The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 9, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. ,,MONDAY, JULY 9, 192.T SMITH-) Soaps Below Cost During this week we offering oa a special bargain—(order yours early) 17 hnrn P. A G. White Nnpth* 1 l>ox 25c So.ip Chips 1 .00 bara Fairy Soap 20c Order Early -'tld Gi ?r ; ;-.e Plum;. • hie plnma i .-i s;:hrrrics lurnb chops b.ikcti lum beef too cock fhubnrl) in.- i.tuhem t.u;! if tower new potatoes cabbage OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS BARBECUE TO MARK END OF 1923 HARVEST Ellsworth Lejjioncers Plnn Big: Free Show July 25—Something Doins Every Minute. KllHworth, July •beat «r»p will I.. t> in ti \lri IK:,^!tiM^ Tlii bumper •iUf'l by Juiy firm, back, and giving htm a bud sculp v.'miud Hint Internal injuries. Spotts la from Kansas City. BOY'S ARM CAUGHT IN MACHINERY AND BROKEN Macksville, July «.—Two pluckier chaps can not tfo found In the state than Howard Davidson and\7 1 oo Waddell.' The boys wore working at the* Kraln lander on tlio Oliver Waddell •d and a big I'i'io ! farm and In smnn way the; Davidson Fhcne 1500 "THFi FEHNDELL STORE" 7 S. Main pGI ^CEftYit MARKET J a\o. Coogan nobbed. "Au!--:li-. : . Tho homo of Jt<-<:kl'* Cnn;:'.ii: wasi ru'-ibcd of Jf-welry valued ',{. i P .(*t>*> while the juven',It> motion picturt- ill lor was luotoriiiK. !)H li.HVIlf 1 on by Kl!su-n Th •:;•<> 'A ili huur uf Hi' 1 ' bo th«> luirh.- will W- ic.-is: •ih !.i(»U Will l )tj put [ hoy, who is 14 years old, Rot his arm .•II'- iltHl I.!"-' it? will in' Knu'h' il -tTn will tiilTli't* will .'.liil ! (ho American i I '^imht In tbe-chain that pulla tho nui- ' chinory. Young WnrWell wont, to the liouw to K-r-t hiR jitortior with the Davidson Itoy waiting with hi:* arm fas ton nd 5n tlio machinery nncl broken in lliroti places "ii.a an nxamination a forward a proved. MTS . W'addoll -was nut at homo so when ,)(io i-ftnrnod to whom Roy inis hnld. Ui« ktltf'r Kium p Htod taking rvomo i »L>H .s out and ndciisinp hid arm. This was d-mn rind tho boy pulled Ida inalnod anil out. •• ^'iiiiJ'i'niiin doinft" every O. At iiUi.ui tlit'i'c will Ut! iliiiTUT, two boeves '.I and vcrved frt?o with i'l to the IhousandiJ who !ioi ;luit day. Tim !»•'• livhi at thr> ground:* "iii'ol. ! )u:1:ip; t h". ni--rn- In 1 baud roiu-orts ui;d in u -ball ttiam ih.Mwt-tui fr K -i'lics by >:n a broad an'! In tho :-hmv ii ad AGED HARVESTER THROWN FROM CAR, BADLY HURT Or-vit Itcml, July 0.- J. H. BpotK C;< \ f^-.j's old. a hai\<-;-t hand -wast /,t -ri- i-.j-'.ly lnjun ; il when th.i'fuvn from the .«:rij'pi'd raeincr oar bf!(!n"i!iiv to Kd- wnrd JIl55^. Hiss to the harvest fioM^ with Spoils when in papMng a cuni -'r, a vi.r driven by Mis.s Man.;ar.:i Olivor <*;,me into view. It 1 ^H madn a t;h i rt turn, thmv.-in GET REAL PRESENT. , Liberal Young Women Receive Trip j to Hollywood From Uncle. . IJberal, .luly SI —Miss Ircno and Misa Ibdiiti KUison, v.'bo graduated this spring from tho National l k ark ycnilnary at Washington D. C, won* g!v<;n gradual lug presents by their mu':i\ 1-3 T. ("luyirutn .a month 's trip to his homo at Hollywood, Calif. They are leaving soon tor the trip. ANOTHER ACCIDENT DUE TO BLINDING HEADLIGHTS Saxman, July 9.—Jra Jordan of this placo and Otho Malono of Oklaliom:\ City, Ills companion had a narrow pscapo hero the other evonlnfr. They « T ero ilrlvlns lti the Jordan car near Sterling when briyhl lights of an approaching cur caused Jordjin who was driving to crash Into tho balustrade of a concrete brldgo near Sterling. Tlio car struck tho brldgo with sufficient force to turn it over. Tlio hoys were ablo tOj crawl out from under the upturned car an<l wero taken to !ho Sterling hospital, Jordan was bruiHed and had three broken ribs. Mulouc was moro seriously hurt and la unconscious part of the time. Moth boys wero employes of tho Saxman mill. KINGMAN COUNTY HAS ALL BRIDGES IN SHAPE Hit In Face By Ball. Pawnee Rock. July O.-'-M. R. WrtRht raluir homo . la riot a fjreat baseball fan, at least with amateur jxlayera lie was •walk- to'! along tho street hero this week when some h«.>ys playing ball threw It .. . In his direction, strlklrui him In tho Spotty to the piivcm.nt and the Oliver | f»co and breaking two small bones. It car ran ov. r his ' Injuring his , is a most painful injury. First Pictures of Fourth of July Battle Kingman, July !>.—Tho bridges on tho main highway ure all In order and it is unnecessary to detour. Tho bridges on the Cannon ait a K. N. and O. highways were finished, last week and travel allowed to pas sover Uveso structuros. "Where the bridge is, south of Rape, the rains and high waters played the worst hav\)c. A hole ranging from a half foot to ten foet«deoi> was washed out In the roadway. A bridge of na tive material was secured from nearby groves and a bridge 170 foot long had to 'be constructed whero formerly thero was only a culvert. MANUFACTURING . DISPLAY STARTED Chamber of Commerce Will Get First Glimpse nt Home Products Wednesday. (A.uvc, Di ;mp»ey retains tltic—Referee Dougherty raiting champion's gloved hand -at end of final round In tenbn of victory. Note weary droop to Gibbons' shoulders and comparative size of two. WIND DESTROYS HIS ' BARN A SECOND TIME Maolc«*vIIIe, July 9.—Twice w!th'!n a yoar Uie 'barn ot t>avo Johnson, Hvinp; northeast of hero has been destroyed by windstorms. On July 81, 1922, a tornado struck his farm toarhrg down a 70s38 cement block, 'barn. It was rebuilt on tho sarao foundation and last Saturday during the hard wind K tot'm tho roof was torn off tho barn, the -walls blown down and cement Mocks carried qoiite a distance. It. •was lin^ur-ed and will bo rebuilt as soon as worlnn-en are released from Uio harvest fields. GOES TO GERMANY TO CONSULT SPECIALIST When tho members of tho Chamber ot Coramerco meet for tho wewkly membership dinner on Wednesday they -will find in the north room of the Chamber of Commerce rooms a fine beginning made on what will bo a permanent manufacturer's display by fall, lit the expectations "of tho publicity committee of tho Clmniiber. Forty manufacturers of tho city have signified their Intention or taking part In this display already and It Is hoped to have soon a fine allowing of tho articles manufactured. In Hutchinson. The comniitteo oni publicity feel that this will bo an opening, wedge of an understanding on the pnrt of tho residents of the oily Just what the Industrial plants aro turning out day by day In Hutchinson. Only local manufacturers will be exhibitors. All Invited to View It. "Tho Chamber of Commcroo belong.-* to the people of Hutchinson," said Frank Cost, .chairman of this committee looking alter the display. "The rooms are runted and maintained by all the business men ot tho city. This display Is by Hutchinson manufacturers for Hutchinson peoplo and those in Hutchinson's trado territory, and everyone is invited to visit the club rooms to look over tho display. "It will be of educative valuo to all who seo and of much service to the manufacturers. Another phasr* of valuo 13 tho fort that every day tho Chamber is visited by many out of town peoplo In quest of Information ot Hutchinson ti'nd Us trade territory. | This dlsplny will speak for ltoolt and i visitors can seo for themselves what Hutchinson is doing In tho manufacturing line. "Our committee Is certain that this display will increase the sale on everything displayed," said Mr. Cost. The display space is costing nothing, only tho trouble of Rutting It ready. I fERSEY SENSATION' PLAYS WILLIAM TEL1 Hose! Hose! Hose! L We Have a Complete Line of— •Mi HOSE, SPRINKLERS, NOZZELS, ETC. Priced To Suit Your Purse. r HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP , (Home of FRONT RAJNi-i l'urnaec) Phone 3752 22 First West ^ , J) BASE BALL! HUTCHINSON vs. CQFEEYVlLLE Tuesday, July 10th HUTCHINSON vs. EARTLESVILLE Wednesday, Thursday and' Friday, July 11, 12 and 13. GANO PARK M • M a 3180 P. M. LADIES' DAY FRIDAY (| ^••••••••HHnns(iPiaBiiBE!BiaHai3saBiBassiaffimgiiaiU2iaM Plains, July 9.—William "Robert of thU city has gono to Nauheim, Germany to consult with heart specialists at a sanitarium there. Robert is a native of Germany and will visit among his relatives while consulting the doctors. He was accompanied to New York by hi-s son, John Robert of Los Angeles, Calif, who will see his father aboard ship. HELP CONSUMED BOTH PARTY FOOD AND DRINK When sta-ging a party It le best to secure help with references as to sobriety. A largo list of guests was Invited for a party 1n Hutchinson recently and special negro help "was engaged for the culinary work and cable servico. Came time for tho moa.1 and no food showed up. The help had consumed all of tho food and worst ot all—had gotten Into tho private stock of tho host and con- sumod.'all of tho liquid refreshments, such as lemonade and other drtnks. COMMUNITY STORE CLOSES. Wichita Credit Association Takes Charge of Newton Venture. Newton, July 9.—Tho community otore wJilch was established hero four years ago an a stock proposition has hoen closed and the stock is being Invoiced, by representatives of the "Wichita Credit Men's Association which 1 B in charge. It Is stated that the affaire ot the company aro not In bad shape. Many of the stockholders \v--e among well known railroad men here. HOMERS FEATURE GAME. (Below; Weathering champion's body blow*--GIMionn, left, etups In after causing ohamplon to mlc3 at lonn fftnge, |*loto how Gibbons Is protection, himself end the half-worried look oa DAHW"^". 4*33 Turon Team Defeats Hutchinson City Leaguers G to 5. Turon, July 9.—The Turon-ball team nosed out the Kansas Electric, loading team of tire city league of Hutchinson yesterday In a good base- iball game, tho locals winning ti to 6. Homo runs "by Wise and Gray for Turon featured. The Ibattories: Kansas hh>ctrlcs Lamhorn, Cnlbort and Fleming; Turon, Qulnr: nn-d Forney. National Guard Plans Drive for Men. The National Guard Is beneficial to i !hG young men of a community both physically and financially. Hutchln- eon h«a such an organization* and this organization Is now asking the cooperation of the olty in securing tho full quota of men so that 1t may continue to function. At the present time about 72 men aro needed to fill the ranku. Perluipe tho young men of the city do not realise the opportunity the National Ouarfl presents, tt offoru educational tacllltles that aro seldom offered to tho men of any city. 9-lt Condemn Sabotage. Ooblenz—The (iwiniui governor- general ot the Hiblno province posted A proclaimation strongly condemning cabotage, and a numbor of German officials In tho occupied territory haro likewise evpressed dlsapiproval of violence, acting upon instructions from Berlin, according to lie JTrench. Hiss Maureen Orcutt teeing sS from her brother's head. Tell, the famous Swiss mnska-. teer who specialized in knocking apples off heads with arrows, had nothing on Miss Maureen Orcutt, the New Jersey girl golf marvel. She uses her brother's head for a tee. Not Affected. Paris—The Franco-Belgian action, against Germany in retaliation for the recent bombing at Duleburg will not be affected by the papal representations at Purls • and Brussels, official circles roported. How puro and good wo all are— when somebody is looking at us,— Atchison Globe. Railroad Earnings. ••Washington—Net earnings of Class One railroads, which oijcrnto 80 per cent of the country's rail mileage, amounted to $89,999,600 during the month of May, according to bureau of railway economies estimates "which v/ere made public WEAK BACK AND KIDNEYS RELIEVED I -want to eay a word of thankfulness for Liquid Shu Make, which you may use in telling others about this wonderful remedy. I nave taken one bottle of Liquid Shu Make and certainly can recommend it to others as the beBt remedy in the world tor weak, back and kidneys. After taking one bottlo it has gained' groat results for mo and I hope to continue the treatment until sound aud well. Signed: Eugene Preuton, 810 Ark St., Helena, Ark. All druggists supply IJquld Shu Mako, 76c and $1.50. -IWlcaiaacV f %K0 *at • Always Healthful WICKER FURNITU REDUCED Shaffer's July CLEARANCE SALE SPECIALS One of the outstanding features of Shaffer's July Clearance Sale is tho exceptional reductions being made on Wicker Furniture, in our south window you will find a beattllful thrce-pleso frosted brown, two tone suite, including a davenport, chair and rocker upholstered in tapestry. You can buy this — 3 7. Others up to $160.00 Never before, have ve mn<le. such l;>.r(;e reductions on Acorn Stoves, as arc now in effect during this sale. FURNITURE In answering advertisements, please mention The News. Firmnett it great: persistency is greater—Ninon de Lenclaa, Music Is Essential Thirty-seven years ago a \ Stcinway Grand Piano was the supreme wedding' gift of a bri'de. Last year her daughter married, and received as a wedding gift that identical generation-old STEIN WAY WHE INSTRUMENT OF THE IMMORTAL? \ The scroll-work music rack of a former day •I irvas changed to the plain and simple design now in ' tisej the rounded pilasters gave place to supports Of modern squared design. No other change was ; r jssary. The glorious Steinway tone retained original splendor! And the heirloom becarno A doubly-treasured Wedding Gift anew! ' Give her a Steinway as her greatest '?' [Wedding Gift 1 ^"Vv JENKINS SONS MUSIC COMPANY <J R. V. Hulland, Mir., 1U N. Main St., Hutchinson, Kano. . We Clo«e, ,aj B P, M. Except 6»tu ; rd(iy. .

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