The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 9, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1914
Page 7
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Thursday Evening, Inly 9, 1914. THE DECATTJR R E V I E W [DiiNTGHLOOOFORMYOUR NERVES :iN-T«*fFtffto Trill FMkifi if filMM * Many people who «r« suffering frons an exhausted condition of ths Nerves, and who are therefore Irritable, exclf able, weak and nerve-wrecked, hava formed the dangerous habit of taking: powders, tablets of coosules which contain so mo form of narcotic, to "quiet the nerves." .·- A little reflection will prove to your fnlnd that this t r e u t r m n t does not pos- ·eu the least curative ^atuo. and Is only a makenhirt. A rmrootlc will of course deaden the sensibilities and thus relieve temporarily, but I Mware of the danger Of a continuance of tJiia ni thod» If von are aufVrlnc f-^m Vennyg Debility, Inaomnlft. or «n n i l r r t n t hrmjf,ht on b a weakened or starved Ninons nystpm, the result ot over-work, worr, dissipation or ex* COMTB of u n v Mm!. Hftid *lx rerun In ft tamp* to Orn M' llt-ino Co JepL N hi Louis. Mo, ·nl UP u i n m ill j n u n trial treatment and full rrtkutarfl of Watle'a GoUlen Norvlae TTftdf'» fJoirlMi !CervIn» In sold by drug- Ktsts at 31 It Is ihv \fry best Nerve anil Heart Tonic and contain* no narcotic or alcohol lit effects are jtiTmantrt. It la not * "deadener/ but reitcrea tho natural tone mn4 mrcnutli to the Ner\e» anrf IB a ftno up- bull din f? tonir for tho enflrfl system There it nothing Ilka U to promote atriiiKth. \lgof aad \ltum it la recommended and Bold bj Th» IVmtur lnnr ?* . Ooratur. fll Matters I el I or Mother's Friend Experience In or should be our best teacher. Women ^vho hve obeyed tha fclheat and noblest of all sacrifices, tho ·truffgla for tho life of othern. ahoulii havo a bettor Idea of helpful Irfluonco than tho^fl -who theorize from obi^rvatlon. i At nny rate when it prospecthe srand- mother ursc.i her d-iuRhtcr to do as ah« did--to me " M o t l u r t Friend." thoro la rvnvnn *o h*llve It th*» ri£bt »itrire. ' M « t h c r « lTlcn«r Is nn external np- f)ltMt)on for cwr t irt mother*. Its pur- jjoti» IR to furriSh p l i m c y to the mu^clPr*. to Inkf a w a v t h i ttrnln on tho corJn and Ilgnmcnft I T n I k s n tho tension of nervs ar d tot »toji i n n\t to provoke or ttg- irra\ati! i AUM i. nK.mlnft alcknci* twitch- lln^fl ot tho Ilitibn rirnl no on r Although 1 i thf n n t u r e of tliinr^ a [woman woultt u«o "Mother's Frl t i but but rnrelv, \?t t-o cffr-ctlve hi^ it boon [found that thl» ^plrnrtld remed 11 on ·'ii.lo In mo i drug: stores throushjut tho iT'nttcd Sttif* It has born prepared by BrAdflHd K'^'iilnt^r Co, 408 Lsmur Bldf;, At Junta, Oa and ndvrrthed by ua for tn\cr forty cari T hH ta a (Ine record Snr !»»]'*h i flp^clal rcmrOv and the grateful l i t t ' m rtcdvcd to-dny «re Just ns nppn rl it!%*» n*i wer* those of years affo fiotnlthflLnnilltiff that mi'thods are sup- f\rt^. d tn hnvo grfiitly nd^nnrM Ash at tho linn? More for n bottle of "Mothera Frknd.' It la worth Din't Wait for a Gar GET A BICYCLE and be on time to your work or business, no transferring. It will taku you where you want to go. We have the largest and best line in the city to select from. Prices $22.50 up to Kellington Dieckhoff 346 N. Main. Names of Jury WhicH Freed Two Women. MORE OF TESTIMONY Chief Allen Testifies of Complaints Received. r o n ^ M c r a b l p Interest was stirred up o\er the cases of Lou Erlenbusch and Fmmu Doty the two women who were I r l f i l in Justice J H McCoi's court T u c ' l a y afternoon, the former on rliaigrs of conducting a house of 111 fnrtif ami bottlegglnt, and the latter w i t h being an inmate of the place WOMAN BOUND OVER Thp ( I t y charges of conducting a hmme of 111 fame and being an Inmate thereof, wore tried before a j u n of sH men and It found the w o m e n not g u i l t s The slate charge of bootlegging made against the Erlenbusch woman was heard by Justice McCoy alone and he considered the evidence strong enough to bind her over to the grand juri NAMES OF JURY The Review has received several requests that the names and occuoatiors of the Jurors in the case be published anil by whom and bv what means they were chosen The jury in the Eflen- bugch-Doty case vas as follows. J C Sumerfield c l o t h i e r W N Kellej, contracting carpenter Addison Snyder grocer H C Dai, railroader J K Whoe'er, commercial traveler Willis Bundv, shopman The a t t o r n e j i vi ere Ilen^on and Gilbert for the defense and Deck a,nd Carey for the prosecution The% of course, selected th* Jurv bv the usual methods of examination. ALLEN TESTIFIES j Among the witnesses In the case was j Chief of Police Allen, who testified that he had received numerous complaints about the house and t h a t the! general i p ' i t i o n of the Erlenbusch V t o n n n \ \ a p t h a t she was conducting hn , of ill fame When asked to mine the complainants he said they i\ err t u o f i r e m e n at No 2 house whose n irrn i h« did not know J Sherman Jl C'lc I ind and Home' Stetcher. OTHER TESTIMONY. O f f i c e r L j n c h testified of numerous i i n | l a l n t s buns made about the I laci Ch-irlen Clark of Arthur testified t h a t ho k n e w It was a house of 111 repute 1 ho Erlenbusch woman testified that she Is married and that her huiband Is a carpenter Attorney Henson, in his opening statement, said he w o u l d show that the Doty woman's huebnnd ^ is a cab driver and that ho hail rractlcal!j lost his eyesight, and th-it »hn had to Bet out and make a J U l n s fi r tho fimily. This she did b\ v v a s h l n i ^ and ironing 1 , he said O\\ XED BY KRAFT The house In which the women lived Is a. four room structure »t S09 East Cerro Oordo street owned by George W K r a f t LIFE'S LIGHTER HOURS. rrlgcllla Plrarare Club. Members cC the Prlsctlla Pleasure club gavo · birthday party Tuesday In honor of MrB John Thompson, 500 block South Church street. There were twenty present. A two-course luncheon was served Tho club presented Mrs. Thompson with t. handsome embroidered dresser scurf. ONLY SIXTEEN, GIRL VERY SICK Telia How She Was Made Well by LydiaE.PinkhW. Vegetable Compound. New Orleans, La.--"I take pleasure I in writing these lines I to express my grati- I tude to you. I am I only 16 years old and {work ia a tobacco !Jfactory. I bays I been a very sick girl I but I have improved I wonderfully s i n c e S t a k i n g Lydia E. IPinkham'i Vegeta- Jbl* Compound and ' am now looking fine end feeling a thousand times better." --Miss AMELIA JAQUILLARO, 3961 Te- houpltoulas St, New Orleans, La. St Clair, Pa. -- "My mother was alarmed because I was troubled with suppression and had pains in my back and Bide, and severe headaches. I had pimples on my face, my complexion was sallow, my sleep wai disturbed, I had nervous spells, was very tired and had no ambition. Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound has worked like a charm in my case and has regulated me. I worked in a mill among hundreds ot girls and have recommended your medicine to many of them. "--Miss ESTELLA MAGUIRE, 110 Thwing St, St.Clair, Fa. There is nothing that teachea more than experience. Therefore, inch letters from girls who have suffered and were restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham'» Vegetable Compound should be a lesson to others. The same remedy I* within reach of all. If jrtin want special adrlee write to Lydia E.Pinkh*m Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read aoi a»were4 by a WMUtn uA fteU ta itrict WBfl4.ei.oe., r--THE MOST GORGEOUS AND SPECTACULAR PHOTO-PLAY EVER PRODUCED. I.WA FLOWIKG. ASHES FALLING. HOUSES CRUMBLING. VILLAGES BURNING. THOUSANDS FLEEING FOR THEIR LIVES. A beautiful story mtenvo\en with sensational scenes of volcanic eruptions and a typhoon destroying a sailing i esse' and finally the breaking of the storm about the hut of the girl's father NOTE--Monday evening June 22nd. MAJRCUS L.OEW opened up the Brook- National League's Baseball Grounds (Ebbet'g Field) with a motion picture show, 'The Wrath of the Gods," New 'ork Motion Picture Corp's 6-Part Production, produced by Thomas H nee Bbbet's Field can comfortabl seat about 20,000 people, but Monday mpht over 40,000 tried to get In Con- lequenoe was, a riot ensued, quite a I 'ew people hurt and the Police Reserves' "THE WRATH OF THE GODS." from three different precinct* had to lie called. Over 16,000 turned «.way. New York newspapers devoted columns to the etory.--Adv. THIEVES STEAL WABASH SHOES Dumber of P*lrm Stolen to Decatur Yard!) Men Injured. A Wabash car containing a, shipment of fine shoes was broken Into Tuesday evening while It w»s standing In th« Decatur yards A number of pairs of shoes were stolen and no traces have been found of the thief. PAY CAR COMES. W. H Miller, leading the docile Wabash pay car, will arrive to distribute gold In Decatur Friday afternoon MtSHED HAND. Charles Chastatn, a machinist helper at the new shops, is In Jhe hospital with a mashed hand received -while working with an engine truck at the shops Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. I* L. Underwood, 239 East Condlt street, entertained their children all day Tuesday. This Is the first time In ten year* that tht children have all been together at one time Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Underwood, of Mt. Carmil; Mr. and Mrs. C. P Snell. of Chattanooga, Tenn, and Mr and Mrs. B. N. ilalock, of Taylorville, and Quv Underwood, ot Decatur. BOILERMAKER HCRT. T J Byan, a Boilermaker at the Wabash locomotive shope, suffered a severely mashed thumb Tuesday afternoon when he attempted to catch a heavy piece of sheet steel which was falling He was taken to the hospital Business Is Better, That Wabash business in the south Is lookinff up is Indicated by an order from Decatur headquarters Wednesday morning which put the Taylors ille switch engine hack Into service after it had bean enjoying a vacation of nearly a month Business Is expected to climb steadily from now on More Fresh Air Children. A.nother consignment of fresh air children, sixty-four in number, passed through Decatur on their v-ay home to St Louis Wednesday, after haling spent about a month in Plttsfleld and FIRST MEETING FOR TEN YEARS 1 Hour Friday 1 Hour Saturday --9 to 10 a m On both Friday ana Saturday V.B give another of those special hour sales that's proving a magnet for drawing enthusiastic crowds to Hitchcock's "Mid-Summer Clearance" Almost numberless wo- nven have called by phone and personally expressing real disaopolnt- ment In not knowing that ve have a positive hour limit Now please remember the hour--nb deviation. For above date only we offer the following--Wash Bklrts, lot 1, choice 49C. Splendid linen, pique, ratine, etc No tunics Lot 2. choice 11 50, Same materials and qualities as lot 1 only these have the latest long tunic effect Waists--Lot 1, choice 49e. mostly white voile, regular 95c and $1 50 values Lot 2, choice of this lot of waists, some are soiled, SOc or 4 lor 11 00. Dresses--Lot 1, choice Jl, slightly mussed but splendid J2 to t3 values Lot 2, choice of dresses in lot 2 for $2 95. Lot 3, choice of lot, S3 95 These dresses are beautiful long tunics, flowered, plain colors or black and white. All suits and coats at less than % our regular prices. Practically all sizes in all above goods We especially call your attention to our splendid values in corsets, midsummer hats, skirts, plumes, silk shirt waists, middy blouses, petticoats, etc See huge sign announcing "Mid-Summer Clearance " HITCHCOCK'S OPPOSITE) 5 A 1O, CLOSING OUT SALE! China At Leas Than % Price B. L WEAVER At Beer Furniture Co., 332-338 -t. Main St. French china decorated bread and butter plates, each. 7c French china decorated fruit dishes, each 7c French china decorated salad plates, each lOc Decorated dinner plates, lOc values, each 5c Haviiand china bouillon cups and saucers, each 25e Haviland china fruit dishes, each * .lOc 35c 4-sewed brooms, extra quality 19c Wash bowls and pitchers 48c Boys' $1.35 iron wagons 75c 25c mops, with handle lOc Children's chairs, worth up to $1.00 --25c Children's blackboards and desks, $1.25 value 48c Haviland china bread and butter plates 13c Combinets, with bail and cover 29c Blue cups and saucers, oatmeal'dishes and dinner plates, lOc value, choice, each 3c Decorated fruit saucers 3c Decorated pie plates Sc White china dinnerware, Ransom shape, finest grade, suitable for decorating, at one-half regular price. A big lot of hotel ware, white and decorated, one-third less than regular price. Stoneware, crocks, jars, all sizes, at, per gallon Sc We deliver all purchases to the amount of 50c or over. All of our dinnerware just one-half of the regular price. B. L WEAVER at Beer Furniture Co., N. Main St. Note--This is not a one-day sale; all prices good until closed out. See our display ow advertised dresses in our Water St. windows. The Store with the Electric Fans. W E FIND that with our semi-annual inventory approaching we have entirely too many house dresses on our shelves. These are new, clean dresses, perfectly made and perfect fitting, products of the best makers in the country. The materials are percales, ginghams and madras cloths in light colors, just what is wanted at this season of the year. All sizes from 34 to 44. For Friday and Saturday's selling we have divided our stock into three lots. Note the prices:. $1.25 $1.50 Dresses 79e Percale and gingham dresses, all light colors, in neat figures and stripes. A dozen different styles to select from. Sizes from 34 to 44. $1.25 $1.50 Dresses 79e $1.69 $2.00 Dresses 98c Light ginghams, madras and fine percales, made in neat tailored styles. These dresses are trimmed with white pique collars and cuffs and are suitable for afternoon porch wear. All sizes 34 to 44. $1.69 $2.00 Dresses 98c $2.25 $2.50 Dresses $1.25 These dresses are made of fin« striped madras, gingham and neat pattern percales, with neat embroidery collars and cuffs. Just as well made and perfect fitting as any of our higher priced dresses. All sizes. $2.25 $2.50 Dresses $1.25 July Clearance Price in our Toilet Goods Section Samurai Corylopsis, Jergen's Rose and Talcolette talcum, in 1-lb. cans; 25c 1 K« value, special iwv Maxine Elliott Buttermilk and Violet Complexion Soap. K p lOc value, special *·**' Pullman aprons, a very necessary and convenient accessory to the traveling bag; made of silk and fancy ere- I*O KA tonnes; each 50c to. «P«««JV Tourists' cases made of fancy cretonnes in dark and light shades; CM CA each25cto ... ; «UA.UU Ricksecker's Lily of the Valley, Sublime Violet and Ping Pang Toilet Waters; 75c value, special Popular Jewelry Novelties At Reduced Prices Opera length beads in white and clouded amber; "I G/» 50c value, special At/*/ Black cameo rings set in silver; SOc value, "I Qf special , Novelty bracelets in silver and jet, silver and amethyst and gold and amber; 50c "I O/» value, special Sterling silver rings set with white stone and- enamel; SOc value, ' special Bar pins in gold, plain and fancy designs; 50c % TQc value ,special ..*'*' Basement Dep't. Specials lOc 25 picnic plates for . . 8 bars Lenox soap for 25c $1.50 large' size wash boilers, special at galvanized 79c All lawn mowers at one-third off. 40c four-sewed brooms, special at 8 rolls of 5c toilet paper for Six bars of Fairy or Ivory soap for... .,.. 15c 25c 25c These articles delivered with other purchases only. Garden Hose At Special Prices $9.00 3,4-in. 7-ply red hose, 50-ft, with couplings, d»fT ( special «D I »« $7.98 with couplings ,-in. 6-ply red or black hose. $6.50 16.50 %-in. 6-ply black hose at $5.50 %-fti. 4-ply black hose at $5.00 %-in. 5-ply black hose at $6.25 1/2-ra- 5-ply hose at 50ft $5.50 $4.50 $3.98 $5.25 All 50 ft. lengths. Water coolers at $1.25, $1.50 and. All kinds of sprinkling cans at one- half price.

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