The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 5
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MONDAY, 9, 1923' . T.HE..HUTCHI H SON NEWS. PAGE FIVE. you'd only whlnd about 'em," said Felix brutally. "What you'll saa will bo results, that's nil! 1 am uso you. You'll corao in Imndy whon Its a question of covering tracks and stepping soft. TIHU'H WIIPTO you shlno. But tor the present, only two nmn will Know what cards 1 hold. I'm one of them. The other is I'otlt Jean." At tho mention of this name, David Macarly lilted Ma head. Now ho ro- Bpo-^dod, and in his voloo waa an unwonted earnestness. > "Follx, iot mo toll you for tho las! time—I'm Afraid of that cronturol Ho Is no man. Ho Is a dovlll That's what he In. A devil. There's no crltnn ho'il hesitate to cmiimit; ho has no moro conaclence or tithical sense than a wild beast. "You talk of using mo," went on tho father, gathering force. "That's your whole attitude toward everyone— oven tno, your father. Uslnjr" mo! Have you no love for me, Follx?" "Cortainly I havo," said Felix MJ- carty, with a quiet assurance. "Sometlnm;! I doubt It." David was on tho offensive now, and remained thoro. "When I found (hat tills For- tlor was employed by tho girl I set Potlt Jean on him. And with what ro suit? None—" "You probably did it halfway," said tho son scornfully. "Told Jean to lay the lawyer out. You should have told him to hill Fortier thoti and there. Hut that'is not your way." David Mucnrty nodded unhappily, an ho gazed into spa^e. 'His son continued at onco. Wrexham in out of tho way. MB took Ills sehooner and went—took that old fool John l'hllbrlok with him ,too! Tho Chinaman, Ah Leo, Is dying; he's probably dead i.avr. That will end my income, lor itioro's no ono 1 can trust .to flUAh r.cYs place. Tho Job Is too slow for I'ell 1 . Juan. Therefore, wo'lt have to grab t.linso jewels, and do it at onco. In jjpito of your kindly advice, tho man to do the Job—or help with It—hi this Banio 1'etit Jean. Ah you say, ho's not a man but a devil. So much tho bettor! If 1 could drag in pvrson into thiB same, on my Btde, I'd do it." i David Macarty put. out his bands with a gesture of futility. Felix smlku! thinly and leaned back in his chair. "I'll do what you failed to do," ho said, "Petit Jean will be horo tonight, suro. Ho was to como whon Ah Loo was dead, and I had word that Ah Loo wouldn't last out the day. I'll havo all the liquor business cleared up out oi tho way in an hour or so. That'll be off my mind. Thou we'll go to work at onco." David Macarly flung him a startled, look. "Not tonight, surely? You can't mean—" "Walt and seo„" Felix laughed, swung his foot, yawned. "Maybo' not tonight; don't know yet, hut we'll try for it. If anything goe3 wrong, we'll need tho yacht—and you. See you later. He swung off out of the room. David Macarly sat iu perturbed thought. It was tho tragedy of this man's llfo that, ho had no hold upon Lhis BOU—that ho must stand by,- hclp- 'less, and soo Felix go his own way. Nor could ho very well preach. Felix know too much about, him, too many •little things! And there, too, lay tragedy—they were all little things. John Solomon, Lto copyright hy SYNOPSIS, OtAVTEIl 1.— AUno TjaVargno owns CyprPimirt, a small plantation In tho Louisiana bayous. Hha Iravos the msin- uri 'inent' to John PUUbrlclt, un old rc- tftiiinr anrl faithful, but. not a good business rutin, as Ah J^eu, the Murichu, who la trying to help Allno, explains to Xhtt mystoHbim Juhn Solomon. AUne's undo David Macarty and his Hon, Kollx, umltT prctcnno of fooklnj; after her lu- tei'.-Hlfi, plot to got control of tho plantation, TLlk>d£ard~Jan8S CHAPTER It.—One of thMr nchomca tfl to ihim the bnyou »nA Oms c\vy up hor rim flcld». '1'hon th«y try to not rl<l at rhllhrtck. AUno awcts tho Maeartyfl and (.'(lnaultH Jack Fnrttcr. a young law-, yer. who ttikrs hfcr case. CIIArTKlt HI.--.He rtmU a blifflffht on hla hnntla, for tho,rtys aro all Jiciv, i-rful. Tln-y 'ry to bribu him off. C'M.U'Tl-K IV.—Then they havo him bra ten up, but ho Is rescued by John Botmnuli. C'UAl'TKri V,—The Mnrnrtyfl drop opesn I hoi-Mllclrs (ifiil Invite Forrfur and AMnn to f,\-, w\ \\ W\Y y:voM, U\o. \S*t\1cys\M;Kt>, to lu- Bpci't the phiulalloiK Solomon haa so- ,„„„ L ,. onn'rt thu job of Btuwnnl on tho yacht. | {ar Clit n vr n witter JuV heforu tlirY sail Aline wet a a tclo- f nim by rhilbiiok eaylJUS tha.1 ho la yoni: away t<\r awbllw and haa left I he { >1 mi Mil cm In diaito Of Captntn "Wrcx.- linn, i 'j IAPTICH VI.—Solomon foils an attempt to Nti 'tU FwUer'a patters. An out- low uaint"! riroa Michel Is killed on tho iiK'ii; and Thompson, tho inato. 1B hold for murder, rhlofly thronjrn tho nvldonco of !>fi|otnon, who Inter ennft'sses to For-, th-. that ho killed tho mart, una gives | own. t. pun In.* iniurn ho fln<J.i All IJOO i waiting for hlin. CHAPTiau X.—Once In tho. lon(r IIRO, In the China 8«ts, Wrexham ahd Ah Lf»e had m-'t and clashed. Tho Manehu tcU« Wroxham that ho Is deopty ln,terfifttcd fn protecting; Allno and hor iuherltanco. Wroxham tslls of blowing up the dam that provented Irrigation of tho plantation. In consideration of Wrexham's at- lompt to proaervo Allno'a property, Ah hati spares AVrcxham's life, which he had determined to take Jn fevengo for wrongs committed agalnat 1dm lon^ ago. CHAt'TEU Xt,----Wrfjxham puxislen over Ah Tico 'fl mystt»rlous -roferenocfl to the "Gemini" «.nd tho "tiea-moon." Ills nhlp luyattrrlaualy rtlHapvicarB and ho receives ::lt>r the IjtiveiKne papers, > which ;ii<>r iri:;on had .stolen from the lawyer. ClfAPTKK Vli. —Capttiln Wru.xham |tni:crj charpo of lha plaiHatlnn. Hath»r *t,ady of ehnraotor. ho la prompted to I P'KV yiralKht by llio effect upon him Of -'i photograph "of AUno.. CKAPTHK VUl.—Wrexham examtnc-i the <:untents tit tin' nare and finds a pae.K- airn which tntereHtft him and which ho pot.-kiitH. Mararty and the. shoriff arvtvo io.<Mnt; for rhllbrlek whom Macarty chari^en with murder of a negro. Finding Phlibvick K'Mie, MauaVty atlemplB to biili;- Wrpsham to betray Ihp. IntoreHtH of Alio LiLVtTKne. Wroxham temv»orl^e«. (MIAPTKH IX.—Wroxham, whose, ship I la u-iichnred near tho plantation, GOOH out at night on a piystciriuus errand of blu NAPOLEON ONCE SAID "A Foot-Sore Army is an Army Half Defeated." ^'h^n Our B03S wont into llio var tho Gv^. niuiu'iH oiilpred ovt -r Ono million riv.' iiuiKlrod thoiftilKl |»oun<!.i of Powrlor f,n tin; i-'cot, to mnkt! tlulr shots ooin- rt'itnlil,, on (liftlr lone motclic^T 'J'liiM »'iiipliii)(lzoa tlifl lostlmoiiy of mll- loii .j of pt*n],le whu two Allen's Koot-Eaco fo^ tlio cuilok rtllef of Cornn. Hunlons, Bud I'jilhiHcH. und for Tlrerl. Aclilnff, ^v.oiitlntf. tiinfirllng. Tend, r Kot'l. At N 'ltflit. urter nxceEslvo rtunolne or Wi)l\ih »s. HlirlnUlc AUtoi'B Vnot-Ku-ie In tV .i- fivot-lmtli. Thooo who Itrtt' AUon's I'oot-l^ist! havo solved their foot trou- a nolo liollcHttng thtit Its rtlaJMMU'.'iriuicc Is In r.'ttillallon for blowtnc up tho film, l'*orllcr .and Solomon como to tho plantation. Forller explulHB to Wroxhuru tlmt ttolomoif wantH to "lay low" for uwlillo Itml alivn to r!W,h Ah IJOO. Wroxhnoi dl- let:tH a blnelt boy to titko Solomon to Ah l,oe. t'HAl'TKIt Xtt.— Fhllhrlek roKirna In a drnnkiMi eontUtion and tella '.Vio.V .uiin whero to find His Pe.lioonor. Wroxham detpi-mlnoa to rooovcr tho veacl ami 1 'jav,, taklnff I'hlllirlok with hlin !o i«'M];\\; hlin from tho tomptatlon of al'-ohollc drink. Ho lenvca tt nolo fr,r Forth-i-, telllnK hlinhla plans, leaving him In ehari;i' of tho plantation, and doi,irt.s. ClI.M'TKIl XIII.—Ah J.oo (lylllB, Im- plortK Solomon to protact ALUio. CHAPTER XIV. David Macarty ami his son wore Bitting In Oio library or tho McCarty housa.oii Cyiirernart Island, while live ] yacht swung to lier mooiinga In tho bayou. Vathp.r antl eon did not pet on any too well. Follx felt that his father wan too cautious, too "ploayuno," as ho expressed, it. David v felt that his son was too impotuous, too Jieud- stronff. As tito two sat together in tho dark old library, tho afternoon heat hung heavy on the air outnldo, hut its warmth did not penetrato tho house. David Macarty' held paper In hit) hand, upon which was an abruptly hrolion paragraph of writing. Uo had road this writing a hundred times since the death of hl3 relative, Allno Lavergne's father. "Hero." exclaimed Felix, holding out his hand. "Let's havo another look." His father Rave lilm-tho paper. Felix spread it otit, frowned over it. The wrltinp;, which had -been written by LaverKiie an hour before his death, read: "My dear Allno: In confiding to you a groat, an Immense treasure, 1 do so with tho Injunction that It bo held as a sacred trust. It does not belong to mo, but to a friend, whose name you will find Inside the larger box. In tho smaller box are tho Ge' .jnlrtl, the Quosn, abld.' thfi' .S^a-flioon. . Throe, of thoBo are poarla, probalily tfto finest ever taken from the Gulf of Aden; when I brought them home, ' their custoniB valtffctlon was ten tliotts- { and dollars each, and this was many 1 years BRO. Tho Quoen ol Sheba la a diamond of still greftlor value. In the laiKhr box are—" Felix Macarty looked up, uttered a eurso, and crumpled Uio papor In hi-; hand. "Here!" exclftimod his father, startled, "You young fqol, be careful—" Felix turned on hint with a snarl, his dark oyos smoldering. "What good la It to us7 Not a liln*. in it of where the sturf la placed! It's hound'to bo in tho library, somewhere! We know from tho way yos pumped Allno that she knows nothing of It—therefore her father hid it. Well, quit being oautlous! I toll you, we've got to got down to 'business, and do it quick! Building that cursed j •dam has cost too much money. That's | what we gat with your'slow and cautious ways. Failure. The grave features of David Macarty looked disturbed. "I know we'vo failed, my boy," ho said weakly. "But why? From un- forsoon accidents, that's all. That confounded Wrexham ruined all our plans. Now we are back whoro we startod from—" "Oh, are we?" snapped the younger man. "What about that malt Fortier, eh? lie's wise," "Nonsense! 1 Allno herself suspects nothing—" Follx Macarty brolto into a torrent of profanity. "Open your eyes!" he cried out savagely. "Can't I read behind all the stctryi you've mauudei'ot) aloitK with'' The girt 1B -wise to us. So 1« Forlier— hor lawyer. You'vo fiddled away the time, playing your own sort of game, anil I've backed it tip. Now that's done with, understand? You've failed. Your gatno has fulled. Can you deny It?" David Macarty fingered bis lips, His copmlacency was shattered, riven. "No," ho responded at length. "No, I can't. So far, It has tailed. Never- lit oless—-" "I backed you," Intervened hlB son coldly. "Now I'm dono with yotir»way of playing. I'm going to play my own game, understand? In my own. way. Either you back, mo or you don't. Which is It' to be?" David Macarty gazed at his son with pleading eyes, but met only nn inflexible purpose, an iron determination; Ha mot no affoctlon whatever. "Do you forgot that I am your father?" he said, donning hta usual dignity. "No!" flaahod tho other. "That's why I'm giving you a chance, one and only chance, to sit In my game! I'm out of yours. Y'ou'U gut nowhere. Get behind mo, and you'll share a fortune—a whooping .fortune! You know tho kind of man Lavergno was. Ho'd never 'play any picayune game, lit* had two boxoB of JewelH, and you can bet they meant somethlngl Yes or no?" "Yos," said David Macarty In a low volco. Follx dropped into a chair, lighted a cigarette, and surveyed his father with a cool appraisal. Somehow, those smoldering eyes made the older man wince. "I shan't bother you with details— David Macarty had no great crimes behind htm; ho was a man Of smali deeds and petty tricks. Nothing to ateel his soul. Now that Aline knew or suspected about thoso pearls, he was uneasy. He had surprised that paper under tho hand of tho dying Atlrion I.avergno, had hidden it. had kept Its contents a secret as ho thought. Ho dreatied any open rupture with hor, shrank fmm meeting her clear eyes bent upon him In scorn and reproach. Tho talk of marriage between Follx and'Allno hatl fallen through, nor did David Macarty care that It. had . Marriage would ttot havo secured the jewels to him and Follx. On the con- He Swung Off Out of the Room. t.rary, the Louisiana law would confirm Aline In their ownership, or trust. "No, that's a dead Issue," reflected David Macarly. Then ho brightened. "Unless thorn were soma way of obtaining title to thorn after the mnr- rla};! Then they wtvoUl be community properly—and tho law tucks that away In the absolute control of the husband. - ah, perhaps I havon't Inttcrt yet, my fine Felix! But I shall havo to think.— So Da#ld Macarty fell to his thinking, although It was destined to bear no fruit. For while ho thought, traty-' criy was sweeping clo:;o under tho reckless hand of Felix. At dinner that evening, David Ma carty informed hi:; son that hn I going aboaul the yacht tmd meant to \ stay aboard !i,jr. "Good cimiiKh," aHHontod Felix. "Don't toll we may put to sea tonight—lot hlin sleep and know nothing until tho time comes. Hy tho way, I told I'etlt Joan to bring your man Bolomon, whenever ho showed up. There's no aunso having that fool steward hiding out. somewhere In tho 'brakes." "It seemed the safest—" ) "Thoro you fit) airain with your cursod caution!" exclaimed Felix, heatedly. , '|Hls evidence will never hit needed, and you know It! Thoinir inn will bo released Bonn enough, when It Is dtucnverod lhat the dead man was Michel Hennepin, I only hope Thompson won't ho released too soon—liable to happen at any minute! You discharged him of course?" David Macarty looked troubled. "Cot In inly not! He's been useful to me --" "More picayune business!" said hU BOU. angrily, Just after Um coffee was sa.-i-ml., the negro houseman entered Willi word that a boat had como in to tha landing, and two men wore cominrt up to the bouse. Felix uttered an exclamation and rose to his feet. "That'll ho Petit .lean and Solomon. I'll send that steward aboard tho yacht eh? And take Jean Into tho library." He hurried outsido. At the gallery stairs he encountered tho two men, whose Identity he hatl rightly |;uessed. The three figures made an Indistinct group under tho starlight. "Ah" o,uoried Felix Macarty. "He's dead." Petit Jean made answer in crcolo and jerked his thumb ut the pudgy rigtire of Solomon. "Ho (old this one to handle (ho accounts ami pay off tho men. It was well done, too. No fuss about It. This creature could talk with tho two Arabs, ami all's done FOUK looked at Solomon. "So you talk Arabic, do you? How como?" "I've knocked about tiiilm a bit, sir," returned Solomon. "Some o' them 'ere 'eatheii tongues comes in 'andy at times, sir, and I've picked 'cm up." "l'o careful tITal you havou'i picked up too much information about my business." said Foils Macarly, coldly. "You settled Ah Lee's accounts, did you?" I "No. sir— paid off Ms men, that was till. I wouldn't make so bohl a;t to I open 'is account hooks, sir. They're I all together In the cunoo." Very well. Take 'em out to tho. yacht and settle hack to your position. Toll Mr. Wright to send a boat ashoro for my father whenever a lantern 1B waved from tho landing. And have] things In .shape aboard- we may put out on a cruise tonight." "Worry good, sir." Solomon touched his cap and stamped away toward the landing. (To ho continued Tunsday.) FUR THE VETS 21,000 Claims Already Checked by Board, Accardiofi to Hutchinson Man at Topcka. A LEMON CREAM Lemons Beautify and Whiten Skin; also Bleach Tan, Freckles. Mix the julco of two lemons with throe ounces of Orchard White, which any ilrugglat will supply lor a few cents, shako well Is a hottte, antl you havo a whole tjuarter'pint of tho most wonderful skin softener and complex Ion heaiilificr. Maasago this sweetly fragrant lemon cream Into tho face, neck, arms and hands, then shortly noto tho youthful beauty, Buftness and whiteness of your skin. Famous staso beauties use this harmless lemon, cream to brlntt H«at velvoty, clear, rosy-whito complexion, also aa a freckle, sunburn, and tan bleach because it doesn't lrrllato. "Pay Call" will fimp.! seen Tor many of the Ka-isns c\ ,n rvl;e men, who aro utixioii:,ly alting lor their bonus, according to W. I. ('lark, of Hutchinson, how Is now chief supervisor of the Slate Compensation Hoard. Mr. Clark states that 21,000 claims havo -already been checked and abstracted ready for payment as soon as t.ho money Is received from tho sale of the bonds. "Nearly 70,0'Wi applications have been received and ail of them will have been stamped and the enrda mailed out 1>y July 14," stated Mr. Clark. "Tho applications aro being checked Into the receiving room at tho rate of 2,0-M) per day. Fach otto la looked over careful'ly to see that tho County Hoard work has been com- plrtinl properly. \'p until this tlmn 7,-000 applications have been returned to tho County Hoards for correction, and some 7fr0 are still In the hands of tho County Hoards for correction. Approve 600 a 0,-ty. "An avcratro oi tloa c'aims are being approved for iKiyment every day. The Iowa compensation board Is approving only tit*) claims a day and they havo three limes as many claims to handle. "The Compensation Hoard bait only 7" clerks on the payroll a? enatparod to 17.S on the Missouri board and 285 on the Michigan hoard. There is considerably more work attached to checking and t:\aiohilng olaimr, where no maximum payment, ban been provided since every day has to be ac- c.ovmte-A for on each application. Where a maximum la provided all after tho dnto covered In the maximum do not have to b<) computed. Make Discharge Copies. t "Kansas In tho only statu to mnko a' permanent record of Uio discharge papers by photostat copies. Discharges lost in tho future can be replaced through photostat copies from the. oKtuo of tho state Adjutant don- oral. "All the men employed by tho Kansas Uompem atlou Hoard are ex-service men with tho exception of ono, who is a cripple who was In (he office of the Adjutant (leneral during tho war. Tho young women who aro I employed nre In mo;;t cases relatives I of uvservieo men, either llvin -i; ot deceased." A Girl Worker. Now York: Miss Fdla lledlaer. ot Hrooklyn. a graduato of -tho Medical School ot New York city, not only led her class for four years but earned her tuition by working evenings In a candy store. > When you uced, the best. l\wd w*vv- ice and want Kcnuino Ford parts Just call lii), ttny time. llagluml-Kliigstoy Motor Co. and all Reno County An Occassion of the Richest Savings—Clothing Prices Forced Way Down. Wolf & Richardson's Big Removal Sale- Bring Your Credit or Bring Your Cash. The Biggest and Most Commanding Sale of the times—Read it neighbor, to your profit We've turned the whole store upside down and poured the treasure mine of values Into the melting pot. TWT? TWTTTH We want vou t0 know that we are obliged to move on account of high rent and that is why we are 1 riEi llVUin staging This Slashing Event—We are not quitting business but we are SELLING THIS STOCK to the Bare Walls Palm Beach Suits I Broken lots in Palm Beach and Mohair Suits, <mall sizes, plain and fancy weaves in solid colors. Special to close out— $9.75 EXTRA SPECIAL Men's Three-Piece All Wool Suits in broken lots, makes ot fine clothing. Men's and Young Men's models. Splendid suits for business or school. Priced to sell. Get one at— $18.75 Mohair Mohairs in Fancy Pin Stripes in Gray and dark colors—a real hot weather suit of the $25.00 value and you can buy them now for only $14.75 Here Is the Best In the Clothing and Furnishings Lines. If you Do Not Appreciate Quality, the Value of This Sale is Lost to You. GABERDINE COATS Belted models with Raplan sleeves. A fine coat for all purposes. Special to close out, only $18.75 Be Here Tuesday Tuesday Morning at Nine O'clock We Will Sell— Mens' Athletic Union Suits Made of Fine Nainsook, all sizes, for only 29c per suit. Be here on time, don't miss it. .You'll have to be on time. Athletic Unionsuits for Only— Work Clothes Gray stripe moleskin trousers, Khaki Pants $2.50 Values $1.85 $2.00 Values $1.45 $3.50 Values $2.85 STUPENDOUS MERCHANDISE REMOVAL SALE—IT TEEMS THROUGHOUT WITH GREAT UNMISTAKABLE BARGAINS —IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SAVING MONEY, COME. «*• QUALITY CLOTHIERS 117 North Main Street Hutchinson, Kansas Mens' Dress Shirts Most attractive assortment of high grade fancy Madras Oxweave and silk materials in standard males. $2.50 Values $1.95 $3.00 Values $2.35 $4.00 Values $3.10 $5.00 Values $3.95 STRAW HATS PANAMAS, SAILORS AND BANKOKS All New Styles This Season's Models $6.00 Values $3.95 $5.00 Values $3.45 $4.00 Values $2.85 $3.00 Values $1.95 MENS' SHOES Fine black or dark brown calfskin shoes. 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