Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 23, 1936 · Page 10
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 10

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1936
Page 10
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M^E.1»OX^OWA THURSDAY, JANUARY 23. 1936 Town Council Proceedings 8.55 Lenox, Iowa, January 7, 1936 Regular meeting of the Town Council of Lenox, Iowa was held on the above date with Mayor Cassill and the following Councilmen present: Eberle, Madden, Nelson and Preston. Tyler absent. The following bills were audited by the finance committee: Consolidated General Fund L V Toland, labor $ 4.00 Joe Probasco, salary 40.00 J. W. Terry, labor 2.37 Lon Bubb, coal 10.24 Joe Probasco, salary 15-00 Henry Marshall, labor ... 1.00 J O Roe, labor 3.00 John. Krohmcr, labor 3.25 Munic Lt Pit, city hall Its 10-80 C B Cassill, salary. postage 14.90 Lloyd Bartrum, labor .. 1.00 ReUa Gooclale, salary, expense 15.18 J. C. Pearson, salary, dogs, exp 64.00 W C Lev/is, salary, expens^ 14.53 Mary E Orr, care rest room 2.50 Standard Oil Co, supplies 3.G6 i Muhic Lt Plat, pmpg, limps Pitts Equit Meter Co, supplies Western Tel Corp, phone, tolls L P Davis, coal Funding Bond Fund A M Schanke & Co, interest n - 8 ' First Trst & Svgs Bk, interest 1L87 City Hall Fund H Roy Long, Agt, ins prcm 30 - u Consolidated Light Fund Munic Lt Pit, st Its, lamps Light Fund R L Stoaks, salary .. Fairbanks-Morse, 1 KQ GO 50.00 I mlrjrest I Munic Lt Pit, labor exp . i wm Severn, salary • F E Struncc, salary Munic Lt Pit, plant exp GUI;-, bar Elec Co, lamps . Hc".v,xiod Gas Sta, 234.00 17.27 90.00 100.00 C9.21 18.83 4.54 None. Motion carried. The resignation of Wm. L. Dey Ermand as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Light Plant was read by the Clerk and was accepted by vote of the Council. It was moved by Madden and seconded by Preston that Poll Tax for the year 1936 be set at $5.00, the same as for year 1935. The roll was called on the above motion and the following vote recorded:> YEA:I Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston. NAY: None. Motion Carried. There being no further busi- jness, Council adjourned to call I of Mayor. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor. W. C. LEWIS, Clerk. deal-Held (Continued from ver,i> page 1) I. •> 10.76 4.88 2.98 391.36 L B Carruthers, supplies Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies John Slattcry, gasoline . Water Fund J O Roe, labor L B Carruthers, salary .. Chris Hetz, labor L B Carruthers, salary, 2.46 1.39 2.08 3.00 25.00 1.75 L B Carruthers, salary . Chris Hetz, labor Joe Probasco, salary .. L B Carruthers, salary . L B Carruthers, supplies Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies 14.62 John Slattery, gasoline .. 12.11 65.00 30.00 1.50 15.00 45.00 2.91 Miller Chcv Co, fji.ornge. repr Western Tel Corp, phone, tolls Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies Shell Petro Corp, fuel oil United Autog Reg Co, supplies .- • • • 3.99 Fairbanks-Morse, supplies S 2 - 65 Diesel Srv Co, oil 44.44 Amer Elec Co, supplies . 15.34 Berkowitz Env Co, supplies 14.73 It was moved, seconded and passed that bills be allowed as read and warrants drawn for same. Moved by Madden and seconded by Preston that clerk be instructed to issue no warrants for payment of bills without signature 'of the Finance Committee except for payment of Bonds and Interest. The roll was called on the above motion and the following vote recorded: YEA: Eberle, Madden, Nelson, Preston. NAY: ity h'ospital' in Creston. Latest reporW are that she is doing as well as can be expected. Her husband is with her. Latest reports from, Mrs. Lester Owens, are that she is holding her own. Word was received by Crew of the Foreman at death of Glenwood, J. R. Lloyd Iowa, of Glenwood, Iowa, .spent Hidley and Steward garage. Will MaryVilL\ Mo., Wednesday, •.iiv.i brou&'.i Mrs. A. 15. Gray 1'rfini trie fit. 7'V:wis hospital, where s,hc has been for the past five weeks with rheumatic fever. Ernest Manning of Willp.rd, Colo., was a .supper gue.st at the Floyd Miller home last Tuesday evening. He was also a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miller. Dr. and Mrs. Edward Grossman -_ -. Saturday and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. J. R. Crew. Alice Ann Gallagher left for De.s Monies Monday, where she will make her home with her father and attend school there. She has made her home with heruncle, Dr. Abarr for the past ten years. Charles and Sue Swan are both better with their ear and CLEARFIELD Continued .. throat troubles. Sue came home from the hospital last week. Dr. Swan is confined to his home, sick. Mrs. Harry Cole was operated on Saturday afternoon for mastoids at the Greater Commun- late Saturday night. He had been as well as usual and just dropped dead. His body will be brought back to Clearfield where funeral services will be held and burial will be in the Conway cemetery beside his mother. Lloyd was a former resident of Clearfield but has been away from here for a number of years since the death of his mother. On account of the deep snow the country children did not gat to go home Friday evening. Many had to stay over the week end. Kcndrick Utter is better at this vriting, after a week's illness with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and f.hrec children of Kansas City, Kansas, moved into the former H. T. Swope home last Thursday. There was no basketball game la.st Friday niight on account of the bad roads, and Maloy could'nt get here. Lloyd Williams is not so well and not yet able to work in Christian church there. He will be much closer to his school work in Maryville. Many of the country roads are blocked by the snow so that the mail carreirs can not get around their routes. mmmmmmmmmmmm For the Homemaker Ideas, Suggestions, News for Women Readers M^ _ „_ i.naiu r» K H «r^ As the farm where I live has been sold, I will sell at my home 6 miles j| south of Lenox, 5 miles west of Clearfield and 4 miles east of Sharps- ^ Thursd Commencing at 12:30, the following property: 4 Head of Horses 4 Pr.rkhurst is still helping during his absence. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weathersfield and Mrs. Minnie Tierney of Scottsbluff, Nebr., and Mrs. Arthur Putman and daughter Vivian of Shenandoah, spent last Monday at the home of their brother, Tim Bailey and family. Class Party On last Wednesday eveninug, January 15, the Taylor county teachers held a meeting at the Clearfield high school building. Forty-three teachers were present. A fine supper was served by the ladies of the Christian church to which all did justice. Music was given by the mixed string group, by the girls sextet and Morton Crew gave a cornet solo. A debate among the teachers was one feature. Pastor Leaves Rev. P. O. Nystrand and wife will soon move to Pickering, Mo., where he will preach in the Can Choice Cuts Choicely Choice cuts of beef, pork and ( lamb can be kep really choice after they are canned if they are browned before being, packed says Miss Annette Peerson, ex- j tension nutritionist at Iowa' State College. The three common methods of browning, o r searing, are the Quick .searing in deep fat makes hot skillet, oven, and deep fat. . especially good canned steak, i says Miss Peterson, although' this method will probably be j less popular than the usual this j year, because of the higher price ' and scarcity of lard. Natural fat is best for searing —suet for beef and lard for pork. No salt is added, because .salt has a tendency to prevent browning. The meat is salted while it is still hot. The purpose of searing is for improvement of flavor, says Miss Peerson. Oversearing toughens the meat. The juices that cook may be divided among the cans,! out while the meat is browning ! Coffee 3 FLAVORITE pounds, a sweet drinking Santos 45 fb. bags DAD'S FAVORITE, Guaranteed to please. This Makes a Sunday Dinner. pound ee« j| 1 dark gray horse, 9 years old, wt. 1550; 1 brown horse, 8 years old, wt. m 81 1500; 1 brown mare, 8 years old, wt.,1500; 1 brown mare, 10 years old, ^ wt. 1500. 15 Head of Cattle 15 its 9 cows, ranging in age from 3 to 7 years. Most,of these cows are Short- || fjf horns and part of them are good milkers. 2 steer calves, wt. 500 Ibs. and |{| iji two heifers and 1 steer calves. I 36 Head of Sheep 36 |j 35 head of good ewes, bred to start lambing the last of February. One | m Shropshire buck. = I 5 Head of Hogs 5 f| 5 good Hampshire sows to farrow first of April. Possibly other stock s fjf will be sold in this sale. | Machinery 81 High wheel wagon and box; low wheel wagon and rack; John Deere side tt| delivery rake; McCormick-Deering mower, .almost new; 20-foot John li Deere harrow; 9-ft. Deere disc; Rock Island gang plow; Deere 999 corn 8j planter; 2 single row cultivators (P & 0. and Overland); walking plow; • IB Tinn«n *«r»mi*.n r<ni«s\n«l«vu . Oolmrn vl rm +anlr VinatnV* O. f QTllfC • mirlir«jtr» CPPrl- S| small articles usually found in a farm sale m 2 brooder houses, 10x12, a good one, and 8 x 10. I Chickens and Equipment iji 20 dozen English strain white Leghorns, now in production. 2 Close to p | iji Nature brooders; 2 oil burning water fountains, 5 and 10 gallon capac- ftf Iji ity; 240-egg Klondike incubator; 5 four-foot feeders for chicks. 11 Feed " 500 bil, oats. Some bean hay and oat straw in barn. Stack of fodder, ip 1 TERMS—CASH LUNCH ON GROUNDS |g Closing Out Sale Due to poor health, I will sell at public sale on what is known as the Ollie Pfander place, 2 J / 2 miles west and Vz niile south of Sharpsburg, 2»/ 2 miles north, 21/2 miles east of Gravity, 3 miles north, 31/2 miles west of Conway on WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29 Commencing Promptly at 12:00 38 Head Livestock 38 5 Head of Horses 24 Head Shorthorn .Cattle 9 Head Good Stock Hogs Terms:—Cash. Lunch by Presb. Ladies Aid iiiimmnimiiimiiiiiiisiiMMimiiiiiiiii FOB RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the plimary election June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, Iowa. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. I will appreciate your support. BEN LONG, Bedford, Iowa. which have been heated and packed while the meat was hot. If the meat cools during the packing process, the jars should be left uncovered and exhausted by placing them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Sealing and regular processing follows; 2 hours at 10 pounds pressure are required for the cooker or 31/2 hours in the hot water bath. Fruits In Candy Parisian sweets as made by Miss Miriam Lowenberg of the Foods and Nutrition department at Iowa State College are delicious fruit candies. She uses this recipe: 1 lb stoned dates 1 lb. pitted prunes i/ 2 lb. dried apricots soaked in hot water for 15 minutes 1 tbsp. orange juice white corn sirup or honey Grind the fruits, mix the: oughly with orange juice :orn sirup. Dust powdered jar over square cake pans, the candy into an inch de layer, cover with powdered sugi and allow to ripen for at lea 2 days. Cut as used. August Jaeger, a Germai chauffeur during the war, recently released after ser a long prison sentence warning the French of the pending first gas attack by Germans in 1915. The stra part of the story is that French ignored Jaeger's waii ing, thinking him crazy, thereby lost the lives of 40,000 soldiers. f> 9 £,%• Beemer Bros., C. Auctioneers. L. Rogers, Clerk RATE—lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale FOR STATE SENATOR To the Republican voters of Adams and Taylor Counties: I am a candidate for the Republican Nomination for the office of State Senator from the Sixth Senatorial District of Iowa which is composed of Adams and Taylor Counties, subject to your approval at the Primary Election on June 1st, 1936. O. J. KIRKETEG FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce by candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters at the Primary election to be held June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. CURTIS O. MELVIN Benton Township SEEDS—We have a full line of the best farm seeds obtainable at very reasonable prices. Come in and see them. L. F. Davis. 17-tf FOR SALE — One stack of oats straw and one of wheat straw. Wm. E. Hayes. 17-lp FOR SALE—3,000 bu. good sound corn, 10 milth north of Prescott. O. H. Schrader, Prescott, la. 16-2 DAIRY SALE—On the farm 4 miles east and 3 miles north of Lenox, Wednesday,' Feb. 12 I will hold a closing out-sale of three, West of the Fifth Pr pal Meridian, in Taylor Cou Iowa. Terms of sale of said real! tate, 20 percent of the purch price in cash on the day of i the balance of sai<1 purcJul price to be paid on or Mo] March 1, 1936. That due attendance will given by the undersigned onj day and hour when said estate is offered for sale. Dated at Bedford, Iowa, uary 13, 1936. RICHARD CAMPB Sole-Refer JAMES R. Attorne; Published in Lenox Time January 23 and 30, 1936. JT • . fm. • ANDERSON & McKINSTRY, Aucts, H. ROY LONG, Clerk COLD WEATHER When your feet or hands become cold in „ cold weather you know you can warm them by stimulating the circulation of blood. This is I part of the treatment used by osteopaths, but | for a different reason. The blood purifies and stimulates. When disease comes, if the blood can be so stimulated that it will flow in increasing quantities to the part of the body that is affected, the body itself will be able to take care of the disease. This treatment is also true in case of a local infection. Osteopathy depends upon perfect adjustment of all the parts of the body, just as a machine must be in perfect adjustment to run properly. When joints are flexible and free from trouble, when muscles do not bind and shut off the flow of blood through the arteries, when the bones that make up the frame work of the body are lined up as they should be, then the body is healthy and able to care for itself and it will throw off disease that may attack it. Dr. M. J. Sluss omc* n. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE _ , a — Notice is hereby given toj my entire dairy herd, consisting I persons interested, that on i of 28 head of high grade Jersey j 6th day of January, A. D., 11 cows and heifers. James Bow-i the undersigned was appoini man, Kent, la. 16-3 by the District Court of 1«f ' County, Iowa, Executor of estate of E. E. Rhodenbaughij ceased, late of said county, persons indebted to said es 1 will make payment to the dersigned, and those he claims against the same Wanted WANTED—Small house. Write or phone Edwin Butler, Lenox. 17-lp Legal NOTICE OF REFEREE'S SALE By virtue of an order of sale directed to the undersigned Sole- Referee from the Clerk of the District Court of Taylor county, Iowa on a Decree obtained in said Court on the 6th day of January, 1936 in favor of Dewey Kirkman, Gwendoline Kirkman, Floyd Kirkman, Julia Hance and J. W. Hance, as Plaintiffs and against Nettie Wright, Preston Wright, William Kirkman, Julia Kirkman, Samuel K. Kirkman, Minnie Kirkman, John Kirkman, Leonard Kirkman, Alice Kirkman, Dewey Kirkman, Administrator of the Estate of Robert Kirkman, deceased, as defendants, for the partitition of real estate named and described in said Plaintiff's petition, I will on the llth day of February, 1936 at the hour of two o'clock P. M. on said day in front of the residence on said real estate, offer for sale to the highest bidder the following described real estate, to-wit: The Northeast Quarter of $uinber Twenty-six, Hang« Number present them, legally authe cated to said Court for a" ance. Dated January 6th, 1936. B. F. WURS1 Executoil James R. Lock and O.f Slayma Attorneyi| Published in Lenox Time Jan. 9-16-23, 1936. ADMINISTRATOR'S Notice is hereby given to persons interested, that on 4th day of January A. D., !• the undersigned was by the Clerk of the Court of Taylor County, I Administrator of the estate] W. C. Van Houten deceased,' of said county. All persons i debted to said estate will"" payment to the undersigi and those having claims the same will present tti«% gaily authenticated, to " court for Allowance. Dated January 4th, 1 KATHARINE VAN HOI Admlpistra Wisdom & Kirketeg, At Jn Lenox Jan. 943-

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