The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1971
Page 9
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H*«I.SH. MHUteS* -18 .. . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BPMHI^^^^^^^^^^B . • •-". £* MOUtMWATCIIHO - CHM4.4I I MH 4-Af«A4 WIM • **C Al tovtfiMM . ,»»» t*ll «e«*ooei to w4 , l »«• «• t •»**», I «*•>•<«», M »C TALBOT REALTY 217-243* LA.K* JACM0H K, ,*,(,». III (IM -)»•,!» 16. fM* V* ;», I fern »* -. » M, i » i o. t o. ••*, <««», ii «,«,, UM i<*»» meA«i«Atiot< ~ in, n, », i e *ltttm*CMt <-t. » M , | », , o ^,, HI OA«otmA - i »». 1 1. 1 o, »•»» li»t fW & Vf «W. II|0**D(«IA -- 1 1*. I •. to. (M IHCUtlLIA- im,1« 1O Houses for Salt 102 Tern Better Homes 297-2418 HI UIIOtH t All«. >M4<<tifA<WA*. « l«t l»CAIAO«t III »,l fc.ld, I til - I >*. I *A, cxxxaocxxxs: I «!«,.,*,.,- , ,. „, 1,1, „.. • •» ir>H~**r<» 9 BRAZOSPORT REALTY M>ts for Sale 103 UNO FOR SALE ACIIAOI IITIILOri 4»H Mtr l**My, IM* Iwmi ain tun trutfit, HIM f '" "»§r tMtltr. lr»«, HIM IWAA**,/. Mwni irt.t Mir • M Jw»t C/K* Tw <IIM« <* Ull M) t|A»|, UiM Ht«*lM* flit, KM*** Ml. HIM HMKMMMI ID Ml, !/««, HIM , *l*. to l*t», I, HIM ARCHKM.TV S3J.SUS Acreage for Sale 105 Tank car derailment Hearing on HOUSTON (APJ - A four- day hearfnK into the CHUM* of the railroad tank car derailment and «ub*cquent wtpUwion Del. J9 which killed a firemen and Injured w other porwrni geu underway today. The National Tran- •portatlofi and Safety Board hearing will continue through Krlday wiih 25 wltne»*e» *cbedul«J lo testify. Safety Ixiard member Mm. liable A Burgett wilt conduct the hearing* "Die primary purpose erf the hearing u Lo assemble the mow *ompl«Ur and accurate (actual-record possible," a »pgke*man lor the board &aid "A<ter careful analy&u of the Jacl« al hand, a final report will t« tuutd M>iung forth the wifely board'* formal determination iA probable cam* and any appropriate recommendation* lo help prevent rtcvrrente tA such an •ccickfil " Safety board investigator* have attempted lo reconstruct the accldrnt »»r and have official* of <he <H£ MEUSTffOM CHRONKll Unusual film depicts man's war on insects ! MIMWAIM I'aci/ic Itoilruad and j other *iin<-t!,<?» uruc the i^Hr^^-JHubenak :'t( AC * t 1 .**..« C.UlW»'U.f illfttKMfM. >l || ...... »».•.>».•*..»..< M*!*.**,,.*i namorl to MM „. .,,,:,,„, (umiAKi, ! lldMlCU lU ' "-" t "« •••< •• WCA » ! !'.!' i fr^Y^' 1 - • ii^:\r^'^-rt:;-.ri committee ti'i.** ." **» *• . t ' m * I!s 4 'M*.-| ft ta-»., <«.'>.•• *.., H | ' t |fc| ]; Xf> ( l..H.|.» t»* k» t .tt»-.* I,-*, *„*,,, < i; »*• i *- w -t »'1*.h * t*A T » lit ilii ^...,.'1 < •!..-» I . ,...,. , . . , . t* % tlt...,, tillft.l til J ! Hi ..^ »*4|i»l,*(M* ^4ti j, J, ,.,, -(-»/- Jo<- Mubf-r.aV of a /!••<- rn.m corn 5 tniltrr to &tud> !t*r fxjMjbtJjlv u( 4 &tAt(- ftfr*rrx~> lo cont/ol Murtib (lui, f feai ( YC4r»Mi'» Irt^s > ;ih an < i * «- • ^... ft ^^^ REALESTATE [5ISr?,' MUM* 5 '••"' .«•'«».»..««.;,»*•. .,.,.,.! M » i u .ri. » a [,«jthc BRA20SWOOD REALTY 1 £:•.£H, :: --'^ ? »i> t.i." i in t >i>.<n, * -t i •** if l .t t'*1r*.-f C>w,<« +t 1( ^".,« ivw" 1 '-' ) ** yt* in ptf i ju j j»« «>-* , C-v 1, CH I * ^ l tii-«> min » 1 (r i«>(tf t».H..., U M-,,».., t , (! L^l | ,,,4 ULroE CONE Co. t'i;*i *••»•»••***»••« !.::;vt;';x PROPERTY SERVICES : f > " to ^- ''•'« Kt M.yi i tSciifii'.r rx-nd {of ^-«« » i (orutri :ri (Jiii t-TA »•» iinii. ;, b«Tfn r»a rtryuirfmrrt! it to • ii->«ii"- • tr»ininj[ ci hcmsing in '^..'J'',*',', ; HixlrUcigj sntl t! i» : i m proper apph ByMAUOUKHITK DAVIDSON T»ic HclUtrom Chrortcc U the next film lo be *hown at the l^ike Theater, It opera on Wednesday and will run a week through Dec. 6. It wa* prepared by scientist* from the University of California. California Inatftule of Technology, with the cooperation of many others and U truly a documentary. A preview wa» offered on Monday afternoon to devcloj) interest in the excellence of thi* offering It is rated G and is a four litar G indeed. Although it is loaded with spectacular violence, I can't imagine- a parcn! who would not feel that it must be »een To miM ihu Htm would be to tntui a most important experience that -*ould leave one !«.* well prepared for life almost illiterate 'n» tJjemt- u simply that man's important war IMS always txtnat^ainslinaecu It &ays bluntly that man i* lonmg (his *;ir tine': prodigious procreativity and adaptive rapacity <A lh<-w id verts rics iiltc/* tteni l/j rally their (wars aftrt t-ser> w.-emmg d<-struction This is a mind blowing lhc;nt -*b«i liif camera '*ork u handled as it is here Magnification and lime Lapse P**xoRr;sphy bring trx.- iru^-cli into stitir proper gigantic f«-rsp<-ctH t- W:Ui thc-ir armor platrd bo<ji«, their e>.- (jrevsionlt-sA (ate*, their great <•>« t-uiging tin-;, arc a k-arfu! mm party Th* sounds <A their tltf-hi ch;rp\ mujK-iiingi ar«,- .ibo abrmmg Nib lifjhlrorn 1> the lie t !<*••.•) I ^cumtu't narrator He ssrcjM-s tr«r fact that our f-apfj«a ha% •• ail bttn (wcl if, ourwjvi-s in i iT.'^tJi'vi.^,. 1 :::' *" '• Res0 ^ ;f^C^~"""" ""* '*• Iw Sate • t t-fi--» i ii», FOSSEL'S REALTY ^ Trailef Lots 79&-27DO BRA20RIA j (o * Rent 124 »M- ut- M«>-| till-, I - - -. _-^_ >n .. ( ..- .„ „,, F.VJ 10?A " AC •""• *~-• "» »" « l\IU\j ,, iL MJJ>, A,,, v tMH pv M t *6«tt it.**. /»«*> »Jt * >1 I , i »«» « *i**n<> H; l>.'l M'.H* ,' 4... i I *,t.f i ttl'lt- ..It" Ki'l^' M lrf"l«* M • * A * I INTERCITY .1 ;.-»« "' **' *""' •»""-""•• | * "^u,", X ,?*,»H.'"L""», ",»'**' '" L Miff 1 (HI ••»«•« A*«(«H< »,». I -»»., m t I 1 »«A.Ut ,»»<.»«-.' CM* **' tit t A ROWLAND REALTY 297*543 UNO OCATORS 237-J494 ; Mobile Homes ''for Sale 125 *r *• p iii MH t«f ' * » » » ;,j»j 1-4*-1 *t \ '• t-llt t'4^ » i 4 t * MH "' t» tl|U . •C*<.t» f*' Uiil Lots for Sale 103 - ».*'.',*"..V lk ',T* wT^.'"' ,^' i VifRtilimwii — ni-nri i>'Ht,ii in Ait* : «*AfO«'A f' » »1 M **» I I * UU *(•* ) I«H- I #« V** **»* I* v* IVW *«« JC - M>« |<i> ) | | CHI*. IV — K»«v*'*f tern* * pr «»*•«« *r««. * <MI* U«m«l «., <w «« rot tIAKMU - ft. 1 II CM**., IW ? ii IU UU •'"« U) M4t IF YOUARK INTERESTED IN 0UY1NG I'HOI'EUTV Oil IF YOU HAVE PROPERTYTO SELL... CONTACT JOELBRVAN ABC REALTY 233-5335 UOMEZ33-I3SO . SOUTMtIM 0*K» OH -4 K*> MW »>UII. Ml II' t'lM I AC If «<il J. SAUKK HE/M/rOHS *t I^»M H *W i Ci in », f i H.« H ll C««4I C' Cl»« -l M H«| 11) I >«<i«4 II Wtf I*'^C^».>X4 • I Alt I UlllH ;c>Hl I CICCIL • » * fit ,..<o,.. ciioi cam co ;- «^ ALL NEW 1972 MODEL ii » ; 3 UK THI CITY MOMll.K Ml»> )!! 4 1 fjr a(t>*rnpt at dx-rjurai tmtrtik hii c>rj> pou«K-,t-d our cr*n todm. polluted our air .»r»d uatrr. kill«J our animal .»l)n-4, »ru!r UK- inuncU have t»r"r> ihlf- to adjfX to anything v»c lijuc uM<i agam^t them and to kill us dirt-ctly. at the Mm<- Ume »i',h the diwAMrs U'ipj f;>rr> lo us. mauina htts. yellou fever n;r p!.i<ji><- lorumc only a (c-* Tbr) ,'urUx-i competr '*ilh man for »hai trio f.r.oA earth firovid<-* in limited quantity The (Jariiing beaut) at naiura! forms and colors euvb in Irus film, also atxl memorable insighti ir.'.o trK> Stamps... ( ViT.lmui-d (run; I'age 1 ox. tract •.«. \c*, "-.IJXT. tvxn my. hokl wa'.er «{jen «-ixlt-d until the l »f»T,(j the>> At' .(lioi.itc^ for t(,i- i tins \e.-.r \\e tai; there i< -A i- mi •>\t<f tin- ,u.iil.,l,ili!\ of Investment Property 110 -><»!> >i«l |>u ».,.!« Ill Ha. lit*) 111 It! UUI UOHI&OMtSI »l»lll An«li««> Kt ItM tl«)!l| »IH I. (."LI lomi «l Allt ;i: HX (OMVitttCAt IO< M* 'W. l«*f 5S7-3J61 CKAiWIHO I M4.M* I', Mlk. I I*. V «t*> «««*»' l»4l »«« »C «-• MX , M « ,.< .... ..-,„ t,^., • HIM *•.» NMr faw k*n» »A»t v 111 »l*..« o»4i ! » ClUI I till KM U . Apt, • r 1 tl) I** p..« tAtlOT UtAlTV HI :<U H ».» 1 II MVM IMH U' A«l O*l, III M* * U K» , ! " "«. **• ».«*^*f,, »i,.«H » H >\r llu> l.'iiuilic* wnd Hill lair ! " •"'•"* ' '••' »»•*»• M'» liaili'i ! *•»•«» > A« I'Aiu. UM. t: m - j » *«•>*»*. »ii n «« ,*<* Al M«|«<l C«lli» IM 'Ml j It rt ' '"' i U l H Ml 11 «* ,,<>. II <( |ll«t »< l«k.n toll U>.l H« 111 Nt »( Alton IH»tt IIOIOOM (Kick Mn>t ..II. I Ctnll.l AU AIM «WAl «< IvI'V IIA.I CAM 111 Jill WHY lt».. M<«l AIKI iff AU «ur.»| ,»v' I*' **l«tl>Mi <«m< h, l Will •« , M l« (,.,„«. U<W l« H« n 044 l»ti «<' l»i», 11) 1141 14 IffAft iftutt UACti 11 AltAKtAI U» A<. *r« Ml » N»t Ml ««A t«» l« IA» 101 fOB SM.E in ACT (W.I llfjirO Nitr (MOlrt l..i»f m (.ii Uiti >ir «ut 0*1 OH . l l»l Itif, *tMti imk wl IMilt4 ..Ih IAI«I iMk And fiXAn llttt Qf«tt AlKAdi m JO I IAl»OI HtAUT 1(1 1*14 AliO I-4ACM p/o I «««»» i.oi\ . Ill'l IteM it) >ltl INCRtOIILIi IC1UNN » III tU ..,»lnH«l 4 tm.1 OOOIlt OUfHX lURNIiHSO, fUllt IENT(0 CAII isiincr M) Mil Tniki Lots (or Rent 124 > tin m HH l!4 MON1MLT pluj ul.l.liei IM nrll l«gMc4- high AAd 4ry kpAC* ui O>%lr( Click lllllti OAK BIOOl MOHUf «OM( PARK 010 Affgieiw BaAtf A<f »n l*«m Aag f * u * f ithint 4 Huntinj Club iK1>M III IfMIU. |l* )MI COME BY & SEC WHY BEST TRAILER Sell* Motr lloiur> lor I r»» <M1 ! IK MI «A MM kin ItKST TUUI Kit mull in HOMJ KM ll.H I bKkwa. > IK4I fulfil, l^n.n.rt c ,|, I ill,! i pm SAVE $3000 Qtt G« ivtl «r*r*«a w tmrn«4'4*r t*t« All wn.U 41 f n Md4tl N> -hw n CemmA^Ht hem«k. ) Uf*«wnv or 1 tMOcifeunt «iUi «« Cftii HI 4Ji 3441 e* 1C* at 14*64 ALmrM Rtf COUNTHY LIVING MOtllt MO*>ti HovfctMt. "14 WIDE TRADE-INS NUV.QNKYttotVN Mull ) bvdr««nt i;i i) m& >J»u i tMHaain. j 114 HIM; ,{\(;I.KTON MOBIU: HOMES 1011$ V»lAK liriiAr. s-iul .ils,, ;| u i .,,, a ciaiiM- in !( ;i . ct.mra.,-1 tiia! ^jll* f.--r tu Hronn i .id reijui^ii .-VrtKiJil to innte a s to a i'u, )mi>5j t ijiiT>, 1'iwrt o clariis some unrdin)! in the contract but .\rnuld s-nd Mmidi> tlut hv (huught all i}uestioiv> about the |ro(jrani h:td txvn arisurn-d Arnold -vaid I*- attended a mtviing i«i i he new proposals. in the CiKitract and rvponiti UUIM- fimiuxs to n-.rmtxTS of the court "This thitu; «.i>n't dist-iissiHl ami rxplainvd The num «as supposed to come ajid didn't You wen' supixsed t" wnte the man Brown <-h,il longed 'I've talked to bmi and | UHKight every thing had btvn «uis\HTtiJ lo our Mtis-factuvi," .\riwld ciHinttTtii "Hie bulk of the cost of ihe ii'od stampi. which are exchanged just like money in .1 grocery store, ii borne by the I'S IX-pi of Agriculture The eligibility iif rvcipi«iU» is determined by the Texas Oept ol Public Welfare. Count) funds are used to pay lucul part-time employees and office facilities In Brazoria County, about 3.UW per pvuple are served by the program This figure represents about 1,000 The Food Sump l^rogram lus bwn backed by a number of urgiinizatums including the l^eugui' al Womt-Ji V'oteni, the Christian hili-rracial Fellowship and the American Association of University behavior of been, anU, moOw, loctutU, In the battle nccnw— innecl against Insect— the wdtemenl to intense. It i* lncrea»ed by a ien*Hive miwical accompaniment that even employed a harpsichord in one of the mating sequences. The mating of jumping npiders was comical and applied to the dascriptirai of *pider behavior we heard from Dr. J'aul Ixidwig at the la*t lecture of the museum serica, Whatever your interest— .veience fiction, science truth, ecological study and planning, or photography—this is an excellent film Because i( was painstakingly prepared by thoughtful rrif.-n. they ignored the need to ad<J the usual bombastic press releases It ha* thus been rny privilege to review it btrrt- I urge it on your attention AMUSEMENT GUIDE VEUSCO UKE SURF 1.15T Hlft i in I 4! '.WW Vx .*. J BEACON REWARDING! ABSORBING! In evcryon«i life thercVa SUMMER OF '42 John Wayne Richard Boon* 'Bis take" Znd FEA. AT 8:45 JA/-VES STEWART HE7SRY FONDA "THE CHEYE/N/NE SOaALCLUB ENDS TUES. NIGHT 6:45 & 8:25 >our eyes «n_what she cannot sec 6:30 & 8:20 LAST NIGHT ROBERT MFTCHUM |«N®"0'^ METROCOtOfl Starts TOMORROW! In everyone^ life there's a SUMMER OF »42 Starts TOMORROW! I Week ONLY? It is a trip much worth taking. Not since '2001' has a movie so cannily inverted consciousness and altered audience perception THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE

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