The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE .HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, JULY 9, 1923 •THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Publtuhnd Dully 1>« Th« Nr>w« CnmpMiy. W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. In llulchln- ni!i inrocgli u'er. Entprrfl nl Hit- I 'uBloff 'i. <• won, Kftiipu- 11 , r .r ti-iiisinl.- Illy niulL'i lift st .-oii.'.-.l:. : ? rr TCUEPIIONE NO Pl'lvute luin.ll c.uh .'r,'-. fttor uril.wa.f, tflv. , < ; i;<<i. o wantc u. TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION Fy mull. Ity mull. Jiv m;. II. 1 IV iil..ll, 7"»r Tll'M. IllS . . • • ,>e iii'mllis .- m.inih Hiii.-i .lnKoc, ,h(;n onfir- l,-l,ai tm<:iit • Si.oo! .2.00 I . i.»s . .60 I per wtH 'k fVcekly MtMQER AUDIT BUREAU OF • CIRCULATIONS. ' MGrtnEf? AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PU hLISHE RS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Til.- Asjo'.'i .L '.i"! I' HUM If. Ilif mi- r l .rwB , : ...'li.-.l i.. i; ltfi .1 !.. !!.;.•. l'i;u I , : |uihll.-l,i»l ),. All iijjlit,. i .f ?-(.|,tibll,nti Cli»r>:Ui IICH 1..:.-iii nic :.l*o , ..... ;i ,.x.:His;vf!y nn- •„ i'• • i• u 1.'!1 1 nUi.ii of all „r ni.t alll.T \l*r. clfd- lll.l .li.ifl lliu lu.'lll I f .f pc-r-.'lal The Slinger Drop Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Tel«Bh<.no 91. No. 17 North Main S'.-cat. Hutr.Mnf nn. THE OLD BOYS hady In I'Hiiktiiv, n's C<IUMV i- 1 it. ii In ' pp.tli. a uatli.T I ' wnilli; l! • whack, ii ' and in t! 1 mtii BiiiU. ' bo\ s' shut'.! c.r ' pouilfi arc rif ' whit-ken- rttitt ' blow''.! l'n Hi ill it public' ' nrht'S li"" HIP iiy Kiaylii.'iinls > ventilate their ni:i!»iit t-> ""I- ,|( i: '..:i are a v.reeli, • i! mi Hi" bam, !: :.,>. * Tim <M (.'.IT thill "J, their !• creased, their ii! Hie \silHl WlliC.Jl ir oast. Ami no (.11.. I '.ijcllii ' nor ( ai * tlv-lr Hbn. away; l ho; thrum;!i s'r.rnurf hii'iil.-b- I v, but tlo-y may say. Avi,thoy may do; •{•>• duds glvn tli em y 1 1 . nr.of. ihi-y ar« l >r oo'.ir^- it'rf irue that worth 'nay l.o 'noath . olM.' of Lio' srreat „i til" •eirlil were sl.vvellK. ni, i list i-oioh «sei'Ptb)i>« * lirmv lis and we. in lu^i<"' * oliJ fe'V; * ;![••.,,d. ; i'^k- * * tr*tni:». lUll if . * lirr 'd i'i ;iiliH*:.i lip tO diitt.' hn:uls * • will flUiTit In •( d. w» * list, j. t ; s i •'» . I • . \V- j::iih •r (dose * • alien; hi k Ml: • cJiiidrf i v> hen * * tl.-v It'-: id', .'.lii- tain of * m diw: mstoad * llf.T. '1" ,v j'r:v'ln trd .4 iu * *- the i..trl, Hi"'- vv;.; lity i:'. 1 '::. i ] 'iO 'ltll, * * IJU : Hi' y i- l.-yi iu:- iiitlun'rt • * spiiit: tl ; l.t-H) ri tiicir • you 111. "fii.-ir li ili full o( burs * * in:'! hn •, :ii"ir .;..;..'fn:a is art« * * hlu»-; r.«? >.'ii> li<---d.: \v!i:it tlinv * * in;;y suy ur ii'.: ; wLu! Hi fv may • do. W 'ALT MA> * * * » • * * + » i. + » * * * • * » * * » • ------ - r. crnti'iiiis AYhlch have tir-cn thrnwn away by (rlppti-H who c:\r,it> witli and without tln-in. is cvidfiic 'i: n ^niURt fthich thc»n: in no use in j.r&uin,, - . Thu rpiisi '-iia POiiUnioni of thf Kreiu -h adUni! ! I.-*, too simp!'.' ..rnl to bo K way I 'd by tbo i-vitiri-ia of the bfrli- TIUMV in iniicii of int 'Tcst a; i'\. Aurn* :md it in v mltc-d b> many v. In> tin no!, cotiie lo hv ourtrd. Tim n.dirs ni' tlic. oarly <ma[iel arc unw ]in'or;:ur- aUd In a fUtin«, umimirial. The U r- i;u'i'd litll ofTiTrt p!ca:»rmt v.'t'.Iks and HpiuiidUl viev.s up Hii'.l doivn tho liver ami over toward th*? Islnud of Orb',in.; whiidi divides th; 1 St. I.av, iviut- inlo two Btronms. Thn largo olnir<di waft burno-fl last ywn* but a ntvw one is to b(» ereclod aud roittributiim .-i arvr pourlti? In to rostorv tim ba:;llu a iu ovon KTtmtor glory. Also thi.'ro aru uico ct«ari llttlu KroucU inns v,horo truv*jlers grt tl»»- I'^htful nn-t\l«. I have always Vouml thai a good nn-al niakr.s any town iu- U'rt'Htintf and satisfactory, and hiudi \ru:i tlio cast*, at St. Anuo'a. Tim main riKids here are IOL-U and ^ravtd, Ynry good. Thy side road:; art' dirt and would be impassable for i-a;:; wbcTi it raini 'd, and it tains v.;:.>:v a ion r, th r. F> t, Law re n re t ha n ; f d :u a a'onK Cow crvok or thw Arkansas. Tho farms are mostly bay land;;, tlio Htrason btdni: too short for formal crors. P-ut vej5i'tab !t ;.-j aud bi'rrit 'S and fOivy and t.-alve:? aru the sourcj.s of prol'it for the 'habitants," a* rho Fieuuh fanners are calH.d. The farm- HTH llvo In village and go out to till their land. An intcrootiug featuro o£ tho country aide is that each farm fronts on the rivt.r. A farm la likely to ho only a hundred yards vrklo and run back over the hill lov a in:If. When thr country waj sottled, ut-:wly thrct' c ».;nt titles ayo, the river was tho the only highway. Each settler was t;lvfu aceet-y to thbi road to town and to the. world, ami hence Lho pU 'Lillar platting or the farm land. ^ Abe Martin The simplest way to end ti corn is flhic-jny. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loonths and comes out. Made in clear liquid and in thin plasters. The action is the aarnc. At your druggist Bluejay AfL<r a fellei- reaches fifty ho don't mention it 'till h« git.? along about fiUy-»r.igl!t. "I can't remmnher," T'il Hinktey t'day whea somobuddy a^ke<l him li! he spoks ut a banquet. "FURTHEREST NORTH" .* (Kdiu-rial (Vrn^'nndrun'.) j ' giii'lw, July 3. The Auto KxT.editlon made its furthered north' 1 point tnd.iy ul Si. Anne tie Heaiu'iv. a 'j .t'is iw er:ty miles north of**C2iiobe«'. It v, a -5 anot'ner beautiful drlAe wiih the iii^li hills and mountains on one sid' 1 ;*nd the St. I AW- renen river, ni 'W two or three mfles •wide, on thr o'.lo;. .Son:<-tir:ie;; the road led ov;.ir a pie<-e of huh ground, thvn back to rh*.- vivi'r nhore. The,way v,*a^ lined witli little viliaK^>, one Ktn-f >t to whs wivh the beii:--.-^ baukluK up V) tli«' w;iti>r ur to tli" liiii^ide. Not many HUlomoifii*-.; ])---!>• and I should j\idf->: i >w ned by the hubii-ints. liig viwtii !o..di' J Willi A ood Ue 1 ..p nutii d(i:h;i !iL' and jrm'in-iu.L', stuiit Fi 'rMit h horrie » w.'i-r- apparenily "Rentlrd" t-> ev;'--rti.-n: •:. Quit.- ofli'H l))e f 'jirt « 1; iv ' : »• b'* slmv- liiK <>n hi.-; h:;-;h >fat ai»d bdtiiis his ::,fir IK--;' ^••u-.^- as to i'hat i ; ouv ad\ an ta;;e a . er a etiy!).-.-, the poa- CJnsolinfj hfi3 advanced to 33 cenM a gallon. Th<"» "ga;;" is furnished 'by u^, British company but 1 ir.ive an idea it b; the American Standard Oil under an assumed name. Nearly ail the standard :ind eherl^iu-'l aniiiur;u:tured pr'-'ducta of the I'nited riir'tes ar« i .sold or. this Hide of the line by companies wit ii ('tiiiadian n.-ui.o.* and the articles are marked "Made In Canada." And they are made here in order to evade lite payment of tariu' and the curse of being American. Hut ilie prices are higher than In "the States." But thero is one Ameriean product ^o which no Canadian objects and v.'hleh he prefers to bavo made In Amerleu. That is the Dollar Bilk They like it. W. Y. MORGAN. been vp/iuilized for the masses by a w undcTi nily tdt^vor motion vb-turo. It. is an eNuelleni fbm tor ywuigstem of this afto to seo. And Tor grown\ nps as well. A boy of l"t described, to me what an Impression oue part of it made on him. There was thrown oa thn screen tho pi*, tare of a granite Iwalder with lho title, "liow big doci this look to you?" To the boy it looked about tho slae of The Old Mnn of the. Mountains, a famous rock In the White Mountain Range near hU summer homo. And then the boulder appeared to recwlt 1 from the audience into tho baclt- k'round of the film, and aa It was drawn fartiier and farther away, tbe ba^e upon which it vested came into view— a 'humnil hand! Tho ;.;!aut boulder viewed in it a proper getting was nothing but a pebble in a man's hand. A t-pleiidid iesson and outi which I am sure will ht.dp limtfe who saw it. to «eo i'ue mountains of their worries a;; the molehilbi which, they often really are. that it ia a liability. It may very well be an UHset. Wo recur to Prof. Phelps' sad lot In order that we may express our sympathy for him. We don't know anything more tiresome or loss Inspiring than continuous contact with the fntel- liKentsia. BV fho time this paragraph gets into circulation it will be definitely known whether everybody gut his wish. But at the moment of writing it appears a possibility remote to tho point of negligibility. Mr. Dempsey, doubtless will win any time he pleases, which will be, we fancy, ay POOH as celluloid aufflclent to constitute a reel has been imprinted. Meanwhile Mr. Kfarns has it. We triiHt no correspondent on the ground will trespass upon the iinintelligencc of the American people to say he in a good fellow with it. BETTER CITIZENSHIP WEE AT EMPORIA F. Dt:mont*T5mith i» Opening Speaker of Program—Governor to Speak Tomorrow. Kmporla, Kan., July 9.—Pivo Prominent Kanaans, including the chief executive, a imfcd author and editor, and, threo wtdl-ltnown barristers, will i*!>»ak. on tho citizen ship week program at the Kansas State Teachers College next week. / Tho proftram -bcglno today when F. Dumont Smith, Hutchinson attorney, addresses tho .undents, faculty members, and towmrpeoplo on the subject, "itarial Idr.ais". Governor Jonathan M. Davis will be the"principal speaker tomorrow at tho annual Governor's Day exercises. On July 11 Hender- rcn J. Morgan, presiding judge ot the Kansas Industrial Court, will speak on a subject dealing with tho fundamentals of J^OIHI eitii'enship. Wiltlam Allen White, Emporia editor, mill speak on July 12, and Justice H. A. I-Hireh ot Topeka will address the assembly .luiy 13 on the subject, "Law and Progro s". Civie or;:ani/ations in the city of Emporia are eooperaling .with the school in the oampaiirn for better eitb .ejiEhia. The Lyon County Ear As-;nriation aud the City Federation of Women's Ciubs are actively supporting the 'plan. "The idea of a 'citi:'en *iHp week' is what thh name Implies -to stimulate and encourage^a higher type.of cltiir-iishlp," said President Thomas \V. Hutchor. "Wo have chosen Kansas men for the program iu order to Lrive the student:- an opportunity to learn more of the prominent men of their own state." CHILDREN CRY FOR WW! MOTHER Fletcher's Casloria. is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, prepared for. Infants in arms and Children all ages. To avoid imitations, always look far the signature of Cdi&Wx Proven directions on cadi package. Physicians everywhere recommend it. SECOND HAND THOUGHTS By J- E. House in the Philauelphia. L'ublic Ledger. '"Recent?y in your column," writes "you dismissed writing style GETTING AWAY MENTALLY. By Ruth Cameron. We were talking a'bout world issues tho other niglit and trying to feau^o ilie effect of certain hvi, happenitiiis, like tho world war, on future generations, and of court;*: our deductions were vafiie aud diffuse nud uncertain. "Wo are too near our times to judge (hern properly," said the Authormun. j "Wf need a perspective o* a hundred ' | yeai'^ or so to see events in eoinparl- 'be , ,. ()n other epochal situations In or:U?r to jrauKe them with any decree of accuracy." That iitarti-'l us dt-'baLlag the value of pt'rspeetive fienerally. A. J v C and the uuestfon of its attainment. While you di.-c'.aim any prett-us* of bein;; a Ht.yli-t yvur^k', y-.-ur opinions cone.vrnint: other writing men would be. interesting. Who Would you say i;! the bei-t workman of the lot'.'" — A Kron; the standpoint of workmanship alone we pick WIH Bayne. As a writing man he \<\ almost^ fauJtlesa. He never fumbley a won 1 , and he never bo t ;:i down. C;iear, fiexibie Kn^llsh flows from his pen iu a limpid stream. He has the Rift of Ptraight-thinking and h!:* form is !mpe<:cabl^ Not lon^ ago, an a^fiiatier of curiosity, we compared one of Mr. Payne's contributions to contemporary literature with certain excerpts from the works of a gei.tleman named Addison. In the matter of workmanship Addison could i^o to school to Payne and profit by the experience. Mr. Payne in widely read, but not. a ^reat deal talked about. We have often wondered about that. Probably it is due to his quality of mer.t. IBs attitude touard his own stuff is too detached. It lacks the. per- fir. mil flavor. There is too little of Will Payne in H. Did he dramatize hiiUHelf he would be a household wonl. And thero \s a qestion there which every wri'Mng man ?:iust consider. Shall ho bliu>h with embarrassment every day of his life for the manner he drumtitizfis him.-;elf or shall he ua- As everybody knows, our penchant is for H ride, but we do not envy Mr. Harding his. Not if a Wild West show, is considered an integral part of it. When we elect to be bored to death we shall select a Wild Weat show a« the medium. Ours, we shnll add. ia the attitude of Kd HiKley, of Zenith. It was Kd'a proud boast that ho hadn't seen "Buffalo Bill's"*show for seven years, Germany's fear? that there will be civil war in the Ruhr marred an other- j wise perfect Independence Bay for us. If anything should happen to Germany lor the Germans we should be discon- J solate. Having had the day marred tfor u^, we shall now start celebrating it. Our first move will be to find out whether we can get a sandwich and a cup of coffee anywhere In downtown Philadelphia. NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. VIVID EMBROIDERY "MAKES" THIS SUIT .•ad. •nor.-; the lias ( j-a.ssion of j ^There is nothing that he'ps in any j sume , a detached attitude and neve feel the thrill which comes when his readers quarrel over his stuff and pick him to piece;; in tho subsequent analysts? It is a fine question and one that must be settled by the Individual in- volvedi pn the way w:- stopped at the Kails of the Montmorency, wliere tho little river mal'.es a leap of --Pi feet over a rock and down into the rit. Lawrence. These fulls are higher tliau Niagara fall: 1 , hut of course thv! volume iri not BO lan-e. On ill- 1 jilt!.- knoll at the Siead of the fails i.-* the old residence C? the Bar! ul' K»nt, father of queen Victoria. In ITitl he WUA governor of t'auada and lit- certainly picked out a •beautiful spot for his <omitry ho;ise. Nov.- it is an "inn," aerwiii; tea aud lifficiilt situation no much a.'t atandine off and \lewm..', it froin a distance. "When my children are i.dck," wiys a mother I Know, "I get panicky until i force myself, to wit. down and view tho ease calmly. And when I Btop thinking of this oue uiok child who seems to mo so desperately ill. and think instead of tho hundreds of children in aKea pa*t who have been just its Bick and of tho 'big majority who have pulled through, I lose that panicky weur and lieu tho thing more sau ely." It is harder to Ket a proper perspective on the mental and moral ills of our children. Sometimes we can set We decided long ago we'd ratfof-r have them quarreling about it, and no it is a rare ijmrning on which we do not blush hotly for the indiscretions of the previous day. •17 Your Happiness Your chance for life, success and happiness depends upon GOOD HEALTH. If you are depleted and run-down you should take an inventory of your physical status WITHOUT DELAY. DR. HUNTER & ASSOCIATES are devoted to the diagnosis of chronic, pelvic, special and rectal dl»- easea, and their treatment by advance-d, non-surgical office methods. CALL AND SEE the wonderful advances, of recent times In disease treatment, ao exemplified by the equipment of a truly modern clinic. Refer to Hundreds of Former Satisfied PatlentB. Consultation and advice free—. Moderate charges and easy terms. Bartlott, Kanfici.1. T have nnlv words of pniUu, for Dr. Hunter & Associates, flicy saved my dauutiu-r from a rtc.nijiTou* heart trouble. , MRS. I. W. LEKA. Office hours 9 to 12, 1 to B, except Sunday. Wednesday and Saturday Night from 7 to 8. 14 South Main St., entire Second Floor, Hutchinson, Kansas. QUICKLY YIELD TO RESINOL V you are suffering from eczema, ringworm or similar itching, burning, unsightly akin affection, bathe the irritated spots with HesinoJ Soap and warm •water, then gently apply Kcsinol Ointment. You will doubtless be astonished to feel how instantly -the itching ia relieved and heeling begins. In most coses theslck skin quickly becomes clear and healthy again, at very little cost. Rcslnol Soap and Resinol Ointment also help to clear away blotched, redness, roughness and dandruff, restor* ing health to skin and scalp. Place tho Resinol products jn ybur home today. Your druggist sells them. e^Bso /ofiB fy\ Fire. '• Proof So much good writing tm gets into print nowadays la being duno by the gi'mnulouK that camo tu fruition ton, I twenty- or thirty yonrw ago. Moat ot it best through the uyes of someone , the members ot the generation which otiu-r re.iVMiiiii- vk/la!ion tit Hie Of coursf thr harn .'-.-u -ed an<! u. u cotton mill Hiave in Cauada. is v.'hu'li aro not in iliv of Quebec. water fall lias boon pulMng the wheels Thai is a v.ay the)' I Tin.', villain of St.. Anno do Uoaupru haw a world wide nputatinn for nilrac- ulouu euros. 'I'lio story K'uei that about three hundred years ago a little ship 'went to plecou in a i,t(inn on the ^n. Lawrence. Tho Bailors' prayu.1 und vowed that If their llv<?H were saved they would establish a ehaPul In honor ul Saint Anne, the, mother of .Mary, tho r.nmdiiiuiher of Josus. They reached the ehoro at the .npot where lho vlllapo now lituuds ami kept their vow- which hi more than oi' us do after wo fat well. Soon people rot'jrtr.d that thoy had '.icon cured of illnos:; by a visit to tho chapel of St. Anno. Tho reputation Bpread and pooplo cmiio from distant lunda to auk tho relief ot thoir ull- rocuta iby good Saint Anna. Ttwy continue to do BO . Aro tiey helpaiT (tarty say thejNnra and » httga (He of Another moHier friend of mine finds the semtt master of the troop to which her boy belongs her best aid i here. "It is remarkable to mo thKt man. who has never had a hoy of bis own, uuderstandrf hoy nature," she says. "John has cotton to that nfie of adolescence Ihut I've always heard heralded as a difficult age to understand, and 1 can assure you its difficulties havo no* been overra-led. Ho is eo different. He Is gromihy and milky and touchy for on apparent rendou. Hut when 1 spoke ot It to the scout master one oveuinfr he said: "When n boy la crabby arouiul tho houso you may malio «;> your mind that l.o iu taking something too seriously.' "I havo come to regard that statement as almost uxiomath* for it applies whenever I can get John's confidence BUffli-It ntly to 'find out tho root ot tho trouble. Sometimes It is a faucicd v.ron.^-—hoys uro far more sensitive than wo credit them with being. Sometlinoa It t< discourage- to my amazement, It vns his sister'a associates. 'That flapper Mary poos around with is too fresh. Sho makes mo fiick. Why don't you make her cut her out?'" Horo again, It la -uocauso tho scout mauler, a thoughtful, lntoroetod man, conoldors not only tho 1ioy 'but his re- laUon* to thoua uoarost lilru Uiat Ue oau arrtva at suoh eag« conclusions. Tho boy's parents ara too &aa» to cet that lartT»*,TIawsoint Btastela's thoory %f relativity Us has Just come forward are writing per. verts. Their method Is as immoral as the lire thoy depict and us lacking In reality. "It seoms," writes W. K., "wo are wrong about 'Faint Perfume.' That eminent highbrow, William Lyon IMiejps, culls It I lie best American novel he. has read in 1823. N'uverthelusa, wo know what we like and what we don't like. Nlcht wahr? Or, aa our Allontown friends would say, 'Ain't?'', We wish to tako from Prof. Phelps no boon that Is hla. Wo can conceive that a man whoso chief contacts are books and whose social resources have their origin "and their fruition in tho intelligentsia might derive a tremendous wallop from "Faint. Perfume." To us It-was Just another book about peoplo with whom wo are measurably familiar. We've known s,o many morons. And wo'vo found no illusions In reading it. To us It was Just anothor of those—a fairly interesting effort, but nothing to 'write home about. . • Can You Finish This Picture? Complete tho drawing by tracing from figure one to two and so on to the end. Then use your crayons or water-colors aud see. how nicely you can color it. Embroidery is ai r ain featured in this chic suit of gray twill, it practically "makes" the suit and reminds oue of tho old world peasant cosiumes that one sees in a trip abroad. The skirt is a plain wrap around, but the box- coat is heavily embroidered In a foreign-looking pattern done iu navy blue and gold. The wl/ite fox furs and tho gloves which have embroidered gauntlets are accesortes titat add to the smartness of the coiUume. Speaking of gloves, a Hew gauntlet has tasscled lacings that are used decoratively to fasten tfte gauntlet seams. While the one-piece dresses are uu- doubtt-dly very attractive and practical is nothing like a clever suit to make one feel equal to any aud every occasion. A mere change ot blouse, gloves, hat or shoes will often make all the- difference between a business or shopping costume and one In which one may feel appropriately dresed for the matinee or calling or even dinner at a smart restauhant or hotel. Talk Increased Postage. Washington—The postoffice department announced that n count of mail Is about lo bo instituted iu selecting cities to determine the cost of handling, with a possibility of increasing postage rates to overcome be annual $03,000,(100 deflci incurred fcy the postal service. German Appeal Rejected. Duessoldorf—Tho appeal of seven Germans against the death penalty imposed on them last week oy a French" court martial for sabotage has. ibeen rejected. Ouv Gisests— Is the aim of every Hotel Bray employee. Within easy reach of business and theatrical districts, Especially convenient for women Bhoppeis. - Afocferar© Rates 150 Rooms, mostly with baih . . . $1,50 up Sample Rooms .... $U.OO pnr day und up MOTEL mHAY „ 1U4 Hal timers Ave, KANSAS-CITY. MO. . Wore Care is Urged. The New York Subtreasury sends out warning that ft new and very dangerous counterflt of the $1000 Treasury note is in extensive circulation. Plumbers, walking delegates and plasterers are advised to carefully scan their weekly envelopes • The poets will blunder along In their usual careless way —taking good money or bad In the old Insouciant manner.— Los Angeles Times. Tho average rural Bchool In the United States Is open 142 days in the year. USED CARS 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodge Touring 1920 Dodge Touring 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1-Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe" 1920 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring ' 1921 Ford Coupe 1923 Chevrolet Touring These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and r*v finished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will-trade—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 Yes, Who Did It? Industry now Is blamed /or the fall of the mark. Yes, yes, we understand. But who drove it into the ground ?— Portland Oregonian. The thins thnt Impresses us In Mlso (ialo's books is that nobody can possibly care what becomes of the characters which she builds up with considerable skill. As Mis3 Bett was tho only possible person In "Mies Lulu Bett, Strong Proof Offered by Missouri Teacher ."•Since taking Tanlao 'I cat as iHjartily --aa tta school children and nover suffer a irutnuto from indigestion'," said ifjlsu Bonnio Cook, teacher, residing at 1941 Broadway, Kansas CMty, Mo. "For seven months my health was so poor that I hardly had strength, onough. to get through, from the tiina tho holl rang tn the morning- wp to dismissal ot.itihe^Jast class. I felt 'i so so Grandfather Crum ia the only de- Uvel I could hardly stand up before cent character in "ffaiat Perfume." a olasts at recitation. My appetite m Tlie heroine in "Faint Ferfumq" hasn't Terry poor, eten a Jigbl meal would a virtue. Doubtless ,that is as Mis» iu»j| torture an© with Indigestion, on41 Qulo wished it. Asd WJ> B^ULtUJttit <mriB> : fesVWl«jU(* VA. mV: apellB. I was nervous and restless all tho timo and couldn't sleep well. "However, Tanlao has restored ore to perfect health, my nerves are steady, 1 sleep -well, aad a tedious day doesn't tiro jno so anuch but what 1 can enjoy reading or ianey work in tho evening. . I Just -wish everybody could know the value of Tanlae." Tanlao Is for salo by all good druggists. Aocept no »ub»UfcuU».' Over 17- xniUVjn bottles sold, Tanlao Vegetahto Pills arr, Nature's <Jwn remedy for oonetlria«. For {3a4f8:.e v *-'^twhej>.. . ... RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA fK. .Westbound Trains. No. Arrives t The Scout J 6:35 pm Calif. Limited "8:35 pm »*-CQ1O . Kxpre.-s A 6:20 pm 7—Fargo iixprcss .... 4:15 pm 9 —The Nava]c 4:45 am II—Colo. Fast Mall .... 2:66 am 65—Local Pass 4:40 pm fll—Local Pass. (tx. Sun.) ST—Passenger |l30am 48—U. i 8. Piu«. (South! Eastbound Trains. No. 2—The Navajo . 4— Calif. Limited 6 —Chicago Ex. . 8— Santn. Fe "8" 10—The Scout ... 13—K. C. Flyer .. 66—Local Pass. . 68—Passenger .... Arrives . 2 :U5 pm . -2:50 pm .11:30 urn .11:25 pm . S:56 am ,12. '^ii am .12:55 inn .10:10 pm 3:40 pm P»M 2:20 pm Departa 7 .06 pm Z'.Zit pm B .oO pm 4:20 pro 4:D0 am 2:00 am 4 ;bt> prn il:10 am |:00 am i):05 am Departs 3;35 pm 2:50 pm 11:10 am 11:30 pm 9:25 am 12:40 am 1:05 p.-:i 10:20 pm Bun 2—Tho . Califoml&n ,,10:55 MO 10:EB JM» SO—Loca. Frelffht .... 12U6 pm Wtftttbound. No, Arrive Iieava 1—Thfi Callfornlftn ., ft;15 am 8:15 am 3—Golden State lAm., 8:40 pm 8:40 pin m— l.oc.ul 6,i20 pm S:S0 ptn 61—Local b'relcht .... 1^40 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC, Westbound, 43.1— -Passenger 413 —Paamjuper ............ 495— Local Freight 411—X'uweii^er • Cutbound. 412—Passenger ,.... r ...... 414—Pasatnger . • 434—Passenger » 430—Local Freight Departs .... 9:1? am .... 6:34 pm .... 1:15 pm ....11:&0 pm Departs .... 5:41 am ....10:43 aril .... 3 :f-0 pnt .,..10:00 am AftKAN8AS VALLEV INTERURBAN. ROCK ISLAND. I £asibound. Wo.. AiT'vc 4—OoWi-n tflate Llm. llVOfl.-.m 11:00 'sw Si*— Lwua) Vn.tsa;.......•».>¥. Depart 6:30 am 7:45 am .. 9:16 am ,.10:15 urn .,12:00 n'n 1:06 pm 2:15 prn 8:16 pm 4:16 pm EilS pm Local 8:'J5 prn iUicitl Local .., Local .. Limited, Local .., Limited Local Limited Local .. Limited Local Local ... Local .. Limited Local .. Limited Local .. Limited Local .. Limited ... „„ Local 8:15 pa. .... , LOCJAI 10:35 tira li :40 pm | Local 1:40 am ' ,Mt M *'n s ,i. *T it-AUjf Truixia ^\ni ar« V'.'.^'J'-'" h'^ii^. >'!-.'V<:rp Ilutciilrtjjun an* Wkbha ar.tVftl? t-'nir ' • t < iUreat con^

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