Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 1, 1964 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1964
Page 5
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Your Problems — by Ann Lonc/ers — DEAR ANN LANDERS: How a,buut settling an argument? I Vnnt to Luy a pair of heels f.r dross and my folks think I should stick to flats. I am 17 years of age and 5' 8" tall. My folks keep telling me I will be tnH'.T thnn most of the boy's if I wenr heels. I say "So what?" I love the way heels look and 1 don't care if they do make me taller than the boys. Will you decide this for me? Do I get heels or not? — UP OR DOWN Dear Up: And that's my advice. Up with your head, up with your shoulders and get up on those heels if you want them. It's how you feel about your height that counts, and you feel just fine. So congratulations and enjoy your new slippers. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Fifteen years ago I divorced my husband because he was a Tom Cat and a liar. Our daughter was two years old at the time. I went to work because the support check always seemed to get lost in the mail. Throe years ago the Tom Cat married a woman with a big house and a healthy inheritance. Our daughter spends every other weekend with her father and his wife. Of late the girl has become critical of me, my clothes, our home, our furniture and the meals Sirs tells me they live graciously "over there" (two servants) and that I could take lessons from her father's second wife on how to be charming. This morning she informed me her faher was a wonderful man and that I was a fool to let him go. How do you tell a 17-year-old girl that her father was a chaser and a louse? — OUT-CLSSED Dear Friend: You don't tell a girl of any age that Her falter was a chaser and a louse., You tell her that you have done your best and that furniture, servants and fancy meals don't necessarily make a home happy. Some of he world's loneliest people live a miserable existence in elegant homes. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Our grandfather is 86 years old. The doctor said there wasn't anything more Uicy could do for hin. in the hospital and he suggested an Old Folks' Home where grandpa couldge t nursing care. Every night after supper our parents insist that my brother and I go with them to visit grandpa. I am 1G and my brother is 14. We don't see any point in killing two hours every evening sitting in a room with somebody who doesn't even know who we are. Mom says the least we can do for garndpa is to be with him during his last days. Meantime we aren't getting our homework done because by the time we get home the evening is shot. If you say we should be excused from going at nig'it and just go Sundays we'll show your advice to our folks and il will help us a lot. — WALLPAPER STUDIERS Dear Studlert: It makes no sense whatever for teon-age kids to spend two hours every evening visiting someone who doesn't know they are there. If your mother and dad feel THEY must go, fine. But you and your brother should stay home an do your school work. Confidential t* Tired of the Rat-Race; Your husband has a false set of values. Try this little bit of Thoreau on him; "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone." Ann Lander*' frank and inform' ative new book, "Teen-Agers and Sex" is now avilable at your book store. Ann Lwidart will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Ganbn City Telegram enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envel ope. Crisp White Gloves Starch white cotton and nylon gloves and you will find they stay clean longer. Marinate thin small onion rings and cucumber slices in French dressing and serve as a delightful accompaniment to hamburgers. Pare the cucumber and score with the shrrp tines •of a fork before seeing. \ . t A.dash of allspice gives extra and inviting flavor to a raisin sauce to be served with ham. Art of Relaxation Must Be Practiced for Health 'We moderns must learn to break the tensions of daily living or the tensions will break us," advised Mrs. Henry Hall when speaking on the "Art of Relaxation" Monday afternoon at the Cultura Club meeting. "Relax mind by occasionally thinking of peace — beautiful scenery and quiet places," she suggested. "Confusion is a chief cause of tension, so the relaxed person Will organize work — do first things first, do one thing at a time and avoid haste. It is good to practice relaxing every muscle in the body several times a day. L3t the arms go limp, relax the neck, the facial muscles, even while sitting. Then occasionally lie down and relax every muscle as limp as a wet leaf on a log. "Relaxation is not the result of spare time, as some people use their spare time to become more tense — it is a particular state of mind or being," she stated, "By relaxing muscles, the nerves to and from the muscles are relaxed and also attached nerves in the spinal chord and brain." Pooe • ISardnn City THrgmm Saturday, February 1, 1944 Mrs. Hall explained that her material was taken from the book "You Must Relax" by Dr. Edmund Jacobson, and from articles written by Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick. Dale Carnegie, and Helen Keller. Hostess for the afternoon was Mrs. Lawrence Lee, 8D2 Pearl. Her co-hostesses were Mrs. Roland Warden and Mrs. Murlin Johnson. Vice-president Mrs. Lee Johnson was in charge of the meeting. Mrs. Jack Dcvolld, 1213 Pinecrest, will be hostess for the Feb. 10 meeting at 8 p.m. If you enjoy serving buffet style, make sure you have a nest or two of individual tables so that guests can use them. Most men dislike eating out of their lapsl / -Whether buying or selling, us Telegram Want Adsl Sunday's A Great Day for Savings at Your Ideal Food Store! Here art |us» a few of Ike many values! COUNTRY KITCHEN DELICATESSEN PATTIES in Mushroom Sauce Lb. RUDY YALENZUELA j-^hotoarapher BR 6-4947 512 Taylor City. Delicious , Scattered Potatoes u,49c American Cheese. Pineapple. Orange Jetto—Orange Delight Salad u. 39c Prices effective Sunday Only— February 2, 1944 "TAS-T-BAK" BAKERY TREATS ... From Our Own In-Store Ovens. Large Family Siie Cherry Pies Each Heat 'n Serve Parkerhouse Rolls ALL NATIONALLY KNOWN HANDS 53e VALUE PASTE

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