Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 8, 1897 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1897
Page 7
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BUT THE Oir.iAP 3PA.O-JE8 SECOND :P.A.KT 'STERLING, ILLINOIS/APRIL 8, 1897. R fromtfafe vicinity of Deer oats has been Sowed In —A number of {be ladies from Gait t and Emeraofi enjoyed a rag bee at the borne' of Mrs. Joseph Hoak, neat Gait) Thursday. • . —Mftrtiij.Zlgier, of Jordan, s sold a Bmalfbtrach of beef CBttleto one of the iQoal buyers In this city on Saturday last. •v-The Luther League of the Jordan IrtitherJm .Charch-, will give a social JTbaMday evening at the home of J3er- 'na"n!nrolf£r in Jordan. "'* "- >-~ —The stakes for tbe foundation of the^new* Congregational church have been sat. Work will be began ag eoo6 aj the weather permits, ' .• • . C • i-Ell TUlman, nf Jordan, la temper- ttrlly^isabled on account of a badly 4 brulsecl hand. - He received the injury while Handling some heary Btones. -4Frank Walzer purchased a, hand- lOme driving horse yesterday, while Jown 'at Walnut. Frank Bays that he now has one of 1 the beat roadsters iri \ this vlcinityi' '-' - —There will be s special missionary service at the First Methodist church on Thursday evening of this week. Ad'„', dresses will be "given by Bev.J. A. Mat- 1 Jack and Bev. F. H. Gardner. v ARIJITIONAI. PJSKS01NAJLS. Ssmael Horning, o^ Multern, was In tow^H'.SatufSay SnlHisInefce. George Appel, of Maivern, was in the city Saturday on business. Mies Paraalee has gone to Polo, where she will remain daring the vacation. M. Straus, of Chicago, spent Sunday in this city the guest of Robert Rosen- thai. - >; Mies Cass Baldwln.of Prophetstown, is visiting at the home of Miss Mame MeDevitt, ' . ' ; _ __.__,_, ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Uey.of Jordan spent Saturday In the city, the guests of friends. William Tillman, of Jordan, drove a 'pair of handsome young horses down to city Friday. , . • William Wareheim, of Wilson's Mill, dfqyedown to . the ^clty Friday on a business Visit. , • Qliver Tulbot, of Sanfordvllle, spent the greater part of Saturday with his friends in this city. 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miltinger, of Jordan; were guests of friends in this o ity on Saluidaylast. • • Stanley Johnson, of Mantour, Ia., arrived in the city Saturday' for a brief visit with his relatives. • Miss Bertha Forbes, teacher In the. POINTS FROM PR6F»HETSTOWN, f.H«l« itetaf Slolen From the Echo of th»t ence of'tbe Menndnite Sunday schools of Illinois, will be held onWednesday and Thursday, May 20-27'; at the Men- nonlte church, near Morrison. 7-Many farmers believe that dehorn.*rig cattle is not only a very painful and cruel operation, but that tbe practice , will res nit. in deteriorating the stock mentally aa well as physically. —Howard Franklin, of Penrpse, has purchased two lots in the Henry;• addition of v Bock Falls, from F, W. Walzer, 'and will soon begin the .erection of .a handsome residence there,' which he will inake'his homo fo? the future. o —Dr. J, B, Cor bus, surgeon "''for. the Atlas Accident Insurance Co., arrived in-the city Monday and settled with Ja- coj> Eisele, paying him $225 as an in- ^emnity-for the injury he recently sustained by falling on a slippery walk, •--'- -^Fred Burcb, of Union Grover-has y secured the position as Assistant Grain I Inspector InChicago. He is the sop, " of Hr D. Burch and as there were 1,500 'applicants for the eighty positions, Mr^ rBurch is to~be^coQgratulated^n^lfll anccoBs. . '•:•'..'''.'.' ,. .':':• ':' .',.-V u —,01el Davis mourns the loss of a ,, pair of guinea pigs. A bold, bad rat "gained entrance to the' box in which '.they were confined, and killed them. ,, Clel vows vengeance upon^the rodent " tribe and baa been investing heavily in , a variety of rat bane. ''—Tax Collector, Daniel Harmon, of Sterling, has received a receipt from Treasurer W, W. Warner, acknowledg- " tbe reqeipt of $49,588,07. 839,695.- I-which was turned over to the vacation with friends in'.Polo. Jamas'Coate, Jr., and his bride were .in the city on, Saturday. Jamie is looking as contentedly happy as is permitted, -.'..'.-I- Dixon Sun-l-Mlsses Lena Swings and |Nellie Paddock were two veiy nice looking young ladies here from Sterling. L. E. Berry; proprietor of a large fur house of Chicago, in spending a few days with his uncle, W. W; Seavoy, in Palmyra. : ;, James Maxwell, of Jordan, was in the city Thursday.' This is the first time Mr. Maxwell baa \been down lo the city this year. _ . Conrad Sholes, of Woosung, ,wha is building a large barn on his farnf, was d^own to this .city Saturday, where he .figuredjfvith lumbjrjiealers Mr."and Mrs. John GronlB, of , came Tuesday ihornlng to vhit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Potts. Mrs. Cynthia Havens, of Sterling, arrived Monday morning for a short visit. She returned Wednesday night Frank Johns, of Sterling, was in town on business a couple of days this week. •. William Franks, of Bock Falls, tig- Uedjilf brother, John, sotith of town this week. 7". • ' ""'. ";•;"' :""'" Mrs. B. C. Crook went to Sterling Wednesday evening to visit relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Cleaveland re. joice over the arrival at their home of a nine pound boy, born Saturday, Mrs. H. A Sturtevant received a bouquet of cut flowers from Los, Angeles, California, Tuesday. They had been dipped in wax before shipping and much of their form and all their fragrance was retained by so doing. Among them were several rose and orange blossoms. STREET IS APPRECIATIVE. Gives Material Krldenpe of the Fact to the Fire Department. ExjMayor H;S^S_treet wrote the fol- '" . i, of Nachusa, Srovedown to "the city .Saturday morning. He spent the day here on business and returned to "his home in the evening. explaines itself: STEKLINQ", lil.,' April 3,1897. C. H.. IV.ES,'CHIEF STERLING FIRE DEPARTMENT. My Dear. Sir:—I enclose herewith my check for $10, which please accept for the Fire Department, as a slight token of my appreciation of the' excellent work done at the recent fire at my barn. "'., While the barn itself was of small value, I recognize the fact that, but for. the prompt and Intelligent work of yourself and men, other more valuable buildings; belonging to myself and neighbors would have been damaged, if not totally destroyed. : ; The people of this city are, and ought to be.proud of the uniform promptness and efficiency of the Fire Department. 1 , Bespectfully, LO&DFD ptomtnent farmers ctf the south side were talking o?er prices in tbe station Rt Stones the other day, when one of them incidentally mentioned the fact that he % had recently ftold a car of cattle fn the % clty at a very advantageous figure. Some «one suggested that, in view of such good fortune, he Would be doing the proper thing If he bought cigars for the crowd. Now this particular member of the pftitf is somewhat of a Joker, ao he palled oat on& cigar and gav« it td John Heckman, one of fhe party, explaining that it Wa& the only one he had, nod, therefore, the other fellows wottldjhave to get what enjoyment they Wight from smelling the smoke of John's Perfecrto. Jobtf was in the best of spirite and Soipn filling the roam with the fra- gfatice of the burning Havana, The favored one Was the envy of the party, until the cigar suddenly became a raging volcano and enveloped the $jead of the smoker lrt« «udden flash of -flame? Over went his chair and.iJn an Instant, John lay upon the floor with dilated eyes and open mouth. •I'm shot," were his flrst words, uttered In a dying tone and he closed his eyes, resigned to his fate. He was soon reassured, however, and now laughs as loudly as anybody at th? story of how he smoked a loaded cigar. ROCK RIVER .MEERSCHAUM. HOOK will self for Cash this week at the following prices. All good guaranteed, 201fH* PHIsbnry Flowr, p«r sack. WhSte Sfttla Flow, per »aek, 1.10 KAnsas Beauty Flour, per weft. Iowa Girl Flour, per sack, f|enCofl^orArbttekle'BOoffe« 18 1 Ib XXXX Coffee, i| 86 Clothes flm«, I least Foam, , st FIB* Cut Tofeaeeo, 1 Ib Qnftlltr and QnantitjT' 11& Beat Uncolored J«» T«, -. '. •• Same BB others ask we. 1 Ib Best Lard. 1 Ib CtoedBaMng Powder, 1 Ib Bakert Chocolate, 6 Bars Favorite Softp. S IBai-s Santa Clana Soap, .1 G»l. Best Cider Yincgar, 5 Wai. Gasoline, 1 Gal. Perfection Oil, •t *.1*M n.l^ Yt —^A • J ' Strange Phenomena That Occurred Hero n QunrtBr Ccntnry Ago. .Dixon Sun:' "Oce of the strangest sights that I ever witnessed on Bock Biver," said the Old Timer this afternoon, "was the meerschaum—'from the sea,' as ,t might fairly have beeri called —that gathered on the .river here at Dizon-r] 73. g$ 8 £0 85 Zo 2S 16 50 0 18 20 10 26 --— - ,„_ — _ MVWBBIU W^^VK ,'\j\f»t.\j\jf • ItJ 1 Ib California Pnines, ± 6 X Ib California Evaporatea Peaches; 8 1 Ib California Evaporated Apples 6 1 Can flood Corn, . r Q Table Peaches, 8 Ib Can, 10 Pumpkin, 8 Ib Can. 0 Oatmeal, Scper Ib.Olbfor 25 Cornmeal, per sack, 15 Graham, per sack, " 20 1 pksr Gold Bast, 1 ID Beat Creamery Batter. 1 Ib Best Dairy Butter. l,Gal. Good Syr up, lib Good Roasted .Coffee, , in the win- It was in the latter part of For several days following snow that fell, the foam on tbe of the river kept increasing in At tone time It formed a huge ;er of Jnnuar; a heavy surface volume.: 7 o _ i bank ovjer two hundred- feet high, en| tirely hiding the dain from view. As the wat^r came down, it formed a new ' foam, th'at Bparkled and danced above the higher crest below it like bits of clqiid dropping out of the sky; At first theioarn was fleecy white. Tho citizens gathered in crowds on the banks and tbelbridge to witness the beautiful display.; When the wind moved the mass it seemed in its contortions and changeslike writhing smoke, and when it settled back upon the river it shook like a tremendous cloud." SPECIAL SALE ''.'.. "'V'ON 'Curtains . ,. . , AND , ..;• ',..• , Sofa Pillows .*••', " ' '.. • \ at the Ladies' Bazaar MRS. L. HODQES. Locust Street, second door north of Gait House. • TIPS FROM "TAMPICO. township and city officers, and J 89,892.72 to tbe.; /County Treasurer. Mr, Harmon collected 023 more than ~ his predecessor, Joseph Mann, for which he received forty-six cents more coaamieaion than the former incumbent. 7" /Y',- •••,'• •;•• • ;' : A story ia told on one of the county Haachera who, having an .inordinate dread'of contagious diseases, sent a «hiid^ home because her mother was „,-„*, " ( Tbe next day the chi/d present- H'fid herself at school with her finger in ; her mouth, and a little' hood swinging ^by the string, and said; "We'ee got a . JUtle baby at ouf house, but it ia not ^Cfttching." The teacher blushed alight- 7ly ? -B6id she was glad, and told the little '' Itl to take her eeat,—Beflector, . •«A.Swede farmer, two miles sputh- . weat of Cambridge, spent 9800 trying et water without success. He fin-: made a contract with a man to . him 9300 if he got water and noth- ig if he failed. The man bored on <i and in leasJhan 200 feet, struck a ™ v ,4ng well, the drill fell into a c'av> eiti,Bupposed to contain a subterranean jpring or rlyer. The farmer put a pindfnHl over it and tried to pump it 4ry, before be paid for it. The water flowed even while the pump was going, added ©2,000 to tbe value of the . „„ ., W, Fay, one of the editors If the PeKa^b Review, will present to "••"i new liltuoia State Normal School a iue relio wuioh will doubtless be ily appreciated. It U the rib of a 1 which has been punctured by an iWhe&4. The rib w$g found on a rrn near Sandwioh by Levi B, JJrwin, i reaeutly disposed oi it to Mr, Fay. • rib is eleven laches long and wu» with, the arrowhead sticking is , efort to secure has determined town Saturday., He says that his arm is growing better rapidly, the: severe pain haying .almost entirely disap peared,. Mr. and Mrs. Enos Dlller, of Tarn plco, were In town on Friday on a shop ping expedition. This is the first tim they have been'to the city for severa months. . ' Mrs, Florence Blngbam went t Prophetstown Wednesday for a brie visit with friends there, She ; will re turn to. Sterling before/her departure for Denver. Mrs, Henry Miller and daughter Miss Nellie, teacher in the Sterling school, went out Friday evening to spend the vacation week with Me. ant Mrs; Warren PowerB, of Prairleville. Hallam Ackert, of Marion, and Mary Duls, of Dlxon,were married at Oregon Wednesday.' The couple stole away from their friends and nothing was known of the important event until i wag all oyer with, Messrs. Con and ^Davld O'Connell, formerly of Tampioo, were in Sterling Saturday, The gentlemen came from home in Northern Iowa to'Tampioo to attend the funeral of the former gentleman's daughter. Supfi, S. B. Hureh spent Friday evening and Saturday in Iowa, Friday evening he attended a school contest at Anamoea and Saturday delivered an address before the teachers of Jonea county at Monticello. Lewis Johnson, who recently had bis foot injured by a power eaw.was in the City Thursday. His injured member is doing as well ai can be expected and Mr. Johnson ia .extremely" -thankful that the injury was not more serious. John L. Janssen has received his commission from Supreme Capt. Gen, &rape, of Freeport, as Chief Justice of Sterling . Qarrjaon, -Knights .qf the Globe. Mr. Janssen is also a, special representatiye,,froni this garrieon.of the Supreme Council, John Parshall, one of the six men deputed $«: disppee of the body of Wilkjft* Booth, the ssaasain of Aim- hart Lincoln, sworn'aever to reveal the secret of the buriiit place, died pa Wednesday at ludiaoapoHs suddenly, $£ter eating a hearty breakfast, bis pipe between bis iigs. Fiye of the six man are known to be dead; teema to have been los have ates(Ji»6tly kepi the Literary Sqnlbg Cot Prom Brother GlfTord'g . 'Squire Gtfford held four cessions in his court 'this week. Four days out of six is a record beater for this place in that line. The price of town lots seems to be looking up. Everyone who has a desirable building lot is holding it for higher figures. ' The Village Board have discontinued the street light system. Now our people will have to rely upon the' moon and stars to light them'about town nights, as they formerly did. .7—7 As soon as the weather settles there will be great activity among the carpenters and masons here. There is considerable building going to be done here this season and most everybody seems to want to get their work done .first. ' .MRS. SCOTT'S CASE. . .,. THE,V HAVE GOOD JOBS. Throe Former Hennepln Wen Now Working in Chicago, The STANDARD received a letter from r^djy^iojnjin^tbis_n3Qrning^ asking thaTtheaddreas of his paper be changed, and stating that he has secured a good position as Inspector on the Chicago Elver Improvement. This position, as was his other, is under Major Marshall, J. W. Woermann and A. O. Rowse are also employed on tu.e_.Bame work. The three gentlemen have lived here, having been of the Heanepin caTml /force of engineers. .Their friends here will congratulate them. DEAT>( OF MRS HENRY MURRAY. Always ha?e In the jar<!-~e?gr!t or nine dtf. fereat grades to select fram Prices are light. CQE & VAH8ANT. Bun th« risk of buying ated Groceries and BO esHed Bargains. The "EAGLE GROCERY" will meet any and all competitors' prices, quality considered, and stand ready to prove the : Btatemeut. ^ - ~. " - i Look! 4 IbB. Fancy Cal, Punches,.. ,2Se 7 «« « «. j* runes B6c 4 cans of Blackberries 2Sa 4 " " Black Itas|}berrieH.2^o ", .'*'.. Strawberrlics ,23o lib. of Good Coffee ;.l5o Cau Corn.......... ;... RA' Can String Beans..., , 1 gal. Good' Syrup And all Prices on Groceries to salt the times. 1 J. P. Oyerholser, ILL. JOB 'For all kinds of Job Printing to JHK BTAWDAftD offlOA tU. LookOut for... . '. .'. .' .1 . r Special Sale Next My Specials Will Sue Olxon for 81O.OOO, Hut Would Take 8500 Iu Full Settlameut. The threatened damage suit of 'Mrs. Bu^b Scott against tbe city of Dixon for $10,000 to recompense, her for injuries received in a fall, .came up before the city council Friday night in the form of a communication from Morrison & Bethea, her attorneys, who eaid their client would be willing to make "a reasonable adjustment," aay about 8500 in cash; No motion was made that a check for that amount should be sent her in settlement. The Mount Lebanon Shakers have Invented a great many valuable things. They were the first to make brooms by machinery; the first to put up seeds in little packages; the first to manufacture ci}t nails, ]Sow they are out with a method of curing dyspepsia by resting the etpm- soh« Their remedy is known as the Siiaker Digestive Cordial, - It supplies •ood in an artificially digested form and at the same time aids the digestion of other foods in the stomach, In other words, by tlye use of the Shaker Digee- tive-Cordial, a dyspeptic virtually gets along without the use of hia etomaeb, until it is reatored to its natural trength and vigor. A single 10 cent tl^ wiH oft-times give marked relief. iJet a bottle from your druggist and it. She Suooumba, to Heart DlBoase at Her Home In Chicago. Mrs. Henry Murray, formerly of this pity, died at her home in Chicago Sunday morning. She bad submitted to an operation and was soon after stricken with heart failure, which caused her death. The deceased was well known in this city, having lived about twelve years ago. Funeral services will be held in Chicago tomorrow morn- Ing at 9:30 o'clock, after which the remains will be brought so Sterling on the 4:20 passenger, From tbe station they will be taken direct to Riverside cemetery, • . MRS. QUA ROBINSON DEAD. have beeii a great SUCCESS. Quick-delivery^nd" neat, parcels. m~~ 'Yours for a Bargain. W:fBELL iza East Third St., Sterling, Illinois, We are ? •- v * Cleaning House, But are still business at the Old Stand. AH kinds of ":- * Fresh Vegetables and .. •_ _:„ FIRST-CLASS GROCERIES at,. . Bed Rock Prices. C. H. Atwood, 7 The West .Eihi (4r...-,-r. ' What if Not Miracles? Former Sterling Girl JPa»nes Aw»y at ' Sberldau, III. Mrs. Ola Robineon, of Sheridan,, 111., who visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Kohl, of the First ward, some time ago, died Haturday morning. She submitted to an operation Friday which resulted in her death. Mrs. John Kohl has gone to be present at the funeral, Mrs, Robinson • was formerly Mies Ola Hqffoian. She used to live here and was well known by many," all of whom will regret to learn of her death. • . , The great Four-C Remedy is doing work wherever introducedas nearly rmracukjot. as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (1 will esteem it a favor for any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) ty aim Isto comjroe the public of my sincerity and of the true merits of this remedy, ], BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. 'CONDUCTOR CUPID Office Of "KINGFISHER TlMBS," » Kingnaher. Okla., Deo. 12, '88. f GBNTUKMIN;— I believe tt my duty to write you • line in regard to the beneficial effect of Pbelps "Four C Remedy," so far as I am personally oon earned. A week aeo last Thursday, I waa taken wjtb a severe attaok of la grippe and In a abort time became ao hoarse I could not apeak above a whisper. Tbe nluht -previous I bad oouRheti nearly the entire niKht; lust before retirln« I took a teaspoonful.and slept the entire night as sweetly as ever I did in my life, notcounhingonoe. I was jntwelyrelieved before taking one bottle. Phelps' Cough, Gold and Croup Qure should be in every bousebold in the land. I send you this wholly unsolicited by anyone, tor, you are benefactors of the race in Riving it the antidote for aoms of the wont afflictions \o which it Is heir. , Very Truly Yours, ' . . C J. NBSBIW, Editor. •A MIRACLE. T ..» n. IA E ^ s *f« clty> Kansas. D«a 84, '91 .j*^!? Fr , ld * y J Deo ' J 9 ! M y attendine physician stated unless I was better by morning he oould do notbloK tor my relief. That nigbt I com- tosncied takinp; Pbelp'e "FourO" remedy, utoppad *U other, medioines. Tbe Bret dose stopped my cough; slept and rwted well; a few moradose? removed all coreiteet from my lungs; the second .daylwiwup: the third day J was out onthe poroh aud to-day w»s up town purchasing holiday OOdi. ' lBSKISSSKT, Wwhingtou Ave. aud Summit St is the Bootors medicine for chii- it ia place North \V««teru L'onauotor Crosby ou Cupid, the.little god, has been railroading. Conductor W. II. Croaby, pf tbe North Western and, Mlsa i'et M, Hudson, of Clinton, were married in Chicago a few daya ago.and will reside la Cedar liapida. Mr, Crosby is a railroad man well known, in Bterliog, and he, no doubt, has gained a lovely wife Uood luck to tbeta both. or CROUP CURED. One doao of Phejpa' Coiigh, Cold aodOrout W. E. Moowi, of JJooro Bros., Groo«tB Arkansas OUy, Kansaa. UNBROKEN REST AT, NIGHT. , ._„ - B- UOUNQ. Manager, i Office Commercial Printing Co., >• l»a South Clark St. f R-RPhelps, Esq., City. Chioa «°. Nov. 84, W ' ., . m 1 " 1 wlBlb to *#*r testimony to tba great efflcttoy of your "Vout G" remedy in throat ' and lung ailmenls. A« a rule I have Wn flop- tical of t»e merit* of proprietary mcdloinea, bit have to oonfesi tout a test of your "Kour C" t» convinaing that at least one ready made remedy il ! tw , 01 "» 1ftfo '.« u a MX children all uk, Tit with* out the feast objection, from oldest to yoW«t »nd It is particularly noticeable tost beBtflt U ftlmost immediate. 'A single dosTwUI ch'ck raost coughs lu their beainuiu?; WgU««n^. broken rest at night. In my fumi& "Ko«r 0" " UR - J. B. UPUNQ. ACUTE J.ARYNCITIS. , *he first dose reHey«4 ™ « ,. my wugh, giving me the first night 1 * test for weeks. Half the'bottla our " been this oured me I Uavanever .. . Wadlsw Ava/ ._ , IT IS A MIRACLE, . Conductor Eck*rd, tin, EaUroad Cotteswjn. dant of the Neodash* Kansas sav of "Four C." "I'JwJps , know it k lust wo»t U is W NOTICE TO DRUQQIST5 AND THE PUBLIC '' Bronchial or Luog trouble, not as a Cure-A l,b«uo Give it a trsal on the above condjtionis. I take all 8, 8, IWS, 118 For Sate ip Rode Fall« fry ||. in fry W. R mz.

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