The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1971 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1971
Page 4
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uage is for everyone There's nn imago UwU needs tearing down and rebuilding. Because oMt, a great many persons will not be present at the Brazosport High School Auditorium next week, and thereby will be denying themselves one of the great delights of civilization, The terms "symphony" and "classical music" do more to form this Image than what is actually performed on the stage, tt leaves an image of something enjoyed only by unworldly' ; intellectuals and otherwise patronized by pretenUous socialites. It isn't. t \ symphony orchestra's performance ol classical music has exactly the same basic purpose as folk music, or martial music, or popular music. The kind, of music a symphony orchestra plays is harder (o write and to perform than oilier kinds of music, and therefore the playing end of a symphony concert is possible only by the most talented musicians. But the listening end Is for everyone. Uke any other form of music, the classics speak to a person's emotions and moods, and they need no knowledge of the composition, or any education at all for that matter, to be clearly understood. If a piece of music can't communicate, it's the writer who's at fault, not the listener. An example illustrates. One of the most awe-inspiring sights on earth is a sunrise on the Grand Canyon. Words fall short of describing in such a way that one who's seen it recalls the vividness of the scene. An artist doesn't have the range of brightness to do much better. But in Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite," the instruments can produce the tonal equal of the first faint rays of sunlight, then by increasing depth and volume of disciplined sound, can evoke the same welling of spirit that was aroused by the original sight. And the music knows no language barrier. For the fourth time since tlw high school auditorium wns built, Braiosporl* Is to be the guest of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, It Is a tribute to the area's sense of appreciation of fine music that this organization will accept continuing Invitations to perform here. Brnzosport has always been distinguiscd for its own musical talent. High School bands andn cappella choirs, from junior high up, have customarily attained the highest standards in competition. Now the schools arc developing concert performers of increasing competence. It would encourage the Houston Symphony and its sponsor lor the local appearance, the Unuosporl Fine Arts Council, for the auditorium next Tuesday to be filled by an audience prepared for n thoroughly enjoyable experience. PAUL HARVEY NEWS A declining stock market good news A declining stock market is good news? This declining stock market Hol Boyle's i People NEW YORK <AP> - People are always going up or down in this world. The summit is the goal but it is a crowded, restless place and hard to perch on for long. It behooves a man, therefore, to know whether his career is ascending or declining. In a world of sjtam - 1 Uiisisigl always Joueasy-rBul there are certain guide marks, ForeJUimpJe. you don't have too much to worry about if— You are the one who gives the ulcers, not the une who gels them. Your wife belongs lo iho fur- of-lhe-monlh club. It is no trouble for you to remember the slreei addresses of all your love nests, bul now and then you have trouble remembering the names of the girls you feathered them for. When you play golf it never rains. It wouldn't dare. You have acquired a chronic but non-fatal illness so rare lhat most of your friends' doctors have never even heard of it. Harvard has asked for your brain after your deaih— assuming, that is. (hat the world could survive such a calamity. Yes, sir. there is no doubt about it. You've got it made. made. made— in every possible way. Bul what about the other side of the mailer? How can you tell if you are on the skids? Here, too, there are guide marks. Your career is certainly going (o bell in a hurry if — When your magazine subscription expires, they don't ask you to renew it. Your socks have so many hates in Item they look like a fish net. The other teen-agers in your block won '(let your kid belong to their hippie gang. When you drop into your country club for a drink, the bartender goes on reading his newspaper for 10 full minutes before asking what you'll have. After you've given your views to a poll taker, be tears up the paper with your answers and throws it down a sewer, The Women's liberation movement refuses you permission tu become a member, Spmeqae bug* your phone— but by ip«ake. He mistook you far «meWy unpomoL 'fljere'* no doubt about it, man. Vow oped to pull yourself together 3i*j maie 9 dramatic to gel your career ' In gear. Uuqfc ol trying u uew , § fellow has to start is good news. One subject on which nobody is an expert is the stock market. SVant evidence? During September, 1968, the stock market posted an all- time high when most analysts had been forecasting a plunge. The Wall Street Journal published a front-page confession lhat the experts which it regularly quotes did not know what they were talking about. Want more evidence? Wtbe experts were so expert would all those broken have gone broke or run for cover these past three years? Including four big ones! The only stock market advice you ever got from this column was this: If you haven't the stomach for a roller-coaster ride, stay out of it. So if anybody tells you the downtrend is over or that the slide will slide further, tell his you remember 1968. And lots of other times when the highly touted economists had egg on their faces. Wall Street is never having to say you're sorry.'' 5 "-.,,-' .-, But the traders are a breed apart. The news is good, they go to sleep: It's bad, they go to pieces. Have you beard Robert Orben's version pf how the world will come to an end? What the last spoken words will be before the world comes to an end? Orbcri says, "In the concrete bunker 800 feet under the White House sits a lone individual with a red telephone and a black button. "The phone rings, he picks it up. The President of the United States orders him to mash thai button. He says, •Yes Sir.' "Then he hangs, up. "And with trembling hands reaches for ihe olher lele- phone, dials a number. Then, his voice cracking with emotion, be says '.Merrill Lynch? All of which is preparation for this observation. This recently sagging stock market is good news. It reflects the inflation fever—subsiding. Recent years Investors have hedged in the market against the apparent inevitability lhat dollars would be worth less. And speculators took advantage of that logical response. Now, if dollars are going to slop shrinking so fast—and Treasury Secretary Connally expects the Inflation rate to be cut in half this next year—w« can all invest with prudence Instead of in panic. History sayj It's better that an overheati-d slock market cools down lhan for our nation's rurrency to burn up. So, Merry Christmas! BUS/NESS MIRROR CAUTION: SMOKIN* MAY §£ •--''•? - ..- - ~T. School-income link part of research center role ByJOIINCUNNIFF A I' Btulaeu Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - The question will always be debated: Does higher education lead to greater income, or is educalional achievement merely evidence of the same drive that later makes a person a money-maker? Most people feel there is a direct cause-effect relationship, that the person with the college degree has learned skills that sell for the highest rale in ihe market place. But who can deny that there isn't an element of the other position, that the allegedly superior person is so ambitious lo succeed that he seeks out the education? Is the relationship cause—effect or incidental? While the debate goes on, the empirical evidence shows lhat the higher the educational achievement the higher the income, and that anyone who FOUNDED IK U!) THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS peoic4reo re rue GROWTH «HO PBOGRISS or INAZOHIA COUNTY James S. Nabors Editor and Publisher Chester C, Surber Business Manager George W. Johnson....Composing Room Foreman Frank Ramirez Press Room Foreman NaneJJe Ma Jlory .Office Manager Bennie D. Botilet Circulation Manager EDITORIAL DEPT. (ill-mi Heath Managing Editor Ituberla Daiisby Assl. Managing Editor JonnPlaUer , Sport* Editor Dee Mclllienny Women'* Editor ADVERTISING DEPT. Ui-i aid Dew Retail Advertising Manager Pearl Glover....Classified Advertising Manager Entered as 8*fon4 Class matter March ||, WZ. at Ifc* Freeport Tew*. Posl Office, under the act of Cpngresi of March 8, W«. * PtiMisJied daily aad Swwfcy except Saturday tt Wl K. Park Ave., Freeport, T««ai fry Review Publishers. l«. located *t 3W g. Pajrl AiTt Freeport, TWH- Jfffl»* 8- Nabors, Vr&HaH. SubKriptka rsles: By carrier, daily »nd 8iM(t«y> I?.1J ftf nwath. Mall sutecrlpikm rules are available M request, a»4 are p»y* We IB advwc*. *e »««r*j|* not f«k. be »l*»y» ioikurfloVoJ, to U.U Editorial wishes to challenge the cause- effect proponents does «o at great risk. The Survey Research Center at ihe Univroily of Michigan finds that among families with incomes of 125,000 or more, K> per cent of the family beads had at !ca*t some college training. By contrail, of those families with income of le&j than W.OOO some 63 per cent of the breadwinners had less than 12 grades of education. Findings »uch a» this by the center makes it one of Ihe nation's great storehouses of information for those who wish lo keep up with the Jones4»~or al leasl no* far behind—although its real purpose is far more academic and serious. How do you compare in your use of installment credit? The Center's 1970 survey shows that slightly less lhan half of all American families had outstanding installment debt in early 1970. Thirteen per cent of families were found to have more lhan 12.000 in bills, and about 11 per cent were trying lo pay off bills ranging from 11,WO (o 12,000. This doesn't mean that Americans don't have savings side by side with debt. Many families do, in fact, during the same period, only 16 per cent of families had no savings at all. Close to two-thirds of all families were found to have savings accounts—maybe it should be said that one-third don't and the percentage holding more than $5,000 in cash deposits and bonds were determined to be 21 per cent. The survey showed that Ihe median holding — half above, ha!/ below- was $1,300 for savings accounts, and that 7$ per cent of all families had checking accounts, with the median holding being 1250. But those figures are for liquid assets only, meaning those assets that can quickly be poured over an impending financial fire, or, as sometimes happens, ipilled down the drain. Permanent assets are much greater Uum liquid assets. More than 70 per cent of beaded by middle- age parent* live in llwir o-*n homes The figure r»e* from a low of only II per cent for thcs* under 3 yean, reaches 77 per cent In the 54*1 age category, and (hen drop) to 71 per crnl for those 65 t* older In early 1970, ihe median home value waa found to U- 117.800. and the median equity I1I.5O) Hyooarrburdejwdliy Ihe p*ycholngical and financial vneight of a mortgage do not feel alone, sixty per cent of all homeowner* have such debt l)o not be overly avwl by (he two car family either Karly in 1970 the number ol families wilh two or more cars was 41 per cenl. a <mlMUintu>l increase over the Bi per cent reported In 1967 TJiey ton are mortgaged In fan. lwtHhird.1 of all new car purchases are on credit. Credit, you may have observed by now, w the American way. While (he center doesn't provide statistics on Ihe /lumber <>f sludcnls going lo college on credil. you may be certain it u rising. Remember when borrowing was a sin? Now everyone does it. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE < Frecport, Texas, Tuesday, November 30,i»7i ANDERSON MERRY-GO-ROUND MAKERS OF DARVON INSIST IT IS BETTER THAN ASPIRIN; TWO MEDICAL COUNCILS SAY IT POISONS LIKE NARCOTICS: SO ANDERSON REFUSES TO RETRACT HIS WARNING OF DRUG 0 ByJACKANDKIWON WASHINGTON - The maker* o( the anil- pain pitl Darvon have challenged our charges lhal their pr|« pill 1* no better than aipirln for Mopping pain and, worse. lhai it it being taken by addict*. *«mrtlm«» with Irtlial results. We expected the pilt'» pruduw. KU Ully & Co.. tp |»w|, After all. the company run* up «K» million law year in Damn *al« But" w* didn'l expect Die respected firm to tell outran He*, one of them now admitted by * shamefaced «pokt*man In iu am*er to our column. Ully claimed flatly thai "iw InjectaWe form of Uarvw U marketed" The twii^i/iy krte* fhU *4» witrue H.J»WI Newril, UUy'» praw chief. now ctxwttl** iitt in)cctabk (orm it m»rirt<*i ovrawit. He alto ewKttks thai domrtiie tlitrvon can t*e dUaolvinl afaj mjvctrj Itrrr are addtiumal (acu that tjilly wiint«J from it* Mai<fiwn< ami would like to h*U> frwn ih* |*il)lir in order l» keep then* llir $sj million mark., The i-umrrMHU* Journal of the Mcvhval iVviooaitod lepcried un Aug. to, WO ••{ t rutw>p* t «wr ittervofti kt iw more effecthe ihiifi a.i[*rttt w eedww 4ts*J evr« t» mfrri»r la ktUera i" Yet IXir\tK» t-gnU JO titura iwpmn and man) unto m**<r lUUVUNVjt. A.SHMIN The AilA'i CiUitoitn OixatcrU en rrjvrtici) tn «,» I regulation And the reluctant regulator* at the Food and Drug AttininUlratkm take their *i«n»U frwn the While Iteuw The re«p«cted Medical Ijetttr alto rvpxu thai Oarvpfl it "capable erf (woducin* dependence* " Kven twoyeOr* ajjo, «4lw the v 1 Medical tetter, Ully had "on file JT .ea*es of dependence *« well a* U c*»*» of dependence,"" (iaytofJ NHwn, t>-Wi» ., ha* altu ppur|tn£ out ch«r«M For Maniple, I)r Willum Martin, chief of the National |r««uutr u | Menial Itnillh at th« AddwriiMt Itnrarcit Cmtet in l.nut^toii. Ky ., loW \ht thai (Mriiw* "prw«h*rei* # ru(jfeuru'* at>l *«4/r«-U thai l( "ttwu&t ox be [*t-scriJ«rt! in plate at a»{rfru« " t)r JiVui .VJttUhi, tMi AMA tttug chairman^ called |)ar»o« it AH ihtei at ttie VcUtaw Iknpttal to 1'ak. AJtw, i'alif t told ,S*ty».tor N*i«»n at hi» rtfixtt 10 rr»lf *J tf>* W>* o< f >df »Wfl bnt'4U*F if i» JW IrlSrf (li.jft «.>(4ltn Jrtl "(*otuM> emit *) wf :5<J timts «» the } VVjftm the win»r amount <ti \tvr x /. H We nuirv. ami w»wjl!y tew. rfkctivr Mine tlenr o Abuste a( (tiwrphttw t>jw *.tj«ru> ot fuv* fevn It ¥ Yet finllujm o< Am<rr*cam uw? Dar of UM.-IOO preterit*: i| « Uurd tttotv i*t rrf It' tfttw* at 0*- of Scirnctt- »h !hp AWA'« f >! -4l of ••|rt!tw|j:H }«rt. lo thr Ut bj »»x> frrn«>-»r Wx wsjl«tai <r*t«m ^x.... ., .. , p«* U I r«T»Ktm( ,Nnon *twn< Jjnrwiu Irjmru-iwnfj tc« »<iK4r tjada) i« Warn.-? t^tntwrl I'hjf rffrtci* ofel KJi THE WORRY CLINIC Why they malinger H) C.HOIUiK W ( KA.NK I'M).. M.O C-WSK S-UJ; Ijmlj H It, ttj.* 4 pwtwnl Jl Ihe OcnUI CoJIrjjp Clinic "Had." o«r »<>« Uanirl t*T{4n. "'h*' '*r*il<i vomit at the ulighlcsl prctcU "In tocf, I dvcKkcl the rirn did it un |Hirjxj»r. /««! lo at- trad morr attention ffprn h*r mother and u* doctor* "Hut 1 »aj » Mrnwr tiutknt and Ml 1 nhmild lc» the profcswor handle the matter "So I called him (o (he chair and II* very w*t lime I Jut Urala began to vomit. Ih* profi-ssor stuck hu thumb under her chin "Tlnrn Iw (irmly pu»l«xl upward, till her lo<*er teeth wfrr against the upper*, wymg; 'Now you wallow if "Well. Unda did so 1 "Ami never atlcmpied to vwnil again while in my l chair!" M.MIM.KHIMi m twth will Th»l mrani lhr> (eifn illiK-^.« tx pain. uiu4ll> lor wwtw ullertor purpavr And MMTicdnvni lh«rj da «o. v<xtu!ni ar»4 w) ta »«T (lot lifrvc. thf tide o4 htt (fr* (wfcc are! tNrn (hry alto rjlkv) ( c « C mi k, to*, IM ( "Htit comti '/ wo) in fh* ne/'onfro/nood an' thought I'd ifpp tif m Ao* mflny cop/ei o/ "Ymtogt fwr r'gll aoYf told iwjoi,' gyqinl" bluntly acimitteci (he-, art mjiig fn^nctl illrx"v» a» a club over rrlativo For example, many a xrhnoJ child will complain at stomach ache al breaUasl lime (Well) enouKh, this u.tuall> octw* only on tchwl diyt never on holidays" And even doting mamma may develop a convenient headache when she wishes (o avoid certain social obli&aUons she likes to at aid Worker* by Ihe lens erf Ihuusdhd* aUo reduce our industrial efficiency by telephoning Monday morning lhal ihcy arc "sick " If W. llwy arc usual!) having a hangover from carousing on Sunday night wilh John tiarlcycorn! Senior Oturns likmkiM can lurn un a lot of extra medical symptoms lo gain more sympathy from relatives or neighlxmi. Kvcn a toddler MXM learns thai the sicker he appears to be, the more cunilernation and cxciicmeni h« produces among the adults in his home (n dentistry, many people do lend lo gag, tvptvijliy if they arc Iwving an ImprrMion made for false teeth. For the plaster often tickles the buck of their throats, thus starting the gag reflux Bul (he more you think about such things a* vomiting or a squeamish stomach, the more you nau»ee'.s yourself, My daughter Judy and 1 were once flying bock to Chicago from her borne in Newark, N,J. It happened to be stormy weather, so a woman In the middle w-ai j u »t t wo row , «»>wd of u* suddenly cried out lhal lh»« air t»«vn<iw conUjtHiui. abrvjrfijl reprimanded the nomin v>jin« "You mint Mop Uu*' Then ih* Orwardeit.* PHI.MVI aroum) qwentramuirra for i!i at ws [xitwnKto lo fiU wt Usimg pur wuJvca ami dultkn re aupUne lr«»ei Uul she KM mefel) lo divert the allrnlfoa of remaining pauengert they'd not induce in "»)m pathetic vomiUng " Vow can often control nausea b> diverting your attention' THOUGHTS All who have ttnntd with out the lout wilt aUo i>eni>\ without tht law. and all teho howt n'ntied under Iht law wilt be judged bu in; law.—Romant 2.J2, should be like clothe*, They should b« made lo fit the people they are meant to serve.— Cl»r- epc« Darrow, American Jurist.

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