The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 10
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Pag* Tefl T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Thursday Evening, July 9, 1914. Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Sc per Hne for first Insertion. 2%c per line for earh subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge '20 cents. a Jta« 3 times .................. KVc 8 lliws 8 t!m«n ........ « ....... . 30c 4 Itnrfl 3 time*.. .»....··* ...... 40r 2 Hn« 7 t1m*n .................. -We 3 tSVr* 7 t!m*» .......... H. ....... We 4 line* 7 tinii-ii.. ...... ............ 80c 3 lH»i*ft Rn t t n i f t . ...,,..,,.,, ....... 91.20 3 MM* .')" tlnn-1" ....... . .......... 1 **) 4 llnri .10 Urn"" .................. 2.« fsn m l v p r i l i i r n i B n t u r c f p t M for !*·«·» t h t m I w n Mr.--it C o u n t ·!* o r d l n n r M u n i * In mi )i !!nr- I !· (»nMiman"i of * r t v « r t l n t n * rmiM bt» in w r l f i i n f It w i l l not b« n-- f p i f i j tiy [tHnf Till* protect* jour t n t i » r * i ' B e* »*ll ·· oura. f f You r.-in't Bring or Semi Your Want Ad Phone BH1 Auto r n t i r l i i i i . n o p e r a t o r * i h ' i r o n R h l v f'i- tti'l t i i r v* n ', i.i r. ». rn!o» ntnl r i ' » M i - f t i i i t i m . w i i , K I M - y»m r o m p ' t ' t f I n - ·*fcin »'""i. A:.1, I T M i t t h i - y w*l n a* l n i c i I n w n i d l r * v i ' . J t w a n t ·| f.. r i , J i U « It l i i ' i B l i'f!t-c I Hi-. Adi* · »·" (»!··(! t y t»li'lihrnn* to ·.«- eouiii"j'l.i t r v i m If y u u r name It hi t h » l r . * l t l U H H ( 1 t ! . M - I O ! Every Homo Has Use for j\Yvi'\v AVani. Ads _ IOST ANB FOUND. - K n t i t I M M . K r o n f M n i n K 11" "'ptf ami tJ 111! HTOI.KN - A l r . l n l ^ U r r l r r . r » M i B . « . »li««i|)- h r n » n l » h i:; i n l y h n l r SITUATIONS WANTED. RENT, HOUSES--(On.) FOR RENT--7-room houie, strictly modsrn. Inquire at 455 X. Wat«r. T648 FOR RENT--6-room modern houje, J28; oor- ner Oakland and Forest. 7567 FOR RENT--3-room cottage, 81S B. Condlt. Apply 408 E. Eldorado. Bell 49S4. TC66 FOR RENT--STRICTLT MODERN FIVE- ROOM COTTAGE , IN FIHST-CI.AS9 CONDITION: PAVED; STREET CAR: CURTAINS: FULL LOT. 347 E DIVISION. WE M A K E ALL CLASSES OF LOANS. P E G R A M COMPANY. 413 CITIZENS B A N K BLtG. HELL 312 HOME 1928 7637 FOR RKNT--Two modern dwellings, one on Eapt utrtp find one In VCest part. Call on .1 L. nrshe. 3.W N Main, 7630 FOR r. FN'T-- 0-nmm m n O c r n house, 1530 N. ro'l"ice Pi. I n q u i r e O, Falkenroth, Pana, III 7,-, 11 FnR RENT--ft-room modern hmiM; north p a r t Apply C r y s t a l Theatre. 7fl30 FOE BENT--FLATS. FOR R E N T -- T w o (tnd S room flat*, front room* J L. Drake. 330 N Main. 7638 KOH H K N T -- Flats on North Main St., on 2nd nnrl 3rd floors. Bullard Bids. Inquire t., U niilUr.1. Ctllr.pnfi N a t i o n a l Bank. 7415 SUREST RESULTS COME BY HONEST PUBLICITY. If yon have something that is really good, new or second-hand, and yon want to sell it, and get some extra money, the quick way is by putting an ad in these columns. State what yon have, what you want for it. where it can be had, and yon will be sure to find some one to buy. i y BELL 551. TELEPHONE t AUTO 1158. HOUSEHOLD GOOD* (COR.) Auction. Household Goods Furnishings of 10 room house, including: 4 large rugs; 7 dressers; 4 commodes; 2 book cases; 5 iron beds complete; folding bed; china closet; kitchen cabinet, base burner; 6 hole range; etc., Saturday, July 11, at 2 p. m. sharp. J. B. Thurber owner. 302 West Main St. 7657 F. E. Wilson, Auctioneer. FOTl RFNT--f»cv^n room f l f l t ; modern, with d t v h'Mit nntl p l f » r t r t c H u n t ; vacuum cleaner a n i l i n n i t o r s r r \ Ice. Apply Drs. Brown ft . l i r k . n*-O W. Pralrlo. fi»2fl FOE RENT-ROOMS. »H R T N T -- F u r n i s h e d r o n m , m o d e m ; prl- v n t f f i r n U v . C.iH n f t e r tt. 142 W. DPCUI I^R R K N T -- N i c e l y f u r n i s h e d room; gen- l!-mpn p r n f f r r n l 744 E Wood. Bell JfWM 7C52S FOR RFN'T -- F u r n U h e d r o o m ; modern con\ f i i i c n c f » . 1 blork from court house. 22(1 P F r a n k l i n 7fi43 FOH K K X T -- F u r n i s h e d room; m o d e r n ; close In. p r l v n t * f a m l l v . Bel! 30W». l i f t N K1- u n r « ! M 7041 FO'i II KNT--Furnished room : modern ; pi iv a t * . f a m i l y 104C. E. Main. R ^ I I S4f5. 7SSS Portion on farm, by y o u n g mar' I'"(t1Mfn *i n u r w fflrl Hall HELP WANTED. Jft.OOO f H l V K K N * M K N ' T .!' M s 4 i-iion t o tn«n w«ini«r». $'!.% i* f!"" 1 r n n n f h U r i t r fnr F m n h ' t t i In·" 11 (»-. I ' - n ' t . w 4-" fi.-(i{«r HELP WANTKl-rEMALE It ISN'T -- F n r n i n h P d suit*, s t r i c t l y mort- i , f i r j j e n t l f f n c n . i n p r i v a t e linme. B*!l .VU for. Mm'nn ami roHppe- 7S41 K O K R E V T n 442 N M! r n n m ; m o d e r n , Boll 1C.V FOR K E N T -- Nil-* ronm In modern home and nmall f a m l l v ; p*»ntl«?mnn preferred Old pn^n* ?47. 7347 FOH R E S T -- Fiirnlah"d room* Modern, pri- v n t » ««8tmni-r r40 W Mulri. Bell 2417. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR K E N T -Two rooinn h'-f p i n t ; . on m m i n d f h m . m t h 1M4 %V Fnr*«»t A v f house$10 ft f l » - « ' j » i n n a n i l l l K h r h n u p c k o r p i n s : n o l - i M ' i n r.. MMr*Mi 44r» N UroarlwRy. ; t lniisok« i opln(E r for sale at \ KoK R K . S T - r J i r A l c o }-,( ' i s e h P l i l fffttn. 411 X M'» FVm H K N ' T - Ste» p l n u f i n d l l f f h t lo-nii-*. Ml K r r . t h l p n K N T -- 2 ftint!iih'*(l r minis for lisht .tt A.- 'plnic. f m n t ami h a r k *ntrnn.«. i l M ' . - n 1411 N M o r K f t n . TO-Vi KOK J M ' N T -- 2 f u r n i s h p . l room* h n n » - k'--plrn. ".'',0 W P r a i r i e . l i g h t 7*121 K O K I I F N T -- S i i l t f l i g h t h n u s i ' k e s p l n B ronms. r r o n m l f l f t n r 23S W N n i l h . 7014 Furniture WIH pay most for Allghtl? uwsS Plan««, Furniture* Carpets, Huge, fitovee and Refrigerators; or will e i change new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: *XM13. Auto: 164S. 820-350 Corro Gordo St 1758 LIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--Cheap, for cash-- Goga horse; or t r a d e for good milch cow, N*. "Water Call at 10fi9 64ft FOR PALE--Horse, wagon J o h n s ave. md harnees. 1722 7G09 FOR PAI..E--Gentle horse and new surrey. 15W N. Edward St. Bell phone, 5263. 7*304 FOR SA1.E--Shetland pony and surrey; bargain tr t a k e n at once. 'Both phones. 3075. 7607 FOR SALE OR TRADE--7 h e a d of good horses, 3 sets of harness, 3 wagons. 1 sur- re v ; w i l l t r a d e for property. Call 412 S Franklin. Bell 2S40, 75S1 FOR SALE - 3 ' x t : \ u-r»x1 "'-n'!f p n n v and r i f f ; would consider trade. I34S N". Church. 7337 FARM LANDS. GOOD KANSAS FARM FOR SALE. I S l f i -- F a r m of 329 acres, located In Russell c o u n t y ; on* m l l f from small town; 25 miles from c o u n t y seat of 2,000; one mile from school and c h u r c h . Dark loam w i t h clav subsoil; K « n t ] y r o l l i n g to d--ain well Small house and b a r n . well, w i n d m i l l , telephone. R F. D.; 160 acres ^ \ h e a t . (10 acres corn, balance In a l f j l f a and pasture. All good land Prlc^ J1JMW. puh.1f-I to 54,000. 7671 C. A. BURKS, oCS-.'!24-:*2Ti C i t i z e n s Bank Building. FOR .-ALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 aero farm w i t h good house, nearly new; two b u r n s ; "n acres umler plow; price $5f per acre; w i l l consider small stock of h a r d w a r e in trad' 1 . For f u r t h e r p a r t i c u l a r s w r i t e A. J. OlesDii. M o n t f o r t , Wle. 6SBO M rooms for \\ "I 1 1 I.n h' !i« n M * t o m.inan* h^'.p « f t r * » , « ' » ' » nhi* tn buy Ini · n ' . ' . - t r , ] ndrli**- n MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. \ v ' L I * l n * ' r r n n t l o n o f wh«.r*»»lont« «f \ r. 1'. « |i.,-.,i TN f i n M t l c i l to 'fJMltv In . . n.,.^ . . m l x n n 1SH B Mni'i I!!.|1_4IIM T M I W A N " ' - ! ' I - A l l f n r n i ' T » f n k n f i w thnr mn h . i ^ r t Vn(l « f f f H rf^pvi-rt fr«i. ff r n * r f V . f l ' T \V!' 1( TTi P r f - " n«4 N M n n r f m , H. I' p h - ^ n ^ " I T t ^ . , t . . .'.'^Jl TJ'jr. W A V T r i 1 - AM V1n*l« r*t H«wlnff C«M M f n n T r N n r . n iil-r H p m JM1 4"ll T i l l W A N T K r t -- Your p*i1nt!ji(T. p«p«'' h n n s r l n i c *ntl A*i-nr*'.\n*- f l r ^ l '-lo«ii «Mrk (ni«r;in I...1 r o n l n n I'.r.-.f. I i . ' I :·*!. «'IT K f n n i l l l - r n H H K N T -- C lU'lit hoiiP^ mrnlfirTi. n l c r l y T u r n l F h P i l . piplns: rooms. 8.M N. M f t l n 7611 'R RALE--Farmer saved S 12,000, bought farm T days before the bank f a i l e d , bar- pains In farms that are farms, will raise good crops nf corn, oats, a l f a l f a , potatoes, closer, tc. B a r g a i n s In Nebraska, Minnesota, \Vls- I'onaln and M o n t a n a farms and ranches. Meet me face to face, I will h e l p you plant d i m e s where you will harvest dollare. W r i t e w h e n vou can cnme. I w i l l arrange to meet yi. \. State where you wish to Invest or locate. 1 w i l l make you money. W. E. Patton F a i r m o n t , Xeb. 7£i] Money (o Lou-- (Continued). MONEY TO LOAN on jood security «n« to salaried people. E. M. Smith, 127 B. Main IF Ton have a lot. J. A. Adams will fur- nlsn money to build you a home. 811 N. Water. Bell 4000. . Tisg Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans miie without delay, Call or write. OT9S J. E. Patterson, 401 Mllllkln Bldg., Decatur, HI. --YOU CAJJ BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nona too large. None too small. We lend money on Furniture, Pianos, Hones. Carriages, Goods In Storage. Cattle. Grain, Growing Crocs, etc. Easier terms than other brokers. Also we buy NOTES. Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICs! IN CITT, established 18S2. A. T. SUMMERS EON, 110 -forth Water Bt N«t to M l l l l k l n National Bank. ! * « S I M t S l $ $ s $ | $ | f | t t t l S 1 | * $ » s i l * | | f i | i l » $ i l * ) t S S * $ Money to Loan $ $ On beat pois'fble plan. First the $ $ loweat coit. second the payments . , { $ are arranged to suit t h e borrower $ 1 I $ and can be made either weekly or $ I $ $ monthly. And last, but not least, t $ } $ everything confidential. When you " S $ come ·*. us for a loan, you can f * have the money within an hour or two. You you Any amount from $10.00 . ay only for the actual time ceep the money. Call and ii I $ Ree tu when needing a loan. Room. $ I ^ ann 8, Conklln Bldg. Halt block * I . n o r t h of Transfer House, 144 North t I Main street. Bell phone 2041; Auto, J » 1585. V M . . Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. s i i s t t s s t t s ; * t s t s l S 1 1 1 1 ; t s $ * s t i i $ i t MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. $10 and up. All bujlnesi private, Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizen. Bank Bldg. S19 Phon»: Auto. 1118; Bell. 3210. MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowett rate of Interest: oo corn- mission. 1660 Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank. LITTLE BY LITTLE yon can repay a loan--or all at once. Carefully explained before you take the money. Pay only for the time you use It We lend ?10 and up on tbn aquareat terms Imaginable --private, too. 7B2 Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizens Bank Bldg, Fell 370; AtHo"3S63. SPECIAL NOTICES. . SALE--At p u b l i c auction, July 23rd. at 2'.1Q p, m . 8 room house on 57x173 foot College St MRS. BOWMAN---Importer and manufacturer of h u m a n hair goods; ecalp treatment a R f w c i a l t y . 137 N. TVater, 2nd floor. 7R29 WILL NOT RE responsible for debta contracted by Mrs Fayetta Thompion. Jae. Thompson. 7610 FOR R E N T -- R r u r n i s h f i l M4 E. T^ oraa for Uph FOR ft K N T -- 3 r r m m n , furnl^hsfl n . i t i M d . 'or )!?ht hmmpke ^pln modf-n W*l N Thiirrh St or unfur- ; strict 1 HR R E N T -- X t c d v f i i r n l p h e f l modern rooms for 1'arhr hviBp X p p p i r K I2X W, Maron. FOE RENT. FOR REXT-- P f ^ r c r^om. 733 V p*r m o n t h . A p p l v Max At!n»s. Vater, S'^ 7525 FOR SALE. FOR SALE--A go nil. cheap b a r n , to b» t o r n down poon. Call TM1 4074. 7"" BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. CONFE^TIONERT FOR R A L E t*H7--Thli h i i p l n f f g Is I n r a t ^ d In ?ant par( c i t y . b n U ' l l n v K»x40 w i t h n u m m e r pardon rfitr; l a t t i ' . .) and ranvssocd, w i t h *lrr- i U h m w m l concrete floor Carries cnn- n if. n rr^ftni clRUrs, (nhnoro, etc Flx- cii '-on*!*! of f o u n t a i n , n h u w caiea, l l R h tnrrf*. iriMrn. ohnJri", ·')'' Only r.nnTrc*- r i f r v In f l i n t p r t of cltv. Pricf. $1.5tv« or ior for cawh 767,' C A BL'RKS, SC.1 ,124-ltan r i f l T ^ n a B a n k B u i l d i n g POft SATF;--Full equipped grocery Lnd meat m n r k ' - t at Mrff*.1n: atoi k at Invoice: w i l l Ifflfii* f l x t u r r * ; w i l l t f t h f ronrt PnM car; h«i- anc« rn*h. tj. A. H.. rare N a t i o n a l G^ocer^ f.n TJ\O WA1TTED TO BtTY to Mnv. MTIM |Mf the hl«h«* rsife fUnmt tt* BS*fl ·toVM. TOR-* nnri r*mir»TMtrr, or will take fn old flirnlluri* a* f1r«t pnrm'nt cm nnir. Florin- O u t l ' i U o r s , A i, in phone 1*11. "TCI BOARDERS WANTED. WANTtfl i 'pw* rron to r»n«ti1 a n d rf^ni ritim*- i n T '; s t tiinTi 7' 1R 1*ANTK.r» - i v a r !-r» A «r « f * « M r t « r l « m*n KM fl** ! o ' i r V r « A p p t v n.t 1 ** X o r t l i M W B T * )'.- ' Mil" 7«* WAISTS TO RENT. . . n - r n M i . . n e n M n f f ' » n r " ' ' ' l v . aho«t ^'-»p It M. T l ^ - ' l u i i n n . tr,H "I M d l n St T'HV FOR RENT-HOUSES. Fon njrvT- P T V K FC^M nrrr\.F: I»?T \VKHT K i s · . . ".(- ^-r- » VK. K t .Ki-rn L lrc;fi'rn U-FM,. r r», I ' T - K T A I N P p T H K n T f - \ ? ( n t t - r t ' i \^P ^ I M I T T ' » N \vn \ ' A K T A ) . ' · ' vsi;^ "F i,i*ANs rvr.\' \ v A ' ·* iv PA«* Y 7nm rrt.r, sty/. »(· -vr, ro: « r : \ T - -^U rnr.rr\ r-ot f T ef p n r ' l y nr,'' M '7 S" I ' V f t t n r d A t - p 1 * I i '.' I N i . - r - ' I t r ' f - - - . ' ! 1 · t n ^ f. rnnm h n t i w »n1 t ).. ftfi n n . ] ! r o ^ T i m m l r r n h o - j ^ r , ^2 W . l l t a i n yi I ' n j t i f f . l n » m - 4 o n .» I H m o r k 4 nnmri" 1.7.ff N f i n m n Hi . m n d « r n . $ R rui II UP..m* .fn'. .- M n ' n t l Hf p i r f mnd . j f l f t u fi llonir-f.- I'.-C \V K UK S'f . ROM,} hoHM* 1'J 00 fV H o f . T u v U f - i » r r - I . TV, ml f u r n l i h o d 1**fiO fi I i ' M t n n i!T( V. I ' r n l r U - ,*='. r l i T }\»nt . IfKio r . i:...iins X . T V '!'!-. V F . n m . I r r n 2n im ft Ko"iy« \V V r n t r i i . m ·· ,'lfMwt R Komn* "i ^ *-nt M - i i n . *t«",int h ^ a t ... 3f» 00 R 8 ft A A A A 7 T 7 7 7 T T 7 7 I*OH hitsl F fl(V4 *. floinff POR BALK-- Olfl hinch rofmi. Artnrt (roo J. A. B. ltwr .IS, R i i f l l v r od rin. I I I . bi.h«rT and r^ns T«S2 POR PAl.rc -- Sm d"Iot ; flofriK **JUn«, othar bti «r«cfn' dtAck «na m i l k lrp ruiBln^i-tt; raRBOB for fM. CaJI Auto «71tt, 1 or 1 r f t h l n ^ t m(ilt«r« to buy en.h!n*«t n\fl.ktnir biiM|nrn»; plenty of work; »o ftinrt o n . nhop ^(7iilpp«»d w i t h ft mn- ·hln«» (uirt toiM«. pr!**« J.vwi ]f tnk'-n Jit nr*t 70 1 * N !trnnr1w»y. 7 f o r «|]*rxrtlo m a n with ll.oon In a well »·- »»M1irti«fl Mi«tn*fl« !TI TV^iaiur If T(W are iooktn.jr for ·om^thlnit tco*A. look Into t h i n rirfipo«lu/m. 7 C. A. BTTR.KR, MS «4~Mfl Cltln-Di. B u n k ·RuMdlrit HOUSEHOU) GOODS. r-w--A roil ten* d d.-JS B EMnnrto T A K K B A DROP. -*k u-* will frff«*r ho »for«». Bnth In n ^ w up. -rMni'" '/T.f- e n f h and yp [ i r - o - , - r i t ' j f m f - n r h nnrt u p W t--}\* t n r l p . 7.^^- f n r h nnd u p n ilnron f m i r i«rwfr1 brnnmn at coitt Th »·(·.« n r « n n l v n, fnw of rtiir rntinv I), r-. Holt Knniihire Co. *"" 777*1 A v i t o 1337 2ft2 B. Main 7Mfl I'J FOR SAT.E. . *-ach Jff.fiTt'ft 7r,t N \ t " i - I'mimw m o r t e m , .\. t ] f * t t r r r r i h c Cnonif* nn S [' Itnnms in r t U ' T H l . ! . - . inoi!»T Ro'wn^ li'M W f ' . r f r n S t . h Room* m ^ ' l T n , U* M w c n n Tlnofnn rno-lcrii, rl"^.- in TloomB 1177 P o i f - i i : . m i 1 \ ami w n t r r ' . . , . . ' g nromi» ·!«; W Ma-'n,, si 8 Room* 11.V rottns" H I M m M r r n H Rnomi* 1K\' ( W. I « r n t n r Si . . .. 9 Rooms 11S7 N C l i n t o n St . nir.i/rn . * ronmn v*rv rlo«c I n . iTifMlrrn 8 Rnom* .W2 W. M a i n Pt . m m l ' r n S R o m n n 7 tJnr kn W'«t m m l e r n # Room' iriliri N Mn-ln Ht.. niori RT"*r? 0 Boom* imirlern, W. M n m n Ht - . .. p Room/' nimlern. r»n N. r*nl!«»(ji» Pt . . . . R«v*irnl Furnished hoiiT" W M v* 1*» hwiBfa f«r rent, ff» 00 ro $.in*v Meridith Rent .Co. ........ en tin f r u i t .Inrs ......... , ....... 2c «ach IT* I r n a h n r l j i ................... . . . f l O O n f t r h Vied p p r i T i K i ..................... HOC each ?S p P t t ^ H ........................ f i 00 r o r h 12 JTMI ranitr*fi .................... $4 on «?ach 25 drr si-crB ............... . ...... Jtf 00 each 12 FM^hntirA* ........... ; ...... .$5.00 «nch Moridith Storage Co., SSft-SRO E. ^«rrn G n r d o Rt. 7290 Bargains. Folding bed*. IR np; renter tnhlcg, 25 C up; (fasoltn" ranges. 3250 and up; bedstead*, .*Or ttnrt u p ; hffl snrlnK*'. 5Oc and up; 12 Inch ··iTtrlc fan c h M p Other harfjalns too nii- rii^rnim to mention Eldorndo find depot car* ·-top nt utore. A l b e r t C. Blickel 742 E. K M n r a d o Pt. A u t o 1.1D1. 0365 The Exchange. Furniture I buy. sell or exchange new or illihtl; used f u r n i t u r e , stoves, rugs. etc. M. A. Peabody in-« K North st. an FOR SALE--IOWA LANDS: 35 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND A R O U N D FENTON. IOWA. AND BANCROFT. I O W A P H I L I P WEISBROD, FESTON. IOWA 61137 CITY PROPERTY, FOR SALE--(V-room modern house, corner Leafland and Illinois. Auto 1594. 7545 FOR SALE--Bar^caln In new 7-room modern house, if sold quick; cash or terms. W. r.reen. Bell 3057. 7 FOK SALE--Good, 7-room, raodsrn house: full lot. $2.500. Bell 2903. 7 FOR BALE--12-room roomtnjc house, on street car line; reason for Helling. Address O 4S1, Review. 7481 FOR SALE--$2.500 for 5 room, house, north part Bell 2903. modern 6S23 VACANT IOTS. FOR SALE OR TRADE--In northwest part lot plamtwl I n s t r a w b e r r i e s , for small ·tork frrocerles Autrv 37D9. 760" FOR SALE-- !W-ft. lot. W Wood. add : level: JWSO. Auto' Mas. FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE. SECOND H A N D LUMBER AT NEW FILTER PLAN'T. OAS8 BROS. FOR SALE-- inn loads of rood d i r t In west f s r t Call Boll 2085. 76?,1 BOOK BINDINO -- PRACTICAL BOOK b i n d i n g and blank book manufacturing. 127 South Water street Decamr. IIU Herman Spies. Magazines bound, namee s t a m p e d In gold on books, pocketbooki and mcmornridiim bookB. toilet, caaes. etc. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR P/M.K--Bulrk automobile. Model F; I hoill-n. nxpress and touring; first-class con- d i t i o n . f7, r TV. Wood. 7660 FOR SALE--7 H P. Indian motorcycle; 1014 m o d e l , 2 speed. B01 S. Main. 7«27 T*OR RALE--seoddard-Dayton ta*-; quiet, ·moolh r u n n l n r : f i n e condition: a bargain of t h e nei-aon. F-MO, Rerlew TYPEWRITERS FAR RATjE Oliver typewriter No. B, new. 13500 B. J. Rnene. ES W. P r a i r i e 78S9 TO EXCHANGE. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR TRABB. 0».1-- Ijocnted on p r o m i n e n t street la west rt rf o i t y . lot 4QX12S: pav»d street, walks. n r r . srnff, w a t e r ; 6 r o n m house w i t h c e l l a r , porches; c l o t h e s closetp; poultry house and - a l s h e d , rented by stoves; electric lights. hlocUs f r o m car line. Price J2.500, sublert $1.100. C n n p l d e r less fnr caph r,r t n k e lar- Ker modern property. Lot alone is worth il.BOO. · 7079 C. A. BURKS. ' m.1-,124-S2fi Cltlz-nn Bank Building. FOR EXCHANGE-- Good $500 equity in 5- rnom house for good Ford auto. Tolly, 13ft Merchant Et. S. H. 7594 FOR EXCHANGE-- A fine 12.000 flve-pas- Benirer auto to exchange for high-class lot. In west end. St S H. Tolly 13fl Merchant ' 7595 For Trade. Could use ffood house and lot In exchange for one of the best restaurants In Decatur, running: f u l l blast and doing f i n e business. Can show you hrok« for paet sir months, It's a money maker; owner going- away What have you to t r n d e Could use vacant iotB. Be« me for f u r t h e r information. Brueck, 127 B. Prairie. 733S WANTED--To trade for a small Btors or uslneBS. Address F-776, Review. MONEY TO LOAN. FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any amount. S% snfl nr. Interest. D D Hill, Attorney, 318, 314 M l l l l k l n Blilg.. Decatur. 7690 W H EX--UW ANTA--L.O AN BORROW FROM WALT GAHVER. joans made on Furniture. Pianos. Diamonds, Live Stock, e t c . No payments required. 258 M A I N ?T. AUTO PHONE 1573 7673 J-nooo TO LOAN on real estate --O'Mara, citizens Bldg. ' P A R T I E S f l e s l r l n g t u b u l a r w(.l!s or repair work, c a l l on Otto H Tietze, Macon, 111. 7533 REAL ESTATE. PEGRAM COMPANY. 415 Citizens Bank Bldf. All classes of loans. Terms to suit borrower. First- class house for rent. Choice Lot on West North Street. for sale tt a bargain If sola at once. Also 7 room modern house, slate roof, for sale at a bargain If sold at once. 530 S, Crea St. B. S. Bohon, 334 B. PralrlB. M67 For Sale. S-room house, wall, cistern; on oar Una; lot 40x150, $700 7-room mnd«rn, close, $2,ROO. -room modern, W Drcatur 18,100 ,"i acr*s. (1,500; 20 acrps, M.200; 2 I'ot*. E side, $400; 3 lots N. W. «U}»,f 1.900. T450 A. C. Allen. 119 6. Water. BELL 3637. ADDHIS3 160 W. MAIN ST, Bath Parlors. OPEN EVERY DAT AND EVENINGS. SUNDAYS, 8 TO 12 A. M. Expert, ed Ladr an A Gentleman Attendants, DECATUR, II^L. Price $1.00. Dr. Hugh A. Vaughan Dentist. 403 WAIT BLDO. Bell SIS. Auto 1691. 4951 "° %??·· .. No Osteopathy. Ko Knife. Otflce hours 8 to 12. t to 8, 7 to Sundays. 10 a, m. to 12 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Auto phone, 250; Bell phone. 530. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett building Cor N. Water »jid E. North. Decatur. IIU 6801 SPECIAL NOTICES. Sealed Bids. Will be received for refreshment and lunch urli liege at the Grocers' Picnic on August 6. 1914. The committee reserves the right to reject »ny bids. Bids may be made on one or all five stands and must be sent by mall on or before July 21, 1914. Successful bidder must have all monev paid on July 28. 1914. D. E. Baucom. Cumberland Pharmacy, Decatur, III. 7674 Seventeen dollars per ton. Chop feed, scratch feed, bran, hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales for $1.00 at 539 W. Green. Bell SIT; Auto 18S2. TOSS 710 N. Monro. St Poundmaster and Scavenger Will rsmore dead stock anywhere In CITY OR COUNTY, FREE OF CBAROB. Call Bell puon« 2688. Auto «3£S. 8341 STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques. Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK H56 BUYS HE'S BETTER Roger Sullivan Impresses Shelby Folk. ShelbyvtUe, July 9.--Roger Sullivan, Chicago candidate for United States senator, closed his hrst day In Shelby county at ShelbyvlUe Wednesday, which he reached at 5:30, and where he spent the night. During- the day he visited 91 gel. Stewardson, Cowden and Tower Hill and met and spoke to small groups O f men in each place. He was accompanied during the day by J. E. Hogan of Taylorville, J. E. Eden of Sullivan, William Culver, Frank Ford and Thomas Tlerney of Chicago, J. C. Quinn of thia citr and Philip Hanfland of SIgel. Judge Sehulf.eld. Morris LfOgue a-nd Gug Perdunn of Marshall were with him part of the day. INTRODUCED BY WHITAKER. In Shelbyville Mr. Sullivan spoke at LEGAL NOTICES. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OP REAL ES- tate. State of I l l i n o i s . County of Macon s. the Macon County Court. To the Jun Term. A. D 1PI4. In the matter of Thomas F. Muleady. A mlnlatrator De Eonls N'on, of the estate Mary Lyons, deceased, vs William M Lyon et. al. Petition to pell Real Estate "to Pa Debts. By virtue of an Order and Decree of th County Court of Macon C o u n t y Illinois. ma« on the P e t i t i o n of the undersigned, Thoma F. Muleady, A d m i n i s t r a t o r De Bonls No of the estate of Mary Lyons, deceased, leave to sell real estate of said deceased, the June Term. A. D. 1014. of said cour to-wit: on the 13th. day ot June, A. D. 191 I shall on SATURDAY. JULY 25TH. 1914 n*xt, between the hours of 10 o'clock In tl forenoon and 5 o'clock In t h e a f t e r n o o n said day, to-wit: at 2 o'clock In the atte noon of said day, s*!! at public sale at th north door of the Court House in the Ci of Decatur, In said County, the real esta described as follows, t o - w l t : The East Ha (iA of Lot Ten (10) and Ten Feet off of th West Side of Lot Nine (9) in Block One ( of Berry H Cassell's 4th A d d i t i o n to th City of Decatur as per Plat recorded in Boo 39. Page 19 of the R e c o r d s of Macon C o u n t Illinois, (excepting the coal r j p h t ) . on th following terms, to-wit: FOR CASH. Abstract of title at T. F. Drew's office. 7i M i H i k l n Building. Dated this the 25th day of June, A. D 1914. THOMAS F MULEADY. A d m i n i s t r a t o r De Bonls Noi T. F. DREW, Attorney. MASTER'S SALE--State of HllniJTs. lloultr County, ss M o u t t r i e C o u n t y Circuit Cour In the matter of Myra Thompson, er. a ,e John G l o r i o u s , et. al No. 7402. I Chancery. Partition. Public notice is hereby given that in pu suance of a decretal o r d e r entered m th above e n t i t l e d cause in the said Court, at th March Term. A D. 1914. I, Geo. A. Senf Master In C h a n c e r y for said Court, on t rth day of August. A. D. 1014, at ten o'clo in the" forenoon of caul day, will sell public auction to the highest bidder at th S'orth door of the Court House, in Decatu n Macon County Illinois, the following at scribed real estate situate In the County Macon and State nf I l l i n o i s , to-wlt: Seventy-six feet off of the East end of Lo One o? Snyder's Re-aurvpy of Block Ten o ne or o n y u e r a n?--=ui * -» «i j-m··.*!. * -~» viullck's A d d i t i o n to thr- City of Derat Illinois. Upon the following- terms, to-wll CASH IN HAND. Said premises will be sold together wit ill and singular the tenements and nereal laments t h e r e u n t o belonging. »~-- T GEO A. SEr-TELj, Master in Chancer; Dated July 3rd. A. D. 1914. F. M. Harbaugrh, Solicitor for Complainant! SPECIAL NOTICES. To Net 7% First Mortgage Farm Loan Netting 7% in amounts frcra J250 to »2,flOO Security four times the amount of lo»n Principal and Interest pas'able h«re, HENRY D. SPENCER. 220 E. Main. Decatur, IlHnoU. A 12% Investment. $900 to $400 down burt a nice 5 room new cottage on car line; newlr p a i n t e d ; tall basement; corner lot; electricity; sood W«1U Price 11230. Come ana «ee thi«. Rents for 112.30 u«r month. C'" E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4612. Auto 10TT. IS9 B. Main. North Water St. Savon room house and store bulldh. e . house all modern, but b a t h ; located at 941 and 948 North Water street. If you are look- Ing for a house and to go Into baalness see me. Will rent for |50 per month. Price J 6,500. 7ft8B 1 J. M. Pickle 427 C l t l i t n s Bank Blflr Auto 1677. Sell !«8S. Cheap for Spot Cash. *fl acres level, black, well tiled Macon Co. land, or w i l l trade on SO and pay difference. Lot and will fumlBh money to build house 640 acres, S?skatchewan. 'Canada, or will trarte. 30 acres ready to plat In Iota Prank Godwin, 1)8 M e r c h a n t St T · For Sale. New 5 room rrndern bungalow, east §Me, J2400- (mod 6 r n o m house, f u l l lot. west side, §1OO cash, b a l a n c e hy m ^ n t h ; 6 room modern north part, ?2."i5fl; 6 acren well Improved to trade for e c a t u r residence property. 72C2 O. L .Mfflburn, Phone» UPg. 401 Walt Bldg. DECATI-B RESIDENCE FOR SALE. 901-- Good 2 ntnrv. s room house, located In southwest p a r t : psved street, walks, gas. , , sewer, w a t e r , basement, front and back porches; r » l m « , l last year; mantel and se t. cistern, hot and cold grate; clothe water, baih. la and water closet: hot air 'urnace R n n for t horses. Rent *30 per C. A. BTTRKS. 323-324-3:", c i t i z e n s Bank Building. PBOFES8IONAL Automatic Eyeglass Holders, Chain g u a r d s hooks ha!.- pins and ear loops. Finger piece mountings, expert eye examinations lenses of all kinds. Nose clip to f i t · ,,,,,, Frames to f i t the features. A r e » f f w ot l n e s5 - 5 helps offered br ' 7254 Dr. Mary Nesbitt , JUlllkln.' Building. Drs. Alsip Rowdybush, Dentists, Stine Bldg., over Hilligoss Drug Co. S9E5 JanTel En * r an« either Main or Merchant St. J670 Bell Phone 31T7. Hours 8 to S p. m. RICH SOIL. GRAND IMPROVEMENTS, IN N. W. OHIO, THAT PAYS 8% NET, WHERE ALL CENTRAL STATES PRODUCTS ARE GROWN SUCCESSFULLY. CLOVER AND ALFALFA ABOUND. GOOD LAND. GOOD MARKETS, HARD ROADS. FARMING TERRITORY SECOND TO NONE. Higher prices for farm products than here. These lands $100.00 to $165.00 per acre. Small payment down, long time deferred payments. WHY PAY BIG RENT WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY? Round trip $12.00. Free hotel. Call or write. 317-318 Citizens Bank Bldg., Decatur, 111. Both Phones. 7573 GET IT AT BELL'S. THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICES. Genuine imported PEARSON'S IDEAL Hair Brushes at cut prices. $1.50 grade cut to « ,-. · · -$1-25 $1.25 grade cut to.. ... - ·;·-·.· · -re ·· -?0 .75 grade cut to r- ·· -· -30 SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY A*regular 50c solid back, ebony finish, natural bristle brush, while they last, only 25c See our line of sponges and chamois skins. All new stock and at cut prices. All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. Cor. N. Main and North. Opposite The Review. You can always do better at Bell's. 7359 7:45 from the court house steps to sj crowd of nearly 200 men and a fen7 women. He was Introduced by W, Hi Whitaker, a candidate for congress, and was cordially received. For a. haJB hour he outlined his political policies, interjecting a modest sketch of hi» career from a day laborer to his present condition of affluence, and insist* ed that the Roger Sullivan of reality; was a much better man than the new»-i papers had painted him. ( ITEMS OF INTEREST 1 FROM MOWEAQUA Moweaqua, July 9.--Miss Edna Day, went to Assumption Tuesday evening to( spend a few days with her sister, Mrs, Frank Homrlghous. Mrs. Clyde Hight and Thurman Adams went to Chicago Tuesday evening to be at the bedside of their mother, Mrs. Wheeler Adams, who is in tha hospital there. Miss Harriet ircGee arrived here from Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit relatives for several weeks. Miss Mattie McHenry visited Mrs.- Scott Gregory In Decatur Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman and daughters, Settle and Alice, from Rockford, 111., spent the Fourth at the home» of Mr. and Mrs. James Freeman, east of town. Mr. and Mrs. James D. McKay of Decatur visited relatives here over Sun* day. L. C. Bllckensderfer Is on the sicfc list. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, from Missouri, visited the former's brother, A. J* Forbes, of this city last week. Miss Olive Smith of Chickasha, Okla., is visiting friends here. Miss Frances Harris .spent Sunflay. with her sister, Mrs. TV. W. Dawson ia Decatur. Vernp Silver came over from Arthur, and spent Sunday with homefolks. B. F. Hudson took a car load of cat« tie to Chicago Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gregory of Decatur, spent the Fourth at the McHenry; home in this city. Mrs. O. L. Scrlbner and children returned to their home in Decatur after a. visit at the home of the former's par. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Snyder. Tom Porter, from Bloomlngton, spent a few days: last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Porter. Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. Gregory visite.l over Sunday at the home of Mr. ar"l Mrs. J. W. Gregory and family. Mable and Ralph Banner returnr-'t home Sunday evening- from a visit at the home of their grandmother at Dai- ton City. Miss M y r t l e Gregory left Thursil-v morning for an extended visit at Pittsburgh. Pa. ?he also expects to vi«it New York City and Washington, D. C., before her return. Miss Mildred Chandler, of Decatur, was a guest at the Day home the f i r s t of the week. Miss Aileen Stroud of Maroa is visiting- relatives here this week. J. TV. Zeltr. rural carrier No. 3. began his fifteen days vacation Tueslav, B. F. Bramblett will carry the mail daring this time. BLACKLAND GIRLS GIVE A PARTY Blackland. July 9.--Misses Minnia and Helen Harbarger entertained a n u m b e r of their friends Friday afternoon In honor of their friend. Miss Helen Herbert, of near Moweaqua. Th* evening was pleasantly spent in play. Ing games and music. Refreshments of. ice cream and cake were served. Those present were Desslo and Otto Clemens and Howard Crump of Osbernville, Sylvia, and Violet Pljtorius, Alvira Joc'k- isch. Gladys and Bernice Bfcilev, Mabel Pistorius. Le'.ah. Hallie, Merville, Harry and June Damery, Lucille, Hlldred and Walker Baldis. Mary Jacobp, Edith Hobbs, Cressie Hupp. Helen Herbert, Minnie Rayminrt. Helen Floyd and Herbert Harshbarger. The Boody Camp N'o. 2020 M. W. oj A., will hold their twelfth annual picnic on Thursday, Aug. 13. The place has not yet been decided upon. A social will be given at the Madison c h u r r h next S a t u r d a y evening. Everyone Is Invited. The play entitled. "Married to a Suffraget," will be given. Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Diller of Decatur, and daughter. Mrs. Charles Record of Vandalia. visited Wednesday with Mr. an Mrs. John D. Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jocktsoh and danehtT, Alvira, spent Saturday at Xo- komls. Mr. and Mrs. J D Chapman and eon. Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Chapman and son. Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Thnrnell of Boody. Miss Mary Jacobs and Orover Summers spent Saturday «t the home of Bee M"ffett. Several from here spent Saturdfiv at Blue Mound. Ira Moffc't and f a m i l y visited Satu r d a y and S u n d a y at Radford. J*. P Moff»tt -in f a m l l v of Boody and Oren Jacobs an f a m i l y of E l w i n visited S a t u r d a y with N'. G. Pamcrv and f a m - ily. Miss R u t h Jamb? spent the Fourth at Mt. Zion. Miss Tjelah and June Damerv atrt Minnie H a r s h b a r R ^ r visited S u n d a y at the home of A. B Baldlp. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Albers and chll. dren and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Chapman and son were the guests of Mr. and, Mrs. Blllle Crowl of Osbernville. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J T Chapman spent = und.iy w i t h D. D. C h a n m a n and fam- ly. The hum of the threshing machine Ii lEraln h^ard in the neiarhhorhood. Miss foreene N'oland has returni1 home after spending a week near Ar- irenta. Mr. and Mrs. Ton riamTy and daugh- er, Mildred, visited S'inday with tha atter's parents n u n r Osbernville. ARGENTA. Sherman Shuey r M u r n M Mon-fav to Kln-^ :aH. where he Is employed a*" concrete f n l f t h e r for H. B. raMw^H. of Havana h 'U'Hitam Shannon, of Montlccllo. vtsited 1 lotirlay w i t h hi* mother, Mr?. Shannon ^r^ find Mrs W f n f i p l d Evans, of Chlcas". sited Sundav t r f t h Mrp Emma Evans Mrs. S. O. H l l b r a n t and children w#nt M C h f r i e o Monday * - \ e n i c 5 for an Indefinite Islt. Dr. Anderson and several ft-I#ndB froin !rca(ur are c a m p i n f r on th« river for efxtv ay The K u h n s A KUc Company entertained h f l r employe? and families and a number f I n v i t e d friends at the riv«r July 4th. Thi* s an a n n u n l picnic itlven by the companv Mr. and Mrs Burk Kestler. Mr and Mr? f. I* Coffman spent the Fourth fn Mt Pu-« ackl. Mr and Mrs Marlon Pippins- and ion. faroncp. of Dccatur. visited Friday Bnd ·^nturday w i t h Mr». Mary Lockwood. Mr. and Mrs. George Lilly of Decatur, f e l t e d S a t u r d a y and Sunday with Mr. and Irs. Mary Pwlck and fRmilr. ovpr F^alpr, of Sprlntefleld. visited Thur«- ay and Prfdar with his parent*. Mr. and Fro. I*nrkln Fesl*r. Mrs. "Wilbur Primmer, of Decatur. If vlo-* Ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lakfn F**5- Mrs Earl Ma the*, the MU«et Math**. e a f v ?hiji»v. Tr»n* Rhodes and 3ot Griffin ·pent the Fourth. In P«c»tur. 'SPAPERf VSPAPEJRI

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