Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 4, 1969 · Page 73
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 73

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1969
Page 73
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Chatuiel Viewing for Phoenix Area Television highlights for today KTVK-ABC KPHO KAET KOOL-CBS KTAR-NBC KPAZ Channel S Channel Channel ft Channel 10 Channel 12 Channel 21 •Black and White Program Others In Color. FRIDAY, APRIL 4 5:15 (ID) Meditation 5:20 (11) Farm and Ranch 5:30 (10) Sunrise Semester 5:55 (12) Bible Anfttfera 6:00 (10) Capt. Kangaroo 6:25 (12) RFD 12 6:90 (12) Today 7:00(10) Joseph Benti 7:25 (12) Today in Ariz. 7:30 ( 3) Am. History (12) Today 8:00 ( 3) Cartoons (10) Lucy Show (12) Today in Arizona 8:30 ( 3) News (10) Beverly Hillbillies (12) Romper Room 8:45 ( 8) Friendly Giant* 9:00 ( 3) Jack LaLanne ( 8) Folk Guitar* (10) Andy Griffith* (12) Personality 9:30(3) Real McCoys ( 8) Supervisory* (10) Dick Van Dyke* (12) Hollywood Squares 9:50 ( 5) Community Corner 10:00 ( 3) Bewitched* (5) Phoenix College 1:30(3) (8) TV High School* (10) (10) Love of Life (12) (12) Jeopardy 2:00 ( 3) 10:25 (10) Network News ( 5) 10:30 ( 3) Funny You Ask (10) ( 5) Donald O'Connor (12) ( 8) Bridge* 2:25 (10) (10) Search for 2:30 ( 3) Tomorrow (10) (12) Eye Guess (12) 10:55 ( 3) Children's Doctor 3:00 (12) (12) News 3:30 (12) 11:00 ( 3) Dream House (21) ( 8) Misterogers* 4:00 ( 3) (10) News ( 5) (12) It Takes Two (10) 11:25 (12) Midday News 4:15(8) 11:30 ( 3) Let's Make a Deal 4:30 ( 3) ( 8) What's New?* ( 8) (10) World Turns 5:00 ( 3) (12) Hidden Faces ( 5) 12:00 ( 3) Newlywed Game ( 8) ( 5) News (12) ( 8) Profile Phoenix* 5:30 ( 3) (10) A Many Splendored ( 5) Thing ( 8) (12) Days of Our Lives (10) 12:15 ( 8) Social Security (12) 12:30 ( 3) Dating Game (21) ( 5) Cartoon Cutups «:00 ( 3) ( 8) Ag. This Week* ( 5) (10) Guiding Light ( 8) (12) The Doctors (10) 1:00 ( 3) General Hospital (21) ( 5) Open House 6:30 ( 3) (10) Secret Storm ( 5) (12) Another World ( 8) One Life to Live Edge of Night You Don't Say Dark Shadows Movie* Linkletter Show Match Game (12) News Movie* Mike Douglas Concentration P.D.Q. Steve Allen Movie* The Texan* Wallace Co. Merv Griffin Friendly Giant* ABC News Circus* News Dennis the Menace* Misterogers* News Hazel News What's New?* Walter Cfonkite Hutitley-Brinkley That Show What's My Line Gilligan's Island TV High School (12) News Movie* Tom Jones Buck Owens Folk Guitar* 'Mission* star prefers movies By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYVTOOD-Ask the star of a television series if he is making time and making money instead of honing his craft in less financially rewarding endeavors such as little theater. I asked Peter Graves of "Mission: Impossible" the other day and his candor was refreshing. MOST SERIES stars bleat that their shows are "challenging." Graves grinned broadly and said: "There's a certain amount of truth in what one of our directors said on the set this season. He told me, 'when I first started in this Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE _ "News, commercial, station break, bulletin, program, news, commercial, station break . .." business I thought it was an art. It took me several years to discover I was in commerce.' "The fact is that being in a series is more than making money and marking time. The whole idea is to make something popular—which doesn't necessarily mean it's good. But often the two go together. I think popularity and quality are combined on our show." Graves, brother of Jim Arness who stars in "Gun- smoke!", is tall and relaxed. His silver and blond hair is neatly combed and his voice is low and easy. "MISSION: Impossible" is his fourth series. He previously starred in "Fury," "Whiplash" and "Court Martial," none of which measured up to his current show. Naturally, Graves would rather be starring in explosively important motion pictures, as would co-stars Barbara Bain and Martin Landau. "But great movie scripts don't come along every day," Graves said. "If you are dedicated to fine things and want to sit on the fence waiting for them, you could wait the rest of your life. The alternative is to keep working and seeking. "ALL ACTORS like to work. If you can't play 'Hamlet,' then you do the 'Beverly Hillbillies' if that's all you're offered. "From time to time I've done things I'm not proud of. But there are practical considerations like paying the rent and feeding your family. And afterwards you put it behind you." Movies on Television 2 p.m. (5) ."Sea Wife"; 1957; Joan Collins, Richard Burton: An implausible little drama about four survivors of a torpedoed boat and their struggle for survival (c). 2:30 p.m. (3) "Rogue's March"; 1953; Peter Lawford, Richard Greene: A costume drama about the British regiment stationed in India. 3:30 p.m. (21) "A Night to Remember"; 1958; Kenneth More, Honor Blackman: Impressive achievement, documentary-like retelling of the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. 6p.m. (21) "Nest of Spies"; 1960; Frank Villard, Gene- vieye Kervine: Inquiry affecting national security follows mysterious death of malefactor. 8 p.m. (5) "Lightning Strikes Twice"; 1951; Richard Todd, Ruth Roman: Despite a hackneyed script about a man acquitted of his wife's murder, Todd manages to create an interesting char- actferization. § p.m. (10) "The Singing NuiV'; 1966; Debbie Reynolds, Ricardo Montalban: Wafm story of a nun, working in a Belgian slum, filled with love of life, dedication to religious vows, and joy of sinking (c). 8 p.m. (21) "The Ghost Goes West"; 1936: Robert Donat, Jean Parker: An American buys an ancient Scottish castle and ships it to America. !• p.m. (5) "Tycoon"; 1947; John Wayne, Laraine Day: Young railroad builder meets with many obstructions before he achieves his goal, (c). 10 p.m. (21) "The White Spider"; 1963; Joachim Berger, Mady Rahl: A master detective known only as Conway, is the last hope of the free world against organized death and destruction. 11:30 p.m. (10) "Northern Pursuit"; 1943; Julie Bishop, Errol Flynn: A Canadian mountie pursues a Nazi aviator who's dashing through Canada bent on sabotage. 12:10 a.m. (12) "The Road to Denver"; 1955; John Payne, Skip Homeier: Cowhand tries to keep his hotheaded brother out of trouble when the kid joins up with outlaws. 12:15 a.m. (3) "Girls on the Loose"; 1958; Mara Corday, Lita Milan: Female gang stages a daring holdup, but justice eventually triumphs. ATTEND LEW KING'S LUNCHEON IN ARIZONA NETWORK BROADCAST IU (. OHDl I) NOON. tVtHY SAI UKDAY, BROADCAST: 4:06PM. KTAH RADIO LOCALLY NO COVER BUFFET 81.96 IXKUT!VE HOOSI 8COTT80ALE ROAD |tGOTT«DALE,ARIZOMA| During his two-month vacation this year Graves will head for Italy and the starring role in a new movie, "Five-Man Army." It may not make the world forget "Gone With the Wind," but Graves would like to continue to do at least one film a year while the series remains on the air. "WE'RE FORTUNATE on our show because each of the actors plays at least two characters every week," he said. "Often we're called upon to portray three or four. "I'm not saying this is a great challenge. But it does prevent us from being typecast. "Is is art? In a sense, yes," Graves concluded with a wink. "But it is also commerce." "BIT PARTS: Kevin Billington asked for and obtained release as director of "A Walk in the Spring Rain" starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn . . . Jim Backus has a dual role of sheriff and mayor in the comedy western "A Woman for Charley" . . . Sonny Bono will produce "Chastity" for American International pictures starring, Cher . . . .5 WILL GET YOU 10:30 DONALD O'CONNOR (C) Gueit: Jerry Lewis 12:00 PHOENIX REPORT (C) with Guest Interviews 12:30 to 5:00 SM Rtg. Leg. 5:30 PHOENIX REPORT (C) with Tom Sherlock 6:00 GUILLIGAN'S ISLAND 6:30 BUCK OWENS (C) 7:00 PORTER WAGONER (C) 7:30 WILBURN BROTHERS (C) 1:00 FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE Richard Todd, Ruth Roman star in "LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE" Drama about a man acquitted of murdering his wift and fries to regain his former status. 10:00 MOVIETIME (C) John Wayne, Laralne Day star in "TYCOON" Adventure and Romance in Latin America. 12:00 LATE MOVIETIME "SEA WIFE" KPHO-TV 8:00 ( (10) (12) 9:00 ( 5) ( 8) 7:15 ( 8) 7:30 ( 3) ( 5) ( 8) (10) (12) 3) ( 5) ( 8) (10) 8:30 ( 3) 9:00 ( 3) ( 8) (12) 3) 5) ( 8) (21) 10:30 ( 3) (10) (12) 10:45 ( 8) 11:30 (10) 12:00 ( 3) ( 5) 12:10 (12) 12:15 ( 3) 10:00 ( ( Wild, Wild West High Chaparral Porter Wagoner Profile Phoenix* Paris* Generation Gap Wilburn Brothers Arizona Business* GomerPyle Name of Game Let's Make a Deal Movie Toy That Grew Up* (21) Movie* Guns of Will Sonnett Judd NET Playhouse* Star Trek (10) (12). News Movie Profile Phoenix* Movie* Joey Bishop Perry Mason* Tonight Washington Week Movie* (12) News Movie* Movie* Movie* 8 a.m. (12) TODAY IN ARIZONA: KTAR Critic Bill Rose reviews current productions (c). 6:30 p.m. (3) TOM JONES: Tom welcomes Judy Carne, Jo Anne Worley, Millicent Martin and Anita Harris (c). 6:30 p.m. (10) WILD WILD WEST: West and Artemus go after a group of traveling actors who they suspect of stage holdups (c). 6:30 p.m. (12) HIGH CHAPARRAL: When Victoria reopens Tucson's only school and befriends a young Mexican boy, she is kidnaped by the lad's father (c). 7:30 p.m. (10) GOMER PYLE, USMC: Gomer is or- ordered by Sgt. Carter to get rid of a rabbit he has rescued from a forest fire (c). 7:30 p.m. (12) NAME OF THE GAME: When the Mafia manages to assassinate the only man who can prove that a Mafia leader committed murder, editor Dan Farrell sets out to find a second wit- ness (c). 8:30 p.m. (3) GUNS OF WILL SONNETT: Henry Jones portrays a Bible-quoting bounty hunter in tonight's episode entitled "Chapter and Verse" (c). 9 p.m. (3) JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE: Judd defends a former alcoholic on a felony charge before a judge with a drinking problem of his own (c). 9 p.m. (8) NET PLAYHOUSE: "Infancy and Childhood," two plays by Thornton Wilder written in a seriocomic vein. Wilder has employed in them the same theme of the universality of man which runs through so much of his work: Both plays are about the lack of communication between children and their parents. 9 p.m. (12) STAR TREK: Captain Kirk, Spock and McCoy are trapped in the historic gunfight at the OK Corral as punishment for violating a "no-trespassing" warn- ing in space (c). 10:30 p.m. (3) JOEY BISHOP: Substitute hosts Frank Sinatra Jr., and Stu Gilliam welcome Suzanne Pleshette and Skiles and Henderson (c). on- The Arizona Republic 41 O t»hoeirix, Frt., April 4, APT. HUHfINd* I DIAL 279-6030 RECORDED MESSAGE 6:30 THIS IS TOM JONES! 1 Tom Hotts Joanne Worley, | Judy Carne, Millicenf Martin and Anita Harris 7:30 I THE GENERATION GAP 8:00 LET'S MAKE A DEAL 8:30 5 THE GUNS OF WILL SONNET "CHAPTER & VERSE" Henry Jones guests as a bible- quoting bounty hunter. 9:00 JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE "PUNISHMENTS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL" iJessica Tandy and John Daly {guest star. Judd defends a former alcoholic on a felony charge before a judge with a drinking problem of his own. 10:00 • 10 P.M. NEWS REPORT WITH ART BROCK AND JACK RAINBOLT 10:30 THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW 12 M THE LATE NEWS REPORT WITH JIM PETERSON 12:15 THEATER AFTER DARK , "GIRLS ON THE LOOSE" » • Mara Corday, Mark Richman i •••••••••••••••••••••• 5:15 Meditation 5:20 Farm And Ranch 5:30 Sunrise Semester 6:00 Big News — Close 7:00 CBS News-Benti 8:00 Lucy Show 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 9:00 Andy Griffith 9:30 Dick Van Dyke 10:00 Love Of Life 10:25 News — Edwards 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:00 News — Murdock 11:30 As The World Turns 12:00 Splendored Thing 12:30 Guiding Light 1:00 Secret Storm 1:30 Edge Of Night 2:00 Linkletter 2:30 Mike Douglas — Buddy Hacket, Evie Sands 4:00 Merv Griffin — Jim Brown, Tony Martin 5:30 CBS News—Cronkite 6:00 The Big News—Close 6:30 Wild Wild West "Night Of The Plague" 7:30 Gomer Pyle USMC- "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow" 8:00 CBS Friday Night Movie — "The Singing Nun," starring Debbie Reynolds 10:00 Niteline News—Nichols 10:30 Perry Mason 11:30 Late Show — "Northern Pursuit," starring Errol Flynn, Julie Bishop 6 P.M. 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