The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE lOLA REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARYUe, 1945. lOLA, KANSAS CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK (Frances Halbe) FIRST LEAVE He's coming home! He's coming home! He's coming home tonight, folks. Apprentice Seaman WiUlam A., Have everj'thing just right, folks. The quarts of milk He wants to drink; If points aUow It. ham, please. And ."^unny side up on the eggs. Hot biscuits and some jam, please. No spot of dust Upon his car; Its glass all shining brightly. His radio besides his bed- He listened to it nightly. First leave! First leave! How many hours? Count them—forty-eight, boy! He'll talk and eat and sleep and go At some terrific rate, boy! When WiOiam A. Comes in the door O silly heart, be quiet. He's just one sailor in the lot. No need to start a riot. But still, when he Comes in the ddor- The picture makes me dizzy- He's just one sailor in the lot? I'm asking you, "Oh, is he?" —Helen Mitcbel. Woodman Circle Has Good 19 i4 Record •Woodman Circle was entertained at the home of Mrs. Alice Shelby yesterday evening. Mrs. Shelby, guardian, presided at the business session and reports were made of the accomplishments of 1944. The reports show that a total of 390 hours were contributed by members of the Circle to IWd Cross work, that seven members were blood donors and that during the bond drives, ^34,575 worth of bonds were sold by the group. All of the officers became members of the Golden 'Welfare club of 1945. During the social hour Mrs. Shelby was as.sisted by her daughter. Mrs. Frederick McMickle, and Tommy McMckle in serving refresh- menis. Present were Mesdames MyiUe Grove. B. C. McCoy, George James. L. E. Brown, Lloyd Baxley, Ottie Swlnford, W. L. Lewman and Miss Bertha James. • •> <• V. B. Class Party At Sell Home The Progressive class of the United Brethren church met at the home of Jlr. and Mrs. Dee Sell last night. After a short business session, a •white elephant sale wa-s held and the rest of the evening was spent in a social good time. Mrs. Sell was assisted by Mrs. Prank Masterson and Mrs. Ted Kellv in serving refreehmwits. The following members were present: Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Melrose, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Upshaw, the Rev. and Mrs. C. L. Heatherlngton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Conger and children, Phyllis and Kay, Mrs. Charles. Upshaw, Mrs. Ted Kelly, Mrs. Tom Fudee and Larry, Mrs. Frank Masterson and Jean, Mrs. 'Wade Mosina; and Suzanne., Mrs. Oscar Dahl- bura;. Miss Thelma Roberts, Mr. a"d Mrs. Dee Sell Friends Give Fairty For Mrs. I^iokaoa AS a courtesy to Mrs. Pearl Erickson, who is to be married January 23, Misses Florence and Ethel Strong and Mrs. Mildred Brown were hostesses to a party in her honor Monday evening in the teachers' room at Jefferson school. A gift was presented to Mrs. Erickson from the group. Present, were Misses 'Wanda Hodges, Judith Bragg, Elizabeth Callaway, lUiby Porter, Dorothy Cary; Ida Faddis, Dorothy Horn, Leima Baumlck, Ora Leavitt, the honor guest, Mrs. Pearl Erlckson, and the hostesses, Miss Florence Strong, Miss, Ethel Strong and Mrs. Mildred Brown. « * • Larry Wayne Wilson Is Honor Gneat. Mrs. Loren Wilson entertained Saturday afternoon with a. birthday party in honor of the sixth birthday of her son, Larry Wayne. Games were played and refreshments of birthday cake and fruit salad were served to the following guests: Beverly Louderback, Sandra Allen, Lafem- Barnes, Louva Sears, Sharon Leslie, Bonnie Gale Henderson, Bobbie Louderback, Loren Adams, 'Victor Adams, and the honor guest, Larry Wayne Wilson. Favore were presented to each chUd. , • •> • astern Sf *T Has Canteen Sapfer Aboiit seventy-five members of the Eastern Star enjoyed the unique canteen supper at the Masonic Temple last night. The banquet room resembled a genuine canteen with its patriotic colors, American flaes, and Red Cross symbols. Members of the committee with Mrs. ' Clara Williams BS chairman, wore | white aprons, cans, and arm bands. Assisting. Mrs. Williams were Mrs. Josephine Coblentz. Mrs. C. M. Jewett. Mrs. Ha Delp, Mr. D. G. Mine«ineer. and Mr. J. B. Kirk. Aft«r the sunoer the members present adtoumed to the chapter room for the regular business ses- .xfon. The dptrrees of the order were conferred upon two candi- dstps. Mrs. Hel^n Renner. Worthv Matron and Mr. O. B. Parks. Worthy Patron, presided over the meeting. They were ably assisted bv the othpr new officers of the chapter. The ceremony of initiation was made more impressive bv the music of a auartet compo!»ed of Miss Viola Daleamo. Mr. Lester Knepp and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steele. At the close of the Initiation the rhaolaln. Mrs. Julia Huffmaster, in fitttntr and aDoronriate words pre- sentprf the t ^o new mprnhers wHh beautiful white TV .'jtaments, gifts frotri Salem Chanter. The prettv and well executed morrhp.q of the offl'^ers arldprf much hoBiity to thB spTOlop.<! nf the pve- nina. The^e TOBT(<hes werp the ones niqnned and used bv Mrs. Anna of the Grand Chnn ^er of Knnsa"!. It was announred that the district meptinct of district No: 13, O. E. S. will he held.,in Garnett on March 1, 1945. TUESDAY The Harford CHrcle of the United Brethren church meets with Mrs. Clarlne Card at 7:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY The Zoe Atchison Union of the W. O. T. U. meets with. hba. D. B. McCarty, 420 S. Jefferson, at 2:30 p. m. Lincoln P-T. A. meets at 3:00 p. m. for tl^lr regujar mating. There will be .a musi<i^ prqgcam. The executive committee will meet at 2:30 p. m. Ladies of the G. A. R. will meet at Memorial hall at 2 p. m. There wiU be Installation of cfflcei's. Mckinley P. T. A. meets at the schoolhouse. Executive meeting will be at 2 p. m. with the regular meeting at 2:30 p. m. lliere will be a penny parade for the student loan fund. THURSDAY • W. S. C. S. Win meet at 2:30 p. m. at the home of M XB. Olar- enee Warren, 801 E. Madison, Circle Mary of the Ph-st Methodist church meets with Mrs. J. P. Humes, 830 North Jeiaferson, at 2:30 p. m. Cfa-cle ]?uth of the Fh-st Methodist church will meet at 2:30 p. m. 'With Mrs. Marlon Green, 714 S. Sycamore. Circle Hannah of the First Methodlsl church meets yrlth Mrs. Clara Smith, 203 E. Irwin, at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. W. P. McPadden is the chairman. Rebekah Lodge will meet at 7:30 p. m. for initiation and program. The Trinity W. S. C. S. general meeting will be at 2:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. E. J. Wright. 328 South Third. The North Division of the Christian church will meet with Mrs. J. A. Griffith, 216 North Cottonwood, at 1:30 p. m. The South Division of the Chri^ian phurob will me^t w^b Mx^. Phillip Ray, 215 South Oak, at 1:30 p. m. Martha Circle of the First Methodist church meets with Mrs. E. E. Harrison, 502 South street, at 2:30 p. m. The Grange Homemakers club will meet at 11 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Clyde Moss with Mrs. Nellie Bauer and Mrs. Edith Karr as hostesses. Women's Missionary society of the Presbyterian church meets with Mrs. C. E. Russell, 202 South Cottonwood, at 2:30 p. m. The Baptist groups meet at 2:30 p. m. Group 1 meets with Mrs. D. J. Ludlum, 602 North Jefferson; group 2 meets, with Mrs. A. V. Alexander, route 3; group 3 meets with Mrs." King Matney, 312 North Sycamore. Past Noble Grand will have an all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Clara HlUbrant. 505 Park street. . Members are asked to bing their thimbles. Afrs. W. D. Jones and Mrs. Lloyd Carter will be hostesses at the Country club luncheon at I p. m. FRIDAY The Gas City Home Demonstration club meets with Mrs. Frank Nogle at 2 p: m. . How Nazis Can Biizz-Bomb Atlarttic Coast SeU: VENFRABLE OLD AGE Advancing years are the elory of the Chinese, and it is said to be DoTfte to suonnse vour Chinese and Richard guest to be mnrh older than his DRINKING BANNED Citizens were forbidden to drink liquor with another person by blue laws of early Massachusetts. 'Viq- lations led to a fine of 34 cents, one-half of which went to the informer. or her stated age. STARTED SOMETHINO Until the , time of President Franklin Roosevelt, presidents of the United States were not com-. pelled to pay Income tax on their salaries. A Travel Opportunity GONE FOREVER! Very often, buses leave their depots with vacant seats—wasting vital transportation that could be used for war workers, service men and women. If you are planning an essential trip—phone or visit your Santa Fe Trailways bus depot in advance for up-to-the-minute information on bus service anywhere. ASK YOUR AGENTI — h* can ton yea whi«li ^tpa^^ tam are law Ulcaly ie b»frowd*5L TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT EELLET HOlEIi Phone 75 tttfofr.lfatuyniil Xinikmtt But Sntm Th^ picto-chart above illustrates the; wsnung that "We" know aiit| feel tiiat within the next 30 to 60;days the Germans will m^p som^ ^.i(zz-bomb attempt on "Nertf York or Washington or other coastal cities," issued by Adml JoACs H-i:lhl^^ (inset), C-in-C, Atlantic Fleet. Bombs could be launched from long-range planes, surface ships or submarines anywhere within a 300-mile radius ; of the coast. BLOOD BY AIR The ,AlUed death rate from war not flown dally from New York to whole blood must also be admin- Paris,, Some casos and types of war; istered. womidfc would be much higher if wounds sire so serious that blood', nearly two tons of whole blood vrere plasma 41one' Is not enough and j Foxes never hunt in packs. You Can Usually Find It At FINAL CLEARANCE LADIES' HATS None reserved, every hat in the store goes. Formerly priced as liigh as $3.95 now priced for quick sale— >:%&1EtDHlST0N WAIT lO TO 20 WEEKS TO PAY .7 — Ill ft rr 'i Moran Happenings MORAN, Jan. 15—The Rebekah club will meet Friday afternoon, Jan. 19th, at the home of Mrs. Pearl Perkins with Mrs. Perkins and Mrs. Larson as hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Alumbaugh and daughter, Betty Joe, of. Osawatomie, visited Mrs. Alumbaugh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rush over the week-end. Mrs. Mary Wood of Savonburg was a dmner guest of Mrs. Minnie Miller Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Siggs and children from Wichita came Saturday night for a visit with Mrs. Siggs mother, Mrs. Kleyman. Mrs. Elizabeth Yeager, who is caring for Mrs. Emma Locke, lola, .spent the week-end at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Swisher have sold their farm just east of Moran, to Mr. and Mrs. Waltei: Hammonds and have bought Mr. and Mrs. Hammonds' property in the north part of town. Wanda Louise Hobart was a Sunday dinner guest of her sister, Mrs. Marvin Morrison and Mr. Morrison. Mr. Q. E. Lacey and son Delbert of Ttopeka, spent part of Sunday with Mrs. Lacey at the Burke Street hospital. Ft. Scott. Wie are very glad to report Mrs. Lacey improving. Mrs. A. C. Best has returned hdmie after a visit with her daugh­ ter, Mrs. Mont Miller and Mr. Miller, near Mildred. Mrs. Bertha Cubblson called ut the W- E. Lacey home Sunday afternoon. V Mrs. Delbert Lacey returne-^fA home to Topeka tonight after spending the last ten days here with his father Q. E. Lacey, and at the IWBpltal with bis mother, Mrs. Lacey. Friends are very sorry to learn that Mrs. Earline Van Houtan ha.>; been notified that her husband, Corp. Everette Van Houtan, who was with the armed forces in Germany, Is missing In action. : Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Welch, Donny and Bobby, Mr. and Mr.s. D. W. Harris,. Bob and Ann, Mr. and Mrs. W. E." McCoy and Beverly. ; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Perkins and I Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Sawyer spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Singer, Savonburg. Mr. Frank Rudisill of Oakland. ' Calif., and daughter, Melda. from Bronson, spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McCoy and Beverly. STILL DOING IT ' The word, vandalism, so appropriate for the spirit of the moilern Nazi, comes from an earlier Germanic people, the Vandals, who t)verran and plundered nelehboring countries In the fourth century. "=^666 Cold Preparations as direcfef'^^ Whether you PURCHASE • ••or |ust "SHOP" 1 When a businessman buys a load of steel, disposes of salvage, or hires a contractor, he calls it "purchasing". The housewife "shops" when she finds new kitchen utensils, has the furnace repaired, or locates a ribbon for the portable typewriter. Purchasing or shopping, the businessman and the hpusewdfe both will find their tasks easier when they rely on the Yellow Pages of the telephone book. Then they don't have to "hunt arotmd." SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS QU^R BOARDING HOUSE with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE OH. I'M ^^JlLLI^iS TO tHDSE U&LV UpTTER 'i VOO RECGiveO ^ p/kV SOD. fA^30R.' BUT ^'f AND DeClOeD TK6 M^NJ iS A ^THAO-RE.WIMDS ^AE:. ^- W/MSMLESS-CKANK. Twe EX-PEKiSE -j If I 6ET gUMPED OFP \z Of Hlfell^ ME A6 B0DSf(pUAI%O MM X VVJ\LLW0U WEUP A Jy^ 6eA\NASTE0F MON )eV --^\MEr ji^ UTTLE VOlTvATHEr ^ } SHOULD BOV MOeE VUftR SONJDS, NiDU4<(vJONM/-^ThlEl^ TPQ A PJ^TTY Pfv>iR. CmSELER— «

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