Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 19, 1941 · Page 5
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 5

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1941
Page 5
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3-1111 J Itfrizona tfepuBIic, PKoenix, We'dnes'day Morning, FeBriiary T0, Y94T j Page Free j g^——^-^rr^^_^~ -—---—— - -•——-—— ^ -- • -• | | 'i - • —--^— —~ ——~—a==^^^^==»L ; — : . • ••-•-•-. t • • •. - .-_ , ••'..•..•• .' : - . 46 f » " '" ' • • "-"•"•- - -" ' •^^^r Calling All Big Game Bargain Hunters! Here's That Sale Again! 1 Phoenix' Foremost Fun Festival Brings Laughs Galore On Every Floor! RRICKS' 6th Annual IWTTR^^H Use Of Liquid Air Is Shown Various experiments with liquid «ir bv Prof, and Mrs. C. L. Rivers made" up the greater part of the S-oeram at the joint meeting of JL phoenix Kuvanis Club and the jin.30 Club, at noon yesterday in Hotel Adams. The experiments included frying -PS O n a cake of ice with liquid air, freezing sold fish and thawing them out again, driving nails with .hammer, the head of which was frozen mercury, and countless other feats. During the experiments Mr. Rivers explained various uses of liquid air in the manufacture of articles. ' The entertainment program included two vocal numbers by Miss Blvthe Charlet Miller, contralto accompanied at the piano by Lewis Martin Wist, president of the Kiwanis Club, presided. He introduced Joe Melczer, jr., president of the 20-30 Club, who in turn introduced Boh Becker, former president of the 20-30 Club, now a Ki- vanian, who was chairman of the meeting. . At the opening of the program, Orlcy lies and his orchestra gave B brief descriptive musical skit. College Debate Team Named; Debaters to compete in the state tournament as representatives of • Phoenix Junior College were named yesterday afternoon by James L Stewart,' instructor in social science and dfhate coach. C. A. Carson, Donald Reese, Lawrence Nabers. Lewis Wise, John Calriwoll. Dorothy Tuthill, -and Adclyn Reed were chosen. Competition will be entered by the junior college in other fields of speech work in the meet scheduled for February 27 and 28 and March 1. Joseph N. Smelser, director of the junior college speech and dramatics department, announced recently. -^•Contests will be held at Tucson. "The Twelve-Pound Look," by James Barry, will be used in one- set play competition. Appearing in the cast will be Lawrence Thomas, Mary Simmons. Margaret Dudley, end "William Mihette. Mr. Minette will be student director. Readings in the women's and men's divisions will be presented by Mary K. Turner and Lawrence Thomas. Speech contestants will be Adelyn Reed, oration; Leroy Struble, after- dinner speech, and Nabors, extemporaneous speaking. Music, Drama Events Given Junior college students enjoyed & musical and dramatic assembly yesterday morning when Earle L. Stone presented several music students and Masque and Dagger offered a preview skit of the mid- jvintor play, "Craig's Wife". Lawrence Thomas opened the musiral numbers with a bass solo, "Bnots", by Rudyard Kipling. Accompanying Mr. Thomas was Jean- elie Reynolds. Frederick Sigworth presented a piano solo, "Romance", hy Sibelius. Billie Inglish concluded tiie program with a soprano solo, "0 Del Mio Amato Ben", by Don- eduy. An informal preview of the playj was presented without properties. Appearing were June Johnson, who flays the title role of Harriet Crais. nnrl Lawrence Thomas, who flays \Valter Craig. Immediately after the skit, William Minette, student director, in- Irodueed the rest of the cast. He also 'announced that the play will he presented this evening in the' Me.-a Little Theater and at 8:30 o'clock Friday evening at the junior college. C. A. Carson, student body social commissioner, was master of cere- Jnnnies. Who said you can't catch an elephant with a mouse trap? Must have been someone who never attended one of our White Elephant Sales where small change bags big game all over the place from Basement to Fourth Floor! Where you laugh and we laugh with you. At oui'selves! Not a department, not a buyer escapes. They all go to the cleaners for White Elephant Sale. Every skeleton is dragged out before the examining board and rattled till the buyer's face is RED! "Never mind what you paid for it," he is told (and that's BEING TOLD!) . . . "it's still here, isn't it?" And socko ... a blood-red pencil marks the spot where the price tag stood. Ridiculous prices on ditto items ... also on right nice merchandise. Just has the wrong date line ... we're tired of it. So break the baby's bank and TAKE IT AWAY! Wise W. E. hunters need not be told about crashing the doors at 9! Jokers Trouble Artillerymen EL PASO. Trx., Feb. IS— (AP)— Soldiers of the 260th Coast Artillery marched up the hill and inarched down again—and today Ihey had only the exercise for their pains. After an all-day search yesterday over the crags of 7,000-foot Mount Franklin, behind Fort Bliss, officers today were convinced they were the butt of practical jokers flying distress signals near the peak. The search was called off late last night, and today the troops of the 260th, a District of Columbia antiaircraft regiment, went back to work on their guns. Two climbing details equipped ttith first-aid facilities and stretcher.-; climbed the mountain when puards at the Fort Bliss training cantonment reported distress signals, and spotters professed to see t«'o figures near the summit Ifcugh field telescopes. Col. \Valtrr W. Burns, com- tiianner of the 260th, said today 'hree youths were encountered on • he heights, but that they ran sway \vlien searching parties approached. Elephant No Phone or Mail Orders- No Returns, No Approvals, No Exchanges. —Elephants Are Yours For. Keeps! Mineral Society To Hear Of Rays The use of fluorescent and ultraviolet rays on rocks bearing schee- lite and some zinc ores will be demonstrated at a public meeting Pf the Mineralogical Society of Ari- tona in the Arizona Museum at 8 ° clock tomorrow night. The use of these rays in deter- jnininE the value of ore before it Is taken from the mine, and use ef rays in the hobby of collecting rock specimens wilj be discussed Emergency Levy Asked By Final Application for permission to make an emergency tax levy of 514.000 was filed yesterday with the Arizona State Tax Commission by the Final County Board of Supervisors. Th? levy was asked principally to care for unexpected medical relief expenses. The tax commission set for '2 P. m. February' 27 a hearing on the application, to be held in the court- House at Florence. One molorman may operate a Easoline car with several coaches attached, bv use of a new invention in Japan. STREET FLOOR BALANCING BUDGET SPORTS SHOP BLOUSES and shirts, cotton sweaters, jumpers, 186 pieces all told and we're telling you to hurry for these, they were 51 to 3.98 budget shop buys now, each 44c WE'RE NOT BRAGGING about blouses that should have sold at 3.98, satins, batistts, sharkskins, taffeta 'jackets, also 8 jerkins and a few slack suits, yours for $1 BLOUSES and shirts, many recent arrivals, were to 1.98 S9t FOLLOW YOUR NOSE ... to PERFUMES and colognes, a group of popular brands we're discontinuing, some up to $7 HALF PRICE ... to SACHET BALLS and powder puffs, were $1 50* ... to PALMER'S American Memories colognes, soap and sachet, we're closing it out, down from .51 to 50* LOOK WHAT YOU CAN BUY FOR PENNIES ... Name kerchiefs, printed linen kerchiefs, Chinese hand made kerchiefs, were to 29c 10* Leather belts, wraparound turbans, corduroy beanies, cotton net snoods, fold mesh snoods even, taffeta boleros, scarfs galore, neckwear ditto . . . were to $1 ; 25* Fancy belts, evening flowers, wraparound turbans, scarfs, suede beanies and lots of other trivia formerly to 1.98 500 SKINS YOU WOULDN'T TOUCH at their 1.98 price, being gloves of doeskin, kidskin, also upper bracket fabrics, brown, red, blue, green, rust $1 SffffH, mustn't mention the famous name of these fabric gloves on account of they're regular members in good standing at $1, broken colors and sizes so 50p PROUD HOSE NAMES TAKE COUNT Artcraft, Phoenix, last season's colors, odds and ends, 2, 3, 4 and 6-thread, reg. 79c to 1.15 pr. 50* . 726 PRS. SILK HOSE, odd lots, our own 51-gauge, Phoenix, Kayser r Finery, 2, 3 and 4-thread, reg. to 1.19 pr. 69* FOR PRETTY PAWS hurry and get 25c and 50c creams at }£ PRICE DONT MISS 1.98 mirrors, SI; SI makeup boxes 79* 3.50 dresser sets, 1.98 and plenty more toiletries at merry Christmas prices! TOO MANY SLIPS showed up in our Budget Lingerie inventory so in spite of the buyer's pouts we marked 4-gore tailoreds and lace slips, sizes 36-44, down fromSl and 1.69 to 690 DO YOU LIKE DOVE-SUEDE ROBES at $5? Answer was no, so how about same in red, copen, aqua, 12-19 for 3.29 HOTCHA! Here's our pet butcher boy .pajamas, rayon satin and crepe, gowns, too, always 1.98 till now • 1.19 WEAR UNIONSUTTS?—nice for skiing, made by Kayser, also small size girdles, Sil-O-Ette combinations, rayon crepe gowns, rayon satifl slips, batiste gowns, were to 1.98 50* ELEPHANTS IN THE BAG, being of course, handbags which have lingered too long on our counters, mostly winter suedes, broadcloths, patents, few calfs, were to $5 SI BE A CHARMER in gleaming satin and crepe house coats, also quaint quilted cuties, seersuckers, too, 12-18, were 1.98 t'other day . . . yours for 1>39 rm?ISTMAS SHOPPERS—hurry for silverplated candlesticks, bowls, platters, odds and ends Wm. Rogers will hate to ha £J^EfJ^. off, reg. 3.98-12.50 HALF PRICE DAZZLE YOUR PUBLIC—adorn yourself in jewelry Salome might have worn and which Korricks' sold like mad at $1 ... we scooped it up by the hundreds with merchandising eyes closed sos you could pick a paddy-full for, each • zs * 1.98-2.98 COMPACTS, G. W. T. W. even proud Volupte numbers...$1 ODD GIFTS FOR ODD PEOPLE Mezzanine Book Shop clears its decks of games for the childish, leShSette desk pads and files, picture banalities, scrap books for all that trivia you've been meaning to paste in something, stationery oddments. Were to 1.75. Good clean fun for hunters 50 to $1 ... AND SO TO MEN'S SHOP- IF YOU CAN FIND A BETTER HAT BUY, WE'LL EAT IT $5 Mallory and Knox hats, the former we're discontinuing, the latter, kfew discontinued styles, while 100 last, yours for ............. 1.95 THAT'S NO MIRAGE, MISTER, THEY'RE GOODMAN SUSS and KENMORE SUITS, 35 in all, some with 2 prs. trousers. Reg. $35 . . . overlooked THE INDIANS WOULDN'T TAKE 'EM Meaning some men's unionsuits, were up to 1.35....35* 3 for $1 And riding breeches like Dr. Livingstone wore and probably paid up to $4"or 65 prs. very British in type, your dish if you like breeches, just what you need if you're going to Africa 1.95 And neckties! Shut your eyes and choose-ties that were $1.. .ea. 25* GLAMOUR BOYS attention, just 10 Kenmore tuxedos that were 525, nothing about them to hurt your social standing that we can see but we've had them too long * 15 6-day bicycle racers, we have your caps for 25* LOOK! ROWING MACHINES! T* vour husband overweight? Or maybe nostalgic for a lake in the ?ark» Keep him happy at home with a rowing machine for which youM oncfhave paW 12-95 . . but for some reason still m dry dock on fourth floor, so take 'em away for 1.50 CHILLY" We have some fine electric heaters (4th floor), formerly L10 to 3.59, your choice 5O * to *-»0 w«r« TO BOAST ABOUT, to point at with pride before the haughti- frf d foip7ow Ahr-Lite overnight cases, (4th fl.) reg. 8.95, just 2 |o take them and happy landings at 4.75 PUT THE BABY Ef THESE clothes baskets, on account of fold up and have heavy steel frames. White canvas, brighten --"^ baskets ruffled our feelings long a kind, were to 4.95 HOW TEMPUS DOES FUGIT! SEEMS JUST YESTERDAY THESE FORMALS WERE FRENCH ROOM'S PRIDE! Stay away from this rack unless you're a doughty hunter for these proud beauties are going to draw first fire! Look what's here! Snip the bustle oil this ice blue slipper satin and you'll have a streamlined job to stagger, any stag line. Or take these embroidered organdies (and pul-lease DO) , or these dinner dresses with jackets, these prints, those nets . . . they'll help the conversation at the dullest dinner party if you happen to mention they were once price tagged as much as 29.95 and that you were out there, pitching with the 9 o clocK shoppers and bagged them for a d? O C C laugh-provoking (tear-jerking to US) ....................... * «* and *** ARE YOU THE HOOD TYPE? If so be here early for a misty blue chiffon formal with jacket and hood, (needs a little cleaning), or maybe youd fancy this double net knockout or this femme fatale black, very Hedy Larnarr-m- Algiers. You couldn't go wrong, surely, in any deal like after-dark dresses that , have been as lofty as 69.95 now with the W. E.'s at ...................... "•** STREET DRESSES ON THE FIRING LINE If you have a passion for sequin epaulets on crepe dresses. A yen for corduroy casuals that look a touch like refugees from an English moor. If yovTre at your best in knee-action velveteens with plaid wool convertible tops. OR if you just need a couple of extra dresses to brighten your life without denting the budget . . . step right this way. We've grouped 190 dresses, a good round number, many of them a bit the worse for too many trips to the fitting room but otherwise okay as far as we can see. We're still shaken from the buyer's misty eyes and trembling voice as he told us they had been as high as 22.95 . . . you may have , them for. . . . ............................................ $2. $3, $5, 7.9o WE'RE TOUCHY ABOUT THESE TWEEDS No fooling, these tweed coats still look good to us. There's even one or two paddock plaids languishing on the racks along with the so-popular fleeces. AND several dark dressy types. Good troupers all, well worth their on up to 19.95 markings. That's our story and we're not only stuck with it but with •*• the coats which we'll thank you to take off our racks for ............ NOT FOR SISSIES but if you can wear a man-tailored suit without looking like a policewoman these are your dish ... d*C Just 5, were $15 now *W IT'S OPEN SEASON IN SPORTS SHOP Run, don't walk to this scramble table of sportswear pets including skirts, blouses, jersey jumpers, satin lastex swim suits, shorts and ... oh come see for yourself, we're bored with the lot of them ... 100 pieces, were up to 5.95, now yours with our compliments for .................. .. GLAMOUR THROWS US FOR A LOSS No wonder our-buyer tried to corner the market on evening jackets — they're pretty as a speckled pup with all their sparklers and gold threads — sweaters and wools, long and short sleeves, were as high as 10.95 ... just waiting to brighten your night life for ..................... . . BLOUSE FANCIERS, lend an earl We've got rayon jerseys; we've got spun rayon polka dots; we've got long sleeves and short sleeves; we've got too many! Were to 8.95 and not a thing to laugh at but the silly price we've marked them ... ......................................... $5 DRAPERIES 7H feet long, rayon damask, all ready to hang, ldiOhang around long (justff? prs, 4th fl.) at. pr. ........ 1.95 JUMPERS! JU5IPERS! ... to the right of us jumpers; to the left, more jumpers. Jerseys, alpacas, all wool, all good as new which wasn't good enough apparently for here they are for you subdebs of 16 or 60 ... down from 8.95 to ..... ; . .2.95 "NEXT TO MYSELF I LIKE B\T)'s BEST" . . . was what our buyer said apparently when he went overboard o i BVD swim suits. They're sea-worthy and see-worthy, with all the exclusive BVD tricks of overcoming nature even when wringing wet, still okay at up to 5.95, just too, too many, so down goes the hammer, they're yours for ....................... • .................... $* BUNNY ROBES multiply too fast . . . pr so it seems to our buyer for he'd have sworn there were not all those pink, white and blue pretties hanging there yesterday! But alas, they're no optical illusion. They're cuddly, luxurious, and alluring but to the inventory takers they're a pain in the stock-on-hand so down they come from 3.95 to ................ ..... ....................... 2.2a KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING Advises Beatrice Fairfax, \yith glamour in your private life, with plenty of luscious fireside coats and here's where you lay in a supply for a song, a little humming, really. Satins, taffetas, little quilted numbers once price tagged 5.95, now ........................................ IT SEEMS THERE WAS A TRAVELING SALESMAN . . . . . . who sold our buyer a bill of goods. She's a right smart gal, too, and really knows her lingerie, but after inventory fires had died down and the smoke subsided here were broadcloth pajamas (feminine), flannelette gowns (mostly tent size) flannelette robes, labeled BVD, smocks, odds and ends of AAf silk intimacies . . . were 51 to 1.98 . . . yours for keeps ................ TTW BECAUSE WE LIKED NICE THINGS we bought Van Raalte lingerie like crazy, gowns, panties, slips, chemises even! This was quite a spell back but they're still in the pink, OC^ I AQ were 50c to 2.98, now ................................ A*/U to t»~TJ THIS LITTLE JACKET HAS -BREAKFAST IN BED ... but why be coy about the matter? We're stuck with 21 bed jackets Christmas shoppers should have bought for their husbands' Aunt Hatties at 1.98 per each ---- now, curses, we are forced to smack them down to ................................... " ac JUST 4 quilted satin breakfast jackets overlooked in the holiday rush, a bit soiled, were 4.95 ................................... • • .......... 1-9a BARBISON rayon satin pajamas, slightly soiled, were $6 .............. now $3 DRESSES, smocks & uniforms, odd lots, were 1.98 and 2.98, take 'em quick for $1 2.98-3.98 SPUN RAYON DRESSES have outstayed their welcome, you're lucky if your size is here at. ..... ...... .• • « ; ................. •• .............. 1>39 CORSETRY by Gossard, foundations, girdles, in fact a type for every standard chassis, 3.50 favorites but not all sizes ................................ !•"» UPLIFTING BRAS, a group still eager to serve even at ......... HALF PRICE 10 MILLION SHOE MAKERS ,.,.'• can't be wrong, so must be we bought too many best sellers in house slippers, play shoes, evening sandals, children's oxfords, strap slippers . . . f or these were $3 to §5 ... second floor. .......... . . . . . ........ • ...... now !j»l CALIFORNIA PRIMITIVES (remember?) play shoes headliners just a while ago, still pretty smooth we think, what's left plus sports oxfords, booties for the home, were §3 to 7.50 ... will walk out from 2nd floor at. ........... $» BOUDQIR BEAUTIES GO BEGGING WE CAN'T THINK why taffeta trapunto bed spreads (twin sizes) or pretty washable print double bedspreads that were up to 3.95 should go begging but here they are for you lucky people to take home for 1.59; GAY PRINT SPREADS and drapes and dressing table skirts to match may be just what your private life needs. If so, take 2.98's for 1.98 5.98's for 3.98 — 3rd fl. LANGUISHING LINENS lovingly embroidered by hand Jn-. elude guest towels, bridge sets . . . also hand printed linen runners, handmade Tuscany lace scarfs, vanity sets, etc., etc... were to 1.98 pick these prizes for 33* BRING A QUARTER and take away 4 Chinese -handmade lace doilies, hand-printed linen napkins, plate doilies, reg; to29c 4 for 25* A DOLLAR BUTS 7 pc. linen sets, 52x68, 52x52 cloths and 6 napkins, white or brown, reg. to 2.50 $1 2 23 PRD3E OF FLANDERS and pride of our linen dept. hand; printed linen bridge sets, and Chinese handmade Cluny scarfs . .. reg. 2.25 51 MARTEX MADE NO MISTAKE on these wash cloths, Wfr just liked them so well we overbought, were 19c to 25c each, now make us happy, take them 3 for 25*FANCY FABRICS FANNED OUT Leaving us with some 800 yards silks and rayons, wash laces^ costly Cruisaline prints, alpacas, rayon flannel and plenty others we sold, right up till now for 79c to SI a yard . . . colors and quantities are incomplete so out they go (we hope). at, yd. -45*: LIKE TO KNIT or embroider? Come quick for odds and: ends Fleicher's yarns, were to 45c ... 2 balls 23* ... for stamped goods of all kinds on a scramble table at 350 YDS. FABRICS, rayons and silks, spun gabardine, bem- berg sheers you'll soon be living in! And woven plaid taffetas for belles of the ball, sharkskins for play togs and too, too many to mention, broken color assortments, were 49c to $1 many are crown-tested yd- 29*.' 250 YDS. FABRICS, reg. 59c and 79c yd 19*^ TRIMMINGS we're tired of include metallic frogs, dress cords,. were 49c to 1.98 now - 5* to 25* NEED A FUR-BEARING COLLAR? We have 3 that were 3.95, yours if you hurry for SI CUTE LITTLE ELEPHANTS in Girls' Shop, Third Floor STRIPED SEERSUCKER FLAYSUHS left over from last season look so much like those now coming in you could fool us! 2-pc. and 3-pc. sizes 3-6 and 8-16 ... were 1.98 .....98* 3.98 SEERSUCKER playsuits, 3-pc., 8-16 1.98 $1 TOTS' PLAYSUITS, 3-6, sweet, pretty! 49* 3.98 SHARKSKIN PLAYSUITS, 3-pc., 10-16 1.49 GIRLS' SCRAMBLE TABLE, playsuits, middys, polo shirts, unions suits, reg. to SI 25* BABY SHOES, girls' slips, slacks, gowns, gym suits, union, suits, sweaters, were to 1.98 ..50* BOYS! SHOOT AT ... SHIRTS, sizes 6-20, dress and sports, were to 98c 59* WASH PANTS, reg. 1.35 to 1.95, sizes to 20 89* 1.25-1.45 SWEATERS, sizes 30-36.... 89* 1.25-1.50 HATS BOYS* like if they wear 'em .-.. .59* BOYS' WINDJAMMERS, all sizes, reg. 1.95-2.25 $1 ELEPHANTS FALL TO BASEMENT IF YOU REALLY WANT A LAUGH take a gander at W. E.'s in the Basement. But fair warning—look early! FALLEN FASHIONS from second floor include fur-bearing coats with proud Persian lamb and such, were up to 49.95 now W SUMMER COATS, were to 10.98, white, pastels, even a cape or two, now going for what the buttons cost 1.49: TAKE SUMMER SUITS to the cleaners, they've already taken' us, Irish linen, sharkskin, wingstrut, were to $15 2.49- BRES'G A DOLLAR and buy a dress! Wools, acetates, spun: rayons, also fallen sisters from second floor, were to 7.98 89* 25 MUSEUM PffiCES, no less! Formals, a wedding dress even^ laces, southern gal flounces etc. ad nauseum, they've embarrassed us long enough, nowlt's your turn! 89*; A BUYER'S TEARS were shed for metallic blouses, sheer blouses, plaid blouses, odd blouses and those cute stud-ling cotton sweaters, also some peekaboo fishnet slipons. were to 2.29 ...1 33<j 2.98 SKIRTS, dark but good .. , take 'em for si LOOK! 3.98-5.95 house coats, brushed rayons, wool flannels, rayons, name your poison.for...........................SI, THESE RABBITS CROSSED US UP, we trustingly bought blocked lapin fur coats supposed to romp out at 39.50, long coats, jackets, fine for extra covers these chilly nights and they might do better by you than they us $1O EVEN BASEMENT SHOES, those fast-stepping jobs, known from coast to coast, worth 3.95 any day, join the elephants just for the heck of it ... 600 pairs including every good spectator type 1.97 JJOO IKS. GLAMOUR SLIPPERS for the home, were 1.29-1.99, yours if you're asmartie and get hare at 9..-.59* 2pr.$l TOP'rT ALL OFF with a hat that maybe was price tagged $5", straws,'felts, fabrics, a potpourri of millinery whimsies... .29* Korricks' White Elephant Sale |

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