Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 23, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1959
Page 3
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TELEVISION PROGRAMS MONDAY dnltntnUl Ffwtey tht Pfic* fi ftifht doneewraiton f\6 fie It Could B» '12:50 1:30 2:60 2:SO SiOd 3:30 4:00 4:30 1:45 1.00 »u$ «:30 7:00 T:30 1:00 1:30 1:00 9:30 10:00 lb:20 10:30 M:00 W«alh«f New Ideas CurtAin Tim* Truth Or Haggis touftf Df. Malon« From These Root! Queen For A Day County Fair Susie Let 1 * Make Up NBC New* Local New* Sports Weather Buckskin Restless QUA Well* Fargo Peter Gunn Silent Service Arthur Murray ihow Highway Patrol News, Ralph Wayn* Weathe" Jack Paar Slfn Off KFDA.TT Ghftnnel It 1:30 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 It Happened Last Night 1:00 Captain Kangaroo 1:45 Cartoons J:00 Morning Playhouse 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 1.0:00 I Lov« Lucy 10:30 Top Dollar 11:00 Lov« of Lif« 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 1,2:00 Theatrj 10 12:JO As the World Turns 1:00 Jimmy Dean Show 1:30 House Party 9:00 Big Payoff 3:30 The Verdict is Tour§ 1:00 Brighter Day 1:15 Secret Storm .8:30 The Edge of Night 4:00 My Little Margie 4:30 Popcye ', 8:45 Doug Edwards , 6:00 News 1:15 World of Sporti ' fl:25 Weather Today ; «:30 Name That Tune 7:00 The Texan 7:30 Father-Knows Best 1:00 Danny Thomas 8:30 Ann Southern 9:00 African Patrol •*:30 Rescue S 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:20 Over My Dead Body KVII-TV Channel 1 7:85 Good Morning 1:00 Funz-A-Poppln* 9:00 Shopper Show 11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 Peter i-lnd Hayei 12:30 Plav Your Hunch ,1:00 Laoeraca 1:30 The Shield ' 2:0o Your Day in Court 2:30 Music Bingo -1:00 Beat The Clock 1:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 8:30 Mickey Moust «:00 All Aboard For Fun «;30 Shirley Temple 7:00 Soldier 7:30 Bold Journey 1:00 Voice of Firestone 1:30 Dr. 1Q 9:00 Patti Page 9:30 Sea. Hunt 10:00 Nightcourt 10:30 Miracle of Belli 12:00 Nightcap Newt Advertisement HI . If worritd by -»l»ddtr We»knt«*" tq«t- tint C» NUhU or B«d Wtlllnf. too »r». quenl. burnlm or IWhlni urliutloni, ••concUrr Bickith* »»d Hervouintii. or »irom •mtlllnr. Oloudr Vtlne, dut to common Kldn.r *nd Bl»ddtr Irrltitlon., trf PY8TOX for «uick help. Sjfiijjr t TOUBf Vnd old. Atk druffUt (or CVST«, •M bow fttl m Irnprovt. TUESDAY ROMOff ?:06 w:00 lift! 16:00 10 :30 11 :W 11:30 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:25 12:35 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 8:45 «:<X> 6:15 8:20 6:30 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 1:30 10 :00 10:10 10:30 13:00 8:30 7:00 8:00 8:45 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11 :00 11:30 11 :45 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 S:30 4:00 4 :30 5:45 t.OO 6:15 «:25 8:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 10:00 10:10 10:20 7:55 8 :00 9:00 11:00 11:30 12:30 1 :00 1:30 2:00 3:00 3 4 5 8 8 7 8 8 9 9 10:00 10:30 12 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 :30 :30 :00 :30 :00 :30 Continental Classroow Today Dough-fle-Ml Treasure Hunt The Price Is Klght Concentration fie fid Dcugit It Could B* fdU New* Weather HOUJS* of Carpeti New Ideas Wonder* of The World truth of Consequence* Haggis Baggl* Young Dr. Malofli From Thess Rooti Queen For A Day County Fair Busie Rose of Cimarron NBC New* News Sports Weather Dragnet George Gobel George Burns Bob Cummings The Californlan* Flight News Weather Jack Parr Show Sign Off KfUA-T? Channel It Sunrise Classroom It Happened Last Night Captain Kangaroo CBS News Morning: Playhouse Arthur Godfrey I Love Lucy Top Dollar Love .of Life Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light Theatre Ten As The World Ttirni Jimmy Dean Show House Party Big Payoff Verdict is Tour*. Brighter Day Secret Storm The Edge of Night My Little Margie Popeye Doug Edward* News, Ralph Wayn« World of Sports Weather Today Marry a Millionaire This is Alice To Tell The Truth Arthur Godfrey Hamlet News, Ralph Wayn« Weather Blonde Inspiration KV11-TV Channel T Good Morning Funz-A-Poppin' Shopper Show Coffee Break Peter Llnd Hsyei Play Your Hunch Liberacc The Shield Your Day In Court Beat The Clock Who Do You Trust American Bandstand Adventure Time All Aboard For Fun Cheyenne Wyatt Earp Rifleman 26 Men Alcoa Theatre Badge 7H Night Court Allegheny Uprising Nightcap Newi ' ICE (LESS) SKATES—-This smiling little fraulein shows off , '•*. pair of practice ice skates equipped With rubber rolltrs In- ; ' stead of blades. "Displayed at Wiesbaden, Germany, the skates ' can be used in the home since the rollers permit the wearer ; ' to glid« riotsislessly over floors without leaving scratches. : Leoneffi Reacts To Cancellation Of TV Guest Appearance ' NEW YORK (UP!) — Singer,to get Leoneitr« recordings Into tommy LeonettI said today th£ Chicago juke boxes, cancellation of his guft*t appear-; "-These revelations were as flnre on tha ABC-TV "Dick Clark mufti a shock to me, my family, Show" was "merely A first rear- my friends and my current man- tlon to something: that appeared agef, Dick Linke, «s I'm sure terribly damning: to we personal- they must have been to the pub- ly." lir, ;> Leortetti said, "r had just. Lennelll. 28, said he was confi- started as a singer. My relation- dent that he will not be punished ship with Mr. Ambrosia was swh professionally for the revelation that I saw him seldom and I before a Senate Racket* Commit- knew nothing about his personal (ee that hi* former manager, John life or anything: about any reputa- Ambrosia, had underworld ron- lion he may or may not have had nections. Afwitness testified that in Chicago." Ambrosia used these connections Linke said Chuck Reeves, pro- idiu-er of the "Dick Clark Show," 'told him "We'll make it up to the Silt THIS PAMPA" DAtf* . Yeaf MONDAY, FEBRtJAftt? 25, 1951 1 Quotes In The News Wheeler Boy Gets District Club Post Washington's Day Began In Boston BOSTON (UP!)— The first public celebration of . George ; Washington's birthday . was. held here 180 years-ago on Feb. H, the actual.. day of his bifW.' John ' Adams,' John'' Hancock, Samuel Adams^and other leaders, of the American revolution hoisted felt' quite 'happy to slice his cake and eat it too*on.Feb. 11. .And the .Bostonlans, who, after all,- started all -the fuss ag-ainst the British, we're more.'than happy to go .along. ;. It was well into the 19th century before the proper Bostonian mugi In Washington's honor onjbegan celebrating Washington's that day. in 1779. •. ' birthdav on Feb. 22. Americans today,- of course, mark Washington s .birthday on AHhovigh not noted for bending elbows, John Adams and his fel- Feb., 22, or, as in today's case. |lows emptied their mugs well at on the 23rd when the 22nd falls'the tavern. on a. Sunday. But the colonials who gathered st the Liberty Tree Tavern in Boston's Dorchester section felt satriotic about wishing Gen. Washington well on Feb. 11. Besides Washington, they toasted their ally King Louis XVI of France, Benjamin Franklin, the American Navy, the French Navy, Washington's Army, the French army and other worthy men and For Washington ' actually was group*. Tn all, they emptied their 1 Man Fined $10 born on Feb. 11. jmugs J8 times. But the British Parliament,! And to prove the ruggedness of which In those days could rarely the American character, their kid later on when this thing blow." over." Reeves denied this. He said Leonetti was dropped "for programming: reasons" which he described as "an unfortunate coincidence" in light of the com- •/Atf i*llll% DAI*! mittee te.«timony. |\ Cj VIUO lU5l • Robert F. Kennedy, the commit' tee's chief counsel, said in Wash- W. A. Tacker, • Wheeler, was ington that Leonetti had been elected Division 6 lieutenant gov-' completely cooperative. He said ernor at a. District Key Club rally : there was no information reflect- Sunday in Pampa High School.: ing on Leonetti's integrity and the Twenty-two high school students ABC-TV cancellation was unjusti- represented Key Clubs in Amaril- fied "unless the network has con- lo, Borger, Vega, Wheeler and 'aiderably more Information than Pampa. , Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor Cloylon Cook of Vega was a speaker. The boys also heard a talk on criminology by Sheriff Rufe .lor- san and Deputy Buck Haggard. Members of the Pampa Kiwnnis Club, serving on the Key Club Committee, were present. The committee members are H. O. Darby, Dr. Weldon Adair. Sam: The groundwork for the 1959- Begert and Joe Fischer. Also pre- i9 BO Boy Scout program will be sent was Ancel Joyner. Key Club c | one a 't a District Committee sponsor. ; meeting Tuesday night, according- The Key Club will hold an in- to Bob Curry, 'santa Fe District stallatlon banquet March 2:t. In- ;,-hait rnnn. Reports will he heard coming officers. elected this 'from operating committee chair- month. are Terry Joe HaraUon, men at this time. president; P. Gist", vice president : The District Committee will Ricky Schmidt, secretary; and Don meet at 7:30 p.m. in the South- Curry, treasurer. 'western Public Service Company, Direc'.or.a are "Butch' 1 Dunham 315 N. Ballard. Curry urges inMi and Jim Soott, Seniors. Bill NesI- tuttonal representatives and a 1 I age and Jimmy Crouch, juniors, committee members to attend. Chairmen e.xpeclecl are Dr. Bob the committee does." Boy Scout Program Takes Form make a Bostonian smile, shifted from the old Julian calendar to toasts were-drunk of flip a heady concoction of a. little egg. sugar the Gregorian calendar in 1752 jand spice and liberal lacings of and sliced some days from thejhot ale and nun. alendar to make calendar ends j meet. i Thus, the .British Parliament would have had Washington celebrate .his birthday on Feb. 22. But | George, then busy battling the! King's redcoats, ignored Parliament. . Washington, his letters reveal, Mainly About People •Indicate Paid Advcrtlilnf British Free 950 Cypriots .NICOSIA, Cyprus (UPI) - - Britain released 950 Greek Cypriots from detention, camps on this strategic Island during the w</ek- end, touching off a wave of rejoicing that swept Cyprus fi-om one end to the other. Greeks who received with caution the news that Britain had agreed to give Cyprus its independence were galvanized by the Week-end K ni>»t. In the hom* of «* h \° ( th « "tui-nln* prisoner, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Foran were Rev.! lnto lh « «al«ation that the ong and Mr.. Claud* and children of| emergency her. is over at la. Longvlew, Wash. Rev. Hams I. " w f™ h »PPy ! '' WB « . ha PPyJ" former pastor of Hobart Street » treet crowds s ho u t ,d. The Baptist Church. With Rev. John I emergency in really ending: iDyer, he assisted with the morn-' hB , rlt " h ti-oop. were confined to ling worship service -and attended i lhelr <; flm P' * h »* t"« Pinners a basket dinner at the noon hourj wer ' hem 5 rele *" e ^ fls * , P/*™''In- the Fellowship Hall of the \ « on «* a ' nsl cl " hM w " h lh ' church. Other out-of-town guests |tl " ek( V Unending were Rev. and M«. W. . Des P"« thls •"«-»»••«. Brl«l.h Vanderburg and familv ofi tro ?P« at »"• P 1 l """ de N " Dale Howe. Pampa. was fined J10 plus costs Saturday in county coui't after pleading guilty to a charge of swindling with a worthless check. The check, -for $10, was passed Nov. 22 at the Horn and Gee gro- i-ery, 421 K. Frederic. Restitution ,ias been made. ;sion; Jerald Sims, Finance: and . W. A. Morgan. Camping nnd Ac- ctivities. Two other committees. ! Health and Safety and Leadership 'Training, will be represented by K. L. Henderson and Dr. J i m Chase, vico district chairmen. In March, District men will meet with other Council members to ACAPULCO, Mexico— President i Eisenhower, on bidding farewell I to Mexico's President Adolfo Lo- jpez Mflteos at the end of a, two- iday visit: ! "Well, sir. rnuchas graciaS .one of the most pleasant meeting* ! I have ever had. 1 am sorry lo Scottish Rite Officers Named 1 Five new officers were elected at a recent meeting of th« Pflmpa Scottish Rite Chapter. At the same meeting, Dickie James, newly installed DeM/ilay president, made a speech. The new officers are Elmer Had- : cliff, president; Roy Kay, first' vice president; Bob Keller, second j vice president: B. B. Bearden,! secretary; and Coy Palmer, treasurer. The Chapter also voted to con-' : Untie sponsoring the DeMolay! group. ! Riordon Will Speak Tuesday Joe Riordan of Lubbock will spenk on a Jaycee ladles day program Tuesday, Gene Holla r, president of the Pampa .Junior Chatn-i her of Commerce, announced today. I Riordnn, a former nightclub comedian, is division Information sii-! perviaor for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Hollar said that the Jaycees will elect officers in March and install them April 4. form llm entire year's program for the Adobe Walls Council. This program will be carried out by the various districts and by the individual Scouting units. The program will include charter renewal, organization of new units, presentation of charters, a district-wide camporee, methods of conducting boards of review and courts of honor, unit finance budget plans, Boy Scout Camp, a Cub Scout summer program and an Explorer .Scout trek to Phil- rnont (N.M.) Scout Ranch. Hay f»6dby." FLtfKKNCE, fll Association of Skin Divers, 1ft seeking its submarine, the Natiti' lus, which disappeared last month I "Tfiere's going to he one heck of a mess if our Kautiltis pops up ifi the middle 6f the 8th Fleet. 0 .WICHITA, Kan. . . Mrs. Tiuetl Hyles, on watching her home hurt! lo the ground after neighbors f",fe*' fused;to let her use the telephone to call firemen; "I tried to use the telephone three minutes, but the line was hi use and they didn't believe that my house was on fire.". WICHITA FALLS. Tex. - Polic* Chief C.C. Daniel, on the' story of a 17-year-old unwed mother who told of love trysts with nln« Wichita Falls policemen over s, two-year period: "I'd hate to SPH these meli picked on, but if what the girl says Is true, t won't try to protect them. It's a biack day for our police force.' 1 BKNSON CHITK1/KS SC!1OOi£ RUTHERFORD. N..I. lUPI) — Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson an id Friday that Atneri' lean schools are ignoring gifted •students by gearing classes to th,« ;average level. American schools are "excellent .in sports, poor in places, improving in general, but on the. aver* age not well enough," Benson said. BRAZILIAN' TUADK DROPS RIO DE JANEIRO i UPI) Brazilian foreign tinde dropped to a nine year low last year, while its trade deficit wa.% the largest in the past six years, the finance minis* try reported Friday. It said the country had an unfavorable trad* balance of $108,870,888 in 1958. TALMADGE J. WRIGHT CHIROPRACTOR 1334 WillUton MO 9-952: Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122 Alcock MO 4-8469 aanndon. Mr and Mrs. ' . .. John . , abnilt - 10 , of « ; prison-release convoy in an out- I Free Baby-Sitting At Lions' Rehearsal The second rehearsal of the 1959 Lions Club Minstrel ha* b e « n called for 8 p.m. today In the Southwestern P u b 1 i P Service Company, 315 N. B&llard. Director B. R. "Bunny" Shultz said that free baby-sitting, for the children of participants, would b« provided next door. Lions, Lionesses and other* will work out for an hour. The Minstrel will take the stage April 2, 3 In the Pampa Junior High Auditorium. m: Dut To Tht Fact That Mr. Young Woi Out Of Town When Tht Picture! wtrt mode for tht Imployttf' Edition, Sunday, Hit picture didn't appear in our ad Mr, Young hat bttn aiiociottd with ui t numbtr of ytori and wt art proud to prtttnt him to you now! B&B Pharmacy lallard flt Irewnini Chestnut has returned from a five-weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Phoenix, Ariz., Fort Worth, and Norman, Okla. Ity representative from Amnrillo, will b* in- the Pampa Red Cross office from 9:1S a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. Lattimore postponed his usual Monday visit because of Washington'* Birthday. Th« Training Committee, of the Top O' Texas Oiri Seoul Council will meet at 1:15 p.m. Tuesday in the. Girl Scout office, according to Mr*. K. R. Dodd, training chairman. A training »e»»lon for neighborhood chairmen, troop organizers and troop consultants will take Thursday in the Girl Scout Little House, 718 E. Kingsmill. The *e«*ion will be conducted by Mrs. N. G. Kadingo, executive director. Mr. and Mr*. J*m«* Young Johnion and ion Jay of Valpariso, Ind. are visiting Mr*. Johnson'* grandmother, Mr*. F. W. O*borne, 1324 Mary Ellen. dei-ground which has killed so , many of their comrades. i No casualties were reported. Out In Myers' Closet I Fira Sunday afternoon in * bedroom clothes Hose! at the John 'Myers hcme, 1041 Cinderella, ri»- igtroyed the closet'* contents and jdid smoke damage to the bed- I room, firemen reported today. I Th« fire, reported at 4:3/1 p.m., had an undetermined origin. In a second blaze Sunday, I youngster* playing in a building at 601 Campbell started a. small fire that did no damage. The blaze, reported at 8:46 p.m., was confined to * bucket. Record* show that 16.9 per' cent of all U.S. household* own more i than on« guto, compared to only 8.3 per cent in 1849. HI'N'T ZURICH. Switzerland (UPII Swiss police searched today foi KmII Gander, 69, whose wife and ' three »on» were found axed to | death in their home her« Friday, j Gander's motorbike was found! abandoned near th* edge of Lake : Zurich shortly after the murders w*r* discovered. R<*4 The Vew» Classified .\A». ——.,, .,—........ .......... ji .j OR, R, H, RUTLEDGE CHIROPRACTOR |U1 S. Ballard MO 4-4637|||i Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Slept Atttckl in MinulM • • • Rtl»f Lull for Houri! ty fir tc<ir fr;v»i« tv uf <f froitt c( formul« i« »o»(f«ctive ih«t it phy»K'»a»,' l«»dinf »»ihm» itc»0 au-.wu* >-*us t«o ji?c. All vut ta'ticj f}isf;l Teg »Ktt f :|-Pri IB so look for*»rd to »l«ep 4i flight •ad freedom trooi ...»t frlea ' 0«fi M»-« Lean Center Cut PORK CHOPS FOOD A/c ^ e M O // CENTER XA« c l Block W(>st MO 400 S. of S. Cuyler 1 Block Norlh 5-3452 Russell Of Hwv. 60 Open 7 Days A Week: 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. Fresh, Loan GROUND BEEF Lb. Prices Good Monday Night, Tuesday and Wednesday Fresh Shoulder PORK lk ROAST PUTP Pork SAUSAGE 2-Lb. Bag 59c EGGS 2 doz. 79c Pel Monte 46-Oz. Can TOMATO JUICE 27c KimbHl's Whole 303 Cans GREEN BEANS 2^29' 'it 3UO Cans PORK & BEANS 3 lor 25* KinibeU's SHORTENING 3 cL0bn 59< lied Kiver, Dills, Quart Jar PICKLES Crisp Firm AVOCADOS 3 lor GRAPEFRUIT Ruby R 6 d Florida Sweet Juicy ORANGES 2 h. 27e JF»tuiiy Sizf, Ugbt TUNA 34c Kiwb*U ! s, 14 J-b. B TEA 29c

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