The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 15, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1859
Page 4
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-mmimmz^m&ijt^ W^^SK^f^^T'-'f s? A~ iS ttt^OJSO.. aODTUI, SBITOB. ; the UvBlir awertairjed that there ia report that Mr. OHIOI OF TH« MEWS, It 3s noir no tratbin v .- .. tie breadstnml market eontlnw* wtlh declining ten- The<J»yerrsmeDih»BTeeovere^theclaim of OD« hnndrea and thirty thousand dollarg.froffl -the estate of Qarancr, the forger of Mexican elatme, and the .money has been paid over. BCTFAU), Jnn^l*. .. Vessels BonMV West—14th,.ffc-op. Burlington, Qulncy ' krlf Wm, Perm; scbrs. M.: Clarke, aiary of Montreal, O.D.Norrls, White Squall. ' _ . Sound ^ «ast7-l>Uh, itrop, Ontario; bark a. W. •aorstoti. •; ?t--> -• ••' WASEIHOCOH, June 14 .rjTheUghtHoasa Board have purchased of the Na«7 Dapartinent;" the steamer; Arctic, which hftd become unfit for naval service.' It hi to be xjonVerted into a light boat, and. anchored, to warn mariners off th» .Rattlesnake Btrands, iwaf Charleston, 8. C. ~ i The seventh annual exhibition of the U. S -t-ii^iixx...^.-!!,*.. i he . d at Chica £, . ,. .., Mo»«Ti»r.— Money mattcn pre»«jftbe «ime ' 'prevailed htritofori. Kb Agricultural Society on the 12th of Sept. next. .j Commander Livingston hasf been ordered to the command,of the Eeeclring Ship at Bostoii vice Stoddard, who baa been detached on account of Srcknes*. - '£ . ^. :'-•.'. f i '' ' LATER PROM EUROPE. Steamer City or WaaUngton. ' e 14. wm.'c wIU 1 Mil On Saturday for Lireirpool, will stop at St. Johns and take aboard the passengers brought there by the itkfated steamer Edinbarg TEBBTOB, N. -J., June 14. ,.' 'The Atlantte Boat Club arrived here late ' this afternoon, and after partaking of a collation, started at half past six o'clock this evening to complete their task of rowine to Philaddphlal S Additional Foreign Kcwa. NEW TOBIL, June 14. The Paris .correspondent of the Commercial Advertiser, of this city, writing nndy date of May 81st, famishes the following it^ms of Intelligence. ..The fire American citizens who : were confined in the prison of Ronen, were released on the demand of the American authorities,and are on board the frigate Wabash. ' General Weil, commander of the fourth corps of the French Army, was supporting Garibaldi with thirty thousand men, and it was also his intention to march to Milan. Intei-eating Nesjre from PUte'S Peak, ST. Louis, Jane 14 Mr. Swinlmrn, ageot of the Snoot & Rus•dl Company, arrived here from Leavenworth this morning with $690 of Pike's Peak gold Swinburp will proceed iffimedtatelv to New York to test the quality and value of this gold. He says that a much larger quantity of "day might have'been brought in, but the miners demanded §20 per ounce, whioh is considered by the purchasers exorbitant. • The Extra Leavcnworth Times furcishee glowing accounts of the mines : Claims, four weeks since considered worthless, were commanding $5,000 to 820.000. At Gregory a claim sold for Sil,'(»00 and several other claims in the same lead changed hands at from $6,000 .to §7,001'. The snow had disappeared Irom the mountains. Prospecting was being vigorously conducted. New and rich leads are constantly discovered. At Gregory diggings miners were making $25 per day. Arrivals from the States ocntinae larg«, and all push immediately for the mountains. The health of the district i« eic«llent, and spirits of the miners jubilant. Horace Qraeley was expected at Dearer city the day after the train left. STILL LATEE FROM EUROPE SACEVILLK, Jane 14. The steamer Enropa has arrived nt Hulifes with Liverpool dates io the 4th instant. The steamship Kangaroo, from New York, May 21st, reacb^.i Ltrerpool on the 2d of Jnne,and the Yanderbilt steamer Oo«ac Queen from New Tork, May 21st, arrived at Southampton, Jane 2d. The steamer Persia, from N»w Vork. May 25, arrived al Liverpool on Saturdav the 4th insl, 4 The advices from Italy ormCrm the of Palestro by the Sardinians. The Victor EmaunelwomtnaQded in t.erson and exhibited great gallantry ' Tb.3 Anstrians harp endeavored to re-take Palestro, but were repulsed after sanpuirjarj .encounters. The Sardinian reports say that tnred 1,000 prisoners and 8 <runs The latest despatch from Turin reports the Anstrians in fall retreat across the Ticirjo into Lombard y. The reports received l>y previous arrivals state that Gen. Garibaldi bod met with a repulse by a superior Austrian foroe, is confirm- jed, but it now appears that he was fmeeessful n re-entering Como. Prom the Seat of War. The Austrian efforts to retake Palestro are described to have been very sanguinary. At one time the Sardinia troops were outflanked on the right when the Seroids came to the rescue and repulsed the Austrians. The Ann. trian version of the battle has not been received. The Austrians had retreated from RabWo, and a special telegram to the London U i!y News, dated Turin, Friday, June 3, says the Austrians were in full retreat across the Ti- oheno. The French headquarters were at Vercelli. Garabaldi bad been driven into the mountains by the Austrian troops under General capture they Steamer Fulton. < N«w TOBK, June 14. . The steamship Pulton arrived last night — Her advices are mainly anticipated by the North Briton at Quebec.' The dates are to June 1st. ! Y The following are tbe latest despatches from tbe seat of war: Berne, May 30th, rla France. An insurrection has broken out in tbe Val- telline. The population is repairing en puuse to Saadria, the centre of the revolutionary movement. The Austrian • grenadiers, who hare returned into Switzerland, have been disarmed by the Swiss authorities and) sent into fha Interior country. The Federal Council has despatched troops to (ha frontier of the Grissong. Gen. Garibaldi's vanguard ie at Canto. The telegraph to Como is worked by'Bar- dinian employees. It is stated that 8,000 Sardinians are at Varese, and that a French corps d'armee is expected" there. General Garabaldi suffered a defeat on tbe 29th May, by a superior force of Anstrians. and withdrew into the canton of Tesin. TtJRiN, May 31.—The first' details of the fight at Pallestro have arrived here. The enemy were entrenched at Pallestro Caspaleno and Yinciglio, and after an obstinate defence our troops carried the entrenchment at the point of the bayonet, with admirable bravery; tcok two pieces of cannon, and many small arms and prisoners. l*h« loss of the enemy wa» very great, bnt th4-«xtent of onr loss is as yet unknown.— Vercerli was yesterday evening illuminated. The Emperor traversed the streets on foot, and the town was. joyous. The King passed «he night at Tarrione, among the encamped troops. The London News says »t will be observed that our telegraphic intelligence contains two reports respecting tbe movemenU of Qaribaldi —the same margin and date—bul in all other respects perfectly contradictory. It would b« easy to avoid this incongruity by pnblisbing the despatch which we believe contained the truth, but we give both, as they have reached us ll will be observed that the report via France containing the most favorable news, re lales to the etutaof things on Monday, whereas the defeat is alleged to have taken place en- Sunday. If Garabaldi bad taken refuse in th« Swiss Canton of Tewn, be would haw been disarmed with his entj-e force, and could not bare a vangnard at Cantu, which is on »he road to Milan. The news of insurtectfon »t Randrif and the disarming gend'armes, given in auolher telegram, is alsc dated Berne, Monday, and. despatched from Turin, wbieh is in telegraph communication with Caufe, announce* that Garabaldi has received reinforcements thr-re On-the whole, We are saWs&eSi that tifn General is uo| only in the field, bnt successful PAEIB, May 28 —A lelegraph despatch state? that tbe Austrians, 50,000 in numUr, quitted Placenza yesterday, and re-eolered Lombardy. Uis also -stated lh*i England i« willing to renew diplomatic relations with Naples, bat only on condition that France srill Kitnrilta- neoQuly <Jo »be same. The artBooncetneDt of Sir James Hudson's departure for Raples was prema«nvr The Marquest Expedition apaioti Morlea had iieen dnwn back, and th« town lias been ravaged, atid it* women f»ized a&d wl: to force them Io disclose tbeir bidden stjres. : «iBffi)rmlijr to r d*j chinge being felt In either carrfdcy or The Journal qfCumti^fct, Jr., of il»« itth, u j» of th« New Tork money market Mien it a more cheerfnl tone to-day, but no change to rate* of IciercBt. It l» euierto. oegoUate pritne oosBVerclalf aoer, at ?®8 per cent. • •• •• ' i : ' . • ! The stock market i> again oetttr, e<peciau> far S. T. OentraljOwlDf toth«§etllement of the dl«pate lore- gard'ta the -wetternnttt 'of freight and tn*»lt ' the •tetiner. "New York" for foothimptloo «nd Brem«n, Uok otrt MM^OO Io tpecle. VooJd tra - th* nppermoit In a di», orJered Jiraln. Since he hai recovered to tbit hli min 'l»reftoredi h«li of ih« opinion that be WH out of hU i aMttbtttea .bont.thi boat; ' :,- —-..- — -——n-.u... 18he stamped here a s*ior tine anil thenpfticeeded on teSr voyage. She Is bound for Bnflilo.— Detroit fret Prtu, Utn. *ta> Papucoi.—There was n« as orach activity In fl' nrio day ts'on j&lerAlf, lint the p. ices were«rn> and steady at yesterday's figures Io whea.t there was'a 11 Ule more activity at prices a shade better, with a firm buoyant fteling at the close. Oats, Corn and Barley were qul et and 'dull. Pota oes kavc »rli'"'a h<ap" and are of quick sties. Wool Is just beginning te mike its appeaienee la onr market though In very small qaanBtea. The prices ranging about as we quote I last week, that Is from 18 to S3c. We noted a «ale this morning of 600 lei of good common new clip at 30. Sic wai refos d for a fair looking lot In the street at the same time. Hire It what some of the Michigan papers say about wool.: Wool has ccme In tolerakly freely for the past week— the prices are ranging from -80 to *2c.— ifanroe Com- mircial. , But little Is coving lorw rd—40c Is an extreme figure ; extra cleaned three <|B*rters 83c.— Ealamaiio tiaeette, lltA Pricts varyfaig'froin 3oa4.)c.— BUltdaU Dim. Coming in quite freely. Pi ices ranging at 8834*, averaging 8i>Ci— Silt* Kip., lltt. Comes In slowly at80®4&o— Ml. Clement Standard. Wool: the market remains just about as It was last week, with sales of 2,400 Ibs pulled at «3, 2,000 Ibs nc« fleece at 27@*7; 2,000 Ibs m 25@40, and a small sale y^ttrrday at Si. The previ HlBg Bfnrei ate 86®«0 for good qualities, with most sv.,« nearer the Inside Dgnre. —Dtt. free frets, 12tA. e followkg h a 1'lt of *es>«ls which pa sed Detroit |n tit 10th: .' ,5,o»nd tip—Propeller Ksolne; scbooneri While < laut) Alrln Clan, Bokert Emmet, Adriatic, R. B. HnbDard flylna-ijoul, Mary Booih.flnlfeima. - T .*? u '2. Do »n—barks imerlcan B.-p;tllr, North rn Light; brig Al m , ; jcnooners H. J. Jonei, Thornt n, J it* Tiffany; ASBOSX.—The Detroit Fne Prta says: The schooner st. fi. i. BeemU, which f inset down on Friday, reports a white Schooner ashore hatt a mllethii «tde or Pol; •ni baftjnes. Ehe lies with boas on, beaded direct to land. Der name could not be made out. BY TELEGRAPH. Wholesale market. T"«SDiT Kviimta, Jane U. raKlOHTS—more active. Bchr., wheat to BulTilo at 4c. 8chr.' Grrritt Smith, wheat to St. Catharines or to Oswego at 6c. Prop. Prairie State, 1/00 bbls flour to Oswego on owners account. FLODK—steady. Eeceipts «7 bbls; shipments 1,0. 0 bbls. Sale* 100 bbla mlju.l brands conn try spring extra al 6,56; 22 bbls do do al 6,00; 23 bbls steam mills at 6,75 BYE i'LOUB— lower. Shin 10 bhls at 6^6. WHKAT—better and acllrt Receipts 2,226 bus; shipment- none. Sales >^00 bus No. 2 at 1,08; 700 do uninspected al l,12Js;; J,«S do So. 1 at 1,10; 1,080 do No, 1 f. o. U , at 1,17; »,(WO do No. 1 at 1,18; liodo eitra Mo ] fi.r milling at 1,'i'i; 800 do good milling at 1,86; 276 do No 1 winter al 1,52. Total 5,530 bus. HYE—*cnrce and firm al ),«0®1,)0. OATS—dull and drooplDf Receipts 1,179 bo«. stilp- ments none. Sales 200 bus ai 40. UARL V-Inactive and |.r ces nominal a V>Q,'M CORN-dull «nd qnlet ai «5ia70 Becelp s nonf; shipmfDtii 118 bus. POTATO**— high. Receipt 783 bus, shlpmtnl 17ii bus. Salts 200 bus common at 82^, 64 do do st 35, 21 do Plnkeyts at 1,«). ilUTTEH—«teadv at 9Q.1U I .r flrkln, Uiai8 for fresti r 11. Receipts l,6S51us. KOOS— stead y at S®9. CORN WEAL—bolted 1,SO; unbolted 1,75 HIOHWINKS—firm at 26>^fiK. HIDES—uDchanfed. Roc<-i).« 2.695 Rn. Qrten 6S WOOL—ur.steadv Receipts light. Sa't-a 600 Kood common at 8>> ! ^rnv Vork ,; Hair Vosjt. Jane 14 FtOOB-dall and without change of moment ; sales 04,000 bbls at G^OQiC.SO for superfine state, small lots: 6,69 for eho'ce do ; «,76ai,00 fo» eatr» do; 6,SO®6,6< for auperfine western, o,75{J7,10 for common to fat e«tra *estern; 6,15®!*) for for do round hoop Ohio, and small parcels at 7^5^7,40. OANAblA'N VLOUft—nominal. KTK H,OU«—small salM at 4&i,00. WHEAT—quiet and unchanged ; sales 9,000 bush, al WO for common winter red western ; 1,62@J.?5 for unber Mich.; 1,CO Ibr white do ; 1,82 for white southern ; 1,72 for red do ; 2.00 for new amber BARLEY-quiet and nominal. COKNf-heavy and lower ; salis 53,000 bus, at 66 for "Id a< d new western mixed, In store and afloat »a for red yellow ; 90@BI f«r southern do. r Stile; 62(a56 f..r wrtlern and Canadian. STOCKS— «ero.- d board lower; Va6'«sr, Mo 6's S5X I0bd»84 N 7 CI2H, Ha-lera prtfj 38, M C 41J,, >l a »,do fl'd 80, Panama 1 ,20, O * 0 64X, 0 * R I 4u. BDj-fALo MARKET. ItcrriLi, Juoe 14. ale« '2 700 lib s, al 7 l'5 and Ohlu PLOUB— Active and flrm 7,60 for fair to choice extra Ml h^an, Ind ?,75Q8,2a for doable eitras. IV11E4T—Oontlnufj qnlet. COBH-lo fslr distilling demand snd market stea.lj. sales 19,000 bushels at C8 for uniK,un<l III Ti fur t., u n.t do afloat. OATB-Dull BABLF—Dull. aye—Brm at I 00 OANAI. FRElOaTS-steadv. BorpALO, Jane U. Vers Is passed Pnri Cclbourn Lock from 4 p. „ ]\ik, till 4 r. V. ISlh : Boond West—lllh, bark 8. R alarat., ».-hrs. Nicars- goa, P*r»gon, of Tor i.lo on tht 1 111., pr .|, W.,c..n- stn. Bound fcast— Dili, s.t,ri. T«rUr, Alli.nnu. on the JSlh, prop. Akron. bark« Three Bell,, f. t H»rk. \V S- Pierson, Honhern Light, ol CUyto-n, H i Wtn*l..w brigs gull»n, Laton, Wm. I i;wl>; s-hrs. Re olulr. n Toronto, Sylph, Am.In, Prern.n, Kenusl.i, Colerai. . M. McNalr, W. U. DeWItt, Ihornlnn, llekn, Brmi», M L. Collins, If. 8. ?cott, C K Bailor. CITY ADVBRTISEMENTS. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL. NOTICE. • Crrr Coumai.Ltt'8 Orricc, I Contract Dcpartme t, Milwaukee, June 11, 1S59. f B yreioi tlonof ite Common Conner, a lopt«l the 6th Ctj of June, U59 the recommendation of th« Street Oommlfslot.eis of t p 3 I Ward, io the I south alley throngh block 112 it u ordered : I That said alley be, g.aded to tre eitab tshe.1 p-ade, f accordion I., the .stiroai, O r ihe City Eu)tin-«r, on flle In this office Owners of property oa said alley as »boie meull ned •re hereby notified to make svd In) prntr mono within 20 d»y« from this n a te, or the Street Commissioners of the 2nd Ward will cause ihe fame to be done »nd cnara-ed to the respective Ion according to ia». Jell-ot _ E. I'H. GARD .VKR, i omptroller. N(J TICK. CTTI CoxpTBuLg.'s Orrtc' Contract Department. H I . June 12, I Mil S EALED proposals irllVbe revived at .1,1, O lnv, Tuesday, June 14, 1SS9, at .1 F >r . nr cl-nori.s pairing and furnishing necessary maierisls u.e er runnlnir through blocks 3s an. I l;j, ,n ti,» >e Ward of Ihe City of Milwuuli.. je'2-dtt E. l.'K. QAli MSKtt. Compirnll M ANN'S PATENT PAHCUMSNT LETTER CUI-YINf) Bool I, a ifoo-l inpply at low prices. For <ale by . ,, TSRXY A >"'- 15" fait ( um.i NOTJCE. 1 8 hereby elven that all ihe , oanter«. B ned circulation notes lasaed by the "People's Bank" at M.l»aukre must be pres. nted at the offlc- of the I'ank l.'iiaii.troller wllhln three yv«r» fn m Ihe b.-He of ihis not .-.• < r h.t the funds drpo.lted or the redempl.nn nl ,a,.l . ircu'a ting n. Us will be givrn up t ihe s»nl Bankmu A.-... Cla'lon. Mllwsniee, March 1'.', 1S59 U. IIAKRTK1 , «•?<•"> V .:,\\t , .1 Ih, IV.vr.,,' ».„!, NOT1CJK. CITT C JMrTH Oitntr.ct Department. Miiw aukt-p, J ^ KALEO p'opA**!^ wMI \ r r-" ^ \ . ' til Th«Fiday. Juo.- U, HI l.j , > followinp natittil »ni,-i^s f .r the u^ Brd|fi-s. vz Ca.lint;) ,» r it, li.j' Splkn ,>rr II,. B.l.i.r ..r C.,m u-i oujM ,.r f., rilf ,l [rnr, j, r Screws i>»t pu c». in.l * ,rv je-W-dtt i Orrict, [ f.irai , n u .. | ,, v u t, .Vl.t ,, rk \* ln , u ,. k: L'.l •MHniVi:<, i;,.,, N'0'1 1C >.. V 6, | of tl ^ XTS of th« *tii \V»r.J, [ zabeth itrct- 1 io Hcott >l l.'PWilH plinketl, It <ra, That 5 h avenue au-l Imus be graded ?nj fci-j. he plan nn-1 specific »ii .11 thi. ,,|»rr of | d t" make je:i-<i(ii il,f »l, days fr DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, A^ID DR. IIOOFL*.\D'8 BALS43IIC CORDIAL, The great standard medictne.1 of th* pr'^nt aye, have acquired ihnr great popularity <n.y through years of tnat. Unbounded tatvf'i--- tion u rendered by them in 'ill -ttses. dmi : 'i^ people have pronounced them worthy Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Vervons system, Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and all di&tasea aristny /rom i disor<lrr--i liver or weakness of the itom,ich 'in:i diy.itu 1 organ*, are tpeedily and prn:ianenti>/ :urttl ,y the GERiLVN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial t,,u ,:: IU tn,l , reputation surpassing that uf .jnv :>•• • partition fitanl. ft will -rur-. wira-ii. r K\,.. the moit severe and long-stundrn-f Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronclmia. Influenza, Croap, Pnenmonia, Incipient Consomptioo. Confirmed Consumption. A few dost* will also <jr ..n<-- •'•-. re the most .<<fver>> Dlarrhcea i.<- ••• rt/m CuLD IN THB B'JWELH mfdtctnes ar- pr*i»ir o., \,j 41-* .1- GREA' cS WSCOVEEY OF THE AGE These / • i. -if «; \ ., icih per Its Urban, who re-took Varm, but a telegraph despatch received via Turin, states that Gen. Gar- •baldi gath«ring reinforcements returned and surprising the Anstrians, re-captured Varez, mad tmbtequently r*-entcred Como in triumph Gun. Cheil, who had been sent to the assist- mnoo of General Garabaldi, had occupied Na- vorra. The iDBorrwtion in Lombardv was spreading rapidly. Sardinian BnlktiD, Turin, AIa> 3d, sayg. 'atresh victory has been gained by our troops." At seven o'clock this morning a force of 25 000 Anstrians endeavored to retake Palestro' the King^ of Sardinia commanding the fore'- most division in person, and Gen. Cialdini at the head of the third regiment of Zouaves repeated the attack for a considerable time and then having suddenly assumed the ofiensive pursued the enemy, taking one thousand prisoners and capturing eight guns, five of which were retained by the Zouaves. Five hundred Austrians ware drowned in a canal dnrinc the fight. ^Another fight took place at Confenseca, in the province of Zomeni, in which the enemv were repulsed by the division under General Hprrie, of the first *orps of the Frenih army after a two hours conflict. Last night a picket of enemy endeavored to pMBthePo at Ceroeasia, but they were re- palwd by the inhabitants of that vicinity. j The Austrians have evacuated Varo. in the province of Babbio. Tj7MB, June 1. — A second victorious con- ftct occurred at eix o'clock last evening at P«Uetro. The enemy endeavored to re-enter bnt were repulsed by the division under Gen'i ^dml, composed of the Zouaves and Pied- •MonteftB-cavalry. The King pressed forward where the%ht,wai most furious. The Zon*Tes vainly trying to restrain. On Tuesday the Austrians attacked the Sar- pinlan vanguard at 2este Calende, and after a fight of two hoars, oar troops pursued the From Vern Grua. NEW OBLEANS, June 14. Advices from Vera Crnz«tate that it was re- ported"^^lhat Miramoo had suppressed the pro- nanciampnto maip bj the Priests in favor of Zualogo, and bad arrested and Rent to Vcra Crn2 gome of the principal authors of it It is also staled that Znalogo has l*>en imprisoned by Miramon. The Am«ricanB and otber foreipnere suficred serorely. MJ-. Black, the American Consul, is reported to be «-oing to Vera Cruz for safety from the rabble of the army. Mr. McLane arrived at Vera Cruz on tfce 30th ultimo 8>>nor Bonilla, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, has issn*-d another decree, *n which he states ttiat the Americans are not accountable for the acts »f President Buchanan, who, he says is opposed by twenty-six oat of the thirty-two States of the North American Onion General Ibas is reportrtl to be at Vaja»o. Letters from prtvate parties give the advice not to cross the Isthmus in the present condition of affaire. Crrr CniiiTHoi.LiBr'B Omo«, i CoKT»ioi UETAHTMEKT. June 14, '59. f S EALED proposals will be received at this ofllce, until Friday, Juoe 17th, at 11 o'clock ». »., for doins the unfinished portions of the fol owinir work or- dered-Jby the Bmrd of Alderman, Oct. », 185S, and c-M- cnrred By the Board of Councilors, Oct. ll, 1SSS, T'I . To grade Beed street ana •MewaJks lo the estsbllsbed grade, from Vlorlda to Vlrp>nla street, in the fifth Ward, and the Btreet planked rlth two • (feet tracks of plank and Ihe sidewalks planked. Hu-ilroad Ucceipia. RftCciPTd »T Li OROSSK. A MILWD^CKB RAILHOAD — 18* bus wheat, 768 do oats, H do potatoes; 345 bbln dour, l,i)9Ibf hides; sundries; 7o tons p '-g Iron, 1 hoop; .'i.OOO ft lurabrr. HtcirirT* BT MiLwitrui a ItiBsissirn RitLao»n — 1 «40 biu. wheat; 411 do oat<. 31B do potatoei; 8U Ib- hid«-s; l.fiVt da tutt«r. 11 -OC 4o sundries. 1^ ior« BtoBt;; - l.orses. Kicurrs BT MiLWiotEK A HOBICOS IUILBO»D— SS8 bus o»U; 8i] d pc,tau>cf. 72 bbls flour. S.SOO lb« fee<l; 2.960d«ra(rii. SSI do lildt-». Meaeorolutrieal. Jrsi 14 • ' * —VTin.1 N E. by N—thick fog and mi«t. Baroin.le 2S, It. Thermoroi ter 5ii. 1 : » —S. £.—sky cloudy and mi:ty. H.r... -W 29 T>.^nnonjcter 6u. 4 i-. ••—Wind S bi K —kky cloudj. Barometer -9 iy TherBaometcr 70. b r. M.—Wind S by w —aty O l adj in *cU. BaromeU-r 29. 18. Thermometer 72. M'BB»T KiLLBJ)—Abiut one-fourth of tbe new thst we (Tct c ncernmp the ravap. • of the late fro.t, is that Qievbf-a 1 is k'llpd; the other threr-founhs i%yiii, not rnoch hurt. AHOTHBB FROFT.—There waj another sharp fro t In this vletoitty, last n^fht, not so heavy In tbe city aj that of last Saturday, bu< •uOiciently damaplnc. ll was a wr.ite front onij- as far as our observation eitend*, but fanners In town to-day report .t as qu te a* wvere &• tb»t i.f l«8t week. We have accounts from Harrhur];, Aurora, Wales aud Collins, which state the the damytc don*. 18 very preat. On clay lands ice formed In poMF. —Buff Com. Adt~, \\Ot Hoa TliBS.—The Siles (Mich.) KepuUinin sayi a hundred and thirtr U.ouaand pounds of live hops bav« been shipped from that place wlth'n tbe month;. DAMJ^S TO THB WHUT C«or BT TBS Faosr — n,e Pittkhurg /vice ( arrant, after carefully reviewing the reports of the damage to the wheat crop by the recent lost, comes to the conclusion that three-f nrths of liie entire crop li safe beyond a doubt, and that Ihe re malnlog lojrth msy be half destroyed. Tct, notir.ii, BlandlnE this l»«, ve are still sure of a fair average yield, as tbe >uperal>undance of the crop is sufficient to warrant it. HP The weather h»s been quite warm lo-day wilh a promise of rain In the evening which launch needed. AMUSEMENTS. V « \ \ G ' N || A I. L . OB, KANE'S ARCTIC~VOYAGES 1- OK O N I-. W K K K , -COMMENCING— TluiiMfny Evening, J im< 9, A tr< '.li.he I :,- 1, an.! < Boar I 'Iir B,,ir The ind '' l c .„,.. , 1 I'H N< >TI r. •, L Contra.-l Dt-i-artnieot. MiU _J V re'fjlul.on <>' l/.e ' t i.. J 6l.l . I -vjj, I,',.- ! , .-. r, . .T, .,,.. '••Ill noil nuecmlul tour ll,ruu."h Europe, a- •oulled bjr H,r Majitt, Q ue ^,, Vu u.r «, III. Rny. >l Ulghntis the Prlr.ce Con»ort, thr I'rr.rc.. Koy»,l Pnnce of Walrs, and Ladv /ramlin. at il.e Usllerj ..i Iilusu-»..nn, 14 ll«:ij.,-ni i rn-i, Ltn 1 u.i sobliu.e cre&tloti of an ev, r rihl •tt*-J. T. P. FAILING'S f.rrai Original 11111-1 rulion „ f D Kiuir'. Wo.ld Ri-nnuncd ARCTIC VOYACJK-. Together with FrirUsh anil Danish ?f\r^h<*» f r Mr J A-rericAii triut, George Mcl^lc. L*^ , »r f t drtxTrtng 1 ! Ink en OQ t>if»pnt Several intertsttni; rehra i>f i'.e Arrt •rill b* exhfb l-U, ainODf trti.^i »re Dr K*nt' - K»y»c, Arctic l>re*»«, or «?br*t<! ' Whitney," (the only urvivur .1: I»r K» K»qntm.iax I»<i(ri used during Ms uurix Ihe ha-»m]fQl K*quima.Jc -i-.: "W.-jf," pre*t-nt«l by L»dy Pranklin to Dr K^Le't rt'iuttac.ou, ilf . That stid accordmir io t ihn oilir, I H E J J ^ K H I N V 1 U OK A To 11 i'kr I'A KKIi b V t'K - \ > - A. r -a I., I t . mait r.f i f,, 'i)ii:|)oun : K i! lire I) 1 BUSINESS CAROr, \ \\ Kx |>t-Jn .1.1 .1 « C •SO. M<-i t )I N -I- it; •% ,H A J i I I < V OH k . CHANOLEM & HIOKCOX edOrB.iay aini S»lur'l*r aflernj &T" TictCH* '^-, c'-oU Ch;,'!r<r t3T~ Tlje tottrt-ft-tlnfT N»rra:iv rt-uc II xhlbttion, by h »nv'i irkry, lor §»)»; at Uir rnvJi Pn jc-.S-.l8* -I Dr "pan • i H V A I T II OKI I ^ put two Of ihr Condition of th« }n of Euffjyio, (.n thtr -H.] <-l F- t.ruar) Sf-rrrtary of Htale, W.a"o utri of tt.fcl ^tate. j.u 1-v y Ma ujij.l t,, 1. Th<- r.atn* oi the Company is A* l/u fine* t ampn-ny of Buffalo. lWat«-.i Suit it New ^ork. I. ClFrTAL. 2- The .vmnut cf aulhorzcd 3. The unoum pstd up 4. II l.iL. Cash on han-1 . Vil. In the hands < f Miff doe frrrn aemts k othen HJ. No ret\l estate, 4th BoDdl helJ by the Co. 7*. 1. M. 8. K. R bondi, -. Toledo, A Clere bonds 8. N. I. R. R. bonds. Attorneys ^ it. f iv «TT 1*1 < K II 1 "M \ T T ( - K.N K ^ < v > < Arf t i.l e fii t ..J f n.j I.', l>. W. P«-«l|4., t ri;i . I'KCIHAM. A L 1 T A- r>» v , . -I lor s it I. N t i i 11 I i 11 \ F VUK |x||, \ -M I • u;- \ f , i n j ISui lil i.»L. . » ,* f' . A III O(> 1)1.01* L .N S >. L L • A T L \'\ I Alt »,i iii ys K1C I'll IX. Counsellors LAW M...l,^I r ».. « ! N i. \\' T K 1-. A I' M F. N 4.i*(iO 3.0ft) 4«,M: /i Jtl4-d3t . E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. CALL AND -THE— LATEST STYLES —OF- 1V3 ARINE RECORD. I 8.19. I'ori of .Tfilwaiikro Jane 14. —AT— BUTTON'S! aprlfi enemy across the Tiojno. the KNT. »50 a Month and all Expense* Paid. I ^P°rir;J7i'«*? t * dlncTerjr town »•"> county In the United States to tng^e in . respectable and "hlcb the above profit, m.y be cer For tartt> " part cnlsra . addre» Da. J. Kth 8treet » D<i "roadway Postage Btarnp. '' . ' enc!o " D e BUTTER. » tlenUonor '•"" fl,- of Palwtro Bay ttmhcSafdimans were at onetime outflanked who threatened the bridge whfeh General with, the M-Oto jnnotnre the zotjaves lost one officer to my.elec CHOICE BUTTER. 1 amdaUy receiving by Express, choice lots of Butter Trom the best Dairies in the State, which for quai^ Price* always to eon-is'' " and quality ^minted. »nd flavor is tmenrpassed. . pood with the "market rates." Orders solicited and sent to all ptrte of tho city free JOHN W, UU>¥ABD,. Otrocir and Wine Dealer, mayZ8 lei Ea«t Water street. two hnndred kil- nlen tOT officers. _ . .._ The acconntg from Gen. Garibaldi gtate that a numerous Austrian corps having arrived be- for* V«ez, he ordered th« NitiohEl Guard not to resist and fall hack. ' Sts Loots Sugar I ^BcdniUntly receiving » supply of these celebra- ledHsms,toehMtlntheTJnlicd-Btates. Those who love coofl things In n»j line would do well to call and Eian>lDe my etock. may28 JOHN W. tEDYARD. ': Brocer and Wine Dealer. J« Ea»t Water s1«et. *.« HIVED. 8chr Henry Norton, Carbury, BlackTHle,84 cords wood. Btmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chioapo, 1,DOS bbls liquor, 116 pkgs sundries 28 pass. Stmr a«xelie, Butlln, T.o Rivers, 6S pkgs sundries Btmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven. BchrPreble, Buckley, Oconto, 1SS M lumber li M , pickeJB. ' Bchr Junlatta Patton, Bplnks, O;onUi, 120 M lumber Btmr City of Cleveland, Bquler, Grand Haven—20 tons mdz, 2 kegs liquor, 1 bx clgart, «0 pass. Prop Prairie Btsle, Williams, Chicago. CLEARED. Btmr Cleveland, tonga), Grand Haven. Prop Hunter, Dickson, Oollin^wood, 118 bush corn a pkgs sundries. ' Stmr City of Cleveland, Bqulcr, Grand 1 aven, 8 tons mdi, 19 bbli flour,S bbli Iron ore,18 bbls whiskey 69 bags corn, 2 bbls pork. ' Bchr Henry Norton, Carbury, Biackvtlle. Btmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago, 60 hf-bbls beer, 1?' bus Potatoes. Stmr Gazelle,Bntlln, Two Rivers, 09 green hides Stmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven Prop Prairie State, Vf Illlams, Ogdensburg, 1,000 barrels flour, 200 bbls boneblack, 60 bbls glue, 127 dry hides. RARING INTFL.LIGENCE. SiOTT.—The Detroit Free frui stys Ihe schooner M. 8. Scott, bound from Milwaukee for Europe, pSBied down the river .n tow of the tug Bed Eric on Friday. M. S BWr Aous.-Tbe M. S. Scott passed through the Port Colbonrn Lock lo the Welland Canal to-day. t37~ Ward'a Cleveland line of boats are now running regularly between BuffaU an.I Cleveland, and doing a good business. They are abundantly furnlsled for safety, comfort and speed, t o says the Buffalo Courier. M S7" MTI [?". ™L l-AM-Armnto rum.— The I flocks: C. c. 61 10,000 worth ?0,ife7 & U f. 6s «,000 »orth 8.155 9 8. N. York f>s 6..OO do 6s 1S,600 worth..- -6 'Ml i. Debts due to the Cr. secured by uir.rtjrace on unencumbered real estate, wf>rth double the amount of morttrajre "per schedule" bearing 7 per cent. interest .... Il'i6' t ii9 Debts otherwise secured by Bt/rkft, mortiraf:.* and insurance scrip of this and other companies, am) interest on same M,"!.; 74 . Iiebu for premiums, consisting of bills receivable, 35.3:24 73 All other Si-cnrities sn/t ctalms doe the Co., salva- (Te«, vessels, Ac 8<I,&M 87 9. Personal property owned by the Co , Bteam Tup, Pumps, Ac. Hfl.630 71 Total Assets 494.50569 III. utaruTtW.' 6. The amount 'of liabilities due t-i banks and otlirr credit.)is. None, ezcep:- ag what in contained in No. 10. 6 Losses adjusted and due. None. 7. do do sjnd not doe- None. 5. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be ai the extent about 6. LOSS'S In suspense. Ssme as No. S. 10. All other claims against the company. Individual balancea. unclaimed dividends, an*l redemption of Scrip uncalled for i ICtorneya .lTfV • W.I] prs-l., , :. and v \> *\\ Coan»ellor3 al < oofidf ntial A T Hi- Buifa. I'r -, ASD iJVdifai f »., n .,t*. _- II I ( t I Allur ill I UMneM ii.uj.i-, • roan;. La.od Warr\nu those at a dlstance- axrz Hrvssci i Prr.trTwv Ba J. R. oiuaj^TKi.1. *><} , \ LlTTILI. A RACEa. ililw^u 81L&H.U) i Uorru. . Hl-i--n' P - Attorney . Ciros, Ot A. and •l A in. SA VA01- . Counsellor rmiKM \ urn ; A Mo.«*r iK'IKNTIP T !NV'KNTIi *.r, r.*r.- Jm , : ,t f., r a,.-,; ur - .f I..-ML.,, . ^ turns. Koii.iiji-.ii-. :i.. -• ,-r r-r' ( - < 4n . ,4 n-"*> , jfct — can be t r-r-n *mr ': ;. y -.:r f - t. i.iys LO r# o oi.»n' ha " y .;,«- j3r ;i..i ii«n usTil conjo r.tlj -*'th mttiirini"!" YOCNG MEN TARE PARTKJ: I A K N br Ailu^ J ?ON Lake p.^s-tur- i, v. •,• A Horn bj Law UILWAI'KKK V, rV and i » useful *] W c ur »ny tisv^a- .if L ,• ^f M is i A v vt I.N, ATTORNEY ASD COrS \-' p;re B],,.-k, 221 >, i>i-;r i s< -H KI.l.flK AT LAW. Dr \M lu* \- J -lit-f tljtjy A CLKt A pfCUi'ttr J. v Attorney 6.857 75 10,857 7S Turk, Gold Ho '° m<) tronbl « i . , o omer, esh- lheS D H. 0 or m t5 DlS f f W " h '° m<) tronbl « w" on. of the rapids of the Bt. Lawrence, owtaff apparently »o the want of produce of tbe government em^oyets in the t - ., . 'i.«s.' '., tjonr troops jig»inBt Saveno on the land, ' -'- ' ; " ' . . '. WABHINOTOHi Jnj» 14^ the Administration on the sab- j«»»j(?r;flwiento.l Irightt; of the United States wfllawott be traasait.^ 40 j£ r rjiijag t^ TJ «. JliniiterJat the Court of St. . J«me», »nd by !Msi»iriU ? ooihn»nniosted to the British gorero- Co|S«»of the dtSoTwtch will be farnigb- onr.MlniBtersMths other -Earopsan c/'B HOUSK- TO KKNT. llouies to re CORNET BAND! rato. ^^::-^*K*&^*:**^if3-&^XiSK towing Urvlc*. They w«i alVinJ^do^'l 0 / pf«ed' to one to.w, together with the fcousman, and .'stornf coi- Ing on the lug let go. The Gold Hunter lost an anchor cable, and had her boat stove. The Grand Turk and Deabler each lost an anchor. Tbe above named vessels have all left Quebec. The brig Caroline left on Friday u-i elt. The o.. Hviena has arrived there ere this. The Chieftain hat passed the Welland Canal. The Hugh Barclay Is completing her cargo on the Bjrdenham, (Bear Creek,) and will probably be at Detroit to-morrow. 1 he Slack Hawk Is load- lug at Sarnla, and will clear n rrt weel— Buf. Courier. CUAXXD MOM BWAIO, JDSK lOTH.—Schooner He- puhllc, iewls, Milwaukee, ll.O ions oDal. Schooner W. J. Whaling, Vance, Miiirantce, SOO bb|s salt Aomnrsts TO TUB STIAHIB KALOOUH.—The Baffalo Courier, of Saturday, «ays that the, steamer Kaloclah, running between that port and Port Ftanley, on enter- ^n»j UHS i»t(«jr harbor on WedneidaT, ran on to the Pier and, received, considerable tniury. JtttMldsbe waadmmage* .»t least tifxn, 'and will be laid op for some time for repairs. • Her owners are endeavoring to charter «Botlier Steamer or Propeller to take her place In the mean time, so as to keep up the JUne. ZHI Wast «n> Korttnu —The Holland Segitttr, of tbe ?ta, says the wr, ck of the Eaphemla came ashore last week, hot om up, about three aoilcs north of Black Lake ^Harbor. 8he Is" badly broken up,fr«/ (fit i*at«*&VMiiitta Jtut to Oa .icreOt. From ftli, a,nd otter drcuoutiaeei, we «re*atl»8ed thatjjierejjno tonttt In taereport that a boat TlsUed Che wrecst tad, plnoderei it, amd refused to take s»Uor. Haminltt »ai j " •t'ttettaw!**;*** Total Liabilities ..... IV. MIFCEIXAHEOCS. 11. The greatest amount insured In one risk. $5,000, of flre risks Is the usual limit; bul in some cases of short risks 110,000. On vessels and cargoai f 16 000 Is Uje usual limit. Including both. 12. UroSB (.mount of premiums received in State of Wisconsin for the current year, ending Februiry 13. The market value of its stock. The Compiny has no stockholders, the scrip l*sued on the Mutuil plan by Its charier constitutes Its capital and the value of scrip varies according lo its priority of Issue. ' 14. Dividend, 7 per cent on Its outstanding scrip. 16. The charter or act of Incorportlon of said Company. Bent herewith. JAMES C. EVANS, President AJA. FcsTirBIOVl, f ecn-tary. STATE OF WISCONSIN, BECRETABT'S OP'IQE MACISOS, May XI. 1659. Satisfactory evidence having been furn'shed io me that the mutual Insurance Company of Buffalo, being an Insurance incofporated by Ihe State of new Tors, having complied with the requirement of section one ol An Act entitled ( -Xn act t» regulate In/urance Companies not Incorported by tbs Bute of Wlacons : n " ap. proved March 17. IfiSJ, and also paid into the State Treasury thejsum of three per cent, on the gros i amount of premiums received In the Stile of Wisconsin for the jreir 18JB, us per report of ssid Company.— f>2Ti!i^ r V ore ' ln iP arlo * DC e of the act aforesaJd, I, UCTld W. Jones, Secretary of State of the Bute of Wls- consin,do hereby cMtlfjr that W. ». Hnrd, of MUwaa tfv. i ! ""^"'y •juthorteid by ssld Company, may take ricks, receive premiums and transact the business of an Insurance Agent for said Company In tils Bute from this date, unU{ the first day of January, 1860 ' in witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set my hand £L - 8 ' 1 a££S!$!*'&5£!?W- t ifW+«- May.l HOOKKK uiornoys t4T Oficr, -V,.*. Mirk ;-'f. .(- .*/,j» e the N v. PI. \ rro, & Counsellor at Law. !:r. e . Nn -. M.I _ plnl '. ANOKNHH'.Kc i, <>rs ill Lau> V Bat' f.n v turner Offi,-e in Mitcfceiri Bank , Wisconsin. con-.rqnvntly !>»•» i,-li->w rreaturv-s. .sluily :r wir- l(l :eii by .NIDV AJt-acent «mvm K m town from ml f .* zi-rra.i pur]..,**; ..n'y -if p-m.- ona have OK«>D crowueti wiii vi-s. y^tirim what th.-y ^ 4 i: :,-.: uie cad-*-* ..( Lh.^^ , t; .-ir ui., .V: Sl' .\'-'' U UUw»ukr« tain^d ihr- in.l hkcw , in.l maltifi be rtice«l nruHcct, fi irefttnj«nt, and lnv-?tern,l>. ) ossibility o( Ui«ir ,- .,.i» ( ,xfcly '- a.- ii one ->f tl,«. ill -i therefor*?, . JOSH W. CART ............ W..LL-. CAKV Jt PHAT'i Atlorncy • ond Coiinncllor* Office in Young's Block, Comer )U.n a consin stjvei, afe, effectual an.l nai.ou of remeii. er, aa w--U »3 tlui.Ht* thf f....o»- ;i,i i,, .-ct.i of llfu' LJH. AMOS A ,*M*N ih.- fvifcliun ••( '.'•• oautjoua course; j I.a\* , i Wis- i l.i of t ,rival.- 1 .if Ih-eir rr-ni l bum. in c*i3 tn-n i)f ih«»a ttte <ecret (ot- aillirt att-l *t>, , ail %i< . . . PH All A: 4.K All t i| . Law wid dnlicimri to Ghajjrfry, N.i Atto-neys W.scoosm street, Milwaukee ' nierfer< nee in ihvir ' "L > TE1Y INVALI1 ,-. Purs n^ m any ] ari of ine *-irid may n U«ated hy f«nt 'ir-lmir i c,.rr,-«-t 1. tail t •« th a rcmiUdot-.r lor Me«i>cinen, *o j A.l.jress Dr A.MO3 * r*«jN, c<.r Qd r ,VI%, ; Btreei, Iluifci.o, N. t. , <>ha.<e ..... jel«-dlm J. D. RDGOLES, A»«litant BecreUry of Bute. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I MUwaukes Comity., } Ia Probate. , dec««ed. , b .pp mtalstntor on tbe Estate of said deceased- B ^f,S rt iS^ J - 1 *5i I ^ d «J>P"<!»Uon be heard before met* lie ProbMe Office, In thefjlty of Milwaukee, on *• «K. d .V of July.'A. D n 186», at ft o'clock 4. *. And it Uforther Ordered; : Th»t notice of »aia appu- Teeto, once In eaca 2lH^El*f ke *,A fl1 5!i*" newI « ) »< >e ' Print** dty, prior to saJiJ .aid U<)8 VI KNT MILWADKEE, B. WIU.UU3 Bradley, tACJ UKAi.h.KS \\'A 1 Kll .STfiri T. .^ v .ri(i( . . ..v\ l^cu^^l v . w. n «iinw»r H» A. Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AND MONEY BROKERS, NO. i» \visrovsiN srman, TlTItLglve particular sttentlon to the sale nf Furnl- W -T tnrtt, Dry Goods and every dracr1j,tioa of M.T- chandlxe, at their Sale room or in any nan of the Ciiv or County. ' «V Liberal advances on co t stgnmentj, an j prompt returns made. N. B.—Bonds, Notes and Slortjnges negotiated. Janl9 MILWAUKEE BAZAAK. 0, OELORME&OUENTiN 159 Soft Water .Strerf, NBXTDOOBTO MESSES. nKADFOUD UEO'S. Am DULIKS nt are and Tja nd Zephyr Worsted. fancy floods, Toys, Willow Ware and Tjakes Also, Hmbrotdcry^oods and myio t Bt'osU-TB ». r« WALL PAPER j. .f. iiccjiivrij A- <jo., 91: WISCONSIN STUFET IHTOaTDS, WHOLB8ALB ASTO ItKTlIL DtULOUt If Paper Hangings, Window Shades. &c. Competent workraen sent to all parts of the City nad Joantry for Decorating and Paper tlanglnir In al) iu branches,all work warranted. f e tjja FOCU BIJLX.AUO TABLES FOR BALK CHEAP T OT undersigned will sell four Billard Tabl« with Bsils and Oner, all In good order and quite new. ' at a yery low price. j40-d*wU V. BUTZ, City Brewery. 'X S.VI STATKO? WISCONSIN,' i I'lrcuu Court, Milwaukne County | Sidney Shr-par-l, Chrlal.^n Henry fllev«r, mil Mari.'J»r^l .•<. llr..wn, l>avi-' I*. K«wer, K<ln P. Merrill, Nelson Wen,| rr . Ch.irie Admmutrau.r-. uf llu- rsLA.i; of J.iliu L' I.eiioy. I, reaped, Ormand T. Crane, Chailea Y II. .It-, .l.liinn.- trator i,f the estate of Charles G- tlchr- le.- r , (( ed, James W. Arelell ao,l He. man (^. C. Kcniuer I N virtue ofand pursuant to a Jmljrment ren.ler^.i , said Court in the above eniltiedactlon^d.ite.l Kehruj ry 8, 1S59, I shall expose for sale md lell »i Public Aur tlon, at the Po»t-Otnce, In I"" City of Mllusuk,-.. , Snliirclnj. the 9«ls day of Jnlr, at the hour of 1 r » . «' 'hat dav, the ioll,i<iin • Bribed mortgaged prtfmlnta or so much Iliereuf »; be necessary to raise the amount i,f S.IM! inl^nt teresl »n.l costs, together wilh tbe ex|.ni.irs »f <-u>' wit: •-^•'Lot number sixteen H6) »nd the east aalf .if hu number UAeen (.13), ia block f.)it?-liv<n46), .11 the ScCon.l Wsinl at the G.ty nf UJwau'kee, b— in* on T»marsca street, between fifth '.n,i Sixth itreeU, all In ihe County nf Mllwnke? and State nf Wlsconaln." Dated Shertfl's Offlfe Milwaukee, April *, ISJ'J A. j. I.A.N.,WORTHY. apr8-om-llnaw Sheriff Milwaukee L'O., Wi GOO) SHEltlFr'S S.VLR (Vrw, Oi;- «l i 8TATB OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court. Milwaukee County, f James S. Brown, Joshua Hathaway and Thomas L ileu, against A. Patterson Smith and Alfred Edvarda. foreclosure. I N virtne of und pursuant to a judijmcnt rend said Coon, In the above entitled action, .liteil March 17, 1S5», 1 shall expose for sale and sell ni Public Auction, at tho Post Office, Io th« city of Mtlivauk.v, n Saturday, tho 2d day of July, 1SS9, aj Use hourof i r. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged, or BO much tl'ereof as may be ac- cessary to raise the amount of said jodgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit : "Block number twenty-eight (23), of Clark's addition, In too Eighth Ward, of Ute city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, and Bute of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April 1st, 1839. .-ni n- DAVTD B. Oooor. FlTs Atf y. aprl-tellniw . A. J.LAKSWOKTHV, Sheriff MIL Co., WVs. DR f irmerly f Tnrnntii. ini-nl in. I E v f Randolph rorkicK miracle* ,n MI* r« LOST SICHT A.Vfj Upwards o( TWO HUNDIUCI) tave r,een received by ur L. ».ihin Die i.m f,, u r tve-lc*, of whomfiavo been blind for nionlli.i an.l y^nri tiavo h:\il their sUht restored InstKntlv by ,l?li, ,ile , t ,,,i tujl,?uU<tperatfon*, while others, who huv* been lUtrTur* from disease .i ny 01,1,1 , ol i -endo treat- Al N have bean mlraculou>ly . ae , iro i ppn ,. |,.. lt ,entB from n, ,- ur? ,| „,, ' The beat proof >. to h,.« Dr •: • olateUJs,lhat h« ..-.daily re.--,,. Iltf all parts r,f the r-iuntpy, in.! .jia,,,,, earlv received ciuei. .Vo /•«• In required for in exxninitlon or ,pl nton — N.-i CHiaos for servi™, thit ar» n.,t mccw/ttt, M »lll eceived. Or failw.ll'n ' 0« stated when the patient o* At Sarah a* »J»oTe. to 6a „.,, gr

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