The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1971
Page 5
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•"1 1UK WAMIJ. U:KT. (JOMHON wiujs. 'Duck blinds hit water FISHING at-a-glance IN t AN A - SUitlifig aid Ifamr had \ttm tjnali ui \lnti RW) rv»r hit (he *atr« U*5 she «„,, froiwJ* incline! »*«* »hr«i lniHrtt *rt<| e?»atd. fl«r<r<if-!g a! thr U4> ir|X the «j tuj afrai ! *t* UUftx) * a-«s I ll»asrvik«l ^ith a Ulf J«*«;.-< K^»«r T1.<-tr i ho jrtrij'li*) At (KM} tnotMng ^ijtida). lt*tntm\ittvt &im siaxji'r^ >,* Hsuti »«J („***, vn,i| t , ,, rjK , aft<) .^ft,^,, i,^. t . t ,"„,,, )« te; i)ir i n tt HCHAP UJMHKH HUII.T KIUMKWORK FOR POHTABLK BUND Area cage teams at home tonight ll> AVIJV DrMfAM (rt > MtiiHJ. - HfxJ(f,r brrrf <U( !Ji)t»- (.< i(,ro! U.uU )-r»!t-t«j4) *?SK-lil.a<J larl. mill T'hr n WK( f»u JK-ttf^i linn Uw- litr.rii(ttsl Ail) T1IK IlHA'/OSi'OKT FACTS. Frteport. Texa*. SPORTS AK*». (ft (f« b.jfc-'i e^ thr l^iij w 4.s If^jft^i I '}•.& ^>.W^i i! iicr,j fj^r a ^Wftl.Wff .oi ft-«4;'-4 fSli.<if Cfl( t'A.*i*- •» »»8J» «!l-iT:l »f|j (fsr«i» Iris «r, x Uicitl !s« < rx.r»( J..-u! (!»*',! 'A J I) !tK I*.;.; •« tir « »f K f tl .j I <s <a f.. !,«•- «x i-Kt i/:jfUi> ift TurMla>.Novrmber30,l97I . U!*ir* UK- <Ji»\nc!!c«n o< K Jtm Ship girls win again tsiltrf yj> «i tf.i* tl in:*. stUlc iftKv m !»w ti-j.- 1 . > tint; t»-j1 in tlhir twy SJw ttiait »tr T>-t Ice : < }4s:rf. s t !*.rj l^i II In ."vastji fV af«d Ah'in . iJw Ships u ii! U- <*i I.'K- txxinr hatdiuj'.rj in A tu!) be >»r IK lor <" 4< nn outstanding job, tcK>." M)dd!(-t«i replied "These li»o »eTf on our Jayvew Uut >rar 'I rri rcjl p/(eaj«itl with our t'librjtnon-t ' he continued Malt K/ifusU and Jot- jvsx- real!;. shv»n K>rnc f-fomiM- Ikwg Allivon »rxj hsse tetti get- ii Kltp laailKi '-« !<<> a! *<a-jfi butt Juter^l If.u', li?»f; K< thf J \ ( !o !lf »d op «! for } did tirt pjtt iti'.h mcfe isnx jwa har-'< f-i)tr.«rv) This is ith (sir !r»<rpl!t«n» nhtir tor « m1h U T^r !<r'a«Mf»a>l tujviw tarxly Irani *«ll •j'*^cl to S';,-C*.O?IA f f ^r two g.*R>r« Ut.l4> '.Jvr J V c»mr '.u «r£if; i'. t «j p rn Tftr »»?»•',) •ill («rlKi|»»!r tr, thr V»rU«u thr *l t «:< p m The juriHir Ktfwftcr* ire ur^firjU^i IKii fcc-Asc^i »j',Ji A fTllp S<1 !ridj.';.g T i'f > • Spring f)r.ujct. la»r j;«'. j U< '.{ ^i!5^ !);n;s toW Ibr K*rU '"n«-> lair j!cr.«d t( -;sHi.rx-j.» *r»ti r_>r, H«- nv»r» U- :n»n tSrirtiw frai urii AH those Sprsnc Branch 71h<- S[jr:r,c ftxtJfd ss «»: trxmn lei Ujt be » >urc- 'at lean (no I lav » t ) curxg Kif>yr1m. £c«'. c(! to A »-"•> v'.in !hii kcjv.r {.«( ATT t*i;mnin|; to cx<mc ficiwS»i««ieJ » «t » 3t> m«t K»)» Valfn rv I I > • t«(««•.. o<r <rf M t hrM Dolphins win ^d«n^nr.f,«. Jah-*4 VtlAMI-AI'- ttubC.rjrw offcnw Srfvna MilUr !}j<- itatiir^ !«*;U>ir»n (OSITT m !hr -SAUor.*! >\>i!).>)i t/"J^'*' f«J»,M%1 l« \*G ! ,. »!n>! Cotumbu !o (um in A -g.fr3'. prHormitncT n, lhal Shsp »;r. M'Kr Schrc<-(l<-r ha» t<vr, KING EDWARD DEER PROCESSING Itw the |u»t ihrtxr v[»,(tl» that nrlort «»rr (he for 'hlh f v*\M>^ili\ r Ir •Jje scon rig " "I ripeet !t real gwcxj game frwn Scrjih Houttoa." con M)cki)rl«) "Thcic have it the vame t>oy» back Us! >ear thai -*en- real £<.•:<! " The Angleton Wildcat rou/KJtmilen, will come home jflrr a 3 ! Jtjn oo She WAX*: TV WiltScJln »r* home from a UUIT game rx«<J tnp wtth »n <-rx:«intfT with Dickmvon TTx- Uvt c< AnglcHtm s road trip « av a tng ICO^K uin o\'er Hjlrhctvk Keith ThomAs. an alldi»tnct re'.umre, and 1X«5! U-d the Cat worms fharge m that effort with « arxi <: fjointv respectively d has beers the lo t<e.jt Anglcton so fiir th:» wavon "Were gwng to have to c-utrun Dickinson." said A.iglrtt*! IXR.S Jimmy Scheer "A l>ig problem »ith them will prohahiy bo their reboundtng Tt«nr mam threat will be the inside attack, ho** ever " Danbur>"s 1'anlher cagers take o«i a team which they have failed lo bcjl its the past thn* yeans. Van Vlcck Thc>- are «Ull going to l*e rugged acowding lo coach James Shumake "Van \leck still has Victor I'olk." Shumake sighted "We couldn't stop him last year He averages >5 potnls a game Another thing thai is going to nuke it rough is the mi^lake proo} ball they play " The Svierny Bulldog.* will lavoff until the weekend when th*y begin the 16th Annual Sweeny Jaycw Tournament Friday and Saturday Trie ireual round piu Bay City, the defending tourney champion, against Wharton, at 3 00 p m on the Sweeny High School cc>urt The finals will be at 7:00 p m Saturday, and the Consolation playoff at 5 3J p m Saturdaj Sweeny opens its tournament play with Hunger!ord Other learns in the tourney arc Kl Campo. Van Vk-ck. Uoling. and Houston Strake Jesuit Wayne Hay's Columbia Koughnecks are idle until Friday night when they battle Danbury Fii-s! Fi and g Colunilus Gar> Gore i> cxrtiimi; «< »'.rons m thi- rebound department air-raging eigh! every game "We ;iri- having a gw*! IwHlr here (or !)'«• *t.ift«v; »f»-lt.S Ml(! ll.1V)!, "Hlgli! ti tin a ID! We Uxx>l ^i* than (he other team, but just can't make i( go into II IH CHI! I DC become of monoy . . . whtn you bank here. We jpecialijce in helping new fomiliei, oil familiej — ypyr family — with money management needs. Come in »oon •Home Improvement loans tSavings Accounts tCar Loans •Personal Loans • Savings Certificates • Mortgage Loans •Checking Accounts STATE BANK Tllil Ux- "I'm hojHrm the game with Spring Hram-h will txr a lol rloMT than people arc thlnktnj;." (nushi-d Davis HratiouiKxi's cagi-rs s.u( (erwi Uwir first M-tlwck in four engagement;, at the hand* of highly (ouled Wnlrhralcr A fourth quarter rail) t>> WiislrlicsU'r gave it a 79 74 wm "We Kated to los-e lhal one." said ciui-h David Middletun "I felt like we played a real fine game " The Bues will be in action Umighl in South Houston with hopes of making up for that loss to Westchester South Houston has won its first two engagements in the Utree it luis played "I (eel like Ibey have a real fine outjii over Uwre," said Middleton "They pri-»s rval well j'nd get up and down the courl pretty fast That and their quickne&s are the main point* for us to watch out for " The Hues ha ve been shou ing borne marked improvement. Middlelon mentioned a (ew of those who have progressed. "Haul Bartlett lias been •coming on real strong for us. Dkk Walker has been doing fiucs come back from first loss to batter Alvin ByANf)YI)rSI(A.M SportuWaff Brat.otwood'B bankctball coach David MltMlolon wear* a name Lag lo every game wllh the words "Prc*», Hues, Prow" inscribed at Ihc top. This (houtd be heeded ax a warning lo opposing teams. The Buccaneer press look iU toll again last nij^il to crush the Alvin Yt'UrM-jackcLs 77-5« The. Hue* came hack from a close VJ-74 loss to xlout We«tche*ter la*t Saturday night. "I was real pleased with the way the boy» came back after our first loss," Middleton said after ihe gamp. "They weren't down. It was a great team effort " Brazoswrxxl's press proved sdmpy from the beginning, jumping lo an early 18-) lead with only five minutes gone. By the end of the first quarter, the Jacket* had nvtd<; up much (X the deficit The Ixira led 22-H going mlo trw s/rf.'orid period. Middlfflon rotated or>e or two of his courtrnen throughout th<- conti-st In spile of this rotating, the Yellow-jackets found themselves being caught up in the clutch« of the Hues "1 though! •*<.• flayed real well as a tt-arn.*' remarked Middleton, "I was real pleased with c^c-nont It was just n good ali around l<?am effort "Our press really hurt Alvin." he continued "They Ka\e a \*ell dtsoiphin-d of- e. fxit our prc-ss did a goi^j job against U." At halfllme, the 4-1 Bucs were in control of the game 44- Vi. Complete domination of (he backboards aided Urazoswood in stretching that lead In 61-.T7 going into the final stanza. Mark Hanscn was searing thfl nets from his Irw post spot. 'His 70 percent, mark gave him 19 points for the Hues. Hanson was followed closely by Douglas Allison with 18. David Kacica. .fames Arnold and Dick Walker were cited by Middleton for their efforts at guard. Brazoswood's varsity was not the only winner last night. The JV's beat Alvin's junior varsity «2-55. Brazoswood's freshmen lx?al Brazosport's frosh 79-32 in an "A" game clash, and 30-21 in "B" team action 'Cats rack Pearland Angleton led all the way last mglit in posting a TSffl victory over t'carland as Keith Thomas showed tlic w-ay with a n \»mt effort \xm Hall foll'/A'cd Thomas wuh 15 p>jinu> while Carl Hush hii'i ir! and Da%id Mintcr 12. The \VilA_-als host Dickinson I'jMjih!. in a G.IXJ junior varsity and 7 ;!0 varsity conies!.. Angle-ton's JVs defeated I'earland 7U--42 ijt+iind Ihc 20 poinl.s uf Tammy Woods. Brian S^int had 17 and Andy Hazel* ood 12 ; t K «r *rr",«r.>: j': :: !' u ju. i- u =: : t ; 3 OSPHO STOPS RUST BUY IT AT HUNT'S PINT -QUART- GALLON HUNT HARDWARE 248 Plantation Dr. Lak« Jackson Lvt |J UIC|^ Be Santa! LA^-AWAY OR BUY M)Vi and pick up your purchases on Christmas Eve... Dixie a! 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