Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 29, 1948 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1948
Page 5
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GERMANS GATHER FUEL-With coming of winter, residents of blockaded western AT n£r?rri?£ ™ fT a r thei r firewood fl>om toppings of felled trees in Grunewald forest. AIAJINU 1HE TR All,—Indians drive sheep from an approach to the Little Colorado river midge at Cameron, Ariz., in the Painted Desert region of the Navajo reservation FARM BUREAU EXCHANGE FOR SALE Extra good Shorthorn bulls, purebred and grade. Ernest Katz, Mason City, TU. 1, Ph. 915J1L Extracted honey. Richard Dean, Mason City, Rt. 3, Ph. 9F22. 3935 Dodge. Nels M. Hanson, 1626i N. Penn. Call afternoons. 48-52 Int. Combine, complete with motor pickup, Scour Kleen. Perfection milker, 2 single units or will sell units separate. LeRoy W. Miller, 2 mi. north Clear Lake, creamery road. See Ed Mathre, Ph. 429J4, for your fertilizer needs. Serum is available for Farm Bureau members at HyCross hatchery, city limits south of Mason City. PHIL R. SHEIMO AUCTIONEER FERTILE,, IOWA PHONE 649 Countryside By Albert and Susan Eisele Blue Earth, Minn. The lowa-Mmnesota borderland (we live just 4 miles north of that border) was on the fringe of that bad snowstorm early in the month. One is always conscious of being on the fringe of a bad snowstorm, tornado or hailstorm, because such convulsions of nature are spectacular and one is thankfully aware of one's good fortune in escaping the brunt of the blow. * — However, nature is often less spectacular, as in droughts or over prolonged periods of excessive rainfall, and here there may be fringes that go unrecognized. You hear that' 50 miles away the corn is burning up for lack of moisture. You may be in the fringe of that drought area but you don't realize it. Nature. is spectacular and we notice her then but nature is always fluid and 'in transition. She cannot be violent all the time. * -x- # We are now driving a new car, a Chevrolet 2-dopr. In town the other day at least 8 persons asked us, "How do you like the new car?" Of all the foolish questions! Some time ago Bernard de Voto, in his Easy Chair department in Harpers,.said that driving a new car was a notable experience. We agree with Mr. de Voto TYLER-RYAN Pre-lnventory Stock Reduction Sale NOW ON Save On Furniture Rugs — Appliances For Your Home RESERVE YOUR MADE - FOR-WINTER PENNSYLVANIA VACUUM CUP CLEAT TIRES Beat bad driving weather to the punch! Reserve your Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup Cleaf Winter Tires now! We'll keep them for you . . . put them on when you need them .. . store your, good weather tires 'til Spring free of charge! For driving in snow, mud or slush... you can't match Pennsylvania V. C. Cleat power. They dig in and pull where others spin . .. keep you always on the move. Get your Pennsylvania V. C. Cleats today! EASY PAY PLAN p er today! Aalittlea»... Week AVAILABLE AT MASON CITT DEALERS Pon Nultlnr 13th and No. Fed. Cory it Hill Melon 1619 So. Fed. nit Swonion B«tm«nd Cecil C»rr Floy* Cliff Hurrlnjlon Mona Ctirfnr* Gr»prr F.lmer Tn.iel 40J 3rd N. E. Ernie Andtnon 315 So. Louisiana ADJACENT TOWNS Don Johnion Clear Lake Bill Drake Garner Frank Selman Nashua Rnnrrt .1. Jacoh*<in Rutland Rrckjordon Broi. 931 E. Slate Kum Super Service Fertile Elmer Moitrom Kensrlt Bob Dineliff Nora —driving a new car is a notable experience and especially when one has been driving a 1937 model, as in our case. The older the model you have been driving, the more exciting the experience of driving the new one. We don't remember what model Mr. de Voto had been driving but it must have been a rather ancient one because after he drove his new car he got all steamed up about it in his column. We would imagine that those people who get new cars often are really missing something in life. They are losing out on the true flavor of one of American industrialism's greatest blessings. For example, a mailman once told us that he had gotten about 25 new cars thus far in his life. To him a new car must be as common-place as his morning breakfast. Consider this poor mailman! He will never know the thrill of making a shift from a '37 to a '48,,model! '* * * Our new car has the gearshift on the steering wheel. That's another shift that we had to make. Susan hasn't mastered it as yet. In 'fact she hasn't even tried it. She-says that she may never learn to drive it and is still studying it as it is manipulated under the capable hands of friend husband and sons. Especially sons. But even though the boys are always asking for the car, it seems that we practically live behind the steering wheel. We are like those Asiatic nomads, the Kalmucks and such, who practically live in the saddle. The Arabs spend a lot of time in the saddle. They say-that a man should dismount as seldom as possible, that dismounting and remounting wear out a horse. The kind of mounting that we often see here on the farm—a boy making a leap for a horse's back, hanging on by the mane for a minute or 2 while he struggles to gain his position—we would say that that would wear out any horse. * * -K- Down in South America, on the other hand, the Gauchos say that it helps a horse to get off now and then and lift the saddle for a moment so that the air may get between the saddle and back. The Arabs say no, that the saddle shouldn't be lifted until the horse Grub Dusting Can Be Easy Narrow Chute Is Answer to Problem The expenditure of a little time, effort and a few dollars can make the job of dusting cattle for grubs an easy task for Cerro Gordo county cattlemen. Marion E. Olson, county extension director, says that cattle feeders will probably find it better to use dust instead of spray during cold weather. In order to do an efficient job of dusting the cattle should be confined in a chute or small pen. If a narrow alleyway is available it can be used to a good advantage. Mr. Olson says to make sure that the alleyway is not more than 2. feet wide. If the alleyway is wider the cattle will have enough room to turn around causing bruising and jamming. If the alleyway is not available, Harold Gunderson, extension entomologist at Iowa State college, recommends a simple dusting chute. He suggests using one side of the barn as part of the enclosure. Place steel posts in the ground about 2 feet from the barn to support the other side of the chute. For the sides, gate panels or heavy lumber will be satisfactory. One precautionary measure to follow is to place the lumber inside the posts to prevent the steers from pushing the boards out. Gunderson recommends that the sides be about 4 feet high. If the gate panels are lower than 4 feet they can be raised a'bout 1 foot off the ground and wired to the posts with the ties to the outside to prevent tearing hide. To eliminate danger ^f steers jumping out place a board across the top of the chute. To make the chute stronger it's a good idea to tie the posts to the barn with wires. The chute should be long enough to handle at least 6 to 10 head at the same time, Gunderson says. Have a gate at each end of the chute. The cattle can be run in one end from the lot, dusted and pushed through the chute into another lot. A more elaborate chute can be built in the cattle shed. Some feeders have placed a wooden fence about 2 feet from the side of the building, around the inside of the shed. In this manner, cattle can be treated indoors when the weather is bad. The amount of money to be spent in building a dusting chute hinges on how long the farmei intends to stay in the cattle feeding business. Costs of the chute may vary all the way from nothing to $150, depending on the materials used. Dec. 28, 1948 15 Mason City Ol«b»-Gaielte. M«*on City, 1 MEAT FOR ISRAEL —A steer is unloaded from a sailing ship by cargo boom and sling to pier at Haifa by Jewish workmen. The steer is part of shipment from Turkey to Palestine. K olumn omments Cheap seed may cost a farmer more than higher priced seed. There isn't such a thing as good, cheap seed. Most seed sold at ridiculously low prices contains weed seed, is poor in germination or not true to variety name. Buy good seed, free of weed seeds and high .n germination, even if it costs a little more. Business and government spending hold the key to the 1949 outlook for farm prices. If they hold up or increase in total no recession is in sight. If there is any sharp increase in spending more inflation is in the cards. Watch the front page of your newspaper and not the financial page to find out how business government spending is going. Grubs cost Iowa farmers as much as $l, < per hundred pounds of beef they market at this time of year. Packers know from experience that a lot of cattle are grubby now and so offer lower prices for cattle in winter months. This loss is a preventable waste because grubs can be controlled easily. Check your cattle, and if grubs are present begin treatment. Order fertilizer now. Next spring at planting time you may not be able to get the grade you want. Now you can choose from a variety of grades. Send seed samples to the Iowa State college seed testing laboratory now. Avoid the rush which usually occurs during February and March. D.H.I.A. Training Course Jan. 3 to 22 "For a man interested in sound, down-to-earth training in dairy management, a year or 2 working as a Dairy Herd Improvement association supervisor is time well spent," according to Don Voelker, extension dairyman, Iowa State college. He points to the tuition-free DHIA supervisor's training course that will be held at Iowa State college Jan. 3 to 22. At least 25 DHIA supervisors will be needed in the state within the next few months, Mr. Voelker said. Opportunities for placement of supervisors are-excellent, he reports. While there are 95 associations in Iowa at the present time, several counties are interested in forming new associations as soon as qualified association supervisors are available. Cerro Gordo county men who wish to find out more about a chance to learn dairying and earn a good salary at the same time, may write Voelker at 202 Morrell HalJ, Iowa State college, Ames, Iowa. Seasonal marketing trends are a good guide to how a farmer should plarf his feeding programs. On the basis of normal seasonal trends in beef prices the past 10 years, Rex Beresford, extension animal- husbandman at Iowa State college, says to head plain cattle for spring markets and good to choice cattle for summer and early fall markets. He thinks the same market trends will hold true for next spring and summer. MASON CITY RENDERING CO. PHONE 1096 Call Us for Prompt Removal of All Dead Stock We Pay All Phone Charget License No. 42 Dept. of Agriculture is cool or it might get a sore back. Just go ahead and light it cut, boys. <: If we wore the flowing garb oJ the Arabian horsemen, we too would-remain in the saddle indefinitely. But how can they dismount without getting tangled up in the saddle's horn? * * # This cookie recipe is very old and originally came from Holland. You will find its counterpart in many households in different parts of America. They make a good snack with a glass of milk. We make them often during the year and they are cookies that like 1o go to school, too. SOFT SUGAR COOKIES 4 cups flour i teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon soda 2 eggs beaten 1 cup.lard 2i cups sugar 1 cup buttermilk 1 teaspoon vanilla Blend the flour, salt, soda, and lard. Mix sugar in and add eggs, flavoring and buttermilk. Knead slightly. Roll fairly thick, cut with large round cutter and bake at 400 degrees F. 10 or 12 minutes. Inasmuch as buttermilk is not used extensively in the midwest, substitute freshly clabbered skim milk. SELL US YOUR HIDES & FURS Also Your . . . Scrap Iron & Metal CARL STEIN Ph. 470 111 6th S. W. Bindweed, or morning glory, first came to this country 100 years ago in cereal grains from Europe and Asia. FARM SALE TUESDAY, JAN. 4 Sale Starts at IS Noon Sharp — Lunch Served by Lakeside Ladles Aid LOCATION—» miles south and 3U miles weit of Clear Lake; or 4 miles south and I'M east at Ventura. Having decided to quit farming we are selling the following: described properly at Public Auction: 55 HEAD oE LIVESTOCK 4 — HOUSES — 4 3 Horses, weight around 1,940. 1 Saddle Mare, 3 yrs. old. 21 — HEAD OF CATTLE — 'it 4 Shorthorn Heifers, weight 45(1 )bs. I Cow fresh in January. 4 Shorthorn jileers, wl. 11MI Ib«. 3 Shorthorn steers, wt. 450 His. 2 Dry cows. S Bull calves. Shorthorn, wl. 400 Ibs. 1 Roan heifer, fresh soon. I Milk cow. 30 Head of feeder pigs, wt. from 140 to J5ft Ibs. 13S White Rock pullets. MR. FARMER! Why gamble • with poor sires when outstanding: sires are available by artificial breeding? Call Forest Grnver Technician Cerro Gordo and Worth Counties Phone Plymouth 404 Plymouth, Iowa CERRO GORDO BREEDER'S CO-OP. • Holstein • Brown Swiss • M. Shorthorn • Guernsey • Jersey • Ayrshire CERRO GORDO FARM BUREAU President ... Earl M. Dean. M. C., Rt. 3 Vice Pre* Melvln Hawke. Sheffield Secretary, Leigh S. Curran, M. C.. Rt. 3 Treasurer Wayne WoUord.. Clear Lake BOAKO OF DIRECTORS Grant ..< Wilbur Meckstrotb, Clear Lake Lincoln .. .. . Wlllard S. Fulghum. Jr. Mason City, Route 1 Urn* Creek, L. Fairbanks, M. C., Rt. 4 Falls Paul H. Matren, M. C., Rt. 2 Clear Lake Twp,, Richard Ax, Ventura Lake C. H. Sears, Mason City, Rt. 1 Mason Floyd Hockaday, M. C., Rt. 1 Portland .... Edw. G. DeGraw, Rockford Union Amos BrekJce, Clear Lake Mt. Vernon, Glen Amosson, Clear Lake Bath Ray Harris, Rockwell Owen Roy Sharp, Rockiord Grimes .... Adolph Anderson, Thornton Pleasant Valley, Don 3. Vail, Sheffield Geneseo Glen Roben, Sheffield Dougherty . Walter Boehlje. Dougherty FAMILY LIVING COMMITTEE County Chairman .... Mr». Melvln Evanj Mason City, Route 1 Vie* Chairman . Mrs. Charles Wagner Mason City, Rout* 3 Secretary Mrs. A. K. Cantetu Burchinal Library Chairman .. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett Mason City, Route 2 Health Chairman .. Mn. Walter Conn Burchinal School Chairman Mrs. Elmer Thranu Mason City, Route 1 Music Chairman . .. Mrs. Carl U. Dean Mason City, Route 3 Int. Relations Chairman . Mrs. Roy Bait Cleir Lake Falls .. Mrs. Richard Claus, Plymouth Lime Creek Mrs. Walter Benjegerdes, M. C., Rt, 4 Lincoln, Mrs. Hazar Hall. Clear Lake Grant, Mrs. Casey Prestholt, Clear Lake Clear Lake Mrs. Ed Ertckson Clear Lake Lake, Mr*. Ben Skadetand, Clear Lake Maton Mrs. Floyd Uockaday Mason City. Rt 1 Portland, Mrs Le« Behne, Nora Springs Owen Mrs. Charles Wagner Mason City, Route 3 Bath Mr*. Ray Harris, Rockwell Union ,.. Mil. Edwin Zook, Clear Lake Mt. Vemon Mrs. Carl Bartlett Grimes .. . , Mrs. Adolpb Anderson Thornton Pleasant Valley Mrs. Carrol Rice Gennteo Mrs. Frank Kirk, Rockwell Dougherty Mrs. E. O. Doughtrty Douxherty MACHINERY 1 F-20 tractor, on rubber. 37 model; ] F-20 tractor, on rubber. 37 model; I Model II Farmall tractor on rubber; 1 F-12 Farmall tractor'on rubber, M M; 1 22-3« IHC tractor on steel, 31 M; 4 tractor cultivators, one 238; 1 John Deere 3 bottom IB in. tractor plow: I Cane 2 bottom tractor plow! ) IHC 2 bottom tractor plow; I John Deere 21 ft. tractor disc; I IHC 15 ft. tractor disc; 2 IHC 20 ft. drags: 1 IHC mounted 4-row corn planter with fertilizer attachment to fit F-20; 1 IHC Model 24 corn picker, H mountings; 1 New Idea grain elevator hoist jack; 1 John Deere 1 ft. power mower; t John Deere 2 wheel spreader, rubber: 1 Case 26 in. threshing machine*; I IHC Model CO combine; 1 rubber tired farm trailer, roller bearing; 1 lubber,tired farm wagon; 2 steel wheel wagons: 2 steel flare wagnn boxes; 1 wooden flare wagon box; I 36-in. wooden wagon box; T hay rack; 3 feed bunks; 1 IHC JO ft. grain binder; J IHC bean planter; I IHC hammer mill; 1 Farmers Friend manure loader with sweep rake: 1 IHC pick-up truck, 35 model; J IHC truck chassis, tires and motor; J IHC cream separator, electric: 1 2-unlt Surge milking machine; J grapple hay fork; 2 pump jacks and electric motors: I small tenant house, built-in cupboards, moveable, 10x20, wired for electricity; 1 stock saddle; I tank heater: I set good harness, heavy; 1 coal burning heating stove, nearly new; 1 cook stove, coal burning; I davenport. SO!) BALES TIMOTHY AND CLOVKK HAY; flOO BALES WILD HAY. Frank Ginkens & Sons, Owners TERMS: Cash, or Make Arrangements With Your Banker AUCTIONEER: Ora Bayleis CLERK: First National Bank of Mason City Livestock AUCTION Thursday, Dec. 30 GARNER, IOWA (Sale Starts at 1 P. M.) 300 CATTLE 300 Included will be:— 1 carload of good Montana Hereford steers, wt 650 !bs. 1 carload of good N. Dakota Shorthorn steers, wt 800 Ibs. Also included will be 9 very good offering of native stocker and feeder cattle—Shorthorn, Angus, and W. F. steers and heifers of all weights and classes. Usual good receipts of springing cows, springing heifers, breeding bulls, veal calves, butcher stock of all kinds. Our aim is to keep posted on market conditions at all times and when prices are as uncertain as they are at the present time it will pay you well to sell your livestock through our sale. Some of the sales in last week's Auction as follows:— top on cows, $20.50; top on bulls, $21.85, on veal calves, $33.00 per cwt. There's an exceptionally good demand for all classes of butcher stock. HOGS: Included will be native "feeder pigs, sows, and breeding boars of all breeds. (Notice—There is still an unusually good demand for good breeding boars, top last week, $122.00. Feeding pigs are bringing exceptionally high prices too). SHEEP: We have a good market for those fat lambs, feeder lambs, ewes, or bucks you send in. Top on Iambs last week, $24.00 per cwt. HORSES: We're selling- a lew good work and killer horses each Thursday. 1—1940 Buick Roadmaster coupe, with radio and heater, in good condition. 1—1936 2-door Chevrolet, with radio, heater, spotlight, and foglighls. I 1948 Special Town and Country Chrysler, only 7,000 miles. GARNER SALES Co. We have several bodies in stock at a special pcice while they last. Come in today and let us show you these Mi.d West boxes. AUTHORIZED SALIS AND SERVICE CENTRAL AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 25 First St. S. W. Phone 143 2,500 Farmers Hybrid Boars Delivered In 1948 These boars were delivered in many different states and one foreign country. This record was made possible because of the wide acceptance of the genetic principles of hybridization as used in Farmers Hybrid Hog Breeding Program. Now is the time to reserve a Farmers Hybrid Boar for spring delivery. The- demand is great. Order early. Avoid last minute delays. NOW BOARS ARE AVAILABLE AGAIN Because our early estimate of the number of boars that would develop into good desirable breeders was conservative. Our producers have done a fine job growing these boars to maturity. There are more of them than we estimated, but the number is limited. First come, first served! Order now! See your local Farmers Dealer as listed below or mail coupon today: MR. HAZAR A. HALL Clear Lake, Iowa MR. M. B. HAWKE Sheffield. Iowa MR. L. C. HELD Nora Springs, Iowa MR. DOWIA PALS Swaledale, Iowa MR. E. M. PETERSEN Ventura, Iowa MR. RAY STRUCIIEN Rockford, Iowa MR. CECIL C. CARSTENS Box No. 1, Burchinal, Iowa I FARMERS HYBRID HOGS, HAMPTON, IOWA 1 I am interested in reserving a Hybrid Boar. Please send me a | questionnaire and more information on your Hybrid Boar I program. ' * I NAME | Farmers Hybrid HAMPTON. IOWA

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