Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 18
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B-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, January fi, 1971 Silver dollar rush by collectors seen WASHIP rider on bill could rush by c $90 rnfllio cartwheels About 3 rare-date vaults si from the mint in would be approve Commissii Now, a holding i on Presi Congress transfer o some of t TON (AP) — A bank regulatory pur a silver dollar lectors for at least in uncirculated million of these :oms left in U.S. re they emerged larson City. Nev.. ie 19th Century- sold under a plan ay the Coinage i in May I960, part of one-bank impany legislation ;nt Nixon's desk, has aiilliorizetl the silver dollars- em still in original mint bags -from the Treasury sral Service Aclmin- to the Ge istration f from the to the Tre Officials have hand sale, are rpluclant to say how much they r auction. Proceeds )ublic sale will go sury. at GSA, who never ed this big a coin expect to make on the deal—hut they note these Want o gain weight? Try reducing divl By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Things a columnidt might never know if he didn't Oddly eiough, one of the best ways to go on G. Joliffe, open his mail: to gain weight is reducing diet. An expert, thd late Dr. Morgan said that "at. least 90 per cert of all the people who lose weight on a diet gain more back than they have lost." Education is spreading in the world—but so is illiteracy. The number of illiterates estimated at 800 population every 3,800 does. today is million, or than existe Ever w expression over one's According Geographic believed to the days wore long of wool usiially. Highwaymen would pul down ovei taking his Among population, 625 person; 100 million more 120 years ago. inder where the "to pull the wool eyes" came from? to the National Society, it is have originated in when gentlemen white wigs, made a victim's wig his eyes before lelongings. America's white one out of every becomes a doctor. silver dollars, minted from 1878 to 1891. are conservatively valued by coin exports at more than $90 million. GSA official Louis Brooks said She agency will set up a task force to settle on arrangements for the sale and seek $2 million to $3 million from Congress to pay for processing the anticipated flood of orders. There will be a listing of the 10 years represented in the Carson City group—from 1878 to 1885 inclusive, plus 1890 and 1891—and a designated price for each. Buyers would be permitted to have just one coin from each year—with no one getting more than 10 coins. If there are more rwnicsls for a specific year than there are coins to go around, the dollars will go to the highest bidder. "Those are !)0 per cent silver and very valuable. The base prices will bo set in advance by the government and will bc;;r some reasonable relation to market values—but there will be a device under which people who order could, in effect, bid higher price." The measure'also authorizes a new dollar coin bearing a likeness of the late President Dwight I). Eisenhower on one side—with the other side having a design emblematic of the symbolic eagle of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Ther would be 15(1 million dollars of 40 per cent silver- to be sold at a premium—with general circulation versions made of composition metal like the present quarter arid dime. No silver dollars have been minted since 19I15. Circulation was stopped in 196-1 because the remaining ones were worth much more than $1 as collectors items. 'Among the nation's Negro only one out of Women men. They only three are calmer than lose their temper times a week on the average—men six times. Psychological studies also men usually are vrath by inanimate show that stirred to things sui:h as dull razor blades, missed trains, or furniture tiey've tripped over. Women m up at otheil people. >re commonly flare COUNTRY GARDENS PRODUCE MARKET nth & Airline Dr. KoNfwond Dully » ii. m. in 0 p.'nt. — Sumluy 1) a.m. to 8 p.m. Wcllsley Farm ICE CREAM Half £»Ar Gallon O3J V Texas Ruby Red GRAPEFRUIT 10 to 59c Flavorkisr COOKIES 3 Pkgs. 1 MILK STORE VvT'RE OPEN 10 to 10 SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS HOLIDAYS - EVERYDAY Vour Farm Fresh Milk Store will provide >' ast, courteous, smiling service* eekend Special! HALF GALLON 75 Spwial for T/mr«., /<>/. & Sat., Jan. 7-8-9 NOW A *f CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 740 B. 4ijrUne Pr., Ac™** "™> CorUcs *** 108 Cdwardivllta „ ° ^ tftte st —- ltd.. Wood River I- Dial 264*9640 North Alton Dial 465-2707 CLIP'N USE ALL 25 COUPONS Yellow OHIOHS From Michigan FRUITS 'N VEGETABLES... DAILY! GOLDEN RIPE '"N. Bananas Texas New GREEN CABBAGE ,„ Wash. 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