Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 27, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1941
Page 9
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October 27, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS srling Daily Gnetfe aTKBUNO DA!Lf STANDARD Established l&S! Jun» 31 1918 enough to ord*r hospital h«xl R butt!*." Co Publishers Opposite Postofftr* SMrlrna HI _ ~Gr«ndon O*r*fr*J D W Grandon A.<wv?a R8 cond Cl*>s Matter fiEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS . The Associated Press U e*K-jMve- ftr entitled to the u«w for rembilcn- ^5on of all news dispatch-": ,-rrriited to it or not other* i«< rre^re* In thl* paper «nd also tht -ocaa n«ws pnblished herein. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Bv mall in Whltcside. and sdioin- &t countKs - per year laOO. six -Jjontrts 1275. thre« mocth* 1150. on« month 75 oenta. Cash ri'.ri order B* man outside Whitrssd* and ad- JotninR counties—per re*r »7.00. six •tooths 13.75. three months $2.00. «ne month 75 cents Cash *:th order Per week delivered br carrier in _Hher SterlinR or Rock rails 20 orata. payable evtrr Sat\inJ»y mom- taa. wo papers «nt through the wwtoffloe In the city carrier district of Sterling or Rock Falla 8tr.l. if IfKislator* could forir*t poiittc* smd brsrely do wh?,t Is b*"*t for th*",r <•»?<• or nation, th^y probably wouldn't b* lcgi*!«t-OTS. B •;• -:r.s th* 1 afff'tmn of !.Ji!i;i Ajr/Ti'T, 1 «hou!rin't tnke so much rp'r. TT'-'v Rir'Bdy OTP u.« R lot r,' ; 0 -. c fr,^ tho-r f,-or'hirf^ bond* 7. r ;v"r;j;-'. ,S;rf-a<,:;; of fRirnf-s to minoTi- • jf. ;-^-.ic ;ioa' many 5tafp< mske us *.°. v '..••.•on:' 1 !PX on thr> mon'v we ',)?.-. :r> t: P ffd^rfti Rovf rnm^nt. A •-«>-,:!!>• i« fl person whov nns- tv rv; a-. :T mnkfs news even if it clof <:: '. nrrak R law. A Thought for Today I>ft your loins be girded about. your light* burning— Luke 12: at. • • • Between the tree and the bark Jt la better not to put your finger.— Joliere. Tomorrow's Birthdays P. H. Ward, Robert Joseph Oswald, Ulard Shank, Mr. and Mrs. Ray I. Hart, John Hammelman. How- N. Geyer, Mrs. Wyllc Melville. .Morris H. Johnson. Mrs. George W«m€r, Mrs. Clara Hen'.ey. Lola. M. Knox. Charles Potter, Mrs. Fran- Cl« OouW, Jlntmlc Rankln, Charles |Wlegand, Jr., Sterling; Donald Reap, Charles Helen, Clarence Laulf, Rock ftlk; Janet Weber. Mrs. George IDockengm. Mildred ReCey, Hazel Foulter, Prophetstown; Mrs. s Fred E. Johnson, Mrs. N. E. Denlson, o; Mrs. Irene Hewitt. Man•; Ruth Wetaell, Mllledgeville; N. JL McKeiurit. Cr>'stal Lake; Clara Ann McOu«, Gait; Roy Gall Cock- taf, ftte; Jo Anne Elsie Hinrichs. Bundmy—Betty Jean 8L<uon, Ster- 0* turd ay—Donald Lee Slsson, •terltatf. Quillen's Quips By Robot QulUen tricky new car« ha%-« e\Try- |thlnt you need except a periscope to ahow where you're A "sophisticated" magazine is •such Ilk* others, except that It spells ejut blasptoemy instead of using •toterr 4e*Mlea* will cite AeftaiU we did la mat's MM BBeath IB we get !•**> a* evr wars, The difference is that friends crit- Koosevelt's blunders and ene- eriticiae when he is right. "It I* natural to marry young."— note. Tes, nature obviously nourUng to be done be- wnlskers got in the way. • •. •varjrbody baUev*s in united ac tasv. bat alasl everybody from th* %••> down means: "Cooperate by dos« my way." Tba only real eat is the one who to play around Because a food husband to provide and reputation. -A New Yorker correspondent in 4BD40B says Belgians cross the Ej Worth sea to England -almost 1 at wID." Then why can't they recross with food? -* We ehance little, in 1M1 the L«D|krtpai«d medical bureau said: | STAMP NEWS N AB HSStf prohibit trad* in sn4 unused stamp* of Soviet Ruasia, •rttain. India, Australia, Ifjryt and Iraq art sp^ btAMd. Infiand loaf «•» rf Germasx • • • Cuba's department of commuai- HM has released vignette* of •lamp* to be issued in Decem- Tb* stamps are inscribed la Dsmocracia de America" MM Democracy of America), it and Guatemala are eon- w similar postal issue*. The •trice may be the forerun* • deluge of similar issue* will express emphasis on Hemisphere solidarity. Philatelic Bureau of the pontosnc* department, a complet* omcial his- si Csnads's postage sump* is •smptetion and will ap- MXtyear. authoritie* have organ- it state, Lubliana, in Yugoslavia and will u- F mte ttampc for it •• * • • • Maw issue*: Vichy announces new stamps are being pre> far use in the colonies. On* will fc* inscribed "Defense \'ti llmpire" (Defense of th* Em- I). . . k The Bahamas are re- tht 1-penny King George m lUht blue. . . . In Yugo- authorities have llad "Serbien" on 20 Yugo- nu* stacnpi. . • • Witt lAMM * I-peso airmail ratlv* stamp io Novoji- bod> oT :« you con't wpit for xome- ^l 5 ^ to RPI dn extra bmnket niRht turns cold. RF.AD THE CLASRIFIED ADS. TODirS MENU SUNECTIMS Brr-akfs"': Grapefruit and or- sr.Z" l'.;, rr ,' rr^arr.''d e^ijs on ^/hol** *ot\ ! f, r~'ffr^, mi! 1 *". I.:infh<-?ir: Sr^ lire '. i'n salt po>k. rarrc,t ?- f '.rk*,, hr'•?!<•! and b'i"T fanrH i''!rrs *f*'ed drir-d fr-nr. T^. nrik D'.nmr: M'fl' '<""', torv.a'o Ufl'ice. ho;':»"i r> n '' s ' f> ' > s in js^tc- et.«, raw '• f x r '. f.''^ r *a!ad Ti- ri''h"ri hr^nrt. pnne cottfiRe.- purtdiriR, co"f*. rrr.ik. The hf-a!'.h a::"i wrifarp of o-ir 30 million Arr."r.,Rn school children is tii' 1 conrrrn not on/.' of thrir pare:^.v b-s' ft'i.V) of th? rm- tlorwl RO\;:. "The in r rrn. ep ;n hot .vhnol 1'inch- p.V Is onp of th? most encouraRinR sign* of th» time*, nutritionally xpenking." br'.;r:** Dr. LOULV Stan- HOLD EVERYTHING! yoi Istpw CMira was voted the school'* ouUtand- ' 'oomph* " —— SIDE GLANCES Qalbralth "You hrre • nerve to stand there and cheer your son on> white bt ruin* a oaw pair of at»-4cU»r ' THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William I Fargusoni I THS1IK OSVKI IKI P«OOO }fy. chirf of (ionsl n**— nn<1 l thsf ron !v .'Ion?' *> n«';r,p. s vn-;-h h and mind. Trsrnrr U. S. bur«-s-i of * For frnvn « n»it I* common ;rn — to do hrip krT) n-;-h hfsithv !n lw«v Trsrnrr* report th»' fs?>nr1ftn< - » > . of *v?n -1 No rnsMer th? hot »r<? to iner udmintitrntion. r;rp;:i<; •*.« m th'-ir trr.jfh with Irvnl of p'ihi:r nurpltw m«rkPt- ?<-hoo! suthor- » l ! !t ''d In srt f tns for thr itinch- .«houid K<"t in slut'' d<"i>ftrl- f«rf. Civir or- iri» ri-ih<;, vwisiiy coop^rft f* in thl.i lunch or hr«e it l« finnncf?!. H to proridK th* kind of food children ran u.«f t-o build thflr hodi?.s, nnd for fn?Tjry for piny snd Mssin I>l«h Id'ully." pointx mil Doctor St«n. « .trhool lunch i* m*<i? \ip of r nonrt-ihintf main di«h. s (flnw tn-ri of miik. fnnt or vrgfiahlp V)?rc form, br^xd nnd h:itfr or <-«rid»':c)i. nnd Most ."]h^'an't mmpl* ,vhon! »r* h'.in* Rrmmd ft hwirty rnnin d'^h —with th^ rw=t of the mwU of lltht- PT food^ Tn* m*in d!-*h m*y h* of mrat. fish, *$gt. or h^jinu. Or It msv h* one of th*v? in combination x"-ith a rercfll OT trith vfjt»t.»hl»x. Or, or; cold days. It m«y b* a iunrri b-iilt nround » hot «oup or chowder. Hcrf arc «»mpl* menus: 1. Mr«t losf. rn*- vcectablc stnd^-irh. fruit shortcake mid mUk. 2. Rpunv^h ri^e i-ith salt pork or baron, carrot F-t-,cf.f, or other r**' bread snd butter ddndwlc.h, dri?d fruit, miik S. flalt pork and chowder, muffin*, pran« pudding, milk. Even if there can't be « complete srert »t the whoo!, th* lunch prop ram •_< ^-orth^'hiie r.evcr- thele.w. It may h* one nmiruhin? hot di.',h »nd mi'.k snd fnnt. In snv imtnnce it is important to .<re ttist vonr child's diet u as bnlsnTd st nriontirnp pr, H is morning and e\rn;ne st. home. REAP THE CLASSIFIED AI>S, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE YOU HAVEM'T CHAWGE-.D VOU'RE MARRIED HAVE C^LDRtW OF YOUQ •OWVJ/ >OU WCMO>A/ HE 5 ALWAYS LOVED TO HEAR YOU HE'S MEE-HEE'NiG SOMEWHERE / I SEE THIS TILL—TOO LATH.' BCO-HOO/ IP I CANJ'T COME HERE WITHOUT ME AK)O MY CHILDREN BEIMG ISJSULTED, ILL A\VA>' THKTS WHAT ILU DO/ STAY AWAY-Boo-Ho.. ,. NWHY MOTHERS <3ET BUT, JULIET.'—. 9UCM TATTOO'MG ON <=A^'S CME<=.T MERELY AM O\\EM OP FORTJME/ OMCH TATTOOER -ETCHED A P.G OM GOOD LUCK ~~ BLEST ' ABOUT { AS WELL NQU 60L'MO OP EUECTR.IC TATTOOING NEEDLES WOULD 9AM GiV-E CWEER9 IF HE DlSCOV- { EPCE.D A. PICTURE OP ) AN ALL- AMERICA, ow wv BACK ? r OOKS LIKE RDURTK BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Let's See Now BY EDGAR MARTIN osofT MET <xo OA0»*\. TOW «. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Back to the Bustle Era BY MERRILL BLOSSER I'LL trr vcu «o H4IS TIM», BUT ILL oows IF A CMZV IDEA ONLY MAKES IXTRA FOR. TUB POtTMVN / I'M NOT FOOUNtJ WMKN 1 SAV 1 WANT IT STOPPED/ 1 euos wr GIT OUR. CATeft IF A «uy A QUO TMSJOUGM A BAGQA LtTTCfc. Htt> WANNA SPTND H THROWING ROCKS AT WASH TUBBS Think It Over, Ronnie BY ROY CRANE HBS> AUSASTD. A OOJPUI OP w&t 40 Arm* HM— TMBOIMMHADaf •BONT _ TwavT* •OMOC'SOMTHi RED RYDER Very Mysterious Stuff BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOF Six to Two IY V. T, HAMLIN

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