The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 9, 1023 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE TITR7J-:. Our 7 Day Sale has been taken advantage of by people who were curious to know whether we really had genuine bargains to offer. They were a"- greeably surprised and profited by buying merchandise in this sale. You have the saine oppor t u n i t y. Pwnp3, oxfords of the latest style and highest quality. $2.98 and $3 .98 AT Phoenix hote to match. ' Have you noticed our windows? Wo close at 5 6'clock except Saturday; Shockers Grab Opening Game From Flag Winning Refiners Mobitzer Hns All Best Victor—Score 9 to Joe SPLIT EVEN SATURDAY Muskogee Won Short Contest After Dropping Opener to Hi Henry, 7 to 2. am I FANNING BEE HIVE! Final game with tho Refiners tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Come one, coma all. The Shockers' home stay ends Friday. "Hurry up" Jack Wilkinson, .who arrived with, Bondurant yesterday to finish the Shockers' home stay, was knocked breatlhess by a foul tip ott MorWtxer's bat. —i— Norman SItts, tho Refiner first baseman and outfielder la in a very critical condition according to word reeoivod by Manager Matthews. Ho suffered • a ruptured appendix and ptrodiultls has set In. —x— "Dill" Mare, said by Sallna to be a brother at Beanie Meyer, deponed ••Uillw boss, was promptly cut loose lay tho now Miller regime and as promptly annexed by Matthews. Mare didn't do anything yesterday but baa been a consistent hitter for the Mil­ ters. * , —x— What can Prank Isbell have aiinln&t us that he wlHhes a guy liko Alexander on the fans. Alox- and or came as a oatchcr twit apparently Isn't good for anything. He can't oatoa. That was demonstrated Saturday when he let tho Meta run wild on bases and Purtell Is now convinced he cau't Play outfield. —x— He would not have boen used yesterday but for Bob floodo's game foot. | Tho attorney-pitcher bought a now ] T-alr of shoes, contracted a blister and Infection set In, As a rosult he was lumping around In civvies yesterday. —x— It la doubtful whether Goodo can got Into the Dresont series wthich. If so, ft too bad because he Is hlguiy effective against Matthews' craw. Ho beat the Refiners twice the last time they were here, allowing one run In tho two games. —jr.— Dave Williams who halls from Glasgow -and who has pitched la the Nebraska State league and other loopu Is duo to report foero today tor n try-out. Ho prc/bably will oppose the Refiners In this afternoon's game., Wayne Middleton is duo to work for Coffey-vllle, Boirrows, the pitcher who is coming from Salt Lake Olty will be here tomorrow or Wednesday, according to Purtoll. Latest word from Win said he was starting today. —i"Carl Shelby, ksu-cklo ball artist was released last night by Purtell. The local management has been very patient with Shelby and he has ehown flashes of his old brilliancy. Generally however ho Is ineffective. —x— v Tho fans yesterday-were treated <to the spectacle of successive doubles without a run. Solomon two-based to loft and Pick followed with a high fly which looked like It was going over. Tho 'breeze checked It however and It hit the fence. Solomon had stood rooted at second watching the ball and could only got to third. It could easily have been fatal In a tight game. Babbitt's successive theft of second, third and home Saturday •were largely due to stupid catching cn th» part of Alexander. Brauchlo of the Mets also had threo " stolen bases to his credit. Car) Stioots has come out of his bitting slump beautifully and la now as dangerous a man with the stick as there is on the team. —I— HI Henry has the Indian sign on the 3 Meta, He has beaten the Barbourmen regularly in every - •erles having four wins over the Jtuskogee team this season. .Earl iSmlth has been his victim In three of these games. • —-x— Unless Dddie Banks gets lnt<r| •bapo protty soon Purtell Is going to need badly to grab a fielder or utility fnan. Banks la a much need©* oof In the Shodker machine, aapeetaHr against left h"nd«d fllngon. The Cleveland 'Indians set a new record for total scores Saturday when th*y piled up a total of IT against Boston In the first game of • 'double header. The Indiana made sight lu the second game,' ' —x— The Cincinnati Reds are again hammering down the icarsuo leading •'(Hants. The Beds won their sixth con> woutlve victory over the Giant* yes- jterday, Brautignn, tho now Sallna skipper has had oxiperlence at managing teams in northern leagues. He has been piloting a semi-pro team this year. —x— Bonnio Meyer, deposed Miller •ohlottaln pays ho will hold Sallna to its contract which called for pay [or the full season. Cof-fey- ville found out last year that such a contract 1 B binding, but it ought to bo worth It to tho Millers. " The Shocker Infield may not be the best In the league, the number of or roro. committed keeping tho team well down toward the bottom' hi fleld ; ing averages but there la some satis faction In the fact that the Shockerb start more dou>blo plays than . an} othor team In the'league. Latest averages show the Shockora are creditetd with 03 double plays and Muskogee is second with -10. Roy Corson,- last year manager of the Mu.skogeo team and who this year nns been playing with Okmulgee tlnce being released by 'Nashville of the Southern association. Is back In the Bargour fold. Ho made his first appearance with Muskogee yesterday, displacing Renrpo at third base. The EOaws' cau .se ap,pearB hopelesB if Lei 'ty Pierce cannot bo relied upon to turn in his regularly victory. The fact that Pierce suffered his first knock-oat at. the Hands of the Sapulpa Yankees yesterday Is Indicative of tho torrulc paco at which Cleveland's en try is traveling. Tire pennant winner of the second half will havo to rockon with Sapulpa. —£— Babe Adams up u> a recent date had won a majority of his gamos against every team 1n the National ' league since beginning hie career with Pittsburgh in ltK>9. Adams has 'boon remarkably effective against Brooklyn, | Cincinnati, St. "Louis, " Philadelphia, | and has a margin of seven games over the Qiants, having faced that team fifty times and losing <but twenty- throe games. Qrovor Alexander, during his career of thirteen seasons ill the senior circuit, has sot back every toam In tho league and ho has pitchod against them all. When the big Nebrnskan was hurling for^the Philadelphia club he was a veritable Jonah to tho Chicago team. That was the reason the Chicago management was so keen to get him. Now, sluco Grovor is with the Chicago outfit, ho is boating the Phillies with oaso. New York Is tho only team in tbd circuit that haB handed Alex an argument. That team, since 1911, won twenty-seven out of the fifty-five gamos, which gives Alexander the shade on McOraw's men. _ While all teams have suffered when facing G. Alexander tho Cincinnati Reds were whipped, as a rulei before tho big hurler threw a /ball. Out of tho sixty-four games G'tove-r pitched against tho Reds, he lost lost but thirteen, a percentage In victories of .628. Hod Filer, Rube Marquard, Art Nckf, Burleigh Crimea, and Frod Toney are other hurlers who have an even break against all teams since their advent Into the National league and it is Just an etsw break and no more. There are several hurlers in the old circuit who aro ahead nf every team in victories but haven't been playing long enough to be considered. —x— The rules a! modern base-ball havo stood for years with only minor changes which never effected tho fundamentals of tho game. No one has evor-sojjght to alter tho distance between bases or to effect a drastic chnnge govo.-ulng tho rules of play. But if Fred. Mitchell, manager of tho Boston Brave.?, has his "way at the winter moot of the major .leagues, tho rule which retires a batter when a foul fly is caught-will ho thrown out. Mitchell contends that there is no tnoro Justification for calling a batter out on Q foul fly than there Is for permitting him to be thrown out on a foul ground ball. .He says It eliminates *otlon from the game and believes that the spectacle of a batter standing lUll at the olate will's the catcher w»Hs for M* high pop foul is not pleasing to spectators. He, says further that it ould benefit the financial side of tho game Iby permitting the stands to bebulU closer to tho playing field, thus allowing for a matorlal in- crenso In seating capacity. Mitchell suggested tho rule change last year informally, but Banjlohtison, president of tho American leaguo, Tttoed It, TWO OUT OF THREE Coffeyville— AD Kahdot, 8b 3 Glass, rf . . O'Byrnc, 1b .. Matthews, 2b Rowo, cf .... f-Doriand, Eg .. Mare, If Bentley, c ... xWllllgrocl ... Victor, p H PO 1 1 OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Independence 5, Muskogee 3, Independence. Kan.. July «. —Independence tied Muskogee in the sixth when Rush walked Moore with the bases full, and von in, the ninth on four straight singles. The score: Independence I Muskocco il' h !"•] ah h po 0~ o 1 0 Halm, ct Mitchell, :b Fisher, lb Mason, S.H VVrenn, if Kviuis, rf Kh'nfeldt, 3b . Muorc. c I Ifuytl, p ToSml.1 3 2|Haley. 2b 1 ll'.WtiOM. 3.H 2 nv' 0 2|(Jl.iyliv <H >lt. tl> 2 [• Kabljlit, i-t 1 SAlriiu-lile. rf 0 Ohveticl. If 2 [. I.'orost, e » "0 Hush, p 0 0 3 1 0 1 1.1 0 1 1 2 1 2 2 3 1 0 0 24 The pennant-winning Refiners bit the dust in the opening ruckus at Oano park yesterday, Loo Morbltzer, local Juvenile taking their measure while his mate .3 wcro pounding Joe Victor, premier, right bander of the Matty crew for nine hits, seven of them'for extra bases. The final scoro was 9 to 4. Morbitaef hurled a very nice brand of ball. In olx of tho Ulne Innings ho retired" the Reflnera in order and all their hits, and two walks were bunch- od In tho first, third and eighth. I There is a question whether any runs would have been counted*in tho first had Henry or any cripple on tho Shocker crew started lit right field. Purtell -had sent In Alexander however and tho Wichita, rookto showed is much stupidity as would bo possible. Henry took his place after he leld the ball while O'Byrno was scoring when any kind of a throw homo would have nailed the Irlahman. Football Game In First. Victor's support also wobbled In the first when tho Shockers made hack the Itwo runs Alexander gave the visitors and added two ifor good measure. Purteil led o^f with a dou- blo to right. Foster groumlod to Matthews who threw to Kahdot to head off Purtoll. The Shocker skipper stopped ami dndged back and forth until tho ball was dropped three times and ho finally pulled up at third base, safe? Solomou fanned but went to first and Purtoll scored whon Bentley let tho third strike go to tho stand. Plck 'B sacrifice fly brought In Foster with the tying run and Shoots' double to right Heored Solomon who had stolen second. Wales singled, scoring Shoots and Henry forced him at second^. Four more were added In the second and'tho game was Iced.- Morblt- zer fanned but Purtell walked. Foster was out, Matthews to O'Byrno but Matty nmss'od up Lemon's grounder. Lemen stole second and he and Purtell scored on Solomon's simple. Pick homo ruuned, adding two mora. Morbltzer 's Worst Inning. Kahdot's' scratch hit, Morbltzer's wild pitch and Matthews' single over Solomon's hoad scored one for tho Refiners In the third and they added one In the eighth -when Morbltzor showed his only sign, of wobbling. Viotor singled to left and Kahdot walked. O'Byrne and Class were retired and Matthews passed. Rowe bounced one over Morbltzer's head and Lemen was unable to grab It in time, Viotor scoring. Kahdot wns out at Uie plate however. Tho Shockers' final came In tho seventh when Sam Lomen parked one over the boards. Totals .33 4 7 24 10 2 x Batted for Dcntley In the ninth. Hutchinson— AB R Purtell, as 4 2 Foster, 3b 4 1 Lemen, 2b 4 2 Solomon, 1b 3 2 Pick, If 3 1 Shoots, cf 4 1 Wales, c 4 0 Alexander, rf 0 0 Honry, rf 4 0 Morbltzer, p 4 0 H PO A E 1 3 4 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 3 0 2 10 0 0 2 3 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 6 i 0 9 27 10 0 Totals 34 9 Score by innings'. Coffeyville 201 000-010—4 Hutchinson 440 000 10x—9 Summary: Earned runs—Coffeyville 4, Hutchinson 1. Two -base hits— O'Byrne, Purtell, Shoots. Solomon, Pick, Henry. Home, runs — Pick, Lemen. Left on bases—Coffeyville 4, Hutchinson 4. Wild pitch, Morbltzer 2. Dases on balls^—off Morbltzer 2, Viotor- 2. Strike out—Morbltzer 3, .11 13 2Vl Total* I Xone out when winning run sc-orcl. | Score by lnnln^a: Mtmlingea 129 0')! <W0 - 3 IliiteponJi-nen Hi 011 ool--r. [r'uiiiinarv—2-b:^it! hits, HHU-V. I'lshT. 'itraui'lilc Sacrirli-e hits, Mlti-li.-ll 3. Olson. Error3. MitchoP., l'lcyil, II.-by 2, Cutifan, Ilu; J h. r >t'.\wk out, by I'-oyl Tc by Ru.ih 2. lla.rcH on balU. off Iloyd 2, oft I'.unh 1. lilt by pitcher, l.'kiybrook by lloyil. lltnibln plnya. ICvans to Klsh- or; Clnybrook to I-'o'roat to Otaybrook. Kun;i, Hnhn 2, Wrenn, Moore, Hoyi, Haley. Wetzel 2, Kon dt. Tim.': of c.unc. 1:35. Umpire, Mahlcy. _ Sallna 11, Bartlcsvllle 3, Sallna, Knn., July 0.- Sallna bit two Bnrtlesvllle hurlers hard and won oasily here yoterday, 11 to 3. Score: BartlMvllle ' Butlor. 2U, WIUI .H, If l'Vk'hoif, rf fashion, u, HevliiB, cf-p I Kin,'.-. ;th ! Hauk, su i Fbiitcr, c l.umh, c II >lstcr, ab h po 6 1 3 .Sallna. cf Ken t frow, 2b i.Jernlil, »s e'h<"!bro. lb M-iU'-r. of Bnuitlpan, Sb Wl 'h'vcT. If Sai-lnntl, rf Dunn, o (»L\c\vton, p nb h po 6 2 6 Totals Ke< by InnhiKfl: Totals .10 It, 27 Victor 4. Time of name—1:45. plreo—Wilkinson and Bondurant. Urn- SATURDAY'S GAMES. First game: Muskogee. AB R H PO A Haley, 2b ., 4 0 0 4 3 Olson, F.r., . .. 4 0 0 2 5 Rempe, 3b . . 3 1 0 1 1 Claybrook, lb 4 1 2 7 1 Rabbltt, cf . 3 0 1 1 0 BraucMe, rf 0 0 0 0 1 Wetxel, If . . 4 0 0 2 0 Forrest, c .. 3 0 0 6 1 1 0 0 0 0 Smith, p 3 0 0 1 1 2 3 24 13 Hutchinson. AB R H PO A Purtell, ss. -'. 6 1 2 2 4 Foster, 3b . . 3 1 0 1 2, 4 2 2 2 4 Solomon, lb 3 2 2 14 1 Pick, If 3 1 2 1 0 Shoots, cf .. 2 0 1 2 0 Wale3, c 4 0 1 4 2 Morbltzer, rf 4 0 2 0 0 Honry, p ... • 4 0 0 1 2 Totale . , 32 7 12 27 13 D'trtL-svillo Siilina f'utnmarv —L'-h;if r fi'ow. Homy ruiiM, Kan. S;H;rifkfj lilts, ton 2. Stolen Uv. •M 2, Oh .0.11 Wji) 100— a no ion 4Ux—u Mis. H'-vinjf, R'itU- Krn nkc-nhoff, ltrmi'tl- *Av-i :iltl, Dunn, N'-w- c-a; Willis, RenUrow. 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Tnpeka., July il.—liereo was knocked out of the box for the first tlmo this yenr, and the Sapulpa Yanks won the first of the "orion easily yesterday afternoon, 7 to 0. Owens, the Snulpa hurler, allowod only six hits, three of which were a pair of doubled and a single by Hi'rry Strohm. Only one Topeka player reached third. Tho score: Supulpn ab h po Score by Innings: Muskogee Hutchinson 000 310 30x—7 Summary: Earned runs, Hutchinson 6, Muokorjee 0. 2-base hits, Pick was purposely ] 2, Wales, Claybrook. Home run, Solo"'' — ' ~ men, Sacrifice hits, ShootB. Stolen bases, Shoots, P.abbltt. Left on bases, Muskogee 7, Hutchinson 7. Bases orr balls, off Henry 8, off Smith 5. Strike outa, Henry 3, Smith 4. Time of game 2 hour3. Double plays, Henry Willis. Jb Kellv, 2b 3 3 Scott, cf S 8 Pilppin, sa 5 1 , Clevelnnd, 3b t 3 I Funk, c 5.1 200 000 000—2 Permit, If 4 1 Adair, rf 4 2 Owens, p Totals Score by Sapulpa .. Topeka . . . Su 42 16 : Innliii:.'' To],oka Xapler, of .strohm, 2b IJICII. Sb llfx-kskopf, lb ,'lRbauKh, rf Matthews, If Kheavefj, ss .lonitji, c. fierce, p Hrosfl, p Totals ab h po American Association. First Game. At Kansas City— It. II. 13. Indianapolis 310 000 000--4 U 3 Kansas City ...".02 043 02x—13 IT 1 Ilatteries—Bono, Fltzsluimons and Zlnn mid Hklff. Second Game. R. H. K. Indianapolis ..000 300 500— 8 17 1 Kansas City ...350 211 Olx—13 19 3 •n 1.1 to I bails,; h-njogor IMxon; It, H. ;B. -3 8 0 -I 7 t) Chicago 100 (I03 Ms-4 5 1 Batteries — Washington, Johnson and Huel: Chicago,. Robertson and Schnlk. At Detroit— R. H. E. Philadelphia ...P00i20 003—7 11 1 Detroit 120 fjiio 200—5 fi 2 iL'all eries - -Ph.llndelpliia, Rommed and Ilnigu'v; Detroit, HoIUiway, John son, Frtincis, limiss and ltassler. SATURDAY'3 RESULT3. 33 G 27 .102 000 .t*M> 000 O0.V-0 uminary-2-basa blt>s, Kellv, Scott. Adair, Strohm 2. Honv» run.' Fltppln. Sanrlflco hits, Kelly 2. rinaes on balls, erf-Pioi-ce 2, off Clvvens 2. Struck out, by Pierce A, by Brosa 1. by Owens 3. Hltn, to Wales to Solomon; Olson to Haley • J?^!^?-,^ *# 0 ^'HJ^^ Batterlos—Petty, Hill and Wilkinson, Dawson end Scott, Skiff. First Game. At Milwaukee — Uiulsvlllo 010 000 00/2 Mll.vriukoo 801 000 000 Batteries—Tineup and Meyer; Lindsay and Rhinault. Second Gnrr.o. R, H. E. Louisville 010 000 010—2 10 1 Milwaukee 201 100 Oflx— 4 3 0 Batteries— iDcan and Hamel; and Shlnault. At St. Paul— R. H. S3. Cohimbus 000 110 030— 6 13 Z St. Paul 030 140 30x^-11 11 1 Baiforie:?—Cicanson, Weaver and Klliott; Hall and Allen. First Game, At Minneapolis— R. H. K. Toledo 000 310 Oil —0 13 2 i'Minneapolis ...401 000 Olx-9 10 0 5i 'Batteries—Wright and J. Smith; McGraw and Grabowakl. Second Game. R. H. & Toledo 004 401 0— '.I 14 1 Minneapolis ......211 001 1—G 13 3 (fl-amo called, 0 o'clock law.) Batteries—Bodlent and Anderson; Sehauor Maugum, Ayera and Mayer. Southwestern League. At Independence— R. H. IS. First Game. Bartlcsvllle ,...O01 e-eo 1D2 -1 11 2 Independence ,.100 '>M 000--2 10 3 lJnttt-ri-i-c-Hiirt'esvUitt, Meekti and Lamb: Independence, Shores and Moore. Second Game. R. II. 15. tlnrtlosville 001 010 0--2 9 0 Inilepetidence 001 e.'jo n -I S 1 Batteries -l!:,rtl,\v,'ille- -Katlirt and Lamb; Independence, Shaney and Moore. I First G.irne. At T.iprku - R. H. 15. |Coff"-yvllln 302 tlOO 10*--.« 10 1 j Topeka 1.00 100 Mf> 2 7 0 I Batteries — • fViffoyvUb... Villlgrod 'and l.luchant; Topiita, ilrosi, Boyo-r. i.-„,r« iBroker and Jonan. Kealo - , _ Second Game. R. H. HI. Coffeyville 101 012 01 -0 10 3 Topeka Oil 030 00- -5 9 3 riatterics - -CofteyvUle. Arnold and Bentley; Tnpeka, Oraham, Broker and Bonn, Jonas. At Snlinn— II. H. 10, Haimlpa 240 101 300—11 17 0 Sallna 001 001 050—7 9 2 Batteries - -Sapulpa," V'ot-'rwm Funk; Sallna, House and Dunn. to Claybrook. Umpire, Goes. Second SHOCKERS WIND AND LOSE IN TWIN" BILL. Tho Wheat Shockers rfon one and Ic'.t one in the bargain bill at Gano park Saturday afternoon,-taking the first game by batting Smith hard while Honry was holding the Mots to three blowa and dropping the second; Rabbltt, cf 4 8 to i. Tho second game was a, seven [ Brauohle, rf 3 inning affair. | Wetzel, If 3 The visitors scored their only rune; Forrest, a 3 in the first gamo In tho opening inning wiien, with two gone Rempo walked and went to third on (iay- brook's double. Ho scored on Button 's error and Claybrook scored on Foster's error. Won It In Fourth ame: Muskogee. AB R Haley, 2b 3 0 Olson, ss 2 Rempe, 3b .... 2 Claybrook, lb 4 Presmuth, p Rush, p .... H PO nrrs; o . . Inning. Stolen baso, rick. Double, play 13ros» to Dick to Strohm. Deft en base--,, Sapulpa 12, Topeka 8. Tlmo of giiinc, 2:03. Umpire, tlocH. DODGER VETERAN 195.'? SENSATION Totals 23 Hutchinson. AB R Purtell, as 3 Tho 8hockers put the game awayi Footer, 3b 3 In tho fourth. Foster wnlkcd, was forced by Lemen and Solomou boat out a .slow roller down the first base line. Ho went to third Tuwl Lemen scored on Smith's wild peg to first which went into right field, lick doubled, scoring Solomon and Shoot a singled, scoring Pick. Wales doubled, Shoots stopping at third. Morbltzer hoisted to Rempe and Henry lifted. one to Olson. i Totals Another came In tho fifth on hits by Seven Innlng3 by Purtoll, Lc-meni and Pick. The final Score by.Innings: three runs waro scored on a walk to! Muskogee 012 100 4—3 Foster, Lonieu's single and Solomon's i Hutchinson 101 002 0—4 23nl home run of tho season. ) Summary: Earned runs, Muskogee Houry was wild but tightened in tho5 4, Hutchinson 4. 2-base hits, Solomon, Lemen, 2b 4 Solomon, lb 3 Pick, If 4 Shoots, cf 3 '. Wales, rf 3 Alexander, c 3 ; Bauer, p 2 ; Banks, x 1 ; Shelby, p 0 I — .29 pinches. A double play stopped tho Mets in an eighth Inning rally. Booted Awqy Second. The second game was a heart breaker to lose. Tho Shockers again hammered Presmuth out of tho box but were stopped by Rush while Shelby, who went Into the box in the sovonth after Banks had hit for Bauer was hit hard and given school boy support. Tho Shockers took tho lead In this game in the first on Purtell's walk, oster's sacrifice and Solomon's double The Mcts tied it in the second on hits by Brauohle and Presmuth and want into the load In the third. Olson walked And Rempe sacrificed. Claybrook doubled and Rabbltt grounded out. Brauohle singled, soring Claybrook;, bonisa'S homer gave tho Shockers on* In tbsii ball oi tho third but; tho Met* counted Mala In the fourth on Presmuth'* soratoh hit, Haley's sacrifice and a wild heave to third bf Solomon. A Great Rally. Tho Shookera staged k rally -which, removed Presmuth ao4 score In the sixth, WW* OB» down Shoot* Pick, Shoots, Alexander, Canko, Claybrook. Homo runs, Lemen, Claybrook. Left on bases, Muskogee 7, Hutohincon B. Double play, Lemon to Solomon. Wild pitch, Bauer, Rush. Bases on balls, off Presmuth 1, Rush 1, Bauer 3, Shelby 1. Strike outs, Presmuth 3, Rush 2. Tlmo of game 1135. Umpire, Goes, and reement. grounder to eocond. Aloxnnder doubled to center, scoring Shouts nud Banks, batting for Bauer- doubled to i left scoring Alexander. Olson took Purtell's lino drive, The fireworks (started In the seventh when Shelby v.-ont' into the box, Lemon booted OIBOU'S groundor and Rempe sacrificed. Claybrook hit over the right field wall. 'Rabbltt got lite on Foster's boot and stole socond, third and homo while Alexander moves! slowly about, Brauohle walked and stole second, scoring on Wetzel's single. Forrest got n lucky single oyer Solomon but Rush filed to •Sho.its. Rush was Impregnable lu the seventh striking out foster and Lomen. Solomon walked but Pick lifted one to Rabbltt. jack i- our '.lei Jack I'omnler. veteran t of ilhaiilo l-.bbett 'H Brnoki-. is fairly burning tin tho season. He's playing an barrg-up game. . irst sarker n Dodgers, eague tnls all around SPORT BRIEFS ^ 't* 'i' 'v 4- 'r <V ^ ^ v -' '** '* Newark, N. J.—-Miss Sybil Bauer, Illinois A. C, baok stroke champion, of Chicago, mudo « now world's record for tilio 100 yard -hack stroke Hv .im for women, covering the dlstaneo In 1:20 3-5, lowering lbs- record of 1:33 held by Miss Blh'.eda Blelbtroy. Salt Lake City.—Negotlatlotw for the next heavyweight enainUonahlp -LdUle, between Jack Dornr-noy and probably' Harry Wilis, the. n---:, will bo epene.d with -New Vork proiciUra within tho no»t few days, .l»ok Keams, Dempswy's manager, announced. National League. At Now York— R. H. E. Cincinnati 030 000 011—G 12 1 Mow York 010 010 001—3 7 0 Batteries—Cincinnati. Luuue and Hargravo; Now York, Scott, Jonnard and Snyder. At Brooklyn— B. II. 10. St. Louis 001 000 300 — 1 13 2 Brooklyn 000 000 t>00—0 .8 1 IkiUerlos - St. Louis. Barfoot and Alnsmlth; Brooklyn, Crimes and Taylor. Only two ftamr i sebe-'luleal. Western League. At Sioux City 1st game. R. H. E. Pes Moines 010 000 000—1 6 2 Sioux City 101 OoO Olx -3 7 2 Batterlos--Jones and Whaling; Ras- niu.-son and Snyder, Query. Second game- R. H. 13. Des Moines 300 2H H0--11 19 2 Sioux City ...110 001 0S1-- 7 13 Balto.iro — Miller, Williams and Wheat; tirovcr. Duff and Query. At Denver - 1,1 j-.-ime. R. II. B. Omaha ('MM 000 000—1 3 0 Deliver nln 100 OOx—2 0 0 - Baft.-Ce;-S|.i-ee 0 mid Wilder; iUuv .n and Diamond. Second game-- R, II. hi. Om.iha 130 310 000—7 11 0 Denver . ..' 000 000 300—3 8 Itstterlw—H.ietco and Wilder; Vn!::ht, dross and Dinmond, At Oklahoma City— First game— H. H. K. St. Jnisoph 000 001 001—2 0 1 OMa. City W>8 100 00.<— 3 8 1 Batterlos—Blrklna'.ock and Pleroo; Payne and Lut7', Second game— - R. II. K St. Joseph 300 120 0-5 6 2 Okie City 102 120 x--(I 7 1 Batteries Unid, MeCall, Blrken- stoek ami Kamller; Hunger and Roche, At Wichita-- 11, H. B. Tulsa 002 110 030—7 1-1 3 Wichita 200 030 010- 0 11 1 Batterlos—McLaughlin and Crosby; Mnmi and McMullen. American Leagu*. At Cleveland— H.H.M. Boston 000 HI 110—10 19 1 Clavc-laud 000 07C Ui—15 10 0 IUiterles—Bostop, Ferguson, Qylnn, Bhmko and Pitinlch; Cleveland, Pod- good, Metovir, Uhlo and O'NelB, At 3-'.. I^Jie— R. H. H, Now York 210 i00 001—8 11 Bt. l.-ei'v 000 000 Bin -•! 0 2 I.-' • ' ' -N-w York, liu'e, .tsacs and lln.i.. r .un;'.''., t.eyl-j, Pruet-t, Daa- forth, Bayne, Root uud Hevorold. ' At Chlc»fo— H. Washington ,...100 001 OOO—3 S 1 National League. Cincinnati -1. New- York 2. Chicago 0-5, Boston 1-3. Brooklyn 1"-1, St. Louis G-7. Pittsburgh is, Philndclchla 5. American League. Cleveland 27-S. Boston 3-5. Detroit 9-5, Philadelphia ti-3. St. I.ouln 13, New York 3. Washing-tun 4-3, Ciileugo 0-2. Western l.cague. Tiifcsn 9, Wichita 3. Oltlaboma City 7, St. leseph 2 Sioux City 5-e, Des Moines 2 3 Denver 7-1, Omsh .t a 2. American Association. Hi

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