Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1941
Page 10
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Page Ten STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS New Federal Taxes Are Due This Week; Everything Hit Amusements, Furs, Jewelry, Tires, Etc. Included on List The new federal taxes which went into effect October 1, start commf? due this week. The new levies include tuxes on sale* of-furs, jewelry, tires and tubes, amusement*, liquors, pinball and slot machines, matches. bowlinf? alleys, billiard tables and cabaret checks. Likewise, the capital stock tax. ap- pjytnfc to ail corporations, will fall dtie October 29. which is the deadline fixed by the revenue bureau. Capital stock taxes have been in- ctmsed from $1.10 to $1.25 per $1.000. The taxes were originally due June 30, but the filing deadline was advanced to September 29 and. later, to October 29. Corporations which filed at the old rate have until Wednesday to file an amended return. Federal licenses on plnball and slot machines, bowling alleys, pool or billiard tables are due October 31. They will be Issued for the current fiscal year, expiring June 30. the fees being pro-rated. Personal checks will not be taken. These taxes must be paid by cashiers' checks or money orders. Taxes on amusement devices, which Include bowling alleys, pool and billiard tables, are $10 per unit, payable by the owner of the establishment In which the units are operated. Coin operated gambling devices must pay a tax of »50 per year. Plnball machines must pay $10 whei they score free games, but if merch andlse or cash is given in exchange for free games scored, the $50 ta will apply. The floor stock taxes of two am one-r*Rlf cents per pound on tire and four and one-half cents pe pound on tubes is due Friday. Oa rages, filling stations and tire deal ers must file a return covering his inventory as of October 1. The ta does not. apply to tires and tube. mounted on automobiles or to bl cycle tires. Admission taxes start at one cen and apply at the rate of one cen for each 10 cents or fraction there of. No exemption is provided for af fain sponsored by religious, charit able or educational organizations a heretofore. Only when a child unde 12 years buys a ticket costing less than 10 cents will the exemption apply. Manufacturers, Importers . and produce*' excise taxes on electrica equipment, gas and oil appliances musical instruments, sporting goods electric signs, business machines optical equipment, luggage and photographic equipment also went into effect this month, but are being fel bgr the consumer in prices paid for these articles rather than in direc taxation. There are alto taxes on telephone bills, etc. Optical !Huiion of Woman in White Seen In City Hall Belfry An optical Illusion which has been noticed hy n few aivd Miown to others !<: that of « woman rind in a white crown standing in the be-Hry of the Sterling city hall The fitjure may he «rn best about 9 n. m. on sunshiny days as the figure apj*>ars to the left or weM of the b'Ml. The woman Is standing erect and one arm is uplifted holding something in her hand, much the same as the Statue of Liberty a! New York. For several vears occupants in the Lawrence buiklinc have noticed this strange apparition, which at the time designated appears as a ghostly appearance A. p . the sun moves away the figure disappears. Five Persons Hurt As W.D, Ferris Car Hits Side of Ditch Four-H Club Poultry Show and Auction to Be Held November 15 Requiem Moss for Late John Devinc Monday A requiem mass was mid for the late John Devlne at his funera vfakh took place from St. Mary church in Sterling Monday at 9 a. m. Hey. Pr. T. O. Magulre. pastor 'of 0t Mary church at Tamplco was tht celebrant. Hymns sung by John Ward were "Ave Marie" and "Softly •ad Tenderly Jesus la Calling." . The casket attendants were Thomas Cooney, Frank O'Netl, William Dawaon, Cecil Keefe. J. H. Renner and Benjamin McManus. Miss Mary Duffy had charge of the flowers. Following the funeral the cortege to Tamplco where the com- in.8t. Mary cemeteryT Visit in Davenport Mr. and Mrs. David McCombs. daughter Shirley, and son, John, of OMM>; Donald Kohl and Miss Doris Oattaehlar of Sterling, drove to D»v- «spvt Saturday and thence to New Barton, for an over-Sunday visit frith Mr. and Mrs. Burr Howard. * Home on Furlough Frt Richard Mlcol te home on a It-da? fortoufh from Fort Sheridan, wfaer* he has been confined in the easap hospital for 18 days on account at an infected (land in his neck. He to •atllof atom nicely. Father Dies in East Chief Curtis O. Bucher was notified Saturday night of the death of hto father at Cashtown. Pa. Re left feMMsUatoly to attend the funeral «ie father had been ill about a week UAsW TNI TtUlM ABOUT HWEL NOINS Thf> first 4-H club dressed poultry show and auction to be held In Illinois will be staged In Whlteslde county for Whlteslde 4-H poultry club members Saturday, Nov. 15. This wfll be a big day for poultry members since It Is the Introduction of a new plan and a very worthwhile on.\ too. for poultry project members. In the past years live bird shows have been held, judging them on a basis of standard perfection, while 99 per cent of the farm flocks are raised for market purposes. Therefore this Is the kind of show that should have been started some time ago. Every 4-H member will be eligible to compete in any or all of the following classes: Roasters, three to five pounds, single or pair, roasters, over five pounds, single or pair; ducks; geese: turkeys: eggs, dozen lot, brown; eggs, dozen lot, white. . Cash All fowls must be dressed by the member. Members wishing to dress ducks, geese or turkeys, although they are not carrying them in the project, may do so and exhibit them and auction them since this is the first year for the dressed poultry exhibit. An auction will be provided following the show, for all members wishing to dispose of their fowls or eggs hi this manner. Prize money to be offered totals $50 and will be prorated among the A. B and C awards as is done in other 4-H club exhibits. The program for the day follows: 12:30 p. m. — All birds and eggs ready for judging. Set Demonstratton 1 :30 — Demonstrations open to public on dressing live poultry and carving chicken lor the table, to be presented by Prof. H. H. Alp of the state university. 3 — Chicken sandwiches and auction. \ Entry cards soon wiU be sent to all poultry club members. Honor Donald Shipman At Farewell Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shipman of Rock Falls entertained with a farewell dinner Sunday evening for their son Donald, who is leaving Tuesday morning, for army service. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Evans and daughter Edna and sons, Henry and Willard, of Clinton, la, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Shipman, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shipman and daughter Joan and son Ralph, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McNlnch and daughter Barbara, Vera Dravis and Lloyd, jr.. and Wesley Shipman of Rock Falls. Accident Occurs on Sunday Eve on Route 64 North of Polo Mr ar.d Mr? \V I> T>rrK Hinr house c.irs't Mr av.d Mr<- D H. Willey of Cinci:ii',.i!i O . and Mrs. H. V. Bittorf ar<* patirrf; 1:1 Hi'- Dixon hospital as a result of injuries suffered when the fvrm automobile left the pavement n:-.d emptied Into the side of a ditch, the impact of which caii^d the car to buckle, throwing Mrs Ferris and Mr. Willey out of the machine The accident occurred about 6 30 u m. Sunday on Route 64 north of Po'.o. two miles east of Route 26. as the party were en route home after an extended afternoon motor trip Mrs. Bittorf suffered cracked ribs and is badly bruised. Mr. Ferris' leg was fractured just below the knee. Mrs. Ferris a lacerated lip which required several stitches to close. Thr extent of Mr. and Mrs. WHIey's injuries had not been determined Monday morning, but It Is believed they air not serious. Mrs. Willey was unconscious for some time following the accident, and appears to be suffering from shock. Mr. Willey suffered from cuts and bruises. X-rays of Mr. and Mrs. Willey had not been taken early today. Mr. Ferris states he was driving about 45 miles an hour when th right rear wheel left the pavemen He took his foot off the accelerate: and did not immediately try to pu the car back on to the pavemen As the car did not seem to slow dow; Mr. Ferris Is of the opinion tha the foot accelerator stuck, as a re suit of which the machine struc the side of the ditch with consider able force. It Is possible, he says that the wheel off the pavemen struck a wet spot, throwing the ca out of control. Mr. and Mrs. Ferris and Mr. am Mrs. Willey were taken In a Pol ambulance to the Dixon hospital but Mrs. Bittorf was taken to th hospital in the car of a party whc stopped at the scene of the accident Local Governmental Units Are Exempt from Federal Excise Taxes Mrs. W. H. Perry Is Called Suddenly Saturday Morning Funeral Services To Be Held Tuesday At Home on W. Third All local Rovrrnmenfal units fire exempt from the multiple fedrrsl eyrl».e tax« which became effective Or!. 1. ty.Jt they should file eertifi- (?Art. of exemption with dealers. The varirii!'. taxes raneinp frnm nti' to 11 p«r rrnt should not he- pa id by r:!v. county or township Rnvernmentr, but to take,'advantage of thf exrmption the Eovrrnmenta! offiViaU chould dcmnnd iterniz'-d in- uiicf.s nnd prepare exemption forms. Thr tax errmptlon of government.- Mr5 Wt !i:am H Prrrv rs.^d n units includes such articles as ma-| . suddrni , .^fsrdav 'mornms rhmery. motor vehicles, electrical I <>:t ' 2 5. ]94l. at r-er home in Strr- appliancp.<:. tirr<; and accessories, I jj ne m >:aso!inp. oH. firearms and_ shells, j Mrs Perry na* i\l only one we" It "" ut "'"" """' ' ' ' ' 'following a slight ccid A damac'-d heart wa.s unable to overcome \:-.e effect* of the illneAs. Her dauehtT. Mrs. Lowell Stone of East FnlLs Church. Va.. reached her bedside Wednesday, after which Mrs Perry's condition seemed to improve. Mrs. Perry husband. Dr. Monday, October 27, 1941 8ermf?er, Mr, »nd Mrs Fred Rhode, Mr. And Mr,*.. Gerhard Mel- n?TR. jr., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Waglner and daughter, Mrs, Minnie E<ten, William Rose now. Fred RosenoTv. Kenneth Jacobs, Charles Sehwltters. Mnrgaretha, Mabel and Anne Rosenow. Hare! Fimderberg and Frieda rubber articles, coal and telephone and telegraph service. For example, the local governments do not have to pay the 1 prr cent tax on automobiles: 1 1-2 cents a gallon on gasoline; 4 1-2 cents a gallon on oil. Fraudulent use of the tax exemption certificate will subject offenders to a maximum fine of $10.000 and five years in prison. He points out that articles purchased tax free by governmental units must be used for the exclusive use of the governmental unit and can not be resold to employes or others. i.s survived by her William H. Pern- of Canadians Feel U. S. Will Enter War r Says Pipped on Return Canadians Ifeci -certain the United, , States will participate actively in the| !war. but want to know when ' American troops will depart for the ! <cenes of conflict, according to William Pipprrt. who has just returned from a visit of several months to his wheat ranch in the western corner of Saskatchewan. The motor trip he took was 3.800 miles. Cars Damaged in Crash Cars, driven by A. F. Arians- of Milledgeville, and John O. Bcllin of Dixon collided Sunday morning at 11:15 at Pfundstein corners on Route M north of this city. There was damage to both cars. Mrs. Bellin was slightly Injured. Funeral Services Of Mrs. Susan Stone Funeral 'services for Mrs. Susan Stone were held at 2 p. m. Friday at the Woods funeral home. Rev James H. Uhllnger officiated. Mrs Marian Nunemaker sang .two beautiful numbers, "Beautiful Isle o Somewhere" and "The Old Rugged Cross." She was accompanied or the piano by Mrs. Charles Van Gilder. The pallbearers were A. H Reed. Frank Geeting, Roy E. Williams, A. T. Mateer. Earl McNeil and Arthur Landis. Those in charge o; the flowers were Mrs. J. H. Hall Mrs. G. Donald Smith. Mrs. Wallace Limond and Mrs. Frank Geeting Burial was in Riverside cemetery. Out-of-town relatives and friends Included Mrs. A. A: Graham, Day tona Beach, Fla.. Mrs. D. E. Fitch and son A very. Burt, la.; Mr. am Mrs. Hugh Colder and three children, Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs Ray Wilson. Dixon. and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Williams, Rockford. Locked in Empty Box Car Employes of the Chicago and North Western released from involuntary custody a hobo who had been fastened In an empty box car which was brought in and left on a service track in the yards While checking tlie cars in the yard the deck heard a loud knocking on door of one car. A_manjnside Cars Collide at Corner Cars, driven by Henry Dod*d of Rock Palls and L. K. Baker of this city, collided this morning at the in- enaction of Fourth avenue and' Fourteenth street. There was dam- aie to both can. . . Relief At last for Your Cough appealed to be let out. The door of the car had been shunted into a wedge when the car was switched. The man said he had been in the car at least 34 hours. He said he was expecting to go to Chicago. ttfOMitibttotiMaiataCttM rouble to help laoam and acpat |arm laden phMfm. and aid nature b sooth* and hea) raw, taodar, la- lamtd hraoehial mueoua at«m» •aMB. 1W1 your druaM to aaU you abottkofOrtofuuWonwiththeun- darateadtac you mutt Uk* the way it qukkljr aDan the oouih or you an to haw your Bonnr aaefe. DON PLAID SHIRTS $1.25 the fit that counts. For Sale At Old Age Assistance Totals $20,210 for 881 Persons in County Old age assistance payments were made to 881 persons in Whiteside county, totaling $20.210, for the month of October. The payments for the month In the state totaled $3.576,728. an Increase of *37,741 over September. The number of recipients was 149,133, an increase of 384. The number of recipients and the total amount distributed in other northern Illinois counties, are: Bureau, 570. $19.917; Carroll. 45i; $10.588; De Kalb, 628, $15.342; Henry. 1.016, $23.814; Jo Daviess, 431. $10,474; Lee. 652. $15.891; Ogle. 693, $15.379; Stephenson, 856, $20,530. Co. B to Wear Their New Blouses at Inspection Company B will wear their new blouses for the first time at the regular monthly company commander's inspection tonight. Sharpshooters' scores on the indoor rifle range Sunday morning are as follows: Corp William Swehla 127. Pvt John Adams 137, First Sgt. M. Shoemaker 122. Pvt. Robert Sier 120. Pvt Vernoo Hall 110. Twelve men o the company, under figt. Leslie Stone, tasisted in handling the crowd at tht air defense program at the Sterling airport. this city: her daughter. Mrs. Sophy Pern" Stone; two grandsons. Lowell Perry' Stone and William Ward Stone, of East Falls Church. Va one half-sister, Mrs. Eva Williams Geoffroy of Sterling, and a host of friends. Services will be-held Tuesday at the home. 409 West Third street, at 3 p. m.. Rev. J. Stanly Holcomb. pastor of the First Baptist church, officiating. Committal will be in Roverslde cemetery. A complete obituary will be published later. Party Honors Soldier Boys Home on Furlough From Camp Forrest Prank Rosenow entertained relatives and friendis at the home of his parents In honor of Corporal Karl Meiners and Private Elwln Knelson. who have been on a visit home during their furlough from Camp Forrest, Tenn. Cards and dancing were enjoyed and a delicious lunch was served. A feature was a two-tier angel food cake topped by a soldier for each of the boys. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rosenow, Prank Rosenow, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Knelson and daughter Lois, Mrs. Gerhard Meiners, ST., Corporal Karl Meiners, Private Elwln Knelson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siemers and daughter Anne, Mr. and Mrs. PriU Rosenow and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jacobs and family, Mr. and Mrs. August Rosenow and family. Mr. and Mrs. . . War talk is common but in Canada there has been no conscription. When McKenzle King took office he declared himself against conscription and has held steadfastly to that committal. Mr. Pippert states that the wheat crop in Canada is spotted, due to the various changes In weather conditions, and that the weather there now Is the same as here; wet and cold. Threshing has been greatly retarded there. Wheat Is the pricipal crop. In the larger towns and cities business In general is normal but in the wide areas life Is very prosaic, farming and stock raising occupying the time and efforts of the citizens. Mr. Pippert Is one of the pioneers of western Saskatchewan. He first went there and proved up a claim In 1903, becoming a citizen of Canada in order to prove his land rights. He lived jon his wheat ranch until 1925. When he first went to hia place the nearest town was 90 miles distant. There were no railroads then, but now his land is situated in a pocket surrounded by three or four large railroads and his nearest town is but nine and one-half miles distant. Quebec, Canada, founded in 1608 is the only walled city of any size on the North American continent. Finral r item Ml rMHb AT*, PHON1 MAIM • Honor Corp. Meiners And Pvf. Knelson wilh Party Sunday Evening Mr. nnd Mr*. Jnhannrs R'in? hon- orrd Corporn! Knrl Mrmrr* and Private Elwln Kn'rlson with a pnrty p.! thrir home north of Strrlme Sunday evening. The younp men are home nn n furlough from Camp Forrest. T*nn. Cards nnd mtr-lr were enjovrd. A lunch was served by the hostess Guests present were Mr and Mrs Ed Knelson and daughter Ix>ls. Mrs Gerhard Mriners. sr.. Mr. and Mrs Emery Smith. Mrs. Franc.s Kunde and family, Mr. and Mrs Johanne Reins. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siemrrs nnd daughter Anne. Mr. and Mrs Gerhard Meinrrs. jr. Mr. and Mrs Fred Rhode. Mr. and Mrs John Dombroski. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stern nnd family, Private Elwln Knelson and Cofpornl Karl Meiners, Mabel Reins, Dorothy Uombroskl, Elmer Dombroski. Clarence Berpe, Donald Stern. Lawrence Stern. Ruth Rhode and Charles Boucher. Big Flock of Wild Geese A flock of about 100 wild geese flew over Sterling Sunday afternoon and attracted attention by the loud honking at a low altitude. WHY. . . , don't you turn your screen doors into storm doom nnd stop those cold drafts? It'a a Bimple job and very inexpensive teith one c. these yets. B-L-S Screen Door Covering Set includes everything: you need. Choice of black or brown color. Our price Flexoiflass Screen Door Cover with 12xl2-inch transparent <|.05 window. Price complete _ • BROWN LYNCH SCOTT Pre-Winter Inspection Of All fire Hydrants Evrry firf hydrant In the munlty Is now brine tested bv from th*> Illinois Water company thr fy-'cnsJon of thr Rnrnml prr-w trr inaction, according to J. Moorrmu. Sterling mnnnicer. The hydrants src tying tested Irnknge nnri dratnnGe nnrt f»rr IIIR drained out. Worn out K nrr bHnR rrplnrrd with n^w nnd nl! of thr- hydrants placed perfect winter condition. on ln- C. for In i/ 9* LIFE Seen InCTrWgfC PtlTH when you carry change atone— fit* into tiny Evening bag-perfect for Sportfwear. Yet DOUStE- LOCKS ufdy into your Buxton Mffold when biHi and coin* arc/ carried together. The Magic Pur»e to another Buxton "first" that you will bless again and again for Ms fulness. Available in lovely Single and Two-tone color cowtMnation*. Men's Buxtons, $1 up. GEO. W. 6ERDES JEWELER 308 First Ave. Return to College After Visit Here Miss Betty Gehrinf returned to her studies at Mac Murray college Sunday. Miss Anise Bernstein, who was her house guest, returned with her. Miss Helen Lea-Hanson, who was also her guest, returned at the same time to her studies at Northwestern university; Evanston. ^i^»Mj^M«l^^^^» Stir Up Yw Lazy liver Ble ToHeipBeliera IflirarMte IU riMufcrhM. lamtal ilnllimi a alln fMtac artan mult. Bo tato Dr. Wwardi* OUw TtbtoU to uwun ff*tte yjt thorough bowl movmanU. OUw Tabtote at* rimyl* MomUr/Ml to rtlr up your llvnr btto ncntlaa aad tea* up muacular taurtlnal action. We. rw, tit. PHONE 724 Order a load of MOUNT OLIVE COAL with the yellow labels. Washed and oil treated A load of Heat that's hard to beat for only per ton AT TU SIWWAT • SVLHII tft W.ttd SHoi IM. MH4W JOHNSON FUEL OIL Highest Quality FOR Trouble Free Performance IN YOUR OIL IURNING FURNACE or STOVI W.E BRIAN PifKIMI « IMI You'll «n[«y i**Ing MAUOtll WOOOWMTH in lh« cwrrcnt H«l toocfc hit "AlUAMfRICAN CO-f 0" Unltai ArlitH * * * You'll •n|*y Ott»»rfi»ld§, th« AII-Am«ric«n plMMir* irnek* wilh Cootar B«Mtr If... Kk9 t he All.American Girl... you want a cigarott* that's Try a couplt of packs. W« ft«l sura you'll U coming back for moro ... boeauso Ckoftorfiold v s right comoinalioii of tho world's loading cigarotto tobaccos makps thorn so mudi AVWor, Cooltr and ioffor-rosflfig that moro imokors oro turning to thorn ovory day. YOU GO , nW approval «/ snolrors if mo U0 thing that* CnosMKold aaoad oH ov«r mo country.

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