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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, June 16, 1859
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ay, Jhi 8> a t th« trial, they did not debyS and the wWence v wia eo strong that, Jadgipoote has aJn.ce assured me that be wu in |»at donbt »h e ther he ought apt to i»«4 Uoan4 grand jijry" of the Awociatlon, Col. Rob Ji*Mrive^pJi,ipoJU^,-prtf of Ihe Wucoiuiu Fcamtr, on« of Jthe V ^ f ' 3 " 3 * OT itU /"» tern My oftbeiity welcomed the »j»artand. paifnent^peeoh. i OoiDotionWB A.^.Hrin.1, of tto Madison . M^M&^Wrw^M^w. „- Kt^l^tefalAKteji • ^^^ss^s^T^msi^s^st l^Wixii** tiTft>]r«>«M» OowtiittOH.~Soine ninety edfeow, from aiffisrent parttr of the BUfc, are * now In UH, city, enjayJng* theoiselva, appa- Kil»«*l «• cironawtancM will psrmHof, Round* alter the Conv«mti<m* adjourned— UKEE NEWS belpsd them ontof abasc,, A^^Jndga-.decWon, .JUNE tha chanty araa before them to justify them 'in reoommendiDg the adoption of the proposal to » special meeting of the goofety '*K 7 1 ? ff narkaWe accident has occurred at Rn,?I, wth \ n «? miah Iron Company, at Bnabon^North Wales Early Mondaymorn- jng, May 9, while a gr«U number of men were th n 1° r ^ 8 ° < ? ie ,, <}f Ae ^oWuery brokei and thus cut off all means of communication k- non ' h of the pitand whfle the machinery was i *, * - - •(,_«. f f " ""* T •" •*"» wain*, Mr. Falling" presented each one with a ticket to 1 he Arctic Panorama, and the eve ring *« parity and pleasantly spent the* — T3»ls evening at 8 o'clock the party take a tnp fc» Grand Bapida, morning Saturday morning. Weare sorry that several of the, eUltori at ilreet Itccom, for June 16, W 00.. Dro«gI«U,n«p ring 9 F IT ' fbr Telegraph and CoHUHtrctatmttUrt see Fourth Page HT The Annual address win fee delivered before tbe Editorial Convention, at Albany Hall, by J Drily, of tbe Badatr State, at 10 «t»ClockjHjisjrotenoon The doors will be open tad our cltiiena are invited to attend On motion, a committee of three constating 'of If M. Pjmtroy, BUkeslee, of La -Crease, , of Lancaster, were appointed to confer teport to the meeting, _^ did, h/ a resolution in 41.1 ttito meriting jsl 9 o'clock—<atrriages Were I ^™ Of 88ce P tIn * U»*ge»«eroia offer, placed aVtheir disposal,, and,they, improved i i Ih « c « nrei > tl <w ar^M M,» report and also tliflobaiicebTiooWnjroverthB oit/ T In the ---'- "•-•-*- On motion of A J Turner, • couluuMee was appointed lo draft resolutions expressive fifths sense of the loss \\aS convention has sustained by the death of John A Brown, Esq , and that J. M. Doty be requested to pro- norinea afeulogy on,toe life r aoi cjbarwtet ot Mr. Browo, x k^sueh time as t'he convention should "direct. Adopted, A resolution was adopted' Inviting his Hon. or the Mayor and ail other city officials to take seats ia tbe convention Mayor Page did himself credit by being on hand to welcome the'guests and extend to them the hog- throw! ionble work on th» remaining oueg, rendering it impossible for us to pay onr brethren of the Preas all the attention we would like to, and all we couM under other circumstance*'; still welntand that no one shall suffer while here, if oath and good things liold out. Of course, the freedom of the printing offices, M well at other parts of the city, u tendered them, and all they have to do is to walk in without knock- 'If we have a dry. paper to-morrow morning, lay it to tbeeditorlal oonTCntion. ing or kicking pitality of the city. tant business the meet this' morning at 9 o'clock -After some other impor- convention adjourned to Judge McAitbur of this crty is to de- UTW the Fourth of July Oration «tMadi«on. "Th'e wheat harrest has commenced in aoathern nifnois. A good crop is predicted. BJ~ A. W. Debtaey is about establishing « paper at Chippewa Palls, to be called tbe Wu cmnn f tenter he JFnne number of the School Journal is on our table, and ii a good •ad interesting number. THE BHKBOYOA.N JOUEHAL. —Mr. John Bertschy, proprietor of the Western Star Mills, in this city, presented to Deloge Fire Co. No. 3, twenty dollars, for servi ces rendered. . :We:are informed that a, Company has been organized to take charge of the Hook & Ladder cart and fixtures. Good. The passenger, trade over the S. S M. B R. —nowopentoPljinouth-Mjj more than the most sanguine expected' Mr. B.* popular conductor, is responsible for ths't- gr- . The citizens of Bipon are about organ fring a ; Fire Department, and anpplying tbe «ity with water, by constructing a reservoir on College Hill. The Falvey Reaper U said to be one of the best now manufactured. Thos. Falvey, Kaeme, is the man who gets them up so Well, aad ao numerous. .— We learn that Mr. Sanders, chairman, intends calling the Democratic State Convention on the 28th of July. &•' yet," no official notice has been given. *»• A FATAI KICK.— A boy named Patrick FwreM, living in Hadison, waa Waked Sunday forenoon by a torae, whose hoof penetrated the boy'i brain. Several bones bare been Mtnoycd, but the boy can not recover. , QT Paul Morpby just received and for Hand B ok sale at the of Chess, new News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets. All new books received early. WM.E. TUNIS & CO. Gw^ScicrDj,.—-Tuesday morning a man was his bed at the Citj Hotel, in Chicago, who registered MB turns ths night before, as W. H. Watson, of Buflalo. He took a Dreperation of sngar of lead and strychnine, and killed himself BP" A G«8Tts»iait.—Mr. Failing has presented all the editors attending the convention with tickets to the Arctic Panorama, aow being exhibited at young's Hall. Those who have already seen it, say it is a most magnifl- eent work of art, as it certainly fs. ,iy/.-Wm.,F.. Townaend; of Foi Lake, die* suddenly in St. Louis last Week. Tbe Gaettt *aj» :, "A good man has gone, and the community moarn over their loss. He was beloved by all .who 'made his acquaintance—kind and sJectionate—courteous andanabie—• friend to all. Peace to bis remains.'' Extensive.pwparaUons are going on all over the Slate to celebrate the 83d birthday of onr National Independence. We understand that arrangements »re being made to hare a "high old time" in this city on the occasion All the military and fire companies, turners, and the various civic associations, will be out in full uniform. The Common Council has made a liberal appropriation to be expended for the benefit of the public on that day, and it is expected that a large number of people will be present. The programme tor the Fourth is not yet fnlly made op, but wt can assure tbe public that it wUl be a good one. J®» TH» AB.CTIC PASORASIA.—Ws aro glad to be able to announce that Mr. Failing's panoramic exhibition of the polar regions and the expeditions of Pr. Kane and others to those hyperborean climes, lg to ren^i,, » t roongJi Hall for another week. This panorama is a work of exquisite art and arrangement-one of the best of UH kind, and in this respect is worthy of patronage, but it is valuable for its geographical and historical features, as giving a correct idea of that part of our globe where old winter has erected his icy throne, and where he reigns in »lt«4at»day and night of hair a year each, and of the events which occurred to our countrymen and others who penetrated thither at tbe calls of science and humanity. The scenery is taken from life sketches, and possess the merits of being true to nature and *nblimely grand Those who hare read Dr. Kane's narrative, will be immensely interested by viewing the pietnres there drawn in words, here painted In vivid colors to the eye. There is decidedly some moon- •hine about theshow, some thunder and much ice. Go and see>it. Coiuctiojr.—A remonstrance was presentedto the Board of Councilore on Monday evening from Mr. Thomas Eeogh, against the paving of the gutters on Detroit street la the Third Ward, (in front of Mock 79 and east half of lot 1, block 44.) The words in parenthesis were by an oversight omitted in tbe report of the proceedings. in the case of Fanny Ho». tf -The 1.U Deane, the JacUew, who was found dead in Hew To* on Sunday, was concluded onT«es, day, the jury rendering a verdict of accidental death. Mr Halsey, ber husband, and Mr Wdls, her paramour, whohadTxsn arrested on suspicion, were accordingly discharged. is is said, on the afflr- aenoese,iournal, to have offered brlsK this morning. A. lot of young bloods weribrongbt.!up this morning, giving the following riamei,>nd receiving the fines annexed to their names : John Sinith, disorderly, fined*! ; paid Francis A. !Bytn, do., $1 ; p, John Murphy, $5«nd costs. Frank Gannon, $8 ; paid. Matthiss Frisserf-lbr assaulting and battering somebody, was fined $10 and costs, but coald not raise the needful. — •,;• ; - .„• , : ,,,.. ,.,., a ; John Dunn and iPreo! Vogel| 'hiuJi' Silvers were brought up otttte oompiafet of the pro' Prietresffwf a house vt jtiffMy inestioto&le respecubility. The case occupied some time. The boys, ifcseems, fiadoaught'an individual, (it couldn't have been an iiterior editor) who the ^nymphs of Market, street to, informed them that she and had retfred. they enforced Arriving at orereferred 8nnd two military; regiments to Piedmont, the •P"* &WJ W* te'^road", when agood old fashioned Oriental Bashaw wishes to embark -as an :jjnBancipating-.cavalIer • and the ' «nin«»ease it $404 period 8T • . the LA Caossg.—We no. : formed a Cook hasliwdinflhd»ygan * long time, where ^^^^^-^—-'•^^ai^S&f aTO^onfornlniahost " ^Se : *tt; »BO liJU) EjkllAOiB.. . bftckbats,c«uslrig theoec n p )m ts;io scream, and rtatetn.1. voices to Bt terfearfal e}acul«ions- complained of, costs, and Vogel Is and costs, both of wLkh. were paid Con»d •days. _ t .. The following is a list of all that hav rived as we go to press; C. D. Bobinson, Green Bay Advocate. Miss S. E. Walker and J. L. Bloouwr, Badget State Monthly. J. N. Stone, Manitowoc Tribune B. E. Stevens, Mauaton Star. . B, B. Wentwortb, Portage City Sectrd B. E. Hale, Beloit Journal. 0. MoBride, Sparta SeraU A. N. Kellogg, Baraboo Repvbfic. Lu H. Drury, Green Lake Democrat. Sam Byan, Jr., Appleton Oretcent. J. B. Wells, Juoean Co. Argut. S. C.Cover. Grant Co. Herald Pump Carpenter, MadUon Patriot. Geo. Hyer, " " B A. Calkias, Madison Argus 3. K. Proudflt, " J. W. Lawton, 0eievan Korthron T. J. Widvey, Emigrantem J. 8. Derter, Albany E. E. Sharp, Sheboy^an E. R. Powell, Ionia (Mich ) Gate tie. f. J. Mills. Sheboygan Journal H R. Ross, gheboTgan Timet C. Ziller, Sbeooygan Advocate. F. W. Ferry, Grand Haven (Mich.) Clarion. R. L. Gore, Ozauke> Timet. J. R. Boban, Ozanke« AJvertiicr. W F. Whipple, Praspott Transcript S. H. Eleweil, Huti*.u A'orth Star. 3. M. Doty, Portage City Badgtr tftate. A. J. Turner, Portage City Record. F. A. Moore, La Crosse Democrat 3. K. Averell, Tomah Chief 8. L. Terry, Berlin Courant. F. O Bratnard, Jackson County W. C. Rogers, La Cross- Republican W. C Webb, Wantoma Aryui. J. T. Farrar, West Bend Democrat J. V. Fitch, Fox Lake Oazettt. C. J. Allen, Ripon Ttmei. W. i Mitchell, Wautoma Journal B. W Curtia, Horioon Argui Cr. W. Tenney, Monroe Sentinel W. M. Watt, Jeff er Ionian. H. D. Rann, Whitewater Reyiiter. P. V. Wise, Prescott .Democrat. A. Sanborn, Wansan Witcontiit. J. W. Hoyt, Wisconti* Farmer H. Borcheinaua, '' « C. M. Reese, North Star. S. Sekles, Madison Danokrat. H. Rnblee, Madison Journal. P. H. Carney, WanHesha Democrat Harrison Reed, Madison Journal 3. Hotchkiss, Elkhorn Independent O.H. Gilbert, DarienAitos. H. W. Phelps, Burlington Ga2ettc A. C. Sandford, Racine Adutrtiier. 0. E. Young, Prescott Tratucript. H. W. Phelps, Burlington Gazttt, A. C. Sanford, Racine Advocate. C. Clemens, Racine Journal. G. H. Reed, Oshkosh Courier. G. H Wells, Beaver Dam Citizen A. Holly, Kilbourn Mirror. Van B. Smead, Fond dn Lac Preit. T. F. Strong, Jr., •• B. S. Heath, Menasba Coniervator. Frank Hyde, Oxford Expren 1. P. Hume, Chilton 7ima. C. K. Simonds, Montello Ledger L. C. SedfieU, Wanpacoa New,. Z. Lindennan, Watertown Zctivng. K. L. Stout, Monroe State Riahti. G. E. Porter, Ban Claire Pren. t. W.IPdwell, Brodhead Reporter. M. Mitchell, Oshkosh Dnnocrat • when , -< f r <^M«*«* and,0nei*> street,wag salafedby| blow with a rawhide from the hands qf Mr. Lee, who came op behind me jmdjStntpfc toe^iw before I kne» he was near. As Mr. Lee Js a mnob larger man than I am, and^priijes 1 ilmself on being a bully, the reception he mek with no doubt rather surprised him, for af^er the- third 1 blow be lost his whip and took~lo fists, in which be seemed to be more at hoa |e However but little damage was dans on either Side, and We adjourned to the Court-room^ again to settle The result is known In; hia application to the Governor for a pardr|n he laid great stress on the dam- ag« thai it would-be to bis busings, but neither Mr. Lee nor his counsel, either before or *fter the decision (lo ny knowledge,) brought forward anyj! reason why be should not be 1m- prisooed—although I should have been satis, fied bad be been finer!, jfhe case was not an ordinary on«, and all present knowing the cir cumafcin<x» <jonsidered'U a just decision The $40,000 ooojrarft knd^fifijE »«, ,torxmatcuee weir with tfcto *ast-*toy omUrnowlng the concern and tW shop, knows 'how much truth there is in tjbis. And as far as getting the pardon was Concerned, the Sheriff and several others hava sWe told me that had they supposed the Governor would have paid the least attention to It they should never have signed It. Two preeminent men told tat that th«y signed It without knowing either party, or any c,f tha dircumstanoes, to get rid of Lee, JPOd down tb< .on ing brought up r , Just before he breathed his last, the King of Xfaples receivjsd the Pope's blessing, oommrmi: caterl by Ulegrapb | j The Pope has presented a cameo to a Cath olio bazaar, which js being held at Leeds. AMUSEjMjBjNTTS. Y o y ivj^rTgrr r OR, KANE'S ARCfic~VOYAGES FOK ONK WKfcK MORE, 16, 49O,OOO "' I ft Thursday Evc'g, Jnuc A FfES „<„ POWERS. Lands. then Q»v*rnB>ftii nost lueeeMfql tour tDrougn Kuropc a- by H " *•!""'• *>«en VI. tor a, B,» k,,y- neia ilhe Prince Consort, the Princess Royal, A* ArrAH.-Ahout U who boared l|i«m so they had to, and I have no doubt that many others did tbe same. With this I will leave Mr. Lea and his i assuring- Ibeii, how«ver, that they can have pertmal satiijactioH at apy time from me, from this date forward, and that they neerl have no (fear of Jndg^ Foote iu future, as I will settle any little deferences that may arise, on the •P"t \ Yours, Bespectfully, ^ QEO. MANSFIELD. UUcelianlei from the Enelilh Paper*. At Ledbury, on Tuesday night, May 17th the house of Hrs.. Harriet Baker, a widow lady' was broken Injo by burglars, who murdered her and robbec) the house. They 8rst fractured her skull with blows by some heavy weapons, then strangled her with a rope, and threw the body into the fire-place, where it was found the next morning A lawjer named Morefield bad an offlce in; tb» lower part of the house, and his drawers had been ransacked and clear! ed of a large amount in cash, notes and checks. The evening previous Bliss Jarkson, a neighbor, had sat up wi.h her until about 10 o'clock and left her few absorbed in grief than she had been since the death of her husband In March last. She was 42 years of age At the Mansi6n House police court, London on the 16th M*y, John Groves, a lad aged about seventeen years, was brooght up. charted with having on or about the 19th Mar last for K «l and ntUrH a certain letter of idTioe for £1000, purporting to be signed by A Barrett with Intent to I defraud the Dirwtors of the National Provincial Bank, Peterborongh and I also with having in his possession, by oVposit iu tbe Bank of 'England, the *nm of £990 in Bank of England notes, supposed to be th" proceeds of th* forgery Tn« prisoner had been a cl»rk in tb« Long Button Branch of ihe rational Provincial Ba,nk of England, and wai absent ea leave of absence when hfe com mitted if- .--imejfor which he ia arrested. Tb« » :6 u4iurB ! forged was that of the President of the Long Button branch. Tbe other names wer-, fictitious. When hepresent«i the 1-rtter and obtained the money at Peterborough ho was so disguised a§ to prevent any suspicion that he was the Long gallon clerk He had on a huge hairy artificial production, combining Iward, moustache, and whiskers, wbiob completely obscured the lower portion of his features, and transformed him from a tall, but boyish-looking individual, into a man apparently 34 or 35 years old. The detective who arrested him found ihis production of the tonsorial art in his trunk. Graves submitted n silence to the array of prof against him and was remanded for trial. On the 18th of May, the case of the "Queen vs. Roberts," in which a writ of habeas corput had been issued against tbe Rev. W. Roberts, ordering him to produce a child named Hary Ann M'Donnell, whom it was stated the reverend gentleman detained against the wish of her father, in a I^oman Catholic Bohool, was deoldetl by the Court of Queen's Bench, the qneation being whether the return made to the writ by Mr. Roberjts n bona fide one. Mr. Lush contended il waj not, and prayed the judgment of the Court against the defendant for contempt, and ah«r some argument, Lord Campbell said hel was of opinion that an attachment ought to Issue against Mr. Roberts the effect of which would be that he would _. , 1 * , . ' "~ "" • "•«•*- flJUUUfc gl o clock night before last as tha cars were an- proaohtoi} the city from the South, might hare been seen at one of tlie aristocratic dwellings in our city, on one of the handsomest streets thereof, a young lady about twenty years of age. of perfect symmetry of form, and bewitoh- mgly beautiful to look at, stepping from a window elevated about .even feet from the 8" ) " nd i upon a barrel which had been provider! by a gentleman on the shady aid« of forty. A 5f* they had reached ths ground they stood still for a moment and after being satisfied that none of the hons« had Iwen disturbed they look the walk backwards through the garden and rea> hed the street in the rear of th« uprise where the young lady bad been resid Ing. A colored individual with a carriage was already In waiting The trunks were taken fropi.8 secluded place in the garden and placed !U *J" Tehtol<> - » nd ™P» dl y ">e two wereariven to M>e cars at the Junction. The gentleman hand«d a are dollar bill to th« colored gentle man, who seemed, by the whit« of hia teeth as well satisfied with his eveniug'i work as the unoolored gentleman was with bis The 3 came, the whistle screamed, tbe bell rang , both were off out of the city and towards | •lion, 14 Regent . reet, London, and un v«r«aily need by American »nd European crl i c »,'ih« nrtSt i creation of art evnr «bl -Ited. '• P. FAILING 'S tircat Ori K i,, a i Ii| ostra ,, on l>f „ Kant » s World Renowned ARCTIC VOYAOt:- Together with English and Danish Searches f ,r «ir J 'h "---•-• - the frigid Zone, iiecu'ed by ili,. jr-a" . S«q., rrom orlg'niil and At Low Price ihat Ft) H s A .TF. II Y THE Wisconsin unprowempat n Lin-rnJ P-rms ,, ,>„,,,, .„., Co *HK K A KM I NO Comprising tha JiiTer-nE v»rl«i Pr,irie»nd Hard W ..... i La.*i" 1 Surtnus »a<l Qev^ r .|»|| lDZ Brook, * ty r>f ((ooti mars^w. PI^F I. K <>i>.-nlnK, * lt.,^,.,1 l,y i in..- ru-uit Eii>, Frankhn In American . rl l,t, Qeorpj . drawing, (a.en on che. pot. SeveiatinteniUnir rollci of f.« win b« exhiu t«t, among whjch are , -"•"•'• K »J«c. Arctic Urene.", oeiet>rnte.| |,, •WHitney," ^he onjy survivor of Or K»n-'j uqalmaux uom ajed daring hla loarn-y i Ihe beaailfal &qalmax iog -Wolf," prestnted by Lady franklin to Or Kane'« companion. Mr Tn«s Hlckey, ic ., tc. K.n-' Mr ., >r Hie Pin- H. jion of W^-,, chosen will, p»nu-ulr,r r*ttr-n v cmily ,,f |., W1 A IKK a, |Uull[y t '( ; W t- US ' 0| "- n " 7 • Kllub111 "" « 1 ) reoon at 4 o'clock; Saturday » . o'clock and Wedneiday afternoon at 4 Wo Ticket* »1 cent». Ohi!:lr 5 n la o^,,[j The Intere.tln? Narrante of Dr tiWblWon, by Kane'. c,,.n,a n ,.,n . for sale at the hill. Pri , 10 . t -nu Arcuc NEW ADVERTISEMENTS M H 1. 0 Y M K N 1 »3O a Month and till \ H AGENT la wanted In every town and S- 'i?, Cnl<e<l St "« "> «B«5.ta . reapec n ' by Whlch "" tbove l> rufll - •" 'aid. NO 1 ICh.. *pirtme "8, Jin "ip.i, T il,. cars came, the whistle screamed the bell rano In. . r, crrT C "«T»»U.« aud l^rh =,»„, n ff „... -/ .u . ,?1' lue . oe » fug, | Contract Dcpartm -nt, Ullwa * l'» I lift ILL u, „,,, Milwaukee.— Racine Journal. 16M PBOOBISS OF Boii.D.sos.-Th« credit of erecting tbe first Iron oolnmns in our city belongs to W. W. Robinson, who haa been push ing forward the oreotion of hia new stor- with a will—and already carried It up well iDlo the second story, forrahadowing a handsome front and commodious place for busings at No 3 The stares ot Messrs Taggart & Brother-, Town & Brown, and 01 instead & Co are above ground atd progressing fluely, and the building of Bowon & Beynon is fa*t asjaming tfce appearance of a noble «trnc<o r" We no ticeJli-new atore jost completed sndoocapied t>y Mr Phelps, is Wng extended rearward — May It ever be thus with onr business comma- 'nt, Ullwauli^i B Y resolution of th» Comm. 1S,'~ 1 Commlsroners of the Eighth w»,.i ,, l.u-eetand ilde«al«,, from Sljih 4v»nu, Unc of ^ Walker', i.ldltlon <r a<l^ 40 ,| v plank the oorth i dewalk. ,f •a.i~,i r ^ l Arenaa to th r trf.t line jf Walk-r', p.",, la ordered : \t9V\H. 1-W W! ".II.I. tH '» (ji t( III- Slr.^t iv- w» t, r :.. th- »-,t r-pa.r tn- ••nu.-H. %a.l « > i r i u K . •" A ,,, *J ., :i fi^ Jn'.« l.ltn, ' • :•-!,•,: 1 Kur-l m K'I . , , uity that their trade shall facilities —Ripon Star ss eommu ,J« m an. extended SHORT Caop.-Last w«k, the S tea me r Tran«< from Hokah, came atrajght across the bottoms, by way of Target Lake, and the abodes or ye unoimt ttsherman." A flue 3ea ro ||j, over the Target Lake regions.-.^ Cr OJ « IJemocrat, Hit,. DIjEO In UU« ct.j-, on the ISth Iruii., Mn B.A-.MS »lf« of John Uoran, Senior, «gH i.) j» mrl Funeral S o'clock this aft,rnoon, frjm th- of Jrhn Uorao, aa Detroit itreet, between Ja Vao Baren .trreu CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Cm ConrTROLua'j Ornci, | l-ootrxM rjep»nm»nt. June IS. i 5.vj f * etaied jrade, norti ,lde-alt h..,,».. n ii .. ATenae "'«P»"«J, «na the north ..',i".-. Fl'St ATenuetoth, wet ]| M ..i w. ik . r', c Uon b. Ranked la *ccord»n« with th, „,.„, Uty Engineer on aie ;0 [he C uip'r ,, e r', ,m.- Ownem or a«eni« of |,rop-rty nit^r-,!^,! „ ' named Improv-oienn »r« n«reby n.,t.fl..i •„ wme In acconlanr^ »»h Ihe MI IDJII- ,,f ln , , peer on flU in IDJ.I office, within fte pabl,c»tl , n of th , no .| ce , ,„ er, of the Eig h .j| w ,, (1 ^j, ,. aa an-1 .-harj^.1 to th« r-apectlv^ Li JeU.«t K L'U O .'- •! 'h- '. •- \ >it: . : i-ii . TV - j-i t ( LI. I '/ ' Mi n 'i.Hiiv M.n , -.. •i :/) -It :l T twent, . I»V* 'r mut.v^.. -TUE- LATEST STYLES ' _0?_ B IT -o •'It. BUTTON'S! aprle WM- ! ." ir ?'"" B "' :l ' K K.N I , I.-npr,v-l »">• »' 1') a woric .n If.e ju. following dv«c: of Mllwaak e. ru Th. wilVsailJolili,^. 10 b« g and al.u the foil.-.wlr.g on* half of «Vaohinyu>n all«-T c-o«»inr In blucks IT, ;, ,."] *or^w1ll h< Id «! a fha\t .„ | ,..;' „ ftcru ' ; Idinjr must b« sr-l «f -•iraUnjr. and (T..,. r»r nlling or t u.a J 616 -* 16 ' I- L'U. OiUL/.Nrl; x . for W»r,! ,, .loin* . .,1 rmmpr. 3,-honl L. T me .ill •„ r till-, , D ! s I t trm , ,,-. r ,1. .-.arr.'jll ,- ,,ve., !..r par. . ir r»" I-,-,!.. •J street. »oj the ..he.| AMERICAN CORNET BAND '" Now ittmber of loa 19 Tl.- . Tnr C ..t.tract Depinmeot. h - KALBD§ will re<.-e. S»lorda7. June as, ISiS. at U Public Hquarf and pUnking u,, t>,« lame, In the Sih Hard of K. • aid wnrV to b» donf under the OocitoUJloo,,, ji ,» I(i w»r,l. ,r..l t'.e plan aod ipeciflcatloni of u.. In t'.ji offl e Jl I . June ed 11 M ^ .s H., ... ,1- if- •r (CD <u>,ervu i, t- , Cur >n^i "•Imic .-r rt ir.i, t^.; v\ f '.ft ST PARCHtt> >T 1. T.;?. ,Y , by t : :• , n that all th* c by ih«- --P^.pl )« 10 aei E- L'U U IK -l.NKS, .. u Crrr C,.»rTn ,LU*', OoDtr»ct Department, Milvautet. Junr Id ^Eil.ED PROPOSALS will b- ,^>:t..| , O Qntll Mondi;, Jane 2uih, Isi'J. &i ID 4 •bate the nni.ances tn^reon, and in accJrd.ncc nth the eatlmau or th. Crij E -gineer, on d , I D lt , , JO (B C e_ aaid i ou tj^g locjtej ln I D , Bll[h WlrJ or |hj CUj . ^ l-p..,ltef r m ihe or t^e .- M iwaaltee, March 1^, J'jnt^rs rf-.r.l ii.\ c. P. j, lot K, ' b ° ck • . M « "' bCocl< " ; "" "• ">'«* r ' w , ' ?°£ 2S ' I" ls> t>t °" '-*' lot 1S ' »'•** »>; lot 11, block 28; lot 7. bloc« 23 | al 1 block '6 lot* bloc, 24; lo, 6, bloc. 2,; lo, ,. blort *,, M 3. hl.'-ct 1 J- UlS b wk 10. lot 8, block »-. lot $. block 23; lot »' r 1 ?» £• L- b ' ock **• '"' 4 - bl<>c ' ''•• >•"• -• "'«* ••"• lit 8. block »; lot 6, block 2i, lou 1«, li 13 U n m' •;«.>.*. 8, 9, block n, U,,. S , |V, n I2,' u ;i4,' is'l«' C E L ' H - G'iUWNEB,' City Comptroller have to enter into recognizances to answer certain interrogatories, anJ npon those answers the punishment to be awarded would depend The attachment was therefore ordered to issue A young man named Frederick Hose, a cooper, was charged with stealing three bottles of rum. from a ship discharging in tbe Prince's dock, Liverpool. fSIr. Cobb defended. Officer 409 aaid, he stopped the prisoner, leaving the dock, and, on searching him he got three bottles of rum concealed on his person. Tbe prisoner told him be had got rum from a sail or on board a ship jthat was being discharged in the dock. The .'officer aubsequently found that the liquid belonged to Messrs. Waterhouse, bat he (the policeman! added, " they won't swear to the bottleg, but they say the rum is very like some thalithey we landing from tbe ship" (Laughter.) Mr. Cobb : Well, this is decidedly the rum-ett case I ever heard : they won't swear to the bottles but they will to the ran »- (Laugbter.)j Officer; No, they said the rum was " like'' what they are landing — A« like, I suppose, aa two peas, or a couple of OIKC0IT COURT, i MUwankee Count;. ( Saniom Rice, i againit | D»Tld P. Unll, Marian A. Hull, and j John M. WooUmff j State, of Wisconsin, lo PFISTEU A r, ini i>^ • < ••< '!..;,(. U» Eajt Wat" Oa«h pai.l for . III;!.-,, A , . Prlu. Wool. s\lr L .,. r~l AD, Sumaoo. far Relief. t Hull, Maria3 A Hull five , a fan «ongri>ga^oitat the^ Ohnron'of the ]bV '£*^>&.£^^'\£.ft9uuai --Clark; ;b/ Boston, ^preach the opentog sermon/of 'the oci good one, and man Oorre-pondene* ttt the New*. MILWACKES, June 14, 1859. 24. tht Editor of tke ffevi : I notioedin the Witconti* of last night, an " t * tol ° i ** dt ? a "f ua S» roote* decision tmpns. oningiMr. Lee, wversed by the Governor," written as SA editorial, but aridently dictates b / :*?: l^s fathei', ^rho, tasare his son, had not scrupled to stretch tbe troth to'. »n alarm- Ing ateat, ,ThaslmplfrActs ln : the oase are' these :-•; ••'•• -• •' • ; ' „ - ' ~ ' ' '>:'• '•!;..."' JnsU«fi of my trying to injore Mri Lee, or his business, he has tried, in 'meity wa>; to in ' Jure m>. * iKnp^g thai:iiriVia ^t 'good " ' •ttbe.* 1 OoiiVAntlfiB' •f^M^^f^^ .»*.".•x-wi_3iiVii.t':^^i.j.r :! -ii'i«.--- J nL_.»'»::--:i.-- \ Trf'Kr:iL-^rV'^ ; ^2^:^.^:n?r'f'^^s*' 1 ::^r e ,, tfft^pwWM;^ '*mffi££Sh^ ." wWhadtiaen gfeftlfljVnp'i w«rk for may h? ^^ied h!i J* . same j>atterns<*>r fittn i sJso, one of ay monlders, ibnt "with' i ^Iw^HRiIt to tolfci-jfeases^ iK^r^lg. to ; got f hlsil nndcrstana IMr. Lee dlMie*,-:-iw ^i^fi&i^ •p^n !Wnat they ^JiSjstUii^-l^iSiii ''turn '--'-- " :-::sSi;ad-4«i ? V-S htf>- tw, duck eggs. (Laughter.) "Mr. Mansfield I will treat this cawj Mr. Cobb, not aa one of atealing, but will fide the prisoner £1 for not being abb to accooht for how he got it Mr Oobb: Very well, s|ir. Tbe fine was paid A few day« ago, <aya the West Sussex Oa «f«e, Mldhuret wai Inflicted with tha brutal exhibition of " a inan In the atocks" for six hours, for npn-DjivrhBht >f tha »rr» ml ~.». c_- offis for being drupii The culprit was rather noisy at the oommencement of his durance "vile, but as the hohra wore on hie enjoyment of exposure—forced and fixed—to an easterly wind, although acohmpanied with sunshine, ,dld notinoreaMf /(The stocks were placed in the market place, Jn[ order that the ethiWUon should be as public »s possible. In Jnstipd to the occasional bystanders, we must say that they appeared : tb«). oy the spectacle as IltUeas the offender did the punishment; and the ceo. eral impression seemed to be that the sooner this relio of the dirk and barbarous axes is abolished the better ' A* "f mode of; punish, tnent the stocks are entirely unsuited to the notions ;o{ the present age. ,".' .. , -.[. .'.-,-• The Court Journal, la Its Paris Gossip saya ? »?!f w »7. °S ,* TC S$ i . D g.. conjugal mlsfortune» id John M. Woodruff. Y OU are hereby .ammooed and required to amwer the complaint m ihl« action, which wai filed In fte office of tte Clerk of the Circuit Court, of Ullwaa- M ^ mnty ' ° n thl1 tnl "« I «'' d»r of June, Is49, . Qd or •hich a copy 1. herewlft .erred upon j<m, , od ,'„ erT e a copy of yoar answer to the .»ld complaint on the .ubscrlbcr., at their office, No.. 6 and 8 Albany Build- Inz, Milwaukee, within ninety day. after th« .errlce hereof, eiclu.lre of tho day of inch .errlce- and If yea fall to an.wer the .aid complaint within the Ume ajorwmld, the plalDJlff In thU action wui apply to the court for the relief demanded In the complaint. Dated Jane 13th, 1SW , l/<_i « MNCHES, UTNDE t MIU.B8, Jelo-law6w — • - — 734) SHf:itl*|.., STATE 09 WI^CO' - N C ruult Court, Milwaukee t^j Michael HIU and , William Tunbrldi-, 'gainst ; H« Thomas K. EodUls. j I N vlrtae of and pursuant to » ju.lgm^Qi ,o ?a'«n C ? nr! ' '° "" * b< "'' : = ntll '« 1 Action 19. 1S59, I lh»ll elpote for sale and tell at -,^ lion, at the Post-Office, In the City nf Jlifmun-, Sa K a K r<lar ,' tUC * 3d dl »' Ol -»"!>. "t at the hour of 3 r »., of that day, pursuant ,„ Ch.pi 1S3 of the RevUed Statutes, entlOe.l --of K« L,.,, Mechanic, and Others." all tha rtuht, t.tic an i mt-r the defendant h»d In and to the follown^ .i«c-.h aft'eTVl 011 ""* 19 ' h i17 "' * PrU ' " " *° J " m " ""'' ••Thitpart of tha north east quarter of i«n , n Mo 81, la townahip No. f, N ofrange L"j E, lymj north and east of the Menomonee tt.ver in\h« City and County of Milwaukee, Slate nt IV, »- coniln, and claimed by the defendant i i S ct.1 er with a certain «o*p and candle f*,-torv. in uted tnereoo. Dated Sh riff 'aOfflc., . 0 * 50 :* 1 1 A . J . CITY ADVERTISEMENTS T N( , May it ; I'M) . L v N u w o HT u v Sh-T. Mil. Co. W , OI8CUITCODBT, I Milwaukee County ( Peter Gelul, I »g»l n .t ISamowo. for money demand on con- August Fredul. } tract. (Com. not.erved.) Bute of Wi.con.ln, to Auguit Fredul : T7"°.J "• hereby lummoned and raqalred to anjwer X the complaint In this action, which '" , office of the Clerk of the Circuit 'coar Otj of H wiakee, on the twenty-fifth day of J. nn .ry, )85» »nd to .erre a copy of your miwer to the aaid com! plaint, on the «ubjcriber», at their offlce No. 8 and 8 Albany .Htklldlog, Mlliraakte. wltSS h,«5 a« after tte «errje« of this rammon. on you eiclnilve of the day o(. sucb service; 'and If you fall to aniwer the Uld compla nt »ithm the time aforwaid, the plaintiff In"'. actfonwill itte Judgment a.aln.tiou for the •aU of Me hnndwl aol!.m. with Interest from the .VtHay of Jnly, one ihouiind eight hu dred and flft.-el ht btjlde. the c-.f. of tht. action MOARTHUB , r , n f £?.?«' ? f '.». ld Ooorl ! .and e'gbt hundred and fifty nlie- ,,«,_« jelo-lawflw 'INCHES, LYND* * MILLER, TUintlg-.Aitora,?, S KALH) . „ pjr/uje author of a tre- fc*4 been discovered ,_ „. mendoasly popular4nd immoral book *..- .u—(gi, i nDnmeraWe - irHtJona. '• ^ he e ;»«R«f«: own' hlstbrl—his wife the' ifalthless doe to4he:taJe^.Wffl(te1f,the injured husband, &Hd fl.' Ata^tjilln 'fsitrt^lpttn ll l^taf 4tin «A : iil '' t. * ^ • • • ;i«o T» wd snagpoflketed^-fpr ths^ntnre.ibh I fa- - Cirr C Contract Department, Jane 1 «7ii .v -?5^* y ' Jin>e 20 18S9 - W o'clock A. K. tar filling the crib, and .tr«t .tihe Klnoeklnnlok Bridie A.ufflelenttnioan.orearU.wl.l b, twjalreS lo tolK the bridge pMMble and «afe. aL'H. aABDINEB, Com P troll«r. I »'18j SHEIllFt'S s. STATE OP WISOONSIN, . Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. i A William Qjeti, , again, i Charlr. Tanke and J ^llana Tanke, hla wife. Fraci Zleoel, Darlcl Adler, Samuel fihoytfr, I>odore Bock.tider, and Herman L. Page. j I N VIHTUE of and purauant lo a Jnd s men: renJer.d In .aid Court In ibs atio»e ^nutled .ctlun. j,t«,l -.t, e 4th day of June, 1S89, I ihall expoan Tor lale an,l i-11 ., Public Auction, at the Post Offlce, In ih» city ,,f Milwaukee, on .Saturdar, «!»« lOtli day of September, 1SS9, at tne bour of i r u. of tnii ( )»y the following described mortgagfJ premihen, or .„ mucli thereof aa may be necessary to ral.e the amount ir wl judgment, Intemti an.l cost", together •» th tb^ ,\ p«o es of sale, to wit '• The following real estate, being and iytnn tn the county of Milwaukee and Slate of Wljcon •In, and described a. lou numbered ihre* and four, (3 and 4). in block Q, of the . loo Into oily lots of ihe Ea«t forty acrrn of the Somh W,». quarter o( lection number seven Slith Ward of the ciiy . f Milwaukee." Da ed Sherlfl'. Offlce, Mil.aulee, Jane I, 13J9 ELKOSC, CBOOCS* OxiDLrr, i A. J. LASGWOKTHY PlalntU&Att'j.. ( SheriS .M.I Co Win ieS-dSmoloSw >V -... ., t t otrt lar lays fr .m .n-| U > I K t-.. K.«LKH '.SI Pi. •"- L •! '4AHUI N '? > 1 b.. K^ UMIlli -.1. 410} SHERIFF'S STATE OF WT3CONSW, Utrcult Court, Ullvankra Co. SALE. I ( OIKODIT COUBT, I .—For Egltcf, Milwaukee Couiity. Raoiom Eloe, • againat Dtrld p. Ball, UirlanA. nil, B. U Mttlford, BobertB.Btll, Byron W. Clarko * Charle* 8. Clarke. State of Wlaconiln, lo the defendant, above named .¥ 00 »re hereby rammoned and required to answer the cottjplalrit in thl. action, which waj died In the offlce of the fllerk of the Circuit Court, of Mllwau- {' Caasel Cordes a •erve a, ,,,ano jli ftereirith .enred apon you, and. to copy, of yonr aniwer to the .aid [com« and , vnee, wtin naetr dan hereof, txcltulTe of the dar inch -lenrtc.; »nd tf yon fan to <iuwer the- coinpUtat wtlhln the time aforetald; the , plalnt OD toe «l.crlb«ra, at their cfflci, Noi. 8; Albany BnJIdtag, MUvankee, within nlaet aft« «h« terrlcc of . alter »n fajtenrJew ^ 'ft/a coin-' 8 tfetluii «&7 benefits :tos J f3«B9 i C Dated Inn* IS, 1809. • jfifi^Loinfe; Sugar Ciirwl Hams, T AM constantly receiving Uenry 0. West, •gainst William Drcscn, Charles Meyen, Adulph M N Emll B. NeytuD, Ecnll Welsklrch, John J. Frederick Gentoer, Simon Levy, Jo.cph U and\Hoel H. Camp. Jadgmen: of Forealoiare. £ N T irtae of aad panuant to a judgment rendered in iil'1 Court, la the abore entitled action, dated December 81, T«ft8, 1 .hall eipose for .ale^nU sell at pub Ho auction, at the Poat-Offlce on the corner of wtscon- •inand Utlwankee it*., In tha City of MUw.nkee, on .Hamrdar, the 1311. dar of Anffu.t, iss», at the hour of 3 p. m. of that day , the followlnu described mortgaged premliea, or .o much thereof, as may be neceuary to raise the amount of .aid Judgment Inter- ^.t and co,t«, together with the expin.« of Jale to "it" *•? P ,',5S " ?* rcel "' lu>l1 •""»'« '" '"« Oonnty of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin known and described u that part of the tul chatai of the we.t dfteea cluin. of the • pin i, t»enty iv, ' ir the Hth B 'i Celolut.c (Jt/1. l«0!l. tall >,tttc . l«i»illk , ^.«« ^>l»i *»»-lme •<1 rn^ro I*- L'U. (*.\lll)I.N(i:it. Co NOT ic;t; CITY Cn«prH,)l.,.iu'4 rtuj^ni. Milwnun,-^. June i , ">* '-« 143. in .iuucn, i,lontv,l ,. „/ ih« Street th , ^i^b,,,,,,^ ta- - ity u,»,,,«. r on ale m toa.n ""to ua»e inch lm p rov. mo nl» »,th -n 10 ,!»,» from thu •Ute »r lha gletet Conimi , Mon< , ra , )f lhcs j v . unu „,;" will i-auso the ,»mt- to be Jone <o<l charged iu :h« re' iota »ecordiog to law s ,/a. u.k«DCJSB. Comptroller love mod ttlBgtin mj U»e,,woold doiweU lo call and ejcamloe my ttoik,: - ,-•• . < • -4 • • • • ; :,' , ] r JOHNW.11JDYASD, --•""•• flrecerand Wio«Dtaler, J «— Water -W r aiTJeket Offlw, co?n*r .WUbbnaln and Kaii . _ , ' JeT-dlt ' tha centre*) of the North iladilon «od Fond r)u tac Eoadaj and rennlng theace alonn the centre of the laid Madison Bond north «! and !-!»• degree., west four aod 93-lfJO chains: tbence north 0 and 1-1SO degrtM, west four »n<5 70-1*3 shaln. to the centre Si the uld Fond du Lao Road: thence along ihe centre of the .aid ' 1 Ho * d ' oath M desrw't o-iai S and «-Plaoe of beglhnmi?." " A OOOJK \VANT1EJD. noB. , Co.lTHiCT Dsp 4 «T>uy<T. Juna 14, 'OS. ( -K*U!D proposal* .11, be recelve.1 at ihls'olBco ua til Friday, June ITth, .t n n . 0 i oct t , ' "£ doing the unrtnlshed pon.ons ,,f the fol ..wlnii'»,,rk ,r lered ny the Hoard of Ald«rm»n, Oct. 1, ISS- M(1 ' " .-u-red by the Boar.l of Councilor,. Oct U, 18M, ,. ' of plank and the ./ew,l«. pranked g. L . U . Oomptroli . r BliTTEK. iUentlon of Fatmiiea ti J WOULD call the CHOICE BUT'fEK. 1 am dally by S* V r«n, choice lota of Butter from the best Dairies In the State, »nlch for qnalltj ahda»»orts muurpasaed. Prices always «o ponU with tha "market r«e«," Order, solid,* and .ent to ,, ^ to iny Ktev corrr*. 1DT3 ju«t recrlTed at BDNS 4 CttOBY-a.

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