Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 13, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETT^:'MONDAY, FEBRUARY [3 1888. • • • * * NEff EMBROIDER NEW CORSETS, New /••'•• Collars, New Ruchings, AND MANY OTHER MW GOODS -AT- Lowest Cash Price, »*» «*» REMNANTS: REMNANTS OF DRESS GOODS, "SILKS, « EMBROIDERIES, « •< RUGBIES, " HOSIERY, «,M\NY OTHER GOODS TO BE CLOSED OUT AT ABOUT HALF PRICE, Evening "Gazette THH RrmrrNd QAzirrm ran be had nt Ml the newsstands. Price TWO OBSTR. MONDAY. KKB. 13. BKEVITIRH. —Mrs. Link Little is quite ill. —Mrs. Susan Hhultz is very sick. —Circuit court is in session; it opened at 2 o'clock this afternoon, Judge (iririnell presiding. —William-Walker, living north of Sterling, was lined $600 with costs for being drunk, by Justice Alexander, [.his morning. —We are pleased to learn that the minor children of the late General William M. Kilgour have been placed on the pension list. —Th'p L. JJ. S., and the Y. P. L. S, of ;he First Baptist church are maturing reparations for a Washington's Birthday entertainment. —The Baillie, in tho "Chimes" meeta with many misfortunes and to cap the ilimax loses hia bride. Frank Tum- )leson takes the part. —A surprise party was made up on Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Reed. -The callers took refreshments with them. The evening was spent very pleasantly, indeed. —The Michael Fleming case comes up after the Austin-Westphal case is over. The police officers and Justice Alexander, witnesses, went to Morrison this afternoon. —Mr. John B. Hughes was thrown 'rom his cutter Saturday afternoon, his lorse having run away and got beyond his control. He was not hurt to any extent; the cutter was badly smashed. —An incipient fire at the coftln fac- ory was put out by the fireman.yes- -erday morning. The wood of a window took lire from ashes thrown hrough it. • It did but little damage. —Sunday services at the various ihurches yesterday brought out good- ized congregations, the delightful weather preventing any save the sick rom offering excuse for remaining ndoors. —Mr. John liichardaon died at his esidence in this city at 2 o'clock this afternoon, after a lingering illness, which he bore with fortitude! lie was aged 75 years and leaves a wife and fi ve :hlldren. —The mother of Mrs. James Dun- Ion fell Sunday morning upon ice in ront of Mr. Dundou's residence and broke her right arm /both bones) near he wrist. Dr. J. P. Anthony set the broken member. -The frost of this morning was peculiar; not "flakey,", or "needled," or of ordinary crystal formation, but line and inoalpable,—looking somewhat as a sprinkling of very fine flour upon pavement and sidewalk and fence and oof. • ^Hockford has had lots of devilment going on within its limits in the past ear or two, and now it proposes hav- ng Sam Jones go there and "wrastle" with its issues. Sam may "fetch "em," iut he has about as tough a job before lim as he has ever yet encountered. —The type made us say the case of Austin vs. Westphal was one of Bohe- ian oats, when it should have said It was one of alleged selling of liquor ,to n inebriate. The Round Grove mas- £r's sale was confounded with the one hat was on trial In the circuit court. —The change In the weather from old to pleasant caused some' melting f snow yesterday and to-day, but there as as yet been no interference with he sleighing, which is yet excellent,- Ithough of course.two or three days of uch weather would cause a breakup. —A young Mr. Ellsworth, insane, ivlng seven miles from Prophetstown, walked that distance the coldest night aat week, barefooted and with only his underclothing on. His feet were earfully frosted. He. is now being arefully nursed, and aa soon as he is uQlciently restored will oe taken to he Insane asylum. -The Gospel Temperance meeting Sunday afternoon was largely attended and unusually Interesting:. Speeches were made by Miss Mills of U<ickford, Mr. Harry Hosteller, W. F. Eastmau ,nd others of this city. This meeting s held every Sabbath afternoon in the 'hristian Association" Room at S o'clock. , —"How about the street railroad project?" writer a subscriber. Our answer la, that agreeably to request made .by friends of the upper dam movement, we have refrained from urging any public measure which might seem to distract or divide public nterest and endeavor. The street railroad will come in due time. —The attendance upon the Farmers Congress at Dixon on Saturday was not very large—not enough to till the opera house. If It had been held here, a room five or six times as large as the opera house at Dixon could have been tilled with the crowd from our streets, and then the number would hardly have been missed. In all earnestness, there were more people In Sterling on Saturday than there has been in any single day since the Saturday before Christmas, trade was unusually good on that day. —A son of Andrew Kirwin, living 9 miles west of Harmon, came into Sterling yesterday afternoon looking for an officer. Hia story was that the hired man of his father, named Grant Weinburner, 17 or 18 years old, who came to his house five or six weeks, ago and hired by his father, did yesterday while the family was at church, disap pear from that aection, first taking with him a single barrel gun and gome money—amount not known. Marsha FlUgeriUd of this city and Marshal Brewer of Rook Falls, made thorough 6**rch ol Sterling and Hock Full* fo lfc# young man, but without wall. i —Tiie Dixon Telegraph saya that "Master Tyler Brierton found a grain of oata on hin pillow ye?terday (Friday) morning when he awoke. He thinks it was forced into hii ear three years ago." If that grain had b>en in some ears we wot of, it would have sprouted and matured and seeded for another crop lu much Is-sa than that time. —An editor can not be ubiquitous, nor can he claim oomlacience We are always glad to chronicle good luck chancing to any individual, or the advent of any enterprise promising bene- 1t to the community; but moat of these we cannot find out except we learn from the parties most directly concerned. We would repeat; will not friends slmlly post us in all such cases. —An exchange |ays: "AlH,crlminals dread the newspaper." And it might :iave added that all would be criminals and all committers of minor offenses. Why, there is not a daily paper probab- y in the country but has some one man connected with it that must give more or less time each day te men who save transgressed law or decency and who seek to show palliation thereof, in order that they rcay escape exposure. Welinigh any editor of a daily saper who has had ten years exper- ence could fill books of experiences with this class given. And what is 'unny is, that they are In no wise conscious of the power of the press to show them up, until they have done ;hat which' Invites the attention of .he editor to their cases. Then he becomes an important person in their sight and they become wonderfully 'ertile in excuses, "being ready to show ault does not rest with them at all, but with somebody else. It is fortunate for this class of folks that editors are merciful and in no wise anxious to make trouble, and that they understand the fraillies of humanity. It is n editors' everyday experience that men come up to them to ask the favor of "being let up on" this or that.mis- lemearor, offense, or crime, who have >eon particularly abusive of the very iditors whose clemency they crave. • —At eight o'clock last night Clara lachej, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 1. Keefer departed this life, at tha lome of her parents, Morrison, this couuty, after a painful and protracted llness. She was born in Hopkins ownahip, June 13,1808, and was, consequently, in the 20th year of her age. Of the deceased it may be truly said ,hat none knew her but to love her; for ihe possessed in high degree the quali- -ies of modesty, purity and gentleness. A.n obedient and affectionate child, warm-hearted and generous, her death s a terrible blow to her parents, to whom is ever present the measure of heir irreparable loss. The eldest born she was always a pattern and example and a guide to her sister and brother, as she was a companion to her mother and an object of greatest affection to ler father. For several years past she lad had a lung difficulty, and last year the had a protracted siege of typhoid 'ever. Although she recovered some, what, yet it was feared that it was not possible for her long to survive. She sore her sufferings with a submission hat could come only of resignation to hu Divine will. Conscious that her nd was near,, she was prepared to de- iart, being an earnest Christian,—a member of the Presbyterian church. Gone in her youth and purity; the re- ord of her short life is an example to ,11 who knew her. Gentle, lady-like, reined, sw.eet-dlsposltioned, modest, unassuming, pure and good; in fact hers was a combination of virtues that but erve to make heavier the blow of her ,eath. —In England and Scotland and also n the Southern States of the United States it is a common impression that ilrds mate on St Valentine's day; and, ndeed, while birds do not have a par- icular day of the year in which to mate, at about this season, in the south, ne fond of rambles in field and grove- may observe those contests of song, or hysical strength which precede mat- ng. Because of the popular Impression •eferred to, there grew up a custom, now coextensive with the bounds of 2b.rlstendom.for young people to send ove missives to one another- on that day. At first written In words of tender passion, trade afterwards stepped n and provided valentines made to land. In the larger might observe to-day some of the most exquisitely beautiful and costly valen- .inea; while In the smaller ones may be seen those' 1 that are elegant and moderately expensive. The talent of great artists has been called into requisition to sketch symbolic pictures, while the greatest of poets have thought it no dishonor to exercise their rifts in writing fitting words to je used by a love-sick swain to Communicate' his feelings to ;he object of his affection With this harmless and poetic custom lias grown up one that is not so commendable, viz., the socalled comic valentine. We say socalled, because there is nothing comic in sending an anonymous enclosure to a person, depleting some imagluery or real physical or mental weakness. There is no fun in bestowing pain; and no man or woman is so inured to attack as to receive without indignation a covert at tack of this kind. That these "comic" valentines demand a certain order ol talent to get them up—both in the picture and "poetry" caricatures, is true; but they are not funny to the man or woman who receives them. Our post office here ia making a good ready for a big day's work on toinorrovfi-St Valentine's day. Oue of the carriers laughingly told us this morning thai everywhere he had been, almost, the young-people told him they'had BO many and so many to send out. Eyery denier in them here at Sterling has ha< a big run both on the regular v&leu tinea and the comic one*; in fnc£ demand la greater than it haw eve b**n before. of reputation! I.otB lo I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bar- fain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call n GEO. W. CHAHBKULIN and learn erms and prices. C. GOSHEUT. . ' tf tUandnrd. The best sewing machine made. No top and start to shuttle while sewing, ut one continuous circular motion. It nil make three stitches us often as ther machines make two. 2500 stitches er minute. Ituns still and easy. Call nd see it at L. L. Johnson's 300 You can have made at Jacob Elsele's a fine fitting spring suit from hia just eceived latest spring styles of wool- na of all designs. A big stock to hoose from. Call at once. .'! nr.PAIlTUKES. Thomas JJoytr for Quincy, 111. Mr. Lev! Gaaton for Taconia Wash. Ter. Miua Jessie Alexander for Lyons, New York. ARRIVAL*. Miss Daisy Wbarfleld and Miss Josie Gushnra spent the Sabbath with Miss Maggie Boyer. BOCK FA MM. •f-Mr. John Tumbleson, Sr., left this morning for Legnolr, Ind. He is TO fears old, but travels ar»uml as well as as any young man of 25 years old. -t-Work w:is suspended yesterday morning at P o'clock, at the natural fas conpany's well, at a depth of 28 'eet, or 15 feet progress since last re>ort; the 15 feet was all gravel or rub)le. The delay was on account of a ack of pipe which is hourly expected. Dr. C. M. Wheeler's office, over I. Volf's store. Chronic dise'ases and liseases of woman my specialty, tf. HterlloK Boominfc. Call on P. T. Vanllorne for plans *nd specifications for all kinds of uildings and cut of same. tf See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Jo. tf You can see a splendid lot of spring tyles of woolens of latest designs at acob Eisele's. -They are regular >eauties and no mistake. Be measured or a slylish suit at moderate prices. New Hating IIonHn. S. Mann has started a new eating iouso at No. :!00 1st avenue. Meals erved at ftll hours, at reasonable rates. . 3 The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, Fab. 21. tf More substantial benefit can be ob- ained from a 50 cent bottle of Dr. Big- ow's Positlve,Cure than a dollar bottle f any other cough remedy. It is a rompt, safe^and pleasant cure for all hroat and lung troubles. For sale by O.A.Oliver. Haw-Mill In good running order. • Bring on our logs. WM. CHAMER. 808* TUB CHILD RECOVERED;—My little' irl, aged seven yeais, was afflicted with severe cough and cold. She could ot sleep but coughed almost inces- antly. I was Induced by a friend to ry Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was astonished at the Immediate relief '. gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house or any price. I have tried many rem- dles for coughs and colds, but this is uperior to anything I have ever tried, 'rof. J. M. MEHAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Molnes, Iowa sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf The Notary In the "Ohimes" has not a great part, but "gets there/' Chas. T. Hall assumes the part. A large stock of watches, clocks and ilverware at Clark Glddings & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf The Boston Store is located on Third treet k opposite the First National Bank. If it were not cold weather and unpleasant to stand for a moment out m tue street, you could tell where It was by pausing a moment to see where he crowd of buyers goes. It IB there hat you get bargains every day in the week,—always something attractive hat is sold at a way down bottom figures, besides selling everything in the dry goods line at the lowest prices, the est of goods and the latest styles al- waya In stock. 308 Don't forget that Keeuey & Harrl- on have a few plans for houses and re agents for Asbestos fire proof oofing and metal shingles. See samples, tf The value of though cannot be told, rust so with the best of everything. Take Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you ap- >reclate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 60 cents and 91. For sale by 0. A. Oliver. Summit IMuce. Only 10 lots yet to sell. Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their first payments must do so at once, or we shall 'eel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered in Sterling. Lota 8100 each; 810 cash and the balance at 85 per month, for 18 months, without interest. GEO. W. CHAMBEBLIN, Agent. tf Academy of Music. Pay Your Tue*. Tax books for Sterling township ara now opeu at Sterling National Bank Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th I will be in the Sterling National Bank evenings, beginning next week, from «:SO to 8:80 o'clock. WM. A. dwtf Collector. "Veivefaud -mr." . Two choice brands of cigars. Sol fcj <l»»U>rs. C. II. 8«loS, manufacturer tf Try St. Patrick's Tills ami cmnjmro their effect with any other Kind made T/hey contain the good propertips of the older preparation In the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Booree. tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN. sert three line* In Vn\*. eo!-" limn onetime for 10 cents, or for 40 cents a week. Kach additional line will bo B cent* a single in sertlon. or 15 cents a week. FOR HALE. 1 'H'iHE Hne colts.—one Slinokelford, one full brother to Np«-ton'fl trotter, nnd one Clere- nnd bay. Enquire of Jicoli Elsele, Jr. 3 IVew Addition to F.ast Rock Fall*. (AH LOTS for sole nt a grpat reduction and \.\J\J on easy terms. Tbesa lots are 68 br I7i pet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to W. N. laskell, Exclusive Agent. tf AT auction, on the W. n. Whlpple farm, on zA the 21st of February, at noon; cattle, borse", boats, tools, wagons, and buggies. 3* wood, hackberry and asb, for sale. t4 00 a cord, delivered. Leave orders at 'rank Co, bran's, or Helen & Dctweller's, or Reuben Jiamsdell'S' 3* ' OOD Helit bolvsled «nd a democrat waron. \J( Enquire at tills office tf I.E Brewery and fixtures for sale. i. George E. KOKPRI, Sterling, Ills. Address, U FOR RE.tT. >WO dwelling bouses; will bo vacant March 1. Apply to f. A DeOroff. 3 R I EVIDENCE of E. W. Edson and the atore room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. "!nnn »* IcCuno. D ON'T sleep out of doors when yon can get a comfortable house for Irom six to soven ollars per month, of K. B. Hubbord. tf "VFFICES for rent in Bell block, being dcslr- (J able, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. ± Bell & Hon. tf i if WANTKD. OOOD competent girl for housework at A. 1009 West 3d strcst. Mrs O. 8. Tracy. 7» FINANCIAL. HAVE J2000 to loan on city or farm proper- I ty. Edward C Underwood. tf LOST. B UNDLE of brown carpet warp left by mistake in a bol>-*led In front of Ilendrlck's niK store Saturday afternoon. Finder reward- d by leaving at Hendrlck's. TOO* POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTL.EHY, HARDWARE: & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Einle'a Merchant Taikorlig establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. Our Mtoek la too lance and malt be reduced at once. Warranty with each luHtrument. $5.00 to »10.00 per Month. CUT BATES) CONTINUED. \VJSFMVTZ CO*, «alt IIon»e Bloek. CLEARING SUE —OF— WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THS NEXT THIRTY DAY3, Cloaks, 'Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS Hosiery, Leggins, OPEN, TDBDiY, FEBEDiBY 7 A SPECIAL SALE -AND- DRESS GOODS, At a saaiflM, to make mom for big Spring Stoc coming In at ustv FIRST GUN Grand Embroidery Sale! —OF— WHITE GOODS —AKD- An -Immense and Care- fully Selected Stock of the —AND— BIG ASSORTMENT —AT- Fuller's Book Store, Offle« !• B««k Fall*, aver the Fo*« Office. The haeknan. Buzzard, will talre parttei to an* from Sterling to Dr. Pollock*! office jree of charge. $50.000 *» rtk ef Iftliijrui Eotk tillifn ,\ P"ty iolJ ii Rinetj I B A 100 Lots in Sterling- sold /$ t!&\ ..__ / * In IS Day*. .3-3 g §\ A ?ewBargains on Hind-/.|| S § s4l ijrifti aSrs m «KO. W. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, STERLING, ILL. BAItOAINS , ,.,. w~oS/ - IKACBM - Xs?"! y b /Bargains in Lot«. Bargaiiu\ ^< °>/ in Houses and Lota. \ • a 0/Ston Baildiip fcr Bil. ui Eiit! \ 3 The Present Prices will not be continu*d\ loug fora Boom Is approaching. COCXZRAXT SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOR THE— LEAST MONEY Ill Grades of Tobacco AT LOWEST EATES. INDEPENDENT : GROCER. THE The Cream of the Market. Ladies never had a more leg ant assortment to select from. . t , GALL EARLY. (Beginning February 7. GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery House In Starling. We make our prices and lell GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish erery one. Jill Rood* •old at the lowest llviug prices; no over-charging. A child can <BUY GOOfiS - At the BEE mVK aa low as a grown penon Thelargest and finest stock to (elect from; erery thing Brut-class. A large (took ol rine Cut, Flus, andBmoklng TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. Tbt BJEK in VK customers get the benefit of the low prices before the advance. A larn a stock of Ollt Edge. At 45 and SO Centa per Gallon. Bock Candy Crips, puxe whin, at 7* Cental PAT Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosire; the beat oil sold In this market, at as low price a* Inferior oils are sold elsewhere. Dont bedeeelved and buy low test oils and run toe risk of being burned up.. Bemember von buy the . At Ui« BEE HIVK. Snow Flake, Paragon, and Kansas WluU-r Wheat : all Hollar Patents and all Winter Wheat: makes better and whiter bread; keeps molot longer than ' Spring Wheat Flour. A genuliu article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flourl! Ten thousand pounds sold last seaaoa; Blx thousand pounds sold so tar tills season. This Dour DM no etiaa] lu this mar- ki-t: la made by tbe Ixteat process; patent hulled; no black specks. A one stock of Canned and, Qried Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds! The Qennlne Down East MAPLE SUGAR! ttei- tort worth jfoa boy at th» BK8 wfi, R.L.KIMBRO. BJUC

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