Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 15, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 9
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'"·· .Speaker lasses Salvation Him of Eternal S»|. f -cl ot Ev«n ge]lsl '(·\ivnl service* «o n -'·-'-' In Church of . ' lo ttie earth In oC man to got the ··fi'-mp," the evan knew whnt --' did not ti-wi u i n behalf, but he 3(ild, :e batter \becaretakenin HILLS lOFFEE o your calte batter ·r in orJcr ro WcnJ s evenly. Hills t coffee a ftw pound* pure an even roast. ^ process ; -- develops a loastcd coffee Is Bras G O A L Bins Now! ie Goal Go. H ere Ftur Drug vi W a t e r Market hlrm. Ih, -.Ifc' s, Ih, . . . Ztc |ul. II. . ~ - H" ritk. H). tf* lr ulul - - . ^f* 1 ttrun nnri HWt* Ice Building 'SPA PER I I I HERALD'S AlMi To give all the it is And when ii happens. Decatur Abetting Hevalb SECOND SECTION WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 15, 1930. IL WANT ADS I C0LTON BOUND FOR i Man Without WoA, Money Or Shelter, I Ofli7Il, T O b t 1 A A _ ! _ _ e · i « · r*T f A · TO GET A AT FIGHTING Asks Social Service Bureau for Aid _» t,Uifr D( ForttlllP JOigici v t Most Revolutions Stat I in Smiltimi Hotels HP »m on a boncli In Central j P n i k urtii Wittched th* fuuti'aln Ipap [iLtywnrd to fall bauk Into »»*!/. He jthouj-lit or hln youth, althoiijfh he iroi-ld not hiiVB been mori than 60 old, Had ot hlN collog« day*) '-i' ·« 1 ll | »'i It* t h o u g h t out In tils ward Water Btroot, But he turned off on Wtllltim aircet and made hie wav to Iho office elevator entrunee ot the William Guehaid bulldlnB. -, Hn*t Hnve Work , Them ttndet 1 pretext of study Ing nf tho work he had|the dliectory which ho must have ol thf money ii lli' R " n t ' w ^ : i«9 ti w -rt". r! j tli- he hnd madn, nod of the trickery of ilBiit totnhv* who hnd wlpnd out f his: snvin;{s. Ho thought of Itii pmniovnr htid said that he Rrit?ll vi'h^tt* he. in t h e r'volu- would "hrvi -o «"' B '*'"»f "f U" ''. t fM.'lrc. MIT- hl'l«"« H i r » f f l t of Uip wi»ith"r luid I, - bcc.imc li'-own lo Itw 1 1 t liJ'i-H »l lilt' i !-! hln off until up ' That win lust t h a n k f u l that WHim tin inf. | hllt ,,,,,.,i,,i w. M . -,i, i ««k«n ' ^ U f t la it dime still :iot pushed j of a man learned by heart on three previous he stepped on and a inomont lo Imv Iood And u illnic It-rt of tht 1 j l n m l y uuirlin-u-il nln* Onl,v it llnw t i c rcui hul Intii his |)ix i i \ a u i f tiiiuiii-if ii)at thc w«i ihcu'. t'olnj; MO. hli f tut wind Hftt-i 1 Kit- fusttiloti wliw in'ckJ tii H^C tu thc bottom of K [fjiini iiockvt wlllioiit rlxInK, H« ^elt 1 tho E u i i g h 4 ojiri ^1f if tb? walk on hih bin* tuol whi'ie th« tiole of (hti .*VtlHHUl' i ( + . L i I'«'(*"* l i d ,,,.. ' '* ' . _ Thru Ihe VnviiK limn acfoiW fr«tn. In Thb* ((**(it h V I E th v. .1 i hi f RfltdHnB tf»- If M Marine Coi(-s In ( , u t l( ,| t Htnt* J'l'rhrtriK the nun »hlne[ IMO, C'dptnln Cul^n neivt-d with trim , o n t h n wll [[, vmrt his oytw Perhaps u n t i l IMS when he i'o-'[ lt , Wlls j,,, t t l t f d n f f r tmvlngr «lnpt tf fiil*T thi- llffl of H frttr. t n H ,| nci[Wluv n f ( P r bolnp put otit of WHI-T nf tortime DurlnK hlti ],!,, p(1(lm )hf t |, )V hpforn ber-J-Udn his In th" Htiltlim find Sumo WR11 11Mmn(f ,,,, | n w n r d prayer. "NluMofl ftnd diltinA .r r KTMn.-"' -^Mvlnfi (l ' P(lw htl " ! " lr '? hi \,'" f W '' h1 nnw " · · · · · · Hf f t - H l k i - d swlttlv 10- later wnn In front of the Social Service Bureau done,, H)s hand loin'hoil thn knob thrfe limes before It finaHy relumed to his pocket, traced thn edgn of Ihu illme, and then puatied open the door In a sudden icgolutlon. Miss 'Virginia Campbell IH looking (or work for the mfln EJiicated to a profcaaIon, tie luul his place when bualnggs /nilctl and was unable to obtain woik because he was older than most men wish lo hire niv/ employow. TWO BOYS RECEIVE EAGLE SCOUT AWARDS 43' Take Tests for Merit Badges in Court of Honor Tuesday Night Honty Bachiach ney, Dccatut Boy Mln- Forty-three boyii look tests for merit badge* In Tuendfty evening 1 * conit. Nine hoys were examined for (Irat tlaJJ* rating »nd six lor uecond class.. The nx*m)nera were R, V. Vftrner, ecoul executive; Dr. C. M. Past I* wall, Klbert R. Hunt, W. I* Huff, Walter Stacy, William Requavth, Judge McCoy, R. J. Dutour, O.-Jj. Williams, M, Crawford and Boy E. Polls, + eftjle »cout rating Tuesday evoninH| in a Boy Scout nouit of honor conducted In Judge J. H. McCoy's court loom. Henry and Junior paused nil Uicir tests auccessfitll.v. Horny Ii « member of Troop 4 and Junloi he- long:e to Troop 3, David and (Jene Hlmpoon W P I C awarded Unco In trail medal? /or having followed Ihc 1iail JJnooln toolt into Tltlnol.i This unLilled a htko of more thnn ^0 mllce. David la trtld to btt the f,mallfl3t boy, In stature, eviL to maKe the hihc, David nnd Gfne nif nic-mhcra of Tioop S Junior - ,,___ -..-...--i,. . .... Scouts, attained CITY CURFEW LAW WILL BE 1NFORCED Infm-i'ement of the .urCaw law banninjr children under 14 yearn of ug* from the streets after D o'clock ·t night will bo rfmimed, Mayor O W. Smith said after Rev. H. W Ewsi't Bq nested the fiction Mayor Smith said police will bn Instructed to I'fvlvn iho law and Inforce It In letptct to all children except thOBu who have p«r mission to mmslri out for I he »ale of Tiewnpapem or othnr employment. for STALEY CO. DRIVERS LEAD SAFETY CONTEST Employes Set Record of 2, 140 Truck Days Wirh- out Accident Their r«cfnd of 2,110 litiiik duye without ·rriclent put drivers of the St*l«y truck fleet In Vat 1«v) at th« end of the first five months of the trunk driven;' safety contest conduct* ed by thu Dfcniur Safety council, It In announced 9y*RoyaJ McCltDiind, Drivera of I he ttonxtmicrs Jt-e company were uccond with 2,12ft dey«, und tbo men tit the Mu*ll*i- Co. war third, with l,m truck (U.Vfl without (iccldenl, Mr, McClelland commended the Forbes T»xl company for a lecord or 3,306 dayn with bul one ancldent. Thin record In *xeei1ed bv the driv- er* ol the Standard Oil company, who have driven 5,1*0 truck dayt with but one accident. Thefo wer* ftven accident* mmong the truck drlv«n of tlttl* In the content during September, But the ahowlng If better than In fleplemtar of 1929, when there w*re 13 »ecl- dfliHs. In the five monthn of (he content this yetr, there havt b*ni 4T accident* compared to 66 in the wme period a y«»t ago. The le/idcn tn et/h division ot the uonti-Bl, arranged Becortlnc *o th« number ot truclit In h» compnny fleets, arc: Clina A- A, E. B1»l«y company, Clans B--Illinois Bell Telephone Co. f:lMK C--Swift ft CompanV. Cl»fls D -Union Dairy compvnv. Claiw E- Decaiur Battery Company. Claat K American Baft«i'y and GttWfry company. Sixty firm* hav« son* 1)1 rough the entire five monthn of the 1 context without, an nccidcnl, Mr, McClelland lha.1 (his Tn'ann accident* frARRENSBURG SALE BRINGS FAIR PRICK V»lf pricwi wtr« rwllmd Tueatle- In * public »»)· conducted on ih It'tll HoldtrnwM firm, ttircn trill* KOuth of Warrcniburf, Tn Ml* vi» cofMJucUd to Mtrt« ·»*!·* of ih Holdftrnmi ftwUU. C. 8. Troulmut wan metlonw, Mr*. Holder own, ih» widow and oxcculrtx, ordered tht Mlc, All th* HveiUirtc «nf equipment «f the, f»rm wtrn wld, On* good tiillrn row brought 190, A bull mid for M2- Mltctllanoous implement*, houerhold BOK» tnd MMhlnivy disposed at at good prktn. PLAN PICNIC 8DP»Eft This Community club of iwhool will glv* * picnic mipptr in lh« Nchoal bau«m*nt Thur«d»v evening, timing will begin at 0 o'clock. nt kny *orl, no m*iUr who w»« »i nl (if JT I I nwCrolx ilf tlueue the Kr^ncit / trnmefl' *ar orodti fur survlron ren- itttt th* illkd an«i. 8pt»hlftpof ifvolutionn In Kumsittl C»pt«li Cdton *»V" that moHt of the rsvoliitlonf In tnntritl, South A n i c t ILK »nil Wftxlro hav* tholr ulitrl ln (it hot*l tohblon of hoiitl* in Mnw f)rl«an, S«n Antonln. El rnnn nd K'HOiiition iiKWINa CIIUXK TO MEET 'Ph« Sewing uicle of SI. P»i I.ulboMin r h u t r h will meat, nil day] nv in the pa LI sli boime Mis, uml MM. Jriiii|jk* will be- thf Former Kcnornld. pc-HI Ifinl leuderK the hav* bfi'Tti exiled f*oni their ha- nvi land nwiiiK to pMUknl differ- ·or**) Ikf In siTlilnldn ploltlnc find n»!ltn,: tin- t i m e whi.'i) tliny cnn rtturn tti thi'li notlvp luntl 111IV MlW'hllll! 4II(IN 1'hn^' I f u l P i i flii' In I'lont Mtd rtciili'i* In niiifhlfK 1 Riinn timiini nitlnti, n i i - ' ' . i f l PIC who lot 11 tW^fatU^ will pj^jwt'fr *t *(iilpjrt*Jrtf of th« lU'dnsfliv Impcitmiiindi uf w *rul pun ii in « d'iilj;nni.t'il dj«li Iw I u i l h i r ^lilpiiH'iil in t f i;im i n n n l u ^ r 'ihlpj* Plfbhr 1 V . r i l V i l t t l f I 1 f ] ( Kiftii tint), tn ti'vfilud'imirj flv'tll M f IIIK c know of ti Mcili-tiO fan *al wln on ihi* iui\lci' of « p i p e r (,» f ·'[Kind r u t irl(lili'*lil ' ip'inp (it H i IIv u n t i l a world n In lii t^il Uir ^ I 4 m 4 i»il ntjld i^^t flc 1 |i'ii;c pulillil'r Hlii'ii In* nfifi'ki'il itni (·n|!iiti(f tlic i iti ' · North Water Store Room [ Front Being Remodeled ( Tli» limn vt ilu- on' rood! in r7l| Noun W«i( StM'»l vtiiHtit fir I hi-1 flrrt ttnif »\nn fur iluwdrd «rcLcd (It for lih own sulijiin Kiont t h « n 'i ycsu nso, l« hciii^ inmudi'lt'il Rnv Wllfiin Ii now thc ci*mr «r Ihm ( P djurti. O i i i f t n i i l l i Mil* r i i i i n n o - to I Hi" store rfidim W»K ni 1 (tip corn*! RNnMtrlnt. lite dddr will !) in hi f (niter n' i hi- -*ii f r n n t HEAD COLDS PREPAREDNESS now for your Old Man Winter, with Kic army of slert. snow, ice and hliz/ards by filling your bin with Rivtfmdf: Soottftap Coal -- th^ brst coal you can buy for the wo fifty, s is tnirwd in bv D«r,fthir mi»n. Ii s {(csri From the mmr every day and d«livfrfid. promptly by rare- ful driv«rn. Telephone 4444 MACON COUNTY COAL CO. We join with Tf 11*f OUt in PRE.INVENTORY Prior to Closing of Fiscal Year October 31 V v E ARE overstocked on some types and sizes of tires and r tubes, also accessories--we want to clear our shelves and racks and get ready for the renewal of our franchise with Firestone* WE HAVE marked down prices to the very bottom* Every tire is a most unusual bargain because every tire is made by Firestone and bears the Firestone name for your protection* NEVER before has Firestone quality been available for jso / little cost Practically every tire is new--fresh from the Firestone Factory. DURING this pre*inventory sale, we will give you a special .allowance for your old tires in trade for new, safe Firestone tires* , Come in today and find out how little it costs to equip your car wh ^ these sturdy, dependable, non*skid Firestone tires. / THE PRICE of rubber and cotton is low--Firestone quality is the highest it has ever been and at these greatly reduced prices yofc will want to replace your worn tires at once and have yow cor equipped for the wet, slippery weather of fall and winter. CVm£ in while we have Your size at these unusual bargains f Argenta--J, A. Eymiin Attvuud--Bc»ttj ft Son Blue MuiuKl--( d*. D*th»n»~L*inl Onvli or A Son d--R. A. Lehman WEAVER TIRE CO. 124 East Eldorado Street, Decatur--Phone 2-0301 Afucott-- Ck**l«r Cot* M*w«t4M-- CftmpMJ Auto »*. Klen-- Ml. Zhm Slwrtlc-IX A, AUTO PARTS CO. IMS N. Watw SU--DteMur Phone WitmnHmrr-- W. VIEWSIWFFRI

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