The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1973 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 16
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MtAKMPOMT PACTS *'*•* ?^l*&!S5SmS*^^ HONOR ROLL I AI.V1N JUNIOR COUJKGE Dr. DonaM K. Wright, <k*n of instruction, has announced the Dean s Ust and the Merit UM for the»pring semester. Tto quality for the Dean'* List. Individuals must have ewn peled, during the semester. ia w more semester credit hours with a Gra* Point Average <GPA» of 3.3 or better w/ih no (trad* tower than a C. To be Included on the Merit List the Individual who Is enrolled In less than U semester credit hours must earn a UFA of 3 J or better with no F or I! grades. County students among In* one hundred thirty who qualified far th« Don's Ust arc: Alvin - Mary C Allen, William A. Andre*-*, Danwl U Armstrong, Laura Bedciow. Steven Billings. 1-arry Breeding, Jitdy Carpenter, Oktavia Carttarphen. Palrtcia L. Christian. Lnum A. aar»«,Ua,Tmy 1 Clark, Carolyn Collins JohnCottrell. Ceraldine M. Davissm, Cordon Donohoc. Susan Dunlap, Paula Duprc. Terry Flora, Patricia Foote. Nemencto Garcia. Ctndy Gardm.SaraC.Gana. Rebecca Griffin, J. Hammond. Susan C. Huepers, Karen L.. Jaynes, Anne S Jenkins, Debbw Jennings Jeapersen. Helen J«*k, Kathi A. Jourdan. Marjoric Kjdti. Arthur Kos<«\ Dtaima Kuykwidall. Mary Kllen Ubry. B«W> Leecraft. Donald W MacGrtgor. Penny Marsln, Susan OUr, Ronald IVirsol Jacqueiyn Pierson. Martha L Powril a»an K. Reddoch, Mary E. Rowtfl, Wanda Shaw. Frieda Stallmgs, Charles S Swindell, Linda S. Tyfc*. Belly J VanHcwvcn, Richard Vela, Julie C. Witoan, 'johnny Wulte Martha Wood, and Duane L. Yoing Angleton - FJorroce J. Grassman, Jerry W Hornsby. UM E Rivera, and Handy L Stroud. Damon — Marilyn Mut-ck Danbury - Fnxla Delcwch. Kathryn R. Milltgan. sad Dttjise PdittV Liverpool - Phillip W. Noten. Lake Jacksoo - Charlene F Coalcs ManvxH - Billy D, Cook. Lynda L. Maihis, Man 1 L Rogers Peartand - Kaihtem M. Akers. Una L. Bundy. Tom A Burketl. Marilyn Djckens, Tern L. Granad. Cindy L. Urmi. Holland W. Hamson, Mary loveiao-. Gkxna K Parts, Mu.-K.u-i Taylor, and Detora Woobey. Rosharon - Burton W. Christian and Bobby Schovapj There were 368 students who qualified for Uw Men! List during the spring semeMtr. They included: Alvin — James Abernalby, Martha Adams. SJurto' L Adairo Carol Cay Allen. Marian Anderson, tiwj Baldwin lX.wu J Barajas. B«nnie Barker, F C, Barker, Dorothy T. Bradshav, Cathy S. Brtneic. Virginia Breshears, Barbara Buford. Minnie Bullcck. tkfotv> Youth of today learns crafts from yesteryear CATOCTI.N MOUNTAINS. <AP>~-One3Xh-c««uo youlh ha* pushed aside several centuries in h» fervor for preserving historic mountain crafts and folklore before ihry jrr.kas! in the onrush of progress. r _^ ' Doug R«ed, 23. has been hungrily pursuing 1u»« ledge of ancient monuin craft * for the past year a* an ussparf apprentice to 69-yrar-old Paul Leww, a mounUin craftsman who still buihis houses ol hand-hewn notched logs. "A hdl of a tot of (he oldUnrc crafts are dyxng," sand ifw H^gcrilo'fD .Junior CoOege graduate. "When old-timers iikv Pa'tiJ are go**,' W;*TJ Ka^ la get all thts stutfftom book*. " Reed's dltiir* tp^jsrcseni-e the now infrequently praoiKrd mountain crafts will <r\~entualty lead him into htsJonc pr»er- vatktn. He said he full intends to "boiW log caiw» the aid fajhroocd way— the way ine colontKs did— but wfoat I realt> want to do is preserve and restore whiz we already have." "JusJ about e%-«r>" other day" you can find R«d wjth Paui and Edna Lewis at their borne at « years on Catoctin ifaibur KO^K) near Cunninghajm Falls State Park •"Thisismyjob/'heshrugS- "14'swhy I'm poor " The youthful pioneer first m« Lewis when Reed's >& "run- mng root beer" in a general store operated by ilw Catixttn Mountain Tourist Council in Caioctin MounJain -VatKatal I'x-k brought him into contact with eihibittons of old crafts "I kept sneaking away to waich the craftsmen who give demonstrations at the parks craft center. "he said "Paul tsww of the regular demonstrators, and I was (iisonai«d by wtui be w-as doing. Then I heard about the park service's apprvnitcf program, and I asked Paul if he'd take me on. " "The finfl thing Pail taught me." recalls Rwd. "was to* to use a draw knife. We made band shaved wooden shi/tgles. " Reflecting, he said. "I guess it was Ihe old tools that rraily yam-d me off. but I've had a long-time interest in carpentry When 1 was 8. my dad gave m« a slab of wood, aome nails and a hammo-. When I was 12. I bull a room in our nouwr h was Sousy, but it was a beginning." "One of the neatest things Paul has taught me is how \i> m,ike hand-carved handles for my tools He's taught me tow to rotor* tools and how to us* them." Proud of the (act that be dot* practically every thing bv hand. Rt*d said. "I never use electricity unless it's ateoJ'jldy necessary In the old days a man built his own boose He woritd by himself, he had nobody to help him " Consequently no house was identical. Reed has already attempted historic restoration with a smoke house moved off the property wh«e a shopping center will be built. He ts slowly "trying to turn it back into what it was originally." He has also betn commissioned by the butanca! society in Oxford. Ohio, to restore an old log ca bin Ullimatdy, Keed dreams of building an entire historical village in Washington County, wfcere other mountain craft* like the one he'* learning could be practiced. Picasso stolen at UT-Austin AUSTIN (AP) - A sketch by the tale Pablo Picauo was ttolcn from * University of THAI art gallery Friday by • doppy thief who left part of the work in it* frame. UT-Auttin Police Chief Donald Cannon uid no value h»d been placed on the charcoal drawing, entitled "TOTM of a M*n." Cannon said the theft was discovered at 4:4S p.m. Friday. The drawing was on display in the University'* Mkhener Galkry , located in the new Center* Cannon Mid the thief did not cut the drawing neatly from U» frwae but ripped U out. leaving a torn remnant behind. The drawini *»» uot under gla»». he said. According to the police chief, the picture was on loan from the Menil collection in Houston. The frame and other evidence were turned over to the Texas Department ol Public Safety for analysts, Cannon said. Picasso drew the picture In IW7 It was one of I* work* by the late Spanish artist on loan from the exhibit. "Uok Back: Cubist painting* and Sculpture from the Menil Family Collection." that ended on »chedule Sunday. Cannon said the drawing wu the lir*l major art object stolen from the campus in several yean. He iuued a oka fur anyone who visited the gallery Friday afternoon to notify Ihe UT police department. lit police have leads on a ctupect, the university's official oewf agency »aid, but ap further information WM given- The gatkry i» regularly guarded by two UT officer* aad a dated circuit television tytum. IUirks.JiH.-k lliitk, Cheryl L. Conwn, N«il dn^wr. Mary K ttv»iv Marianne Davis, SniHlro IXt-w, (>niht« Urnny, C\nihia K Uixon Nancy J (Vllar. William T i'tvnovan Jr , ttwwv J OolMm. Khiiley A IXxswi. Shirley Kakiu. Vk-ki Kktrklgr, Virginia Klkin. Nancy Kl), l'»'tr»uilk» KtMtuivrl, Kraix:« Kvaus, Itiyllw M KiniUfy. Nora L Ki*»l«', SliirWy Kriria}, Huby KulKhsun, Jwu» It (»jW*a SJ - , Martlia S. t'.itmfr, l.onuml 0«in, bcri5, NeliU IliirlvVi, Mary A Mar\vv. Wihla J lloftman St ll«lst. KIA«> \V Molliv Hu<-rta. Ca Jinu'iri. KnU-rl U JMiffl.Slwrnlt Knuxil>. Ktvkvy t,. Martin Krillcr, Mary Ann Km*!. Vrrmti KiftK. l'»«l >* Klenlt WM\, Davut J Kiwtiivski. Troy 1. Uiiinh-n, !'»•««> L Ldik'r, JojcfUm*, »HI> l.uknu, T.iiu<ira Miiu<r*i<ut, Patncti* K MaUw, Mary \ McUtnlwo, l\itricu C McCu»nb h JoJm 1) Mctnt>r«, Untla Mclnt>r«, Michael McUwkm Ai>c«- McMilkiii. f*«ky MrNvely, faiul Mwthani. Martha Miichfll. KruJt H. .M t *««>. KtAbtv I, Mtxw*. Nant-v NrnhytM. Nenltyba, Jw> I'arku, lt**i»*o C. J'stuniire, Harold J n. (iaye L IWvll Don J Pric*. tVrlb Pulley. ItarUtrn J llhtw**, |-avda A IUib«rt», t!wrg« ItoJbinion, Nortns Itogvr*. Andrew S<|iir«, (Viw SV Sivilb. Ljtandrou Stavrowta, J«m*» H .Stephen*, Aito Strrketi. J K .Stilton !>ek>r«Mt TacKuartl, (i W Taybf, Jwly t, Tajtor, Nam*y Taylor. Clai «w«" Vrlnnan, KM* J Ward, Shrrman Wftwtw, ami Vihiton J<»l»i lla>», HUIIHT T> t'lwfckr, Ktteen M l ItitKartl I. (irakiuU. Knwry J King, lluhaul W IVrt>, arnl IXvrttth> t> Wu«l lliltibtfy Itainotui ti tiiMTvit, (t«MHljl>n S Ju^ia-Hin. 4ml llc|*« I l*rit«Hfc» ^et^wrl -- Awlrrw tlark I4v«v»*4 - J**n C\aHtl*«, Ntf*ton It C*«tHli«<t, M*()urt4> Ulawionl (i«i*vs K W*ir*r, awl (»««j(Ujia YounK l*k* Jjclofo Virginia*h*ll Manvel - Carnte{u»e M t'»f*«, Nancy M t'n!it,.Sjuttir4K(»k«i»ial!, Wa^f* iyW*^y Auuu»« T , (Jar? J lifuniii, l(j)i!Mi«l SV Hill »ti*wn, H«rt» «rd (, J**ftsw>, Janw* . Jams* M«r««U. Nw»r«« 1^ »tur«l*», tlamfe MuWer, W Turner, Jttfc Wailile WbiAtf, <ii*i tlrurgv tt" Kwtwsil M I, Walkn »f(, Jam** Alftnl :f A . t: ttuxl tikfta KU*«f(m{, l'*ifie? U Ujiwrnt K«) W KiUl/>ci IWtrdt. J«4*i«7 U<«ta», JHI».!J IUi*S Witttif Jwtw Rjjrii |( Svhuelk*. Alffnt S»-*j<*4u» J-'LTWIW V*KW. I'flMft, VIi*J liiHAUit YlMH ti Kihttt. W» . )»*r«irl tiaither, S STO«I HOWS: > MONDAY thru SATURDAY 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P^. OPEN SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. to ^ 7:00 PJV\. J J.S. CHOICE SHOULDER STEAK TEH06B.ACEO HEAVY BEEF SO. CUT U8. HEARTH ( nc*rtiH rntiM I'lHVQ HAMBURGER PKC. OF 4 u.s.cwot TIMOU ACID MIAVY IIII MMNikler Roost •OHtLttl Cnfjlnh Cut Roost Chiidi Roost ioston Roll Roost i* ac*eu» Stew Meat >-» ICrovy Steak '« Raocli Style Steofc laofkelte Steak u •1 MfN'S BAN-ION SOCKS PAIR ASST. COLORS! GROUN BEEF ,S. CHOICE TEWER ACED HE*¥T Brisket Boil « le » Pttffc SgMIOf* Dryg*st,du-W«f* ,. 69 ALL MEAT Bucket of Chicken FRANKS r»wrr M« *ilt. * I w. CTVI MIH'S UNDERWEAR •IMID UNDfRSHIffTS FATHER'S DAY CAKES! US work permits for safe in Mexico THE rAcn TttM, W< Xf*) 1 w»i*>«w-4 attempt* »nh underworld capital ni Mniro'* 8a)» immigration !**?*«, »<*** Ht«*m« »f*> California «latt After *( the U < *t««), «»*«*« !h* ii**k rwmw* r the I'cHfd S Ui t* M *'«* r«ftfi«rlkw," Mtrjstlo MM) H* Mid a rrtwi he vt&y wui Itf arrived *rxj thry nVf!Jtf»«| at |>mutf i<x* Mm ttuiqttd trhwta* and dr*wr# to 4 pUt* *i*rr* »* m« »ilh "Kl ft«rr**o" W * »»» sAothct man railed "Kl i*t***> » mik> Htrttg*" «ho Matd <w Km "'We have ta walk now.' Kl *tw ifit? ^jtfij i&ufi t^it/j m^dl let m ftffj KI£ AJt*lfcft IrWP ftte'tt wi^.. ,MC^wJ*> ilttti} ttfttr twiHtf ftaffj **f florrtgo th«s **»:*d, M«Jtd» Mtd ht left the i i have Jh* atHMff^'" *tr*M> Pi** day* later, h* laid ye*/' k«*(fit »t to* frtami Otrnaf gave Mm the for Iti* tbird !'«»», "lh»I I had It," Tbett h* card lo TI)U»M 1 "fJive ti lo me," B«i I llvuttti o< th* card'* front i I wanted * git»t»titff uft arid rfvffte ilde* were ii (JK-> »fT«- K«W*J( M give f>uMiihi-d U> illuttrat* the my card **<»ry The Irowt *kte of th* )vt it *»» « matter <i*r card bt^rt Mtjido'i picture t% Urf fJwjrtirx «r U-avtfl* Ur! Ihe card **« l*«M*d to * »*/>! (he fff*M-) in fufr* M*}fio ut«J M«-ji4o <J«J n»t «ay when he ytflg Otf rrvjn*7 <4jUii-*-xS U*- c»fd 92-year-old Is $«// co///ng square dances •XPHMIVE ST *' I* *<«. !,,«;* '*( «•* 3r i ¥•*, l * *,,_ '' STOBOEIVEU «. •"?•', j^^w^ i ->^T r 7. < ^ BcvbecueTFeafa U. S. HO. t RED RIPE WATERMELONS REMEMBER DAD! SUNDAY, JUNE 17th DALLAS (Al't ~ WOUain WWl« e< Dillai uyi h* twed to bop onto mule drivea tfrtctein herr, drlre C4tdt dwwt» Main Street, cut round «*ak when 10 e«eU worth fed a familr (4 five, and in IMS he wateted a tomberyard wiafe don* th* Trtroty River dorinf that j«r'i flood. But l« found i«mieUiifi( more enittrtnd «e a square danc« Owsr, "f Tint tainted hem to wpiare danc* and I first called * dauc* vfero I was 14," tfcr W je»r-oW Whit* reeatt*. "I |ua fdl in kn« with it." Wbtti be WM a l«*o-*t«r to DaiUt, Vilau *Ad to fnend* frt*m different p*ru of the "littl* cwuatrTf I«WB" got l&ttlhtr t« danc« »lmo«t evrry sajht. 7(ji>> T*>il< itili h Ik*- d»«« tad ia \br-a> <l»acic4 u food if you oui Uke it, but W TOM can't, jnw iwttar itoy «N at it," WWt* M>*. "lf» • •*••)* IMI «htn he ntir«l fnm borne buUdlnf, Sue* 1«, ht haa IMRIM M|Mire daoctag at tfce HMpiUlify Mo«u« of Senior CHtscm of On»ter Dallu And h* caO« brtrtJy »tth ht* regular tqaare at Broolt* Manor Senior Ottawa Center. While, who believe* himtttf to bt th* oldest tquart dano* caller, say* be cannot estimate how many people be ha* taught *lnc« hi* la IMC. He crediU square dancing with (ivieg aim hi* bemlth. AJ evidence of that health, he say*. " I keepof my yard and I trimmed 75 feet o< recently for * friend." v URE VECETABtE SNOWDRIFT 'SHORTENING! Bangs are blossoming YORK ( AP) far UU h*ir Ox kick ts ii|^>y the ife»T*d-turo»p thai sfTtr< "Ooo't o£! Oxta b»cg»." cot h*ir >l) (si?. MX) Moodjy at Americ* frora acrmu lb« ciwictry pf«*«-jj!d ttiesr *dc»» for U1L He w»d the than fcrcnead **»* u wrned «8 ta* floww fx-Ult jsd &ot bnubed hkc to oW THIS COUPON Si« '(I' C* Coro Pots ''-, 65* f »»1Mi »*<»« «4UA*tl.tA-UC* C* Moeoster Cheese rt*MI MM* »O' «fM«- Corowoy Oieese »«u Slice«i CeU Cuts o« MLICIOV1 Monoel trends FARME« 8RO*M Chip PUUi 0« ttlOLf «ttlAI Pro Baked Rolls I>M. or u UMOO loof Coke » 4S C Ceifte Coke » 53' MiAtiM ruin uaoiiCM on »QU*OTO? CUMAJ*O« ri«i*pfu-CAtrM»*T White iftwl -'' 31' Sweet RoRt 3 ?r1 Wkeot Irot^ I ^vu $1 UHee Coke - f OCUCUHM Sft 4f« UlCMTi TO " *iTHQUT I COUPON *St 11 COUPON 11 VALUE )t< Agnew claims hearings are Perry Masonish ST LOCIS, Mo (AP) Vice Pr«jd»ci Sptro Agarv believe* she Watergate . . CHUNK TUNA IHliM M ^Bk Sweet Peaches 49 TOP CREST <»t w Joky Leoieoi « »I !,* Yettew Ooieot t M t,» •e*f Coetrkri Cootoloopei Creeo Applet .. 37' Pina>oppl»i c 45' 3 -- 59 l Obo Cekrf .. 23 C ., 49* FreVi'PotoftKi S •' S5 ( »*n* <• 39* Popoyot .. 43' .. 45' Cero^ooNlie Cell 3'- 39' « S9 € Artichokes 3 '«* f ' PAPER TOWELS taoweist in the caj*. ibo iokl the Ni *{ Attorney* OQ Tuesday ttt b**ns<i may make si ixpokiibi* to try the *ccuttd to Ifce politic*! "Tbere u (ic-t Hut ib I'trry Agne M escaping tb* i*T a impact," uid "The The petal knk often Uxtd&v op with hot curler*, U'* kmty Bus a oce petal i» «k«,ttlwfc»odd Fewofth* US style* are severe. Moat are tall asd fralle-k>o«ang. "Bjn(j are a younger ud ftv« the Uce a Ui, i o< hancieg, dragging hair. Every age cooid ve*r thk." &ayr A. Quo Kalk* ef K«aia* Oty. where the faang are (tiS |OK^{ for very jfaort ityie*. Tbe baags »)*o are combed to &* tide and flipped op, u Octo ibowed t&em, on a moderate*)- ihort cat- Thii slde~twipe i tnioo caHa ICM jiiectscn to a big oo*e than a tan-fledged roll of petal* acrow it* (orcnead, lay* Tocy ROM of Chkago. lie turoed the bong* under with i cfam length pag* boy. «b»c* acccoa pretty eyes. It'* *ixi good fcr chubby cheek*. u tt cm en ii>em lUgfeUy. The ude part alao worka weQ for foil faces, he Hy>. Man; SybsU say that hair *xB be a httie longer f or fail U balance with the bulkier cktbert. Reee Grow from ktocutal modafwd the very then look by keeping the tocher »od very Qnfty- tooge^ Ifflgtfc ti la (rod Banp 0v« U a wftneea ind eaike it aew looking." he ROLL icdcfattgabit camera will pi in! both beroci »«1 vtliains in lund »nd ir«i<liibif ctUort bricre U* public'* *«ry eye* " What u cnucaJJj Udoog," Agarw laid, "as the Senate Sckct C«ouiuti«e does iU bat to ferret out the truth, tt a *ef of procedural V«t'lt CREAM AiiO»IlO FLAVOKS Charcoal"""" 10 69 • Stt* il •ball**! Cr«fcen 27' •W Tour l»14 ' i KiiA •9* Cfooel Toor Mtl »*«»f.i»l« 31* CroodToor 1 tS^< O* C-Ut r"'iS-if r"',,?flf € hitlMl C»M« ?. Mg«oori»e ^ 47* "lacking iuc* ufcgxwrd»," be added, "(he committee. I *m ijul to tay, cu bard)) fail to muddy the walen o( jutiicv rtdctnpuoo." 27* 25 ( •cor Nolvef ^^' i itWf£^ JFIoor S tf« 54 1 ^ aVBI A OaV*> A al k=fi I aa*> aa\ f A O aV 1 fr f «*v aw * 11 f * « ^* UiafoM Pl*fa..»e^totalo> ol r»»t MM 1 A* 1 SMttOafel UM 35* 1*1 fcl* •*fe»%fW»f » oWW»BR^R^«» ^ (•«%» fJrw Wo ie^BPRe«W wz* «^«^ I"** vw Aooki' loke «u 39* C^'^ofc' Rke "iH $ I Woolt TMi CM* «< Mf £«*» « * Woffles h«imu» Oroofe Juke Iroccoli Speors 2l&.< I Id i led Vetetobles 2 u lb*ii.i*« C*t*tU C«l CM •!« Fieock fffie^ Ntotots^t 39* fitrt'Wii 1 ""''* 11 *"'" ;U«-i»«i * 27' "cSS* 51' 47' "i speed) vr*i hi* fir»t dirnrt challenge to the Senate bc*raB£» that have b«t> con»ideted politically to the Nuoo .37' At the Whtt* Hocw, Prtsi Secretary R«u W Ziegler md he believed "the vice prrwdcct u vice president WAS eiprta&mtf ha view" Zirjler utd the *<lm«uttr»u>» *** not Uku^ an official pouuoo on the »* SokMl »reffioff CreoMPies Ml C* C Fteodi Frieel Ootoot '•••« tl|A*f ft»i.i*« C» v»tl*« 7 Seos SoleJ Oreiiiofl .tt Lip'tM Itmk Te.^1"". Orooe M at CAM? t*»i §H*ONooey DEL MONTE GARDEN SHOItt •WOll >ilktl C*l uni :'i <:•«**»'».« mill Cow •yr ••ou M Creeo leoot Ct LtClOUt rsfbodi •M0i< 20* CUT Super Chlaooa Largest Chinook ever caught, IWV! pounds, turned up ia a trap near fttertburg, AUska_ T\« Chinook, gunt of the talmoo species, avertgts 20 pound*. Larg«t ever caught *ith iport tackle weighed 92 pbundt. Blob labeled most common AUSTIN (AP) - Dr. Cooatamme Joto A.tfinpnuio* $»>•» Die {aoou* Dallas "Mob" *«* mxhtng but on* o< (be ^'wvid's todat CQOUSMB «^f»^ fno^li luii^o sefiiica, 1 * The University of Texas prtfeaw at botaay say* h* knows because slim* matt* ar« his speciality aad h* ha* been growing them t* a research program (or 1$ yean The Dallas "bleb" was discovered by a bAwewifo id Gariand. a Dalia* suburb. So* tried to kiU u by backup It wiUxa hoe. "All she w*4 doing waa profHgating it. because the was spreading the spore*," Aleiopoulou* told l*>« university's studcat newspaper, the Daily T**ao, "You caa kill it with all kted* ctf thing* LyisJ wilt 4o lha tnck." He said thef« aw t*> aoarit* of »iun« mobl. Fubgo Mftfic* a OEM at the mast common and loucd alt over the workL H* found a saropif *wtr Baatna> rcctmly. The ptvfaiaor *aJd a *MaM rc^j^ os* ^'bioh" caa d0 att harm, except that MMM people may be allergic if fety hrtata* it* spur**. > w Col Mini Slidki '««ct« A)OM (teooser «mt( wt coiOiio r*p«* I Colo Towed «>«& UM. CM SweffcroMt ^ (l 24< Sokd Veteloblet '-' 24' UMeo Cer« "cir 17' pfUCtO^t (HI UCI04A Peor Nolvei '-' |7< lorly CoroW Ptei f A 14' ^rc*<ktoM *U" ar ° lufww MO. 30) CANS L9'l iMMttCotsop ?£ 4I< fa* CoAto* m | tf ifttii BJIB9 V*W QklRI vOJIlp iRol ^P^mj VPVVJRoiNp

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