob Gault anfl Bl " rnent. of a horcndous slump that had last- !682 . \y E Whitsell 658- Bill Gar- Waggoner, 1237; Ernie Grody and Railsback, carrying US pins led over a month, and they wcnt (rcu ' g j s ' ' ' 'Dick Reitz, 1234. handicap, threw games of 175, IBS; into the tournament feeling "we j R ' H ICQX 65fi . M Jo j, nson 6 5.Vi J - Enloe anrl G ' Snell> 1233; Dfx> ' -gnd finished with a crackling 214 | never have a chance." Tlie team's: RU . hard Morgan 654- Dick Rietz ! 5!achr y and c - Mitchell, 1231; P. for a 577 scratch. JOOO pin handicap helped, but their ; 652 . Rud Taylori 652 ; G . Vaughn, j Howard and N. Hegwer, 1231. 'M's.2188 scratch was their best in aev-l««,' ' i Alt-Event* Winners 682' Redus. Melvln Brawley finished fourth with 674. Promoter Giegel Slated to Wrestle Big Bob Giegel, who once doubl- that coat Funk the first fall In ed for a foot • hill in a school play, [Saturday night's scrap. His «02 erased a pair of ™* » ^, OQ H c lai cu was uici.-.«.•».. m «- v - ; 651 , Aii-tiveni* mnnem | aln . t pl , Um(? . up with nobody'. : Funk came back to win the sec- notched by Bob Gault and Tom era] months. _, JoJ , n pittenburger, 651; Don' Six men shared $33 In scratch monkev biwlne.. on his wrestling ond fall, legally, and then the two ! Tough Competition |Jack, in the balloting by sports- However, Delany will have to go writers for the "outstanding ath- railed their best sniper — Whitey lete" in the AAU championships.'Ford - the New York Yankees Sets Shot Put Record i today turned their attention to Thomas, w h o probably Is their big siege gun—Mickey Man- through for the season unless he He. Ford, threatened earlier with ft pay cut, was given a. $3,000 raise when he signed his 1959 contract for an estimated $35,000 Sunday and Immediately joined the world champions in a workout at their St. Petersburg, Fla., camp. We"? ^^!°27,^ot ^fourJ ™e stubby southpaw had balked tinder-par 67 to win the $20 Texas Open golf tournament i day, but he fought a neck-s Ellis Wins Texas Open .,,,„, Pittenburger, 651; ~>,,.j Listed below are the top 17, Run)Si 651; D . Mansel, 651; B. all-events competition. They were: cftrds f n pampa or any placft else grap pi ers rtt _ tty started the "be-- teama to finish in the money. The |Hawklnii 650 . W ayne Harrison.! Howard Musgrave, 1789; Wayne. That , g why G , u new p ro mot.;low-the-table" dealing, so much so The 1959 tournament broke team won $90 and the noxt: 6M; L _ Pttrsley) 649; j e!T y Hop- Harrison, 1753; Bob Gault, 1742; er of m(lt c hes here, is going'that referee Larry Wright had to ery record on the books but one, [five teams won $70 $60 $55, W0! kina 6 ., 6 . M. Johnson, 1727; T. J, Rogers, mat w ^ . wi8heg and!st ^ ma tch and declare it "no ^'^""'nr^r^r^' the scratch all-event, record set land $45. The 17th place team won, Uov Ford 8W; ciiunky Leonard, '1716; and Stan Brake, 1702. iwrestling on his own card this'conte.t" ' C " " a The team title went to Celanese No. 1, which shot a 3155 including Te«m Winners 1 — Celanese No. 3, 720 handi- 645; Jack West 644; 6J2; Jr. Cox, 637. C. Crow«n, A total .tered m ve years 720 pins handicap. Celanese was 'cap, 3155 total. , Saturday night at the Top O« Tex- gportsmens Club. ta itrell, 635; Tommy one of four Garden Lanes leamsj 2 — Cabot No. 3, 645 handicap, !j B Carlton, 632; finishing in the top four places of 3100 total. J 631; ' Netl P| . yoPi 831 \ the City Tournament. Right of the; 3. — Import Auto, 643 handicap,! j onn Koontz, 630; 88 teams entered, 118 doubles i J. I competition. John Clark, ! Jenkins, 629; Jim Led- top 10 teams were from the visit-;3096 total. J630 , A ing Cardan Lanes. i i -- Pampa Print Shop, 900 wlg _ e2 9; Cabol No. 3 capture J second with , handicap. 3U«8 total. j BUl»Lee, 828; Leon Harris, 628; 3100, Import Auto Mart look third j 5 -- Cabot Shops, 507 Imndicap,: Aniold Kitrbo, <i2i; Dale Folio- .with 30ttB and Pampa Print Shop 30S« total. K-Triple H, 513 handicap, well, 627. Bill Grace, 027; Bob Reeves, won fourth with a Seventeen teams fllshed in the 30u total. e26; Bjll j en ){in.s, 62-1; Dale Ladd, money. Last year's winning team,! 7 Weaver Bros. Texaco, 702 62 4; U. W. Eleni, 624. Jiate Valve, dropped almost out of,handicap, 3033 total. , Hundlcap Wiiuit-r* Wilhelm Loses Cloves Match The four-day tournament Wrestling Commissioner Doc plagued until Sunday by cold and, orderred Pleche. from the rain, and it affected the scores.' ren< The winning total of 278 was the ' partners "and 236 'bowfersTn "single, feel the wrath of the giant's scorn,'terference" in the match. A stiff highest winning score since 1934. ' i * t in nn I at least that's what Giegel'a hop- : fine might be forthcoming against! Johnston, of Provo, Utah, and jing. He can't be sure because this ( Pleches this week. j Ellis came up to the final hole Bulldog Pleches ain't nobody'sj In a more peaceful but still ex-' all even. The 18th hole at the patsy and will himself be hoping jetting mutch Saturday n I g h t, j Brackenridge Park course is a to settle an old grudge - score Pleches sandwiched 2nd and 3rd'par three 185-yard hole. I with the promoter, Mr. Giegel. ] round falls around a "pin' 1 to "Dy- j Kills banged his four-Iron tee Giegel challenged Pleches after :namite'' Durelle to decision Uie .hot to the back of the green, the Bulldog chipped In with an Mailer. i which enabled him to get a par illegal assist in Saturday night's j Also slated to appear on this three and a fuiir-round total of Dory-funk vs. Iron MiKe DiBiase; week's "grudge" card Is the fam- ! 276. But Johnston pulled his four- FOPT WORTH iSpl) A pair niain-evenler here. Jed Japanese ifrunt-and • groaner, '• iron tee shot and the ball fell into sight with 2833 "including 417 pin.! »-- Parrtev Sheet Metal. 71.1 Twenty^ "men 'won "money In «' major surprises involving Pam-i Kunk who is Giegel'. partner I Tyro Myiaka against an opponent' a freak guarding the green, handicap ; handicap. 3033 total. ' lh eI handicap all-events eompeti Pa punchers representing two d,f- °" *» Amanllo television show to be named from a li.t of worthy cost him a double-bogev five and An Indication of this year's ret-j 9 — Hiland Lumber Co., 633 tion. Prizes ran from $10 for first terenl Texas cities occurred here; 8 .'^'' 1 )' ord scoring is that 15 of this year's ;handicap, 303? total. 'place to $1. The winners: Saturday night in the second round teams topped last year's high' 10 — Oelanese Office, 857 handi- c. Crowson, 2012; Larry Parsley, °' slate Golden Glove tournament mark of 3,004. Pampa Concrete, i cap, 3026 total. i 1993; Howard Musgrave, 1 2 3 9;faction. which took seventeenth place,' 11 •••• Hiland Baiber Shop, 477 Wayne Harrison, 1938. i Pfempa's defending 147 - pound shot an even 3,000. j handicap, 3025 total. | George Railsback, 1925; R. A. ' (Welterweight) division champion.'' In other tournament bowling the! 12 - Cabot Office, 258 handicap, Smith, 1912; M. Johnson, l910;:Bobby Wilhelm of Pampa and the scratch all - events title went to;3024 total. Bob Gault, 189S; Dale Ladd, 1895.; University of Corpus Christi was Harvester's Howard Musgrave. i 13 — Simmons Service Station, Bill Jenkins, 18S7: Ronnie Hav- upset by Burton Gilliam of Dallas Musgrave shot a scratch 65fi in'handicap, 3007 total. ! ens , 1886; Fred Brooks, 1885; Billwhen he ran into a fast flurry of the team event, (the meet's topi u — Cabot No. 2, 621 handicap, r.arrett, 1881; Cecil Ikerd, 1879; lefts and rights in the third round, scratch score) a 692 in the doubles: 3015 total. 'Jack McCrery, 1877. j Wilhelm nursed a slight points and a 541 In Uie .ingles. Musgrave. 15 -- Duenkel-Carmichael, 408' Horace Prince. 1S76; joe Sears, lead over hi. Dallas counterpart -" •—'- -'"-•"•""--- »—.-.-. , lg7a . T j Rogei , 8 1866 . Ed'going into the final round before Myatt, 1865; Chunky Leonard, Gilllam's longer reach began to '.earlier at certain clause. In hi. new pact, one of which reportedly was aimed at governing hi. ac: lions off the field. However, the Yankees Insisted only that Ford ^ake an honest effort this year to adhere to a strict diet, which to prevent a recur- of the arm miseries that n the past. the green. It show to be named from a list of worthy cost him a double-bogey five exactly appreciate: challengers who've just been sit-jhe finished two strokes behind El- first round "interference" i ting back and waiting for a crack ilis with 278. TCU IN AS CHAMPION OF SWC CAGE RACE Is a 178-average bowler with handicap, 3007 tolal. By ED FITE United Frew International 16 -- Garden Lane., 887 handl- ,Pampa Warehouse and Transfer. His 656 Friday night came on cap, 3007 total, game, of 195. ?69 and 202. Sur- 17 -- Pampa Concrete, 717 han prisingly his 259 was not the tour/lament's high .ingle game. "Old Reliable" Wayne Harrison topped Uiat with a nearly flawless 269. The Handicap all-events trophy went to C. Crowson with 2012 and the doubles title went to R. Howcll and R. Treadway who combined to topple 1323 pins. Manager Watson reported that With Tex.. Christian already th« dicap, 3000 total. Singled dinners Forty-seven bowlers won money H. V. Wilks. 1839 Double* Winners Mexican League Players Signed of the pace • setting Frogs' 11-liton and Austin night mark, while Baylor i. at 8-fi and .when Tech invades the Rice gym ithe Razorback. and Agfies 6-6. and the Texas Aggies meet Texas. I860. take Its'toll. ~aa Wilhelm couldn't official * Vhamplon" ""and "thlnki'ng Bavlor has two fames to go. the The next action won't come until George Vaughn, 1850; Bob Bak- duck or weave away from a pair about the NOAA regional playoffs, i others tnree - Saturday when SMI' entertains er. 1849; Deck Woklt. ISH: J Me- of leather - covred sledge-ham-. southwest Conference basketball'' TV.'U wrapped up everything, !n- Tt ''" al Dallas, Tech plays Baylor Clellaml, 1843: W. A. Smith. 1812: mers beirig thrown in his fa<-e. 'interest shifts this week to the eluding- the trip to the N'CAA re »' Waco, the Aggies meet Rice at Wilhelm, son of Pampa boxing : Sl .' !ap fur second place gionuls at I^wrence, Kan March Houston and Arkansas hosts Texas coach Ollie Wilhelm, looked sharp Either Texas Tech or dethroned 1 '3-1*. last Saturday night when! at Fayeiieville. Prizes m doubles competition to- at the outset of his match with ; champion Southern Methodist lne Frogs beat Texas 72-5W while taled $330 and included Jlu for his wicked left hook landing solidly' s t an( j t ^ e best chance of finishing: Terli was knocking SM.U out of first and $6 for 23rd. Winners on the chin of Gilliam repeatedly. ! ( .j osesl , o Coach Busier Bian-j contention 72-64 Pampa'a Johnny Claunch, w h o non Kead The News Hasslfied Ads. were: rarnpa s Jonnny V.iaunch. w n o non ' s -TCU titlists but Baylor, j Third For Brauuun R. Howell and R. Treadway, lost to Borger's Jerry ArgovUz in Texaa A4M a , ld Arkansas all'ratei That gave TCU its fifth unl-s- The 132:J: Joe feears and l '- vnn f-o'ville. the regional finals at Am-mllo last a maUiem aiica] chance of gaining! puttd cr V wn the third under Bran this year's toumament was un-:champion Nuevo Laredo Owls of 1309; Cecil Ikerd and Ed Parker, year knocked out Dale Caldwell at , east a Ue for the runneinap^n and th fli^t ince MEXICO ClTy (UPli— Hovm and Jack of Dallas in 20 seconds of the sec- .ond round to gam the semi-finals, i doubtedly tlie best in every' way. j the Mexican League division, Pan 1304, Rennie .The scoiing was on the phejiome-j American. Baseball Association. BarnhiH, 1299. [nal side and included seven games Class AA, announced Saturday the L. Parsley and U Enlerline, Claunch i. fighting /or the Abilene of 2*0 ot better. [signing of Ronnie Camacho. uiil- 1295; R. West and B. W Ellis, ! team here. th* i<jy g»me| wtt Bob|ity iniieidir and pitcher Arturo 12»5; J E. Cantrtll and Don Gray,j Wilhelm had seyrsd a third Tcch and SMU . Und al 7 . 4 ^ i,™ J£y Ji' «mw to Uw rear * y '** m ** "* e « . » mov ** to C TAX SERVICE: In Your Home or Mine BOBRATUFF KM Hamilton MO 6 3306 Don't worry with toe-high e«r p«y. mentj «oy lonq«r! Vi»it tht 5.!.C. o(f'«« n««rt»i yo«| «nd It I «n* »•' S.I.C.'t Lo«n 5p«. cUii-.H h«lp you work lK«t m«y itduc* then ^Oull like tlr« prompt, «nd compl«i«ly cgn{id vie* you *iil rtc«i«». ftBake«'« ^52, Stan Smart'i 2*0. td TJi e Mexlcdui jl265: J, P. gelled- Smith, 12«3 biUin«ly jultd to start Us »<ii»»pn Apnl l.: t'red Brook and J. . 4 round TKO of £1 P.sso'i Minuel 'Anchondo in hi. opening Vi»2; U'JtlUam came back from a pair pf 221'. in Dingle, i-onjpeti-j L'amacho played first base for Arnold Karix> and John Murrt-l, | round knockdown by George San- .tiou. My*U rolled game, of l*5,|Nueyo l^reUg most of last sen- i2»i; M Mooj-e and I^eon Howell, ! che< of Brownsville to beat the '4 wvd 224 for a scratch 593. mn, banco .269 ^nd accounted for 1278; Wayne Harrison and \V L. latter and grab hi. foot -hold OA« of lhe most disheartening 3$ homenws. ;Hairisun, 1271; T, SJuiUi and Stan,against Wiihelm Saturday night, i KEYS MADE Whiit Yey Wait Mack's Shoe W. t GUARANTHp USED TIRES HAUTIIi 14* W- FoMt MO 11421

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