The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 3, 1971 · Page 100
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 100

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1971
Page 100
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THESE ARE A FEW OF THE HIDDEN TRAITS YOUR HANDWRITING MAY REVEAL No indication that writer is Shafpw " Emotional involvement on a sincere, practical & sensible level Unlock the Secrets of Your Inner Being- Gain the Knowledge to Help Set You Free... With a Professional Handwriting Analysis! KNOW THYSELF is the first admonition of ancient and modern philosophers because they knew that se)f knowledge is the most important tool you can have to reach your full potential for happiness and success! Yes, right now, right this very minute, you could start to actualize your hidden talents and strengths— if only you knew what they were! Right this very minute you could start to strip out the buried weaknesses and faults that quietly, but mercilessly, block the road to self fulfillment—if only a trained professional would tell you what they were! Just think what your life could be like if only you knew for sure the true slory about the handful of other people vitally important to your happiness and.success—knowl- edge you can have ... if you want it! Yes, this information is available to you right now! It lies locked in the antiques and lines and spaces and sizes of each individual's personal handwriting! And it can be unlocked by a professional! THE KEYS TO SUCCESS ARE IN YOUR HANDS NOW! The reason scientists and research workers often refer to handwriting as "brain writing" is because the way you write is a graphic, specific representation of your fears, hopes, strengths and weaknesses. Before you even pick up a pen to start writing, your brain has to give a signal <o your hand. Then, and only then, can your hand react. But your brain is influenced by the way it works, how logically it works, its bank of knowledge, and the hidden motivations and desires of your subconscious! And the muscles and sinews of your hand, in turn, are influenced by physical tension, excess fatigue, a state of calm relaxation, and several other factors. Thus your handwriting tells who and what you are, what you want to be, and what you have the mental capacity to become. But it takes a professional graphologist—someone who has spent years of training in psychology, muscle structure and the actual science of graphojogy— someone like Dr. Michael Pace— to be able to give a true interpretation of the thousands upon, thousands of possible variations and combinations in different individual writing styles. Amateurs can have fun "reading" your handwriting, and you can have fun having it read, but only a trained graphologist can go into depth about (he true motivations and personality traits your writing reveals! LET KNOWLEDGE GUIDE YOU AND GUARD YOU How many times have you wished you really knew your own hidden .potential? How many times have you struggled with an inner feeling that life had to hold more for you than present circumstances seemed to indicate? How many times have you felt frustration, fatigue, boredom—simply because you knew there was "something you could do"—but you didn't know what? Yes, just imagine the grief you might spare yourself if you knew that an inferiority complex made you hide under an outwardly stubborn manner that turns people against you? .. , The joy you might have if you knew that, despite outside critidism, your reactions to any given person or situation really are correct—that you can rely on your "hunches"?... Imagine how much better you could conduct your day to day affairs—how much more satisfaction you could have yourself and bring Jo others—how much pleasure you could get out of a life "that was based on a solid foundation of knowledge of yourself and those who are important to you! Remember, "The Truth Shall Set You Free", and you can have that truth NOW! THE STORY OF GRAPHOLOGY Psychologists and physicians are constantly researching new me'th- ods of understanding man's behav- iour and personality, and more and more of them are turning to graphology as a sound and tested method toward this understanding. Long accepted and respected in Europe, graphology has only recently been properly researched and implemented by trained specialists in the United States. Now many of our major universities, hospitals, research and treatment centers are adding trained graphologists to their staffs. Many major business firms now require a handwriting analysis of. any potential executive employee. And credit firms are now looking toward graphology as a way to check a person's honesty and steadfastness of purpose. At long last Americans can benefit from a science that has helped generations of Europeans. Now, thanks to the years of research and study made by a dedicated man, you can have a trained, professional analysis of your own handwriting and that of the important people in your life. You, too, can use your own personality structure to help change your future in a way to better suit your own personal desires and talents. And almost best of all, you can learn what you want to know without ever leaving your own home! You can use the mails to have any written samples you wish analyzed by trained specialists under the personal direction of Dr. Michael Pace. This way you will receive the results in strict confidence—no-one but you need ever know who's handwriting you chose to submit to professional analysis. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET Each handwriting sample of 25 words or more that you submit will be subjected to a searching analysis covering nine major areas of the writer's personality. Each summation will include all of the following points: 1} Dependability Index 2) Optimism-Pessimism Index 3) Emotional Stability Index 4) Creative and Analytical Index WHO IS DR. MICHAEL PACE? While Michael Pace was working on his doctoral thesis, he became aware of evidence that personality problems consistently showed in the handwriting of the people he was sludying for his Ihesis. Although concentrating on his thesis, he became so fascinated that he began lo do intensive research into graphology and found his original oh- scmlions to be correct. After he was awarded the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Clinical Psychology, Dr. Pace was admitted to (ho Professional Honor and Rccogni- lion Society of Psychological Counselors. He continued his research into graphology and developed many advanced theories that arc gaining widespread professional recognition. He has bten a psychological consultant lo industry, utilizing !hc lechnique of graphology, and a consultant to the government. Dr. Pace's staff members have all been scientifically trained in his methods. Each sample of handwriting sent lo us will be given the personal alfcn- tion of a trained member of ihe slaff, under the supervision of Dr. Pace. And each analysis undertaken by the slaff will be done by the Pace Method. 5) Organizational Ability Index 6)Introversion-Extroversion Index 7) Practicality-Idealism Index 8) Concept of Self Index 9) Significant Individual Traits Every sample v/ill be personally and completely analyzed by a member of the Pace staff, scientifically trained in the Pace Method of Graphology. Every analysis will be individually computer-printed and, if you send more than one, will be re- turned'With a copy of the original sample, individually numbered, so there will be no confusion on your part as to which analysis belongs with which sample. All original samples will be maintained at the Graphology Research Center, in a numbered file, for future reference shpuld the occasion arise. WHAT GRAPHOLOGY CAN DO FOR YOU An analysis of your handwriting can bring you surprising knowledge of the inner dimensions of your own personality. It can strengthen beliefs you already have. It can point out talents you weren't sure were yours. And, because very few people are really able to judge themselves without outside help, it can even tell you things you never suspected! An analysis of loved ones, your boss, your children, your relatives and friends, can give you a short cut to better understanding of how they think and feel—can lead to better personal relationships— -can even help you lo come to major decisions about the part you wish any single individual to play in your life. And, since Knowledge Is Power, you could very well be in a much much better position to run yo«ir life the way you wanl! HERE'S ALL YOU DO Send each sample of handwriting you want to have analyzed on a separate piece of unlincd paper. Each sample should be at least 25 words long, but the longer the better! The content doesn't matter. It can be a letter from a friend or relative, an inter-office memo from your boss, your wife's shopping list or a message left by your husband. As long as it is on unlined paper and at least 25 words in length. The writing should be done in ball point or felt tip pen as these two instruments encourage more spontaneous and natural writing. It would be helpful if you would include the age and sex of the person being analyzed, but it is not necessary. In the case of more than one handwriting sample, attach the age and sex to the sample instead of filling it in on the coupon. We do request that you do not send us the handwriting of a child under age 13. THE COST IS FAR LESS THAN YOU THINK! Although every single handwriting sample will be individually analyzed by a trained Pace Graphologist. . . although each sample will be broken out into nine separate personality factors . . . although every sample will be individually computer-printed and separately mailed by first class mail . . .you will not have to pay the $25.00 you would expect to pay for such personalized service! Your cost is only $7.50 for one sample, $5.00 for each additional sample—a saving that is only possible because all the Pace Graphologists arc located in one research center, with one overhead, one mailing service and one computer- printer. You get completely individualized service at a fraction of - the normal costs! So don't let any more lime go by without the self-knowledge you should have of yourself and others in your life. Stop guessing and start acting, NOW! Just clip out the coupon and follow the above directions today. Within 14-16 days you will be on ihc way lo the wisdom of the ancients— KNOW THYSELF! V Graphology Research Center Inc. Empire Slate Building 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, N,Y. 10001 GRAPHOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER, INC. Dept. FW-10-1 .150 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. lOflfll Dear Dr. Pace, Yes, I do want lo Jearn all that your person- alizca analysis can lell me about each of ihc handwriting samples I have enclosed. Please rush the reports to me as fast as possible! FULL payment is enclosed. Age of person to be analyzed Sex (If more than one sample enclosed write nge and sex on each individual sample) D One sample f? $7.50 Q of nrldiiional samples ire $5.00 ca. (no.) Tolal enclosed $- ._ Name Address City Q check (PLEASE PRINT) .Stntc_ D cash -Zip_ 3 money order

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