The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 7
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. »«K>M»««-*>I*M» Utility contract gets tentative nod at WC THE Bff AttHPOftf MCf* WKST COM.'MfUA The updated contract Ixrtwmj (he City of W«-»i! Columbia mid the Varwr Creek t'tility district Wfrtvwl conditional ap t/roval of c'/unril IHS! night This w«-is subject to approval of Mayor C H Gilbert and Oty Mmiiigi-r K f) I'arlin, <-fj({incff* flrnl»!(0fll('>f, Council iilVl autliori/fd !h<- mayor'* ami ci!> «.n rc(;ir> i signatures upon omi ItUKM-ll «f»»! A^w.-Clit'.H (-? K/Wtitxtg "A.I 1 ! jif fl.l-ti! {(.i inform counnl i/( l.itr <Ji".irl!»[)?;:i-!!!» Mayor <.itb<:-r! •*;!* flt?S-l?l" lt<j','.t !)>«' ! '.-ii.'ii i! rm-Hi/iX M<*fj'I;n tii&i,'- <!;;<• !'j illni-55 A f aiT"!!. !!ia;,«.! |jfu Son {'.-,• ••%!(}<«! KKMKMU.ST on the employer? retirement w»* approved Thin gives an Increase of f/0 per <-eti! to present ri'tirc*" '''fw/livi' Jan ! »:\V »TMF,KT 'Jl> approval lor » new s-tri 1 *-! w;t* dd.-iytd due '.o lack of information on >*)H-lh<'r tbc Mrwt would comply with ctly Jobrt ] Jam on Iwd applied for city approval of the *trce( !» (/•• named ''r«-Af(*rcl l^-jfic "Hii* '>tn~H. f/j fwi witjr frutn i>;im<;n JJrivi- tr t HiKfrA.ty y> Ni> ob}« lji/n '*;i>. r.DVf'l a> tu the ,if "' *"*-^ij& of! "I*'-*' 1 "*' crf-.i;! •• '/S """"""^ '-* ' *«4L on (he wcond Monday in January H-GAC AI.TKKNATK A Carroll W»H named a» iiHern/ile (or Benny Howard, who is dcsiRnaled representative to the general tx.x|y member ship of Houston fialveston Area Council for I'fir, ItKI'OHT Chmtrnati HghLs will be turnctl on Wednesday for 'ntiir.ks^iviriK and '*ill tx; '.i/i unit) Jim ) sroi."i*T>:i.Ki'iio.sK <itrl Scouts were denied ;« teli-pfwrie a( (he .Scout Hut Vjf;ic of the ni'itherv felt \' v,:t:> nnjx-rativc while other* did not Ho'Ai'vr.she city felt it could not begin this SPECIAL RACK LADIES' FALL COORDINATES I dtp! Ivies [t&£i m&issk FRI, & SAT. NOV. 28th & 29th WOOL HATS FOR BOYS OR GIRLS $100 JL '•* n FM I ttl 4 - \ L^^J^.j K (I I 1U , Seagull saga chronicles bird from pal to pest % PRICE on any SHIRT or TANK TOP mlh of a pair of JEANS or SUCKS i .-V '•!!! .tijili -,!• M-*•:> i- vi' M..--A.:,: /. -.,: -..'••r •««j'rr/r-«.' • f 'r.'i'i-^'.i; •«' ''.«• ••-•»••. ''••!"'•*• -' 5l "' r - '<• ;:;•.:.,;.-,r 'f;V --., K -;.i-, ,„•.•.•,! •-, f r .,-. • r. !.,-.«•':••:! -r-ifi |l:i'. -.I" • '! •' J...M •/. •, c. f r <, •.' . •- !-..iv,r .1:': -. r V -,uii i..-.-,• .«•-, .'• ,;•.;'.;» •>rr<- ,-; "'.<- .••.>.!• "i r si;! , t • .;. .i-, ?-,.:-'.T 1 •>-'>,: Code's Christmas BOTUS Bung m thts coupon and receive a ,<|i Dirrstmas Bonus 10% off on every ticket. j Thts Friday and Saturday only . : Includes Everything, f~^+ - 9 wen Sale Mdse. O fyClC I ..w- r,. ,,.i.v.«»« ;w lil\U hi'. *W i Jhrf.«tr; i. r *; '.I*' !"'"'; ( > "f !!•..-»!'. S «.'.'< f ••'.l}'--j'i;'-"i .(I'.i 1 . 'he ••,!('''• '-f f • ••;.' '.r,i\t>; >.!i;; .m- urn 1 ivoldgical iiiuralily play "It's l!if rlj.vsic <•»>•><• M| a Wili) )x'.iu!ifu! ,ini!ii;t) ID a M a I ii r a I I *i n (I > i' .1 p <• ttt-ruiniiiri .^irrupted hy njiin." hr saul i!i an in Natural prwliilws and :avrnger». gulls inilia!l> . jtn) jlnii^! coast* and ujloiul l.ikf* *iitiiml f*mg dtpi-nik'nt upon man llar<ly and rcioum-ful, !Hi'> hail link 1 truuhle (tiding llu-lr own food »9l>pliv», such as fish. sBiall inanuiialit or i-gj{!> of oiliiT birds Hut vuth Uu- arrival of lh>! Kuro|H'«inJi in America, gulls found itu'iii!>i'lvt's (lie target of man's (juest for f<Hid Knghsh seltlc-rs i-ajo)wl the (u*le of gulls, si) id (iriihatn, and gulls' eggs were an important source of food for many i tr.>'i' ••!',ii"> i-' •*(;.•('. t'.irtic :., N- k..-.,-»:, .»•-, !?•,»• i.ii.V-! \>;r .M-liv-.n-. ,.! i>,t'!'. *••:<• 'nslird and •n -. iT,ii i ,if tr!i«-i "f jJUilii v» w. ;i firs u r{ »• i '-TK.iJU i*^! tc >-r;it;r!i- f <• i-ifit pr-ihM lion !.i»s I'-Aing llit-ir r \ .1 m p if ! r <> rn M.i\'.,ii')iij.'.t'!!» «. ari'.'ui ^'.."^t^• UH V * .tnd the (I'lh' guvrrnment i-ii.H !cd statutes lisa'!e»l (ho killing!! t«r;ihrtin said the ,ti!.tp!«ihilit) of gulls Wiis d r m o n >,' ! r a t e d m o s t Mrikingl) in thr .'(»th Cenlury when they tin mti as a ifMiil <>1 man s wasteful and sloppy habit* Abandoning their natural (inkling habits, the birds clustered at open dump.'i, seutT uutlets and fish proci'ssing plants along the coast Various species tin derwent a population explosion as a result ol man's largesse. A bird ofU'ii iidmirvd by poets for ilh graceful flight patterns skxm liectime. in the public mmd, a nuisance "Mun has taken a beautiful creature and created this pest by his own filthy habits," said Graham "It's a tremendous change in the bird's fortunes in leu Hum a century." Thts coupon good fw '5.00 OFF on any PURSE in the store. any pair SLACKS •t u ludlnt Mu i M*uh I..UJ1.JI (,,„«) \.,« »k { u ITC-Wft « COUPON MEN'S SHOES WALLS' REG, '12 $ REG. TAG. ONLY ^4 WALL'S BARGAIN CENTER '",« MERCHANDISE WITH PURCHASE MERCHANDISE OR «•»»! /tv«j 1/1 •^'',••'4 Us*-* -' •jxjljx': •• c; - •vlv^i '~ LIB! ^ !15% off ON AU WVftH PRODUCTS FOR MEN i WOMEN • Musk Oil • Cotogne • Dusting Powder Bath Oil .Gift Sets .Reg. *€ to '15 | . 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