Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 2
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Tuesday, October 28, 1941 • Draft Boards Are Hearing End oil-A Classification Moline First Board In State to Exhaust Its Total List of Men FirM draft boprrt ;n tr.» «'*•* to <- i^ '-A rni5:ra:-.r= :- Mo- Hne. wi-.K':'. could f:r.d US mfn to report for Induction Mnr.rf'ay <vit of A quota of 174. W!-.;> it i.< admitted that «'. Molir.p were somewhat hiehrr than elsewhere because of the iars? number of arsenal and asr:c:ilv.jral implement workns. It Is *l«o ?-'.: that thr present regulations, winch make deferment e«.«y. (ire, in part, responu- ble. Paul Armstrong, atate selective Mrvlce director, states that a number of other downstate cities are Also nearlng the end of their lists. Among these cltlei U Sterling, which will probably exhauit Us lint short ly after January 1. These cities have been Instructed to oomb their lists of deferments for possible re-classification. Thi« Is being done here with the result tha 10 men who were deferred becaus of medical reasons, mostly poo l*eth, have been ordered in for re examination Wednesday. When list* have been thoroughl} combed, It is understood that stat Inspectors will be sent to each draf board in an effort to dig out every available man. When these in •ptcton decide ihat a board ha reached the end of its 1-A material it will receive no more quota* Armstrong eaid. Auro Accident Victims Getting Along as Well As Could B* Expected Mr. and Mr*. W. D. Frrm. 'h^ir ITVJ"" sruW. Mr. «nd Mr* D H. TVill^r of Cincinnati. O. «nd Mrs. H. V Bsuorf. who were in »n *uto- rr.'ibi> srririfnf. Runds.v ev^ninp, ?r p rrp^r'^d to be suffering ron.«!d- fr^Tn thMr injuri* 1 *.. b-;' are alonK a* well a<; rn;;:d bf d The extent of the injuries jriven In Mondays Gazette. thai examination revealed tha? MIT. Willy's shoulder bone was diMocftted. If is believed they will be In the Dixon hospital, where •he> vr* t-sken after the accident, for three or four days. Fifteen Killed in Kentucky Coal Mine Host f -, '$*/* Donatt Truckload of Provisions for the St. Vincent Orphanage The fathering truck from St. Vin tent's orphan*** In yregport was in Sterling today and received from Stoered H**rt partoh a truekload of provision! and other article* do- by membcri of the pariah. other commodities wa* ind pounda of white potatoes 300 pounds of onioni and a number of casea of canned fruita and vegetables. The truck make* the rounds of tha Rockford dloceee once • year gathering donationa for the crphana. Football Picture ' Shows Birch on Job to the picture of the Mlcnigan- Itiimetota game published In Monday's Oaaettt, the face of Referee ffcank Birch anowc prominently ant pram that he was "on top" of the pfcy. Inasmuch aa the picture waa gfgrtlcated, the mayor la now vwt- OBfef whether he, too. is syndicated Mri copyrighted by the preaa as*o- ctotton. County T. B. Society Picks New Treasurer Edward Hendridu waa elected treasurer of the Whiteaide County Tuberculosis aociety at the special meeting of officer* and director* held at the office of the county aura* in the coliseum Monday eve. ning. Mrs. Raymond Sier waa tleeted assistant secretary in order to carry on the work during the •beence of Secretary Dana P. Munn. -Home Over Sunday Pvt. Paul A. Stem, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Stern, wa* hone for a visit with his parent* Sunday. He ha* recently been transferred from Camp Welters. Tex. to PL Leonard Wood, Mo. Paul took hi* ear back to camp with him and ei- pwta to come home weekends, bringing tome of the other Sterling boy* there with him. Condition Improves Ml** Marian Allabaugh of Bter- .ling. student nurse at the Katharine •haw Bethea hospital in Dinm, who wa* injured Oct. II in aa automobile " ut, U reported to be improv- Farmer Loses Both Hands in Corn Picker Fred W. Camp, an Elvira. la. | farmer U confined in the Jane Lamb hospital. Clln'on. as the result of a jtrajiic accident last Thursday when he lost both hands in i» corn picker accident. He is reported as doing as well as could be expected. Camp's wife ^111 be remembered as the former Miss Hazel Rose of this city. Camp was operating a power picker alone when one hand got caught in the gears and in an effort to release it the other one was caught. His cries for help were heard by a daughter and she stopped the trBc- tor but was unable to release her father's mangled hands. She returned to the house and secured the assistance of a carpenter who was doing some work on the place. The man was able to release Camp and applying tourniquets to both arms drove him to the "hospital. Camp was able to walk from the car to the operating room where the arm* were taken care of. Last summer all of the barn* and out-building* on the farm were burned when struck by lightning. They were filled with hay, atraw and grain and farm machinery. Berge Ffnishei Work At Lanark U. B. Church Rev. W. F. Berge of thi* city, who ha* been supplying the pulpit of the Lanark Brethren church until the regular pastor arrived, has com* pleted hi* work there. Mr. eBrge acted as pastor for one month and i* happy over the fact that at Bunday morning'* service three converts came forward and Joined the church. It ha* been a long time since evening services were held, but Sunday night a congregation of 70 waa preeent. Vtrdidof$4SOicir Mitt Grennasi in Sui! Against D. Manfteld for * new trtsl. Th* pl«!nt?ff f.*tc» in 'h* .*'i!t wrsi'h ;~v>:v<-d thf rT'->- jxxed «ile of Manfifld s property st 173 Es*t. Third street in SvrJing for $15.000. Grennan cnn'md^ that he ?<vmd a buyer ?r»r the pmperty af?»»r 9:h!ch the de fondant declined TO f*:i hut 'hat he wm en'i'lrd 'r> th* 1*50 Crowds watching rescue workers atop the air ahaft of the Daniel Boone mine. Nortonvine, Ky., a* they sought to reach M miner* trapped by a blast. They brought out 33 alive; 15 were found dead a half mile from the mine"entrance. Phelps to Be Head Employment Dept. ^ •uperviaor John F. Phelpa ha* been appointed reemployinent oom- «UUeenan for the Sterling' eelec- Uve »ervice board. Mr. Phelpa will take over hi* dutlM aa eoon a* he ha* qualified for the peaUon. The Job carrie* no salary with it and ha* to do with Becurlng employment for the drafted man upon their return from the army. At Freeport.Church Mr. and Mr*. O. M. Heu of the Freeport road. Mr. and Mr*. Ward D. Shank of Dixon and Bishop and Mr*. A. O. Good attended communion aervice at the Freeport Mennonite church Sunday. Bishop WUUan Orayblll of Richfield. Pa.. preached the *ermtw. The Shanks ware dinner guecu in the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mr*. Em Nile and Mr. and Mr*. Hew and Bishop and Mrs. Ooad had dinner with Mr. and Mr*. Joe Gromley. LOIS DACE NOW OWNS STERLING lEAUTY SALON lit LOCUST 8TECCT Eyo Of ffMr4iiifl WIU CearikMe aa O»mUr Tew Patra«age Wa* AppracUtod A«d Wa Will CeatteM T* Da Our Bad T» Sem Ye«. •^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^'•••"•'•••'"••'"'"•'•••••••••••••npjinpnnnsj Photograph Special &~3x5 PHOTOS in folders AND 1-8x10 ENLARGEMENT THE SIX FOB PROM 1M.J $3-48 CHASE'S III LOCUST NIISBTTE p s Music Stor* imi ttii Dixon High Athlete Suffers Attack of Infantile Paralysis The many friends of BUI Evan*, DUon high school athlete who ha* been one of the mainstays of the football and basketball teams for two or three yean, will regret to learn that he is confined to his home with an attack of infantile paralysis. Bill, a junior in high school.- played in the line in the Dlxon-Sterllng football game last Friday night He was taken ill Saturday evening and Sunday wa* unable te use his right leg. His parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. B. Evans, are well known in Sterling. Their many friend* hope that Bill will have a speedy recovery Moving Pictures Are Shown for Cub Pack The October meeting of Cub Pack 306 was well attended Monday evening in the scout room at Wallace achool. Several reel* of moving pictures were shown by Frank Billmire. There were educational and western pictures but the boys es pecially enjoyed the comic reels. Mr. Billmire has ahown hi* picture* before at the pack meetings and they are always much appreciated. During the game period the boys played ping pong and ahuffleboard In the business meeting the sliver arrow of wolf rank was presented to Palmer Miller and a wolf pin was given Walter Pitu. John Kennedy was received by transfer from an EvanavUle, Ind. pack and was greeted as a rnrmber by Drn 5. Souls Bill Robinson, Tom Hoffman and Bill Victoria were presented as new den chiefs to serve the pack. . ,. , High School Bond Picks New Officers Laverne Hoener was elect«d president of the Sterling Township high school band at the annual election held Monday. Harold, Stone was elected vice president and Dorothy Ward wa* elected secretary. Ali officer* take office immediately. Swtet! Swiig! TOP nuns •f UM NaliM __ Mmaay tfcrMgk Satorday (for Coca Cola) Starts MoMliy, Nov.3 9:15 P.M. WHBF aid MOTOAL 1270 on your tfi DEW COSTUME JEWELRY Ntw Shipment of HEISEY'S CrW+Wt Indivi^uol Fioccs 40c o • o o • IMPRINTED CHRISTMAS CARDS $1 AMD FOB ^* UP De y«w Chrbtsaa* aheppteg early fr«M ewr large eeieVUeii •f beavUfMl gift*. MHUBELLE.IUY Barker — Beavty — Ceawetirs STEELING THEATBE BLDG. PHONE 272 DANCE TAMFICO HALL If MMiWf«Ott« 2fli IMI FOR ST. MARY'S, TAMPICO LAWRENCE'S ORCHESTRA GenHemen 50e todies 20c Tex Included Maurice Rich, Jr., Gets Chime Ringer Patent Maurice Rich, jr., of Clinton, formerly of this city, received one of | the 846 patents Issued this week, accord ins to announcement by the United States Patent Office. His invention is a chime ringer. The patent was applied for last February. In approving issuance of the patent, examiners of the patent office technical staff reported the invention was different in two respects from anything similar previously patented or known. TUESIAT HUIIEITE GOOiARO WED.IH.Y! DENNIS MORGAN KISSES ni — ALSO— LLOYD NOLAN in "DRESSED n nu." .»»a>fJ verdict in th» milt bro'ieh' by Matthew Grenntn ncflin^t Dj?\:d Manfiflrf. re-urneri by a jury :n 'h* rlrr'i:; c.o:;rt Monday nrtth*. *-s^ opened Tu'^day mornir.B hv ,Tt;dc' 1 A. J. Srheir.fman and !' ws.^ found that the jiiry had fmmd In fax-or of thr pia:n*:ff. awarding him MM), the nmoun: which was a«ked. The attorney for the defendant ssked that the record of the case be pre- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WBBBiBiWMBBBBPMBMHBI STATE Man?i")d testified tha' he hafl nr**. lifted hi* property for «,.tie and that t-hnught that Ol«nrt»n w»s p!*n- to buy the. property Building Repointed hrnidins rti svenu« and Thtrtl strw»t fc besnt Tonighf — Coliseum COLE-Gl THRIE PLATEKS 'THE FARMER TAKE? A WIFE" Chlldrm Iftr— AdnlU l\r. plen Ux TNUR. I FRI. ADULTS ONLY TWSFS/WOV&MP '* W£$& SWING If* f&£i*Qfl COSTS/ BATTLE OF THE SEXES! SEE! "I'LL SELL MY LIFE" -ALSO"THE HBMAN Can You Take It? PERMANENT WAVE SALE BBBBBSBnBBBBl • For Limited Time Only • ••I Rtfrier i I e e e e MlMBNrFtr $1.00 Brbmg a Mee4 ajsi ehai* Ike ear- tug*. AU MT Material* are guaranteed to ka«v aJwsUsm MI. $3.50 Wov« .......... 2 for $4.50 . $4.00 W««« . ....... '. . 2 for $5.00 R«f. $6.00 W«*« .......... 2 fw $7.00 R«9- $«.50 Wm . . . . ...... 2 for $7.50 *•§. $7.50 W«Y« .... ....... . 2 for $8.50 THOMPSON'S RockFcJb DUO-THERM HEATER A CTUAL «•* ta M horn* prortd that • Do»Therm ti*«t*r with Pow«r-Aif fereM h«at tfcnraa* the hew /••tor, mar* mr»nly, «ri •*«•* Ui> To H* IN Fun. On. Com without fomm-Mr I the mat*. t k> • btttsr. asrf Poww-Ak tourt* eT Iff tAunmi MIW OU0.7Mf«MS TOOAri Models As Low Ai $39.95 S59J5 I69J5 Ohnen & King m t. noBo IT. Sugar Bowl Cafe WEt.mT.ltt THE HEUI IDEAL ENDS WED. JOHN GARFIELD IDA LUPINO "NT OF THE WTI The STARS of "3e«j TYolT in another ner Bros, thriller! OPENS At iMf Ust . . . after nauiy weeks' preparttion . . . after days and days of waitinf for ixtures and supplies, we finally open one of the coxiest cafes in this section. We want you to drop infer lunch—at any hour of the day or evening;. Sandwiches—All Kinds, Plate Lunches, Hamburgers, Hot Dofs, 1 Soups, Chili, Oyster Stew, Ice Cream Delifhts and many other food (Junes' to eat are on our menu. ENDSTUES. SPECIALS FOI OPElllf MY! MB» TE i nj snv Made with Swift's Ice Cream, Wednesday—Opening Day HUMUS ran ml ss"*nn"BnW^Bww^BF^iF^Br • •Bv^s^iPniPsl ••••A'Vnsnv Just slice and serve each SWIFTS ICE CREAM PARTY CAKE Vanilla cream, fruit center layer, sided by chocolate cake 5c 39< 33c We wHI elweys heve e fine selecrie« of Swiff's hrick end hulk else theae wented 5c pieces such os Newfywod Cefco Kreefn Mvcfcoi, etc* 9wtrf/a Moy ofse he purchosee in Elel order. BOAT Don't Hiss This Exciting Drama! — ALSO- HIGH HERBERT Bns% and Boxed ChoeolaUs, Hard Candies for Partins «>M^aJ| Aa^AttkjMit m^ •ig^g^gfA BUK M. kajtA W anUafJ** CThiflP' BBVO^Mtt ^MOnl g^t^BA^M MUU^ B»"i^B' fc ^•BVVnBV W VBH^eBV ^O^ (B> ^••^sp^ • ^^•gfle>gjK« Ve^B* ni* Bi^BW IVeaV SnBOBBBV ^^B^B* Cease In! Satisfy your appetite for "something good." ' * Sugar Bowl Phetn Prsphst, Prop,

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