The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1973 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1973
Page 14
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Is dollar devaluation beginning to pay off? "«Vi.*fc,I^« necessarily higher sales arises. Design can be more devaluation o«fr» virtually no relatively few U.S firm* ha*e Dr^aliwllon *»« »aid to be an picture. «tev»!u4t*>u «w*t« HIM it ««i immediately, imtxirlant than i>ric*. h»n*fiu k«««K«.< ituu, ..,!„._. k^..,^™^ tmn.wix.ti i»,.».», flci*iu»e #i W M WrtK* »•«• Ktiwn.1 LONDON (AFV - Two devaluation! of the dollar ilnce December mi are beginning to pay oCf In the salet of American goods abroad, an Associated Prew *urv*y of Europe and Japan •how*. Anwrkans are beginning to compete one* again In work) marteta again*! the West Gernuuns and the Japanese, their toughest competitors. The potential seems even greater than the result so far But progress hits been skrw and experts predict it wtU take another two years for the United States to wipe out its 1973 trade deficit oi about 16.5 billion. Devaluation by 8-S8 per cent in December 1971 and another 10 per cent last February meant cheaper prices for US goods overseas, but not necessarily higher sales immediately. The survey showed that if America wanted to be No I In worM trade. Us businessmen would have to try harder, "1 ccuW have doubled my turnover this year If US supplies were available," a British importer of American fabrics complained In London. A consumer boom in the United States has sharply cut back the flow of goods available for export lo many European industries. Anyone in Britian ordering U.S. machine tads, for example, faces delays up to 18 months in delivery. But selling in fcurope is not always easy Many U.S. manufacturers would have to retool thetr products for Europe where screw threads, for example, are different. Most elwtncal equipment has to be for 2M voJLs rather than 110. Adaptation ctsats monev In Tokyo, another prookin THE BRA20SPORT FACTS Freeport. Texas. Wednesday. Jane IX 1973 Page U arises Design v&n be more important <h«n price. Japanese imports of U.S. consumer Rood* are growing, but no one, predict* an American Mies ixxvarua US goods, like clothing and furniture, are simply not being nviuk in sue* that suit the Japanese ''When Japanese department stores buy imparted gwds, design and quality are (he innutl important cerajiteratkw.1," says Tetjsutaro lida. a Tokyo chain star* executive. "IYk-e cwtnw Ust "American products are generally «oo practical or pragmatic, Having l<-*» elegance and missing the fragrance o( products." In Bru*i*.b. be the nine-nation Ccmmon Mart*}, itffkixh *ay the t'mtwl States » now *#ilin# triurr buf prottjvcu are limited Tlus w parity becau** price ha* !;!!!< effect on the *aSw o< socs* key American rtports to In thoe cat devaluation oift- r» virtually no benefits "Nobody else innkf* Hoeing 7«s," * Common Market expert explained "The prtc* tkwan'l ttialw all thai much difference If they ctw! a* pur cent more tml*ad at 20 per cent les.», the airlines would still buy them " In thu field, American wl*n to Kurttf* depend in«r« on developing new technology than in IOMKTIISJI prKe*. In Home. trade olliciaU suggested US proftpcvU may be clouded by cutback* in th* space program. Itroitknx developRtetiM la •XMW hi*h technok-^v afe«».i KatTO products are atu>th*r important (' S export tu Eurojw, but again. t#k* hd.» tittle i;i(l«en«e tUU Ume btvaitmr of trade turritM. When!ion &t th* relatively fr* US firm* ha*c kmi-ml ttwir prk'«!t became of devaluatlun Some appeared to consider tnf<M*uiii\|[ dutributon, »n«l chdi^inii price tut* more at a boiher than th* p<it»nt)»l worth Others *4U) tnef««i«U ut (.' ,S iwpjilies, high shi| rate* or added ttwu at t>p«ralint( in infUiioaary Kuro|>«iin wojtumin have eaten avuay th« lietwfiu from AU>u( lw« tturdf o/ the l», T t US ttdtfe) (Je/tctl wat with Jap^n, and Itw pktur « there u bright r'mance Minuter Kllchl Akhl *«p«cli lhei United Slat** wtU »hu* 1U fttti monthly (tad* prwldt picture IntUtion U in than il u in th# United Stale* Some itotk ltd* will a bigg*f Help loth*US !«*•<«tr»4«*rtfa«t than lh« thai it I* when th« May figures i-um(i«te tw«U]) j flnutfr tost rival* In lot r»«Htplc taonol otttull ar« Arts* ON THE HOUSE why il e v c«w t j u n A IVsw* lifer* i«W«t » w U c* ft ' I (hi* I' S lam prwrt by V) pwr cent !h* i'ooiRMfi Marltre liattcs on farm pfatiuc* *ens up by r.ttctiy tfs# *4ti!«r ffi rVpet.t, !f.3c Ufttei! .S Jo yt\\f al f :»:• t«r i j * •li'tj ife* tkie .'"? ::: S».:»-J tj'.i lw«;*-3i". ji ^i J, '.,^^,',.'-J.' il.^J'T fM J.A: >«u b-j (4 * m Itrittiii West that eric ii «•(.••::••)* fir'*.<ri)-j i *.,!. ttie.f'aa^f \ (Si* t' S Take a closer look. See the reasons that make any Frisidaire appliance worth the difference. ri|Hl. tto-*»« fcnl M4 ultt} tun Mv*'t dM»trt*ci nMiOTMr hr ttrt* luOlta*. A Mf II lr«i Ml w rijK. CHtvlol 4«r uv>«t te SAVE 1 61.00 ON THE PAIR-FRiGIOAlRE'S U JET ACTION" WASHER AN AND ELECTRI DRYER SAVE 'SO.OO ON FRIGIDAIRE'S FAMILY SIZE 17 CU. FT. FROST PROOF REFRIGERATOR WITH FREE ICE MAKER! •uS-*^^ LET FRIGIDAIRE KEEP YOU "UP TO YOUR NECK" IN ICE CUBES THIS SUMMERI RECEIVE THIS AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER FREE WHEN VOU PURCHASE THIS 17 Cu. ft. FRIGIOAIREI • ••i/t -'t; .uf- . i iliVr^^f;' ' ;^t.r*-; :/ ' at "<r;.i::c ,'i ;"'.*!'-*'•! .•;;»••! -i' j(.*-J>t-^i '-( ; v i j i .:',J.'t:t ;• 3 .v*'- 1 '''*' •• •'•'-•',• /-'« i'^'ies;,'! * .-. -A,,. ;,j-. v ,r t;.,i-' 'vfiJi v J.r( ; ^: s y a » .; j^^-(M^ J ";.i" W -'rtii-' Deofh penalty bill sent fo La. governor t'H'-S: s,,* -.*P Mlf* ti.t fc-.uM .:( .!f,\X-Jt * ; ; ', r*. *Ci*ir3« A {.»*:". I 1 . f 4 ^ . I 4 ? unt.*ftrwW, TV- v}t* WaciUv *» ds WORLD A1,M,\K\(' PACTS , {(!» fcJi J-ii "Vc«'r» fi« o( ihii hnwt*. p*t> »!l«r M» tlvif brfj Thsi 8* r»X U o«hifr Mwl «f fc*!l HOUM< ifwiirr K I, K*p Klmtt tatcwr at i Mim«ti«. ..'•(' „ " «.WMT B ^IK.»^ ^t/rrrr^ ^ and A icfffi it* 4 !««jth harm w«iM tv^ fc* 40 great Kep B*tt BafcTl o< Scu t'n}r/»tui«t*Sy «!*rh ha» il* •iurthor <4 tt* bau. <y*n tif»MS. :|)l IHEKJIAI* trf the Wity b*tw«<., ..„ ,„. -.»-,.«,.l that t( »iwid d*»«r •*' utfJcrcftl f f€*d» l( crime, ln»t txtauir "th* '* *v«r U> tw (>«»<:* in !h* puni.«iu»cn< nhouid M tht *o*W, government* will \ t crime" *" '** d 8 flf * eithei to in -I d«,-| U»»h ,r,«« U« ^S«te'Km« » a " I« tn>(K*e any («r_il() Minpl) ,, , "7 . TED'S TV KKFI-XTU E IMMt:tMA1>:LV ; \tftlwt ll«l by or 2W4M3 tat >««

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