The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 15, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1859
Page 3
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ROAUS & TRANSPOR'N URN IT Kaciiic *V Mississippi R. R. BUSINESS DIRECTORY NH,. Wat. i Baraboo Valley .'klflBsl'^H nrnlshM at skmnotlceand on the most liberal teroi. VIOVC8ALC ^»D a«t*H. 0>S AM) STWJI PIPsH, _ _ -'•*~ BAB, HMAM AND WATXKOOOKS, &LOBB AND CHBCK YALYK9, 60AGB OOOatB, Always on hand, a large assortment of. «ASFlXTUIt£8 Wort dose In a workmanlike manner, at ahori aottii •md lowest prloM. Je<-dly N. (*KISWOL,U 00,, . •RAIL DU.LUS in , SKNTLIMEN'S AMU OHUVDUN'B v'. BUOTS, SBOES AJVB GAITEBS..,, ,M AS ON ST EJBiTT,' Opposite the Walker Home. WE IN JBltK-N-N-BH., i AID piAtn n' HOOTS, SHOES AKD OAITEBM, -NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Oppocite American Hanie myU ;•. • " •-.;.•.. Boot tk Shoe Store, ' NO. 49 EAST WATEU S I'UEtT ;• JOHN PHELAN, KEEPS always on hand goad custom made Boots and- Bhoet. All kind: ot Ladies' and Oentiemen's Boots ami Shorn mad* to order in the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. _ -• aprSS . . DB17««1ST, NO. V88TKAST WATES 8T1.IKT, ••• ;AND STATIONERS, l«r«(irt Water strut, Milffauku. **£ }A»t 'ieiitirtd Vfali lap'pU ot these OeJe- t*r»tid Pencllslfrom «he raaosf.ctcf» at ]. 1. Behbaoh, in Regenjburg, Bavaria, They »r e oarefnllr •4»»i>rte«l?»aa*aca g)TAa« it auaniatahaa-^ a popular. brand. Parttcnlaf «ttmU«D ii oail«t toi.he "Opposf- Uoo Pencil," (roo,B« ~btaclt Li gilc;) and to th« "People's :ftsjciy'<rouo:A>fc<| jIlthlllKi-io; ; tt* "engineer's Pen. CUJ' Vhexagon gilt.) All of »hlch «•«) be lound superior to «hyx>Uierpeno Ota the'market. , Alwa>ajcinfaandja complete «aEortmcnt of b'aclt and colaj*dle»a^>encns'ora3i the ddiirable grades. A dls- couot allowed tolhe trade proparliiined to extent of ordera. ' apt 29 .., Celebrated¥iiion works Cylinder Qlaats Mannfactared at ffleveland, ;-New If ork. : (Tr»nspc'r«d entirely by ressel, It <x>iue«is perfect order, and enables me le iell at low rate*. I nave^permanent arrangements to sell this brand of OlaBlliereafter. JOHN RICE. ; II a r per K r o t fa e r « , (£Mal,Us\td in 184SO aODSE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTM Patnter» 5 Glaziem &. Paper-Hani; era, IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 OHEI0A STREET, A FEW DOORS RASTOF TBX MABXJE1 ITOVSX JWCTIO WARY It- A-VBaDWEtLINe,BtoreorMeTChaBdlMlnnire<l? If not, eill Imffiedijtcly and get thrm Insured In the -toltono- ilt Ul»ji,'t .old; ttubliahrt, paying Companies i; ; ''•JKfS^f. Itf SI/RANCE COMPANY, I, •,.:,,•:'.. 'V",'" Of Harirordt Connecticut, : i'., . 1 S V C 0 E P 0 H A;! K D I tf I Is 1 g . ; Cash Capital and EurpluJ,.,„....'....11,047,920 08 HARTFOROlNSritANcE COMPANY, .. : '.- Of-Hartford,Connecticut, ',. ',!.. t N O O R P O RATED IN 1810. Oaah Capital and Surplus, 1198,582 00 HOME INSURANCE COMPANY, 61* New York Oily, jdaih Capital and BarplBs,... 11,077,99040 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Nev Tork. INCORPORATED IN 1826. Cash Oapilal and Surplus $888,860 3f INSURANCE COMPANY, 01 Hartford, Connecticut, i- • Oaah Capital and Surplus, 1419,084 66 LAMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Nev Tork, Ci in Capital and Snrplns,. 1269,069 83 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, .»!«,BB9 68 Of New York City, Cash Capital and Surplus, CITY FIRE INSURANCE COJIPANY, Of Harttord, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, $308,231 48 I solicit buslueai far the above named Companies, entirely ujwn their own merits and responsibility, and efcr to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses iMretoMre, as a guarantee for ihe future. Policle* l«- uetl without delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Ageut. Joan HOLLAKO, ASJ'I. Northwest cor. Hsirj and >. P- MAIIEBALL, Surveyor. Wisconsin oto., Milwaukee, septfi JONKS <S General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTARIES PUBLIC, AC., OFFICE, corner of Seed and Oregon streets Mevrose'i s _ Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >ui of Deeds, Mortgage*, Contracts, Leases, *c. All Collections made on accounts placed in our hand will be promptly paid over. a. O. JOVES .jyB »OB OF •* &£'?"* *M<*io*arv <tf AgUA Literature and SrMAatut American Avtiofi, Ufinff -and de- . &a*Kl;.S'Xm.&t*EarUutA>:c»uvistotl>t 3Hd- •'-•-Wvfthtttittteevin-fiJaim. Containing Thirty Thousand Mograpkiet and IMtrdry iWicis; vtth Ft-rtu : c<.£miastt af.Sul'itctt. Price »6. 1 NDE8PKN8ABLV n ceuar; to.all »bo Head, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lairj-ere, Scientific »nd Lite ary Men, Merchants and Farmers Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A ^OtldBHOLD COMPANION. ,* CRNISHSD BY A CO., STATIOIVKB1 JORUKH.S, BOOK A JS5 ffmt Water ttreet, SCHKCECKEI, & IlitUNOTIO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornci—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office mar27 O. COKSON, ATTORNEY AT J,AW HAS remoreJ Ui Offlce, Nr,. 5. State Bank Building, corner ol tast » ater and Michiiran ttreet, M; mar!0-d3ni waukee. DOKAN «£ L-KVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law. Office— Umpire Stoat, Ml Ea9 Waier tt , MtLW AUKEK. ......... jmay28] .... ....WISCONSIN * 4PITA LISTS ILL find at my office a RefHster, (.pen tn their Inspection of Bonds anil Mort^rapcs and other securities offered for s.ile. Persons wicMiijr to obtain Loans or having HOIK)*, Mort^apes or nthfrnecuritrles for sale, may and it to Uieir Interest to file with me tliejr applications or statement*. C. BOHLKT, _ TIB _ Opposite Walker Houie. OOOD CH.ANCK. HOrSF A.-XO L«»T FOR SALi? CUE A P. ( HE undenifmed will sell bis House aod Lot, now occupied as a Tav-n by htm, situated on Main si.. Racine, Wisconsin, nenr the Steamboat Landng and the R. i M. R. R. Depot The house is located on tht best buslDeas place, and the House as well as the sitoa tlon of the Lot, would answer for auy branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch U already now projected at that very locality. Those who lllce to make a (rood bar (rain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN 11ARTU Racine, January 2i, 1S5V Jao27-d6m Lumber Vessel* for Sale. 6ch«*raer Paahton, VIA tuna: Sckbbner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. 8cow Schooner Ka^by, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. 6ood title. TATLOH t jewrrr, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B. B. JoSEi, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. feb25 Theophlus Paricna, L. L. D., Professor of Law i Harvard University.] H t A F. Ink}. Co. ...$100,000 00 BUKI'LUS W.6M 00 >fflce, under Mitchell's Dank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, SflL WA UA'Sf. W1SI 'OJiSJJU. O1UX7TOK8 ; J. A. HelTenstcln, K. Sanderson, Moses Kneeland, 8. 8. Daggetl, Baitiuel Hale, O. D. Doosman, H L. Palmer, Kdwin TownsenJ, S..lomo:i Adler. J. A. UELPEN8TE1N,President. O. I). DO08MAN. Vice Praildent. W. T. PALMER, General Airent 8.0. Wist, Secretary. ., ie % 8. B. DAOOBTT, Treasurer. H. L. ['iLMi-a, Attorney. marlo CITI MILWAUKKK -,..- f ,. < . O N knd AfterUoDdar.'AprO 4th, and until farther no- tlcea Panenger Train will leave Mllwauiee from the depot,foot of Second itreet,for Pewaukre, Ilartland Pine lisle, Oconomowoc, Watmtovn, Lowell, and Col- mnbaa\at4.!Op.m.,anlTtoglnMUwaakceat \\X> a. m. PMtfenKen arrlTlng at Htlwanltee by the Milwaukee i Chicago R. R., La.Croue 4 B.., and MU. * Hiu. B. S., or by Boat, can proceed to the above places. OonnecUons are made at Watertowu with ttages TOT •Uk«Mil*,JeffernQD, Waterloo,Hancbetville, 8un Prairie, Cottage Qrore and Madison. Also at Colombus for Lodl, Merlmac, Aticgo, PaJl glye', Leed'i Comers, Hamden, (.ovrUle, Dekora,York, Arlington, I'.riitol and for alllpolntg to the West and North West. P»Mfenjer« arrlying at the Junction from the above places moke connections h the Milwaukee i Missis- rippl. it. R., Tor Janetrtlle, Madison and Prairie <to Chlen 4nd at Milwaukee, with roads to the South West andNdrth. aprSi 8. 8. MERRILt, Superintendent. 1859. SUMMKK AKKANUKMKNT X -VIA— 3HIOAN CENTRAL —AND— estern (Canada) Rail-way. mBAtNB leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake A street Chicago, as follows : fA. HI. — DERTOIT A.CCOSlS10DATION,(flun- I days excepted), arrive al Detroit 6.00 j i P M. 7:O« JA. N.—CINCINNATI EXPRESS. (Sundays ' eicepted.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4:0u p. * ; Cincinnati 8.80 p. u. 8:OO -A. M.—LIGHTNING EXPRE.-H,,Sundays ex repteu,) arrive* at Detroit I.lji) p u auspen.ion Bridge or Buffalo 4.01 A H ; Albany 3:00 p. u ; New York »:00 r. u.; Boston 11 p. u. 2:i»O f. M.-N1LK-. AOt OMMODATION, elcept Puuday. S:UO p. OT,—NEW YORK AND BOfTlJN KXPBK.-!", (erceplBaturday.) Arrive at Detroit ! 7:i5 A. v.; Suspension 3ndge or Buffalo i 4:80 p. n.; Albany 4:UU a. «.; Ntw York . 10:0u A. M.; Boston fl:U9 p. M. 8:00 P. M.— CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE KX PRESS. (Except Saturday.) Amve at ,< Cincinnati &XO A., u., Louisville 4:00 1 p. «. One train on Sunday at b:OU P.M. TheSiOO A. u. and a.-oo r . n. trains connect al Paris with Hit Buffalo t Lake Huron Railway, for Uulii.,,. I an.I all points e' st, at Toronto "im Grand Trunk Rau*".y, KiKlogsUa, UnJeosbun:, Montreal, Quebec ami • all point* In Canadit Kast, Nor'lierij Vermont, N,-« : UainpHbirf and Maine S3r~ baggage check ed through. Throaifh tickets fi.i sale al ih« principal Hailr ,aJ offices in the V7e»l, an i at the general office, comer i Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite tbe Tretnool Hou.-..-, i.Tilcagaj aud at Uie I>epoi, loot of Lake street. B N RIOE.Sup'l. H. J. BPALDIK..Oei, Pas. A»'t apr!2 OP.EN TO DAVIS, 00 nil, ES \U Xila frvm. Fretpart .) « ON AND AWES MONJJA*. DKCJ. 6, 18&8. Trains will run u follows, via • *>j«*«j, GOING WKSt Leave itaclne for Davis—freight * Ace., ii » Leave tticine for ileiolt— Passenger, J r u G0LNG KAOT. Leave Beloit for fiacllne—Passenger, f jo 4 y Leave Davis for Kacine—Freight * ice., »ao^'. > Passengers by laklng the 7 A 11. ir»ln on the Lake Shore Railroad at tiilwaokeF, connect it Racli.t with train to Davis ; arriving at Davis al 8:30 r m. Stage leaves bavls lur Preeport oo arrtiot o( train. S:H« t . M. train from Davia connects at Racine with afurhaon iraln« oo the Lake Shore Railroad North ami South. IS 1 " Freight forwarded with dispatch, dgc-i KU11EKT UAJiRlS, Superintendent Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago IS AIL ROAD. ucw and direct Some now open to New York X Uostou, lltuliargh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington cltyrcieTeisnd, Dunkirk, BuSalo, Nla«ar» •"alia, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Culumtms, Day ton, KpringfieM, L'rbsna, Zanesvule, dteubeorille, Newark and Wheeling, and afl Interior town;, of OhK, Hroo Bylvauia, Virtoun, Muryiami, New Jersey, 4<*. /linking out (<rau<l I iibiokcn 1C. H. Liur BCTWUB CHICAGO AMD VHa Ik&T. A.-> U' W AH ANT UTUER RDL'TS. Those ileslrtpi to go by this flout,: w:ll be par tl.rolar ami enquire lox^Tlcke.13 via Furt Wayne, thereby avoiding Uje aum.j \n, t of reclncliinii tfielr B .Kitane TA'j;,Vi /.AM C.ff DSJ'OT L'.V VA.V BChsfl 'fl I'All. I . J.V tOLLtiWS. s.uu !• > Mk'hl K»p f ,»a, ^ail 8-IKJ ». • — MonilDg Uall and ays eicc|.teil. .Inly, rtuaJay i dot one r!iA ••( cars to Pttutmrah. To Puutiing-li, i'Uu».lelijhi». lialumui c »nj New Yurk, connection directly with tratlid on tl,. great PenuaylTa uia Ueulral Railroad, to ill eastern c-itio Also, »ith Olevelanil t Columbus Uollruatl to Clev-Un.l, Dunkirk Bullalo, Nnuari Jails via Mew York L'eni al ao.l Ne» York .1 Erie Railroads to New York am' B. st.,u Peisuu.1 Boing east will and Una route by lar the m..»i desirable, both In.m Uie advantage in ix,mi of .iistance. vaiietyand beauty, of tLe country through winch the roadri pass, as well an the leas frequent changes .j( r»r* an<J ilie annoyance, of i <? Gherkin^ rumj;,,^ cniuir.-.! : other routes. facilities for the traaiiporb?tloti of rYei block by route are unfttirpaaae.l. Ra any other route, and with e.|u»l ilispau-b. T'u-it-ts (c.r >aie at auk fie pr.iicipa,. [ickr VVrs-. ON.] *[ Lonj^iny , ijtllt-. No .jtt De Treniur.! H.i.jr. CI.'..»K' *'.-! * the Lake Hf,orr tUi. i M^I, \lil w -iu« ,.. r , l,y A UiM)«r»l Kn-jjM Agt-ui P mix i) IfeJiera, Western A*. Of ,.-4«u, M«r. I, 6. ;-<!) aod Li as low -j.'rices in i raf., l'« V* BON", D \ Chu-a«n roan SALES NOTES, OTJT PLBRZHE1M B BISO about to dissolve reierve. T" & CO, Trie best and I Co-Partaerjhip It itock al FURNITURE BVKS OPFgHRD IN , ITY ir GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THE NEXT Tilt; STOCK IS HF. IVY, .1 218 and 220 East aprS-,12mo SIXTY , i M> II i *» ater nu.w \ i n T R*: Street 1) i-. K , WIN , MISCELLANEOUS. H. W. R.EDIIt:Al». limes profess-inna.'iy m tat We feel jnst.rtr-ii n, *ay DRY GOODS, iC I °«.»i» ^ I. \% | •» .^ <> SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! J, Julm C a.l, W m . Murray, Pryi ' 1 7 - Buhoy,, Kelly, AuJ-uwi Vilden. Krllj II M M The Latest Ncveltw In OftWK r Uiilldlntt, i:itAR'JKKKl> CAPITAL, - - Jiuo.u i'n»ii Paid iu, $100,000. -— , Jan. 6, 1859. usiB 8» :—1 have had the flrsi volume of y» 0 r Dictionary for tome days, and have si l afted myself that your p an Is excellent, and that you have carried it out with very great industry » n d with good judgment.— The fuilnesi and accuracy of its Information concerning modern anthers and ihelr works, are Indi-td remarkable. To any one wha desire the knowledge your book purports to give—and what educated man dots not?— It must be ot great interest a .d value. Kespectfolly. s)c , tafcoPHiLDs PABEEB. f. Austin AUibonr, Esq. [Prom 8. Irena u» Prime, 1>. S., Editor N. V. Observer.] N«W TOM, Feb. 3, 1859. :—The ni»l volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have penued with astonishment a d delight. U Is j««t whatl have long des»ed <o have, and have sought lor In vain. ThouaantB of clergymen students, and all literary and mtelll, ent men, must wish to have just f U wort; and they will hs«lt, when they leare ti at It U in th. world It deserve* the n>o« cordial reception, and J UUM ilisl ihe »uih»r and the publisher! will have (he larfest reward for their enterprise and labor. Voore truly, _ „ »• IJTEN-EDS P4UJIF. Chllds A Pet. rson. «», U.I. PIL* C. TuWKtCH J. U. KKLI. U I.I» J. B Uiaaie OHAB. GuisBfcba, DlRhCTO Bf 0. 0 DAVI.I, S. .1 COHOvta, J. iiDVPsia-Er, J. U. 0<.iu,«o, U. i:O., Detroit A. m\. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take i __ her plare in line of the Detroit A Milwau- ; tee Kalljr.j, ,,n Mnn.lay, the Uth March. P.^s^nger* wlshln«^tlirouph tlckeis can be supplied en and stt^r : Monday; next, al 1BO Kasl H'alur street, or at the otfic- on the obork of the Detrot! A Milwaukr Kills-ay C.i.- Doe notice ol the time of departure trill lie >rivra. T*,.s will make Hie shortest, cheapest an.I .ju'<-k t -8t r..Llr .. Ililn 1859. St MM Kit A. < lik-affo K. H W. A Pu«»Ti«s, \ Jit.>, ' U»o. Dv«a. K. TOWNSEND, President. ' A. L. WALRATH, Secretary H. L. PALHka, Attorney. •tjF Flrt a.nd Marine Risks taken «t current rates • Ie24 a II .1 .S .. h T H i.-.-t.,,,.,. h. I l l U.. Al.,1 MO.NUA 1 A KKA IL Ko i.l lr r- % I-UI t. I-..VI KN 1 ' X TO THK K l •my Ln- -n. > a, SU1VIMEK ARRANGEMENT. tiaiikc'e A ., Int.'WILD, Jan. !-»,l«,9. Mr Dtm 8l» :-With b-tter trwiwleace of your book from repeated feasts upon It, 1 am aahamed to have written you eo commonplace an acknowledgment of Its flrst r-c ipt Of all Ihe storehouse of Interesting and readable matter Uie "Dictionary of Anthor«" see s t , m« the most captivating. The good taste, industry, and •kill of arrangement therein manlfes .d roi'lrl not be lu-paaied, «kd it wil make ,i.r.iou a reputation very enviable. 1 ahall vry to ma»e amends In print lor in , apparently Inappreciattve flrtt acknowledgment of tn e arquisit'on. »ith many sincere thanks for the prize I hive In the hook, 1 remain, my dear sir, Vours, fa thful'y, N P. WILLIS B, Austin Alllbone, Esq. maj It in A It I M. A>1> till I. IIVM TI1UK nn.lersiirned is prepared lo take Marine Risk» M. and Fire Risks on t rodure in nture, In the North Weatern Insurance Co., (if Oswepo, New York, at as low rates as l-y oUier reliable Companies. Ttic rrf.utalmn ol this w^ll-Lnowo. lon(r established Corn|rtaiy entitles I IU3 poblic ci.nflrlerice. HORATIO HILL, Apenl, nuvS at nice of 11 A J V Hill Quaker »! ily liiKiirancc < o , Of fllll ViX I I'lll t . ADTHOR1ZF.D 04PITA1. f.HX... U" PAID UP CAPITAL AVD IS.'jfTTS.. -.'T:,<>.-. Office, Frank/it, BulUtny, .Vt>. 4"S n,i//;u( *tr,,i, RAIL j;<)Ai >. TH1-: SHOKTKST .llOST KXI-I.UITIOI H HOI Tl I.att*iii£, I. a l'ro<i>»e, Winona, Read's Lauding Ryd Wing, OT, PAUL AM' .-T iVTH.iNV « J Whue J K I'ur .•"lias Jf^r. ap li-II DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steam boat Liii4- ! MMKK IM.K \s| |{r VII I M. Mil -1-ir-t .1 Hou I 1 M t 1111 n a A 1 r u i n-. tiid l,m,4- A J.i >"|» ' r! in, i of T inn , .Miiml,i>, April 4, \t'W 1ST TlJ 11 '"I A 11. of t ici-^ru Reduced Again by 1'ork A: Trie llailrnnii - A Mi M T B r, BE e *rr vms M 3.3T> P M ompar y f on as favorable Office, r stair?. k-t> aril v^cinlly Hisk - tak p .\\ F« Janeiivil t '1 2 Pr»ir,e li itli lh- Pr» JAMEf- Ettpr ttnil THITk, . llurr.ti ul VJD Cl.ien n-, u»e arrlviil THAIX I.F. AVFS M«,ii. ixi P * i KFF ,\«rlljfrn F, x I ' I. Mil M " H i-:s s *»li;> u in,) -3., ,,,, n , !VE W Jl VF.AI1..S BY STATE AUTHORITY, tsfr »nj. ,.ll ( 11.1.1 > »l J t !i V| W > N N j .; ( i KN K | i ,\ i . INSURANCE AGENCY Aunt Judy's Tales. Parable from Nature. Motes in the Sun Lteam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale b« TKHRY ACLEA'VKP., n'> 167 ha*l Waters NEW TERRl BOOKS —AT— &. C'ljsKA VKIJ^i, 167 £AAT B'^r^A STREZT E ARTH'S Travels In Central Alnca, 1 rol., abridged Livingston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vi.l WOOD HAY 1 Sprergeous Sermons, oth scriM Higher Christian Life. G. H. LAMBKKTON H AS ^u«t opened, for the benefit of all who may become hii Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the N. E. Comer of West Water and Clybonrn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Uabbelt 4 Breed.) HU Stock of Wood IB large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or uncnt.) His t-tock of Hay Is of the BEST O.OALITT, and BALED IN GJODORDER. Bad! will be delivered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. K,B.— Wood Pedlars, and those who sb'p large quantities of B\v will always find It to their advantage to buy of U5 We will sell so that dealers may make a handtome profit by selling on the street. may 19 0. H. LAMBERTON. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. SHiPPEKS c> PKOD U t : IC AN supply tbewjselvej whh Bills of Ladmc at TEB.RY tCLEAVEH'S, 167 E.S! Water street. <'HARTEl£ <i I ri fill F Har!for.i, Conn CASH ASSETS . . . WORTH I is. < • LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE UAl 1. COA1 ). ID \AJ A ; * Lnl HAKM-S CAM! ... tS4i..ur 9- K riRF INK. ( o., Oo^r,. »Ji54,860 lit A 1 M \ N W F «i 'I r K K VI A S*. t I R F. Of Pltl.-l),,,!, M,B«. OA.'H i\«. c «., v FIKI: Of On* CASH ASSKTS t"K.,f,:^ u n \\< i: < o., »2ti.«l 4T HOOK*. O tm stock u the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. • y book which erlsts, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. BTRIOKA.LND A 00. Book*. School W 8 have every School Book >n demand, and the —»--> — • jan20 tern at wholcs>0e or retaiL NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'.<i, ! Q •P 0 GC H U S S K I. L. 8TRIOKLAN1I 4 OO BIND UP^tDUlT MAGAZINES ! W E o irt P re > iare<1 'n oar Bindery to Bind Magazines Tf Penodtcals or aoythlng else In ihf form of . Book, In oeat and durable etylej., at low rates j *° 2U STRICKLAND t CO Stereoscopic View*. embracing views of Interesting local HI SSI A, SWITZKBLA1VD, KOYPT. NUB] J7T7fi£JT, rstour BOUNDS A General Advertising Agents, ; 158 B&NDOLPe BTRSS1, Whs are antborlicdio receive Advertisements for this as wellas.all ofthcmost In&ucntlaland largest circulating paper* thrODghvut theeutlre Norlb-Wost. SPAIN, A , <fi^., <tC' iew American Views very desirable stvles of Stereoscopic lustru- flTEICKLAJID A CO , Booksellers and Stationers, 13* East Water street HATiri>F.\ FIRE CASH ASSET? GIHARD FIKK INS. Of Phi lad el phi INSI KAM'F ( (»., , Mas.. tSi'K,N<; I.H r \ f inri •• ••» i I-.** •» A-\1> (>M.y T< » I. Oil tin- I HIM U On »r,,l ilirr M .orlii Two Through I.i-iA V I . rRliM I'tPOT I A I { K A N < i K M I . N 1 H. \» I;STIH > i MII vi A n d i\ rn !;•«•• A I.I. l.AH !.<•! / / . A cj{( >ssr. .IIISM.SMI'IM Hit FH , ^ [•• .1 ." f Express Traius J086lrNG DEPART.M, A.\ D YiNKtE it I' i ii M M I .\ i Daily, Ml I.WAI Is ) T ,and 1«:4.1 P. i-'Alii-: Hl.Dl i i-.| > NEW YORK & EWE RAILROAD ! T ' 1 j) I i H >'•• •-r r. CASH OWIOK, NO.i, MARTIN f!U>CK, CP STAIR*, mar2» _ Milwaukee. WUconsm J t \V, (/rain, .ig MILLINERY GOODS. 11 A.I,- »rrt * r rt i Mi; • luiif. &t W:;U) A. .M. AND vi::i ( i !•. (.'!',^t- c r ..-.rc-t;. r.> ai« r.,*J- A! LA(_': •*••-. Ttvicr dm!) cnrh « n v uiili the .1 Splniltlnl I inn d Mm.- .Mail I.mi ol Hmunpr- lo A Iroin St. IMui ubd iiitcf iiii-tl i nl i- ptimi*. f&~ PaflSi rip. r*, by lakln^ ll.if r.mie, v .1 .41 mile* in d.i»(Ar.rc arid 1> i,,,ur!« um> , fr .. Cri. a r-R, QOO M N< 1 •> U) La CTOM* -I ro«it«?. auJ, » - VI « r.irr f. I" -\ 1 . I . 1)1- ^i V J , lM.')> ii !%'o. l»7 in l>ry 'E STOCK OF C3-oo i—AT—J >-t %%"al«r , April ¥4, Irv'.y Kiiur> H. I.OOIIK If II. __!' »iuie i: B ii ILL, <,,..-i AJ J T. M..ODV. M»,t-r Jl ( I'r I .ili r.ASJ- LW.ti AS.f, ( i * (-J-1ANCJF. N uri aftrr M'.DJ-AV, OF TJMJv IMF I •>.*« W OULD r^p ann-. r, ,,|,ir , Wat,rt u » » 111 arriTe ib i 4:vil r. « nrn.'1-iltf TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, S.,» \fFRHIl.I. rine '?.- k(...irn xn *n-l fc-iai «,-t..,-t,.il ?ioc(( >,f w-.v-is f-.unj in the :*tatf, »cil »tji -Mn.r.i- fierijto/iiftf, with Lht- intentioQ •' j> To aj many n<r» rustoon'n »« ma/ U3 a call, w e woaM »,iy jne •->( -\ir York, an-1 we tuivt; f»rUttiea (or 1/1* afa«*iurt? a that can ant by MC8T HE CLO»EI) OfT NEW AND FAVORITE ROUTE i;n.iMt!<J ut rn -A. I? 1 f- K r ft H kt.S 1 H X SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN REPORTS STRICKLAND A 00, 1M East Water street. For sale at (eblt SHERIFF'S SAI>E. [New BTATEOFWI8CONBIN, J OirctUt.-Oom-t, Milwaukee County. J James 8. Brown, against Ernst F. Henberg, Joslah A. Noonan, Peter McN«b and Andreas Keye. Foreclosure. aant t > a Judgment rendered in above entitled action, dated Jan- TB rittne or and pura *Vl qonrt,jn the ab the hour of 2 r.«. of that day, ths fallowing described mortgafed premises, or >o much thereof u maj tx no oe»»» raise the amount of said judgment, Interaot and«o»U, together srlth the expense! of sale, to wit; « All that part of the vat half of the eouth- —C»t quarter of section nomfeer niat (If), to tcwmhlp leren (7), .of range twenty-tiro (22), boaudcd as foUows, to wit: commencing at the •ouih-weet corner of said vest half of the sonth- VMt quarter odectloD Dine (9); running thence' east on the aontli line thereof -ten (Wjuhalns; tt«no«»onhten (10) chains; ibence ve« Ho (10) chains to the vest line of the said quarter »*cuon,*nd thence Booth ten{19)«IiMai to the ' jdade or beginning, containing ten (10) acres, •ayect, teverer, to one half th* width of a ,^ ru»4,-on the aoujli and vest uonndjrlea thereof, aoMlroad Wng one chain In width."' . iftcMiBicrlffM office, MUwaokee, AprUl, IBM. , HtW._Atto»ney.' f - - fltertrKn. Co, Wta. teen made In the «mrHtionora wrtajnpronilBwry note, bearing date Becember l«t,,,sy).»»r,exeoitfea *r W.B, BlbDM-a and Ma' totl1 * oond'>l<ni of * certain renel PIKE'S PEAK. A NKW MAP, showing Ihe Bonte to the »old Regions In Kansas, Just received by . .... ST/BICKLAND A CO., tebu UM Bast Water street NOTICE THE rnrspEOTou or FISH, A f£p IN TED by the Common Council of the City of .i*. Milwaukee,4n pursuance of An Act of the Leirtila- tart, approved March 17.1859, hereby gives notice that he is now furnished with the pioper weight, and brands for the due performance of toe duties of his office. _ By the said "Acf'lt U made the duty of all person, dealing In Kah to give notice to toe Inspect or to have U'.Smith will be found at the New Wafe.'bouBe'of Mrasri. John Purlong * Son, South Water .t., Walker's iPolnt, vhereaJJnotica are reqoesied to be left. Mllwa'kee, May 1, 1869. K AHSKi.NKK. —SO- .AM) P.. Train,- » Se Till IPI'FII ii-U'cc hij la,- t>trtwv I. A On A ' » I Will k?*-p ,t ^isiKjij- ng Great Bargains ma, be Exp.d^i, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R JOSEPH CAIIY, A.«l B r.e«. A VKRl|( ,ri»ur^!, with the iNT CENTRAL aprl7-dtf tlMTKU NTATKS M AUSH A?.»sl»A a. I . Lycurgns EJgerlon, J In th. United States Dls- „, . Ts - (trict Court DUtrlrt ,f Wlothrop C. Lord at.d | Wlscots n George Lord. j i o Equity. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the ' District Court o'the United Statts for the Diatrut ' of »l«consln, on the ninth day of May, 1669, m ihe ' above entitled canse, I shall iteli at Public Anc tion at the office of the United Hates Marbal In the City of ' Milwaukee, In th:« Distncl. on Friday, the fifteenth day of July, 1859, at thrw o'clock In the afternoon, Uir i following deicrlbed property, to wit "Out lot'II 1 number twenty one (81), in the vllla K « of Waupacci In the Oonr.ty of H aupacca and St.te of Wisconsin also a sufficient quantity of Water Power to be take out of the Waupacca River, at the dam ereoted acros said River, In the village of Waupacca, to propel three run o£stones lor flouring purposer at rll seasons of th Marshal'i Office, MiVwauk.ce, May 17, 1859 m»rl8-I«w6w M. }. THOMAS, O. B. Marshal. iNr.w <.|.ened to Lake ftllchlgan / 1KD 'City of;Cleveland," & "Cleveland," (TlK»roUL-hly refitted lor this route.) ,N ANIj iPTKR MOVDA7. Junt 6th, 18S9, Pss- Trams will run as follows: W KS'l 1 : O<'IcDibura-h. Dtir 1.0*1 in, , or.l, Man . ! B'i«ton, ai,n at Oswt-pr> with the i Thirty 9}nl Class Canal Boau . t to (UJ.1 ty ' New the ma-., i . , -r Te;im t i.r.Iar>red \ ork, U N AN! •enfre epart s^«. BTAJI ---- . ........... ..... Eyan & Jenkins, OOUNSKtLORS AT LAW, miT«*8 BANK BDILDINO, Oontf £att Water nni JOehigan iti^ XUuavLe*. UNITED STATES The Farmers Loan A Trust Com pauy, " The Mil waukee A Superior R»H- John Stewart, Johann C. A. Allcrding, Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootscb, In the U. B. Dls- rlct Court for the / District of Wisconsin , i n En n i ly James \ Swain, OP THB LAWSJIBMOF MAGIJE & SWAIN, WU**i*« ibeold rtana^riere hewin be pleas- . OHARLE3 QU^NTINT & CO. j by virtue of a de'cree''made by the district Conrt of the United States, for toe District of 'Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 185J In theaboje entliled cause, Ishatl sell at Public Auction onTnesday.Zndd.yof August, 1S59, at 8 o'clock In OB ««Vt«tin». or bnsineM ori-- iteof ' .mill Fanu of fcSm B , tt<m Ul8 itt l» otthe Ounom House, lo the City of Milwaukee, all and ilngular, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of, complainUn sals came, and described a. j "All ,the fbUovlng; pVe'ent and in fntnre to be scqnlred, real a-S person! moper- ty and real estate ol the said defentonCtheMilvankee and Superior Ballroad Company, t at I. to »w" .Fof th« fint dlTHloe of the Railroaa of said Railroad Company. defendant, from the City of Mllv.okee. to the City Of Green Bay In said Slate of Wl.consU,7 V . dK tancefof one nandred and tventy mllei, Ineladlne -tha right i>f vay.aad landoccop!ed«y.»aldrn>H Division of said road, (subject to the right, tlue or clatm, vhlch'the ia[g latefcndmti ..atevart,!, Allerdipg^ sHahni ' and Woollen, or either of Oiem, may hsvehaa r at the' time of making said decree, to land upon which said Hall. road: Company -DM locate* ltiv»y,and for which no compeniaUon has been made to tntm,) together with thtsuperstructureaad track thereou, and alj.ralbjan.l °iiiea .thereon, .'brHgei^yliitluctii, «al- s and eaglnw.vtenaei., cars, totnr*«,and all other perl 2SS.* lid ll B ' ln *•«*» 'William H. 6 Cohens, ' boat, anchor. caWeand «u asas, General *eit< ~ "" JsK«(aif»«og«tb»r with the costs amd * "^ ' -lsWttA, etsf, U-- ^-t L <• I08ePH J Jfarahal'. O^lBllwaakeej VrUTAprll 6.18BJ •^ •..••!»< i TH -mHBrWtoc«i.ta«Atolltiet!nni from; 1UIvaake. to 'js. a«ft<in, mud at tee ana Wmmmi-on Baliroad Brlck'and Frame Homes to rent in»We;ienBi., We^it«al«oTor aal» ' * Comtui, Attorneja. !*- M. fiup. BrlJ 'Detroit, iipv,4ri •Oswepo" arnte St. Jr.hns, artire Grand EapUsj arr.. •Urand Havett, arr.. Milwaukee, arrive... Mall. MltrJ. T. H. i. M. KriO 4:*J « M r. u 7:»u I an iil:9« 7:40 ny A- • A'A'ir YORK A.\l> F.R1K R.\U.k«Al>. Arnl tortnlng a Trl-WePklj Railrna.l Line f>etwe-n Dunkirk, .Wlwauk<T i Chicago. f3&~ Property forvrsvrJtni by Ihis Llofj viij t.« auhj«,-i lo bat One TraDShipment t^^ Me-rchinJis- m»rke.J **.\. T. <'O. KX- 1 will be forwarded from Nm Vork by in fiff/lt iriiin <j^*-r Ihe AVw Y-^rk & f?r-i K E M 0 V A L HI-: B A V 1. F T* JE I As I U 4 II r); ^. . K.- V , 3:10 5:0' a. K. 9:84 i. M. 4:SU Norn. 12:00 Milwaukee, depart.. •Grand Huven, dep Grand Rapids; srr. St. Johns, arrive... OWOESO, arrive) •Detroit, arrtvi. { 8ns. Bridge, an Ive.. Mall f xpr's r. u •s-ou 1 ML 8:00 . 4:20 6:40 ?:M 11:4(1 F. *. 3M MlieJ dep't 5:3*1 11:20 4:00 Nonn. 12:0«J Night Kipr's Noon 12:00 P. u 8:30 10:31 a. y 4:50 Ac I promptly l from Dunklrtej •Refrethmen s—Hotel In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat vlll leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p tutor SaturdBy N sht's Express passengers weU, bat 3 A. •. train will a ,f leave on ?nnaavs. Trains leave ermlnl dallr, Sundays eicepted. TQK TELEQI APH LINE Is now open for PtrKtio lln SIHK89. ' AT DETROIT—GREAT WESTERN KAILWaT for all point* Kast—MICHIGAN OEHTuAL aud M101USAN SOiCTHERN RAILROADS, and OLE\-El^ANO Line of Steamers. . , AY -OftAN]> - HAVEN—With " HTJRON " Steamer f or CUlO ACO, 4c., le. iA.'rrMia,tt'AUKKK—With the MTSSISSIPPf, LA ORO8SK, CHICAGO, WATEBTOWN and HOR1- JONiBAlLEOApS, for ail Important points West and Northwest, and An Mlisisslppl River, and with Steamers for Ports OQ Lake Michigan. : Passengere for) Great Western Railway go on tne Railway Fs»BT'~Bi«i»ira, at D. A M. ft. Dock, leaving "OTkatSiOttiJ», 12:00 Koon and 7:30 P.M. : NIGBT TRATpa have 8LEKPING OAHS attached. Thei!orupM»j>,Tjme-TtbIes <tan be had at any orthe Stations. : ,'j ..;. . ...; . ' , ,W. :StV i 3WjIBj« Bert'l Sut't- . ... wrs,TlcXetAgeht*Vm|BajtWater>f Ws!.GBiBii(,_greigbt Agent at OonAahjr'j Dock., p - •'•( "•" ••*--"- * J MriBS, Afenl N T C,, , 1" Broa,l»> 7 , ,S. T 7 ork ) L. WIRSKS. Agi-ni N T. 0" , 1 Co?ntles SllD H,v 7..rk. " OH»B ?. TAPPAH, corner 6th an,| Ohe»r.jtst- Phila UPVIT .t CRAW-..BD, OJT.EC N y S. i). CALDWBXL, Agent, DunUrk, N Y. CB.MBfcBLrH, Clt»Wr.>BLD 1 LO , I'.rvi-l *n.l . O. JOBS Hocriao, Agent N T. Co., 95 ?tatj ,<..', ., A.UOSHHAM, Ajrenl \.C. Line, 108 State st . B..«t.,n J. f. OBUIOB, Airent, Rome's Polut, .N. T Osn. Ptaita, Agent, OifJenjburgh, NT L. J. HIGUY, Milwaukee, Wis., ulftce LaOrosse * U R. il. Depot. J. H. tltAWFOItll, i ,. , -. l>. J. HAI.K, } Milwaukr-e, Wisconsin Office near U. * M a. 8. Depot N. 0.—Shippers are requester! to see. on« ot Uie arxn Agents before making contracts, as thej are prepare. l.i offer very low rales, and thttr connections with th Ogdenshnrgh and Oswetco roau«, and especially with the New York it Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation.. h I M K 'r' O K 1 K A I 1 A.« to <-nah e turn lo say to ihe public *itn • . . thiil ht- 1.1 no* prepareil to furuwd Uit-m w in -v iirmhle «tyle of fixture kn-rwri to the mtu- tinit at sach AstountimK L«w Prices n t.) i<- >• mp- tor example, ATLANTK i AHLi. lop I-*t <'««• j F.Afl.!, »»TYii BOOT«. J HK OKNUIXK AK'IICJ.K MANLFACTUIRED BV JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorlied to manufacture the abvoe itarurd Boots, a! -^ 72 EAST WAT Ell STUJCET. The Phalen Boot Is one of the most unique and e 0 - giint rovtrinjn for the feet thst has ever bwa laventoJ. They are made of the best of stock and most uolshel trorununshlp, and are warrintcul to cure Coras, inin- lons,Swelled Feet, dwelled i<««d, Ithumstljin, Gout *c. Remember that the Sole Agent for these lust Invented DooU In Ihls City, Is to ba found a« 72 East Water tt. Vhert, also, may be found a general sssortmeiit of ' ltOUT8 A: 8HOKS, GAlTEStv, &V ., For Otntleman and La.lles thai there U In this market* all mknulactured under the supervision of theinbsert- [may2S] JOHN PUALKN. Pic Me & Pleasure BISOS Excursions, QM1S|IBIJSJSES ANO'KACKS. iVTlKS wlthlng to engage Hacks or QmnUoin for j., ,ihe -p.urpose of visiting the G irdfris or for Pic NIo >artlea,eanMiuppUed «rttn. fl«st elate vehlclMsn th- (hoHest notice an/) mo.treajooalil* k-rn«; A line of fmlbosiei will commence running on the lit of Jane for roreit Homey leaving Van Oo«rii corner at 9 A.M. .\nd =».»!. -TheOmnlbna for Wauwatosaleaves Van Uott'i aliaM.and&r,». . T.BHOCKWAY, ' PootofMiionstrejt. M l.i. fur .nlj fl.iRl 11,0 drat . IMil> I IH.U k I'll I'F.V, A TI3(III>4.1i tfils Aid IQ fact every other style of i*l»-lurp *i .:urrr» [tootling low prices I.TIPEHIAL I>Ill> 1'IM.U t J>JIN, 0.. lured In either Oil or W»t*r C.,lor<, »n,l rtnun^l m the highest style M in,. \r< i THE M F.fcl OT\ I'l , A Dew aud popular st^le u[ Picture, i i:iur^1 lo U1I. wht'^h far excels in Accuracy, B«» and H< .,oi> i flnlflh, any other Picture ever olfereil lo the Public These Pictures havoonly to be «een to be i.lmlreJ All who are Jeslrous of savlntr money sru rtt^^fctriillj loliclteil to call ana examine apei-liuenx 41 Lh- ul,i I Ni'I V SAM V \ \ I « 1 I r 1 I- e o *• ? r <• 1S8 Suxt rl8-dOm l sail frnm nth. W f B.VVLKY. t-tlst.fei to ihe Principal ro\v»« m in. E: ij ja. iv ID . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30. The powerful Iron St«ara!>h!p:i GITl" OF BALTIJ1ORE, CITT OP WAS KANBARi 0, Will sal) from New fork for Cork (lire,! to Uverpot.l, srssY ALTSJUTATS AATUKD. The CiTY OrilANUHESTEB auJ VIQO Ti BELFAST tail COKK to New Tork onen a M Rate of Passage from New Tork To Cork, Liverpool and the principal town: ID I EEL AND, ENGLAND a.tD SCOTLAND : Oabln, ____ $15 .................. Third Clsaa. . (80. PaMenKrn for>rard<d to Havre. Antwerp, firemen and Hamburg for $-5 In Cabin, $39 Third Cliu.r TO PAE13 (In 24hours from Llvetpool,) Cahin $35- Thlr i Clasi, 13,-i. Penon» wbihing lo send for their friends can obtain Certificates of patsiige from COBS or BELFAST to NEW TORK for 130, from LIVERPOOL $4,1. For pawage applT to H. J. Oortfs A Co., ITl Broad- ray, N. T., Joto O. Dale, 13 Broadway, M. ?., or to TIMOTHY • ARS*Y, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. H. B.— PaMenger* by .thl» line avoid the risk and 1 Itlay of calling at n«iff«* and St. Johns. maj25 U. »5. t, fvi! ( '< 'M M I -,>|, . N '"'. .'us \i , s | xt ''.•'•"'iliii »lt.-nil,,,i - . ^,, *i..l *1! ^i,,,!., r v . _ :t ^ t HK 1 l-.l A M I. 1 V .N 111 I K r' V 1 r-. ,\ ! T 1 id ipte. I'nv ,!„ . a m ]> ow •»,., r ., 1 ,„., ,,_ 'HM).ll|l. II. U(,HT H its auptir urity U 14 umlke »ll . wlial , Sinn. o ii a l li a n * r tt i] ,_ }] i U N 1 >KK'l VK KI-: sprlQjr si., Oppo.itK tiu.-rltuii Uoii,,, KEEPS CONSTANTLY on hajid i l, rKQ „,„„... of Mahogany, Black Walnut .im! other Wo,,,| .' n m r , " D Sether wUh Flak's .Uetallo Burinl Caaci ' The office, ..( the >Vj-.^t Humo Uemeiery Oo at my p'aco, where I liHFfth,. ,t(Ala of the rr *fr?? ny 'i m always r^ajy to a*»i-<im,,5tn'? natrr n , rn "" llj j- t tm-uj- )l»re of all tin H lHE plase in hny flr M ar n«ht. HI/NX aagla goort article, m itore, r 0 , We LATTON A PLAMHINTO«.

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