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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, June 15, 1859
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MILWAUKEE; WEDNESDAY MORNING, I JUN E 15, W *THE DAILY HEWS. * < ,.__ *«« Bft HO, 0« BUM SMI*, .Mil VAUKk BOB8B. ^ $*Dy I'ape^publiduMj every mornlaj, except Monday. Tn-WetWy Piper, Mondty, VeflnMaty and rrH»y. A e-lly riper, every Tnesdtv morning. *- ' £ „ - _ .XCBME 0V DAILY PlPUt. . pay»H ..., ItATliS OF ADVERTISING IS DAILY Ten Una*, or lea,«f Nonpareil iuskea square. * •<>«»«, Way...., .. \ do. « day*...,. 1,60 do. 8diy« ... J.OO .... s,so „ a-™ 1 do. do. . ..., 1 week..... 8£0 S»»rVi.:.. 4,00 ;8.»-.k».;.. 6,00 1 ware, 1 month . . , * J - •~"» do. do. X (Jo. 1 -do.' J do. 1 do. __.. 10,0» Stnontbi.. 14,00 4 month!.. 13,00 « months.. 1(,00 6 months... 80,00 lirew..... 80,00 R o o n <1« & * 1, an gd on, ADVKKT1SIIVG AliF.NTS, ItandolpU Street, ore ouitoroed to -. Oiitand all On Leading Papers qftht HorOaeea, and are the O»LT and BI- ,-urartM.T attihoriied A aeatt t» tht KorthvsvA/or a majority of than. OP IT. MARK M. POMEROY, Editor. Tctc:irolosrJca.l Record, for Jane 14, "69 C. U.OARDINEB* 00., Draggistt, IS Spring dr. For Ttltgrapk and Commercial mattert ift Fourth Page. There *re in all large eastern cities two kind of irriters — writers and underwriters. The Janesrille Times has been designated by the Common Conncil as the official paper of that city. Hood sells a general assortment ot household furniture crockery, hair mattrasses, &o., at auction this morning at 10 o'clock. tSTitoST.—The partial destruction of fruit§ of many iinds by the frost of last week, was general throughout most of the northern States. The Wisconsin thinks Gov Randall t in interfemng with Judge Foote'sde cision. Our opinion will be girea to-morrow, bat We sustain the Judge. •••;-»18" N The Burlington Gazette justly calls at- tentibn to onr negligence. Not keeping track of. oar mailing books, we can not tell when n.', but will look out hereafter. -, of-the Ki „-„„-- that *e indue. Calkins to operate on Pomp's aead.^s sag gesled by ai some day* since, during the Con Tendon,, w a «ort t>f interesting episode W will speak to tbe gentlemen, and if ttx>jr ar Willing, wei'Ji toy- «ome oomb and ' oent" an let the operation go oh iST The Milwaukee Light Cfuard arrived to New York Saturday morning, were received b Co, "<J"»f the 71at,M>ginient, breakfasted a tbe La F«rge Hons«s after which they maroaei to the 'Park, where ;tl|e»';were'. reviewed by th Mayoy. The jSfceniHjf fott qf Saturday say «'the .company makes a *ne appearance," ani the Commercial Advertiser S*JB "they are a fin looking body of m^n, and r»fl«cr great credi on tLe military of. .Milwaukee, HPT Crr»,Caip,r-tMonday evening, one o our. cttizens, transplanted fifty nice cabbage plants, and left ground vacant for fifty more Tuesday morning a boy at the door offered him a lot of fifty—jnst what he wanted—at a low price, and he bought them. On going into the garden, he found that he had bought the ones he transplanted the evening liefore He says thete was one "cabbage head" in the garden that morning in good condition for * f ' sour" kront J3P~ USWELCOMB VISITO*.—Mjuday e»f ning a gentleman living Sn the 7th w&rd,sleep- ing.on the ground floor, was awoke in the night by-bearing a cat under his bed He got up and fapgan poking tbe feline institution out. when a peculiar, pungent, dTumalic, odoriferous, penetrating odor, not exactly like otto of roses, or extract of new mown hay, greeted hie olfactories. The scent was so strone it wakened his wife, who asked at ouee— "John, what under heavent are you burning coffee for this time of night?" Seeing the bedding out on a clothes line yesterday, w e judge she has found out lhat skunks and burning coflee cet up a diQerent odor, by this time. REMOVAL —On and after Monday, the 18th, inst., the retail stock of Bradford Brothers will IMS opened in tha store No. 199. East Water street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Chandler & Jennings, next door to the jewelry store store of Matson & Loomis, where we shall continue to ran off onr stock till the wbol« is disposed of. We have still a very large and desirable stock of goods, which will be sold st prices tbat w'H insure their sale Onr wholesale dry goods business and carpet trade will be continued at the old stand, 155, East Water strete, till our new store is completed. janel2—d3t. ' BRADFOED BEOTHEES new periodical called • Once n to be started right away in London, as a competition to Dickon's new pnb- ycation, -All the year 'round." It* success win be doubtful. Failings Panorama of Kane's Arctic expedition will be exhibited at Young's Hall this afternoon at 3 o'clock, for ladies and chfl- dren. It is drawing crowded houses, and every person in the city should visit it. • Chicago Fire .Brigade, Capt. Raymond, • and two other gents froin Chicago, were here ^ yesterday, making arrangements for the visit of the Chicago Fire Brigade, on the 21st.— The Brigade cnmbers about 100 men, and they will have a good reception here. •A Highland Maid has concluded, in Syracuse, the feat of walking sixty consecutive hoars. As she must havea lasting leg-!-see, we wish she would walk ap to us .with a proposal for marriage. We wonder if she was "maid tired" before she got through. ty As ENOEMOES CALP—WHO CAH BIAT IT 1—Q. W. Terry, Esq , has in his possession a calf, three months old, which weighs thru hundred and twenty.three pounds — (IU.) Constitution. Who can beat it 1 Why any one if he has stout arms and a good stick. E3P~ S-nbssriptions received for the flluttra- ted A'tvu at nine dollars a year, and all other English papers in proportion, daring the war In Europe. Call and supply yourselves at the new News Depot, comer of Main and Wisconsin streets. WM. E. TUNIS & CO. A DAM-SBM..—A-girl calling herself "Alice Gary," and representing herself as the poetess of that name, "diddled" a hotel oat of her bill, and several ladies out of attentions, at Portage last week. She was rather "hans," «nd by her poetical address, «tc., took in a good many. MASOKIO COKVEKTIOB.—The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, commenced their annual convention yesterday in Lading ton's Block. A large number of Masons are here from this utid other States A public dinner will be given them nt the Newhall to-day, ty " Wisconsin Lodge." FAVXB WAREHOUSE.—Hanford, Blackmarr & Co., in the Albany block, under Albany Hall, have a very large assortment of print and finished papers at remarkably low prices. Uttjr have .already established a large trade with the,printers of Wisconsin, which trade, from their liberal manner of dealing is rapidly increasing. . . EicHMOOT>.-.The court of enquiry at St. James' Church, before Bishop Kemper, has resulted in a decision to dismiss Biohmoad frpsB St. Paul's, .and pay him his salary till the first of December next. Ifr. Biohmond has given hirth to a new church called the ^Chiareh of St. Paul," and will hereafter hold •wrfceat Albany Hall, as at St. Paul's hereto- EDITOBS ARRIVING.—Last evening the city was in danger if ever. We saw lots of editors from the " rnrial deestrioks," looking about and taking the dimensions of Milwaukee, apparently with an eye for purchasing From time to time, they came peeping into onr sanctum, looking very dry, and equally good natured. We notice already in town to attend the convention : J. W. Stone, Hanitowoo THbutu. B. Stevens, Mansion Star R. B. Wentworth, Portage City Rtcord B. Hale, Beloit Berald. Bi McBrid-, Sparta Herald A. M. Kellogg, Barraboo Republic Ln U. Drary, Green Lake Democrat. Sam Rian, jr., Appleton Crescent. J H. Wells Jnnean Co Aram. I L. Bloomer and Miss I. E. Walker, Sad- yer Stale Sfonttdy. 3. C. Cover, Grant Co. Herald Pump Carpenter and George Hyer, Madison Patriot. J. K. Proudfit and E. A. Calkins, Aro>u and Democrat. W. T Wbipple, Prescott Transcript A. J. Law-son, Waupacca Kegviter 3: C. Cover, Lancaster Herald If W. Lauwton, Delevan Jfortliron. ^~THi FACTS OF THB CASE.—As considerable has been said in the city in regard to our being expelled from St James Church last night, we Will merely state th« facts, and let the matter rest. Learning that a court of inquiry, to investigate the conduct of Bev. J. C. Richmond, was in progress there, and knowing tbat many of oar readers would like to hear the particulars, we went np The doors were open. All who came were admitted. We walked in and took a seat. After prayer, the sexton came up, laid his hand on onr shoulder, and said we must leave the house—that if we staid the report of the meeting would be in print—that he was instructed to not let us enter, but did not notice us till seated. We asked him for permission to stay, if we would not take a report—merely as a citizen who felt an interest, and who wished to see what was going on. He said his orders from the Bishop were imperative, and tbat we could not stay under any consideration, whereupon we fell. Had the meeting been held with closed doors, we should never have said a word, but church members, and those not church members, saints and sinners, (of which we are as big as any of them,) and men and women, were ther Common COBrieU Pyoeeedlmtfc MILWACKKB, Jane 18,1859, I 7 1-2 O'clock P. M.J or cooHciioBs—uoifiAX His Honor tbe Mayor in tbe Chair ] ,Pre«ent—Councilor* AUer, Buening, Herzer, Eeinemann, Hayden Johnston, JJroeger, L»u- IjVnheimer, Lockwo&d, McCpnalok, MoGrath, Noyea, Rneckent, Boseheck, Tesoh and Vo> |e». . | Atsent—Councilors Bosebuck and Schnlte Tbe reading of the minutes of tbe last meet- Ing- were dispensed with. ... Sundry aoconnts were presented and referred to the appropriate eommittees.- Councilor Kroeger presented petiUona from Belarich Stooknicrt andj Jphann G. Fehren- leldog one hnndWd dollars compensation each, for damages driginaily caused bv the Street Commissioners of the Fifth Ward for 1855, changing the course of n creek in front of lot 9, block 91, and lot fi, block 90, Walker's Point Referred to lue local committee of the Fifth Ward. Councilor Box-Ding prenented a petition from John Hamui, asking that Seventh street and sidewalks, from Poplar to Vliet streets be fin- shed to the eslnl.;i '. .; & , .,,U-. Beferied to the Street Commissioners of tin) Second Ward Councilor Vog«-l presented a petition from L. H. Weeks and others, asking that Second Av- •nue, froih Scott'to Mitchell street in the Eighth Ward, be graded nn.J the sidewalks •lanked. Referred to the Street Commissioners of the Eighth Ward. Councilor Tesch presented a ps-titiou from Vm Barrett in relation to certain Street Commissioners' certificates, issued to David Cullian for grading Brad; street iu front of quar- ;r blacks oust and twojin the Fir,t Ward. Referred to the S-treet Commissioners of the 'irst Ward Councihw Herzer presented a petition from EgKersglish and others, asking that Har- roan streat, from Seventh to Uubriard streets a theS'xth Ward, be graded Also a petition rora Geo. Abert and others, asking that the lay through block 28 in the Sixth Ward, be raded to a temporary grade. Afso a p-tition om I. F. Baast-n and others, asking that tbe .lays through blocks 5 and 43 iu Sherman's ddition, Sixth Ward, be graded'to tbe established grade. Which were referred to the Street Commissioners of the Sixth Ward. Councilor ijerzer presented a petition from Edward Burke and others, as'king that a public Well be constructed at the corner of Third and Vliet street in the Second Ward. Referred to the joint local committees of the on their dfgjnfty, and want to coerce ai. We i*ll this H >us« of Lordg not to stand on oar toegfthey fenow what can be done In billiard rooms, bat i tot about nuisaa&ej, Connciloi Bueuninggaid that, the Board of Aldernwn s apped a great pail of the buaineas sent by thiej Board. CooncUoi' BoMbeck aaid, we should stand on our rig »t? and not alfdsr tWs Hoasa of ^ us; be looked on to it as done Lords to to insult th s Board. Councilor Johnston said they coold he independent of ibe other Board, by establishing a Board of Health; tbe; could then order nni sauces to be abated in any number of d*ys they pleased] Thecbairjput the Question on Ibe amendment of tbu Bowd of Aldermen. Wheu the board refused to concur by tbe following voje : Ayes—Councilors Hayden, Kroeger, Tesch and Vogel—4. Noe»—Conooilors Auer, Buenning, Herzer, Hcinemann, ; Johnston, Lockwood, McCor- iniek, McGnjth, Noyes, Rucckertt and Rosebeck—H i Councilor Buenniug, from the Chief Engineer of the Fife Department to whom was rv- ferred the account of Messrs. Reed and Felt- Irausen for §9> 80, recomtnauded that certaiu deductions bo made, amounting to $11 94. Which report was adopted and the account allowed at $7B 85, and rejerretl to the Controller by a unanimous rote. Councilor HeTzer from the Loral Committee of the Sixth Ward, to whom was referred tbe petition of Jacob Gorti and others, asking tbat Sixth strwit, in the Sixth Ward, be opeu- the W. 20 feet of and we did not think of intruding. These are tbe facts of the case, sutfh as it is. Yesterday a committee waited on us, and said it was all a mistake; that the sexton had no such orders, at least from the Bishop, and tbat ft was no part of their intentions to keep us or others away. "With this explanation, we let the mat ter drop. Second and Sixth Wards. Councilor McGrath presented a petion from Lawrence -Hogan and others, asking to have Jackson street and sidewalks, from Detroit to Buffalo streets in the Third Ward, graded, &c Referred to th« Str,-et Commissioners of the Third Ward. Councilor ilcCorrnick presented a petition from Andn-w MrCormii-k, and others, asking to have the gutters on Detroit street, from Mala to Beach Mrwu, in the Third Ward, paved and unfinished bid-walks planked, \c. Referred to tbe Street Commissioners of tl Third Warl. Councilor McCormick presented a rrmnn Ftrauce from Thomas Keogh against the orde of tbe Street Commissioners of the Third War( for paving the gutters on Detroit street Referred to the local comniilltee of tin Third Ward. Councilor Lockwoo<l prescnU-d a petition from John Fertig, asking to be appointed i commissioner of health for th« First Ward. Referred to the local committee of the Firs Ward The'Chair presented a memorial from Josh ua Hathaway, requesting thst a resolution d* elating lot 4, block SI, and lot 3, block 79, in the Third Ward, public nuisances be rescind ed. Referred to the Street Commissions of th. Third Ward. Councilor Resebeck presented a petition from C. F. Stamm, and others, asking that Reed street, from Lake to Oregon streets, in the Fifth Ward, be graded and paved. Also a petition from M. Wegmann, and others, for the planking of the north sidewalk of Railroad street, from Greenbush street to first avenue. Also a petition from George S Fairchild, asking that a nuisance existing on lot 11 block 23, in said Ward, be abated. Which were referred to tbe local committee of the Fifth Ward. The Chair presented a communication from tbe Citj Clerk, with resolutions, ordinances, &c., adopted by the Board of Aldermen on the 6th inst. lore The Arctic Panorama, one of the finest executed and best conceived works of art ever exhibited In this country, is now drawing large «rowds at Yonng'a Hall. We are proud to see oar milieus appreciating this work of art, as -well as the merits of the great explorer, Kane, and risitingJt not .only once, bnt from day to day. ;Go to-night. Cur.—The Annual Conference of the Western ^TBitaJiaa^hnrch, is to te fceld this yew this city, commencing tr>iUy_ Arnmg*. ute were «ade for the conveyance of dele. gates from Eastern cities, over the Great West- ;wo {Canada) *nd the Detroit ana Milwaukee ^waJB, *> tbat those, attending «ould pass ^ ~""" mds »* one half th« re. Those purchasing '-' J * *"-"'&» Trfll over _ MUKICIPAL COUBT— His HOB. J0DQK FOOTS PRSSIDIKO— JDHE 14ra — Tbos. Doo- hey, drank and disorderly ; fined $20 — com-: milled for 20 days in default of payment . Hdward Pile, disorderly; fined §5 and costs. Patrick Mitchell, disorderly ; discharged. P. J. Pitts, assault and battery : fined $1 costs.. Emma Schneider, stealing silks from store Of Hack Bros. ; waived an examination, and was committed to jail, being unable to procure bait ,."!''•; '.-.... John Eugleberger, indicted for assault and attempt to kill his wife with a batcher knife. Jury empanneled to try him, after which he withdrew his plea of "not guilty," and plead putt/. Sentenced 'to three years' imprisonment at Wannna. Patrick Dirhia and Edward Oline, breaking intotheTwwwor Edward Button, and stealing therefrom; District Attorney entered a nollt ffot. faith* case of B.Cline; and Patrick Divine, npon the*drfcej»f his counsel, W.S. Carter, olead guilty, and was sentenced to one year's imprisonment at Wanpnn. .Frederick Lidhe, indicted Ar stealing a cow last Oct., from Timothy Sollivan ; jury re turned a verdict of guilty, found the value of tte property to be bnt $14. Sentenced by the Court to day to pay * Aae of $50, and defendant to *e committed until the one is naU. Sarah Canfield r 1adlctea./or «teaUng from thdnottse of Morris Loots; sentenced to pay a - . , Under Ae new anangonent the Grand and P«ttSt'jrririei'aa> e 't,een In .session' bat two Which were taken np as follows: A resolution instructing the Chief of Police to take all necessary measures to enforce an ordinance recently passed relating to the payment of licenses by auctioneers. Concurred in. A resolution directing tbe issue of a warrant on the Treasury for $28 15 to Julius Hoyer, for taxes paid and erroneously levied on the -east 42 feet of lot 4. block 114, Eighth Ward. Concurred In. An ordinance to change and permanently establish the grade of a part of Third and West Water streets, and to establish the width of the sidewalks at sixteen feet. Which was read twice. Councilor Johnson aafd he wished tbat the sidewalks of the Fourth Ward could harmo- nise with those of the Second Ward, and moved thatjlt be referred to the local committees of the Second, Fourth and Sixth Wards. Councilor Bosebeok suggested that the local committee of the Fifth Ward be added. Which was accepted. The fandennentioned recommendations of the Street Commissioners, *Ith resolutions approving of the same, passed by the Board of Councilors on the 80th of May viz: P,or abating certain nuisances in the Fourth Ward. | Tor abating certain nuisances In the Eighth Ward. For pavtag the alley in Mock 158, First Ward. i For constructing a sewer through block 16, Third WaroTwere amended by the Board of Aldermen on 'the 6th inst., by extending the; : time to thirty daja, to be allowed -to owners of the respective lots /or doing the -work ordered. T , WWch amendments were concurred in, and thff resolutions a| a^aendcd were aflopted. , ^resolution declaring certain- lots in 'the Second Ward,-pnblic nuisances, and ordering Ihatihey be abated tauten days, was passed bf the B^ard of .Councilors and 'amended by Ihe Board of Aldermen^ jitriking «nt ten, and to the pffloeri «f' the convention in. time they hare dis- * Uuwrttog thirty days, ', which, onder the thcnr, against the' widening «f a part of Jack- Councilor Rosebeck said the Board ot Al «6a«trW»n«a1d Wari, preeentod al ^ op Into the! air. ed and extended, aud tbat lot 1-2, block 24 and the E 40 feet of lot 17, Block 205, in Perkins 1 Addition, be taken for that purpose, preseuted the following re port : . Tbis id to cerlily that the undersigned Street Comm'ssieners ol the Sixth Ward, examined the localities mentioned in the within petition, and report in favor of grunting the extension of Sixth street and the appropriation of parcels of land therein mentioned, for the purpose of extending said Sixth street ERNST HERZER, CHARLES BDSACK, Street Commissioners. Which was adopted Councilor Bu<jnning presented the following recommendations from the Street Commissioners of the Second Ward, with resolutions approving of the same, vij Foi grading 3th street and sidewalks, from Winnebago street to Vliet strevt, and Poplur street from 3d 10 8th ptre^ts, planking sidc- wilka and paving gutters Which was concurred in Conncilor Herzer, from the strict commi«- sioners of the 6th ward, presented like recommendations Mid resolutions — For grading tbe north and south and east and west alleys In blocks 28 anJ 29. sixth ward For planking tbe sidewalks and paving the gutters In front of various lots ou 4th 5th 7th and Cherry -trrttj For gradins Uarm.->n stre.t. and plankiu^ the sidewalks from ii strt»t east lo Hubl.ard street, and from 8d to 7th str«-ts. For trading 6th slr~l from Walunl (,, Harmon *treet, planking i-id-walk and pavin? gnl- ters Which were concurred in. Councilor !I»yd>n. from tbe street slon r- •..' i!. Sib ward preSente.1 r.^oturu-iui aliens— For grading Mini-mi str-^-t und siii-n-allis from First Avenu» to Second Avenue.plauking sidewalks and paving gutter**. For constructing a sewer ou 5th Avenue from Scott to Washington Street, and from Wash ington street from &th to 4th Avenue. Also i sewer through Mineral street, from 1st to 2i Avenue, all in th* 8th ward Which was adopted. Councilor Johnston, from the committee on bridges, to whom was referred a resolution adopted by the Board of Aldermen request ing the superintendent of bridges to repor what arrangements have been nude in relation to attending the city bridges for 1859, and i any persons have been employed, and if so, at what prices per month. Also a report of the superintendent of bridges of his disbursement for tbe month of May, including the payments to be made to tha several bridge tenders, presented the following report: The Committee on Bridges beg leave to amend the report of the S iperintendent of Bridges, so far aa relates to bridge tenders and their salaries. Section 22 of an act of the Legislature, passed March 2Stb, 1958, requires that oaoh bridge tender shall execute to the city of Milwaukee a bond, with at least two sureties, in such sum as the street commissioner may fix. And Ior the purpose of carrying this fully into effect,and to have one man on each bridge, to be held accountable for any damage which may happen through carelessuess or neglect. Your committee would insist that the superintendent of bridges give notice to the several principal bridge tenders, to file such security as early as possible Your committee would further recommend that each bridge tender who complys with tha ibove requirements of the above section of tbe by authority of the city and as it is now im- proTed,'' The Committee said that they wero Of opinion that no change should be made in tbd line of fhe street a« now laid out, and therefore recommended the passage of the following Resolution : Seiohed, Tb» Board of Aldermen concurring lhat the chief of Palico be and he is h.-re- by directed to cause the obstruction made by the ereution of % fence, and the building of a side-walk and gutters on tbe West side of Jackson street, between Oedeu and Lyon streets, in the First Ward, to be removed with in five days from the passage and publication of this resolution. JOHN LOCKWOOD J HE1NEMANN, Committee. Which waa adopted. Councilor Noyes offered the following : Xeiolted, The Board of Aldermen concurring herein, That Peter Huegin b« and lier>by U appointed Inspector of Wood a the market, established for the First and Seventh Wards, aud als6 inspector and Wefgher of Hay at the market, established for said Wards, for the year ensuing. Provided That aaid liuegin shall eater into an agreement with the Aldermen and Councillors of said First and Seventh Wards, to pay the sum of five hundred dollars on account of auid Wards, for the privilege bereby granted. Councilor Hayden said that it was a gen- :ral City matter, and as soon as the othur Districts had inadu their arrangements, the lontroller should be directed to advertise the office of Inspector for each Ward, and moved tbat tha Resolution h« laid on the table. Councilor Lockwood thought that the First and SnVeiilh Wards should l~ allowed tu arrange this matlor th-mscUrs— Ih.y h^) leased and paid the money for d location I.,, the Hay Scales. Councilor Heinemann said Ihe Resolution did not say ho* the money r^t,,! for the office should be paid, he thought th,. Seventh Ward ha.i nothing to iav to it The Chair put ih^ question r.u Mr Hiydt-n's mouiiou, , Which was carried by tl» following vote- Ayes — Councilor Auer, Burning, Herzer. Heiuemauu, Hayden, Kroner. Lauhen burner, MoGrath, Rueck^nt, Rosebeck T-sch and Vogel— 12 Noes— Councilor Johnston, Lockwood, Me Corruick and Noys — 4. Councilor Noy-s presented a plan and specification of » sewer to be constructed betw—n Oueida and Division streets, in th^ Seventh Ward, together with Vh* rvport uf the Street Conituisfiionern, representing that tha lots WISCONSIN GRAND LODOS av MASONS. —The Free Masons hold the annual meeting of their Grand Lodge of the State in this city. The Lodge convened festerday There is a large attendant LANDS AND WATER POWERS 490,000 AfKI -,* oh' fhoic< Richmond and others, on Religious Persecution, and evening prayer, at 7 3-4 p m this (Wednesday) evening. Afterwards a discussion of the proceeding of the Lite FA urn at St. Jamea' Church, called *. 'Court of Inquiry," where inquiry was refuse.) RICHMOND, Rector EI.KCTJD UEI.KC *_/ l-and Fanning and Pine Lmd*. IN W I M «•>•.! \, that ^iatf, FOB s A . . i PERSONAL —Hou. J. R Sharpsteia aad lady left hers on Monday evening by th- Detroit & Milwaukee Railway line, for a [np to New York and Bostnn They will proha. bly l>« absent from home some week-), ami we trust they miy barn a right pl,-asant journey. If the Ac™ should lack in. imer-<t meantime, and the beacy editorial., come up HII why onr paper will then l,e like some Fox and Ai !...» P,., 1 ii H. Cninp, .,,„„• Pr iin- »n.l 11 J^l'^ln^M LCI I u '.V 'I .•..,„! .„„ r- A K .VI I N ( Hi.- l-ir-r-nt ..if. I . V N I vi l-.i: •n .1 Ka,i.. r'l . U OM[ vh I,. VKHT TOUCIIIKO --Mr Bncsn-i the editor of the Caiiajohirie N" V i /{„,{,, M :1 deaf mute, but how elo.|ii-ntly he ni»-.. •.to the language of i<rief iu thi fuiUiwiiw pas sa^re from his last paper We cannot this week till onr usual column — every time hitherto, before this, that w.- have sat in the old place, to the now rvqnlarlr r " earring duty, we have h.-id rambling a4oii< our knr~.*, , JUHti-hes lit Ihe uap^r A littl happy ey,.j, t,o-^j,m.; ,[ U o ...,r< \ .,,t;"," head, nodding as it -hj.ik :U -..rh i i,,,-..-k "bv by, papa, ' un.l turning I ., k ,«,,„ tl , ,„.. iweet childish teasing £{,n „„. ;,;,.. lt|r little finders *r- uo longer h.-r,. n,- |,tn_ >• . are dim with a .liuiness that shall n.-v^r know tl^ oi.t lustre .u<am iu ,| th- !i.<i, cur u lrv . yomier, l.euea:h thit ,od iii.u ^l.-arn-i -.. 'r-,.n- \y beneath the :ie. ; s and ih- ^limni«rnn; wlm..- WITH, U-- NEW ADVKRTISEIVIBNTS N ( > I I < THE RIVEB -Thn .MUmsstppi 41 < n \* p ( ,, u i u now about is hii^h an u wn . v .. r Kunw'n r,. rw. Steamers have a a-i, IK >.'iiiim..;. n,.| ,. :in run almost anvwlier- ur^r tU.- l.i.uoni ,.,o.u Uur gravel road h« U,. u ^riu.j^iv laiim^.i one of the bri.iifes hiving beeu iweuti^iy At Winona thd water 1.1 runnim; thr.jii^h ti',- principal str«eu, an.i i,m» uf th.. iutMt.i-.iai- have ingress and e^n.•sa to their tw-|..,,^« through the upper winduwn .,1, , "city'' i* appru.iohabl,; ,)n -itf,,-r <i.l- • 4 I I W 1 ';', <» I I U N I I I It 1 i;.\\ i i» TUB f'ERlLI OF .lay. »s M r Q«> I p.ov, by thn Dam.' ed taking up their which ought to b- benetitted could nut under I ' Dg '" "'-stjore,^ , u .|.^n <. ( , . . _ ' ! them, since which notl.iu^ hear.I the charter, 1- made chargeabl,, TLer-for Ihe whole amount should I*. cLarg-d to the Seventb W^rd fund, and off-red the following resolution Rcolnrd, Bv the Board of Counrilor? the Board of Alderman d.u.-urrinrf. that tii- rity Controller l~, and hereby i-. dire.-tr.l to ad- v.Ttiie for proposals to build a sew-r on nvr-r ^tr-et, between bivufon and Uiirtda «tr.-et.-, accordiog to plans and ftrx-oificatiorn now on file in thf (.'ontrnller's office Which was adopted. Councilor Noy-i off-r^d ti,c fnl|.,*nv and th-y or.- hpr-hy, auihorize.l t., i,.<u- 1. Alias Sima th.- amount uf t*,) thousan i inn. hundred and niu-iy-n^hl .hillirs |Sj 9'i,- C ,| rity warrant.-, l»-ani,^ ten f »- r ,.,. n t "i,t-,..-i ^ •JSfh »f July, IS. r i.-i, an.i not i^h,-rr,l »|».. the ainoonl r.f t».. hini'lr-l ai,,! riny l,:.. 4 r- fi50) mu-r-at from the .'H:,. , f J,<;\ i-r,^ till the lOlh of Jaue ISV .n l-iiu, 11,, ,;.[,., i-st from that time in f.ill FMHKKMKN — r.. wu ;ln ,| l n ,. i i'Joh:, \V-in, - h. men >( them Ju n t Ufor- th- <., were -evn by tbflr fri-ii.h fr. in rl,.. . i, also by jome uf the r.-ntn' ..r - i^ .1-. who w>-r« >;ut neur th-ru. Th • «• n.i ' the ?.oijth-w-st ai the time, an 1 .....n to a gale, whi.'h L'ontlnu-1 fur u-nr!y Ther» n a lou»t >.,,. •!,,• i-afwi/i-d, and they p-rnh-.j — - , '•if. TR i VKL \oaru — Th- i i r~-n «av- th»l Ih-r- has !> th- openirij? of the ', li!.ilshm>-Qt .'f on ronl-, when the traveling pubi -n n.i i m r.' 11,. I > th- H.IV .• h.i. amendments to the city charter, shall furnish its own assistant atad pay him from the amount illowed by this Board for tending such Bridge. Your committee! would therefore amend the report of the superintendent, by striking out' 'Bfty," and inserting "fifty-five dollars per month forWalkerls Point Bridge," and for •lenomonpe Bridge, strike out "forty," and nsert "thirty dollars per month." Huron street bridge, strike out "forty," and nsert "thirty-five dollars per month " Spring street bridge r strike ont ''forty,'' and nsert "thirty-five dollars per month." JOueida street bridge, strike out "forty," and nsert "thirty-five dollars per month." Chestnut street bridge, strike out "forty two" and insert "twentyiflve dollars per'month." Cherry street bridge, strike but "twelve" ind Insert "nine dollars per month." All of which is respectfully submlttedl i A. H. JOHNSON,; I ERNST .HERZEB, • Committee on Bridges. Councilor Eerier; said he had pnt his' name o the report, bnt he now thought that thirtr- ive dollars wonld not be,too much for attend- ngChesnnt street iridge. . . Conaolloi' Heine)aannmoved to! strike ont '$25" rind insert'$35" for attending Ches- ant street bridge., Which was lost. The report of the committee was ^hen adppt- d ' t 1 <7oonoUor look rood from the lorol Committee .of the fim Ward, io whom was refer-! red the Petition cf Francis Sohemberg and On the ruction of I'oun. i!.i»r II iv referrv.1 to th- h irbor comrn tt, - Connrtlor I.octwood aff ru.t u,. HtKiti-rd, Th- Board of Ai.f-rm-n ring, that tl... ,-,,utra.-i ,>f John H. 1\ Ard, 1m, au.l lbeH»ln-i.i h-r-i v .• i i Ihe tirsi day of .>-pteinb,-r n. xt Whli-h was adopted Councilor HcQrail, il. r .1 th- i ui ,. Kc*ulced. The Board ot AI l-rm-n rini;, that ib- Str—I Third W»rd be. and ar n l,- r -'. v In reruove the <-nh uow living ^^joi Si.n bridgp. and cause the s»m- to >». pi.,,. foot of Detroit street, Third W^rd. a^ i lion crib agamst the i'nc.roarhm-,,1 ' !a'.li*h.-il «t,.iimlHmi runt. f -nee o( former i-a.sor.^ h. j .'..Hit the I r-^-Iit p.Tf-, '. • rtr.r. whi<-h H-.-]ailly -a ! -in.,- an.I i.ii^<n-<.4 ' t.,»-,»- - • I. .,:.,„„ ,-r tt ,;. • ..i-t : ..- U;tl.- in i irrir t'-rn. ,if th • : I J • .ir ll,- *» tl ur ;.*u,i!ly ,|iiiet city <T.VH <n itnru-i;-- -x.-itHrn.-nt on Mon.l^ by in -lUrni .if Hi- m tl,,. :t,\ w )r I >.~ in id- -WV«t-rn Mil!- ,,f . l.r K-. ( n 0 rHa..hiD< ib- <[:„ U" '(iiauiity oi' i-ur-l w-i.i.l u-1 I v- .Mr B-rt.-.-hv II tanc- n-'Tir at han I. t 1 ,.- :, •n great -as tho Mills *-- r ^ j u nor . -*r r-a.iy .m-f rtB.-i- i 1 f. .t«n<- .| with M RtiolveJ. furtiirrmnre, That th.> Street I'om- mlssioners of the Third W.ird I* and ar- hereby, directe.1 to find out tvhat information they can concernin« the crib that rioated nut of th« harbor into Lake Michigan, an.i in on tbe l^4ch, in the Third Ward, and they are hereby directed to like said crib, or any part thereof, wherev-r ib-y may find il an.i'cai the same to be placed at the foot of Haffilo street, as a protection crib against the encroaching of Lake Michigan, aud tun Ciu Engineer is directed to estimate the Mxpense of said cribs, which will bo paid out ol the Third Ward fund into the general city fund. Rnolvcd, furthermore, That the Street Commissioners of the Third Ward, be, and are hereby, directed to report to the City Attorney and Chief of Police, any information they may gather concerning the. crib which floated out of tho Milwaukee river into Lake Michigan, aud floated ibenre in on the beach of the Third Ward, and of the party or parties which broke np said crib, and sold the same and the Cily Attorney is directed to prosecute to the utmost extent of the Uw said party or parties implicated, immediately. Which was adopted. Councilor Lockwood oft'-red the following: Resolved, The Board of Aldermen concurring. That the Controller be requested to advertise in the official paper for five days, to receive proposals for the weighing of hay and measuring of wood, /or the district composed of the 1st, 7th and 3d Wards Adopted. Councilor Vogel offered the following: Retained. By the Board of Councilors, The Board of Aldermen concurring. That the local committees of the 5th and 8tii Wards select a suitable place for a hay acale and hay and Ward market at their earliest convenience. A dopted Sundry accounts reported correct by the respective committees, were allowed and referred . their ma.-hiu--! KcrUchT iu;id^ them i ,--ry pre.^ril. and«l thnta kindly' :'nr Had Sh"b,iy^an i fnw more, inch nin B-rtsc-hy, the tire d-partm-nt woii! t *H3laiUe<i --I.<lke Sh,.r. .1 /,.„„.> m.| I I r,J st vr-ek .mt rulin.; passmn ' to the Conlroller. K B LYNCH. City Clerk. WISCONSIN NEW CHCHCH ASSOCIA TIO».—The second annual meeting of this Association was held at Horicon, three days, last week. The attendance was larger than last year, and more towns In the Slaite were repre- Btmted. The Treasurer's report showed tbat the subscriptions for tbe past year amounted to $100; that $240 Worth of books had been purchased and between 500 and 600 volumes sold and donated. The Si-cretary's report was also satisfactory. : ' Letters were read from many interested in .he Church,: residing at remote and various parts cf the State, who were unable to be present. •„ The convention was an interesting one, and some important proceedings transpired. The officers chosen for the present year are nearly the same as last year, thus: President—W. H. Bntferfleld, of; Horicon. Secretary—P. A. Ryan, of Appjeton. Treasa«!rf-E. B. Persons, of Milwaukee. Jtanag^rt—H. Seavey, of Oahfcoah, and T. Stringfellow, oi%MllwanJ:ee. Tha next Upnual meeting of this Assoola lion will be held in Milwaukee |on Friday, Jnne 1st, I860, and-continue threeidays. ••;.--.. ,| ' ; is ft link between Heaven sod earth. Boft a Bologna sausage when thrown A case oc<-urrr whu-h prove- tbat th strong in a railroad -ima..ib.-iip.'.n in sell An exjarsion • • iin wn.t from Chu-a<n to Cincinnati uver the uew route, i inn ,if ihn fair exoursioniats. a very pretty vonni; l;im.ii< wife, purchased a •• IOTH u[' i (wnn-t " il '"in cinnati. Ou the r>-t_um trip ^nme B'cn.l- |.|.i.-ed rails across the track, and the trim -x is thrown off, the engineer v-ry ha.llj urar-l and several of the passmgvrs sm^sh^l in.) bruise.1. One of those uk^o .>nt^i-t.-r-i bly crushed aad almost -nun.-.l. wis U., young lady alluded to n r , re.-ov-nn^ i,-r senses, the ttcund mieStion iht iske.1 T.IS ,', »>*y kmb'ind sfif??" — tbe TVs; hd"in<: ii*~n _ " Wmas is MY OOSSRT !" THS OBATOB Aas.jr VTCL VTKD — W-. 7^ r v much regret to learn that ii»n King, who • was appointed to deliver thea.idr«fii h-fore th^ ! Editorial Convention, has left tho State, md will not be present upon that o.'ra-oon HH has left, as a substitute, a young lawyer of Milwau j k-e mrr-l Dennis. W» consider <lt»n Kiui: < ' • l '. i ly unjustifiable, ami ahowinu a ! iisrvspeot to the Stain Press that is entirely I out of character We do not blame Mr fVnn.i who was probably not aware of th* view that would be taken by the pr» S s of the matter If Gen. King wished to select a substitute. h» i should have selected one from among the ru-m- bers of the Association, and not intimated l,v his action — as h« seems to Uav- done — thai only a Milwaukee lawyor can instruct and -n- tertain them — Madison .lry>u CITY ADVEKTISEMENTS N i l 1 I ( WRBBKB'S RSAPSB.—We wish to call ih- attention of our farmers to the advertisement of Webber's Reaper. We are personally 40- qualnted with the manufacturers, ind hav* often seen their reaper at work' and have no hesitation in pronouncing it the cheapest, the best, and the kast liable to get out of r-pair, of any reaper now manufactured io the West It is so constructed that ahould the sickle strike a substance sufficiently hard as to stop its m» lion, there ia no danger of its bruakinq, as it is run with belting instead of oog gearing, as is tbe case with other reapers. It Is much easier of draft than any other reaper we ever saw,ami this, combined witli iU simplicity and cheapness, should attract general attention from farmers. Any one wishing farther inJbr-mation can be accommodated by calling upon us; an.i should they wish to purchase, w« will act as agent.— Burlington Gazette. TUB MiLWAtrKEB LlonT Lilian. — This flu- company passed through h«r» at 5 o'.-locb this ! morning, en route tor New York. The (rain was behind time and did not stop (or breakfast is usual, go tbat they remained but a few minutes, long enough, however, to shake i handg with a delegation of the Utica Citizens' Corps. Serg't Keyser, of the Corps' gun squad fired a salute in their honor Which awakened onr citizens from their morning nap, and caused many of them to surmise that the Austrians had croaaod the Mohawk in order to furnish late war news to our respected cotem- porary " over the way." The salute was entirely unexpected to the Guard, and aroused tbe tired soldiers from their comfortable berths in the sleeping cars. After the interchange of courtesies with the Corps, th* Light Guard departed amid reciprocal cheers. We noticed among the Staff officers, Gen, V W. Roth, formerly of this city, an old member of the Corps. who turned out with the " Old Guard " on the 22d of February last. The members of the Light Guard speak in rapturous terms of their reception at Detroit and Buffalo, They anticipate great pleasure from their trip eastward. They have been tendered a, reception here on their teturn, by the Corps, which they will acoep. if they can make arrangements to remain over.— Utica Telegraph. N c K .urth \ v.-nii Lot 1 il l I' DKN I V.H.K1. H 11 C. PFISTER& CO. SItsu/actareri and Dealers la Fludingv, Hides, dec. Itilait W«t«r • treat, MUw»o)i«i, Wu. 0*ltop«W for Hides, W to. Wool. Ao. 1 ii 4ft 1(1.44 , ll.Jft 4.1, ;.i 4x. ;s il.'JU , 17.117 ir.u7 17.JI 17,ns II. US K. L'U. NCJ'l'U'K. B Y reaolutlon jt the Cu 1359. a Opting tho r*ciimm.' .BB4 »»H!«, I Contract Uepartminl, Mllwukec, JnDe IL', IKia i t the Cummiia O.,uii<;ii ji Jun- *ii . g tho r*ciimm.'ndati.>n i/ •/!.- Hlr-,-1. CorarntiHloners of the Eighth \v»r.'. 1.1 h»v- lV:i.n.., street and sldewalltj, from dl.xih .iv.uu^ 1.1 -.hen -at Una of Walker's addition *ri«l.-il iu»I t,> r t >p»ir ;ti. north »>dewalk betwrcn flrsl anil Si.xlfi Aveuuen, «n.l plank tha north gldewilkt nf <mtl <trt-r.t. from n r «t Avaaae to th.> wnt line or lV:iik.-r's Ponu ,i,iuiu.,p. i is ordered : That Walker «r«!t »nd fldmnikj i> 0 urailmi 10 ih- establllbe-1 grmile, nortl\ mlaviilk, ftptveen Klrst au.i Sixth ATenow repulred, in. I tho mirth jlilenalk from Flist Avenue lo tha »e« line .if Wa|k er ' 3 p ulnl ' ^jj,. Uon be planked In »c^:ord»n.-a irith tho .-ulm »to ,t the City Engineer on ttla in ta e Comptroller's office Owner« or agents of property mtere»t«l In ihe ibuv., naiaeil Imjirovementj MO nereby notified to make the. lame ID accordance with the estimate of :he Clkv Knui neer on flle In this office, <ruh!n twenty-one <lay, "fr,,m ttepabUc«Mon of thi»no'ice,..r the Street Comm 1M i»^ enrf tfccElrtU, Ward wlU cau,,, the ,a m e " to " dh ' e<i ca tho ce »P«:"ve lots Mcordln 83.

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