The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 10
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Buccaneers hold 33-7-1 record on Hopper Field THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS T. TEXAS. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER M, !»»» Page WA HyJKSSKMII.I.KH M IIAI.FWAV through a mart sprint u> the soft drink box at the far end of tho m a s s i v c M o in o r i a 1 Stadium prt-ssbox tho writer picked up a familiar face image out of the corner of his eye A closer check on the way twick to his scat, in dcctt, bore out the writer's belief that the pleasant face belonged to one Charlie Williams Williams is the coach of Brazoswood Buccaneers offense FULLtACK H ft««« Pin M CKrti Mjf QUARTERBACK TIGHT EHO It Tarrr^i W-c RIGHT TACKLE ts cn/.t RJU-* RIGHT OUAWO i) *•<*• H«^d V4 C'*r* U PJwi LCPT TACKLE n L!NCBAC*E» fitOHT CORHEWOACK !1 J T &.(, McAllen Bulldog defense •••••••^•^^•I^^IHHil^BHIMIHHIBHIHIHIBBMHIIHHMIHIHHI^HIIHHIHIIDHHH^^^^^^l PAIR OFFER Polyester Cord Tires All-Weather 78 (iiiudvr.u-'s All-Weather 78 ' tin- c, hunt with |ioiy- <",!r; curd that s tampered in an exc.|ii-,r. r p;i.< <•-,<, for optimum -;ln nt'th and rcsjliem.f. 'Ihc ivnii- 7(1- scnes lrc;i<i i'. Ti". i r%<- mr>lded" a ti-i iuuijiii- !n,f. io\vi-d fruiti r.ii c tire prodm lion. The jib di-ad is well grooved, providing plenty of Irartion erli;es for decisive jjrip- In ever;, detail, this lire »ivi", j.m hon- i-st (juality. ill .1 price that's i/i step with ihe liu,,.. 2f«r $ 43 60 E78-Mblackwall 2for $ 50 10 G7I-14 blaekwal) H.I tl M to (2« f E I (,,, In WnitrN4Hi arl><4£i f « in ^,;,i! 2for $ 48 00 F78-Mblack»all 2for $ 52 10 G78-t5tviackwafl <i*ptf4<«t 31 i*/» JJ.--4 ',-4 tm. i/ei j( vli|ht'/ ftigfitf (.)•',».%. GOODLY EAR Sec Your lnd«p« odcnl D««l»r For Hit ftlci. film A» Shown Al Coodycir Swrlcn TIRE & APPLIANCE CO. t TEXAS UKE JACKSON the Mi- Allen Hulldogs lit: AM) hi* talented vmirw chit rocs an 1 dw Into Krwport for a 1 p.m. .Saturday H-glOlial ({Mine with tin* defending Clans AAAA state champion Hnuiiswood Huecaneers Williams Bulldogs had iced awiiy a regional Ix'rlh with a Ktiday night win over Corpus Christ! Hay so Charlie and a handful of McAllen school officials flew into Austin so that Charlie could scout the Austin Travis and then hang around to in, ike some playoff arrangements afterward with the winner WILLIAMS made n bones about his position on the impending regional playoff arrangements which A IT. i 1,1 !,4' "• nit- shortly after the Hue caneei K repelled the Travis Kcbels, Jl u 1 "We're tfoing to (lip home and home this year." he ei! flatly Oiarhr and his pj-ople hail their intniU M't on a home and borne (tip while llra/iv.p«>rt Independent School IhNlflct official* were KMIUIX t»M<ird .1 neutral Mte. such -11 Corpus t hniti .«* Hue eaneer M adium where Bra/oiv*i>i.'d ripped the Hulldojjs !,»>,{ year HOttl MDKS held fait MI there -,i.i. -..'I I anything !o »l<i but rail us She h.-avy arltilery A call -Aa* disjMichvJ ;.j t'ruvrrstis Inter M'tinJa*! ic (•<".!>! uc monarch l»r lUira Williams anil he told !Jiem to fir-.! thp 'Ahvlher i>r n-ij to pt.iv dome .t::;! biimr i>r '';ei.t C ( MI f' i. / i\t ya.n i-.ilicf.l the fi:>! flip -ir.ti !»ft :t. meatHMj; t'-.r tfaim- T*mt!d be pl.'iyed either ill Me Alien "i in HratuAport "I \V \>\ T about ti. call another '"up. the '*ay iriy luck was rumi:nj>. " i-fcalt* Hryan Hrya;i .a y,hv shifted '.?-..• f •- t p 'j ,-. , i b I ! ! i y I a .Siipt'fHiu-tuh-ni '.•.' N-iv».>li Kenrn.-th VKVK l»70 i'JVI t'.li'-J n . \.\t Dotiie *l'a«> Braroswood's six-year Hopper Field record WK rllKV n I I^imnr i KICampi. Ueerl'ark Madron 'Ho Hay City ;: I'ort Uivaca', Slruinan < \'ic Hraiospor! '- (winter >.- s 'e Victoria' l^uiliir I'D!! li 28 I-' it It 15 • SH i 17,", team i! Hnan Hay City 1-imar <'< St 'lh..m.',r, Jef|Vr.w>r I' I'm! Laval-.. St thum.<i Hay t'lty I .1,'lHlf ( '• i dutnc! ! I It* Is :. i .'B I* Jl I'iayr.l .,<; M < i 11 I If. IK,' lii'J .t. I If a; 1 .'! ihu> (he Hut rs am! their ii/euble .' '-! fMlu"* rf % 'AI'*-»» spare'! Journey IT HKMMNS !o N a-.-r. o( c«»r ••.<•. .vh«''.h«-r t-r n«j!!;-, i;;.si-,!i.-;',i:'' >,r, a home ,i(i'.t f'.'sfli" 1 flip !)..(>•* t'iri'S on hur, If p,i.vt ri'ctinli -if!- a.*:- crucial playnff h,.i'H«- <>r. their Jvirin- (.inirt THK HI C rru'*<l »i!i surely outnumber M;<McAllen ViP-Up '.tie HlK , won't hf on the rvi,id and then there is the tradition to consider has lo.',( ufi'y out- garni- and tied or;r. nn their home field In.MH '. aril!;. ->» - «i.s<in.s the Huccanevr-i have VI i>( \'> home games a! lloppi-r Field \uilin DM I Ns|\ K I ijiurtrr r»jv t Ht< fur««AREA BOWLING NEWS Ml)M)\V SI NSH IN !•: \HMMM. Murphy T i. I 14 tie add Hra/ospor! went on to represent the district in the pUyoffs Then early 'his MM son the Lut'kin I'.mtlu-rs marred the Hues' un d«'feated home streak '*ilh a no victory Ihe fiesty LuiVm I'antln-rs. m fact, placed the iitily blemish on the di-fen'Im^Vla.vs AAAA Hues' record last year but that 'Aas up m Kai>t T«-«a.i ASVIloSS, i! breaks down lo a I! I I re« ord in six varsity yi-ars Hr.'i/o.svviioil has scored UX' [Xilllts during tho-ie .li games which averages to fiomHhing like if, f> jxuntH p«.T home game The Huctanrvrs, always known far their excellent defensive play, are as stingy at home as they are prolific, HHA/OSWOOU foe.s have managed only a meager 1»5 points in .15 I Continued on I'age II > Jwldt th*' dri! piace ">j>n! Aith .1 to'.ai ••( 11 jjasm-i •<*or. 1'iti Hu.sti.-r-t ha\e .'.'. garner won .int! "Id port fiulf i* only • half game ahead <i( the jr-wri and nvonl J-l 1 ; g;»m«rs won Sfwre TIIIH- came on strong with the big team count of J.WVJ rtl! I'm Husten rolled a ZH1 tofi Murptiy Jrwelry hit a i.H'iHU top h'inor-4 were r.icke«J up by Krvrfa Murphy who tossed a 501-203 Jean 1 ^vton rang up u 4R1 Janet u 4'i'j Horsnie Church had a M and Judy Harris bit a ITH Sue lister was ciuse with IT*> Kva Kohler had a iVT, Jane lM»wning an<1 Betty lloddie rollwl 174s and JJilly McCulley rollwl a 170 KCl'MKMACS: Ding J>ongJ» rolled the highest team writs, showing a 2231, while the Joker* ported a high team game of 7H,'l i'aula Morgan. In the women's division, grahhi-d up the high honors at 412-15:1 Herschcl Kngelmg carded the highe&t individual game for the men, rolling a W Krwi Sloldt posted the 536 high series. KM- Kiunkir^ -*>>-• ilm* ."' -*in* ami t • 1 -ire in !fur<! plate -*ith .">> il,»trir-i •*.,!-, h!<)vu-.(« roiled U-K- hii;)i«"s\ team honors. Kr.'M'i ir.>: do'ATi rriouy.h to .1 .lOVfi-ll'Xi The ^'{',i^iSi.•^ pis'.tit! .1 .**!<> !«'>? < • ; riil!i-<! a ;*/;"' in/! ";<• !'-n H.-it«l«-r.i r-'ll'-d a MI-.hull 1 , i-iuai 1'i^fi ir.ii r i lira 1 * n up \>i tfir men *.iv t)amiy llntmrts. 'Abu t'.vu-<i f/it Illf I nsM! fl! C & DServices,lnc. MMIOKIAM HMItVl lult.-j JIIIOI KM ItVK K DirSuiithlnr lot a * General Bldg. Maintenance * Apartments Industrial * Banks Offices & Office Bldgs. * Special Clean-up ATTENTION BUILDING CONTRACTORS Wrdn I in.11 phase i II-JM up on: iw Su u<lu/<-t - N'ru HIUn» • Nt-M Homes FREE ESTIMATES KW-H N. (.ull Hlvd. Krtrpurt. T* 77itI Me te OUTDOOR WORLD HAS A COMPLETE SELECTION OF HUNTING SUPPLIES •INSULATED COVERALLS •THERMAL UNDERWEAR •HUNTING BOOTS •GAME BAGS •SHELL BELTS •GUNS & AMMO •WOOL BLANKETS •HATS & CAPS ALL THE HUNTING SUPPLIES YOU NEED IN ONE STORE utdoor World 640 DIXIE OR, ClUTE __ 297-7383

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