Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 10
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10 DECATUR HERALD WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, 1930, JhtATUR HERALD Doctors Wives Club To Have Luncheon Oct. 23 Affair To Be in Harristown, and Transportation Be Furnished M J EMBERS of th* Doctors' Wives club will met on Thursday ot next weak. Oct 23, for luncheon *,t 1 o'clock In I^kln's Inn (n mriistown. ·Reservations lire to b* turned In not later than next Tuesday noon to one oi the following three members or the committee: Mrs George- Haan Mrs. T. V. OrlsMrtn Mrs, John Mayei. And members who want transpor Utlon are nskod lo repoit to the committee when miiKms resevva *lon« Momborw of the Arbor Vitne club and thalr families Iwwl a wiener roa»t Monday on Jay Montgomery's farm neai- Maryland, with 30 pret ·nt. Mrs. Salllo Tlemlng o( Hus ion. T«x,, was a guest, Row _ . . . Have Chtl Party Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith. 177 East Kldorftdo (rtreot, will fflv* t Khost party next Monday at 7 30 In their horn* for members of the Whlto Rose ctub, thoir husbands an ·friends. A prise will be Riven (or the best grhoal. 'Art'LiMaturt Hear* Poetry Talk* Twenty-seven members ot Art -Literature dlvlnltm of tho Woman's club heard s (KOtowm on contemporary Henalsjtfince poetry Tuoailny Afternoon. Mm. W, n. Honobry Dpoke about the wrlttufts of Robori Frost and H!dwln Arllnttton Robin ·on, Nuw KnRland pools, and Mrs Florence Yookoy. ft now member o the division, talked tibout Edgar Lee Masters and Carl Sandburg, natives o[ th* Middle West. Mm Harry Branch wni program leader Mrs. J O. Throlkdld made further announce merit* conce:nln(f tho funeral club benefit «(irl party on Saturday, and several tlcktlH woie sold. Xnta Tmt Alpha Has. D'mntt for 17 Ctili New pledeta of Zetd Ttiu Alpha HO rorlty wern honored ftuettts In a, pot luck dlnnor sorved Tuesday evening tn the dororlty home. The (ictlve* nave the dinner, which wait followed by a rcKuuxr pledge meeti Mr. aaJ Mn'^rc'Gil, to A'OIP Oi leant and East Mr and Mrs W. C, Ollmoro lef Mondnv by the Illinois Central to Mew Oileiinn. w h c t o tho natlouu convention of bdnkoi't Is In session From New Orleans Mr. and Mrs f.llmorn will journev to Now York «lty by -itoam-ihlp . Tlti-y are x leisurely trip Mr. ami Mis. Sleek Luavt for Flotilla Mr. and Mrs Elitfua Sttiolo of New York, who have focon vlsltlnjr Mr hnd Mrs, J W. Ossood, are loiivln toddy for Miami. K i n , whore the will mnlto an pstnndcd visit. Mrt. Ei Mm. W, R M»»lik memo*TM of the Tueiday lirldtro chi with luncheon and hildK* In hf hnme In Wc«t Wllllwn street TUB- d«v ThiTf tftbli'H ot earili were I tho ptny, Ift two wi-oltt Mis. ,T. n Holt will b« liotttfHH to I h f mrmbers Si. /ime* Women Htvt Puily Today Womrn of Ht Jiimei church nr hnvlnjt a h o n f f l l cntd parly at K: o'clock thlx nftornoiin In the nohoo hall All who nnt Intfrwutcd are In vltttd. ' Suiatjittdf Dinner ami Biiilye VVmi.v/ojj Rcoeivfihoni tin tin' In aunnyslitii chih 'I'luni'luy are to "hiv t in nod in to th« chil) Umiw bfltfr« tlili tv(ininK. flciiiji will b Mi, and M i x A t i i u i r Keith, Mt an Mrs T. W. ( l o t u f f . Mr. iinil Mm !· R Oi KOI y. Mr iinil M I -t. t'. Wns«iin» Ml anil MM '!'MD [lavl fi and MM ftnv ('ope nml Mi im SJr f! V I l i i x t n i i Thn Knti-i|i I n 1 t (mi [tni ml y t'li will fnci'l Wcdm'-tiliiv uftcrnoou I till- f i l l I I V V C l f l l l l - llOltK' l MrmbrrH or I h p Sunihlni' Pluti O Oolden t'lcwn tum|i. K N A. wl haxe a iiotlui'l! d i n n e r til B o'cloe Wrdnoadiiy cvnlnt; In (lie honw o MM, linui tint it m u f f , 11^9 Kn flrand ft(.(nii'' KollimttiK (t'« dlnno n butlm-ii nu*'Uni; will bt ccndurte EKiidi tuciiilivi- IM u-qiuiitcd to tak *nndwlctivH nnd u dl«li »t fruit. Mi nml Mis. !., C, Hiilltidny ar leaving today (cr Ai'lvniui anil Cal fornla bv fiutoiuohllc, 'thiy will vis In Tt CM n, and will tmvct tl»o Sant ft IV. Mr. nnd Mr« P. J. Varry «nt dati)ihtoi». Conttimi'u ami Mut In came fiotu thiHf home In Kama -lty, Me. Siindny to vldlt Mr. an Mti I'tanli M Stttllltif;!! Tho Btiir fnmlly will bp hero until the latte pnrt of tho wook. Mts, M*nry C. Colb. -t^B Sotit Hnwdtth avenue. In visiting h brother, Sam Iuk«, In Huston, Ln for i month. From there t"he w vblt relatives In Memphis and Nash vllle bofora roturntng to Denttur. OWBN SCO'l-T OLA88 TO M35FTT Mambprs of the owtn Seott Bib llnsa of First Baptist church w hiive *n all day meeting Thursday tn« Boys Opporlunl^ home, Kim person In refluwttort to bring a co dl«h lor luncheon. HEADS SOCIETY OF BANK WOMEN r Mi«« GrMt S, *' S. Stoernwr, at«lrt»nt rlee prciidoM of the~B«fik'*of Italy, Lot A»eel«8, waa recently elected president of th« AtWKiatlon »f Bank Women, an organiiatlon composed of women who are bank officiate."; Mis* Stotrmer boltevca that women b»Tu a definite place In the business world, and that it ia necessary for caeb «n« t "no matter how tmall her role," to rcaliie that ihe a not merely holding her Job, but contributing to the general reputation of th bu»t- new woman of (ht futura,, TWO PARTIES TODAY HONOR MRS. KELLER OF PORTLAND, ORE. Turner - D o a k e Brealcfast and Tierney-Brintlinger Party Planned H ONOHINO Mrs. Ed Keller, who cnrno wltK her husband from their home In Portland, Ore, Satur lay, two parties mo being given today, Mts. J. M. Turner and Mru Robert C. Doake ale entertaining In oroiikfHdl In Sunnyalde Golf dub for 10 women who were intimate nd» ot the former Decatur iml dent. Mrs George Tlern«y and Mre, El met 1 Brlntllnper will give an nfter noon pnrty In tho Ttetney homo from 2:30 to 5 o'clock, so that 25 women who know Mrs, Kellor, may visit hor, A number of pictures ot the women who will be guesta, taken n parties and noclnl gatherings i numhor of years apo, will bo shown Mr». Brlntllnger will pour when the refreshments are served, Mr. tind Mrs Keller are staying In the home of Mr. and Mrs, Rlehud A, Peako, West North »Ueet, whore orgB Keller, father of Kd Keller, (linn llvoo OGLESBY P. TTrV MEETS THURSDAY I'ho Purent-Tenolier association of Oiile»by Mchool will meet Thursday thli wock Instoatl of Friday, because of the Junltu Red CIOBB conference m Friday Tho Puttiers' club will maot Thursday ovetilny. The P. T, A. program will Include ,\. Chlltl'M Pay Expinssed In Song" by Mlia DuiiKlns 1 inoin, Including flvn slioit aonj!S. "Mother and Fnth -r, mo Telephone" "On tho Way o School" · BodUmo"and "Lullaby," Bw. fl. A. Papperman of Wostmins Liir chuich will Inlk on "Tialnlng mil N u r t i i i o ot Chlklisn." Mis, A. D. UtMoitt will sing K solo, and Mrs. f, n. Peters will report on the meet iig la Mt, Xloti, Thu Child Study circle will have ts nuxl meeting on Oct 22 DURFEKP.T.A' MEETS THURSDAY FOUR TABLES PLAY IN PARTY TUESDAY FOR DENTISTS' WIVES Four tables of bridge weie in play Tuesday evening In the horns of Mia J. L Laswell. following a (linnet in Mrs. Webb's tearoom for wives of Decatur denllata The patty was one of a aeries that will be given this year, and they come on the reg ular meeting date ot the denlisU society. MASQUERADE PARTY IN COLORED HOME, TO RAISE FUNDS A masquerade party for Halloween night, has been planned by the boari of the Coloied'Children's home, 636 Greenwood avenue, us one of a serl«B of benefit! to inlse funds for the home. A email admission will be charged, and a pcixo ^111 be given for the best masked poison. Other plani for the upkeep of the dome were discussed, The home Is In need of bedding. Anyone who ha sheets and blankets to donate may call A893. Donations leportcd Monday evening are: M i H Molllu M d n l 0--itoyOH rlitijfH Lwal Irfidr liti'di flnsn Omen Mtthn ii»t chuiuh--linnaraiirtu tomfontrr Wltllntii A1l«u--loniifti linn ot KBB UIOVD 11 C. llnMBii--vli I r o l n nntl rnoiita MM Nrtllu WftnliliiKtnii~fnDl (run l « i l f l l i m i t .\tri (tiy f V t t ) ( » i t -- t u « 'tutlilni; tara f Jt Jloli--rlinfitinr nhni.i Ml i J II W U I I n t n r , - i l t , l h ! l l K . Ili,[«. Mrl ftlmiiAolu-- linliv Uiiil D , L'O Fiwlf--kiddy mr MM Ooorig M.ji.'llci, J r -- t u o [mi Pa runt-Teach or HM HO elation will lnn c its October moctlns at 7,30 o'ctiiclt Thuibday pvening. There will be community nlnglnpr, a health yilayldt by pupil* of Miss Grabowskl's tooni, agd a health talk by Di, W A. Maxwell. The Duifoe P T. A, boatd wil: meet at 0 o'clock. Methodist W.M.H.S" Elects Wilmf tte Woman CtNJINNA'lV" 0,"'O(;t, 14~The Women 1 * Home Mloilonety society o the MethortlHt Eplacopfit chuictf, Tuoaday, choso Minneapolis as the 1091 convention city. Throe vice presidents wei e plccUd ns follows: Mrs I. D. Jones, Clncm nntl; Mis. C, W, Bums. San Fiancis co; and Mra Daniel Steckor, Wit motto, III Two From Here Attend University of Kentucky Th* University of Kentucky In Lfxinpton, In repotting a record en lOllmont of 8180 pupils this year lists two Deeatur young person* among the student* They ore: Mitry Elizabeth Tilacb, 30SGlencoa avenue. ' Merle Ounkle, 1806 North Mapl street, Wueller Lodge to Be Scene of Football Party Aany Coming From Out'of Town for That and Country Club Dance JOOTBAIX festivities are being planned In more detail lor this 'oekend. One of the largest ot tho rlvate paitlea will be the annual ouueparty in Mueller lodge for 30 or more of the young mariiod couplea, he guesU will go to the lodge Frl- ay evening, anl after bteakfant the ollowlngr morning will drive to Urana for the game. Dinner wil! be erved In the lodge late Saturday venlng. Mr. and Mia. Hut old B Kennoy of t. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack owerB of Chicago, oil former Dona- ur residents who havu attended tho Mueller lodge parties for a number f years, will be here. Mr. and . T, W. Samuels will have an r guest a Dr, and Mrs, Wayne ohnston of Dubuquc, who arrive rlday. Other out of town guwt* ll be the four who come Friday to ttend the houac)artv with Mr. and Mt-fl. Phillip Sprout, Thiy are Mr. nd Mra Kenneth Lytl« and Mi, and r» Wendell Lyrnnn of Kanans Uy. The couptea will continue their ouseparty over Sunday . Many to DlnneivDiuiuo Many couples are expected to rive from the stadium to Dccatui Country club for the dinner-dance ftturday, before driving on to thplr omea In Blooming ton and nolKhbor- ng ettles Invitations w«re sent to Cinintty club of nearby tow tin last week Lfp Homubi ook's oicheiatra as been engaged to play by Victor Deweln, chaiiman of the music MIB iuclen Mndiet Is chaiiman for Ihe arty. Sunny side club U ha v I up no club Inner, because of Its Thursday light party, but dinner will b* acrved o football fans who make their rca- rvatlona with Mrs. W, N. McClure. HOSPITAL AID MEETS THURSDAY Tl»o Hospilnl Aid society of Deca tur and Mauon County hospital wil meet all day Thursday In the nume home, to srw. A pot luck luncheon will be si'rvod nt noon. uarfield P. T. A. Hears Mrs. E. M. Wagenseller Th(^.Parctit-Tuachci Gniliuld f,t?liool will meet evening at 7.30, Mis. H. F, Herech bcifrei will teport on the dlstrlc incetlng in Mt. SJIon, and the new q u a t t c t will ilng, iindei the dltection of MII. j. w, Pritc-hett. Music will b futnl'ihed also by Llio toy band, an MIB, Blste M. Wngonseller will speak on "Parent Education and Women on Judos " Fairy Fuller Takes Mattoon Girl As Bride MATTOON-- Pahy Full«r, »nd Matybelle LfiCIfili. both o Mattoon weie matrled S*twdny eve- Ing- In the Baptist church parson R#e in EDIT Richmond avenue, by Rev. Jumei M Lively, pastor of th Miit. BniilJst chinch. The neces siiiy wltne^es beltifr pr««cnt. They went to the home ot her parents in 1101 South Eighteenth street t make their home temporarily. Mr. Fuller is a Ron of Mr. an. Mis. Edward Fuller and is employ ed by tho White Front Auto Lm m dry. Mrs. Fuller te · daughter of Mr and Mra N. C LaClalr, DKNNIS P. T. A. The Parent-Teacher association o Dennis school will meet Thureda, this week Instead of Friday, to hea Miss Janice Meredith of Mllllkin con gervatory Ullt on "Child Literature Mlfls Mniy Heldeman will play som violin- numbers. Small children wl be looked niter by a teacher. HIGH SCHOOL P. T, A. HAVING JJUNDLE DAY Thuiaday will be bundle day foi the Parent'Tcachcr association ot the High school, All mother! are tutkcd to send bundles ot need cloth, ng- for chlldien to the clothing room In Gastman achool Tho neud for thU clothing i-i (flowing more acute ai thu coulfr weather comes, and the committee hopes that a great many bundles will be sent In, Three Anniversaries Celebrated Sunday A flurpilse and basket dinner was given by Miss Mttbel HetU and Miss Ualile Wlldman In honor ot Mi and Mrs J W, HelU's 33d wedaing nn- rtlveriary, Mr and Mis, W, B Holloa 10th wotiding anniversary and Aithur Prultt's 10th bitthday on Sunday ia the home ot Mr. and Mrs J. W. Heiu. Gucnts from Mllmlne wcie- Mr and Mrs, J W Heitz and family, Mr and Mrs J J. Crook, Mr and O M Grundon and family, Mr nm Mrs. Petal Camdcu and family, Rev and Mr*. Q, A. Bi own low and daugh lor, Mr, and Mrs "Wayne Jackson Mr, and Mis. Geotge Jackson and URhter, Rev. D H Eupp, ,10« Wil llama, Edgar Haiti, Geor£« Mome and children, Sybil Dobnon, William Dob son, Dale Clapp, Gale 1 Clapp Julia Clapp, Albert Clapp, Probus, Morjorle Wldlner. Wldlner, Blchaid Helti, Jennie ttc Clellan, T^ois Gill, Helen B«ehe and Edward Luttercl. Other gunsU were Mi and Mrs 7elf Dye and sons, Mr. and Mu Otis Hurley andVemlly, Mr. and Afrs. W E. Heitz, Arthur Pniltt and Heiman Frultt, nil ot Bement; Maiy Seln and Ha:w! Benson ot Ceiro Ooido Mr. and Mri. William Godciald and family of Dpcalm; Mr, and Mrs I.ewls Mitchell and son of Argenta Mnble Wlldman nT Deeatur; !Tr( llelti ot Ptjrer Clly, nnd Mr and Mrs. Pnul L PMtv of Chnmpalgn, 1 16 Attend Meeting of Psalemas Division Sixlorn members ot the Fsalsmas division of the Woman's club attended the regular ineetlng Tuesday night Mrs. Inez Bender was In charge of the ctment events discussion and Mlsa Alta Dawson lend ft icvicw ot the book, "Laughing Boy,' which waa ptepniod by Mis, J E Rattun. A discussion on. thn tlon of women serving on juries followed. SH9E REPAIRING Walk- a Block *nd Snve Money Ladle*' Heeln Strftight. \ (·_ rned tind He-Capped ..... IOC Ladies' Half Soles FlexIMo or of Bock e f\ O»k Leather .,..1. ______ OUC Men's Hftlf Soles, tt -| /\f\ S*w«d, 75c wid _____ $1 ,UU Mtn'i Wtof Foot Rubber H««lt 9S« Big Reductions on Alt Ronairtnr tft AtivaiH Vndtrnlt Qtallttt Mwav, M» »tmt LEWIS GREENBEflG ^604 N. Water St. Flnt Door North of Bldorndo AUK IT R ECENTLY we were out and about with a friend, driving through the gorgeous Indian summer countryside, and we stopped tn a village hardware Store to ask directions. Our attention was caught by two splendid big copper lanterns hanging on one of the supporting posts In the store. They weie very evidently copies oC a colonial lantern, with electric bulbs In them to make them suitable for the store's use. We naked about them. K Tt neems thcte is an old tinner connected with the hardware store, who makes them. We were Invited to go up on the second floor and talk lo him, since we were Interested, and w» went back thiough the clean leathery, tinny smell and up Into one of the moNl Immaculate wotk-rooms we've ever »c«. Them sat a little old gnome of a man, stooped from long ycaro of woik ovei a, bench, with up- springing white hair and cheeks as pink aa Santa Clauii has. He rose to (fleet us, and led u* around to see his lanterns, every one signed in the copper with his name, lilte any aitl«t, and and some with otlicr Inscription") u well. Some of the lanterns had mild copper sldra, pierced to permit light to show through, and others have two glow sides and two of copper. Some were flttr-d for candles, otheis for snwiriumps. othorn for electricity. Every Inch ot every one was made by hand, big round ring nt the top and all, One had not only the old man's name and the dnte on It, but some Jltl« facts about his life. "I was bom In Ohio In 18G2--" etc,, which, to our eyc«, mad* It the more Interesting, U wa? In his own crumped old handwriting, etched Into the copper with acid, ·t A salesman had once boon In the store, the old tinner said in explaining how he came tn gel into the si ite-bus In ens of inaklm; copper lanterns, ami had admired an old lantern lying on the loft floor. Ha wanted It and, failing to got it, was so dlsap- pointed that the old fellow said he'd make one like It. He did, and the oalc-imian w»» 00 enthusiastic that thu old tinner has benn milking u. few tv«-r since then, some on order and sorno just becauxe he Ilkct to do tho work. He showed m his punching block, a piece of thick wood with innumerable little .punch-hole/) In -U, and at the bottom of every small hol was a glittering bit of copper, punched out wneit the design was made In the lantein. Men with the patience to make article* by hand are so rare . In this day, and in thin country, that we hope that village treasures the old tinner s« he should be treasured. In New England he would be a landmark and IL sensation. K. It. W. R. C. Presents Fla ( To Cross Roads Sc The Women 1 * Itfllof C»rjm a«nird a flax Tuesday afternoon to ,he Crorin rondo Hchool, District No M, wdh thu luwtlBlanee of four mem- ern of Ihc Ornnd Army nn) one 'mm thn Spanish War Votcrnnn Vcrn Nowlin ln-i^BchT of Ihc school The program Included prciwnlrttlon nt the flnjf by Comnnlc Wesley Lar- rkh, acceptance ly Wilbur fnkcr, * pupil, nnd lalks on Ihrlr war experience* by th« four Civil wnr vrlrr and. Shorl talks wcic Klvpn by Mrs Mary Knowlos. Mr* Dells LancaKt'r, and Hi* Iiftibcllii H'irllH, of Die W .. C, Siuniuttl May told his Spanish war opciJrnrm, and Kluvr iwvpn wil, son «f thr commander of the G. A. 11. pout, rfolied Lincoln'* (let WOOSEHEART WOMEN BUSY THURSDAY IN TWO PARTIES Some Go to Bloommgton Today; Make Plans for Oct. 27 Women of Moosehoait Legion will give a benefit card paily In Moose hall Thursday evening. Pinochle and 500 will be played, nnd the prJicw will be chickens and groceries. There also will be ft gueit prize Those present at B o'clock will receive 100 bonus. The women will meet till day Thursday in the borne of Mrs A B. Chamberlain, 238 Eaat King street, to qutlt. Potluck luncheon will be served, ,, To Uloomlngtwn A n umber of Deealur legionnaires are going to Bloomlnffton Wednesday to attend the Bloomlngton women's past senior regent night program Several from thut lodge came to Be- catur for a slmllnr piogrnm late In September AH members of the Dc- catur legion have been Invited. MooscheattDay will bcobsoivei! in Decatur on Oct 27 with a Joint mocthiK of men and women In tho evening. This m a national observance of the blcthduy annlverwuy of Hon James J navi*. secrctnry of lahor In the I'ri-siJpnl'it cabinet,. Sec, Davis Is the founder of Moosehoart, and he received thousands of telegrams nml many gifts from all of tho fltntoa on his birthday*. The Do- eatiir lodge will send a telegram. A program Is being arranged for the Joint meeting HARRY-NEEDHAM"~ NEWSHOP OPENS Mrs M L Hairy and MM. C. B Noedhnm ate opening their iiwcinlty shop today, in one of the now buildings on the south tide of Lincoln square. The whop will sell new type lingerie and hoslny, exclusively Both Mrs Hnny and Mra, Nccdham are well known Denntur women. Did You Know that It Is now possible to pur- chdse a 36 inch length sheer rtilffon hose at *1 6B' (the one that formerly sold nt M9li) HOSIEMf 117 N. Wal*r MARGUERITE BARBER, AMBROSIA HUNT TO GIVEJMASK PARTY Mlns Mnitfiiarilo Huibsi, diuightcr of Mr nnd M i s Hurry Enrbcr, 161S West Mnln street, and Mlas Ambio- ala Hunt, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Will Hunt, 1U75 Mnplc aveniio, will give a mtwqueradc parly In tho ))ar- bftr homo Snlurday evening for 14 of their friends The younj? men nnd women who will be iruosti are Id to 18 years ot nirc 1'wo prices will W given for con- titmiN, one for the jjrettical, am) one for the most comic Theie will be Halloween decora (Ions, and dough nuts, cltler and Halloween candy will be served, LADIES'OF G. A. R." HAVE BENEFIT AND BUSINESSJHURSDAY Thomaa O. Johnson click No. 107, Ladies of the G. A. R , will have a benefit blnco paitv Tlrtirsdny at 2 in K. of C hull. First, second ami third prizes will be given. The public is invited The circle will have its regular business mealing at l o'clock Thursday, preceding the benefit, and members are asked (o be on homl prompt MEN'S OVERCOATS, £ -I Aft CLKANKO $ 1 ,UU ALWAYS CALL 4«S CLEANERS 241 N, Main St. Any 1'ltiin Garnjcut, EYES RIGHT? A. A, NEISLER Mnn INDIGESTION? If «omi foods .illstres* ytm, causing ncld stomach, heartburn, lmllgi"4t Ion -- tty Turns fur quick relief. At a tores lOo. alt Refuse Substitutes There is nothing "just as good" «s "SALADA" TEA from th* G.rdtm" In Packet* and Individual Tea-Ba** BS3 COLDS MASClUBRAnK C O S T U M E S MASKS AND M*llK.|JrN Hainoi Essfek J h « POpuUtllKI Grovt'i UiJi" i css$ teats* lorwIfcswdCa ·«huthm.l| M h!r wW i.nrtw «ombln*i Ctt v »« at inn 4nt »t»r», 30. Crove*s /.,,,,,«,, ·BROMO* QUININE TabUtt For Housekeepers LYIMA OR1.0SKI «l S*. WlfUnflM A«, tlUMHMi ft. "1 took Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound for rundown condition before my babr «a« born. Now I CM better, liave gained In weight atul have mof« tcrensth to take care of* my four children. I can do my housework and not get a bit arcd. My mother «nd my siscfr, also several of my women friends arc tatdng your medicine now, because [ be- Ikve that this medicine will help any woman tint will cake it regularly."--Mn. Lydia Or- JojU. taking , M)CK\ R.R. U, HwhTdk, IFHII "When ! started Lydia L Plnkhm' Compound 1 could Ittrdly do my Iwuneworlt. 1 was to ncrv OIM and weak from Change of Life that I had to lie down very often. I heard about the Vcge* table Compound thrown · pamphlet which was left at my door. ) am doing all the how*work for a family of four tnd U keep* me on my feet, I have taken MX bottle* and 1 haw gained strength and flesh."-Minnie £ Hidu. Lydia E. Piiikhani's Vegetable Compound CLOSING OUT Drapery Stock Everything Mutt Co AT COST £££ NolJilnir rtwrv^J-curtain and 4rau»ry W- Urtal, overdrapen, r«ady.mad« mirUlM, rcfl* mt poki at con! and l««n. We ar* «loilnir out cur drtfMiY *«|»rt««nt W nwhe more room for Mrnltur* dtanlift. CONVENIENT TERMS Weilepp y N. rVUin »t Prttrt* WEEK-END EXCURSION BETWEEN ALL STATIONS OneFtrePluaZScfor the Round Trip Good going on ell trnini each Saturday and SuiuUr until December 28, 1930. Limited for return to teach original tlttting point prior to midnight of Monday, following date ot ·»!*· Half fare for children. No baggage checked, Low rate applies only when ticket*, an pwchafed. Ailmei Bv sils, Defec fly Mh. W . P KRHAPS V«ii dwf Indlvl'l f.JCt of Hi I? " f ( might h- ' ^,1" of in* ca «l n the pre It from the lb» nlf) tutw inl a lh» drum you of ro thfJi tnitlde of drum ·ny BMwth nirr or polyp'" 1 CBt1 Mr and no ihr in dooK no* B* 1 "" K-t thf olr "trlk Wtlh this Irrl lion nf lh« U n i t Itn wallf may nf- rr Mid provi-nt. The rcmovel o ftamnmUon by iit«tmpni, or hi ntijfrr In home to so up. '** A tarn on b" th "' nnri eonducU t" throe llltl" )on cnrrylnR tin- no It ID thlc tyr' to «flm ctirtrt T !f*(h Or l hlit In Ihc pni ·which c hoi) Id n actually p-ci llhi one bon- f- »r dlwasei of rl (dUiiiii of li'jtibl ihMi- lltt!* hw Tyl Another typ' «t!cis bone foi helped by P«P' ir»atmenf Wh« tnjt round to t uiiially not 01 pec ted, i Copyright HKRALI ^- w * w · « V ZEMQ *»7 (tool hu ·»ll«f to B *"*««. Kvc tohlng dlsa "·mo toucl surf bier, better t NF FWSPAPFR IBCHIVE®

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