The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 5
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the aKAIOtPOttT »<ACT» T, t«XA», THURtDAV. J», tt»» ••*»»>* UT /ssues medallion series * To commemorate the .Achievement* of the University am! it* quarter- million alumni, ami at the ••tame time otaerve the •'•American tilcenlennial, "r\ h e E x S t u d « n t s ' initiation of the University of Texan at Austin l» iwuinft a iterleft of 10 pure nllver medallion* known si the Ixmghorn Medallion Collection 'Hte amnouncement wa* made by Jack Muguire, Kxecutive Olreclor of the Texas Bxe», official alumni org»n)wtl<Jft of UT Maguire noted that this in the first project of it* kind ever Initiated hy a US university or college JACKETS 1O% PANTSUITS IO% , *•*_ / *"/ ' u , PARTY WEAR SELECTED GROUP ounce <4»u gram*i of W9 (me *tlvw, nine, of !htt medallion* feature famputt landmark*, with one displaying an TOicrwvuig of a Ixinghorn &teer and the Uf-KX %yrntwl, the only regi»tered cattle brand tdentifyiiiK »» alumni a <t MJ r i a 1 1 » n K a c h medallion will I*- »iafti[*-<l tm the «-(lj(« w *ith the r< •* (i f f * p <* r > o n a I registr ation the 4rcliur» of thr alumni the f«|!«-<"tiun The cfi ) ••minted lud"" the Tcir.s» le!ie|d 'ftw Mrs Lyndon U Johnson; Ex -Chairman of the I'nlvertjtv of Texas Hoard of Regents Or Merlon Mintw, iX'an Arno Nowolny. Chancellor F-mwitus Harry llaiwirn, Puliiier prize-winning columnist and author William S White, and I* !^>gan Wihtin, Former Chancellor, t'njvcrwty '.if 'f>*a«i ,SyM«n 11«r die-* rt' I •• i I iiiiiti (<) a Kurupcan (rained fjsKraver no* rt"M<!ing in Ti-xat, iirtan Timrnm* Tirmnmt ha» an in- ttrnatiofkal (cpulaUW) a* mw of llw finest artisan* in hu trade. and hits pr«lucr<J i-nxravm^s (or UK- FntflttJi (Town Kach medallion *ill have a highly jxtluhrd mirror-like fmi.*l> fA proof !nrSu4<"(» *i!h tl>«- who collect series m<'dalli')n* as a hobby, profwiion or investment They also fwrl (hat since '''"> Ihf drsi <>< « Ifii-' with other univ»?rsitiwi cerlam lo follow jiuii. >iit: and valut ut tin.- Collect Ion will montane im- mt-asurflhly as time passes, following the (iattfrn of other limited- «titi«fi medallion series*. A s^p<t j ial (..(illecti«jn of the »ilvf?r medallions heavily plalwl in 24Kt gold is alwj Unrig offered. To insure the rrxdusivity of tins MTte*. Maguire em- thai nu orders for (!a«f)4ai plaque with that u*«> TV u«» K»« E.^ AJuifira IVus'.rr (jrryory tis jTifutsnan .wJ Mrtri'/ftai • l i;i ifn{>i''!«). tlw (ijrft ttll! (jr * destroyed and 'he • V'llfvlion -»iji not hf < iarr. .1 j r((f '.rt4?."rj It u i <il s n K p J ! ? < uv.t lUiiklar^ -*i!/s f'mUui i !.'!"'•.<»«' "TJjr ^ annly . Hi Jx! Tin- Sc h(«:4 1 Tv»t«^i H.ll: Al"/".! 7>J4» t'mor:. the I IT •-•' ho'* man) s". ,irc !" bf lw;, ri;f»pc ( . ars <: fc-r>pirxiM* (roni . '.h<»7rxai Ki<-». :' r r f a i;;. TVsc- fr-. rrif <•/ rich Uffi !hr of !hc *njj ;r,:>/i;i other TUVA'S. K A>.irt'H-»ii! Hear.. \n',Uar>i.aiVi: Kd«ari} A ("i.ific Tr\»<< htstorur. lit J'f- H!f J.* K un-viihil! CJ-in-J JuMtct- '.! ihr Mjlc S«|-«rt-jTir (Vajrt. ir«- !.}!<• ?i!iiA (ma Ili-'iifi. iiftd-il Fi'Misrr <io\ crr.itr Alan S/!i'.«-fi, mrnliy nami-sl ih.iinri.if: "I !)',<» I 'im «TM! * i-( Tv\a% s>*!cm < . linard of no city slicker r'Ati*" «. -rft:?r ' ;' '*''H ;;•'• ••-.*«' C"n 5V'O : . i 1 % C ,11^^"» •'*•' •'• ~ jl ; .'an!»» '»'•••! '>' ': '-i-;! <it*'..»•'•<"$ Cw!^r<»j !>-.<? sH,i;x'!> > ,1.11 j\ "M' ,",/vt''f V 0!f,t>v<ii'! it!»(;.-. f i-i'sKflirr. S>C!)»-:>>JS r'iCit' .;'a''»"»!'';i r -.';-'- ti.-:»'i'fl f.'- ;' jc! .1 *,".,'<! th,i! *«».'» a hfiuitiiul word ioi women's shoes FLORSHEIM' \\ All Mil i; IN 111 t i; & III.\(K KIDSKIN EPARTM£NT PISCES (F*t>. 30-M*/ch 20) Th 'i*-?- j '('- t>oJ\J tonr.s Ai'tl Your Birthday *tll p< Hoi. H. you' Mill DO me lypo ol uai* who sl-ck ay tiuui^jn .nitk ano mm I(u- fr-. rr»<- <.f rich 7 rxim ,, „,.:! ,jj Shi-.iM- f«v •ticiiASiiC'h Iraiuffi !hr j^- ^-.^^1 Ll^iul ../ ,i.— ^w*" Astro^, ^ Graph ^vV'^y r.;.Jn: B »r;«r &• - ; fc SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS AT CLYDE'S GIBSON GUITARS 15% TO 30% OFF EPIPHONE GUITARS (f tou ran'l annra an . K^l a t,'**l Unc rjujlin <|uiurt 15% TO 30% the H'llri CoHec'tion 'ASlI \x- ;tc«-<*pt«.-fj ;i!t«T fKi: IVTf, in!erf*ted in more info r mat ion ;ib'.'ut the I. o n K (i«r n M <' 'i a! 11 o n <'.oil<-«,'.!";,- ma) '*n!e to Kx«ulive .. '.he Kx-S A"is«tialion of the t <A Texas. 1' O Ampi. J'^ .Vu MM UK. I'ravrt Mik.r» I'KAid., Mi f»rum« S».S\ KMMON?*. •-IIH ItlfJ IVdjI MrH f.uiurs i and UKl M 20% C/ydej CHRISTMAS STORE HOURS Oprn werkdaj s'til S:i» p.m. Saturday "til ; : ou LIBRA IJ Ocl 13) SCOHPiO lOd 34 Ho. n\ SAGITTARIUS (No. 2} O*c ^ Jl) ' >. • .,", 1 .•.-!«- H.' A *^ ' i.c- t . .r. *.,• K"( .-i .>• :, •• PRE-HOLIDAY CLEAN-UP SALE Shop now and Save! 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