The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 9
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f Thursday Evening, July 9, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Nine A Business Revolutionized Instead of a business depending OD your misfortune and with a watchful eye for the afflicted, our appeal is more generally directed to the fortunate, to those in possession of their family, and sufficiently appreciate e to save them the inevitable responsibility The time to buy anything i« when year mind ii clear. Phone for Booklet Either Phone 1028. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED On Glasses Fitted With Toric Lenses? If not. you'\e still to learn of what :omfort in eye glasses means The Tor:c lenses are somewhat o\al in shape--they fit the e\e so that no outer edge is visible Whore the ordinary shaped iem makes the eyeglass wearer NERVOUS, the Tone has just the OPPOSITE EFFECT Why not let me try Tone Lenses on your eyes todaj ? D WILLIAMS T PTOMETfllSt OPTIEIAN. I 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. Mrs. John Crocker Entertains at 6 o'Clock Supper. Maroa, July 8 --The official board of the Methodist church and their families enjoyed an "indoor picnic In the church basement Tuesday evening An elaborate supper was served at 6 30 %vhich was enjoyed by about fifty perms Among those present were, Rev S N Wakefield an* children Mr. and Mrs J H Parker Dr and Mrs C M Wood and children, Mr and Mrs F O W i- koff and f a m i l y , Mr and Mrs V R Grady and daughter Velma, Mr and M i s T C Grady. John Longstreet Miss Laura Cooper, Air. and Mrs Samuel Lehrn. Mr and Mrs B P Shiplej and rliufrhter, Lucile Mrs Ellen G i a h i m "Mr inrl Mrs VT S Ames Mr and M i s J F Harris and daughter Alma. Mr and Mrs H P Harpstrite Mr and Mr= 'U alter Crawford and family Mr and M-» Joseph Parnett Mr and Mr= Ed H ndnx, Mr and Mrs Lemuel Wikoff, Miss E \ e U n Smith of Assumption Mr and Mrs Newell Harris of Heirs and Mis G M Wood of Decatur MRS CROCKER ENTERTAINS Mrs John H Crocker most delightfully entertained at a 6 o clock supper on Monday eienlng. her family and a few f r i e n d s The sumptuous meal was ·ier%ed on the spacioi s la-nn at the homo oC Mr* Crocker The guests included Dr and Mrs George Crocke- Mr and Mrs J CrocKer and children R u t h Tonn John and Thoma = Mr and Mrs W H Black and son TVjllnm of Decatur, Di and Mrs "\V 1 McLean and daughter. Louise Mr and Mr« N* P Stoutpnboroupch and hibe Mr and Mis John McLean rnrt babe from At- Hnta Ga. Rei and Mrs I \ McDonald Rev Fred L Hnrper and Di C E Jennej pnstor of the Presbyterian church in Decattir Take Annual Outing for Pleasure and Profit. ALLENVILLE. Mr« J 15 Tabor and fliueMer Corma. rd Roweca Martin -nere in Mattoon Thure- Mre Anna- Terrj. and children "Wll lam nnrl Ircn^ ha\ · returned to their liome In ·\Tt "\rrnnn i f t r r ft i Isit w i t h h f r elster, Mrs Jamrs 0 Brvnm ·\frs James O Brvant nnl sons Charing «nf1 Popart ara vlsitinc re ati\es at St Louis Mrs Claude "Winchester ^ent to Mattoon Frlrlnj to \'*lt relatives sriss \ijnes Weinsing 1* %lsltlng relatives at In graham Mrs M a r . Knott \ i s t t M Mr and Mrs Jam«i Spaugh of Slattoon the last of the ,ve k Clnrk Sutton went to the hospital at Mat- con Fr day to hi\e n toe amputated He vas si ff ring w i t h blood poisoning Mrs Miry J Shoerrnltcr. of Mattonn \lB- tod "«. it \es h c i n Fr *i\ and Saturdaj Mr and Mr 1 * Danl*! Francisco ind Mr intl M-s Carl Tarnel! of K i r k a \ i l l e Mr i! d 'M-i Andrew LeTlar of Mattoon, Mr and "Irs John Gilly o* I r v i n e and Mr and Mrs Pa'ph Erunson nf Hnmniond v j l t e d Mr T n l Mr F P Lcfl e- Sunday Chi-'es Rvan of Mattoon is visiting Mr and Mrs Raj Misenhrimer ·WEDDING Enrl Shlrpv and Mis* Alta French we'-e iarr!cd P Idav mnrnln? at Sullhan Mr« hlre\ i=. Iho dint;liter o* Mrs Phoebe I rrrirh n' ^outh o* \\ "ml le and Is well I inw n her* 1 Tuscola, July 9--The Tuscola Troop of Boy Scouts of America to the number of about twenty-five, with Scout Master Dr C L Hlne and his assistant, R J N Johnson, went to camp on Wednesday morning- for their annual outing They had their camptns outfit, of which each boy furnished his own, except the tents hauled out to the Wheat- lv woods south of Camargo on the Em- bairass river at the same point w h e r e t h e j camped last year. The boys ara taught woodcraft, swimming, are given regular dailv details of work to do, similar to a military camp The outing", besides being a great pleasure to the boys, is a good schooling in useful things IS RAILWAY MAIL CLERK Wilbur A Hopkins, w h o has for som6 time been a clerk at the local station of the C . E I. and who recently took a civil s e t \ i c e e\anilnation for a railway mall clerkship, was oidered to report at Chicago for duty and on Thursday morning made his first run through Tuscola on the Illinois Central train, w h i c h is a heavy mall train Loren Lutti ell of Sullivan succeeds Mr Hopkins at the C. E I station BRIEFS. The j o u n e people of the Baptist church T% ill hold a market beginning' at 10 o clock on Saturday morning at the \\ arren Furniture store on Main street W A Dulaney shipped his household goods and farming 1 Implements to Rhodes, la, on Wednesday and will there with his family for their future home On Wednesday afternoon there was a special train west through Tuscola on the C H D, bearing the newely ap pointed receivers, Messrs Harmon and Smith, pnd the division officials of th Spring-field division, making a trip to Springfield The train returned east- w a r d at night Horace V* ortham, Jr and Miss Margaret Martin left here Wednesday morning in an automobile for BockCord 111, Mrs Wortham, who accompanied them to this city last ^eek having been prev lously called back to Rockford The free moving picture show on the street on Tuesdaj evening was not so largclv attended as It has been on pre \ i o u s occasion's v^hich mav be accounted for r i r t i i l U at lea-=t by the evcess- n r l hot w e a t h e r Broivn Ervln went to Indianapolis on Wednesflav to consult Dr Barnhart Hs Ida Perry librarian at the p u b - lic librarv, is taking a vacation and left here Wednesday afternoon fop Wichita, Kan to join her father u h o is there ookirrp: after his farming 1 Interests CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. Thi Kind You Have Always Bought Bears ths Signature of We Apply Rubber Tires. Wheels called for and delivered. Special Vehicle Sale Vehicles Delivered by Auto, any Place-Free. 2O DISCOUNT 2O ONE-FIFTH OFF ON ALL PHAETONS, S»S and CARRIAGES $165 Phaeton Now $132 Our Vehicles are of the highest grade on the market, made by Connersville, Moyer, Peters, Seidel, Union City, Enterprise, Davis, Brown and others too numerous to mention. We have all the latest styles and novelties. Our stock is complete. ' Our harness department is the best in central Illinois. We make our own harness and guarantee both quality and price. REMEMBER -- WE PUT ON RUBBER TIRES. COME AND SEE, J. G. STARR SON Lincoln Square--Estab. 1856. DECATUR, ILLINOIS. EXTRA! 69c women's (me mnthn eight gowns lace and embroidery trimmed. Friday .. EXTRA: Women's regular SI new stIe percale house dresses for Fri- . 39C To Make Quick Clearance of All Short Lengths in Summer Fabrics Friday We Offer PHENOMENAL BARGAINS 50c To 75c Values For 25c Yard Exquisite silk embroidered crepes--all lengths under ten yards--regular" 50c to 75c values ^ Exquisite Matlase silks, crepes and silk poplins--50c to 65c values--all lengths under ten yards -Exquisite Suessine silks and brocaded silks--regular 50c to 75c values, all lengths under ten yards Exquisite silk striped voiles and silk striped crepes, Foulards, satins, and fancy silks, etc.--all lengths under ten yards TTT 25c lOc to 15c Values 5c Yd. White Dress Goods--checked and striped dimities, nainsooks, etc., worth up to 15c a yard--all lengths pr o 5c under ten yards--choice a yard. Fine Figured Lawns and batistes--all lengths under ten yards--regular lOc to 15c values-choice a yard Genuine Red Seal, M. F. C. and Toil Du Nord dress ginghams --regular 12V|c values--all lengths under f ten yards, choice a yard 9 C Fine Seersucker Ginghams, fine Scotch plaid ginghams and fine plain Chambray ginghams, regular lOc and 12y z c values --all lengths under ten yards-- pr choice a yard OC 50c Drawnwork Linens, 15c To quickly close out upwards of 200 pieces of slightly soiled drawnwork linens; including 30 by 30 hemstitched lunch cloths, 30 by 30 embroidered lunch cloths and center pieces, beautiful Batteuberg center pieces, and beautifully embroidered pillow shams worth up to 50c, Friday to make quick work--choice at the unheard of price uerg center 15c 18c to 25c Values 10c Yd. Beautiful Mercerized Silk Foulards in all the newest designs and colorings worth up to 25c a yard--all lengths -t /\ lOc Serpentine lOc under ten yards--choice a yard Genuine Primrose Batiste and Loretta Batistes worth 20c a yard--choice now a yard Fine Printed French Organdies crepes worth 18c to 22c a yard-choice now a yard and genuine Very fine Tissue Ginghams and zephyr ginghams m all the latest stripes and lace striped effects worth up to 25c a yard --all lengths under ten yards-- -| /\ choice now a yard J.UC 50c to 75c Embroideries, 25c Here is the greatest bargain ever offered in Decatur in high-class embroideries. Exquisitely beautiful fine Swiss, fine Batiste, fine cambric and fine Bc-be Iri?h embroideries 18 to 27 inches wide--dress embroideries, corset cover embroideries flouncings, etc., worth regularly 50c to 75c a yard--Friday, choice, a yard... . $3, and $5 Dresses For $1.19 To break all July sales records in our Ready-to-wear department and to outdo any similar offer ever before known in Decatur Friday we place on special sale upwards of 250 women's summer dresses--all the latest styles-made with the new long tunic effects--beautiful crepe dresses, lingerie dresses, tissue ginghams and fine Chambray dresses-white and colored dresses, plain, flowered and striped dresses worth regularly $3, $4 and $5--all sizes--a bargain of a lifetime. Friday choice $10, $12.50 and $15 Dresses $5.00 Here is another store crowding bargain for Friday's selling Upwards of 100 dresses in this lot--Think of buying genuine silk crepe dresses, silk charmeuse dresses, silk poplin dresses, taffeta silk dresses, wool crepe dresses, French Eponge dresses, etc., in all the latest styles--the new Russian tunic style--every other desirable style, dresses actually bargains at $10, $12.50 and $15--All sizes and all colors--Friday, choice $5 $5 To Hats For $1.00 To quickly clear out every remaining colored hat in our store we have grouped upwards of 50 exquisite models formerly priced at from $5 to ; and offer them Friday and Saturday at less cost of bare shapes or trimmings. Beautiful new models, beautifully trimmed with wings, fancy feathers, ribbons, pom-poms, etc. All the new shades--tangos, new blues, new greens, purples, etc. Think of it! Actually $5 to $8 values--the greatest millinery bargains ever announced in Decatur, choice n $5 to $8 $1 $10.00 To $15.00 Hats For $3.50 A record-breaking offer in dainty white millinery. Upwards of 100 beautiful creations--white hemps, white Milans, white leghorns, etc. Trimmed with white wings, white feathers, white ribbons, etc. /ft A f* A FRIDAY 2,000 yards of standard 6c calico --mdigo blue, Calcutta blue and silver greys -Friday a yard FRIDAY MO remnants im, swiss, a --all lengths yards--lOc values--Friday a yard in Decatur, regular $10 to $15 values, Friday and Saturday.. t|/t}«wv ^ ^ Y s of ad net under to 15e 5c FRIDAY SO Axminster rugs. 27 by St. regular price $2 to $225. Friday as long as they C| last, choice .. .."' " FRIDAY Handsome Scrim curtains in ivory and Arabia-- 1, 2 and 3 pairs of a kind -*2 50 values -- Friday pair SI- 00 FRIDAY Ml lengths under 20 yards of fiber matting in brown, blue, green and tan -- 35c matting Fri 9fifi daj a jard.. .."·*** FRIDAY All lengths of Jap mattings under 20 yards -- m all colors -- 25c, 30c and 35c values, Friday I R n now a yard. * **** FRIDAY 411 lengths of China mattings under 20 yards m green, tan. etc regular 15c to. 20c \alue*. Fri- | AM day a jard .. ·*"· NEWSPAPER!

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