Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 31, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1938
Page 8
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f World's Poultry Congress Comes to the U. S. A. for the First Time The World's Poultry Congress which meets every third year conies to Cleveland, Ohio, July 28 to August 7, 1939. This is the first meeting ever held in the United States and prohably those active in the poultry industry will all be gone before it conies back again. About 60 nations usually participate in the Cong:ess. Every operation in the industry from nest to table will be shown. E\cry known breed of fowl will be on display. Scientists from all parts of the world will participate. Over 20 acres under rooi will be utilized to house the exhibits. The building upper left in the above picture is the Hall of Youth for the junior activities. Also is shown the Cleveland Public Auditorium, exterior and interior, where many meetings will be held and where part of the exhibit will be housed. The two visitors shown are a Polish fowl and a Japanese long tailed chicken. A membership costing only $1.00 entitles the visitor to attend eleven days of this Congress. These memberships must be bought in advance. FRIEND OF BIG GAME MANY A HUNTER'S DAT has been spoiled bj a blue-Jay. He's the policeman ot the woods, and when he sights anything unusual, such as a man stalking a deer, he calls out a shrill warning. Sometimes, however, ft bluejay betrays the biding place of a wounded buck. Also, the bluejay Vhelps in the distribution, of many species of trees and shrubs through Its habit of hiding seeds and forgetting all about them.--Photo from National Wildlife Federation. 'Everything That Wears Feathers" Will Be at World's Poultry Congress Housed in the Hall of Live Poultry at the Seventh World's Poultry Congress and Exposition in Cleveland, Ohio, July 28 to August 7, 1939, will be probably the most comprehensive display of all breeds and varieties of poultry ever gathered under one roof. It is the purpose of Congress officials to gather and display here representative specimens of every known breed and variety. Asked w h a t the word "poultry" denoted as applied to this exposition, one official has replied--"Everything that wears feathers." Here the visitor will sec every br,-cd of chicken from the familiar breeds of our neighboring (arm yards to rare and exotic varieties from out of the way corners of the world. There will be ducks and geese and turkeys, pigeons, water fowl and other types of common and rare feather bearing specimens. Here before the eye will range a vision of color and graceful line that would surpass any "beauty parade" for interest. Even the most experienced poultrynian will find himself confronted by surprise after surprise as he encounters many of bur lesser known breeds, colorful fowl from the tropics, rare breeds from far off Asia and little known varieties from the out-of-the-way corners of the world. To Congress visitors the Hall of Live Poultry will be a source of new-found interest and pleasure--and a most -worth-while educational feature. In TAe \VE.r.KS NEWS [Uncle Jim Sags -TM\. v - A M B A S S A D O R S CONFER WITH PHES- DENT--Wltttan PW- tn« Qett JUnbosiador K, oad Hugh WH. .on (rlqhO. Ambo* 10 ' dor to Germany «» jjiey conlorrea w lln pjetldent Franklin D- BooMTelt al wo 101 Spring* en H»» P«» eullon ot minority nioup* ta GermcmT and Italy. ~ "If iarnicrh should, with a pi-o- fivam, see.l as much \vheat as they did in I!)li7 and IMS, they would create, with average yLldb, the biggt-t wheat L U''|)i'is i-i A m e r i c a n history.'' --^^^fc- · ·^··^·^ i. - . SPORTING SPECIES GOVERKOH BOUGHS IT--Governor Gordon Browning ol Tennessee did not bag a dear during the annual hunt In fee Plsgah Forest, but he could and did moke cotlee (or hU parly. Here he samplas a cup ol the aleamlng brew. ^.f '^ ar*tfj= ;/; ^^ ^J ^e 0«rleAo»_ -Z^iL'jiXT^-tr^ir.'! A SENATon FCn C!X WEEKS--Soaaior Gladr* I Pyls, ol South Dckotd. alccted la till tho unexptred t£m of tho Icio Fctnr r,'=rbpek, aliixcs her ncane I 19 tho dear ol her S:nc;a oitica. Hoi term expires in clx wcc!:3 cntl B!ID trill rolum to hnr homo with- ] oul hcrrinq ar.svrorsd a roll calL n 1883. Tho 1938 t '"""need ta fa, ALLEN TEMPLE, Mgr. Denton, Md. Samuel Nowell. Contractor Builder Telephone 87 DENTON BIG DOUBLE FEATURE AT DENTONIA THEATRE In a world increasingly conscious of humor the hilarious advctituies of a joung couple who tr\. to .solve tbc age-old pioblcnt- attonclant upon matrimony should prove a wholesorru 1 tonic. The subject is claboiately and enteitainingly handled in "Vacation from Love," which feature^ Di-nni-. O'Keefe, Floi-onu- Ric-, Ri;;inald Owen and Juv." Knight. Tlu jrVtuiv shows at the Dentoni.i Tlie;itie Saturday only, December 31. "Rio Grande" Ranj;c Mys.lcr Soht-il b Charles Slarrctt Choi IPS Stair-tfs "fao Grande," Saturday only, December 31, at the Dentonia Theatre with Ann D n-an and tlie Sor. of the Pjonr-M*. has been hailed as a t w i f t - m o v i n TM iliania of out loor action, revenge: and mystery, and one of the mot MIMM *: Tut of Stairctt'r, ad\cnturc-fillcd piodue- tions. The film's thundering action is leavened bv a romance betv,ecu Stairett and Mis,, Doran, his lo\clj new leading lady, and is tuned to the western songs composed by Bob Nolan and sung 1 by his h a i m n i i i n u s Sons of the Pioneers. The story ) n 10- mantic one. "That Certain Age" Enthralling Youth Story for De.inna Diirbin "That Certain Age," Deanna Durbin's latest starring production, conies to the Dentonia Theatre Muti- tiay and Tuesday, January 2 and 3. The picture is the f o u i t h to come from this remurkable singing youngster who ha? made screen his'ory ever since she first appeared in "Three Smart Girls" some tvo years ago. Cnst in a supporting role in "Tliicc- Smart Girls," the production was huully . U.rlc-d before Universal studios realized they were in pas- M'.tbion of a wonder-child. IJoy Legionnaires Glorified in Film A p m-crful story of the effect of the Lcirionnau-e's junior organization, ·.he ''Sons of the Legion," upon the yovng' r generation of a typical American city i - told in tr.c picture of 'he s;inv- name, which shows Wedncs- i!;iv only. .Timupry 4. a' the Dentonia Th-arre". Donuld O'Connor, Lynnc Ova-nan and Elizr.bth Patterson plav lue chief mlt". in a story which, although about the A merit nn Legion, -houl,! appeal to eveiy Iw-r of American piinciplcs, of hi affil' itinii-.. Sage of Van Huren I'lar's Hobo Printer A di vi 1-in aj-caio wandering printer wno unexpectedly takes over tho editorship of a country- newspaper to help a ladv "in distress, i the central f m u i o in the new Bob Burns picture, "The Arkansas Traveler." which Pai- amount will present next Thursday and Friday, January 5 and 6, at the Dentonia Theatio. The itinerant printer, one of the most colorful figures to the screen in many sea- ·ons, is played, of course, by the sage of Van Buren, who now has his most KL-MOUS role to date. KIG DOUBLE FEATURE AT RIDGELY THEATRE Riotous with comedy, ga\ romance and tuneful songs, "Mr. Doodle Kicks Off" comes to the Ridecly Theatio Friday and Saturday, December 30 and .11, and bids fair to be Joe Penner's funniest 'tarring vehicle. "Two Gun Law" Thrills Starrctt Fans ! The barking of six-guns and t h e ) thumping of hoofs, sweet music to. lovers of outdoor melodrama', fills i the screen of the Ritlgely Theatre,, where Columbia's new Peter B. Kyne, pioduction, "Two Gun Law" shows Friday and Satuiday, December 30 and 31. Charles Stariett, a superior ! Western star in every way, enacts the stellar role in a r t e ting fashion, with enough daring riding, shooting and riding to satisfy the most red-blooded fan. Quins at Four Are Different Per- sonaltlk-s 1 A question which vies with world I events in intcrot is--How much alike 'are the Dionne quintuplets at four? jJean Hersholt, who makes his third I screen appearance with them in their i third 20th Centurj -Fox feature pic- Iture "Five Of A Kind" due Monday, 'Tuesday and .Wednesday at the Ridgcly Tlicatre, gives his answer. C-Ycar-Old Ice Queen In Bobby Breen Picture As ;mall as a minute and twice as fast! This timely description nptly fits that "Hundred Thousand Dollar Moppet," Irene Dare, who is making her film debut with Bobby Breen in "Breaking the Ice," Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 2, 3 and 4, at the Ridgely Theatre. Crime Clean-Up Is Dramatic Basis of "Smashing the Rackets" A vital document that actually reveals the unwholesome soul of racketeering, and shows how it might be cured, is unfolded in dramatic fashion in "Smashing the Rackets," RKO Radio's film featuring Chester Morris, Franco Mercer, Rita Johnson ; and Bruce Cabot, Thursday only, Jan| uary 5, at Ridgely Theatre. WOODCHTJCK or ground-hog Is no longer rated as a farm pest. Pennsylvania ia the flrst state to give this animal legal protection, with a closed season and a bag limit. Not only is the woodchuck a favorite target for rifle experts In settled country, but when young and tender, ia a (able delicacy. Woodchuck hide la excellent for shoe-laces, ·whiplashes and moccasins. But most Important of all In the wildlife scheme, saya the National Wildlife Federation, Is the woodchuck's habit of digging weatherproof dens that are used by cottontails, skunks, raccoons and other animals. 4) Beardsley Milk Co, DENTON, MD. The Peoples Bank of Denton,Md. Have your Dinner at t Primrose Grill-Tea Room ^··^HK^i^^l^HH^BB^K^mW^BWaiaB^^B AFTER XMAS Linens, Domestics, Etc. AT REDUCED IMllCES Special New Year's Dinner January 1 2 We're clearing out all surplus stocks and odd lots left over from our Christmas campaign and it's your turn to save. You'll find extraordinary values in every department. Be here early because in these clearances the choice plums will move fast. Savings galore! Men's Furnishings orls t: Hones Shirts and Novelty or Work Wo=e Part Wool Coat Sweaters Afelton Lumber Jackets S2.G9 to Men's Neckties Unionsuits--Ribbed v Heavy Shirts or Drawers $1.25 $1.TM Dri!s« Shirts Men's Bny B ' Felt Hats :»1.00 to 25c 9c 97c $3.«3 ·17c 77c 5Ye $1.00 $1.8!) Boys' Cothing All Wool Sweaters 97c to $1.79 House Dresses and Underwear $1.25 $1.19 Rayon Satin Slips 97c Long Pants Dreaa Pants llrnvy Blue Melton Jackets Dress ShlrN Heavy Cloth Knickers Golf Hose 9fc $1.19 $2.97 67c 69c 19c $2.50 Satin Slips Pajamas and Gowns Flannelette Gowns House Dresses Cotton Housecoats Corselcttes Girdles Cotton Silk Slips $1.93 97e 59c to 97c 97c 89c 97c 47c Men's Boys' Shoes Bos' Dress Oxfords $1.07 Men's Dress Oxfords Men's Work Rubbers Men's 4-Biicklc Arctics $1.89 80c SI.07 to $2.17 Handkerchiefs and Scarfs CLOSEOUT ASSORTMENT OP HANDKERCHIEFS SCARFS Women's Misses' Shoes Women's Oxfords SI.79 Women's Dress Shoes $2.00 Misses' and Children's Shoes S7c Mines' and Girls' Galoshes 89c Notions and Jewelry AT CLEARANCE PRICES Girls' Tots' Wear Wash Dresses--7 to 14 93c Wash Dresses 59c or 2 for $1.00 3 to 6 and 7 to 14 Girls' All Wool Sweaters 97c Girls' All Wool Skirts $1.93 Cotton Flannelette Pajamas -- 59c All Wool Gloves 25c to 50c Unionsuits 29c 49c Hosiery, Gloves, Etc. Chardionize Hose Full Fashioned--all colors, perfect Hats Handbags All Wool Gloves 17c 47c 97c 69c 'S DEPARTMENT DENTON, MARYLAND STORE JEWS PA PER I iWSPAPERI

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