The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 8
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' Page EigHt T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Thursday Evening, July 9, 1914. Chief Allen Says He Doesn't Know What Can Be Done. *T don't know "what can be done, if anything, regarding the new booze clubs," said Chief Allen TVednesdaj. °The plan ot these clubs Is being- Investigated by the city le^al department and by the state's attorney." AKE POPULAR Those clubs t h a t are already in operation are said to be popular. John Keibrrt's club tn the room formerly occupied by the Seiheit Bms. saloon on North Water street, has been in operation for some 41 me. Pete Pheeney's club south of the river, nea- the C m m t i v club, is said to be the bon- ton club of all, the membership being compose! of the well-to-do yciing men of the city. GET DRINKS REGULAHLT. Under tha plan by "which these^hibp are operated the member can pet hi? drinks ^as regrulnr and as often as though the saloons wore running? wide open, and the claim !B that attornevs have declared that there la nothing Illegal about it. The clubs do not oven have a Kovernmpnt license. It is not n^es^nry. Ko cHy license is required, and the man Trho runs the club hml therefore a chance to make a good t h i n s out of It. It IB clnlmed t h n f c t h e m n n who drinks will not spend as much money as he did over the bar at t h e saloon. Tn the regular -way he would pay f i f teen cents for fint bottle of beer. As a member of a club he orders his beer by the case, gets it shipped to the club in his name or takes It there jThe ca?e of three dozen pints costs him about $2.SO. He pnya the steward of the club 6 cents a bottle for nerving? it. making the total cost to him S4.60 for the case, and if he bought It over the bar at fWteen cents a bottle it ·would cost him J5,40. The no-treating rule will also make it less expensive for him. ' J. S. BALDWIN AT CHAMPAIGN MEETING Attended 8ea*lo» of Republican Com- mitteenMU at Champaign. Attorney J. S. Baldwin of this city leturned Tuesday night from Champaign, where he attended a meeting of rhout seventy-five Republican committeemen from this judicial district to arrange for the campaign of Frank H. Boggs of Urbana for the office of circuit judge to »uocee4 Judge Solon I hilbrick, deceased. Following the meeting the party was banqueted at the Beardsley hotel. Among the spcak- ors were "W. B. McKtnley, of Champaign, candidate _ for congress, and Attorney Baldwin. All ot the speakers proclaimed Republican majorities, of course. THIRTY GO TO Plans for Vacation Being Made. Trips All repairs on the Houghton Lake Fishing club houses and grounds have been completed and set in order for the mlyrnt of the Decatur members who will flock to the summer haven d i n i n g the month of August The lure of f l j and reel was never stronger than this year when the heat*rlae come earlv to make a long visit, and Dec^tur families are waiting i m p a t i e n t l y for their vacation time -which will he spent at the lake. THIRTY TO GO. It Is expected that at least thirtj Decatur chih members will go for the August fishing and vacation. M a n v of them will remain during September while about half as many more from this city whose vacations come in the later month will add their lines to the general tangle then. Among those who have dealded to go for the August fishing are: J. H. Culver, Albert H. Cretors, Wi C. Fields and family, W. E. Redmon and family, the McNabb family, J. A, Keath, J. N.;Baker, D. B. Folrath and wife and others who each year spend a month or so at the summering place. Many of the members will entertain guests at the club this year. Among the. repairs that have been made for the summer are the Improvement and beautlflcation of grounds and Improvements to the two club houses. New boats have been purchased this year and members expect to bask In the light of Isaac Walton's patronage and pleasant weather. MRS. MENDENHALL 1SPOCAHONTAS Hiawatha Council Ko. 07, D. ot P., Holds Election. ' Hiawatha Council No. 67, X. of P., held an election of officers Tuesday night a-nd they are -as follows: " Pocfihontaa--Mrs f Emma Menrtenhall Prophetess--Mrs. Clara Morgan Wenbnah--Mrs. Maggie Hopkins. I'owhatan---Cody Crotser. Trustee--Mrs Alice Sheppnrd. First Scout--Miss Birdie Gentzlar. Second Scout--Mrs. Alice Sheppard- First Runner--Mrs. Carrie Aslberry. Prcond Runner--airs. Bertha Miner. First Councillor--Mrs. Annie Mnrrl= Second Councillor--Mrs. Mollie Madi- S~an. First Warrior--Mrs. Rebecca Madden. Second Warrior--Mrs. Ida Smith, Third Warrior--Mrs. T. O'Laughlin Fourth Warrior--Mrs. Alice Rohe- birk , First Biave--Mrs Lucy Tru* 1 blood. Second Brave--Mrs. Ola Gift el. i Quard o Tepee--Mrs. I3ertra Trow- tu .dge. n^ard of Forest--Mrs. Anna Baker. Freedom--Mr£. Mettle Turbln. Friendship--Mrs. Etta Potter. Oiarity--Mrs. Cynthia Newlln The council draped the charter fm MFP. Sadie Kerr, great keeper of wampum, who died recently. The Tunrll has arranged f o r - a social to be gtien the last.of this month. 15c Pillow - Cases lOc Choice of all ISc pillow ca 1 *! 1 ^, cises 36x36 and 47,\"f, fine l i n e n f i n i s h 15c India Linon lOc 13ft pieces of extra fin** and sh*»"r India Lfnon In a 15c value, reduced !ara er 10C 12%c Towels 81-8c 18xS« Huck Towel* with fancy Brochs Borders, flo» linen finish, a 18%c Value re- diicea to ....... 25c India Linon 15c 5 pl«eec ot our but Sfic Imported lfull Z^lnotk ftnd RtaxonaL extra fln« quality. July* Clearance Sale, per 8 l-3c Towels 50 dozen of frlnff. ed Huck and Honeycomb towel, also Bird's Bye end Turkish To-wela. values worth up to 8 1-J1 sale prt ** each lOc Brown Muslin 7%c Heavy ' round thread unbleached muslin in our bet lOc X'alue, July Clearance Sale per \ yard . 7lc 7140 Brown Muslin 5c Best 7%c unbleached muGlin, full yard wide, excellent q u a l i t j , .Tuly Clear- Km ance S»le ... .«*V For Friday and $ Selling at Gebhart s See our special showing of fancy Turkish towels and housekeeping linens in our Water street display window. Choice of All Spring Wool Skirts Sold up to $10 at $2.95 To close out quickly all remaining spring wash nklrts we h a v e decided to place tbem all in one Kronp regardless of selling- price or cost and sell thorn at one price. Values, CO QE up to tlC.OO. Special .................. Jfa.33 $4.95 Black and White Check Skirts $1.95 H«r« in a chance to own one of those popular black ana white check skirts. Made of cotton basket $4.95. cloth and sold at Special '. ......... $1.95 50c Gingham and Percale Petticoats 39c Thesa Pettiooatg ar« mefa at a good quality of Ifingham and percale and are 'well worth QQn 600, special clearance sale price w«»w 50c Corset Covers Special 25c A special purchase places us in possession of a lol of fine Corset Covers at a price far below their real \aloe, Lace and embroidery trimmed in very pretty designsr a regular 50c value -Clearance sale 25c $1.00 Gowns 75c These gowns are regular JLOO valuei and are made of f i n e cambric and crepe in all the- d! f f erant Rtyl ea, gal e pri ce , $1.00 Table Linen 79c 70 inch bleached and cream Tablv Linens, all pure Linen Goods in a f i n e range of patterns, bee: f i no \ a l u e for yard ... $1.25 Table Linens 90c Take unrestricted choice of any Jl 25 Table Linen In the store, nothr Ing resen ed at per QOr yard ..... OUC $1.50 Table Linens $1.19 "We place on special sale our entire stock of SI. 50 Table Linens for July clearance sale at the very low price of per t to yard . . . * I . I 3 $2.00 Table Linens $1,39 For our July Clearance Salp you can buy our best J2 00 Table Linens' In 7: and 81 Inch M ' f r J t l l S Ot P« C1 OQ yard . * I «3o Hiick s Toweling Take unrestricted choice of pure linen Huck Toweling- worth up to C5c a ard In 15, Jg, 20 and !2 inch widths In plain and f i g u r e d at 39C Linen Sheeting We carry the best all linen sheeting in Decatur ' at tl.50, it comes PO Inches wide and is of a very fine tev- ture, July Clearance Sale at per yard 51.19 THE STORC THAT W V A K E S THE PRICE HSGEBHARTOP I G-RE.ATE.ST STORE J. Oscar Russell of Decatur Dying at Lincoln. Because he got up early on the morn- Ing of April 7 and rushed down V see the big- Powers building fire, J Oscar Russell i a now near death from tuberculosis. Mr Russell was not clad suf- Ificientlj- to protect himself against the drenching rain which was falling that morning: and he got his feet wet nearly to the Tinees. TAKEN TO LINCOLN. Shortly -after, Mr.^ Russell was taken flown with tuberculosis. He had not been in the best of h e a l t h and hem- orrliages set in. He was taken to the home of his mother at Lincoln about two weeks ag~o, and then a rapid decline began. Several days ago he was t a k e n to St. Clara's hospital at that place ana his death is expected In a Fhort time. WELL KNOWN HERE Mr. Russell is well known in Decatur. He was formerly clerk at the Association of Commerce Xnd later'was employed by the Decatur Railway Light company. He was also employed Tor a time "ny C. A. Ewing. He is n b o u t thirty-five years old. Let Us Help Furnish Your Home ·The invited guest admires the'well appointed home, where furniture, tapestries, window hangings and other fittings all harmonize. There is still a place in your home that we can help you furnish. Our entire building is filled with goods that go to furnish the home complete. 'S Cash or Easy Payments. Both Phones. 1025-31 N. Water St. 1 Hour Friday 1 Hour Saturday --9 to 10 a. m. On both Friday and Saturday we gtve another of thorn special hour sales that's- proving a magnet for drawing enthusiastic crowds to Hitchcock's "Mid-Summer' Clearance." Almost numberless women have called by phone and personally expressing real disappointment In not knowing that we hav« a positive-hour limit.* Now pleas* remember the hoar--no deviation. For above date only we offer tKe following--Wash skirts, lot I, choice 49c. Splendid linen, pique, ratine. etc. Nc- tunics. Lot 2, choice $1.60. Same materials and qualities as~lot 1 only these have the latest Ions tunic effect. Waists--Lot 1, choice 49c, mostly white voile, regular $5c and $1.50 values. Lot 2, choice of this lot of waists, some are soiled, 30c or 4 for tl.OO. Dresses--Lot 1, choice (I. slightly ,mussed but splendid S2 to $3 values. Lot 2. choice of dresses In lot 2 for I2.9S. ~Lot 8, choice of lot, $3.95. These dresses are beautiful long tunics, flowered. pUIn colors or black and white. All suits and coats at less than H our regular prices. Practically all sizes. In all above goods. We especially call your attention to our splendid values In corsets, midsummer hats, skirts, plumes, sillj shirt waists, middy blouses, petticoats, etc. See huge sign announcing "Mid-Summer Clearance." HITCHCOCK'S OPPOSITE S * 10. You swing on "joy makin's!" Get it into your mind pretty quick that Prince Albert is just as bully delicious rolled up into a cigarette as jammed into a jimmy pipe--and that means going some, too. Just to change your luck, switch for a spell from the dust-brands and fire -brands and know first hand what a real and true jimmy pipe or makin's cigarette can taste like when you get the brand of tobacco that men everywhere pin their faith to-- It's all out of fashion to suffer with a stung tongue or a parched j throat. Because Prince Albert is scot-free from that sort of thing. If you didn't know It before, get this news direct from headquarters: Prince Albert tobacco is made by a patented process that cuts out the bite and the parch. It's just all-good, with a flavor and a fragrance and freshness unequalled by any other brand at any price! Men, that's some talk some talk, but it's right and it's up to you to match a dime against our say*so. Just lay a bet right here that P. A. will give you absolutely what you've hunted for years, eithef in a pipe or a cigarette. And that goes! Right now's the time, too, while the "listen" is in your system. Buy P. A. everywhere; in toppy red bags, Sc; in tidy red tins, lOc; also in handsome pound and half pound humidor jars. 'R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. Winston-Salem, N. C the national joy smoke WHEN- buying feed for your horse, cow or chickens call Ch apman-Doake Company 540 E. Main St. Phones: Bell 714-732; Automatic 1089. If You Ever Expect To Own A Paino NOW IS THE 1 TIME TO BUY We have a stock of over 35 new and used pianos and you can now buy from us at the lowest prices'and on the easiest terms ever known in Decatur. PINE NEW MAHOGANY PIANOS $190 V including stool, scarf, 10 music lessons, ,20 sheets music and i . , - instruction "book. ' 18 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS at from $100 to |160 on easy terms. Some of them are al- most like new. Jlemember, we own our Suffern Buildings and have no rents to pay. We have no salesmen on salaries. We play smash with high prices and terms. ; Don't fail to call and examine our pianos this week« Suffern Music House 2nd Floor Suffern Bldg., 351 N. Water. Take Elevator. .'SPAPERf

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