The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 9, 1974 · Page 22
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 22

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1974
Page 22
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EDITORIAL 'i 4 image to tb* dty of RJcinrood, ht made »»# w . * d«e«de of BntisiMi 4_ -^_-_-» «.rf_ j^fc UC^UUU IBS JOO. OM of them was adtandng public fatRffiarity with the pnfeastona] ttttum ol the work of an engineer. Moot cogtoeers have too practical a irtewpotot to handle an Intang&te Ik* pdb&c relations, but Hanegan function Ht delegated a Jaycee-rtyfo enthttfanm mat fot Brings dene wtth a remarkable wUllngWSS. A part of Hsnnegan's achievements comet from his ability to project from his initials "P.E." after a name arc still not as immediately recogatndas "IU>." or "C.P.A.", bat then was enough progress to imprest tne_Tejas Society of Pnfeasional Engineers. The) state group recently named fianmgan ctmitman of a key committee. will and warmth that can be feH auou a room. Obviously, such qualities are needed in ladwMrtal management, and the Arkansas plant position was challenging. He leaves appreciation among the professional engineers. the dtf«ns of Rkawood. and others for whom he's worked with energy and ability. Media Fun House FACTS Comment and Opinion MMY-GO-ROUND I Rumsfeld going out as president's chief; **«**«** fcwwmr «* *M*e*of ** ***' 1V* tfw am tutt tta*t, ft* JIM BISHOP: REPORTER A peculiar dream but what a dream! That was some dream. A pecottor ander *hai circoBwtanet* t* »*» A job business should tend to Wtfto HMM* i* ** ttwt , i » «e»wM* '?»> Plp f WiftflteW ( -, RnNI ^Cw to Ito Hut •**! won* it iS* **MM tf**w*M* wen**? » 4«f«* m* fit* "*jmf»»" 7V «ft«W M* AM* *0> ft; KUJ>At«KK to ehM off <hft*l», 6ill 4 tfct? There was the Oral Office. It was beg aad prtottoe, the goMamer off-white cortatos Biting to the inwuing hccew. The President, sttghtty honched. hands dasped behind bto back, stood behind hto desk leoktog not si the ptey of son and shadow on the Sooth Lawn, A Secret Service man opened a deor -General Haig and the Vice Prtskktf, sv."Tbe President did not earn "Bring them to. Ask ftoie Mary to tote as wna her notebook," Ford and HaK came to qeoctly. "Sit down." the President said softy. Tbe dear on the extreme right opened, and a middle-aged woman came to. atowiy daring the door behind her. -No phone caib. No to- Mr, Noon sal hehtod the, desk. Halg _j , •• a ^-»,T_l ~* ^'^^^?.ji-.'^ '^.1^ i**'m M rora fmnero mat ors.waa ne*. ea o Jw «jr mead. The face was solemn, the brotoa eyes hart. H* M%ed. "Jerry. I apekgbe far portpeeoog year" trip to Hawaii Wast I hew to say i GOING TO RESIGN Ford sot hack and clasped bto hand* to bis lap The general negotiated a smaB smile. Rose Mary watched her pencil dance ea a pad hfte a wfld dervtoh. "Jerry, Pea going to lesign," -No!" The President thraggcd, the eyes darkened with sorrow. -It's the tost move left oa the board. Oor friends haw deserted m. There anal enough votes left-.""YoBbawaWoftoyal(riead»ta the Boose and Senate, Mr. President I i The PrwidentifnartdJhe kind »ord», *>! laid Pat and the family I an <0to( to step dnwa. Y« kaaw me as a fl*Mer. Everyone who has fnbowed ay career kasws that I rctab a aood naak. Bu;U» troth to, sine* Moadsy. the dees to stacked. Hefl. I hare awe woporuw amanj the Scathern DenweraU than I haw hi the party. -H«w ITs over, Jerry. Geaowatar and Scan are crying as they aaJl me to the cnssJSobeit Let atotery tell the cttry of one patriotic Amertcaa and ail that be dMfwhiscoBBtry. History takes the Mf view, Jerry, The oary weaknem in the AdajMstratiea was to acMxttai a bunch el fafcrthmdi to ran the campaign JWhia* ehw." , fHayfae i caa unmade yea-." Geaeral ttaig tourrwud. "We're waattof time. The Presi4eat'» mtod to made up AB he has to deride to whea aad Kuan jwBed. -The bert fcgaJ eototoat «ay lhal I can pardon nyvetl. But I'm •* toiae; to UB wto thai trap. As I #*p dowo.youitepttft.andGodkJww.Jwry, t»wh y«» afi the toes to the wartd." -Bttit- " ' tWd ytw thaiajfK. Afttr yw-re m ntfk« a lew weeks, the attieaal terar«« coel do««. The dmsie »ffl he diflcr tnt I want a solemn pixwtii* Creta yoo-to (mi «4 Al aad Row M*ry-«ha« y«a«iBUH)ea PnsUkotial pardna t» me. Otbenfee. the deal is off " -PanfcB?" "Ve*,a htanfcct pardM tor afl »et» <m my part hctwtm J»m«ry axk. nea. antil new. Aofatt nk ttl«. •hkh cooW be, mi|ht ht. «r lend U*m**>t» M mipicMe «f Uh»»6ty wMle t was President'' "Oh." »aid Fsed, "1 onnt think iher* viQ beany pnMeta therer "WeT* wJd the President "Are yw sen? »• any el ta kne« «h»t Jvwmki erSMca ar» up to? They-B ««* their pound «t Itah. bui they nay want the bare bones too. "Under w cirowOaaees da t wem to be a defendant to any action, or **m a witness." Ford rooted hto inoolh «ilh to todn (toger, "C«*. I dnal know ac«ut ihat part SoopCM* Bob or John or Mmebody tobpweiut you?" Tbe Preaideot taroed hi* month down. "VoB aad Fred Bother* can ^nre « ML U can be done. Ill *tt behind thfa> desk ontfl heS (reeae* <mr tf yw dent comeupwith a Mfctfto* Flrrt yoa oardan me. Wait for an adnn* reoctkn. Y«uTl grt oo*. Jerry Tbat'f lor lure. Mts&ire roft AU. "When the media stop* lojoswktof.«« nlghl be wtoe to tome a blaakri ainneaty for »B these military deserters aad draft doaBRS bvin* abrwA Issaeatfatenent They'tM been puonhed eMogh. Al the MOW line pardon afl Ite Watergate defendant* and you haw it made. -erayoae h»i t*«n hwmaated enough. The dtograce at U *&- 0** poor fsatiftea and ehildrtO'pour tt OB. Jerry Cafltta (ifanuc act of mercy I doal cart, t to*t want into tatty tmitnroi to Mop^" "III try " "YouU do better than that" -Okay. I promtw" "Goad Aad remember, afl Whit* Howe papers. lectudB* the Upea. are my pcrseaal property." "Now wait * minute- " "You waM a minute All ibr tapes com* U> at* al £*a CJwaetU* UaderMowt*" "Ves air." It was tone dreaar MaH haw been the cottier cheese aad onions.... tar {hto aotefcr i Buc IS it sol e»ta* I Ite ««ry had MS <e« be bwk at oW oni *. and few otniftas ,. ," 4*4 rk* r»f«tfe«n4 ana* e* 4* ««• to^liMtlM tla&J »l 'Jut tltfttt* BW IWf* * MMlMnr twMMK, *a4 it e «*"-%> «iwn»«nt Mrf _^ ••r ^e^w* i[J4<WVWf|(| WH™BlHW flW f wflWWRWf f W ^ {m>^M4r«M«m«k»-1«t««i*i«4wM*fc*tt. »#««rM»'-* fti&uiii Bv*ft fyunte* ' IMK n tft* ttMiwiNi comuwaai j U« m* ft»« * (Melt MMtw w (tern. U (rt» UMif *« b* nptocvd to JMwurjr by At***** RlMOMtf M SMI nbttiort MM) MM *»«* tof HUT)) t«« f •i* ¥*» «ftAl <l» **><< fityft tt ito ttw 56* at* «fcttw« t«M. « KMIKI YOMD«O( 1be> (earth aad fasti «oto os dotom needed W votes to end the ftnhoBter.Tfae metton BM 14 totos.. V Sen, Ccftesrtl Kennedy had made K to BO floor ea te* Oto eaargai moid haw been ndoced to ose »«*- Sen. Mao Osanea oi Qiiioreto. a taadtog ofipunwit. tJreody to bMsttna: ihM "voU »» to neat; »«m»««i «< M fcHMtei IJW Umn *'W ("•«*•» Mk fUtyalttoM *» *•»«**• tat* tto (t*al wnMiwi fer jNdt*. rf wry Oi ywrl » , t «MMM **fc * «< *» %W«Hk IMlHHf «Mt^»*i»*W««r «KM A* fcwrf M*MhM»l *«*««** lm» IV Cl «»l *» I*W*<« w«*ftef » tM«rr«M la M* a* fereui •ad MorsMl procmfe** rf »»«> octoer Mval «<MC7 Ifc* MtaMMTMar *wM fipf Mint a ttiyUMcd. fcyyntNecat fc<te< ** IBM, *- ^^ * By RBI iwomxtftj •« hr«* te fnr tt« «l«n h«a<, * crw* vt «<*»«llu« tea to br *•*» te Oto «wrt to !ft» ta;*|W *»«*»* t» s»« •«!«* *« Wniw ***•*«* * lift* l«WI**4»* : *«ml!,. t»»«H» V«M«I| *«••»«. M» Ultto* M 4«H»t 4» «!*» , cf ft* MOM! admMttntcr «d|M h». Utt •8«ctm MsataMmar WMW h. KJfa* NMv.ThMI»Uwprai|MclUtaiihMiab» bnd, Haw dM U*» ttfl iMaaft to ouniul MCA tapf*tMH« w^panf QM prtOKtiwn' MB t! M 09MMM *rt i«* pMptoto (ottar« preowvl to |*oofloct Far the tan* beat. »«*diy more OMM be «** «*»»*»»» tint ttnw fer *» «M(|k.« « * ** hew to ttM ouuy oMoten ol a* UMM«M! SnM« »Mi M fowl Ite iiow to f «M) ilw fcft e«MuOy or to tftidt oetertr « *e U* old «SMli «« AamciM MMry - to iMJto IBM} prate**, *ad M MMd MMM titom Vvousttf art tottowlt iMrMMKncT * OttkM MMl D«M«Ct "U« (MfcMUMT * mwre e» o*ww to CUNK: aaotf. sod H cnaoM be neglectod R.A. '"BUDDV" SCOTT A quickie diet: Natural disasters 10 pounds, 10 days and God's plans fkii.M ti CMftboti tUIG.»K*d«.*»«*io ««htto -' ~ }«* M»ft * **> «*««« IMUftM ***(* »» *»**« »v» Berry's World Horrksne Flfl blew IU coal wet breath acnes llourtum and ssofled OBI the hves of Ihoaundi. Fata had yat them in her path A &et friend of mine commented while he vat reading lh» New TesuunenL "It tatts shout Cod'* lew » here, hut da yww rewliM thai ood hss kitted more psonie throu|h atmrs) disaslan Jhea hss bow killed M afl wars redeem a8 «!•» w«oU chowe to an earlier «ami> "Or C»ao»." be hetaa, "I to W (MM il|ifnoit>if teaa lor laiUea Ckrftoeoaslrwtiw- islsRisdaotnKliw, G«4 create* - iaia« warps. Cod to hwinf - *»»ao to hstcM is lakt "Own kiOing ijH» to ISJM people ia Mondwas fit wUhto the Hurricane rtfl broufht hto hack lo my mtadl Did (^d kill tho* . more l**a | don't uodantand than I do. Let's f» ha* to basics There ha* oary beeaoiieUsM when Uon«t were bka C<4 wam«l(bssBtob«andihalwaa tathe Cardan «f Kfea, lit daierwid the «wsh diticns there w »ery |«d Why w» ft Miasdl Becaaw (kd <rtai«d It »ttk maa te mW. He bufH « aoM**r tamest far bto JOHIS didal ki8, he ratoed the deod! lie didn't afflict, he healed' JSMM performed oaly one de»tnict)ire mtfacia a«d that was whoa ha that down fcyporrttkai Uytof by cawing the fhiHloM M| two to wither, Why am I uttoi the character of Jest* as a Maadardr Botaiaa the New Tottasaeat «*y» Jasw was "Ood with m" Whea I want to ke#« what Ood to Mk«, » look si hua "And I heHeve the ftnl No NCOM eaptato my estra paundafe. "For I was ««On to toathsB and wfeMkotv both ill bajh sthnel sod <oBe«e at I tinieiejioiid Mas tntonea per day "IM new t haw an oltke Job ohere I M *t a desk and fot wry WUe eaentee "TIMS, I protwhly deal need Uea caJortos daily to contra* M Ow MM •hen I «•* ta my less* ••Win you Ueat «ho» men (and other latusat your <pfas, medteaty tale to eat lattea* atawl •» «atoma LJJL. -^.A a «auK fll •Hoi Wiw. I .^a^w jpl *f prattM dsHy to r»s<e«t* *or* <** ctttt and ihat to *t**c**»> tnw el the he«rt. •Welt i» *• Mwatto amend f*» a W at bdh wM tlwa, a toN t«p «e^0M oiMea) ol cwtuat chaeae i* rich to protain but CMMO eaty ahMi we cater** la my t*»e, I eat hah* the mp of plain THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS niMTaaaaB. «r 6n« fluff «n» M LCS% hie ma God vilb ^^B^S*" ^^^ w ' " *WWPBP^ ^eaja'nj'' •S3EW5 We phyaaaaa* eaa nroerriht dnnn that will tpeed tyywr heart and thus owns oo a tot 'of eitia cakjrtes da% ttet H reatty toa't irir to pennttt* yote? uNkloj hssrt juM tBocataw el your Monaco's todtocrvlMat! Far to ta«wr yoar heart race*, the MoMr it wlfl mje «p the tares oglea heart oasts that Ood ptocw to yow •cwdia* bonk soeoart" at birth! try ny dshydrtttoa «( 'Awt ihM •** »««M lojs * • Mnswry boon to « dtotor'* awstof Adok las WwirtRf pit* tad ywll a«t rty tirMI fmjr sKpae* te tkrt* day* el heaey, few or J»il> ««Jt the aecoa da*N. te iHrabh me deasefi A InaManisant itt^^bt^ j»f o*M>en\ ar^^tonie. fcAiW thJMt » wore catonea. »a yov t aa m |J aMch*adato>Mlttly)«Hr«we»i |J by that » eateries ol «4J*»e JM » Udta yc«r toad ao your piato ta the kMchea sad «*tt say other ted «roai your t*hhj watte djMa« , II you cam yoar kMch. tue tottoM kewa or cebhsae to ptace «| hroad far foot «at4 sad chonx taafrtehai. Oahur oa cottoe aad other caflatot osier: *so4 to *y hwkM "ttow to LOJO reand* in w bays," «c#htia| a •M^,ie4«n l «oieo^,p>»» (or It i|M «tu*i» t nioA, chart M

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